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Jennifer (narrator): 43 years old, white, Sandy Blonde hair down to the middle of her back, deep and dark blue eyes, 36 D breasts, slightly chubby, thick bubble butt, long muscular legs, 5’7″ tall.

Jennifer’s friend Stacey: 5’10” tall, Dark skin, African-American, 40 years old, mother to one son Justin, 34 C breasts, very slender frame with long smooth legs, shoulder length black hair.

Stacey’s son Justin: 6’4″ tall, also African-American, muscular but wiry build, 24 years old.

Jennifer’s nephew Phillp: 6′ tall, white, stocky and very muscular build, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes.

I have always been a very sexual woman. In high school, I wasn’t really aware of my sexuality, and was considered a bit prudish so to speak. In the beginning of my college life, I was still pretty reserved until I got my first real boyfriend. He was my first love, and I began to experiment sexually. We started having sex pretty regularly, but it was one of those things were I just sort of laid on my back and waited for him to cum. Sure it felt good, but it was basic sex and not totally satisfying.

Just as we were beginning to open up in the bedroom where the sex started getting good, I found out he cheated on me with one of my best friends. I was really crushed, and decided revenge on them both was the only thing that would make me feel better, and oh boy was I right…

My friend who cheated with my boyfriend was also in a relationship with one of my boyfriends college teammates. Long story short, I ended up sl**ping with her boyfriend and one of his friends. It was my first threesome, and unlike my boyfriend, these men knew what they were doing. They gave me a fucking of a lifetime, switching back and forth one in my mouth and one behind me. I had several orgasms that night and from that point on I realized I was addicted to sex. I loved every minute of that threesome, and was determined to be fully sexually satisfied for the rest of my life. However, that did not end up to be the case.

I had a very sexually active life the rest of college and throughout my younger years. Eventually I settled down with the man I thought was “the one”. Rob was my best friend, and eventually became my best lover. We were married in 2007 and had what every couple wanted, a fairytale love story. Or so I thought…

Once again, I was let down. Rob and I began fighting over the dumbest things a couple years in our marriage. Things were slowly falling apart, but I didn’t want to admit that to myself. I confided in my s****r about our money troubles, and how everything had sort of been weighing on our relationship. I didn’t really pay any attention to the fact that my s****r’s son Phillip was listening to our conversation. My troubles fell on deaf ears with my s****r. She had troubles of her own, and didn’t really care too much about mine. Phillip on the other hand, really felt for me and was a person I could vent too whenever Rob and I were having rough times.

Phillip was a really good friend to me during the end of my marriage, and the times after my divorce. I struggled through some depression after the divorce, and ultimately only a couple people were there for me during that time. My best friend and co-worker Stacey and my nephew Phillip. Stacey was a stunning black woman. In college I had some bi-sexual experiences, but I had never been attracted to a woman like I was to Stacey. Whenever I would watch as she changed I got so turned on I had to literally resist my innermost desires of pouncing on her and fondling her breasts, sucking on her nipples, and teasing her clit. She was THAT beautiful.

Despite my craving for her pussy, I could never make a move like that with her. Whenever we got d***k the sexuality of our conversations would get so steamy I would catch myself wishing the tales of our escapades were with one another. Granted, I love cock more than any woman out there, but Stacey’s pussy was something I wanted more than you could imagine. As time wore on after the divorce, and my cock drought carried on, I became sexually frustrated and desperate. The next Saturday night I decided I would make a move at Stacey. I needed a good ole big O, and I wanted Stacey to give it to me.

Stacey comes over every Saturday night where we have a few drinks each. Talk about our latest fucks (more recently only “her fucks” since I hadn’t had any). That night I dressed especially slutty in order to get Stacey’s attention, I wanted to see if I could catch her eyes wandering on my cleavage or ass. I wore a pair of tight jean shorts that were so small, the bottom of my ass sort of hung out from beneath them. I am pretty tan and I know for a fact my ass looked plump and delicious. I also wore a tight white low cut tank top with my red push up bra. My tits always looked fantastic, and luckily enough I caught Stacey checking them out.

The drinks, steamy conversation, and Stacey’s wandering eyes gave me the confidence to start to make a move on her. Stacey was explaining how her latest one night stand gave her more than a couple hickey’s on her tits and left some bite marks (Stace, as I call her, was really into rough sex which explains the bruising and biting!). I gave her right breast a firm and grab, and held on.

