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Lily and Beth

An attempt to make a true story into eroticism…
This is my own work, and copyrighted as such. No attempt should be made to copy or redistribute in any form on any other site.

I’ll begin with the fights.
My neighbour’s daughter, Beth (heavy build, late 30s, brunette hair always tied back from her forehead in a chavvy ponytail) was going through a very messy divorce. She’d moved back in next door with her daughter, Lily, but her ex was a regular visitor. Most of these visits were loud, shouty, and I could hear word for word through the wall. “you lazy bitch”, “you cheating bastard”, “frigid cow” etc and which usually ended up with him saying he left her to get sex and her saying he was never man enough for her anyway – then the fists would start to fly, and it sounded like she beat him most of the time.
I regularly escaped to the relative peace of my back garden – and so did Lily to hers. Lily was slim, with long dark hair tall for her age and very pretty – I imagine in a few years all the boys will be chasing her. But I felt sorry for the girl, stuck in the middle, so I’d usually take her out a Pepsi or something. I’d even got her a clothes voucher for a major store for her first teen birthday a few weeks earlier.
One night, during a particularly bad row, Lily had been sent for a bath to get her out of the way. After a while I retreated to the garden, and soon heard a tap at the neighbour’s bedroom window. Lily was there wrapped in a bath towel waving at me. I waved back, and with that she lowered her towel. Out popped these two beautiful creamy white budding breasts, each topped with a juicy puffy pink nipple. I’d not noticed her in that way before, but wow did I notice now.
My jaw must have hit the floor, and I could feel an instant familiar stirring in my cock, but within seconds she threw her head back and laughed, covering up and disappearing out of site.
Nothing more was said for a week, then (clearly ‘bath night’), it happened again. I’d gone out for a cigarette, and was in a world of my own when there was another tap on the window. I looked up and this time she’d already dropped her towel, and I feasted my eyes once more on her naked body. I wished I could see more, but the window sill covered her from the waist down. All the same my cock began to grow in my shorts, and nearly burst out when she squashed her little tits against the window pane. Then the little tease waved, blew me a kiss and disappeared from view.
I tugged my cock half the night after that, and still wasn’t satisfied.
The next week was baking hot, and I spent most of it in the garden. On the third day I heard Lily in her garden, and I looked up to see the skimpiest hot pink bikini clad vision staring back at me. Every tiny young curve on show, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Almost… “I bought this with your vouchers” she said. “Do you like it?” I garbled something about it looking stunning on her (while my eyes and cock both nearly popped out). “When I put it on I thought about you and it makes me tingle…down there” she said with a nod. “Yes it does the same for me too” I said indicating the growing lump in my shorts. “Do you like my boobs” she asked suddenly, “cos I like showing you”. “You’re always nice to me and I wanted to share with you.”
“You have very pretty boobs Lily” I said, “but you shouldn’t be showing me – I’m too old for you”. “Oh I don’t care about that” Lily replied, adding “are they a good size?” and with that she whipped her top off and pointed those sweet breasts straight at me. “Th-th-they are just p-p perfect” I stammered, my eyes on stalks, and my stalk obvious through my shorts. “Good” she said “I’m glad you like them. I’ll show you more next time”. And with that she giggled and ran off into the house.

Three days. Three nights of beating myself off to my Lily l****a. Didn’t see her once.
Finally, I was out just in my shorts trimming the hedge, and Lily appeared again. “Shhhhhh” she whispered, “Mum is inside and she’ll do her nut if she sees me, but I had to keep my promise”. Creeping behind a bush, so she couldn’t be seen from the house, but giving me full view, she undid her bikini top and holding a breast in each hand, rubbed her fingers back and forth over each puffy nipple making them spring to life. I rubbed my growing cock over my shorts, not quite believing the show I was being given, “I make you hard don’t I” she almost purred. “Want to see more?” I nodded, too shocked to speak. “Get your prick out then. I want to see it”.
This had me in turmoil. All well and good her showing me, her forwardness startled me, but here I was a 45 year old not ready to expose himself to a young girl. Seeing my hesitation, Lily said “Its ok, I’ve seen them before. I even held one, but yours looks much bigger than the boys in class. Ok I’ll start”. Lily turned round to show me her cute ass barely covered by the pink material and with a practiced glance over her shoulder at me, bent over and slowly placed her hands on the ties at each hip.

“LILEEEEE” An ear piercing scream shattered my reverie. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING”
Beth ran up the garden, wailing like a banshee. At any other time I might have considered it sexy. Although her hair was back in her usual chav style, she had on a thin strappy summer dress that left almost nothing to the imagination. Every curve of her belly, bum and breasts was obvious from the way the dress clung to her as she ran, every bounce sending ripples through the flesh under her dress. She reached Lily and swung a slap at her. Lily dodged it smartly and dashed off into the house.
“As for you, you fucking pervert, I can see your cock sticking out there – what were you doing with my daughter” she turned on me. Yes my erection was tenting in my shorts – maybe I was turned on by this angry red faced chav. “I’ll kick your fucking balls in” she yelled, and ran off round the house.

