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Life of an RN wife.

Guess I can explain a little of why I have an itch for bad girlz. My ex wife was an RN ” Registered Nurse”
Her job included visits to private homes etc to help those who need assistance in lots of various ways. These women see men and other women all the time. She was a taking care of a young guy like 22 years old in the first year of our marriage. She confessed to me that the situation with him had her feeling emotions she was uncomfortable with.
Of course we had to talk about it because it was her job after all. She told me that this guy was recovering from a car accident and required help with almost everything …including meals, medicine and bathing. She had not really brought these situations up before but there was just a bit something extra going on. She told me she of course had to help him in and out of bathing and getting dressed and all that goes with her job. She told me guy was very well endowed and every time she had to get him cleaned up he had a raging hard on and would be so apologetic with her every time. She told him no worries so he didn’t feel bad..I asked of course how big as that shit starts eating away at your curiosity. She replied at least between 10-11 inches. I instantly became silent and literally had a lump in my throat!.
She seemed to like my reaction in a strange way…I asked why this had become an awkward situation for her. She admitted to becoming extremely aroused with that huge cock in her hands and being right there with no one else around. I asked how bad the itch was and she said she had it bad and didn’t want to cheat so she was considering giving the patient over to someone else because she didn’t want to get caught in a moment of weakness and screw things up with us.
Well I was kinda turned on by her interest so I asked if I could accompany her and meet this guy she was in charge of. After meeting the guy I found him very very cool and honestly I felt sorry for him in his situation. We didn’t talk about him being aroused with my wife but I spoke to her about it right after the visit on the way home. I asked her… If I gave you permission would you maybe like to do him a favor. She was hesitant and reserved. I said sorry and dropped the convo right away. Later that night we had a few drinks and we were in foreplay and her honesty and a wet pussy got the best of her and the honesty came out. Fact was she was aching for what he had to offer.
She said he was in no condition to actually fuck but she was so wanting to get him off orally. Well needless to say countless blowjobs and hand jobs later she was totally hooked on his manhood. When he could deal with the pain she got on top and fucked his brains out. Next he was able to move more freely and his rehab seemed to be basically fucking my wife for the exercise!!
After he was totally cleared of needing her assistance she still basically was begging to go and get that big cock from him. Long story short he was a total white Bull and he fucked my wife on a regular basis for like 4 years. Including many times at our home and yes I was involved and watched the shit go down right in front of me. Never saw a woman in person cum so hard in my life. Dude moved away after those encounters and she was left with still talking about him and wishing he still came around. Big cocks def have a huge impact on a woman. If you ever share your woman with one be mentally prepared that in fact size does matter. I don’t regret it as she was satisfied beyond belief and was a very happy girl. This situation and of course all the memories leave me with a need of a replacement bad girl. Some girls talk shit and some girls put out. My wife was so into getting her brains fucked out and honestly there is no way I could ever blame her!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:24 pm

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