“Did he grab them like this?” I questioned sensually.

We both froze. I was definitely d***k and was given a false sense of courage and reality, I was embarrassed that I had crossed the line with my best friend…

Until I saw the look on her face… Stacey’s mouth was wide open with that drop-jaw look. But her eyes told me that it was a good amazement. You can’t hide the sparkle in your eyes when you are lusting, even if it may be wrong. Stacey looked me dead in the eyes with an aggressive twinkle, and I knew her body was responding well with my forwardness, despite how awkward and shocking it may have been.

“Well… actually, he grabbed them like this!” shrieked stacy as she slapped my tits and then grabbed them tighter than they had ever been grabbed before! Before I knew it, our tongues were exploring each other’s mouthes faster and more clumsily than two 13 year olds at a bar mitzvah… Our kissing was full of passion, and we were so wrapped up in another that we were jittery and moving very fast. It was a feeling I’d never had before.

Stacey tore off my top and bra in a single pull, splitting my tank top down the middle. I’d never had such an aggressive lover especially in my later years… Of course I was still naughty as ever on the inside, but 40 year old women don’t usually have sex like this!

Stacey lapped away at my large aureolas and nipples and she gave them an occasional bite or slap. She loved my large breasts and she exposed her equally full rack as she continued to ravage mine. Her hands found my pussy once I pulled off my jean shorts. He threw me on my back and pounced on top of me, holding my neck and pressing me down firm on the couch.

She lapped at my clit with her tongue occasionally sucking on it to increase the pressure and send me over the edge. My orgasms were quick and plentiful. I was in ecstatic bliss, my body was quivering with her every move.

When Stace put two fingers in my open cunt, she moved gentle at first. Something I had never expected out of her, the sensuality built as she held me right on the verge of another orgasm. She milked me slow and gentle, bringing me on the edge of climaxing, but not quite pushing me over the line. I was being teased beyond belief, but I loved it.

Almost instantly, Stace plunged a third finger deep inside me as she continued to lick my clit. Her other hand moved down to my tits as she fondled each breast. She pounded my pussy with three fingers and I held her tongue on my clit hard, I was screaming now as my hardest orgasm hit. I couldn’t move for a long couple of seconds, and lay there frozen in satisfaction.

My body was begging for this fuck and I finally got it. It sure wasn’t cock, but Stacey’s expert pussy working skills definitely got the job done.

We laid there in each other’s arms without speaking. We didn’t know what to say, our bodies and minds both in shock.

Stacey broke the silence, “I am so glad you made that move you whore!”

“Oh please! Your eyes were begging for it!”

We went back and forth like that for a while, and we both conceded that our sexcapade was long over due. I was so relieved that my bravery was rewarded in giving me a new, sexy, and erotic lover in Stace.

I realized that when Stacey was there for me through the tough times, my feelings strengthened for her and met my sexual desire for her. We connected on a deeper level, and her sex appeal made it all the sweeter. Her love made me feel like a teenager again, not a 40 year old woman! Part of the excitement was that we were two older women ravaging one another, not just college age sex crazy young girls!

Stacey made my mind and sex drive young again, and I knew what else I wanted. I was still missing cock, and I figured that the connection I had with Stace could only be met by one male. In my mind it was wrong, but in my heart and deep in my cunt, it was so right. I needed cock bad and only Phillip could meet that need emotionally and physically.

Phillip is quite the physical specimen, he is buff and cut. Not like some meat head that hits on me in the gym. His body is young, tight, and firm and it had driven me wild for years now. I didn’t want to admit because of how wrong it would be viewed by society, but my new sexual revitalization put those constraints to rest. I new I had to have Phillip but how?

Before I could put my plan into action, I wanted to run it by my best friend (both sexually and emotionally). Stacey already knew how her support during my time of need strengthened our relationship. She also knew that despite our relationship my need for cock was not satisfied. I told her that I found someone I was deeply emotionally and physically attracted to, and told her about fantasizing about him lately. I questioned whether or not she would be interested in a threesome with this man, and she said from my description she would love to. I was scared, but I had to tell her who this man really was.

“The only problem is… The man is my s****r’s son” I confessed.

Stacey looked at me in the eyes deeply, and then replied, “Why is that a problem?! If you are attracted to one another then I don’t see any problem with it at all… Hell, we’ve all fantasized about of f****y members from time to time, whether or not we admit it to ourselves is another story. But don’t be ashamed at all! I know a couple people in my f****y I would fuck in a heartbeat!”