I retreated inside and a second or two later there was a hammering at the door. Better face the music I thought, and opened it to the angry Beth. She shoved so hard at the door and me I staggered back into my living room followed by Lily’s furious mother, slamming the door closed as she barged her way in.
“I haven’t done anything to Lily” I began, but was met with a powerful slap which caught me right on my eye socket making me see stars. “I’ll fucking kill you, you pervert” she yelled as she brought her other hand round to hit me again. I ducked that one but she caught me with another right hand and them a kick to the kneecap. I reeled backwards disorientated for a moment and could feel myself falling. I instinctively reached out to grab the first thing to keep me upright. Unfortunately that was Beth’s shoulder, and as my fingers clutched at her dress strap she caught me with another right sending me off balance falling to the sofa. But my fingers still clutched her thin dress strap, and as I fell, the stringy top came with me, tearing away from her dress.
That was all her breast needed. Free of its restraint, it tumbled out as the left half of her dress fell away. Now I’ve never had a preference for boobs or bum either way, but this was something else. Big full and with only a little droop, it was magnificent. Beth stopped mid swing and looked briefly down to see herself exposed to me.
“Why you shit” she spat, as I regained my feet and she launched a fresh assault.

This time I was better prepared, and as each arm swung, I blocked her with my own. She landed a couple, but with little f***e and I figured she must be tiring. I even had time to ogle her bouncing breast which jiggled with every move she made. Another came at me, and I brought my own arm round to block, but she changed its direction and caught the side of my face…as my own carried on its swing and connected. Slapping her firmly on her exposed breast.

Beth gasped and looked me straight in the eye. Was that a flash I saw in them? “You’ll pay for that” she almost whispered, launching herself at me this time with both hands clawed, and her red painted nails looking menacing. One hand connected with my bare chest and her talons sc****d over my nipple. I didn’t need to look down to know she’d drawn bl**d. We tangled closely for a few seconds and I was conscious of her naked breast on my bare skin. As I shoved her away from me there was a brief tearing sound as the remaining strap gave way, and her dress tumbled briefly down to her bum, before falling away completely as she stood straight.
Beth stopped and looked down at herself, making no attempt to cover her body, now clad only in a tiny thong which was almost tucked away under her belly and ample ass. I could see my handprint on her breast where I’d caught it, and Beth noticed it too. Beth growled like a mad dog and picked up an ornament throwing it in my direction. It missed (why can’t girls throw?) landing harmlessly in my armchair.
I wasn’t about to have my belongings smashed all over the room, so before she could pick up another, I closed the distance between us and slapped her breast again, hard.
She let out a sound which was somewhere between a gasp and an “oooh” as I followed up with my left, which connected with her right breast with a satisfying ‘crack’. A third strong slap to her left breast produced an audible moan from Beth, and I stopped to breathe.

Her full breasts were red from my hits, but I could see both her nipples were standing proudly to attention. Was she enjoying this? Beth moved as if to launch at me again, and I pushed her backwards onto the sofa, and stood over her. She didn’t cower, though, just flashed her eyes at me again,
I slapped both tits a few more times from my now dominant position feeling her hard nipples under my palms, and watching those magnificent globes get redder each time.
Beth didn’t retaliate, and when I looked she was biting down on her lip. I stood up admiring her body as she let out an almost inaudible “more”.

I didn’t need telling twice. I leaned over and began slapping her again and again, moving slowly down from her breasts and over her belly, Beth moaning with each stinging hand. As my slaps reached her thighs, she parted her legs and I slapped her pussy hard over her thong. Beth groaned loudly as I pulled my hand away. She was soaking. I wrenched her thong away from her cunt, ripping it right off from her legs and was treated to her bald quim with her clitoris clearly protruding from her lips. I rained down more slaps making sure I caught her sensitive clit each time and very soon Beth shuddered into orgasm.
Before she could catch her breath I pushed my fingers into her wet hole, and soon had all 4 inside her, I pistoned away into her cunt while my thumb rubbed at her reddened clitoris and resumed slapping her tits with my other hand. This was too much for Beth, and she screamed and shuddered as a powerful orgasm overtook her.
As she regained her breath I pulled down my shorts, and my very hard cock sprang out. “Please fuck me” she almost sobbed and I wasted no time introducing my cock to her red and swollen cunt. She was so wet it took a few attempts to bury my manhood into her, but before long I built up a steady rhythm as she dug her nails into my back pulling me further into her each time.
I pumped away into her for a few minutes, but realised this frantic pace would soon have me gushing. Her muscles squeezed my cock with each thrust and I knew I couldn’t hold back my orgasm. “oh fuck yes cum for me” she yelled as I pounded at her cunt. Her moans and gasps grew louder and I knew she was cumming too. As her nails raked my back once more I let out an almighty groan of lust, my balls and prick swelled more than ever as I plunged deep inside her and released what seemed like gallons of spunk deep into her womb. “Fuck, fuck fuck” she yelled as our orgasms overtook us both. It took some minutes before I had the strength to pull out of her, and surveyed the damage.
Beth was red raw from the beating I’d given her. Her big heaving breasts were covered in the welts my hands had made. Her poor pussy was swollen and almost purple from my slaps. My chest had a deep gouge with bl**d oozing from my wound, and I shuddered to think how bad my back was, or what it had all sounded like to next door!

“That was fucking amazing” Beth said, “no-one has ever done that to me”. I couldn’t tell if she was referring to the pain or the orgasms she’d just enjoyed, and figured it was probably both. No wonder her ex had never satisfied her.
I moved to stand up and suddenly was on the receiving end of her hand crashing hard on my wilting cock. “Now leave my fucking daughter alone” she laughed.

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