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Lesbian Drill Instructor And Her New Recruit

I often look back at my days serving as a Drill Instructor at the U.S. Naval Station, Orlando, Florida. This was long before “don’t ask, don’t tell”. A young recruit, Gretchen was assigned to me for Basic Training. Gretchen was a cute, nineteen year old very physically fit brunette with a firm muscular body, short hair and very small breasts. She had very strong “male” mannerisms, her walk, speech and the way she carried herself spelled out I’m as “butch” as a girl could get. If you weren’t close to her you could swear she was a boy.

Being a lesbian myself I usually looked the other way when I found my recruits pleasuring themselves with a fellow deckmate. That’s when I noticed that the most attractive women in the unit were always the one’s I found hanging out with Gretchen. I asked myself, why would these beautiful women hang out with this rather unattractive manly girl?

Well one night I was doing bed checks and found out why. Meghan was a beautiful blond recruit who shared a room with Gretchen and four other girls. I heard soft moans coming from room so I peered inside and there was Gretchen with her head between Meghan’s legs. Meghan was one of the most attractive women in the unit. Now usually I move on, but I decided to stay to watch Gretchen as she made love to this lovely tall attractive blond. Gretchen was devouring this pretty blonde’s pussy as Meghan squirmed underneath. She moaned “Gretch, Gretch, my God, my god, suck it, you’re wonderful”.

I was astounded by the way Gretchen seemed to be making love to this young girl. Gretchen’s tongue ran up and down her vagina stopping momentarily to slowly suck on the lovely girl’s clitoris. Gretchen raised her head at one point and it was then that I noticed; Gretchen had this incredibly long thick tongue. I looked on in amazement; her tongue must have been four or five inches long. In the darkness, I saw that poor Meghan had to cover her mouth with her hand to squelch her screams as her hips thrust up and down in unison with Gretchen’s mouth. Gretchen ate Meghan’s pussy until she fell back exhausted on her bunk.

Gretchen was a very skilled lesbian and continued to slowly make oral love to her lover until she collapsed fully satiated. I was so aroused my hand crept down my pants and I massaged my pussy. Gretchen satisfied herself by rubbing her pussy over Meghan’s thigh until she had a climax. Gretchen accidently looked up and noticed I must have been watching her. She smiled and licked her lips with that unbelievable tongue and then I left. I couldn’t believe it, now I knew why these lovely young recruits were fawning over her. That night my vibrator got a real workout as I fantasized that I was the one who was being pleasured by Gretchen.

Well graduation day came and Gretchen looked lovely in her dress white uniform, cap and shortly cropped hair. As usual all the Drill Instructors were invited to a local hotel for the class party. Now that she had graduated we could have a drink together. At one point Gretchen laughed and said “it’s surprising what you can see at night in a dimly lit barracks”, I replied “it sure is honey you are one very talented young lady”. She replied “do you want to see how talented? I said “yes” as we went to my hotel room.

We got to my room and Gretchen held me and we softly kissed. She whispered “I’ve liked you since the first day of boot camp and you have been good to me, you could have had me kicked out of the Navy for what I was doing that night”. I said “yes, but then I would have missed my chance to get what Meghan was getting that night”. Gretchen said “It’s my turn to please you tonight” as we began kissing slowly at first and then changing to deep passionate kisses. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth as I sucked gently on her tongue drawing it into my mouth. Gretchen and I French kissed and that’s when I really noticed that Gretchen had the thickest and longest tongue to ever enter my mouth. He tongue was like a devils serpent exploring my soul as it twirled inside my mouth. I sucked it in my mouth and it was as big and as hard as a man’s cock. I wanted her to share a bed with me tonight. I couldn’t hold back my passion anymore.

We continued to kiss as only lesbians knew how; we took our time savoring each other’s lips neck and face. We held each other closely exchanging our kisses for what seemed like hours. Our passion was only interrupted by the removal of our uniforms. First my uniform coat was undone and fell to the floor. Then I unbuttoned my blouse and took off my bra and panties. Gretchen did the same. My large breasts got hard when they were exposed to the cool night air. Gretchen knew just what a woman liked as she gently sucked each nipple like a baby, it was wonderful to have her suck my taught nipples. Her hand went down between my legs as she began to massage my pussy. I was just loving it. We both stood there naked as we fell back on the bed.

Gretchen began to slowly lick and kiss every inch of my body from head to toe. She was an incredible lover!! Soon her kisses worked their way towards the neither region between my legs. Now I consider myself a skilled cunnalinquist but when Gretchen’s head went down between my legs I couldn’t believe what was happening to my body. Her long tongue went up my thighs, edging closer and closer to my throbbing pussy. She put her hands under my ass and slowly elevated my pussy so she could make better use of her tongue to savor my throbbing vagina. As a lesbian, I could tell Gretchen loved to eat pussy.

She began stimulating my vagina by licking the very bottom of my pussy lips and slowly kissing my inner and outer labia parting them with her tongue. Soon she had my butterfly shaped pussy lips totally open and swollen as my pussy reacted to my lover’s skilled tongue. Gretchen worked her long tongue deep into me as I squirmed on the bed. Occasionally, she withdrew it from inside my love canal to suck and kiss my swollen clitoris. Then it happened, I let out a soft moan as my hips thrust forward to meet Gretchen’s mouth as I had my first orgasm from my new found manly lesbian lover.

That night I would learn that little Gretchen was a real “butch” who must have had years of experience at pleasing older women. Gretchen knew that women could have multiple orgasms over the course of an evening. Soon for the second time that night she performed cunnalinquis on me. She skillfully moved to the top of my pussy and sucked on my clitoris taking my whole swollen bud into her mouth and flicking her long tongue back and forth over it. Gretchen then gently licked and sucked my sensuous nub as I exploded into another explosive orgasm. I was in the throes of ecstasy as I screamed “Ohhhh, Ohhhh my god, don’t stop!!!” I writhed in pleasure as Gretchen sucked my entire pussy into her mouth. I had never been made love to like this, I was in heaven, and I knew I had found a new wonderful young lover. All I remember from that night was that I fell back on the bed exhausted, my pussy swollen from the passion her mouth had given me.

Well I knew Gretchen was going to go on to Air Traffic Controller School and then would be assigned to Miramar California. My tour was up and I called my detailer and asked “do you have any openings in Miramar”? She did.

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