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That would have to be a long, hard summer.

A hot July, and to top it off we got into reforms
of you know when they start but not finish if ever.

When I opened the door, I met with a rather tall and stocky middle-aged, as a 97kg
toast-skinned, possibly Dominican, and fairly well dressed, with
a striking counterfeit Rolex.

Beside him another man had something lean, hovering around fifty, and approx. 80kg
Also very dark graying black hair piled behind the ears and at the crown somewhat sparse, hard-faced but affable, and a small mustache.
She wore a lot easier. plaid shirt and some tight jeans
top and baggy at the ankles. He also carried a backpack
where pit his clothes.

The foreman told me that he would go and how to do the work, then
Formally introduced me to his work.
– What do you call yourself?

I asked the worker.
-Happy, I’m Gary.

He said no time to my answer.

And I pressed hard with his hand, he was tanned in the hard work.

He spent a week until they had everything needed to get started.

They arrived in early July, early or too, especially if you’re on vacation.

The boss called me to catch up on the day, and hurried
their workers to change and start.

Without respecting their privacy, dressing him without closing the door.
With resignation, he was descalzando, while the foreman spoke.

Leaning on the washer pulled down his pants. and I began to feel somewhat uncomfortable
When I opened the door I remembered almost out of bed, and was only
with some short shorts and slippers.

Gerardo had notármelo because I glanced over and smiled slightly.

He was already in his underwear, as I was short and seemed to have a
developed muscles in the legs without much hair, although her arms were strong and hairy self.

Going back, her slip was marking the package visibly used
and somewhat loose rubber .. see something is left between eggs, for tattered hole.

Unmoved turned to look the other pants making me admire, three fingers
your ass crack. While the foreman was explaining.

Then he slipped on a pair of tergal resistant, but very faded.
He then went to unbutton one by one the buttons on his shirt ..
Discovering robust rounded shoulders.
The pectoral, were not too bulky, but if tanned.
And a little further down a belly sticking something someone according to their age,
highlighting the generous semianudádo navel, which gave way
a trace of hair strong and twisted, between black and gray, which abounded down.

At the height of the left bicep tattoo sported a triangular
although the caller but my curiosity, what was in the chest
Seemed to be a medium sized dot asterisk
As the prisoners. Maybe served time but not important
Before coming here, I never asked.

Every day I would offer the same show. If anything with more confidence delight.

We changed the peak took her hand and began to destroy the wall …

The foreman and to about three hours I was not, and as it rested
I appeared before him with cold water.

-Be good man take a break.
– Aaaaay! Thank you very much, and had to “cool the engine.”

And so it was, it was covered with dust, but also sweating profusely
and pants soaked to the waist

-I could save these cervesitas in your fridge, please
They are for meals.

-Yeah right as


He used to eat on the washer because there
came the rubble, and after taking his beer slept an hour.

I became his waterboy. I liked to relieve stress, and approach him.
At night and made me just thinking about him the next day.

Days passed, and we were in the second week of August.
The heat was intense, and I refreshed more frequently, which caused him to make more visits to the bathroom.
When I went twice after his,
I saw on the rim of the toilet a good number of golden drops of all sizes …

I thought that no home would be very pleased if they saw and decided to cover up for wiping. They even in the backrest, and a pair of puddles on the floor.

Look at wc as dotted, and extended my finger to touch a drop.
Without thinking much closer to the face, smelled very intense. I knew I was out of the
and excited me a lot. That acid taste and a bitter point … Mmm the taste of “old stock”
I slid my tongue along the edge with your eyes closed and was noticing every drop to get a drink.

Finally I was like a dog licking everything.

And so every day I refreshed without knowing that he was inviting me also ..

That evening as I sat placidly in front of TV
Flung open the door shouting …

– Lord punctured the pipeline come quick!

– What do we do?

He went behind, stuck me with arms mounted on mine, and his chest soaked in a mixture of sweat, dust and water, rubbing my back.

– Press ud here temporarily, while the main key sierro!

The next day we met again at lunch, I sat next to the
And speaking of the disaster of the previous day, as an amusing anecdote. So radically changed the subject, that of women.
That if he was far away, as you love yourself, etc …

seemed that the conversation had excited a bit, went to his backpack
and produced a somewhat old and wrinkled magazine devoted primarily to cum
in the mouth and double penetration.
Putting his hand in his pants while he said the kneaded …

-It’s good. Did not? That’s the best there friend.
The rich get into your mouth and you loose the whole cake.

– Do you have these too, buddy?

Surprised I said …

Well yes, and also I have movies.
– Ah! Really?, Does it have many?

-For a few, if today ends soon, you might see one.
– Good! Well if you do not mind, ok!

Trying not noticed, I could not help take a look and see how their mature
sticking tool behind the rack.

Then pulled beers.

– Please and take a “blonde” with me! ‘Thank you, but this is not my favorite drink. If you do not mind
accompany with a soda?

