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Kim the employee

Ger had opened the store about four years ago, just a couple of months after his wife left him. He was out of work and needed to earn money. When he came up with the idea, he figured it was the only way he could survive. He had to keep the nature of his business from his young daughter, running an adult store was something he felt his f****y should not know.
The business had struggled for some time, the only people he could hire seemed to be young spotty adolescents. If he had found the right person he was willing to pay above minimum wage, however none of his employees had lasted more than a couple of months, and they probably frightened more customers away with their immature comments.
When Kim had asked about the job, the previous guy had just been caught copying some of the movies Ger stocked and selling them on the side, Ger was really unsure. She was just a couple of weeks past her eighteenth birthday, and she would be the first female member of staff he’d hired. But Ger was stuck and at the time she was the only option, so he gave her the job.
Kim was the best thing that ever happened to the store. In the six months since she began working for him, the turnover and profits rose quickly.
Ger looked at the clock, Kim was thirty minutes late, but then she was always late, they probably wouldn’t see a customer till after ten, so it never worried Ger. The shop door opened, Kim was sweating, as usual she had run into work, although she lived close, she always went for her morning run before work. She ran for around three hours, through the park, and then straight into the shop.
She was wearing her lycra running shorts, and a vest top, as she walked up to the counter, Ger admired her young body, 32B and five foot one and a little under one hundred pounds. He knew her dimensions because she proudly told anybody who listened.
Kim walked in behind the counter, the little office at the back had a shower, where she changed and washed every morning. She took 3 DVDs from her back pack and put them on the counter, “Bareback interracial sportsstars”, “the latest “Lesbian Psycho Dramas” and “Daddy just cream pied me”. Most nights she borrowed a couple of movies, “for research purposes”
“Morning Mr B, the gay film is great, the lesbian psycho dramas is as good as ever, but Daddy cream pied me is average unless you fantasize about your daughter”. She laughed and gave him a gentle nudge. “I’ll just have a quick shower and change, if that’s ok?, will I get the coffees before I shower or after?”
The office door closed, and the shower began to run. Ger often thought about trying to walk in on her, but always managed to keep their boss staff relationship the way it should be kept. About ten minutes later Kim reappeared, her side parted short red hair, her cute face, made up perfectly. She was wearing a pair of short cut off denim shorts, with fishnet pantyhose underneath, a white mesh top that clung to her slim shape and a bright pink bra. She always dressed to tease, her bras were always on show.
Kim was a natural flirt, she loved to tease people, but never over stepped the mark, her cute good looks and her natural smile always made the customers feel comfortable, and her knowledge of the stock they sold always impressed Ger.
Kim was tidying the vibrator area when the first customers of the day walked in, a gay couple, one guy as camp as Ger had ever seen, the other just a standard business type, in a grey suit. Kim was straight over to them, “How can I help you guys”. One of the guys told her they were looking for some light bondage gear, quickly Kim led them to the back area, when the three of them reappeared, they had a pair of hand cuffs, a paddle and a mask. Kim was flirting, she was arm and arm with the camp guy, and as they passed the DVD section, she pointed at “Bareback interracial Sportstars” and giggled, “I hope you can give head as well as the guy in the third scene”. By the time they had reached the counter they had bought the film as well. That’s what made Kim so good thought Ger, she was a natural born seller.
The next customer Ger noticed Kim with was a butch lesbian, she was looking for a new strapon for her partners birthday. Kim was sticking her tits and ass out, and every so often she would touch the girls arm, as if to say, I’m one of you. Again by the time the girl was leaving the shop, she had bought a strap on with several accessories and a sexy maid outfit.
Since Kim had started working for him Ger had always found her to be a bit of a turn on, he often fantasized about stripping her naked, and fucking her over the counter, but that would be so inappropriate, he knew he couldn’t over step the line. The two co-workers would often brush off each other in the cramped area behind the counter, Ger never figured out was it Kim or just his love for porn and kink, that kept him in a near constant state of arousal. On a number of occasions, he would have a semi stiff cock, and if Kim brushed up against him, she always smiled, and said “is it time for a break Mr B”
Kim was in the lingerie section helping a middle aged couple pick out a corset, “36D I’d guess and a size 8” as usual she was right. They picked what they wanted and she brought them back to the counter. “I have the exact same, don’t I MR. B,” Kim knew well Ger had a bit of a lingerie fetish, “Do you think I look good in it?” she asked. Ger could only smile. The couple were standing at the counter, the husbands eyes were locked on to Kim’s body. She bent over at the waist her tight pert ass directly in his line of sight. “How about a DVD to add to the build up for tonight” the wife was also staring at Kim’s pert shape, “We just got the new Couples seduce teens in and I think you might enjoy it”, another happy customer.
