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Karen and the Sauna

True Story

This happened many years ago, names have been changed. Let’s just say things were different in the 70s. I know the ‘909’ didn’t exist in the 70s. Just trying to make it more relevant to today.

I headed down the freeway to see my girlfriend. I had not seen her in a couple of weeks since we lived about 30 miles apart. How I got so lucky to have a girl like her was way beyond my comprehension. She lived at the beach, Huntington Beach, Surf City, USA. I was a 909er. I lived inland, in the valley. Not the cool valley but the ‘other valley’.

I had plenty of pot for the weekend since I wasn’t old enough to drink. It was unbearable hot when I left but as I got closer to the beach it cooled down a bit. My best friend was with me. He was hoping to get lucky. I knew I was going to.

When we got to her house there was a note on the door saying they were at the community pool. Katie had two younger s****rs, both knockouts like Katie. We went in, changed into our bathing suits and headed to the pool. When we got there it was really crowded. I found Katie and her s****rs, all rocking their bikinis. Katie was a year older than me, beautiful b cup tits with perpetually hard nipples, think Farrah Fawcett. That’s probably why to this day I love a girl with hard nipples. She wasn’t thin but she wasn’t fat either. She had a larger than normal ass but it looked good when she walked.

The middle s****r, Sarah, was my age. She had a great body but her face left something to be desired. She had acne and braces but nice big tits, small waist and a really nice ass. I had told my buddy that she was his best chance. I had made out with her a couple of times and felt her up so I knew she was perpetually horny. It was the 70s. No one thought twice about it. Her nipples were small for the size of her tits but got really hard and were fun to suck on. Not as much fun as Katie’s, but, of course, still fun.

Karen was the youngest. She had matured quite nicely though I still thought of her as a little girl. If I was honest with myself and didn’t let my feelings for Katie get in the way, Karen was the fox of the three girls. Still, I thought of her more as a pest than anything else.

We all greated each other and hugged. Katie asked if I had any doobies which I did so we all decided to go back to the condo. The three girls were alone for the weekend since their parents went away and it was going to be a party weekend.

Katie challenged me to a race back to the condo – If I won I would get whatever I wanted and if she won all I got was a kiss on the cheek. And then she took off. I chased after her, watching her beautiful ass bouncing in her bikini bottoms. I knew what the weekend had in store, she would get high, then horny, then things would get real fun. So I let her win. OK – she was faster than me. In hindsight I should have tried harder.

She kissed my cheek and laughed at me, teasing me. But I knew where all this was going eventually.

Suddenly the phone rang and she went and picked it up. I heard her inviting some people over to what I assumed was a party that night at her parents condo.

We smoked a little, listened to some records, passed the time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Kissing and teasing each other, I kept trying to pinch her nipples through her shirt since they were so prominent. Remember, not many teens wore bras back then.

The doorbell rang and some guy came in. Katie introduced me to her ‘boyfriend’. Fuck me, I thought. What the hell? My world turned upside down. I was devastated.

Dick was a surfer dude, rich f****y, tall with blonde curly hair. I had no chance. I was fucked. He said ‘Hi’, shook my hand, smiled and said something I don’t remember. What I do remember is that this is the asshole that stole my girl but he is not an asshole. He is funny, not full of himself, fun to be around. I wanted to hate him but I couldn’t. So I wanted to hate him even more. He was one of those guys everyone likes, even when he steals your girlfriend.

I was completely miserable and alone but still high, so it wasn’t a completely terrible time. As long as I ignored my problems I was having a good time. Ass wipe was the life of the party even though I supplied the party, if you know what I mean.

Sometime around 10 pm ass wipe decided we should all go night surfing at the pier. Well, I can’t surf. It’s hard to find waves in the 909.

I sat on the beach as the others shot the pier. I kept smoking my weed. We were passing it around with all the girls at this point. My buddy and I the only ones who didn’t surf.

Karen came and sat real close to me. We shotgunned a couple of hits and started kissing. We started making out and I felt her hand go up my bathing suit and grab my cock. Follow me, she said.

We headed back to the condo but she turned and headed to the community pool. The pool is closed I said and she said she knew. I swear she must have been planning this because I couldn’t believe what happened next.

None of the gates were locked, we walked right in and she walked right past the pool and towards the girls locker room and bathroom. “Follow me” she said and we went right into the girls locker room. We went past the lockers, past the showers and she headed right to the sauna. A big sign said “out of order” but she went right past that, opened the door and went in. I followed, high as a kite and with no clue what was happening.

She put the sign back, shut the door to the sauna and immediately went for my shorts. She pulled them down, dropped to her knees and wrapped her hands around my cock. She started to slowly suck me off. I had only had a couple of blowjobs before and being as high as I was the feelings were pretty awesome. I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum for a while so I just enjoyed the sensations she was giving me.

