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just another day ?

My name is Richard… believe me, friends and all the girls call me Dick.. and for good reason… let me tell you why, and explain a usually normal day for me.

I live here alone, always have, and am pretty comfortable. I work as a phone consultant type.. I give advice for the most part.. Quality control stuff.. but anyway…

I usually get awaken with a beautiful mouth all over my cock!!! And I seldom know her name… almost every morning, someone has snuck into my room, everyone knows my back door is always unlocked, and I’m lying here stretched out on my bed.. buck ass naked, with my cock stuck straight up.. and in a nice wet, warm mouth.

I realized I had a better than average cock pretty early in life. When I was 13, actually on my 13th birthday, at my party, a friend of my s****rs was told by others that I was a virgin… and that I had a pretty nice cock, so she got into her mind that she was gonna find out if all the rumors were true… As soon as she got a chance to get me out back, and in some safe bushes, she just reached down, pulled my pants down… and the rest is history!!!

She was 18 and pretty experienced I assume, because she immediately exclaimed to me how big and hard and wonderful… all that stuff and stuck it right into her mouth, and my cock just went all over her…

Now, I had jacked off several times.. each day actually, and I knew how much fun a good climax was, and how good my hand felt. But it was no match for her mouth. I later found out my s****r had seen me more than once, and the girls had planned to do this to see if it was as big as she had told them. Well, it is.. and now, my days are full of mouths.. and pussy, and all kinds of stories.

My cock was hard as soon as her mouth got a hold of it, and like I said, it felt so fucking good, that I immediately just came all over her mouth…. but it didn’t even begin to go down. Instead, it just got harder, and bigger. I know from measuring, that it is between 10 and 10 1/2 inches, and nicely round. The head is large, smoothe, and I have always just loved watching it explode with cum shooting out. Her hot mouth just let it spill out some on her dhin, some on her dress, but most of it was swallowed. She kept sucking, much to my delight, and licking and telling me how big, hard and beautiful it was. She had a WOW look on her face as she stared and licked and looked at it.. held it up next to her face, and told me over and over again what she was going to do to it.. and she did!!!

She sucked me off and I climaxed 3 times in about 15 minutes, and it finally began to go a bit down, but it was difficult putting it back into my pants. As we walked back to the group, she screamed, giggles to her friends, I saw her holding her hands up at a foot interval with big eyes.. and they were all laughing, and looking at my crotch.. and from then on… it has been all about my cock!!!

I can tell you that from that day until now.. I have never not had a mouth or pussy all over my cock every day.. usually several times a day… and I’m 22 now.

Today is no different. The nice little chick is sucking me softly, gently and slowly… She looks up into my eyes, sees me say thank you with a nice pump of the cock, and she goes back to her slow methodical sucking. I put my hands behind my head.. watch her for a while, and as she fingers her pussy getting it ready for what’s next, I just close my eyes and smile. I feel her rise and then feel her pussy envelope my hard cock with just the head in, and slow.. very slowly.. she tries to lube herself up for my cock. She rides me for a while. She fucks my cock for a good 10-15 minutes letting it get a bit deeper every time.. never getting the whole thing up there.. she limits the thrusts.. limits the motion, and the speed.. and when her climax nears.. I feel her pussy sqeezing my cock.. she leans over onto my chest, and just explodes, her pussy fucks me, and she jumps all around for a minute.. and slowly calms down…

My cock is still hard and inside her.. so I just slowly ride her up and down on top of me like I’m jacking off… and she pulls off, telling me that shes sore as hell already, and that she has to get going. I asked her name, and told her to sigh in. She told me she had already registered, and that her name is Sara. Thank You, she says. Tells me that this was her third visit, but the last times were late at nite and she was sure I couldn’t remember in the dark. I said, thanx, and that it was truly great for me.

What’s that all about you ask??? Well, a few years back, it was suggested to me to keep track of the fucking.. I thought it was stupid, but I set this pad next to my bed, made rules for the girls, and for the most part, it works well. The pad is there with a pen, and you drop your name, and time and date into the safe that I have on the floor. No one knows what names, or how many names are in there but me, and I make no exceptions. That lets all the girls know that I don’t kiss and tell unless THEY tell. Which ALL of them do.

OK, as Sara leaves, its almost 9, so I get up, and get into the shower. When I get shaved, showered, and ready to get something done, another knock on the door to my room, and it’s a very nice looking woman. About 35-40.. taller than usual, and nice legs. She’s in a short something, I don’t usually look that hard. And she smiles, asks if she can come in, and as I tell her the coast is clear for the moment, she signs in, and walks up to me. Kisses me once on the tip of my chin, and immediately drops to her knees.

Now you may think this is a rare occasion… but i’m telling you it happens all day… every day…

Some come by just to jack me off for a while. Some come over just to watch I think. Some come over to fuck me, or just to see if the stories are true. They jack me off… suck me… lick up and down… every kind of wonderful, soft, wet, warm tongue action you can imagine. They fuck me.. they ask me questions about how many, how big, when can they come back, my friends, lovers, fucks, sucks, all kinds of questions. I usually just smile a big smile and make the return to whatever they were doing…

I’m telling you, guys.. girls are more curious than you can imagine.. Girls of all ages, types, colors, size and shapes. But they all have one thing in common! They ALL love to suck cock. Really!!! In 10 years… I have never had one woman tell me she doesn’t like to suck a nice cock!! they usually just stroke it a while, watch it get to huge size, their eyes get as big as their mouth, really.. the bigger their eyes get.. the wider their mouth gets.. it’s like magic.. as my cock grows, their mouth just opens as big as the tip of my cock.. until they just let it slide right down.. licking, looking, kissing, and just sucking for all it’s worth. Then the slow slide into that hot, wet, sloppy pussy… man, oh, man.. that first squeeze.. their hot wet pussy engulfing my head.. then fucking all they can.

When she finally shudders her climax on my cock.. and rises off, smiles, asks me if she’s like for me to shoot all over her face or tits.. I told her that I had too much work for that today. I asked her name, and she told me her name and number were on the paper. I asked where she found about me, and she just smiled and said.. it’s all over town, Dick. Everyone knows about you. Everyone knows the rules, and all us girls try to take advantage of you but at the same time.. we have to stay quiet and keep too much away from those we don’t want to let know.. or hurt. Thanks I told her.. and i told her to be sure and come back soon.. she smiled and left.

It’s about 4:30 now.. I’ve had a blow job at my desk while I was working earlier, and I can see two girls walking up the driveway… so I’m gonna have to get back to you..

Really… this goes on every day… I will give more detail and facts next time…

Damn.. what a life…

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