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Lesbian Mother in Law, The Ass

Although I had been living with Adam , I was sl**ping with his mother Eve too, and I wasn’t sure which of them I preferred.
They both fulfilled me in different ways.
Adam was gorgeous,almost exactly 6 foot tall, with short blonde hair that always looked like he had just woke up,but in a cute way.He was quite muscular too,thanks to his job on the building sites,and hours in the gym.He wasn’t huge down below,but a decent 6 inches,and he sure knew what to do with it.And he was always hard,always in the mood.
From the start of our love life we had talked dirty in bed while we did it.He would say things like, “Imagine you were fucking Tony”,his mate from work,or imagine we had a threesome with some girl or other.Always a girl. Men and there fixation with threesomes,lol. I absolutely had no intention of having a threesome.No way.
Lately I would make up stories about me with another woman.Tonys girlfriend was a favourite fantasy of Adams.She was heavier than me,a size 16,but very pretty,and she had bigger tits than me,and Adam loved big tits.He loved when I would tell him what I would do to her.Or any random girl we knew.It always turned Adam on.
Only I wasn’t making up stories.I was just telling him what me and his mam had done together, but using someones name obviously.
I could never tell Adam about how his mother would lick me out.How she once gave me a hickey on my tit and I had to go to bed with a bra till it disappeared. I couldnt tell him that his mam gushed in my mouth regularly,something I still couldnt do myself,but loved Eve soaking my mouth as I licked her.
Where was she anyway.We had been rehearsing a play for a local drama group for months,and she was late.I hated drama.I was only doing it for her.She loved going to the theatre,and amateur dramatics.But I hated the theatre.Adam hated the theatre too.So who did she go with ? Her ex-husband Joe. Adams father. She was still very friendly with him,which was good I suppose. It was good for Adam too,that his parents still got on,despite splitting up.
I had been a little jealous of the time they spent together,but as Eve put it, I was acctually sl**ping with someone else .Her son.I couldn’t argue with that.
But I knew that on a certain level, Eve still had feelings for Joe, who I had met several times and actually quite liked him. He was a little shorter than Adam,and was a few stone heavier,with grey hair.He was cute enough too I suppose,but that was good.He probably resembled what Adam would look like in twenty years.
So we were doing a play called “Jackie loves Johnser ,o.k. ? “, which was set in a Dublin suburb,which include my big part. A donkey ! And not just a donkey,the back end of a donkey !
I wasn’t happy with it,but I had no previous experience of acting, and at least Eve played the front end.
So everybody was in costume,the play was just about to start,when Eve ran in looking flustered.She apolagised and said Joes car broke down. She quickly stripped of in front of everybody revealing no knickers under her jeans which was strange.She did go commando sometimes but never with jeans.She quickly pulled on her costume wearing only a t-shirt underneath her costume.
The play started,a sad tale of crime and v******e, but some comedy too,hence the donkey.
I wished Eve had showered,she was a bit sweaty.And the damn costume was a bit too small,I think it had been used the Christmas before in a nativity play.Had probably been used for a lot of plays.
So I was almost face first in Eves ass. It was a sweet ass to be fair,thanks to her regular visits to the gym.
I gave her a cheeky little bite on the ass which made her jump.I giggled a little which I hoped was muffled by the costume, and I heard the crowd laugh loudly.I wasn’t sure if they laughed at the play,or the donkey jumping.The I bit her again,but she didn’t jump this time.So I bit her harder.She jumped again,and I heard the crowd laugh again. Yes ! My moment to shine on the stage. I licked her ass cheek a litttle and she jumped again,and the crowd laughed again once more,fueling my antics. I bit and licked her again but got no reaction,as she was expecting it now. But I was in a mischievous mood.So I licked the crack of her ass, something I had done many times.Both holes in fact.
Well she jumped and shook like she had got an electric shock.I could hear the crowd going wild at the donkey ,who had a very small part, and was going mad. I licked again,tasting her saltiness. She moved wildly,and she wasn’t supposed to move at all. I stopped hearing the crowd,lost in concentration. I licked her up and down, sticking my tougue in as far as I could.She was so wet.She was either wet with excitement, or with sweat.Whatever it was she was soaking.I licked up every bit of wetness,despite her buckling wildly,definitely not wanting to be licked out, which the first time since we had become lovers that she didn’t want me licking her. It was so familiar.That familiar taste.
Then it hit me.That familiar taste.It wasn’t sweat.It wasn’t her juices. It was the taste of a mans load. A man had exploded inside her soon before she got to the small local theatre.
But who ?. Where had she… ? She was a lesbian for Gods sake. Did Joe know ?……
Joe. It was Joe who I was tasting.Ex husband Joe. Father of my Adam, Joe. And I just licked his salty load.I stopped moving,as did Eve. I knew her secret, and she knew I knew.
I almost sat down in shock. The first part of the play ended soon after, which was the end of our participation. No donkey in part 2. The curtain fell,not that I had seen it fall.I heard the director tell Eve she was a genius,laughing as he told her,even slaping me on the bum.
We separated and Eve removed the top of her costume, and we walked awkwardly to a small changing room.
She was crying. “I’m so sorry baby”, she said.
I fell into her arms.I told her it was o.k. , I understood. I kissed her on the lips and told her I loved her,which I did.
Her lips tasted so sweet,yet…..salty.
Joe tasted like Adam, sweet. Cute overweight Joe. I wondered if Joe was into threesomes as much as his son.

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