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Lisa’s Conf. Sessions Ch 3 Karl Takes It

3. Karl Takes ‘It’

HOW appropriate, I thought, I am going to describe my first time on a Thursday, the same day of the week I lost my virginity. When I arrived at Dr. Heard’s office the female receptionist seemed shocked at my rather sexy choice of wear for a visit to the good doctor. I wore a designer dark blue pencil skirt that clung to my upper thighs and stopped exactly where my opaque stockings, with a seam up the center of my legs began, and a tight red rayon short-sleeved plunging fold-over top (instead of buttons). My favorite garter belt was easy to notice and my pink bra with black lace trim was also impossible to miss. I wore a black lace $3.00 choker that I love because it offsets the high-class designer-label dress and the expensive MK stilettos.
When I introduced myself as the three-thirty appointment the receptionist, a good looking blonde around my age, had a look of ‘so that’s who it is’, as if she knew something about my case. I disregarded the look, and took a seat.
Less than a minute later I was in my easy chair, legs up, and looking the good doctor over. “You aren’t freaked out and unable to do your job now are you?” I asked.
Dr. Heard, focused on his notes, then smiled as he raised his head to face me, thoughtfully adjusted his spectacles and examined me from head to toe. He looked me in my eye and said, “Well, I am sure we will be professional as we venture forward into your past. In fact, I would be surprised if we repeat the experience ever again.”
I smiled back and said, “Well, I won’t be, but I will respect your professional discretion.
Dr. Heard’s smile dropped a bit at my contradiction, but he pressed to business. “So, I think we were getting close to another significant event I your life. From what I understand it was a series of things that came together and resulted in a non-consensual loss of innocence.”
I faced him and looked him in the eye and replied, “Or, you could say that a dirty old man fucked me about three weeks before I turned–“
“Yes, I would like to have you tell me about that, spare no details, but also understand that you can take as much time as you need. Sometimes this can dredge up feelings that surprise you, so, remember this is not just to please the Benefactor, it can help you deal with this too.”
I smiled confidently and replied, “Dr. Heard, I have already dealt with this and made my peace. It was definitely what started me on my path to ultimately bring me to you, but, as I said, I have very few regrets…”

KARL was my dad’s boss and had manipulated him to take a promotion that had him making a lot of money, but gone for months at a time in Alaska.
My mom was nurse nearing the completion of her apprenticeship and working on her registration. She worked in a hospital in greater Los Angeles and was away for twelve hour shifts about half of the week. She was in her late 30’s, golden-blonde, and was in descent shape (probably about 38C-28-36, 5’5”, 150 lbs.) and had a type ‘a’ driven mentality. This was in contrast to my dad’s balding red hair, generally healthy shape and type ‘b’, no-drama and analytical mentality.
Karl was a very driven type ‘a+’ kind of guy who at one point had been in the navy and a California Highway Patrol officer before being injured. He had my dad initially gone for three months and used the time to catch my mom’s interest. I later learned that Karl had noticed my mom at a company event in which she had apparently tried to get my dad to screw her in an office. Karl told me that my mom was ‘angry and disappointed’ with my dad’s refusal to screw her in the office during the party. Karl told me he’d been in the office my mom had selected because it was his, and that they had the heated lewd-profanity-laden discussion just outside his door. Karl also told me in detail about the whore he was having suck his cock as their argument went on outside his door when I met her a few years later.
So, he knew my mom was a bit wild and then conspired to have dad promoted and transferred. In essence, Karl selected my dad to go to Alaska for the company so he could fuck my mom for about three months. Over that three months he was a sexual staple in my mom’s life.
Mom organized her hospital duty schedule while dad was away to be home or nearby when I was at home to preclude the need for a sitter. I really didn’t need one. Of course, on reflection, I am sure that mom also planned he schedule around fucking Karl too. For his part, Karl extended my dad several times and added a raise and a bonus. Knowing my mom, this probably was her idea too. The relationship was not hot enough for her. I am certain that she had plenty of time in Karl’s office sucking and fucking.
About two months before my dad was going to come home for my birthday I became aware that they were fucking, and I do mean fucking vs. ‘sl**ping together’. One night I heard noises after going to bed after a ‘dinner’ with Uncle Karl.” I saw my mom, pants around her ankles, shirt off, bent across the dining table and sucking Karl off after hearing them fucking so hard the table was scooting across the floor. After that, I became a voyeur, excited by the sound of them and sneaking close by to watch. It turned out that Mom was quite a slut.
My babysitter, Gwen, taught me to masturbate well over a year before I discovered them, so I loved playing with myself with them as a show.
I was very attuned to the household noises so, when my mom and Karl began fucking late at night I knew it. As with Gwen’s situation, I was curious and I began masturbating as I watched their raw fucking. I had no outward reaction to my mom’s activities, so the two became bolder and would screw everywhere they felt like. Often my mom would suck Karl’s dick in the hall at the front door and then they would finish on the living room couch. When they were ‘doing it’ in the f****y areas instead of the bedroom I would sneak out of my room and watch the action. I had no idea what a freak my mom was. Karl was a large man and took advantage of his powerful build, but also seemed to bring along a healthy amount of wine or liquor that my mom enjoyed. I found out later from Karl that I had unwittingly watched my mom get fucked in her ass several times.

