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Love & Romance with my Owner aunty

Dear All,

I am starting the story about “Love & Romance with my Owner aunty”. Hope you all like this story and support me to make it a big success.
It was 8 years ago, I got a job in a good company. I was looking for a house. I tried many houses but couldn’t get a nice house. Finally I reached a house. It seems to be a good house. I just rang the bell. The door opened and a boy came outside and asked “what do you need?”.
I told I saw the board outside “To-let” so I came to ask about the house. He went inside and was shouting that someone has come at door. I was standing quietly outside. After few minutes, an uncle came and stood outside. He was looking old, even though he was not that old as he looked, he would be around 38 – 40 years. But he looked around 50years. He asked me
Uncle : What do u want?
Me : I saw the board outside “To-let”. Wanted a house.
Uncle : What do you do?
Me : I got a job in an MNC company. I am just looking for a house.
Uncle : Ok. What is your name?
Me : I am Rakesh.
Uncle : Ok. Do you stay alone?
Me : Ya I will stay alone. I am looking for a 1BHK. Just for me
Uncle : Where are your parents?
Me : My parents are at native. They will be visiting my place once in a month. But I will be staying alone
Uncle : See Rakesh we are looking for a good f****y or people who are good and decent. We don’t want to give house to some bachelor’s.
Me : Don’t worry uncle, I am from a decent f****y. And more over I wont drink, smoke. And my parents will be coming every month.
Uncle : That’s fine. But we are not willing to give house for bachelors.
Me : Ok uncle, I wont f***e you. You can actually take my ID proof, and also my company details. I am from a good and decent f****y. You can actually give me house only after speaking to my parents. And more over I never bring any friends to my room. Even if i get friends they are decent and they wont stay here.
Uncle : Ok, bring your parents early. Let me see if we can.
Me : Sure uncle. As this house is close to my office if I get this house it would be good for me. How much is the advance and rent uncle?
Uncle : Advance is Rs. 75,000 and rent will be 7,500. Can you manage
Me : Can you please reduce it. I will pay you 6,500 and will not trouble like others. I will pay you at 1st of everymonth
Uncle : Ok fine. Bring your parents. Lets see.
Me : Sure uncle. Can I see the house?
Uncle : Sure why not. Rahul get the keys of the above house.

A small guy came out with a key and handed over to me. I went upstairs and opened the key. It was a nice house, 1BHK. Lots of place infront and it was totally grilled so that no Theif should enter the house. A separate gate and also a cloths washing stone. Everything was very nice and well planned house and it was a seprate house on top. I thought this is really a good house and came down.
Uncle was standing there.

Uncle : You liked the house?
Me : Yes indeed its really a good house and really its very good to stay here.
Uncle : Ok get your parents soon. So that we can speak about the house
Me : Sure uncle.

I left the house and called my parents to come immediately . I told what all the owner told me. My parents told they are coming next day itself. They like me so much. They didn’t want me to suffer for looking houses.
Next day:
My parents came from native and I took them straight away to the owner’s house. It was Sunday morning. I just rang the bell. Again the same boy opened the door. He recognised me and called his father and told that the guy who came yesterday has come. Uncle came outside and he wished us. This time he was speaking little softly and he got the key and asked my parents to come up to see the house. We all four went upstair. My parents saw the house and was very happy. All of them agreed and then uncle told come to house. Anyways now I am feeling better to give house. Other wise people will spoil the environment. After uncle spoke to my parents he felt that we are from a decent f****y.
We all came down, he invited for coffee. We three went inside. And sat on a sofa. Uncle went inside the kitchen and came outside. Behind uncle came a lady. She was coming behind uncle so I couldn’t see her face. Now uncle came and sat on the sofa. Now I could see the lady.
She was his wife. Uncle told to her
Uncle : Rashmi, get coffee to all of them
Rashmi : Sure why not.

After telling that she went inside. And within few minutes she came and gave coffee to all of us. While she was giving coffee, she came close to me. I could feel the beauty in her face. It was really a very nice clean face. No acne marks. Shapely lips. I was really impressed by her behaviour, her looks and the way she was.
Really I had never tasted such a tasty coffee in my life time. I was really thinking if the coffee itself is so good, how she will prepare food. I was thinking if I come here I can get good food.

