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July 4 picnic 2

Jeff followed us to the area where we were and said we should go back a little more to make sure no one can see us. We agreed and found another spot not as big as before but it was far from ear shot. David already had his pants off when I told Jeff to take his off. He slowly pulled them down, his dick was hard already, and it was a little bigger than ours. We stood in a circle and played with each others dick for a few minutes when David told me to bend over. I leaned over and grabbed a tree. David wet his dick and stood behind me. He pushed in my butt, and surprisingly it went in easier then before. He started fucking me slow at first but picked up speed. Jeff stood beside me and he reached down and stroked my dick. The pain wasn’t nearly as much as the first time, and it actually felt good. David came in just a few minutes and I stepped to the side, David grabbed the tree next . Jeff said he wanted to try it. I said he needed to get his dick wet and spit on Davids hole. He spat and pushed on David’s hole and finally got in. David looked like he was going to scream so I covered his mouth with my swim pants. Jeff came in just a couple of minutes. Happy it wasn’t my butt he stuck his big dick in, it was my turn. Jeff grabbed the tree and spread his legs. I spat on his hole and used the pre dripping from my dick to lube my dick. As I pushed against his butt he pushed back. He was tighter than David was the first time, but I slowly pushed in. Jeff actually started moving his hips back and forth as I fucked him. His dick was hard again and David stroked him. I came in a few minutes. We wiped each other off and promised not to tell anyone about it. Jeff said it felt funny walking, I laugh and told him it’ll be alright, and when all the cum washes out in the lake he’ll be back to normal.
We swam till it started getting dark and parted ways. David and I sat with his f****y waiting for the fireworks to go off. It was around 8:30 before the first one went off, soon after the sky lit up. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned. It was Jeff, he motioned for me to follow him. We walked out into the parking lot to his f****ys van and got in. He said he liked what we did and asked if we could do it again later, I said yes. He said he seen two guys today putting their dicks in each others mouths and wanted to try it. I thought about it for a minute and said ok. I pulled down my pants and Jeff got on his knees. He put his mouth around my dick and closed it. His teeth hurt and I told him I didn’t like this game. He opened his jaws some and moved his head back and forth. This time it felt good. I pushed in and out, he gagged and nearly threw up. He stood up and pulled down his pants. I closed my lips around his dick trying not to touch him with my teeth. He pushed in and out till I gagged. It reminded me of a hotdog weenier. Soft to the touch but firm. I moved my head back and forth a few times. Using my tongue I licked the bottom of his dick. Something told me to suck on it while I was doing this. After a few minutes, he started shaking and he shot his cum in my mouth. I spit his dick out and chocked on the cum. We pulled up our pants and climbed out of the van. The fireworks display was just ending when I came back.
After we loaded all the stuff in the van we headed home. David asked me where I went, I told him what I did. He looked at me with a shocked look. I said when he comes over next weekend we have to try it.

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