The afternoon was closing in, it was getting close to closing time and things had gone quiet. Kim had made them both coffee and as they stood around waiting to close. Kim picked up a couple of new DVD’s that had just arrived that afternoon, laughing she said “My homework”, she also picked up a new pair of pantyhose, saying “Can I pay for these when I get paid?”. Then she pulled out a DVD, “I’ll put this on to keep us entertained till closing”. The TV on the wall flicked into life as Ger was cleaning behind the counter. He stood back as Kim found her usual spot, to lean on the counter. The film “Daddy fucked me in my panties” came on.
A few minutes later Ger found himself standing directly behind Kim as she was bent over the counter. A young girl on the screen was getting fucked by an older man, her moans and screams were filling the shop through the sound system. Kim pushed backwards from the counter, her ass coming into direct contact with Ger’s groin. He hadn’t realised he was semi erect. Kim seemed to freeze, her ass pressed against Ger, his cock began to grow, it was pressing right between her ass cheeks. Ger didn’t dare to move, he was hoping she wouldn’t notice, but how could she not notice. He had no control as his meat pressed harder against his pants, the young shop assistant seemed to press harder against him, her felt her wiggle her ass slightly.
She was the fantasy every customer had, the fantasy he had every day, a sexy looking eighteen year old, dressed to tease, with an ass to die for, pressing her body in to his.
“Oh fuck MR B. that’s hard”
Ger tried to apologise, but the words wouldn’t come out properly. He mumbled something incomprehensible.
“We can’t let you go home like that, can we Mr B” he felt a hand touch his cock, Kim was reaching behind her, she gripped him through his pants. Ger’s cock was throbbing as her hand deftly pulled his zip down. She tugged at his button and within seconds had him free from the confines of his clothes.
Kim turned and got down on her knees, as she opened her mouth to take his cock, she looked him straight in the eye, a look of passion that Ger had never known before in her blue eyes. Her lips closed around the head of his cock. Ger had crossed the boss staff line, he hadn’t meant to, his cock had been the instigator, but Kim was accepting him. Her mouth was warm as she closed it and began to allow him slide into her. Her tongue expertly caressing the underside of his cock. He could hear her moan, a moan from a mouth was filled, as she accepted more of him. Ger felt his cock was at its full seven inch length, and Kim seemed to have to work with his girth as he filled her mouth. Her saliva lubricating him, her small young head was soon bobbing up and down on his cock, her tongue still flicking and caressing the underside. Kim was no stranger to blow jobs Ger guessed. Her small hand barely cupped his ball sac, as she gripped him, not too tight, but just enough so he wouldn’t cum straight away. Kim could feel hi cock throbbing in her mouth. Ger was moaning, he so wanted to cum but his eighteen year old assistant was just keeping him on the edge.
Ger knew if he came it would be a huge explosion, he hadn’t been with any woman since his wife had left. He was trying to hold the inevitable back. His cock slipped out of her mouth with a pop. Kim got up from the floor. She walked over to the door and turned the lock, then walking back to the counter, she unbuttoned her shorts. The small shorts fell to the floor immediately, as she stepped back to the counter. “This is so hot MR. B, eat my fucking pussy” the young girl demanded. Kim pulled her fishnet pantyhose down, revealing a luminous pink G string to match her bra. She pulled the crotch aside as she jumped on to the counter.
Ger kneeled down, his face just inches from her hot pussy. She pulled her legs apart top make his path easier. Her pussy was cleanly shaven except for a slim landing strip of red pubic hair. Her pussy lips looked puffy and bloated. Ger could see the glisten of moisture escaping from her labia. His tongue touched her, her labia opening to accept him. He savored the taste of this young eighteen year old. The taste of pussy was always a pleasure for him, but Kim tasted sweeter than any pussy he had before. He lapped her juices up, swallowing her natural juice with the delight of a man tasting pussy for the first time, it had been too long he thought. His tongue was exploring her hot wet hole, she was moaning loudly. Ger felt Kim’s legs wrap around his neck, she pulled his head into her, his tongue reaching deep into her inner cavity. Kim was pulling his hair, as if to pull him in deeper, Ger wasn’t going anywhere, his tongue lapped and prodded her deepest recesses.
Kim’s body tensed. Her moans were getting louder. Ger could feel her legs twitch around his neck as her muscles tightened. The flood of her juices became even stronger. Her stomach muscles began to pulse, as she cried out, her orgasm was so intense, she had tears in her eyes. Ger kept tongue fucking her, as orgasm after orgasm flowed through her body. For several minutes, she was like uncontrollable jelly in his hands.