The night Karl took me He brought my mom home already d***k. She was always compliant to his wishes and she began going down on him on the f****y room couch, my favorite place for them to play- I could see everything. The couch was off-set to the stairs, so I had a diagonal view of the action. Karl’s jeans were around his ankles and my mom’s jeans were already off by the time I snuck into my hiding place on the stairs. He sat back while she blew him. I held my wonder-woman sl**p-tee down over my knees to prevent Karl from noticing my white legs in the darkness, or so I thought. As they proceeded together, just like always, I began to rub and finger myself just as Gwen had taught me- a finger teasing my hole, and two fingers circling my clit.
Mom sucked his dick for about five minutes straight and then she slowed. Karl picked her up off his lap, placed her against the back of the couch, pulled off her bl**d-red panties, and put her ankles on his shoulders. He looked vaguely in my direction, at the top of the stairs and plunged deep into her pussy. He fucked her and mom moaned a few times and then, unlike other times, she passed out. Karl fuck-pumped her a couple more times and in a calm voice called her name. She didn’t answer; instead she snored.
Karl’s face lit in a grin as he looked up at my hiding place at the top of the stairs.
I was nearing orgasm and froze everything except my middle finger, then, when he appeared to look right at me, I froze that too. Karl chuckled quietly and then reached down to pull up his pants.
As he bent and looked away, I jumped and scurried away. Instead of going to my room I decided to hide in the bathroom. I thought I might be able to refute any charge of me watching them with something like: “You must have heard me going to the bathroom.” I sat on the toilet and smelled my pussy. I began to wipe off my soaked crotch. I heard Karl’s footfalls as he climbed the stairs. I stretched my wonder-woman bed shirt down over my calves and hoped my plan worked. He stopped in the hallway and said nothing. I waited and then, without warning, Karl used the wire-key over the door to unlock and open the bathroom door.
Karl stepped in. He was shirtless, top button of his jeans open, large chest pink with heat, nipples erect, and his cock straining against his jeans, as he closed the door and locked it and smiled at me. He set the wire-key on the sink and put his hands on his hips as he loomed over me.
A bizarre moment occurred when I remembered my daddy yelling at me to never bring the key into the bathroom because “you’ll forget about it after you’re done with your business…”

Dr. Heard cleared his voice and asked, “How did you feel?”
“I was shocked and sacred shitless. I knew, deep down…I knew what was going to happen, but I was still scared that I would happen. I knew he would, but still might not, fuck me, and that it would hurt, and I was scared of the pain, but not the idea of him fucking me. Does that make sense?”
“In the context of your experiences to this point, of course it does. You thought that maybe it would not happen, but given your ‘no regrets’ statements, I wonder, did you have other feelings?”
“Yes doctor, I was also thrilled.”