Stace’s reassurance gave me such a great feeling of relief, to know someone had experienced the same feelings I had. Now assured in myself, I made Stacey an offer, “Well if you help me get Phillip in the sack, I’ll return the favor with whoever you are trying to get with! Whadya say?”

Stacey responded, “Well my i****tuous fantasy might be a little harder to pull off… It’s my son, Justin..”

Stacey caught me a little off gaurd… her son?! I would have never expected Stacey to have feelings for Justin like this. But I could understand why, he was very muscular and handsome. I know the saying about African-American men and their large cocks, and if it was true I am sure Justin would be very large. I had always loved eyeing him down from time to time, and hopefully I would be able to help. Then, I got the best idea I’d ever had!

“Stacey! I have the best idea ever! Phillip is leaving for college next week and will be stopping in town to stay the night. I will invite him to my place, and you bring Justin. We will have some good clean f****y fun and introduce the boys, before we get down to business… If you know what I mean!”

“Jennifer, you are a genius! That’ll be perfect! We will just have to dress and act a little slutty so that they will get the hint!”

I couldn’t have agreed more, and Stacey and I shared a long night fucking each other with reckless abandon, pretending that my nephew Phillip, and her son Justin were there. She pulled out her new strap-on dildo, and pounded me harder than any man ever has. I imagined her thick rubber toy was Phillip, and got myself off on that fantasy several times before the night was over. Before we fell asl**p, we talked about how slow time would pass until next week when Phillip was to arrive… Fortunately for me, the time passed quicker than ever and before I knew it, the day had arrived…

Phillip called at around 5:30 pm and told me he’d be in around 7:30 or so for dinner before he crashed for the rest of the trip to college in the morning.

I quickly called Stacey and told her to head over. When she got to my house, she called her son Justin and invited him over for dinner with the two of them and me and Phillip. She said she wanted him to be there to keep Phillip company, and Justin agreed that it sounded fun.

We were giggling like high school aged girls when we picked out our outfits. Stacey chose a pair of short workout shorts anda white low cut tank top showing off my breasts. I wanted to look casual but sexy, so I didn’t wear a bra letting my tits sag a little much like all 40 year old women, but it also showed off my nipples once I started to get excited.

I picked out jean shorts and a tube top for Stacey, going with an extra sluttly look to get our younger men excited right off the bat.

Justin came over first, and I started to pour some drinks. I made Justin’s pretty stiff (as I hoped to do later in the night!) and when Phillip arrived I made his drink equally strong. We chatted about how nervous Phillip was to go off to a new state for college, and Justin assured him he would be fine. Justin and Phillip seemed to be getting along very well, and decided to go out for a swim.

Stacey and I stayed inside and talked about how we would change the mood of the night to a much more sexual one. We figured neither of the boys would make a move considering the circumstances, and we resolved to be the aggressors. When the boys got out of the pool I told them to just cover up in the towels, and leave their suits on the deck so I could wash them later after the dried.

Justin and Phillip entered the living room to find Stacey and I on the couch giggling. We were all certainly buzzed because we had had several strong vodka and sodas. We launched our attack on the young meat before us.

“Justin, how awesome do Jenn’s boobs look in this shirt? God they look so full I just wish I could touch them!” asked Stacey.

Just her words got my nipples hard.

“Uh well, I mean yeah they look pretty good…” hesitated Justin awkwardly.

“It’s okay if you want to touch them Justin, Jennifer won’t mind! Will ya, Jenn?”

“Not at all” I replied in the most sultry voice I had.”Go ahead Justin, try em out..”

Justin was not shy at all, most likely because of the alcohol, and responded with a tender massage of my right boob. My body responded without inhibition, and my lips let a soft groan spill out. Stacey pulled down my tank top, and let my boobs spill out. I was out of breath because of excitement, and opened my eyes that met with Philip’s. Phillip could not contain his proud member beneath his towel, and his stiffened prick made a marvelous mound underneath the fabric.

“Don’t leave Stacey all alone!” I commanded. Phillip couldn’t resist my command, and made his way over to Stacey and their lips met. A deep embrace turned into a passionate tongue flickering exchange. As I watched them kiss, I noticed the way he manhandled her voluptuous breasts, and became so turned on I felt my pussy about to explode.