He eventually allowed her to relax from her orgasms, her body taking time to come down from the heights of her orgasms.
She climbed off the counter, “My pussy is so sore and you haven’t cum yet” she closed her mouth around his cock. He was still fully erect, and his cock slipped in to Kim’s mouth. She gagged slightly as he felt the head of his cock touch the back of her throat. She adjusted her angle, and his cock slipped in further, she soon had his full length in her mouth, her tongue felt exquisite as it caressed his hard cock. Her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked and licked him. His cock felt like bursting, every nerve ending in his body seemed to be joined at the tip of his cock, as Kim slid it in and out of her throat, a trick she had mastered a couple of years before.
Ger felt his own orgasm build, he could hear himself moan. He tried to pull out of her mouth, but she gripped his ass, and held his cock deep inside her. Ger felt his balls tighten, and then he could feel the pump, his whole body seemed focused on one spot, all his muscular power, on one thing as his man hood began to push his cum up through his cock, and in to Kim’s mouth. He felt streams of his cum, pumping into her, she took the first few loads, but then pulled away, as she nearly gagged as her throat filled. His cock fell from her mouth. He was still pumping cum. A spray of cum shot through the air, landing on Kim’s petite face, another strand landing on her neck and cheek, and eventually a final one ending up on her tee shirt.
Ger was gasping for breath, eventually he got his senses back, “Sorry Kim, it’s been so long since, well you know”
“It’s ok MR B, it was so fucking hot, and I love cum, it’s good for you full of protein”
“I’d better bring you home” they both picked up their clothes, and as Ger got dressed, Kim grabbed her back pack. Ger got some wipes from behind the counter and cleaned her face for her. Her makeup was a bit smudged, her top was cum stained, her fishnets were torn, but she still looked so hot as they walked out to his car at the back of the shop.
The car journey was only a couple of minutes, and when they pulled in at the side walk, Ger was about to speak, about to apologise for overstepping the line of command, about to promise it wouldn’t happen again. Internally he was just hoping she wouldn’t quit her job.
Kim spoke first though, “I want to fuck you now” her lips were pressing against his, her tongue was snaking into his mouth, her hands were running through his hair.
A sense of relief lowed over Ger, she wasn’t going to quit. Then fear, a fear that they would be seen by someone walking by. But he knew no one around here, why would anyone take notice.
Kim opened the car door, she walked to the front door and smiled as she beckoned him in. He felt strangely nervous but followed her. She dropped her bag inside the hallway and took his hand, she led him up the stairs, to a small but tidy room, a single bed in the middle of the floor, shelves of pictures of her school days, soft toys covering the bed and the available shelves.
Kim cleared the bed of her toys, she pulled her shirt over her head, then pulled Ger towards her. The kiss was passionate, as Ger felt himself relax, the worries of other people, or of how Kim felt about what had just happened disappeared. He was kissing her hard, their mouths crushing each other, their tongues battling inside their mouths, it was a passion Ger hadn’t felt in years, or maybe he had never felt it. He found the clasp of her bra, the hooks parted, their two bodies holding it between them. He ran his hands down her back, his fingers finding the waist band of her shorts, she arched her back and his finger slid inside her shorts, and then into her fishnet pantyhose. He was able to reach the crack of her ass. Her skin felt soft to his touch. It had been years since he had touched a young body like hers. He felt her arch her back more. Her bra fell from her shoulders, she pushed her breasts into him, her nipples felt hard against his chest.
Ger broke the kiss, he pulled away from Kim, to take in the view of her breasts, her body was firm, her breasts were a perfect cup shape, he took one in his hand, pressing his thumb into her nipple, she responded with a slight groan, he took her nipple between his thumb and finger, and gently pulled it, she gasped, as the pleasure she felt sped through her body. Ger’s mouth closed on her breast, his tongue flicking across her hard nipple, his teeth gently biting her soft flesh.
Kim pulled his shirt off, and unbuttoned his pants, his cock was already hard, as his clothes ended in a pile on her bedroom floor. She wrapped her hands around his cock, it looked huge in her small hand. The head looked mushroom like, large and nearly purple in colour. She knew it had been years since he’d been with a woman, and Kim had wanted him to have her for a long time.
His hand was trying to undo the button holding up her shorts, she lay back and his fingers flicked the button apart, he slowly pulled her shorts down, as if he was trying to file this moment deep into his memory, as if he was never going to get this opportunity again. He tugged at her pantyhose, they slowly slipped from her legs, he pushed his thumbs into the waist band of her panties and slowly pulled them down, her pussy was wet, she wanted him side her, but wanted him to enjoy the moment, his way.
