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Losing my Virginity with b*****r, in Thai Brothal

‘What is it you’re doing’?

The noise sounded like she had trapped a bee under her duvet, female masturbation was still something that escaped my attention, but that was not to say, I never felt urges, or had feeling down there, between my legs. All I knew, or sussed, was that it felt nice, but dildo’s and vibrators, were alien, until that morning, my older s****r Margot, was having a session, with one of mother’s toys.

Margot was f******n, she was becoming moody and morose, and when I complained to mother, she hushed me and tried to explain, my s****r was ovulating, ‘She want’s to have a baby’, to an eight year old girl, I immediately assumed she was missing her toy collection back home in Edinburgh, that made more sense, than the coded message of what our mother really meant, Margot wanted sex, her body was being hijacked by her hormones, my own would be earlier, at twelve.

‘I’m wanking’, she gasped. ‘Wanking, how’, my curiosity made my nose twitch and my brow furrow, ‘only boys do that’, I continued, as eight years do, question everything?

‘Wanking is not gender specific’, she retorted, showing annoyance at my constant interruption to her quest for sexual gratification.

‘Can I look’, I asked her, getting up and going across to her bed, sitting on the edge, and pulling the duvet away from her nude body.

‘Do it slowly’, she gasped, ‘like you’re a servant or someone who want me’.

Playing games was something we liked growing up, and as Looked at her, I saw something different, as I eased the duvet away to reveal her new breasts, her nipples were sticking up rigid, a deeper hue of red, making them look angry, from their pale pink.

Her eyes were closed tight, she was thinking, maybe dreaming, but in that moment she opened them to see me staring at her tits, ‘Don’t stop pulling the duvet down’, she gasped, ‘touch my tits’, she ordered, and I dutifully did both, as best I could, leaning in, and suckling her breast, which I found pleasant, and easing the duvet down until I saw her hand, mothers pink vibrator, moving in and out of her cunny, while she rubbed furiously on her clitoris.

Suddenly as the duvet uncovered this action and she felt the exposure was being observed by invisible voyeurs, around her bed, she cried out, and violently shook, ‘Oh Fuck, oh fuck’, she repeated, over and over.

I was witnessing my first orgasm, and she did it beautifully, her filthy mouthings, and her beautiful naked body convulsing, frightened me, whilst fascinating me at the same time, then it was over and she jumped out of the bed, and went straight for a shower, leaving me confused, with all her changes and emotions.

Later that day she explained everything to me, and promised to let me watch her with her boyfriend, when they made love.

‘When mother says, ‘I want a baby’, she explained, ‘she means I want to fuck with a man’, and she emphasised her meaning, by inserting her index finger into her thumb and other index finger, which formed a circle, in an in and out motion, I cottoned-on to her graphic meaning.

Margot was from a previous marriage daddy had had. Her mother had divorced daddy and he remarried. There was an older b*****r, James, or Jimmy, as we called him, who was at boarding school in the Highlands, and we only saw him at holidays.

We three all shared a huge bedroom, and with Bohemian parents, nudity was always on the agenda, with Margot and myself, always teasing Jimmy, by tugging on his cock, something I did when I slept in his bed when I was younger and he in his teens.

Margot knew I was playing with him in a non sexual but curios way, I was fascinated at how big it got, but loved the tactility and the soft pliable feel it gave, I never knew about the masturbating afterwards, when I fell asl**p, but at least it answered my question as to why I had a sticky morass on me in the morning.

Fast forward seven years later on a holiday in Southern Thailand, a small town or city called Songkhla, where my own Virginity was cast aside in a wondrous episode to be remembered, as far as losing ones virginity goes.

Jimmy was disappearing on most days, not that our parents minded, Jimmy was a young man in his twenties, handsome, and referred to as a ‘Butterfly’, by the Thai girls, meaning he was bonking himself silly with all the available pussy, winking at him.

Yes I felt jealous, as Margot had not come with us, and I was being left around a swimming pool full of fat Americans, trying to get into my own knickers.

Then one day Jimmy suggested I accompany him into town, for a Thai body massage. He explained how he was sandwiched between to girls, and covered in what could only be described as washing-up liquid, as all three of them inter-meshed completely naked, that vision of my b*****r, made sl**p difficult that night, and I woke up feeling light headed and very wet between my legs.

The humidity and the heat on the equator made wearing as little as possible, a must, and my b*****r remarked my dark nipples were visible through my pale yellow summer frock, I was bra-less and sweaty.

In fact my knickers were riding high between my buttocks, and they looked my like a thong than a pair of sensible Scottish cotton panties. Within the hour I wanted to toss them away, but the sweat was making my outer garments translucent, Jimmy even remarked I was giving him a ‘Boner’, that cheered me up, at least he confirmed I was sexy.

