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late appointment, older gentleman, my first random

It was my third appointment, routine, signing paperwork, mindless but necessary. He – let’s call him Sam – was kind enough to stay late for me. 3 hours later, I’m on his desk, legs spread, and ass stretched to the hilt while he fucks me into tomorrow.

After the last bit of paperwork was done, he offered me a beer. We sat and chatted about life, hobbies, work, etc., and eventually delved into more personal areas. By the end of the 2nd beer – he was gay, recently out of a 5 yr relationship, and I confessed to being a closeted bi. I could see the bulge in his pants and went for it by saying – is that because it’s time to go home or are you thinking you might have a chance to fuck me tonight?

As he stood, I knelt and helped him out of his pants. Boxers, bulge, I could see his precum wetting the front of his boxers. Insert total shock here – as I pulled his boxers down, his weapon of a cock popped out. Slight grey hair, hairy balls, but you should’ve seen his cock. Wow. I looked up at him and opened my mouth wide as he slid past my lips. His precum was salty, smell musky, and his cock literally stretched my mouth until it hurt. I know my teeth were scr****g him – but he liked it. As I attempted to throat him, he would utter to ‘bite me’ from time to time – which I did and which made his cock twitch.

I stood and undressed, he leaned into me and we made out as I stroked his cock with my hands – both hands. As he finished undressing, his body didn’t match his age. 59, 5.10 maybe 180 but fit, thick, and obviously strong like wood. He sat back down on the sofa and I straddled him. I spit on my hand and lubed my ass, then started to do the same to his cock. His precum was overly abundant and served as more than enough lube. I lowered my ass to where his cock was resting against my tight hole – teasing him as he teased my nipples and cock. “I’m going to cum” – I f***ed my ass down on him, maybe 1/2 way down, as he started to shoot inside of me. Each shot I could feel his cock throb and swell, and could literally feel his cum shooting, coating my asshole with his juice.

12, 15. . .how many twitches did I feel as I started working his fat cock deeper. I pulled him out, let his cum drip out around his cock, and lowered myself on him again. He was still hard, rock fucking hard, and by the time I felt the base of his cock hit my ass, he was pumping up to meet me, hands on my waist, watching his monster cock fuck me. “You are so fucking sexy. . .I had no idea you were bi. . .” as he pulled me down to tease my nipples again. I wanted him to hurt me – I wanted to be sore tomorrow and I wanted him to put another load in me.

I settled on my knees, ass facing him, arms and head resting against the back of his sofa, and waited to feel him put his cock in me again. Pain, pleasure, dirty talk as he grabbed my hips, slapped my ass, and started fucking me hard, deep and steady. “You like big cocks, don’t you? I can tell you haven’t had one this big but I can tell you like big cocks, you naught slut”. I told him I’ll be his naughty slut if he wants me to – I’ll cum suck his cock while he’s working, meet him for a quickie, he can make me his slave if he wants. “My tight little slut isn’t going to be tight much longer because I’m going to fuck that ass of yours on a regular basis”. He moaned, pushed deeper, and shot his second load.

Washed, cleaned, dressed again – chilling and talking about future plans. Tuesdays and Fridays will be our days. I’m his slut, to do as I’m told, to wear what he tells me to wear, and to fuck him whenever he wants. I’m hooked, period. 10 mins later, my pants off, his around his ankles, my ass on his desk, legs spread wide, he’s fucking me again and soon gives me his third load of cum.

To be continued.

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