My cunt pulsed as he smiled at me. The wetness I’d wiped away returned exponentially.
Karl, shirtless and top button open on his pants, stood there, his graying hair sticking out from him taking off his t-shirt, accenting his maniacal grin. I cowered, but was also quite aware, that despite wiping myself off on the toilet to hide my masturbation, I was becoming very wet again. I was pulsing all over and adrenaline coursed through me. I was having something like a fight or flight moment, but different. It was the same thrill I get when I am leading a stranger to a place I intend to fuck him, or when I pull my skirt up so he can fuck me in public, or…well anyway, I was on fire.
“You like watching me with your mom?” Karl asked in an even and calming tone.
I didn’t answer, and then everything becomes a bit of a blur until he began fucking me. I really don’t remember everything said, I was in a bit of shock I guess, but he said many things and then started stepping closer to me as he said things. Finally, he was within arm’s reach. Aside from stammering out lies about him hearing me go to the bathroom and denying I was watching them I’d said nothing of consequence.
I do remember what he said next though, and doubt I will ever forget. “Let’s see what a cute little girl like you are,” Karl said as he then opened his pants and stepped to me, griping his eight-inch moderately thick circumcised dick. He squeezed it at the base and worked pre-cum out of the tip and rubbed the head on my forehead. Then pulled more pre-cum and dabbed it on my left cheek and then my right with his cock-head. Karl said in a stern voice, “I can tell you want this little girl. Yesss…Lisa, you want to finally experience this? How long have you been playing with yourself? A year? Two? How long honey, you can tell Uncle Karl. I am going to make your wish come true.”
Karl’s large hand held my head now and he began to take control of me.
“Good girl. Just cooperate. You know how co-operate from school right? It is where we work as a team. You do as I say and I help you too.”
Angled upward to look at his face, I thought, that’s not how cooperation works stupid, but a second later his large cock was against the lips of my small mouth.
“Good girl, now open wide and let me in, just like you have seen your mommy do. No teeth dear, just your warm little mouth.”
I looked at him and complied. My mouth opened and his huge head pushed into my mouth to my throat. I remembered the time I had whined until Gwen let me suck her boyfriend’s dick and found Karl’s to be much meatier, heavier and thicker. Gwen also insisted that no teeth were to touch the dick. I stretched my mouth wide and f***ed my tongue forward and underneath his shaft. Karl’s cockhead pushed into my throat and cut off my air. I gagged and tried to pull away, but was held firmly on his dick. Karl laughed as he looked down and held me there. An eternity later he pulled completely out of my mouth and I gulped air and coughed twice. Then he gripped my chin, faced me upward toward him and sternly told me, “Let the cock hit the back of your mouth and don’t gag. Don’t allow yourself to gag. Focus Lisa.” Then he held my head with both hands on each side and f***ed his cock deep into my mouth. At first I gagged, then I focused, as he’d said, and as he pulled out and began to push in, I really focused and by the third or fourth mouth-pump I had control over my gag reflex. “Good, little girl, good…just like mommy. Now I am going to face-fuck you and you just let it happen. I think you will like it.” Karl began slowly and smoothly ‘face-fucking’ me and cooed praise as he pumped. “Good girl, oh yes Lisa, good girl. So smooth and so wet. You can touch yourself, you know, your private parts, as I do this, there is nothing wrong, no shame in enjoying this and enjoying yourself…”
I realized that I was way ahead of him, but I had not consciously begun rubbing myself. I found a hand already rubbing my clit as he encouraged me. My other hand joined in and touched my hole, then I probed into myself and a spike of pleasure shot through me. Karl, still holding my head, pumped my mouth for a long time and then shifted one hand around to the back of my pony-tailed head. He gripped my pony tail and pulled my hair slightly and began using that to urge me into a head-bob movement. His other hand went away from me and then I felt it reaching over my back to the crease of my butt and then downward to my butt hole. He stood again and then both his hands were on his hips as he said, “That’s it Lisa, good girl, just move back and forth on that. Just like that…smooth, feel me slide into your cute little mouth, nice and smooth…”
I realized that I was sucking him on my own now. He’d gotten me into a rhythm and after he took his hands away I kept going. I was sucking his cock. Gwen had called me a ‘good cocksucker’ after her boyfriend Ricky had cum in my mouth, but I didn’t really get it until that moment.
Karl commanded me to look up as I took his shaft. I complied, occasionally squeezing my eyes shut to hold off the occasional gag reflex as his cock hit my throat.
I saw Karl close his eyes and then lean his head back. He exhaled with a moan, and then said, “Lisa, little girl, you are a natural…so smooth and so good. You have wanted this haven’t you?”
I said nothing, but I think that he was doing the calculations in his head about my desires and his desires. Whatever went though his mind didn’t matter. He pulled out of my mouth and looked down at me with a stern expression, a hunter with his quarry in sight. I felt the coolness of the saliva on my chin for a second. Then he reached under my arms and pulled me to my feet. He roughly pulled the wonder-woman sl**p tee over my head and stood in front of me, his hands back on his hips looking me over. I was naked. His pulsing wet cock rested on my tummy. I looked forward at his muscles and his smooth chest. Then I looked up and knew what was going to happen next. I knew this was the moment.