Dear all this is Rashmi. Yes Rashmi, the heroine of this story. Let me tell you about the heroine of this story. She is very homely. Look wise she is dusky, not very dark but little dark. Silky hairs, nice shapely lips, and seriously she had a nice boobs, and was little plumpy and not very plumpy. Nice structure overall. She resemebles Bipasha Basu.

Not exactly but almost. She was around 32 years. Almost 8 years younger to me. But she is really homely and very decent and well behaved lady. I could sense all this by her behaviour and looks. She is definatly loyal to her husband. Overall she looked like a typical Indian Pathivratha.
It was Saturday evening 6:00PM. I called owner uncle and asked him if I can come to his house and pay the advance and check in to the house.
Me : hello Uncle, its Raki here. Wanted to ask you if you are available at house. I will come and pay the advance
Uncle : Ya sure rakesh. I am at home only. You can come and pay the advance
Me : Sure uncle I will be there in 20mins.
Uncle : ok ok no probs.

I got ready and started to the new house. I rang the bell. I was expecting small boy to open the door. As he used to always open the door. I rang bell twice. No response. The I thought of ringing the bell again. Suddenly I could hear the door opening sound. The door opened. But this time it was not the boy, it was the boy’s mother, Rashmi who opened the door. She was wearing a simple orange colour saree with lots of dots on that. She had a very smiley face. As soon as she saw me, she smiled with a very caring manner.

Me : Aunty, I had called uncle to give money. Is he there at home?
Rashmi : Yes yes he is there. He will come. You come inside and sit
Me : Sure aunty.
Rashmi : You can sit on the sofa. I will get you coffee
Me : its fine aunty. Don’t take trouble
Rashmi : whats there in trouble. It’s our duty to give something to the guest
Me : oh so nice of you.
Rashmi : just relax will get you coffee. Meanwhile uncle will come.
Me : sure aunty. Thanks

She went to kitchen. While going I could see her nice round shaped ass covered inside sexy saree. I couldn’t take my eyes from that. Finally she disappeared in kitchen. Meanwhile uncle came. Sat opposite to me.

Uncle : How are you rakesh?
Me : I am good uncle. How are you and other f****y members?
Uncle : all are good rakesh.
Me : Uncle here is your 75,000 for advance
Uncle : oh thanks for giving me the advance
Me : that’s fine uncle.

I handed over the money. Uncle counted the money and told its fine.
Uncle : When are u planning to shift rakesh?
Me : tomorrow only uncle.
Uncle : oh what happened?
Me : nothing the place is stay is not that decent. I am feeling so uncomfortable that I was feeling like running
Uncle : Ok your wish.
Me : Thanks uncle
Meanwhile Rashmi came with two coffees. Uncle took one and I took one. Rashmi was holding the plate she got coffee on her chest. It was like as if she is protecting her chest from the plate. She was looking stunning in that simple saree as well.
Uncle turned towards Rashmi
Uncle : Rashmi, get him the key
Rashmi : Ok. I will get it
Uncle : It’s in the hanger in the room
Rashmi : ok I got it will get you wait

