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kate Wednesday night

I got home and carried out Kate’s instructions
Kate phoned and said she might be late, but sally would be coming round to drop some stuff off,
What are you doing she asked,
Just watching telly I replied,
OK I shouldn’t be long just a late appointment
I watched telly for a hour, the bell rang
It was sally, I invited her in and made her a drink
Sally put down two carrier bags and we went into the garden and just chatted
She was wearing her work uniform, a black skirt , grey blouse with yellow piping round the collar,she had black tights and flat shoes
She lit a cigarette and crossed her legs,
The view of her upper thighs was such a turn on her skirt had ridden up , in my mind I was trying to imagine what knickers she was wearing.

She was telling me about her day, when she bent forward to her hand bag, I could see down her blouse her breast hanging inside a pink bra pulling her breast together , at the bottom of her cleavage,i i could see a little bow , her legs uncrossed , I got a glimpse of her bright pink knickers showing through the mesh of her black tights , she took her hair brush out of her bag, she sat up and took out the band holding
her hair up
My eyes was fixed on the view I had of her knickers, even though I had seen her naked , licked her fanny and fucked her , my imagination was running wild with the view
Chris sally shouted , are you looking up my skirt laughing
I felt my self blush er yes I replied
Don’t worry I won’t tell Kate she said while brushing her hair,
The phone rang it was Kate.
Is sally there she asked
Put her on please
Sally spoke for a few minutes,then said Kate was on her way home and put the kettle on

Kate arrived and went into the garden I took the tea out to her, she was taking things out of the carrier bags
She stood up holding a bright pink satin dress with white lace petticoats underneath,the collar and short sleeves was trimmed with white lace
Do you like it Chris, i bought this for you and a few other things.
I felt embarrassed, but I nodded and said yes
Try it on she said,
I took the dress and went to go inside.
No do it here,
I didn’t argue I stripped down to my boxers , and put the dress on, the was the material slipped over my skin was wonderful,she reached into the other bag and took out a pair of pink high heel shoes , these are for you as well , they was second hand from a charity shop , but in great condition
I put them on again they fitted perfectly,
Try walking in them
I took two steps and stumbled, both girls laughed don’t worry you will get used to them sally giggled,
Kate then gave me another bags , put this on,
I opened the bag inside was a bright pink wig , I put it on, it went halfway down my back , and down just below my chest .
Kate pointed her phone at me with a click she took a photo of me.
Do you like it
Yes I replied thank you
I got you these as well she took out a pink suspender belt , bra and knickers all matching see through floral lace design and a pair of pink fishnet stockings,
Oh thank you . Shall I put them on now I asked, I was really disappointed when she said no
You can wear it all Friday, me and sally are going to a hen party, but when we come home you can be our maid for the whole weekend OK
I nodded
And you will be a good girl won’t you sally said
Yes I promise I will
OK take it off now and I will make you up properly on Friday before we go.
I took off the wig then the dress
God you do like it Kate said looking at the bulge in my boxers.
Me and sally are going up stairs see you later

I sat watching telly I had heard the shower running, I also heard a couple of yelps and cries of pain and pleasure,my cock was hard since wearing the dress I wanted to masturbate, but didn’t dare, I looked at the time it was 9.30 I heard foot steps coming down the stairs , get in there bitch
Sally walked in her bum had deep red stripes from the cane her pink knickers was in her mouth , her breasts had a couple of red stripes but not as bad as her bum
Kate took the knickers from Sally’s mouth , go on ask him

Sally looked at me through tear filled eyes please Chris, may I lick your bottom , I looked at Kate she nodded
I dropped my trouser Kate made sally pull my boxers down , I bent over the chair ,
Sally spread my buttocks , her tongue touched the back of my balls and slowly ran up the crack to the base of my spine, then slowly down
She repeated this five times , then the tip of her tongue stopped my anus , she rimmed me for a while then her tongue pushed deep inside me
I felt Sally’s head being pushed hard between my cheeks her tongue moving deeper inside me
Sally’s head was yanked back , I stood up my cock fully erect , pre cum oozing from its head , Kate grabbed Sally’s hair and wrapped it round my cock,
Wipe your cock on her face , I did as I was told, Sally’s cheeks was red black eye liner streaking down with tears.

