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Long Day, Longer Night – Part 1

Rough days always suck, and here I sit in bumper to bumper traffic, in the heat, sweat running between my breasts and collecting in the crevice between my ass cheeks. I spread my legs and let the cool air of the AC find it’s way up my skirt. The radio told some dramatic tale of a small airplane crash just off the highway…but I soon tuned out the canned voices and started plotting my alternate route. While I wait for some sort of movement in the cars ahead of me, my thoughts drift to you…as they often do. The couple times we had a minute to say hello today, it sounded as if your day may have sucked more than mine. My thoughts turn semi-fantasy as I picture us taking out the day’s stresses on each other….but not in the moody nagging and bitching way most couples do. We’ve always found more constructive ways to “de-stress”, usually requiring full nudity. Sometimes a good fuck is all you need to set your day straight, right? The warm sun beating through the windshield combined with my steamy thoughts of us licking and sucking and fucking already had me loosening up and putting the day behind me. Some people drink to unwind…well we fuck.

As the vehicles ahead of me start to creep forward and shift about, I see an opportunity to nudge over and take the next exit. Once off the crowded highway, I unwind a bit more…a smile starting to play about my lips as I start flicking through the erotic slide show in my head, the one starring “us”. We live just a dozen miles or so outside of “the big city”, the landscape turning rural quickly. I know the two lane roads that crisscross the countryside like the back of my hand, and my alternate route unfolds before me. Hopefully I’ll land in our driveway before you do. I send you a quick text: “Off the highway…race ya!”, to which you respond: “It’s on Babydoll!”. I laugh and step on it.

Sure enough I’m in our front door ahead of you. I pour a glass of iced tea for me, and grab a beer for you. Placing our drinks on the bathroom counter, I turn on the shower and quickly shed my rumpled, sweaty work attire. I love how the cool water feels running down my back, in between and over my round ass cheeks…I turn to let the water cascade over my tits, my partially perked nipples. I close my eyes and dip my face in the stream of water, rubbing lazily at my makeup, running my hands through my hair…all of it cooling me down and relaxing me quickly.

I open my eyes when I hear the bottle of beer open and see you standing there, watching me in the shower, while you take a swig. You’ve brought your own set of drinks…another beer for you, and something stronger for me, funny how we think so alike sometimes. But then I can’t help but notice you’re pants are already unzipped and your cock is already bulging. I wink and say “beat ya….” to which you respond charmingly, “Hi honey, I’m home….” I ask with a bit of sarcasm, “how was your day?”…you answer with a light laugh, “Fuck my day” and take another swig. “No, fuck me please” I say teasingly and I smile my most seductive smile and motion “come hither” with my finger. Your clothes find their way to the floor with lightening speed and in an instant your arms are surrounding me, your mouth is roaming my shoulders, my neck, my chest, my breasts and nipples. I’m melting and I let out a sigh, followed by a quiet moan…it’s all I can do to just stand their and soak it all up. Finally you come up for air, lock eyes with me…and then you kiss me full on the mouth. Your passionate kiss sparks my desire from deep within, and now it’s my turn to explore.

I gently but firmly push you against the shower wall, loving how the water cascades over your shoulders, making little rivulets through your chest hair, jumping off your nipples, filling your belly button. I kiss your neck and shoulders with my open mouth, sucking just a bit as I do. I feel you relaxing under my touch, now your turn to soak it up. My mouth continues to wander down your torso, along your hips, in towards your partially erect cock. Your hands start to roam, but I take them in mine and play at pinning you against the wall. I look up at you, and you chuckle…then growl, giving me that intense look that tells me you mean to fuck me good. I kiss the tip of your cock…run my tongue along the length, paying special attention to the underside…just below the cleft where your head meets the shaft. You quickly become fully erect and I take you in my mouth…letting the water splash over my face, fill my mouth a bit…I get lost a bit in the sheer pleasure of the moment.

