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Lesbian mother in law, my side of the story.

I shocked everyone when I came out as gay. I had been married to Joe for over 20 years for Gods sake,even had a k**,Adam. But in truth I never would have married if I hadn’t got pregnant at 17.My second shag ! Just my luck. I tried to make it work and married Joe, but I was eyeing up the women more than he was. And even as a newly wed I would get hammered with my friends and snog them as much as I could and grab a boob or an ass making everyone think I was larking about.But later when Joe climbed on me for my less and less frequent lovemaking,it wasn’t Joe I thought about, but my friend Julie with her sweet pert little breasts,or Amanda,whose pierced nipple I once licked,and literally came,which thankfully nobody realised.
And going to the gym was both heaven and hell.I loved watching all those sexy bodys,of all shapes and sizes.I even took a few sneaky pics with my phone to my shame,which I frequently masturbated to.It was hell too though.All those beautiful women that I could look at,but never touch.
And I had my toys of course.When Joe went to work,so did I. On myself. And I lost count of how many different items I inserted inside myself while I brought myself to orgasm.There were bottles,there were deodourant cans which were a perfect shape ,no coincidence I’m sure,a brush,an electric toothbrush that gave me more orgasms than any man ever did or ever would.
And even Joe a few times.I would always play with myself as he thrust in and out,in and out.Good lord he seemed to go on forever sometimes,most womens heaven,but my hell.
As the years together progressed though,I had less and less enthusiasm.Untill finally one night on holidays in Vera Playa, after beers,cocktails,and then tequilla,I tearfully blurted out the truth.He was calm,less surprised than I expected,and lovely about it.We even stayed together for another couple of years,but more like flat mates than a married couple.He took a lover eventually who made him happy,and that made me happy. We even exchange xmas and birthday cards.
I resolved myself to a life of solitude.Then Adam brought home a new girlfriend,Louise.She was beautiful.Blonde and busty,just like me,lol.But a bit slimmer,a size 10 to my size 12,and around the same height and we both had the same size boobs I reckoned.I had a 36d bust,and was still firm, and I thought hers were about the same.
I became great friends with her,going pubbing and clubbing together.I was heartbroken when she and Adam moved to their own flat,I thought I would see less of her.It worked out better though.Adam would go to the pub with his mates while me and Louise would go clubbing,then they would go back and sl**p in Adams old room to save on taxis.
One downside though,was when they got d***k,they got loud.I nearly always heard them.They tried to be quiet if they werent too d***k,but they usually had a bucket of alcohol.
At first I was embarassed by it,and I thought about politely bringing it up,until one day Adam was away fishing,and we had a girly night in watching Ghost and then Grease on D.V.D., with a bottle of wine.We were both in our p.j.’s on separate sofas.Her top was a loose and she wore no bra underneath.As she watched Patrick Swaze and Deni Moore make pottery, I watched her every move,gazing hungrily as she changed position occasssionally to make herself comfortable,every inch of flesh I saw making me more horny.I didnt even realise my hand was down my bottoms,rubbing myself,until she bent forward to get her glass of Aldi’s Albarino off the floor.I saw more and more of her fabulous tits until,oh my God, all my prayers have been answered,I saw her pink puffy nipples.For the first time in years I actually gushed.I struggled to not cry out as I soaked not only my bottoms,but my sofa.If she had looked over I would have been caught.Minutes later at some funny part of the film she looked over and said something.I couldn’t hear her,and I couldnt speak.I just nodded and smiled. I knew my face and neck were scarlet red,but the light was off,and I got away with it.
So since then,most Saturday nights,they got d***k,stayed over,and had loud sex, and I masturbated to it all.Sometimes I would try to time it so I came as they did.Well,when I knew Adam was climaxing.I knew that was a bit yukky, but in my head,when he came,she came.And I certainly came.
So I lusted after her more and more, terrified that they would split up and I would no longer see her.
Until one night they had a huge row.A stupid row.
We had been chatted up by 2 beefy lads who had no chance with us,when Adam came in d***k, saw us four laughing and joking,and had a huge row with poor Louise, accusing her of cheating.
He stormed back to their flat,and I brought Louise back to mine and gave her a large brandy to calm her down,then another one.She tearfully said she wanted more drink,and even though I knew she had enough,I got her a vodka,and then some malibu.Worse case scenario, she would get sick,or I would.No problem.She needed comforting,and I was the only there to comfort her.
Then after crying on my chest which to be honest I was loving, I realized she got make up on my top which I had borrowed from Veronica two doors up.I knew it was almost new and expensive,so I whipped it off,not caring that I was topless now.
She kept apologizing about being d***k and about the top.I saw she had been staring at my tits which didnt bother me.Me and Joe used to go to a nude beach in Vera Playa,Spain on holidays,both of us slyly watching the hot women while trying not let each other realise.
So I went over to tell her it was o.k., that it was o.k.
We hugged. Me loving my bare breast touching her.I kissed her on the lips and told her to shush,and I kissed her again,for a little longer.Then,incredibly,she kissed me back.We held each other,and snogging like a teenage couple.My hand went to her ass,then under her short skirt,squeezing her beautiful ass.Then I took her hand in mine and moved it to exposed breast.She didnt need much help.realizing what I wanted,which was what she wanted too.She squeezed my breast as I played with her ass.
I pushed my hand into her very small fancy knickers,and found she was as wet as me.We moved to my old sofa, kissed some more,me biting her neck, and I ate her out. Making her cum loudly,her fingers on my head,pulling my hair.I used my finger to make her cum again.Then I asked her to lick me out,but she wouldnt.I begged her but she refused,still new to all this,but she used her finger to bring me to heaven,which will live with me forever.
After about an hour we moved to the bed,where we kissed and fondled each other for about an hour,before falling asl**p wrapped around each other………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

.Next morning, I awoke, naked and hung over with my naked daughter in law beside me, lying
face down,silent,probably still asl**p.
What should I do ? I considered getting up quietly,getting dressed,and waiting in the kitchen and say nothing,and hope with the alcohol she wouldnt remember.Then I saw her naked ass,her hot naked ass.My hand reached between my legs unconsioussly.God I was wet again.Or still wet, I wasnt sure which.Then,without thinking,I placed my hand on the most wonderfull ass I had ever seen.
She was awake,because she said one word,or rather,one sound.

The end. As always, all comments appriciated.And please check out my other stories.

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