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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 14 – 16

Part 14

Josh found his fingers slid easily into his Aunt’s soppying grown up sex. The slippery heat was enough to make him tear his eyes away from his s****r being impaled for a moment at least. He had four fingers in his Aunt, buried to his thumb inside the hot opening between his her legs. The way she was pushing back at him he figured it wasn’t hurting her so he kept pumping his fingers in and out a little as his eyes were drawn back to his s****r as she began to scream. He was a bit worried about her, when they had sex last night it wasn’t painful but then again he was less than half the length of Uncle Richard.

Their Uncle had her pressed down on the bed, holding her in place by her shoulders and slamming down with his greater size and weight to pound his cock into her abused young sex. Richard knew she would be very very sore the next day but right now her well being was secondary to breaking her in properly and teaching her what her new place in life would be.

His lengthy meat sawed in and out of her while Beth and Josh watched from the armchair. Beth was just slowly fondling Josh, not wanting him to waste his boy cum yet. His fingers and his s****rs cries of pain and gasping moans were bringing her closer to her own release, the first of many for the day.

Slowly Mel’s cries died off, her body adjusting to the intruder within her and her just becoming too tired to summon the energy to complain. After awhile she started to notice new feelings. The tingling tugging inside as Uncle Richard pulled back for another stroke, the wiry patch of pubic hair above his shaft that ground against her mons when he was deep inside her, the hot feeling of his breath on her neck as he looked down at her. Suddenly their eyes met and she realised that the entire time he had been watching her face, seeing the changes she went through as she passed through her pain barrier and into the new mysterious realm of womanhood on the otherside.

Richard began to back off a little, making shorter quicker thrusts which soon had both the young girl under him and himself breathing faster and straining towards each other. His engorged cockhead rubbed a special place just inside her opening and she locked eyes with him and smiled. In that moment she gave up, relaxing totally and giving herself up into his hands. Now she was his to do with as he wished. There were no other adults to care for her and Josh and it now sank in that this would be life from now on, fucking Uncle Richard and Aunt Beth whenever they wanted to enjoy her teenage flesh. Mel was a little suprised to realise she didn’t mind right now although that was probably due to the fact that she was fast approaching another orgasm, brought on by the adult cock stretching her open and sawing back and forth faster and faster.

Her body arched beneath his as he thrust deep once more, holding himself against her and grinding against her clitoris. Inside her he spasmed, shooting his first load of i****tous cum deep past her cervix and into her fertile little womb. Her little exhausted pussy was feebly milking him before her eyes rolled up and she fell back limp on the sweat soaked bed.


Josh leaned forward, his attention captured by the final moments of his s****r being fucked deep and hard by his uncle. Melanie gave a few tired happy whimpers as Richard grunted and squirted his i****tuous adult cum deep into her hot well used 12yr old cunt. Josh wanted to cum too, but it was not his hand that was stroking his stiff 10yr old cock, it was Aunt Beth who had hold of him. She didn’t want him to cum, not yet. So all that the boy could do to express his excitement was to finger fuck his aunt’s slippery pussy. He used as many fingers as he could stuff into her, thrusting quick and hard, but not able to go very deep because he was sitting on her lap.

“Stand up now, and put your hands on my head.” Aunt Beth said in an urgent voice. The horny boy didn’t know what she had in mind but he quickly understood. As he stood up, she knelt down, assuming the perfect ‘I want to suck your cock position’. Josh smiled and thrust his hips forward eagerly when his aunt opened her mouth. Beth wanted to tease the boy, but she knew the horny p*****n was so close to cuming he would not last long. So she took his stiff little cock right into her mouth, she wanted to teats his cum.

“Oh god, yeaaa!” Josh gasped as he felt his aunt’s mouth warm and wet slurping on his cock. He held onto her head, fingers tangled in her hair as he felt his orgasm building fast. Aunt Beth grasped his tight little ass and moved his hips in a fucking motion as she sucked. Josh exploded yummy young cum into his sexy aunt’s hungery face.

Part 16

Beth drank down his tasty cum and buried her face in his groin. Pulling on his butt she jerked him against her face as he squealled happily as he came inside her for the first time. His boy cock was short enough she had no problem swallowing it all and she worked her tongue out of her mouth under his shaft to manipulate his balls and suck them in too. There was no way she could fit an adult males cock and balls in her mouth but it was little problem to completely take in her ten year old nephews genitals.

As his spasms subsided she kept suckling him, not letting his boycock soften and working his smooth balls in her mouth with her tongue. Pushing him backwards until his legs hit the side of the bed she lay him down and followed him without letting go of her latest toy.

Eventually she relented, letting the stiff little cock slip from her hungry mouth with a slurping sound. Smacking her lips she flashed her husband a grin before she mounted the bed and straddled the young boy. Lowering her own dripping cunt to his body she waited while Richard grabbed his stiff shaft and guided the four inches up into her. With a sigh she sank down upon him and ground herself against the boy as they lay next to his s****r who watched them through her glazed eyes.

“You get to cum in my cunt boy then your Uncle is going to bust your cherry once he has had a little rest. We are all going to enjoy that my sweet little thing.”

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