Her voice was so sweet that as if a small k** will speak. I finished my coffee. Rashmi went to room and got the key. She gave it me. I was very happy that Rashmi only gave me the housekey. As soon as she gave the key she went and stood near the kitchen door. Uncle also finished coffee. Aunty came near us and took the empty glasses and went inside the kitchen.
I got the key and told that I will be leaving. Uncle told that since tomorrow is Sunday, you can shift and he will also help. I could feel how caring those people are. I got up and started to move. As soon as I started I wanted to see aunty before I leave. I got up and went near door. Aunty didn’t come outside. Then I wore my chappals. Thought now at least she will come. She didn’t come. I started moving outside the gate. Finally she didn’t come. I started walking towards the road. But still I couldn’t see her. Finally thought she won’t come and then I started walking. But still wanted to see her face before leaving. I just thought she might come. I turned behind to check if aunty is there. She was little busy so she didn’t come outside. I heard a music playing somewhere far. It was making me sl**p more. I was feeling like as if I am in heaven. I was seeing so many beautiful and sexy angles dancing around me and making me to sl**p. Now the music became louder and it started irritating. All the angles were disappearing. I wanted the sexy angles to remain there only. I was trying to catch them. But this music was becoming more louder. I just opened my eyes to see from the music was coming. It was the alarm which I had kept to get up early. I saw the wall clock it was already 5:30AM.
Usually Sundays I get up late. But that Sunday I was suppose to go and boil milk for my new house. I had called my parents as well. They would be coming around 8AM. I had to get all the materials like milk, sugar, and what all…. The list goes on. I was not at all feeling like wakeing up. But mom had told to get up early and we should be boil milk before 9AM as there is Yamagandaka kalam.
Got up from bed and then went to toilet and kept water to get heat. Mean while I shaved and then took bath. I got ready by 6:30AM. I went to shop and got all the materials mom had told me. I wore a traditional Kurtha and was looking real smart.
I started to the new house. It was around 7:30AM I reached the new house. I parked my bike in the corner and came near the gate. Gate was closed, I taught still all are sl**ping. But infront of the gate it was already washed and had a nice Rangoli. Then realised it would be Owner aunty rashmi who would have done this. My guess was right. As I was entering the gate, Rashmi came from inside holding the Agarbathi, chanting some manthras. She saw me smiled and went near the Tulasi plant and was doing pooja. I didn’t wanted to disturb her so I just climbed the stares and then went to the house to keep all the materials. After keep all the materials, I was wondering how beautiful Rashmi looked in the saree. It was around 7:45AM. There was lot of time for parents to come. Was wondering what shall I do until parents come. I thought will go to down floor and then speak to rashmi for sometime. But did want to spoil my name as I had made an impression of good and gentle man.
But then thought let me just think how beautiful she looked in the saree. I was just praising her beauty. Rashmi had taken bath and I could smell the soup as well. It was indeed LLUX. I could smell it. And then she had tied the hairs to the towel. She was wearing Light Yellow color saree. It was really stunning to see her in that saree. It was as semitransparent and I could see her blouse and though the blouse was very nigtly worn, still I could see a small cleavage and a small passage between the beautiful and milky boobs of Rashmi. She had worn bangles, which was making her hands look very beautiful and she had worn Anklets as and when she was moving it was making sound and was really good to hear.
I was wondering how lucky uncle was who is everyday enjoying this beautiful lady. I was thinking how can I go and speak to her. I literally wanted to speak to her and see her again. Suddenly something striked in my mind. I thought I will go and ask for a mug and water. This idea was very good and then I started climbing down to go to Rashmi’s house. I saw the door was locked now. I just rang the bell.
The door opened and there stood the angel. She had tied her hairs with towel and made a bun of her hairs behind. I just wished her good morning.
Me : Good morning aunty
Rashmi : good morning rakesh. What do you want
Me : Aunty sorry, I need a mug and water. I am sorry I am disturbing you early morning.
Rashmi : hey no no nothing like that. You can ask me anything anytime.
Me : (I wanted to ask her a kiss now as soon as listening those words) sure aunty, I will ask.
Rashmi : come inside don’t stand outside like that.
Me : sure aunty. (I didn’t miss this oppurtunity and went inside and sat)
Rashmi : What time are you boiling milk?
Me : I am waiting for my parents to come aunty. Once they come I will start.
Rashmi : Ok how much time it will take for them to come?
Me : around 30mins from now.
Rashmi : Ok cool then keep having Tea meanwhile
Me : Sure aunty. I will never say no to your Tea.
Rashmi : Why is that rakesh?
Me : The other day you gave tea and it was really wonderful. Even my mom was telling that tea was really good
Rashmi : oh comeon. I just prepare like others that’s it. Anyways I will prepare tea and come wait
Me : sure aunty.

She got me tea. While sipping the tea, she also sat infront of me. I asked her where is uncle.
Me : aunty where is uncle.?
Rashmi : Uncle and my k**s are sl**ping. They get up at 8 8:30 on sundays
Me : oh ok. Everyone have holiday so. Even I get up late on sundays
Rashmi : but for ladies it not like that. We have to get up early every day
Me : Ya I know that. Even my mom wakes up very early.

