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Joey’s Powers: part 2

Last time on Joey’s powers…
“Ohhhhhh… fu-fuck meeeeeee..”

He then relies some one was still here.

“ok if this isn’t real, no more carrot cake at the cake monster!” he thought. “Here it comes”

He opened the door silently and could not believe what he saw…

He saw Candie squirting right at the office! this is the 1st time he had seen it outside of porn tapes. Her top piece was un-buttoned with her tits hanging out, thong, & skirt on the floor. Her pussy was like a automatic sprinkler that ran out of water: just keep squirting out non stop till she didn’t have anymore. Her flow just slowly came now to just her drenched and dripping. She put her fingers in her mouth and just closed her eyes and savors the sweet, sweet taste of her female nectar.

“Mmmmm, just SO good….” She said in a sexy tone. After licking her hands cleaned, she sat back tired.

“Damn… how long has it been? 5 months? I need to go get some bad…” she said panting. She put her legs down, got up and tried to stand. Sadly she couldn’t stand without her legs wobbling, let alone walk to her car.

“Well I’ll just take a nap at the office a little…” She said while turning off her comp; putting her bottoms back on, and going to the waiting couch with her legs and cheeks wobbling a little bit.

As she was buttoning up her outfit, he started thinking again:

“Holy FUCK! Did I just saw my co-worker squirt like whale? In a school girl outfit? This is crazy! Why is this happening? Most importantly, WHY did this happen? I need to get the fuck outta here!”

He was starting to panic and decided to take a deep breath.

“Ok Joey, how can you go home with out being notice?”

He looks around to find a way out. But as he was looking for a place to escape, he saw a sex story talking about a girl in a private school getting eaten out and fucked in the computer room.

“She’s into role-play? Well, I though she would have something different…”

He found the stairway to the parking lot, but he’s on the 20th floor.

“Damn… well at least today’s my day off…” the though as he started walking a long way down.


Well as he kept walking he though of a game plan: go see a doctor, find out what’s wrong, and cure it. If that didn’t work go see a psychic.

But of course he needs some rest. Walking down 20 levels of stairs can really wear you out.

As he went back home, he met his roommate, Kati.

“How’s it going Gary? Didn’t get some again? Or you got tired beating your meat off?”

Now, Kati was just another lesbian that hated men. Sometimes she nice… But rarely, unless it’s after she got some. She was c cup chick, with a little bubble butt. She wears full shirts unless it a special occasion or she going to the club or bar. She usually wears jeans and converse shoes. In other words a tomboy.

He did what he usually did and ignored her, and flopped on his bed to take a nap.

“Lazy bastard… I am going to the mall. Be back later.” she said s he left.


A little later at the Doc’s office he explains his visions to his doctor who knew him personally. He check his back ground and his body and came up with one conclusion:
“It’s possibly Schizophrenia. That’s the only possible out come.”
“I don’t think I have Schizophrenia, doc. This one only caused sexual visions and sounds, not just any sound from memory!”
“Well then it might have been a new disease. I’m going have to take a brain scan, x-ray, and some bl**d to make sure.”
“Anything, just as long as this entire thing stops.”
Well, as he waits for everything to be ready, he decided to write in his journal:
“Well my vision of Candie was right on point. Maybe it the future sexual things I’m seeing? Or maybe it’s the deepest darkest fantasy? I don’t know but what ever it is, got to stop. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but Candie’s a real squirt girl! Damn, she’s one sexual b**st! She looked so good! Mmmmmmmmm… if I could I would eat her out THAT night! Man, the way she was rubbing her pussy she must not be having some for weeks! But it’s back to serious business… I got to get a few things done and I’m scared. I don’t know about all of this. But if someone else had this, I might be helping them out too, so… hope for the best.”
The doctor starts to take the entire test and took a bl**d sample. When he was done he went up to Joey and tells him how everything’s going:
“The results in the test for your bl**d would be in a week, but you are perfectly healthy and having the perfect brain. Maybe some rest should help”
“Ok doc, thanks.”
He walked out of the office still unsure, so he decided to go see the psychic.


Before he knocked, the door just opened for him. You just see a long hallway with another room that has light behind it. As he walked through he started seeing different spice jars and lotions in the bookcases. A few books here and there but still wasn’t like he expected.
He went to the room and sees an old lady humming a song. Even though she had long gray hair, she had curves. Thick curves…

“Wow… how old is this lady… ” he thought.

“I am 90 years old young man.” She said aloud.

“H-how did you know I was…”

“Thinking? Well I am psychic…” She interrupted.

“Oh… Right… Of Course…” He said.

“Well is there something you need?” She asked.

“Well, yes… you see I have a sexual problem…” He started to explain.

“Oh well I have a few remedies and drinks for that my dear…” She said smiling.

“No, not that kind of problem… I keep having visions of other people’s fantasies” he kept going.

“Hmm… I think I might have to pull out the thick book…” She said.

“Excuse me?” He asked.

Then a book as long as porn star Mandingo’s dick was pulled from under the floor.

“Ah… here is… what you are…” she said pointing to the book.
“I’m a…. soothsayer?”

“Not just ANY… yours is sexual. One I never had seen before… you are rare…”

“Um… how rare?” he said nervously.

“Well the last time I heard about you was… I think the middle ages. Yes, the middle ages, that’s it…”


“I know. Look don’t be afraid of it my dear. If you use it wisely it might help you in a job. Like a ther****t for example… Ok, I usually don’t do this, but may I give you a future reading?”

“Um… ok, what the hell.”

“Follow me my dear… and hold my hand I don’t want you to be lost in this place.”
As she held his hand, she lead him to a room with only 2 chairs, one light on, and a table with a crystal ball. As they both sat down, she help both of his hands and closes her eyes.

“Oh spirits, give me vision of the future, so it can help my partner at the present. Show me, so I can help this young, handsome fellow…”

He smiles, but it quickly goes away when he sees her eyes roll back of her head and her body shake. Moans came out of her mouth as a whisper but then it gotten louder and more lustful.

He was afraid and turned on at the same time as he seeing all of this right in front of him. After that he head a dripping sound and looked down to see her juices dripping on the floor.

When she was done, she was tired. She touched the crystal ball and and looked into it so he can see it too…

“ohhhhh my god you made me cum just looking into your future! Ok, first off the test says nothing is wrong with you.”

He sighed with a relief.

“Ok, I see… a Asian man… pleasuring a woman by poking her somehow… and then I see 2 s****rs, bl**d related, sex with a strap on… then I see you appearing in a foursome with 3 other people… and lastly…”

She gasps and gotten wet at what she was looking at. But she didn’t tell him what it was.

“I’ll just let him wait for that one…” she thought.

“What? is there anything else?”

“No… that’s it. Nothing else, but I did enjoy everything. Comeback again! I will lead you to the door.”

She swung her hips a little and the attention was paid by Joey’s eyes, Of course.

He walked out of the store, with more knowledge and he wrote in his journal:
“A psychic says I’m a soothsayer, a sexual version. Well, it’s practical… it’s not like it’s impossible… but still. Even though she say that I’m ok with the testing, I’m still going to see. If she’s right I’ll belief her with the rest but still… now I got to do more research…”

To Be Continued…

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