Dr Heard asked, “Were you frightened?”
“No, I was scared of the pain, but I was too excited, too thrilled at the lust in him to be afraid…and it happened very fast at that point.”

Twenty seven years before that moment in Dr. Heard’s office I peered into Karl’s eyes, a salty-blue, as he reached over and grabbed me. He turned me toward the bathroom mirror and lifted me up to the marble counter-top. My hips were planted against the edge and he positioned my hands along the sides of the sink. Karl’s stiff cock slid downward across my asshole and then further still to my wet crotch.
“Watch yourself, don’t look at me, watch yourself,” Karl said.
I looked over at him and then, as I felt his cock push into my “pretty little pussy” as Gwen had called it. It hurt, just as Gwen had described, and as it stretched me I saw my face crumple into a grimace. My eyes turned downward, my brow ferruled and pitched forward a little, my face became flush with bl**d and adrenaline, my heart raced and I saw my mouth open and a cry of surprise and pain came out, echoing off the shower door. Karl’s cock went further into me. I felt a stretching pain, that I didn’t understand was my hymen, and then a hard tear and pop, as he pushed into me. The pain increased as he stretched me wide and deep now. I began to inhale and exhale in a vain effort to manage the pain. Karl pushed further until he hit a wall deep within ‘my insides.’ I struggled to keep watching myself.
Karl pulled back, almost completely out of me and then slowly pushed in again. Then he pulled and pushed again, and over and over for about a minute before he looked up at me.
I was still in massive pain from the stretch, but I was becoming accustomed to it and my cries had turned to sharp moans that punctuated his trusts.
Karl met my eyes with his own. I could still see most of his body, I was very small still, and he was just breaking a light sweat across his body. He looked at me, read my expression, and smiled. He then started saying things to me as he fucked my tight young pussy. “Yess, you are a good little girl to please your Uncle Karl like this. You are so mature now. You love a real man holding you don’t you? You love me touching you so deep don’t you? Yesss, I can see it in your eyes.”
I yelped when he punctuated his sentences with a fast, deep thrust.
“Oh, you don’t need to worry about waking mommy up, she is snoring and sl**ping it off, this is our time, time for you to begin changing from a pretty girl into a beautiful woman.”
Karl slowed and stopped a moment and then pulled me slightly higher over the counter. An arm now held me up and against his crotch leaving his other hand to open my legs. He lifted me to watch his cock impale me. My soft white skin was contrasted by his powerful olive-toned inner thighs and his glistening dick. My clit was swollen and rigid. My hands now slid to the edge of the marble countertop.
Karl looked at me and said, “Watch yourself now. I am going to give you a gift.” Karl’s hand completely covered the view of my crotch and then I felt him begin rubbing my clit. At the same time, Karl pushed my upper thighs hard against the counter and he began fucking me fast. Not as deep, but really fast. He coordinated his fuck-thrusts with his fingers and I went into a frenzy.
I knew what he was doing, but it was so much more intense. I thought I’d made myself orgasm before, but this was so different. I whizzed past the point of what I thought was an orgasm and then ascended a new summit of pleasure. My eyes went wide as he took me over the top. I felt a pulse beginning near my pubic bone, but also in back, near my butt at the same time. I felt my clitoris explode. The two sensations erupted through my hips and I arched up and away from the counter into Karl’s chest, slamming my head against his chest. I came.