We arrived at the grand and well known hotel, that housed the massage parlour at its rear. We went into the bar, and I had a coke while Jimmy went through another door where all the action was.

I was nervous, at what might lie ahead, for now I was just going to observe, and the visual imagery of my naked b*****r being rubbed up and down by two naked Thai girls, was becoming a bit of a turn-on, and my bunched up panties were perfect for my clenching and unclenching my thighs, I was stimulating my clitoris, and fucking horny.

Eventually Jimmy came back, ‘Are you ready’, he asked me, and I felt such an uneasiness in my stomach, I wanted to throw up?

I was scared and embarrassed, everyone knew what lay through that door, an abundance of sordid sex, with girls ages with me. I got up, cowering behind my older b*****r, as we walked towards the door.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror as I walked past, and could feel a thousand pair of eyes on me. My whole body was wringing with sweat, my pale yellow frock was sticking to my back, my ass was showing through the translucency and my bare back showed I was only wearing panties, I felt so self-conscious, and as if I was losing all control, my legs felt weak and my knees, about to buckle.

On the other side I was shocked. It was as if I was in a huge shopping mall, and in the window there were 50 to a 100 girls, all beautiful, and wearing tiny costumes, I even felt over-dressed.

All the girls wore numbers on their wrists, and outside the window, sat the mamma-san, she was the one you went to with the number of the girl you wanted.

The place was full of men of all nationalities, the odours and innuendo hung heavy, and men were eyeing me up and down, as they walked past us, they made it obvious I would be high on their listing, and Jimmy teased me, ‘When we go inside, you will see a lot of fucking going on, it’s like a big Roman orgy’, that made my pee a little, this was starting to become hard to take.

‘Go across and look into the window and pick me two girls and tell the mamma-san’. I looked like a rabbit caught in the glare of oncoming headlights.

‘No’, I replied, ‘you do it’. Jimmy laughed at his teasing and walked away and started mingling with all the other people thronging around, soon he was out of sight, leaving me amongst a throng of men, clearly wanting to have sex with me.

‘Are you working here, how much for an hour’, their question were thick and fast, their alcohol consumption, blurring their judgement, but more importantly, they started touching me, and made no bones where they put their hands, a blond fifteen year old British school girl in a whores den for sex, was easy prey.

I awaited his return with all these horny men closing in on me, they were here for sex with young girls, and I was here also, so there was no excuse on my part, I knew what it was all about, and some of the men were making comments and compliments, I could feel their need, thank god my b*****r returned, when he did.

‘Being hit upon’, was his jocular comment, and I nodded, ‘Had my bum touched a couple of times’, why I had to say that, when it was not true, escaped me, but already I was caught up in the spirit and the sex, perhaps I was thinking out loud, and really wanted these sex perverts to touch my bum, and do more.

I followed my b*****r into the back room where he presented the two number of the girls he had picked, and they were called out.

Both girls were stunning and very young, both girls were completely nude, and I felt very self conscious being clothed, not to mention, a little jealous they were clinging to my b*****r, after all he was mine, but they were his sex objects, and I felt a little pang, this was something that was meant to be outside my scope of endearment, my jealousy increased as we neared to little room where everything was going to happen, the first thing I did, was undress so my b*****r would see me, his little s****r, and appreciate me in that way too.

‘Wow, into the spirit already’, he laughed as the girls pulled his clothes from him, and released his erection, he saw my eyes drop onto it, ‘Long time s*s’, he said throatily, ‘miss him’, he added?

I smiled, suddenly feeling comfortable with my own nudity, and one of the girls was paying attention to me, by rubbing my shoulders and pressing her breasts into my shoulder blades.

‘Ever been with another girl s*s’, asked my b*****r, as his girl played with his cock, she was indicating to his cock and asking me to touch him also. I laughed and told her maybe later, my girl was now rubbing me in the same place her friend was doing my b*****r.

‘We shower now’, one of the girls said out loud, and we all got up and went into a shower cubicle about 3m square, and were washed, and touched intimately, not crudely, but the girls were young, and probably did this dozens of times over a day.

‘Now massage’, said one girl, ‘who first’, she asked looking at us both.

‘My b*****r’, I replied, I wanted to watch him with both these girls.

The first girl lay down on a green coloured lilo and splashed her whole body with a green coloured gooey liquid, and my b*****r lay down on top of her, his erection comfortably sliding between her thighs, I wondered if he was in her.

His back was covered and the other girl got on top of him, and then together, all three moved over each other, I had never witnessed anything so erotic, and slipped my hand down my front and unashamedly played with myself, ‘Your s****r horny’, laughed one of the girls, ‘Maybe you fuckee fuckee her’, laughed the other.

My b*****r was watching me, ‘Yes’, I replied to their comments, ‘maybe I will’, and continued toying with myself rather than outright masturbating, all the while, they were becoming more sexual with him.

To be continued in Part 2

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