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late night with wife’s new friend

So one night while getting off work, I get a call from my wife about some ladies hanging out. I dont pay no mind when I get home. But my wife had to have me meet the new girl, Torrie. Kinda not in the mood to meet someone, that is only cause I am a cook, so I am smelly and dirty. I do the shower thing, and get dressed. I normally don’t like to wear a shirt, but usually when the ladies are over, will for my wife. This time, I didn’t grab one, so I popped out of the bathroom shirtless and quickly heading back to the bed room for one. I didn’t think much at the time, of me being shirtless would attract someone. After getting the shirt, I went into the spare room, watching football. So as I watch tv, the wife brings in Torrie to meet me. Now since I took a hot shower, I had taking my shirt off again, and I got scolded by the wife for it; jokingly. Torrie was a black woman who was amble and curvy in some of the key areas. She seemed nice, but then I noticed her staring really hard at me. I felt like eye candy to her, which I dismissed as nothing. The ladies went back to the living room, and grabbing some drinks. When my wife has friends over, its usually them getting d***k. The evening went as normal, football for me and allot of noise from them. As the time ticked away, my need for sl**p hit me like a curve ball. I decided to bed I go, saying good night to the ladies. I noticed that my wife was far more d***k then usually, and so was her best friend Amy.
In bed, naked and sl**ping I was. When I felt a hand grasped my soft cock. Kinda of awake but dazed from how dark the bedroom can be. The hand stroked me up and hard. The feeling of hands, they were soft and gentle. The moment I arched my cock up, I felt the hands let go. Followed was a hot wet mouth just touch the tip of my head. Then the feeling of a tongue as it slowly licked me like a ice cream. My cock was loving the slowly tongue action. She moved down and around, taking my cock on a licking tour. As the tongue pulled away, some quick teasing licks, the mouth came next. Starting at the top, she sucked slowly going all down. My cock exploded a pre-cum shot in her mouth, followed by the feeling of intense urge to blow my load. As my eyes cleared up, and my daze eased up, I just saw the blanket moving up and down. My thoughts of my dear wife, who must having been very d***k and horny. I closed my eyes again, and reached for her head. When I felt her hair, I held on to push more for the release that was coming. I failed to notice that the hair I was feeling was not the same as my wife. My wife’s hair is soft but short, and I was feeling long hair as it dangled around my legs each time she went down. Lost in the moment of oral sex, I let go of my load. My hand held her head as my cum sprayed her mouth. While her mouth hung on to me, she moved her tongue to lick the extra cum up. Then like that, the mouth was gone, and my cock flopped to the side. After coming down from that high, I was reaching for her. But her was moving up on me. The darkness of the room made it hard to see, so I do what I normally do. I felt for her, and pulled her on top of me. I reached for her pussy, whispering that I wanted to eat her pussy. At that moment, the whisper back was “I just want to fuck your brains out”. Before I had a responds, her body moved to be on top of me. The hands moved around to find my semi hard cock, and stroked it to life again. As I wanted to look at my wife, she had other plans. The moment my cock entered her hairless pussy, I felt her laying down on top. In a soft whisper “I want to put a blind on you, so you feel me fucking you”. Her hands moved around my head, even feeling her nails as they tied my blind fold up. As my eyes went dark again, her hands graced along my chest. Now that I was blind, she started to fuck me. My hands reached out to her, feeling how soft her skin was. My hands moved from her hips to her upper chest. My thirst for her boobs, I blindly felt for them. She knew what I wanted and pulled me up to her chest. My mouth reached out to suck her nipple. As I felt around her boobs, I took note that they felt bigger. Just as I was feeling her boob in my mouth, I was shoved back down. Now I felt her hands grab my hands and pulled them up to the back of the bed. Oh I thought, she was planning to tie my hands, kinky. She did just that, but with a tighter grip then I would like. But I was loving the fucking, that I let it go. Now as she rode my cock, it was a pace of short speed bursts and then long slow fucks. When my sight gone, the feeling of the fuck was higher then normal. Her pussy was hugging on my cock. When she did go fast, I felt her juices come running down my shaft. Now when the kissing began, that’s when I noticed something was up. My wife is soft kisses, but this kissing on me was hard and in demand. Her mouth would kiss me with a tongue being pushed in my mouth. Her tongue was sloppy and f***eful. When she let go, I felt the tugs on my lip, along with small bites on my neck. Her hands started to dig in my chest. It started with simple nails that slowly dug in, but then it turned into her nails scratching me up. The great the fucking, the more scratching I felt. The final clue was the voice. As we fucked, the second time she came, the voice was not of my wife. “oh my fuck, oh yes, fuck my pussy” the voice said as I felt her riding me harder. I thought it might be Amy, as she did sound like her. My thoughts were on how to explain this to my wife, and if this act would screw me up. But being a guy, the feeling of her fucking me was taking me over. I broke from the binds and reached for her. I wanted to get her off me but I chose to flip her on her back. I shoved my cock in her pussy again. We kissed, just as hard as before from her. Unlike her, my cock fucked her hard and fast. Each stroke in her pussy was to push my cock deeper. Her responds was to dig her nails in my back now. Then it began, the surge of cum. I wanted to pull out, but then again I was hungry to fuck all the way. I arched back as my load started to shoot in her pussy. I pushed all my cock in and pushed that cum right out. After taking a moment to think, she removed my blind. My jaw dropped when I looked at a dark woman. It was Torrie who snuck in and started all this. “Oh baby that was better then I thought, so worth hearing all that fucking talk” she said smiling. Then I moved her legs up, when she thought we were done; but now I had them on my chest. Torrie looked at me as my body moved forward. I figured we fucked and she got her thing, but I wanted more of her dark ass. Using her legs to brace myself as I moved to be on top. I stretched legs back to her head as I fucked her pussy again. This time I was more then up to dropping another load. At first she was surprised how quickly I came, but more when I filled her pussy up. We moved again, with her on top. As she fucked me, the cum oozed out and down my cock, turning my hair a shade of white. Like before, the fucking was fast and the cumming was just as big. Finally as my cock went totally soft. Torrie laid down next to me. Then like when she came in, Torrie was off again. I gathered my thoughts and headed out to find my wife. Thoughts of how lucky I could be, maybe I could fuck Amy too, hmm…….

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