Me : aunty where is uncle.?
Rashmi : Uncle and my k**s are sl**ping. They get up at 8 8:30 on sundays
Me : oh ok. Everyone have holiday so. Even I get up late on sundays
Rashmi : but for ladies it not like that. We have to get up early every day
Me : Ya I know that. Even my mom wakes up very early.
Rashmi : Ok take the mug and here is the water. Shall I get this pot till the house?
Me : No no aunty I don’t want to troule you more
Rashmi : no worries rakesh. Feel free and feel at home.
Me : You are very good aunty.
Rashmi : mm thanks.
Me : ok aunty I will go now. Parents will be comeing in anytime now.
Rashmi : ok ok.
Me : Aunty why don’t you come for the pooja.
Rashmi : Sure why now let your parents come. I will come.
Me : bring uncle and k**s also.
Rashmi : sure sure
Me : and also don’t prepare food today. I will tell mom to prepare food for all of us we all can have after the pooja
Rashmi : oh don’t want rakesh, why trouble to your mother
Me : no trouble at all. Mom likes to prepare food and give it to people. In our house we like guests more and we treat them well when they come to house
Rashmi : Good habit rakesh. Your parents have thought you good habbits
Me : ya aunty. They are very good.
Rashmi : ok rakesh, even I have lots of work. You people finish your pooja. Once uncles gets up and get ready we will come for the pooja.
Me : ok aunty. Thanks for the wonderful tea and the mug and water
Rashmi : that’s fine. Take care
As I came out and went upstairs, parents also came. It was around 8:30AM. Dad told we can boil the milk. Milk boiled fully and mom told that this house will be really good for me. I was praying got to just get Rashmi aunty to me. By 9:30 all the pooja was finished. Now I was just waiting for my sexy angel to come. By 9:30 all the pooja was finished. Now I was just waiting for my sexy angel to come.
Dad and mom were just seeing the house and was thinking where all to keep which items. Then mom suddenly asked did you not invite owner for pooja. I was really happy. I told I had invited no one has come. I asked mom to go and call them. By this no one will doubt me and they all will come without fail if some elders call. Mom went down to call them. I was just waiting when my sweet angel will come. Within few minutes mom came upstairs and told they are getting ready they will come in 10mins.
I was just waiting my angel to come to my house first time. It was 10AM now they did come only. As I was just seeing the house and was planning what to keep where, suddenly two k**s came inside jumping. I just saw who are they. They were Rahul and Rohan, k**s of Uncle and aunty. I had seen Rahul and not Rohan. Rahul is elder one 6 years and Rohan was 4 years. Mom asked them where is your mom and dad. They told they are coming. In just few minutes, Uncle and aunty came. I was just waiting for her to come.
Both came inside. Uncle was just wearing a normal shirt and pant. He looked like he is very aged. And I saw my angel. She was realy looking like bipasha. She had worn a silk saree. Her boobs were really firm and big. These kind of boobs look very good in saree. Very neatly worn saree. She had put jasmine flower and had open hairs. It was really look very cute. Her bangles where making sweet noise as and when she was moving her hands. Her lux soap smell was still making me mad. Dad came front and started speaking to them.
Dad : Welcome Sir
Uncle : I think pooja is over
Dad : ya just now. Everything was good
Uncle : good to hear. So did u like the new house
Dad : its really good and I am very happy that my son got such a house.
Uncle : don’t worry there is no problem in the house. 24hrs water is there, good air on top, full secured building.
Dad : ya I saw its really good. And also getting good owners like u is also important.
Uncle : don’t worry about that sir. We were just worried to give it to bachelors as they spoil the environment
Dad : we can understand, but my son is really a good and gentle boy. He wont trouble you people
Uncle : Ya I know that. And also he is working for a very good company.
Dad : yes sir. Don’t worry he doesn’t have any bad habits and also he doesn’t have many friends

While uncle and dad were speaking, aunt and mom where speaking in kitchen. Mom was preparing Tea. I just wanted to be with rashmi. so I went inside kitchen as if to drink water. So that I can see my angel very close.
Mom : This house is really very good
Aunty : ya we thought not to give to bachelors.
Mom : but don’t worry my son wont trouble you
Aunty : after you all even we felt so we thought will give the house to your son
Mom : you prepare tea really good. That day we were very happy to drink tea in your house
Me : Mom they tell aunty to prepare na. I am really bored of your tea
Mom : Ohh now daily you go to her house only to drink tea
Aunty : ya why not rakesh, come to house daily will prepare for you
Mom : Hey I was just k**ding. Rakesh don’t go and trouble aunty
Aunty : That is not trouble. I would really like to give daily
Mom : that’s so nice of you rashmi. Thanks a lot