I reached down and untied her bikini top and watch her beautiful tits fall out. Her nipples were pushing themselves straight out from her chest. They were perfect. I watched as she slowly sucked my cock. This wasn’t her first rodeo I thought. I sat down on the upper step in the sauna and told her to come up there with me. She was kneeling down on the upper level, still slowly sucking my cock, slurping and enjoying herself like a k** with lollipop. I reached under her and started massaging her tits as they hung down. I pulled and twisted her nipples and she began to moan a little louder.

She sat up and got between my knees so her tits were right at my face and she kept her hands on my dick as she slowly pulled up and down, keeping me hard. I got the hint and started sucking on her beautiful tits. They were perfect. her nipples got thick and hard, begging for more and more attention. Her breasts stood out proudly from her chest. I hungrily licked up and down on her hard nipples, going back and forth. She loved it, moaning and telling me to suck harder. She even told me to bite them lightly which I had never heard of or done. She loved that. I was just a teenager so I really had no clue what I was doing. Of course, neither did she.

As she was standing there, in front of me, I pulled down her bikini bottoms and she stepped out of them. We were both completely naked in a public sauna. Of course it was after hours and it was marked out of order but there was definitely a bit of a thrill that we might be caught.

Once she was completely nude like me I kept up the nipple play with my mouth and tongue as one hand went down to her pussy. I played with her pubic hair and slowly went down between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet. Her pubes were drenched between her legs. My fingers slid arouond like a slip and slide. It was incredibly erotic, this young girl so aroused, her hands wrapped around my cock, her nipple in my mouth and my fingers in her sopping pussy. It was too much and I blew my load right there. Her hands didn’t stop, she kept right on massaging my cock, letting the cum cover her hands and both of our stomachs. She brought one had to her mouth and tasted my cum. She said she had never tasted cum before and made a funny face. I couldn’t believe it. I thought she was an expert the way she worked my dick. She tasted again and made another face and we both laughed.

Being young I never lost my hard on but she wanted more attention and she laid down on the upper level of the sauna and I got on my knees in front of her beautiful pussy. I had never eaten a girl out before but I didn’t want her to know that. I stuck out my tongue and tasted my first pussy. Oh my God, what an addictive taste!

I dove in with all I had.

Being young and not knowing much I licked her pussy all around her vagina and totally ignored her clit. Her juices were really flowing and I was lapping them up as fast as I could. She was moaning and pinching her tits. Her pubes were absolutely soaked and her juices were flowing down to her asshole. I did my best to lick them up so I went down there. I licked her asshole and pussy as best as I knew but she still didnt’t cum. At least as far as I could tell. I kept at it as she seemed ok with everything I was doing. After about 10 minutes she grabbed my hair, which was pretty long back then. She positioned my mouth right over her clit and told me to keep licking. I did exactly as I was told and it was only a couple of minutes and she came hard.

She spasmed all the way from her legs, up her tight stomach, her tits jiggled even though she had hold of her nipples and was pulling hard. I’ll never forget the expression on her face as she tried to catch her breath and weakly smiled.

I kept on licking and she told me to stop but I didn’t, and about a minute later she came again though not as hard. Her cum was flowing from her pussy and I started licking it all up again. I thought it tasted good the first time but now it was sweet and thicker, much better. I kept on licking but my dick was hard and I was ready to fuck her.

I stood up and positioned my cock at her pussy and began to rub it up and down like Katie had taught me. But Karen stopped me and said she was still a virgin and wanted to stay that way. I was really disappointed and I guess it showed on my face because she said she would make it up to me.

She got down on her knees and began to blow me again. It wasn’t long before I came and this time she swallowed it all.

We took turns giving each other oral sex all night and eventually fell asl**p in each others arms, totally exhausted.

I woke up when I heard someone come into the ladies bathroom. I heard a couple of ladies talking and the next thing I knew the door to the sauna was being opened and we were laying there completely naked and Karen was totally asl**p. I nudged her and she woke up quick. When the ladies saw us they kinda screamed and got mad. Karen just laughed and said that we were done and they could use the sauna now. She gathered up her clothes so I did the same and we walked out like we owned the place. It was so early that no one was at the pool so we jumped in completely nude and made out a little and then put our suits back on and headed back to the condo.

No one was awake so she went to her room and I rolled out my sl**ping bag in the living room and went back to sl**p. When I woke up Katie was cooking breakfast and so I joined her in the kitchen. She looked at me in a very knowing look and I just smiled back at her. Never kiss and tell and never admit anything.

I did sneak up behind her when she was at the stove and lift her shirt and feel her awesome tits and nipples one last time. I pulled and twisted them and made them stick out the way I liked them. She turned around and I got to suck on them one last time. I miss those beautiful nipples.

I learned a lot that night and I think Karen did too. I respected her wishes and she remained a virgin for a while at least. She was always so hot and such a great lover even though we never ‘had sex’.

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