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Looking Under and Up Part 1

It was another day, but after a week or so of planning, I decided to go and get some upskirts and then get in some pics in the dressing room.Everything was set and ready, camera and disguise. Just make sure that I dont get caught.
It was another sunny and beautiful day, great for getting some upskirts. I went to the nearest shop and lurked around for half an hour or so, but no luck, they were either wearing shorts or pants. Guess it is time for my back-up plan. I decided to place a camera within the shop, as it has only 1 bathroom, so the bathroom is shared. I look around, trying to find some good spots, somewhere clear but not noricable, then I get an idea. I put some paper towels on top of the toilet, not the seat, and then on the counter that is in front of it, I make a pyramid of paper towels and place on just inside the hole of 1 of them. I know its not going to be enough.
I go back to my house to get some more mini cameras and place them in more of the paper towels, but I know that by the time that I get back, 1 or more people would have already used it. I go back to the store, look around some more, then slowly creep back to the bathroom, but it is being used, which is a good sign. Instead of collecting the camera, I decide to go shopping, actually shopping. I get myself an undetectable wireless camera, that way I could see them when it happens. Adrenaline rushing, I wait for the person to come out, it was a redhead, she looked so cute, cant wait to collect the data.
I get in and install the video onto my phone, place my cameras as well as my wireless one and start to watch the video. To my luck, it seems 3 girls entered the bathroom, and I quickly go over what happened, 1 actually decided to play with herself. The first girl looked really hot, some nice curves and sadly, the camera wasnt positioned to see her hot bottom and anything near it, but it did catch her big melons, they were just hanging, but sadley she only needed to pee, so it didnt last long. Before watch8ng the next one, I put a camera near the bottom of the toilet and positioned it to look right at anyone who goes there’s bottom. The second one was a little less hot, she was a blond but she decided to stand up to wipe her pussy, it was shaved and wet, but then she dried it, her jugs were really showing and she probably wasnt wearing a bra, as her nipples were showing vlearly, and they seemed to be hard. She put her colorful panties up and left. Now Im anxious to see the last one, the one that decided to masterbate.
It was the redhead that came out of the bathroom earlier, holy smokes, she is hot as hell, she starts rubbing her jugs and tweaking her nipples, she stresses to keep her moans but one slips out. She continues and starts her hand down to her gorgeous pussy. She takes down her real short short and starts rubbing her cute pink panty, she rubs it harder and it starts to get wet down there, I start to jerk off. She then takes her panty off, leaving her pussy there.
She starts fingering it and her fingers soon enter it and she lets out another moan, her fingers then come out wet, she starts to do it harder and the puts her other hand’s finger in her tiny ass, she starts doing it for a while then goes back to her pussy, I already came to 3 times. She then takes out a tou from her ourse and it starts inside, she moves it real good and then she makes it start vibrating, she lets out another moan and then she squirt all over her clothing. She then started packing up and then left.
That really aroused me, can’t wait to check those cameras later, now to go to a couple of stores and then go to the top one on my list, victoria’s secret.
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