While are were speaking, those two k**s were jumping here and there. I was really feeling so irritated with them. Now uncle told they had to leave somewhere. So all were about to leave. Dad told to give the sweets. It was laddu. I gave sweets to the k**s. Then I gave one laddu to my angel rashmi and one to uncle. They were having laddu. While rashmi was eating laddu, she drop few pieces down. She didn’t bother to collect it. Then after having sweets they all told they are going out as it was Sunday. But I really felt very bad that my rashmi I also going. But cant help I cannot tell her to stay. As they were about to go, mom called rashmi and told to take kumkum. It’s a custom in south india for any married ladies, we give kumkum and a blouse piece. Mom gave her kumkum and a blouse piece along with banana and coconut. She took that and about to leave. Mom told she had got some vegetables from native. Rashmi told they are going out and told mom to keep it at home only will collect later. Then all left. I was just watching my sexy angel rashmi went down. I felt very bad and unhappy.
Dad went somewhere outside and mom was busy doing something in kitchen. Seeing this opportunity, I just saw those sweet pieces which rashmi had drop while eating. I just collect the pieces fallen on ground. They were actually fallen from rashmi’s mouth. Just wanted to taster her saliva. I took it and ate. It was really sweet. Seriously was wondering if she falls in love with me, I can taste her lips which can be like sugar factory. But she was very homely and very traditional and by seeing I could feel she was very loyal to her husband.
But somewhere I was feeling that I will get this sexy angel. Dad came back and told that’s lets go to old house and vacat it and come today only as it was a good day. We all went and got all the items which was there in old house and handed over the keys to the old house owner.
We came to the new house and kept all the items. I thought I will arrange it tomorrow. It was around 9PM night. Uncle, aunty and k**s came back. I could here uncle bikes sound. They all staright away went inside. Aunty was holding rohan on her shoulder and uncle was holding Rahul. Both were sl**ping. I thought if Rashmi can come. After 20 mins I could hear uncle and aunty both coming upstairs. Uncle came to house and started speaking

Uncle : Oh you people shifted the house today itself
Dad : Ya we thought we can come today only as today was a good day
Uncle : ok ok good no problem.
Dad : now all the items has to be arranged. It will take 4 to 5 days atleast
Uncle : don’t worry, rashmi can help you people. She loves doing all this
Dad : I am leaving tomorrow, I had lots of work there.
Aunty : Don’t worry, I will take care
Uncle : you people go. No worries. Your son is like our son. So we take are of him more than you
Dad : That is no nice of you sir. Now I am little relaxed.
Both uncle and aunty left. It was around 11PM. All of us slept. Morning dad and mom went to native. I had to arrange all the items. So I had to take leave in the office.
I saw it was around 8:30AM. It was Monday. I saw uncle and k**s going to Office and school. Now aunty was alone after they all go out.
As aunty told that she will help me in arrangeing the items. I thought she will come. Around 10:30 she will come and we both will be alone whole day. I got up around 8:30. It was Monday. Parents had left early morning as they had some work. I saw all the items where lying on the floor. I went to bathroom and brushed and came out. I was thinking how will I arrange the items. I thought of taking bath. I thought anyways I have to arrange the items and I will become dirt. So thought after arranging the items will take bath. Then I realised that Rashmi will come and help me. So thought if I smell bad it wont be good. So thought of taking bath. I was just searching for the suitcase where I had kept the undergarments. I saw it was in the corner. I was not able to go there easily as many items where there. Slowly I went near the suitcase. Opened it and searched for a nice underwear. I dint want to wear a old one because for sure I knew if rashmi is there my dick will really get erected. And swear mine is thick and long dick which can form tent in pant. So thought of wearing a new one. I searched I had a white underwear jockey which was a perfect fit. I chose white to keep my hard dick cool. If I wear dark color then it might become heat and make my dick hard soon. I remove all the dresses including underwear. Quickly I went and took bath naked. I shaved myself. Mean while I saw my dick. There were lots of hairs. Thought of shaving it. But then thought let it be. A dick with lots of bush aournd looks good without bush. What say guys?. Then I washed even my dick and ass very cleanly so that it should be fresh. Who knows by chance if we get chance to fuck her. I finished taking bath. Wiped myself with towel and then came out naked only. I had kept the underwear on the chair. Took that I wore it. Pulled the elastic more so that dick will be tight and there is not room to see the erection. Then I applied deospray so that if rashmi come she must feel nice and hug me and kiss me. I wore a nice yellow color tshirt and black shorts. It was around 9:45. There were no signs of rashmi coming. And also I cannot go and call her to help. I was feeling hungry was wondering what to do for breakfast. I was just moving all the items sidewards so that I get some place to I was cleaning the items I could hear some sound of Anklets. I just ignored it. Then that sound was becoming more and more and the the sound was coming almost near the door. I just lift my head and saw waaaw my angel rashmi was infront the door. I had not closed the door. She was standing there like a beautiful angel. As soon as I saw her, first thing she gave me a big smile. Just imagine when bipasha smiles how it will be. Swear exactly it was like that.
After smile next thing she spoke was “Good morning Rakesh….”. it was sounding so sensual I was really going mad to hear that sweet and soft voice. That was indeed very nice voice. She had a very good and soft voice. She was wearing saree. Yellow color saree. Even I was wearing yellow color tshit.Was wondering was it a coincidence. It was a normal saree which she wears daily in the house I guess. No make up on the face. She was a natural beauty. Matching blouse. Thought the saree was not so transparent, I could see her blouse through her pallu, not very clearly but I could see. But this blouse was not at all deep, so I was not able to see the cleavage. She came inside and …
Rahmi : What are you doing rakesh?
Me : I am just arranging the items aunty.
Rahmi : I told you that I will come and help you right.
Me : ya I know. Just thought you will be having lots of work so didn’t want to disturb you.
Rahmi : ya morning untill my husband and k**s go to school, I will be busy. Once they go then I will be free.
Me : Ya I know about ladies. Very difficult tast to maintain f****y
Rahmi : Rakesh, did you had breakfast?
Me : No aunty. Thought of going out now.
Rahmi : Hey why do you want to go out. I have prepare chapthi. Have it and come. They we can arrange the house
Me : No aunty why trouble for you
Rahmi : no no nothing like that. Come lets go
Me : you had breakfast aunty?
Rahmi : No rakesh, after uncle and k**s left I took bath and then did pooja. Then thought will call you and go for breakfast
Me : Ohh so nice of you aunty. You are really very caring. But I am sorry I made you wait for breakfast
Rahmi : oh comeon rakesh. Usually everyday it takes same time for having breakfast
Me : I can understand aunty
Rahmi : now come lets go. I am hungry.
Me : sure aunty let me just keep this suitcase there