Karl didn’t let me stop. He took me there, and made me cum and cum over and over. His cock was massive to my small frame, as a fat thick ten-inch black cock is to a fully grown woman, and every thrust of his shaft was another orgasm. His fingers were very skilled and Karl used his talent to produce a clitoral orgasm every time he held back a thrust into me. He would fuck with me a few cock-thrusts, then pause, make my clit cum, then pound me a few more times, making my pussy cum. Five orgasms became ten, ten became twenty and I watched as much as I could, forcing my eyes open after each blend of exquisite pain and mind-bending pleasure.
Karl was actually holding me up off the floor as he pumped and rubbed me. He used the countertop as a backstop to his thrusts. Then, all too soon, Karl reached his own summit. Karl’s eyes squeezed shut for a second, then he opened them with a nervous, almost panicked expression. He pulled me away from the counter and off his cock. I plopped down, still moaning in orgasm, and opened my eye to see his dick in front of my face. He gripped my pony tail and angled me upward. I saw his cock was covered with a frothy bl**d-pink pussy juice mix.
Karl commanded “Open your mouth pretty girl.”
My pussy canal, now empty, contracted a final time and the orgasm pulsed through me, causing me to seem to Karl like I was disobeying. He took his wet hand from his shaft, slapped my cheek, and then with his grip on my hair he f***ed my mouth to his cockhead. Karl stroked his own length a single time and then jacked his base in short strokes a few times.
“Open your mouth, I am going to give you another gift.”
Another clitoral orgasm wave rippled through my body and I didn’t comply fast enough. Karl slapped me a second time, lifting his hand away from my pony tail, hitting me harder, and then grabbing my hair all in the blink of an eye.
I opened my mouth as he held his cock off for one last moment. Karl’s cock-head swelled in my small mouth and then I felt him blast shot after shot of thick “boy-cum” into me. In between his shots my exhilarated mind remembered Gwen telling me about it once as I was making her cum in my mouth. “Boy-cum tastes different than I do,” she’d said.
Karl allowed himself to lean back against the towel rack on the wall of the cramped bathroom. As he did, I couldn’t keep up and his cock pulled out of my mouth just as his last three shots of cum blasted away. One landed on my forehead, another on my left cheek, and the last made a line from my upper lip to my neck. Karl slowly stroked himself and I watched the entire show. I felt his cum slide down my face and tasted the thick shots in my mouth. It was bitter, salty, and sweet all at once. Karl’s hand released my pony tail and dropped to his side.
Karl and I locked eyes. I felt a shamed on some level and looked away. Karl saw this and stood, still stroking his cock slowly. He reached down and stood me up, turning to face the mirror. He leaned against my ear and said, “You look at yourself. See yourself covered in cum. You feel your body too. You know you loved every second of this. Even when I slapped you, even when I tore you, when I stretched you…” he paused and then urged me closer to the counter. “Look at your face, you have me all over you. You love this. Say it, say, I love this.”
Smaller orgasmic pulses, like echoes off cliffs, waved through me. “I love this.”
Karl, in a stern voice said, “Say ‘I love the way I look, and I love Uncle’s cum on my face’…look at yourself and say it!”
I looked myself, the gleaming cum-trails around my eyes and over my chin and down my thin neck, and said, “I love Uncle’s cum on my face and I love the way I look…”
“Good girl. Now show me how you rub yourself while I put my finger in you to feel you squeeze me as you cum one more time.” Karl’s fat index finger pushed into me as I reached out to hold myself upright using the edge of the counter. Karl’s finger stretched me much differently and then pressed forward against my pubic bone from the inside. It felt wonderful. I reached down and rubbed my clit while Karl’s other hand pumped his dick a few more times, each time rubbing it into my small pert ass check. I made a few circles around my clit and then like a light switch, the combined pressure of his finger and my rubbing made me cum hard. I kept my eyes open, seeing my strawberry blonde pony tail swing while Karl’s cum-lines reflected light off my own pretty face.