Suddenly and firmly you pull me up, kissing me intensely, taking my face in your hands, grinding your hips, led by your hard-on, against my belly and my mound. I can’t help but whimper, goose bumps racing across the surface of my skin. You answer with a deep moan and clutch my ass, grinding harder against me. Breaking free for a second to catch my breath, you take the opportunity to truly pin me against the wall, water falling over both of us…and you bite and suck hard at my nipples and my tits. Mmmm that’s gonna leave a mark, and I smile to myself as I lean and run my lips over your closely shaved head, tracing your ears, your jawline. I try to shift, but you apply more pressure to my wrists and I cannot move. This sends a current of excitement through me, head to toe, and I relax into the wall behind me under your strong grip.

You stand straight again…kissing me lightly as your cock probes between my thighs. I move them apart, and your head teases my mound and my pussy’s lips. You let go of one of my wrists to prop my leg up, and thrust a bit deeper. You release my other wrist to circle your arm around my waist and palm my ass. My arms are loosely over your shoulders, my hands and nails running down your back and then up your neck as you push in deeper still. We start slow, no rhyme or reason, just relaxed and easy. As always I’m taken aback by how good you feel inside me, against me, around me….like we were made as a matched set that fits together perfectly.

I have a particular moment that again electrifies me and I’m done playing. You sense the shift and make eye contact…I give you my best “fuck me” look, turning around and backing my ass up against you. I feel your cock get even harder as your hands take my hips like handles….I bend over just in time to take your dick at full speed. You ram me so hard my head bumps the wall and I cry out…in ecstasy. Bracing myself with my arms I take deep thrust after deep thrust…were both breathing heavy, moaning…and my senses are caught somewhere between the heat of our bodies and the coolness of the water.

After initial impact…we slow down just a bit into more of a steady rhythm, you taking time to aim right at my g-spot…me positioning my legs in such a way to tighten things up just a bit for you. You give my ass a light slap…to which I respond by pushing my ass back against you. You slap again, just a bit harder, I push back again, just a bit harder…the spanking coupled with the perfect aim of your cock has me quickly close to orgasm. I move my hand from the wall to finger my clit…soon I feel your hand on top of mine and I move mine away. Better to trust the expert with this sort of work… I brace myself again as you pump harder, more rhythmically..while you rub my clit perfectly in time to the thrusts against my g-spot.

I try to get a read on you, if you’re close, too…and tense up just a bit…you say, “don’t stop baby, go ahead”…I respond by bouncing my ass off your hips…you grunt and groan with each thrust and I know you’ll cum soon…I let go, relax, still bouncing in time to you. Mmmm this is going to be so good…I moan louder and louder as I feel it start in my toes, warming it’s way through the arches of me feet, up the inside of my legs, rolling through my hips and finally along my pussy’s lips and then deep inside…I cry out in sheer pleasure as I feel those inner muscles contracting…my cervix kissing the head of your cock. You take your hand away and grip my hips with both hands…pounding into me hard and fast…groaning louder with each push. It only takes a few deep thrusts before I feel you explode with cum, filling my swollen pussy.

Breathing hard, you straighten me up as you pull out, wrapping your arms around my waist from behind, kissing and biting my back, my neck and my shoulders. I lean against the cold shower wall, your body sandwiching me….another contrast of warm and cold. We stay that way for a few minutes, collecting ourselves. I turn to face you and we have an intimate moment of eye contact, then a few soft, sweet kisses. We’re both relaxed, happy to be soaping each other, we talk lightly of the day’s goings on…which have magically become much less important now.

Out of the shower and toweling each other off, I ask what you might want to do tonight…you smile with a mischievous glint in your eye and say, “I invited Kevin for dinner…..and he and I are going fishing early tomorrow”. I get delighted goosebumps…and take a long drink of the something stronger you mixed for me. My long day just turned into a delightfully longer night.

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