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Lost clothes III

I was awakened by a shaking feeling. I opened my eyes and looked around, I seen and felt him stroking my dick. He had one hand flat against my crotch with his thumb and forefinger wrapped around my dick tight, his thumb under my balls. It felt so good I spread my legs and closed my eyes, the combination of him holding it so tight and the feeling of being stroked was electrifying.
He would stroke till I felt it build up, then stop a couple of minutes and start again. My heart was pounding and I was breathing in quick short breaths. While I was building up he’d rub the tip with his thumb, sliding over and down the piss slit to just under the head. I could feel wetness and didn’t know if I peed, or if it was precum. He looked up and seen that I was awake. He said to relax, just lie still. He got me so close so many times, he finally went to long and my legs started shaking and my breathing quickened, finally after what feels like an hour, not really knowing how long he was doing it, I shook all over, my gut tightened and I exploded. Shooting cum two feet high then running down over his hands. He whispered, good boy. After the spasms ended I was covered in sweat and out of breath. He cleaned us up and said to get in the bath. After drying off he gave me a shirt to wear and said my mom will be here in a little while.
When she arrived she was apologizing to the man for all the trouble I caused, he said it was no trouble at all. Before I left he said to come back anytime, we can play some more.
When I was home mom was so mad she was shaking. I took my punishment for lossing my bike and clothes, even though I explained how it wasn’t my fault. A couple of days later a friends father brought my bike home, saying it was found behind a store in the middle of town. After the return of the bike mom calmed down a bit, and let me go riding. After a week at home trying to duplicate what he did with me, I wanted to feel him do it again. I rode my bike to his house, and gave him a hug. He hugged and kissed me. I told him I wanted to play our game again but someone had to get mom to let me stay out the night. He said to go home sturdily, it shocked me and I left. Upset and mad I went home. The next day he came over to talk to my mom. After an hour my mom called me and said Mr. Scott has a good idea for teaching me not to loose my things. She said to pack a bag, you’re going to work on his land for a few days.

Frightened, I put my clothes in my pack. Thinking about what kind of work he’d make me do I started to get upset. My mom told me to stop being a baby and take my punishment, if you’re man enough to walk around naked and loss your things, you’re man enough to work. I told her yes ma’am. When I came out he wouldn’t look at me, he just said put your things in the back and get in the truck. I sat with my head down and didn’t say a word. After we turned the corner he reached over and rubbed my leg,” sorry about that ” he said,” but I had to make your mom believe I was going to punish you with hard work.” When we pulled on to his property he said we have a wonderful week ahead of us, what do you want to do first. Still not sure how to act I didn’t say anything. He parked the truck and grabbed my pack and went inside.” You can sit out there in the heat or come inside ” I got out and went in the house. I asked if I could have a drink, he said “only if you take off your clothes and let me see that sweet cock of yours ” my heart jumped, ” sorry for the act, but I had to convince your mom I was putting you to work ” he said with a big smile. I ran up and hugged him. He reached down and pulled my shirt off and rubbed my back. I kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants and underwear. He picked me up and and carried me to the couch. He laid down and up me up till my dick was even with his mouth and sucked me. I pushed my hips forward as it got hard.
It felt good having my dick played with by someone else again. After a week of unsuccessful attempts to cum, I came fast in his mouth. He squeezed my butt as my balls emptied. ” even better than I remembered ” he said. “Now put your things in the closet, you won’t be needing them till it’s time to go.”

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