Justin’s hands had made their way to my shorts, and removed them with ease, without letting his mouth leave my boobs. His tongue circled around each nipple back and forth and they were harder than could be. His hands worked my clit and slowly he plunged two fingers deep in my cunt. I was moaning loudly as he heaved my fleshy mounds, and pounded my pussy.

Stacey was on both knees letting Phillip violate her mouth with his impressive 10 inches of cock. Stacey had his balls in her right hand, her own clit in her left, as Phillip face fucked her. I never knew how expert of a cock-sucker Stacey was, and wanted to show Justin my own oral skills.

I ripped off his towel, exposing his mammoth meat. Justin was just as long as Phillip, if not longer. But his thickness was what separated him from Phillip in size. I wasn’t sure if I could fit it all in my mouth, but did my best to compensate by bombarding his dick head with a sloppy and rapid bobbing. I worked Justin’s dick as best as I could, working him up for an impressive orgasm.

When I felt hands on the underside of my ass, juggling my cheeks up and down, I hoped it would be Phillip. I released Justin’s dark cock from my mouth and passed it on to his mother’s hands. Justin must have been surprised I exchanged him to his own mother, the woman who birthed him, because he froze.

“Don’t worry baby, mama is gonna take care of your cock. I promise I’ll work it better than any slut ever could. Now sit down over here and let me ride you baby boy!” commanded Stacey.

Justin complied with her i****t driven command, and clearly demonstrated he was ready to cross the line between mother and son. He sat down on the couch and stroked his cock several times while wagging his finger at his mother, motioning her to impale herself.

Stacey did as requested and faced Justin as she lowered herself onto his cock, in a traditional cowgirl position. As she bounced, I could see Stacey’s pussy juice coating Justin’s thick black dick.

Justin was holding on to his mother’s juicy orbs for dear life while she rode his cock like a true pro. Stacey was moaning very high pitched and extremely loudly from the moment their fucking began.

I turned around in time to see Phillip flickering his tongue on my asshole while he began to pump two fingers back and forth inside me. Even though Phillip was my relative and I knew it might have been wrong, my pleasure grew thinking about the fact I was being fingerblasted by my s****r’s only son. My cunt coated his fingers, and my ass responded by opening up a bit to his experienced tongue.

Before Phillip pushed me over the edge with his fingers and mouth, he stood up, and crouched behind me. Phillip aimed his cock at his aunt’s asshole, and impaled me.

It hurt at first, but it hurt so good. After a few short thrusts to loosen me up, I had already had my first orgasm. I was sort of wiggling on his cock while my ass contracted his cock and pulled him deeper. I was in heaven.


“I don’t want to cum inside you, I want to shoot my load all over my aunties fat tits!”

His dirty talk got me off again as his thighs slapped back against my own with each pump of his cock. I was experiencing another orgasm, and couldn’t ask for more!


From my doggie-style position, I could clearly see Justin pumping his own cock while Stacey fondled herself on the floor. Justin was about ready to cum and I wanted to see him spend himself.

Glob after hot glob of cum sprayed across Stacey’s face as Justin grunted and groaned his way through a powerful climax. The smile on Stacey’s face as she took his load showed how happy she was to receive his seed, even on her face.

I wanted, no needed, Phillips load now and I was determined to get it. I flipped over on my back releasing his cock from my ass.

“Come titty fuck auntie Jenn, Phillip. I want your huge cock between my tits when you cum” I pleaded.

Phillip did as he was told, and straddled my stomach. He spit between my tits as I held them firm around his cock. He pumped only 4 or 5 short strokes before my tongue on the head of his dick prompted him to shoot his load all over my lips, down my chin, on my neck, and on my large white breasts. His creamy load coated my creamy skin, and Phillip shouted with pure ecstasy as he came.

The epic end to our lovely night came when Phillip told me he’d be sure to visit during breaks and long weekends from college. I couldn’t have been happier. I got the cock I needed, and the fact that it came from my nephew made it all the more enjoyable.

Stacey certainly enjoyed her first i****tuous experience, because I couldn’t wipe that beaming smile from her mouth all night.

In the morning when Phillip had to leave, patted him on the butt as he walked out the door. He returned the slap with a playful wink, and as his truck headed out the driveway, I smiled to myself knowing I had finally achieved total sexual satisfaction.

I couldn’t wait for his next return…

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