-Oh, no care. Here’s to blowjobs well done!

It seemed that alcohol was beginning to be felt a bit on it. Then he drank the second, and crushed cans.

Then he returned to the job … and as agreed, was changed one hour before
regular hours. I invited him to sit on the couch, and prepared the dvd.

Well as you can see the movie.

– What is not going to see it with me?

‘Well, I did not think ud quisie …
And on an impulse, he reached out his hand and pulled me to sit beside him.

– And how I’ll leave off the couch at home? Vengasse!

We begin to see it. I knew we did not interrupt, but still was somewhat worried by the unusual situation that was living.

The movie started to get heated, and then came to me a scent, something intense and manly. He already had his pants lowered to half the rear, the
panty came effluvia that was exposed, and his torso after unbuttoned shirt.

And it was so close, to notice a hard day’s effort. Smell
I became very hot, and I went to touch me ..

Meanwhile, it was already fiddling endlessly over the underwear and when he was ready, he slid his underwear at all finding their venous berga morcillóna,
growing from a dark matted “scrub”.

Peacefully, at the time raised his arms and sat behind his head ..
I think it was a pretty clear sign, to which I was to answer …

I pulled my hand from my crotch and slowly scrolled on her thigh
and stopped brushing her doubtful. After a few seconds of uncertainty, Gerardo
put an arm around my shoulder, and stretch with decision taking her hand
over his cock and warm brown.

We saw it was clear, and pat its cocoon pink brown thumb gently. He still looking at the screen never nodded slowly with a slight groan.

. Uumm!

I played with his balls in his hand, and down the scrotum
With fingertips.

– OOOH! Uff!

I felt the relief of the veins in his cock, completely stiff and swollen .. Take the eggs of a hand
and wagged his tail with the other …

Uuuuffff1 OH! THAT GOOD!

The position I have to be doing something underneath her armpits and on, the situation made him sweat, which made me more horny.

We reached the climax, the panting and had only pelvic spasms …

I hunched over his crotch, as he breathed pajeándole was so close that my breath clashed in its cocoon.
Then stopped short, and looked at him to tell him that if I was a leak, would have “to let go of my mouth rich whole pie” every time I wanted until they finished the work.

I look to the sweaty forehead and eyes wide open ..


And I made sure the tail resolutely gripping and passing the tip of the tongue slowly
For his frenulum.

-S-SI If I give … VAMOSS GO!

We got to the bathroom, and after taking my few clothes, I got into the tub, and knelt in front of him .. He came there with their pants completely lowered. He stood before me and …

– Are you sure?

I asked.

I took his hand and putting their fingers rather harsh on the lip inf ..


Just then I got completely fingers, making my mouth was opened, and then removed.

. Put face in concentration, and then hit my chest its boiling
pressure and yellowish peed, splashing in all directions.

Also came splashing into my face and tongue got something for them in my mouth.

He seemed to know what he wanted, and directed the jet by uploading my chin up
Enchufármelo inside the mouth .. It was given a gesture, as he discovers a secret vice, then began to play immediately
to leave no part of my face without pissing. It was dedicated after the top of my head.

Your urine fell upon my neck, from hair. On the ears, and although his face with difficulty I could see a smile appeared on his mustache, as I cast a sly glance.

Now also fell behind, and seeping from the crack to grow my wet asshole. And when he could not be more soaked from head to toe drained his last book yet, after one minute of irrigation acercándomela again almost into my mouth with enough pressure for a sparkling pissed.


I said I was not going to resist a large reserve.

With having enjoyed face and shook sympathetic plan tapping me on the forehead and on the tongue. Meanwhile, I was holding her hips.

And after squeeze the last drop …

‘Well, it’s over

Before she could claim my promise I gave a look first at the balls with my tongue, which took him a couple of hairs. Metiendome followed each of their eggs in their mouths.

I was licking up to the glans. By then it was almost hard cock …
I sucked the bud strong, then licked and sucked him again. Now I was quite stiff, and back spasms. Very horny, cornered me in the shower, I grabbed his head with both hands, and began to fuck her mouth. I stood with their hands up. The I grabbed them and put them in his shaggy ass.

Then began metermela halfway. But each rams, was entering more meat.

Until and pressed my forehead with his belly and chin on her eggs …

Quickly pulled all the member and disappeared again into my mouth full
This continued a few more minutes until ..

Looking at me she said.



– AUM ummmmmm!

– Take CARAJOOO TOMEELO whoooole!

And encajándome the last time I oiled her throat with warm milk, which also left on my face.

And so I was wet and inseminated in my bath and dressing to leave satisfied and happy of the day until the next day.

Since then, every day he needed it, offered me for relief.
For me there was no better sexual fantasy …

And it was the golden shower for him, a supplement, which could not pass
practicásemos without being at least three times a week.


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