“Was that the end?” Dr. Heard broke my trance-like concentration and brought me back to his office.
“Well, for that night it was. He made me shower off and probed me a few more times before he put me in bed and warned me to not tell anyone out secret. He told me to not be ashamed and to not be afraid, but as I lay awake in bed I was embarrassed, degraded, and afraid. The only way to get to sl**p was by masturbating myself a few more times. I came some more thinking about the way I looked while he was fucking me and then when he made me cum that last time, covered in his cum.” I reflected. The chuckled a bit when I remembered that the next day my mom chewed me out.
“Why was she angry?” Dr Heard asked.
“Because she found of the wire-key for the bathroom door lock next to the sink. She said, ‘your lucky your daddy isn’t here to see this.’ Of course I thought, ‘I’m lucky daddy wasn’t here to see a lot of things…including his wife and daughter fucking his boss and getting covered in cum.’ I remember she was still a bit off from the night before and was stressing out because daddy was coming home the next day to be here for my birthday.”
“Oh, and you were, let me see my notes, you were about to turn…oh my, yes, that’s right. At the age when dolls are no longer as interesting as boys are. Oh, my.” Dr. Heard continued, “So, you mentioned that was all that happened that night, but that was not all that happened with Karl, was it.”
“No, it was the start of much, much more.”

As I left Dr. Heard’s office I went to the restroom past the receptionist desk and squatted to sit and pee as the door opened and closed. The receptionist went into the stall next to mine.
I smelled my feverish pussy and rubbed it a bit. I wanted to cum, but was exhausted after reliving my story. Without some privacy I wasn’t going to cum in there anyway, so I pulled my panties and stood to drop my dark blue pencil skirt. I adjusted my tits in my tight red top. The receptionist timed herself with me and we met at the sink. She washed her hands and leaned past me to grab the soap, brushing her hip against mine. She gazed at me and I knew what was on her mind. I stood, waited until she had rinsed the soap off her wet hands, then turned and curled my hand around her neck and said into her ear, “Fuck me now.”
She pulled up her white pencil skirt and then with both hands lifted mine high enough to get her hand into my panties. Her finger probed and then began massaging me with expert motions. In no time I was cumming in her hand. I saw she was pleasing herself at the same time.
I moaned and exploded on her hand as she held the pressure against my crotch. She then went rigid and flopped into me as she came.
On the way out she said, “I read his notes from the transcript of your session and I have been wanting to do that ever since.”
After I left the restroom I said, passing her desk, “Wait till you see the notes from this session and the next session too. Call me after you are off. I will have a room down the street at…”

Three hours later, soaked in sweat, back to the hotel floor carpet, King’s massive dick pounded me to orgasm over and over. My legs were over his shoulders as I ate his first load out the receptionist’s cream-filled cunt while she straddled my head, no doubt sucking off King’s hung pale Irish bisexual Twink-boy.

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