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Katy, A Special Friend

Our Lodger Katy was just turned 17 when it happened, here’s the story
It was last year around July she’s just started college and was staying over as her parents are divorced. anyway she came to stay with us Friday till Monday and it was a hot weekend we decided to get a bit of sun in the back garden and I left her chatting with my mrs went to get some drinks and when I came out they were both topless but face down so nothing showing. I got the mrs a wine and Katy had a coke and she was I’m 17 can I not have a wine so my mrs said let her have a wine as the wife sat up to get the glass I got an eyefull and went “ooh better cover them before I enjoy it” and grabbed one she was behave yourself Katy is here to which she replied its fine I know what adults do.

So anyway after a few wines the pair of them were on their backs both had their boobs out my wifes 38dd’s huge in comparison to Katys small b cup boobs, it carried on being just a normal day sunbathing and I kept up the odd grabs of the wife’s tits even the odd pull and rub on her nipples in front of Katy and plenty of wine was consumed, later in the evening we were all just larking round watching tv and wife said well its nearly 10pm so we are turning in night night Katy and left her downstairs and went up to bed.

Well the wife was horny as hell and so was I so we were fooling around and making a little noise we heard her shout something from downstairs so I poked my head out of the door and said sorry I didn’t hear what you said. she was keep it down please I can hear you over the TV, sorry we said, anyway I guess I didn’t shut the door properly so it cracked open a bit the wife was riding me on top and I happened to look over and Katy was peeking in the door watching us.

I almost came when I noticed that, anyway our eyes met she moved away obviously embarrassed and couple of mins later she was peeking again I looked at her gave her a smile and carried on, I made sure I did some long deep strokes so she could see my cock siding in and out of the wife, she was licking her lips and enjoying it then I noticed she was squeezing her thighs and had a hand on her chest pulling at her nipples,lucky the wife had her head buried in my shoulder cos I smiled and licked my lips at her, think it must have been the amount of wine consumed cos I would have never thought of doing that.
Anyway i licked my lips again and flicked my tongue up and down as if i was wanting to lick her nipples and she lifted her top and showed me her nipple being rubbed.

The mrs was banging away like a good one on me and I said out loud god I want your pussy so bad to which she looked right at me and Katy pointed at herself.
My wife was god yes I know you want my pussy, Katy smiled and slid her hand inside her pj bottoms looking at me and started rubbing her clit.
anyway i got so turned on I said to the wife fuck im gonna cum pulled out and spunked all over her ass and on me it was running down my balls and everywhere,
Katy was biting her lip and then the wife went to get off me when I looked she had left I thought shit shes all embarrased I think ive gone to far with her.

Anyway nothing more was said that night in morning I took Katy a cup of tea in bed and we chatted while the wife was in the shower I said look I’m sorry we went that far it wont happen again she was its fine I enjoyed it, I came 3 times, I said to her really she was yes once watching your cock cum then I came to bed and played twice more
I was going to do it again this morning but you disturbed me with a cup of tea jokingly I said well don’t let me stop you thinking she would say piss of you perv and she actually said OK and slid her hand under the covers and started masturbating her pussy

I said omg your just teasing and not doing it to which she pulled the cover down showing me she was naked from the waist down and as smooth as a baby and was fingering herself I could smell the pussy juice in the air but what a smell, she was alternating from fingering to rubbing her clit god I was so hard and she noticed it she said I think you like it I said yes I do, she was rocking her hips into her hand and sounded so dam wet.
I said I can see your hard nipples and she said yes I know I leant in and had a squeeze of them but over her clothes and was pulling on them when we heard the shower go off and had to leave before she came but I was horny all day.

Saturday night we were all watching film on tv had a glass of wine with dinner and the wife decided she wanted to go to bed as she had headache I said ok I will come up she said no you stay and watch the end of the film its only another 45 mins i’m gonna have a nap.
Katy was snuggled up we were chatting and she asked if I enjoyed the morning I said yes she was can I watch you then as you’ve watched me, I said what do you want she was I want to see you make it cum I said really she was yes, I said don’t you think we are going to far with this she was its fine I know what I want so I dropped my jeans down a bit but not to far in case the wife came down I popped my cock out and started stroking.

