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landlord with a couple

Being the landlord can be fun.
A nice young couple came to rent an apt. from me on the first day I ran the ad.The girl was 19 and her husband was 22. She stayed home and he worked.They had the money so I rented me them.
The wife,Sue was very pretty,she was about 5’3” tall and 110 lbs. I would say.Her husband was tall and slim like me. My what a great couple this renting game is going to be good.
After they moved in for about a week the wife,Sue called me something was wrong with the stove.I drove over and all that was wrong was the pilot light was out.
I showed her how to light it she bent over real close to me and smelled great.

Her tits here small but real nice and she had a great ass.I don’t think she had a bra on because her nipples stuck out like little headlights.
I was 35 why was I looking at a 19 year old married woman? Oh well I guess it don’t hurt to look.
She broke my train of thought by saying” do you want a glass of wine?” ” No thanks” I said with a smile ” a little to early for me.” ” Maybe next time i’ll have to call you at night” she replyed.” Your husband will be home and I don’t think he would like company” I told her.” Sometimes he works at night” she said. I knew I had to get out of there now.
I drove home thinking about that little girl and how great that pussy must be. I was sure it was still tight even with him fucking her every night. I was giving myself a hard-on.
On the first of the next month I didn’t get my rent check so by the 10th I called .She answered the phone and told me she thought I would pick it up. I needed the money so I told her I would be over Friday night. Thinking her husband would be home.
I got to the apt. about 8:30 and she was in a robe and said she had just got out of the shower.As she bent over to get the check the top of the robe opened and I could she her tit it was beautiful and very frim with a little pink nipple.

She saw me look at it and smiled. She was making me very nervous and I could feel bl**d rushing to my head and prick at the same time.
She smiled and said” you need a glass of wine” as she poured it I asked”where is your husband?”” oh don’t worry about him he always works late” she replyed.
I took the wine from her hand it was cold she asked if I would sit on the couch for a while.I sat there thinking what was I getting myself into here?
“Do you like movies? she asked.”Some” I said.” I like sexy movies they get me in the mood” she smiled as she replyed.She went over to the tv and turned it on then pulled up the bottom of her robe almost showing her ass and bent down to get a video tape. She put it in and said “this is one of my favorites. I am sure you will like it.”
It started as a man and woman were sitting on a couch drinking wine she cuddle up to him and he started rubbing her tits and them he was sucking them. Next the woman on the screen opened her robe and he began eating her pussy.

I looked over at Sue and she was rubbing her pussy thru her robe. My prick was getting hard and my heart was racing. What was I doing? This is crazy . She put her hand inside her robe and keep rubbing her cunt. I opened her robe so I could watch. Her pussy had very little hair and was trimed very short.
She said ” this is my favorite part watch.”the woman starts to moan and yells at the man shes cuming he sucks her cunt even harder.

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She now has 2 fingers running in and out of her slit and they are very wet.” I guess you must like your husband to do that to you?” I asked. ” I love oral sex with anybody” she answered.
My cock was so hard I could feel the pre-cum wetting my shorts. I wanted to eat her cunt and taste her juice, but I was still very nervous as her husband could come home any minute.
She turned to me and said ” come here I want to show something in the bedroom.” I followed her like a puppy would follow its master. She pulled the cover off the bed and thru it on the floor then dropped her robe and got on the bed.
She spread her legs and said ” you want to lick my pussy don’t you? I can tell you do go ahead and make me cum like the woman in the movie. I’m to hot to watch the next part where she sucks his cock and he cums in her face and she licks it up.”

I take off my shirt and pants my shorts are wet from the pre-cum and I throw then into the pile.
I go right for her cunt with my face her pussy is wet and I start to suck the juice out of her hole then I switch to her clit and suck that little cock thing. She is pumping my face and am loving it. I hear her yell “Now,now.” I think she is cuming now so I move my mouth to her hole and shove my tongue inside her.

All of a sudden I feel a hand on my cock and her husband is trying to get me cock in his mouth.They roll me over and she sits on my face and he starts sucking my cock.
I must admit it feels great he is a good cock sucker.I stay busy eating her and she cums in my face the juice just pours out of her cunt. It tastes so good I am only sorry that I can’t drink it all as it runs down on to my neck. Her legs are pressed up tight on my ears and I don’t know what she is saying,but it sounds like stick your tongue in me deeped.
I rub my tongue around inside her cunt she puts her fingers into her hole and spreads it open and more juice splashs on to my face and mouth.

She gets off me and change places with her husband sucking my cock. I am going to cum very soon. I close my eyes and open my mouth to speak,but before I can says anything her husband puts his hard cock in my mouth and says” suck me I want to cum in your mouth.”

I start to cum as Sue sucks my cock and I just start sucking his. He pushs it deeper into my throat and I can feel his hot cum hitting the back of my throat.
Sue keeps sucking my cock as I am cuming in her mouth. His prick is much longer than mine and he drives in down my throat and I can feel his hair is all over my mouth and nose.
He keeps cuming and I can’t breath,He will not stop fucking my throat I panic, I am getting sick to my stomach and feeling dizzy.

I must have passed out because when I came to I ran for the bathroom and thru up.I was standing there bareass thinking this is one time you should have keep it in your pants.
I got dressed and walked into her living room Sue naked on the floor sucking his cock the movie on the tv was a woman sucking a mans cock. Her husband said ” I am sorry to have fucked you so hard,but your mouth is great.Sue chimed in and said” you are a great pussy eater and a good cock sucker.”

Her husband spoke again” if you want to fuck Sue you can her cunt is always ready or if you want another blow job? Most guys won’t eat her cunt because she is such a whore and has fucked so many guys sence she was eighteen but you dove right in to in,you are ok.”
With that said I walked out

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