After I kept the suitcase, we both started. She went first and I followed her. I just closed the door and was walking behind her. her back was very sexy. Very shaped back. I could see her bare back. And for sure she was wearing a white bra. I could see the bra straps and hooks. Ladies look so sexy from behind and also if we can see their bra strap marks it would be still lovely. Her blouse was a U shaped and I could see some bare back there. Then next part was covered with blouse where her bra straps where visible. Then again some naked parts, waist.(Even though all these parts were not visible properly because of the long hairs she had, but could see little of it.) Then her saree was there. She has a nice round ass. Was feeling so jealous of uncle. How and all he would have enjoyed that ass. As she was getting down her ass was juggling and was making me mad and mad. We both came down and she took the door key and opened the door. She was alone at home. All her structure, lux soap smell, she being alone, the situation was making me very tempted and wanted to hug her and kiss. But I just wanted to maintain decency as I wanted to win her emotionally (this is my policy and I have succeeded many times with many ladies and aunties)
We both entered the house. I was neatly cleaned and fragrance of agarbathi was coming all over the house. She went directly to kitchen and was doing something. I sat on the sofa. I could see her very clearly. She was facing her back to me. As she was moving her ass was juggling and I was getting aroused very much. I was watching her back without blinking. I didn’t want to close my eyes even a single second until I was with her. I kept watching her continuously. Rashmi suddenly turned and saw. I got scared. She just smiled and …..
Rahmi : What are you doing alone there Rakesh?
Me : Nothing just simply seeing what you are doing.
Rahmi : Come inside. Feel at home. Don’t feel very shy
Me : ohh I am your guest so I didn’t want to move around the house.
Rahmi : Hey nothing like that rakesh, you are not our guest, feel you are also like one of our f****y.
Me : SO nice of you aunty. Thank you so much.
Rahmi : come come why are siting along
Me : sure aunty
I got up and went inside. Even I wanted to go inside. I am just maintaining decency so that she must not feel bad in future. I went inside the kitchen. She was just keeping chapathis to the plate. She had two plates one for me and one for her. she handed one plate to me. While giving the plate accidently her hand touched mine. I swear felt as if some current flew inside me. Her hands were so soft. I couldn’t see any reaction in her. I felt she didn’t had any bad intentions. She was normal.
Rahmi : Come lets go to the dining table.
Me : Sure aunty.
We both had breakfast. Nothing much discussion happened there. We both quickly had breakfast and then she kept the plates to the wash basin. She told she will wash it later. It was 11:00AM. Rashmi told lets go to house and arrange few things and again come back to have lunch. I came outside. She was closing the door. I was standing there and thought let me go first. I started and this time she was coming behind. but I had an intention to see her back again. But too much is too bad. I opened the door and went inside. She also came behind me only. We both had breakfast. Nothing much discussion happened there. We both quickly had breakfast and then she kept the plates to the wash basin. She told she will wash it later. It was 11:00AM. Rashmi told lets go to house and arrange few things and again come back to have lunch. I came outside. She was closing the door. I was standing there and thought let me go first. I started and this time she was coming behind. but I had an intention to see her back again. But too much is too bad. I opened the door and went inside. She also came behind me only.
Me : Aunty from where will we start arranging the items?
Rashmi : Lets start from Bedroom because all the items will be kept in the bedroom. Once that is done, we will have lots of place in hall to arrange easily
Me : Ok sure aunty.
Rashmi : Before that let me clean the room. You should have done this yesterday only before the items were kept.
Me : ohh sorry aunty I don’t know all this.
Rashmi : its fine rakesh, even now we can do. Get that broom will will sweep first.
Me : aunty don’t want I will do it. Why should you do all this
Rashmi : rakesh its my order get it I will do
Me : Ok madam. Done. As you say.