OK slut let’s go for our walk , pull your trousers up Chris
Kate undid the hand cuffs put your knickers on sally obeyed Kate pushed her into the hall and told her to put on a coat,
Give me your arms
Sally put her arms around her back , Kate snapped the cuffs shut , so you are sure you want to do this as she buttoned the coat up on sally

Yes mistress she pushed her feet into a pair of sandles

Kate whent to the kitchen and came back with her hand bag , let’s go

We walked straight to the park , on the back fence it was overgrown with weeds and nettles just off another entrance.

Sit on the bench slag Kate put her bag next to her a pulled out a pair of rubber gloves and a pair of scissors,and cut three stems of stinging nettles,
Open her coat Chris I undid the buttons now her bra
I unfastened it
Kate lifted the bra up to Sally’s throat, are you ready slut
Yes please mistress
hold her Chris
Kate slowly stroked Sally’s erected nipples with the nettles sally yelped and pushed back on me.
Hold her still Chris Kate demanded.
She run the nettles under Sally’s breasts sally pushed back but I held her firm
Is this good Kate asked
yes thank you sally sobbed
bend over the bench
Without hesitation sally obeyed
pull her knickers down Chris
I pulled them down to her knees
Kate lifted the coat open you legs
Sally opened as far as she could
Kate thrust the three stems of nettles between Sally’s legs
Sally cried out thank you mistress
pull her cheeks apart Chris
I did Kate took on stem of the nettles and run it over Sally’s anus
Sally’s hips was thrusting hard with pain
Kate stopped and cut off thee leaves and pushed them between Sally’s buttocks
Stand straight sally did her buttocks closing on the nettles
Pull her knickers up a bit Chris as she cut more leaves
I pulled them up Kate covered the gusset and the rest of the material with the nettles
Turn round Kate demand
Yes mistress sally replied
Kate parted Sally’s lips her clit was hard and wet , Kate pushed the leaves between her lips covering Sally’s clit
Sally sobbed thanks you
Kate the covered the front of Sally’s knickers with the stinging leaves
Pull them up Chris
Sally was in so much pain but still said thank you
Kate then cut more leaves and lined the cups of Sally’s bra, then told me to do it up sally yelped again,

Is that OK Kate asked sally
Yes thank you mistress Sally replied

Get on your knees Kate instructed her, help her Chris
I helped her down . .
Do you want Chris to cum on your face slut
Sally replied more then anything please mistress.
Cum on her face Kate instructed me
I dropped my trouser and stood astride Sally’s face
I started to masturbate , sally licked my balls ,
I came in seconds my load shot over her forehead, I stepped back the next load hit her on the bridge of her nose
Her head dropped the next load landed in her hair
Kate had filmed it all on her phone.
Wipe your cock in her hair
When I finished kate said let’s go
I help sally up Kate undid her hand cuffs
Are you sure you want to do this Kate asked
Yes sally replied
What are we doing now I asked
Wait and see Kate replied
sally walked ahead of us her body twitching in pain , we ended back on the high street ,
We need fags Kate said ‘ we got to the corner shop ,
You wanted to do this go on Kate said ,
Most of mum cum had dripped from Sally’s face onto her coat, but her hair was still matted with it
She stood by Kate at the counter while she got cigarettes
The shop assistant kept staring at sally but didn’t speak to her
We left the shop Kate rubbed her hand on Sally’s bum , sally screamed in pain
I can’t take anymore Kate I’m sorry please stop
OK Kate said go to the park we will get them out
We got back to the bench sally had already unbutton her coat
I could see the green leaves through the pink bra and knickers
Can I please Kate OK Kate said take them off
Sally pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them, the reached round and un clipped her bra and let it drop to the floor

She was standing naked her buttocks and breasts had the stripes from the cane and welts from the nettles all over her.
Kate told me to pick up the bra and knickers and put them in her bag
I shook the leaves from the and stung my fingers , how sally had dealt with the pain I don’t know
Kate hugged sally you been a very good girl, let’s go home
Sally reached for the coat
Oh no your not having this Kate said as she cut another few stems of nettles.
To be continued

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