His hands were big and she felt his strong fingers part her labia. They parted with a noise that sounded like a vacuum being released, she felt so wet.
Ger gripped his cock in his fist. He pointed the head at her willing pussy. As the head touched her labia, she felt them opening. He asked her was she sure she wanted him. She answered by wrapping her hand around his, and pulling him into her. His cock felt huge as she opened herself up to him. Slowly the large head disappeared between her legs. The shaft felt strong and hard, he grabbed her under her ass, he was strong, he lifted her up so she was at a better angle to accept him. Slowly he filled her up, he was bigger and thicker than any cock she had experienced before. She could feel his balls resting against her ass and knew he was fully inside her. Neither of them moved for a minute, he was allowing her to get used to him and his size. She could feel her inner muscles relaxing to full accept him. Then slowly he began to pull outwards, then back in. she was feeling a pleasure she had never felt before. His experience was showing, she was used to boys of her own age, boys that would enter you quickly, pump a few times then cum. This was different, he was being slow, letting her feel and enjoy the intrusion inside her.
In and out he slid, her natural juices, built up from the erotic session they had just had at the shop, lubricated his large cock easily. He was standing above her, his eyes beaming down on her naked young body, as his cock slipped in and out of her. There was a look of lust in his eyes, but he was making love to her as someone full of love for her.
He lifted her legs up to his shoulders, his cock felt like it was even deeper inside her. Ger’s pace began to quicken, his cock was sliding in and out, but her pussy felt even tighter and fuller than it had before. This was love making like she had never experienced before. Love making that she wanted to last forever.
Kim felt one of his fingers at the entrance to her ass, she felt her ass part, she had never let any guy near her ass before, but his was different, this felt like it was the right time to allow someone in her back door. She could feel her juices drip into her ass hole, as his cock slipped in and out of her pussy. His finger caressing the opening of her rosebud, the lubrication helping his finger in.
His cock popped out of her pussy, she felt him guide the head against her ass, her ass was new to this. He whispered, relax, I’ll be gentle. She tried to relax her whole body, the tip of his cock was pressing against her rosebud, gently he pushed a little. Kim was amazed as her little puckered ass seemed to open. Her thoughts went from trying to relax her muscles, to the strange feeling of pleasure in her back passage. She could feel herself opening up, and his cock, wet with her juices slipped in. she felt a couple of inches inside her, before she felt like she couldn’t take any more. He seemed to know she was at her limit, his cock began sliding in and out of her, never more than she could happily take. She felt his pace quicken, he seemed to be getting thicker as he stroked in and out of her ass. Kim could feel her orgasm building, and Ger seemed to know, as he pushed in and out of her faster and faster, bringing her near her crescendo. Then just as she was about to cum, he pulled out. Her orgasm stopped, she was on the brink, but he had just left her hanging.
Ger grabbed her hips, turning her body over and pulling her ass in the air. He opened her pussy up with a couple of fingers, then slipped his cock back into her pussy. The pleasure inside began to build quickly again, his strokes were firm and full as he filled her up. Pumping deep into her pussy, he was speeding up, virtually pounding her. Ger had a good grip on her hips to prevent her from falling across the bed as he pounded into her. He knew he was close, and he could sense she was about to cum too. He asked her was she on the pill, it was too late, her body went into spasm as her orgasm swept through her, her pussy spasms put extra pressure on his cock, her pussy felt tighter, as if she was trying to milk his cock. He felt an explosion between his legs, a spasm and then a flow of cum shooting up inside Kim. His cum seemed to make her orgasm again as his hot fluid pumped into her. Each wad of cum seemed to bring her to another orgasm, Ger felt like he would cum forever, a feeling he hadn’t experienced since he was a young boy, an experienced caused by lack of opportunity in the last four years.
Eventually he stopped cumming, his cock began to deflate, and slowly it fell from Kim’s pussy. Her pussy looked puffy and raw, the look on her face beneath him was one of pure ecstasy. He collapsed on the bed beside her, the two of them cross the bed, his large frame only half on the bed, her small body dwarfed by his. Both were sweating, their bodies tired, their hands caressing each other, in a manner that real love making deserves.
“Kim I love you, I’m glad I gave you the job, it looks like it was the best decision I ever made” Ger’s hand was resting between Kim’s thighs, as both their juices flowed from inside her.
Kim got up on her knees, she kissed his mouth lovingly, her hands on his chest, her legs entwined with his, her young firm breasts brushing against his chest, “I love you too Dad”.

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