She was sat beside me I said why don’t you lay on my lap and get a close up view but no touching or getting to near, she lay down and her face was inches from my cock watching me stroke it slow, I had the biggest hard on in years I was so tempted to fuck her mouth but didn’t. anyway I was getting close and she was squeezing her thighs she reached down and started rubbing herself again then said I want you to shoot for me I said you better move cos it will spray everywhere she was its fine I will go and shower before bed.
I started cumming really hard big spurts going everywhere and I dont know what possessed me to do it but after the second spurt I aimed it at her face shot it on her cheek and nose I said sorry I got carried away she was its fine my boyfriend usually does it in my mouth at college got up from the sofa and went up the stairs to shower.
I thought that would be the end of the weekend but sunday topped it off

Sunday morning I took her a morning cup of tea and she was is she asl**p meaning the wife I said yes out like a light she has a bad head she pulled covers down to reveal she was stark naked and said this will be the last time before I leave and I want you to have a nice present I want you to watch me and wank yourself, she started fingering and rubbing I had my pjs on so I dropped my cock out and started stroking, my cock was dribbling and she noticed it and said to me I tasted your cum last night when I was in the bathroom I almost blew my load there and then,

She was this is going to only happen once as I think we are going to far after yesterday I said what do you mean because im not touching or fucking you she was lay on the bed I said why she said please do it so I laid down and she knelt on my chest so she was inches from my face, I was thinking fuck if the mrs wakes up im dead and she started rubbing and fingering right in front of my face
could smell how turned on she was and she said this is your present close your eyes and open your mouth said no im not licking you, she was please trust me so I did it next thing i know shes dripping in my mouth, it tasted so good but I thought shit this has gone to far she was are you ready im going to cum
I said yes she was dripping like crazy and came so good my face was coated, she got off quick and said we don’t have long wank for me
I said how do you want it she sat on her bed and said do it in front of me was i wanking like a maniac and she was teasing her clit as she watched.
Anyway i was stroking like mad and she was inches from the tip of my cock said you better move back im close she was its fine do it, I said seriously its gonna be on your face and mouth she was no its not it will be in my mouth and over my chest well that just made me explode she opened her mouth the first spurt went straight in then she grabbed it pointed it over her chest and then said quick spray my pussy for me she rolled back onto bed with her legs open as I got close and shot the last few spurts over her pussy she reached down and rubbed my cum into her lips
I was shit its on you she was its fine im on the pill anyway its not on me its in me as she rubbed it on her fingers and pushed it up herself I heard the wife stirring and shot in to the shower to clean up and ended up taking her back to college with a smile on her face.

For the following few weeks when she came to stay we wanked together but always managed to refrain from going to far although she normally gets me to kneel between her legs wanking as she rubs her clit and as i cum she holds her lips open so that i spray her clit.
Anyway Katy stayed last weekend June the 5th to the 8th and we crossed the final bridge. I got the wife a little d***k and was fucking her doggy on the bed with the door wide open, Katy walked past and the wife looked straight at her and said you shouldn’t be awake or looking at this I’m sorry can you shut the door,
Katy was its fine I hear you guys doing it all the time and I’m not a virgin, well that shocked the wife so she said ok one time you can watch but if you do then this stays a secret, she came in sat on the bed and watched us fuck and saw me spurt my cum in the wife and as i pulled out watched the cum run down her thighs before Katy left, The wife regretted it next morning and said its a one off and it wont happen again.
Sunday the wife went to see her mother leaving me and Katy alone we started with a wank session but we got so turned on she ended up sat on me with my cock between her lips rubbing back and forth she was so wet the tip kept going in her and in the end I got a little bit to f***efull thrusting and buried my entire length in her I said we should really stop this is going to far she was its ok i like it so we just went for it and she ended up cumming twice before I shot my load inside her after I came she pulled me out and sucked me dry ended up having a bj too and she let me cum in her mouth
she really enjoyed it and so did I she wanted to do anal but she was to tight even using ky so i had to take her pussy again we did it 3 times in total before she left to go back to college.

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