I went to the corner where the broom was kept. I handed over the broom to rashmi. she told me to wait. Was wondering why she told me to I was watching, She took her pallu and tugged it very tightly to her waist. It was mind blowing. My god, as she pulled her pallu and tugged it to her waist, the pallu covering her blouse uncovered her left boob and was clearly visible. As soon as she tugged the pallu, the saree tied to her waist went little down to make her navel visible more. Seriously that scene made me so horny that my dick slowly wanted to erect. But I was controlling myself. One should really experience that, then only they can feel that sensuality. Then she turned back and took all her hairs and made a roll and tied behind and made a bun. this actually explored her back. Usually ladies do this while they clean vessel, sweep or do some work so that the hairs of the pallu won’t disturb them.
Previously her back was partially covered by her hairs. Now she tied on top of her head making it a bun. now that U shaped blouse gave a full visibility of her naked back and her bra straps where clearly visible now along with hook as well. Below the blouse now the waist was so clearly visible.
Guys, usually ladies will look very erotic, hot and sensual when they are semi naked and partially exposing. We feel very hungry to see that full naked body. if they are partially naked we will be tempted to see the nude beauty. Guys almost I was about to kiss her back I just went one step forward to see the back very closely. But suddenly rashmi turned towards me. I just stopped and didn’t want to mess up anything. Then I thought inside me still there is lots of time to get this sexy aunty.
Now she put forward her hand and asked for the broom. I gave her the broom. She went inside the room, now while walking her back, her ass was clearly visible without the hairs. Waaw that scene was making me really hot and was not able to concentrate on anything. She went inside the room, and I also followed her. she bent to sweep. As she bent her round ass was looking so sexy. My hands were hungry to touch them. She just turned behind while bending only.

Rashmi : What are you doing here? Go out
Me : its ok aunty will stand here only
Rashmi : Go out rakesh, lots of dust here. Let me finish sweeping.
Me : ok aunty
Rashmi : mean while just try to see what all things you are keeping inside the room, once the cleaning is done lets keep most of the items inside
Me : sure aunty.

After she told this I just came out without any word. I was checking all the items which was supposed to keep inside the room. After few minutes she came out along with the broom holding in her hand.
Rashmi : rakesh, I am done. Now first keep the cot first. Once cot is kept inside we get lots of place in the hall
Me : your are right aunty
Rashmi : come lets bring it inside

It was difficult to bring the cot inside. We just pushed it inside somehow. Now there was lots of place in the hall. We pushed it towards the wall. Then rashmi saw the cot and told me
Rashmi : Rakesh, keep your cot towards east. It will be good to sl**p towards east
Me : why is that aunty.
Rashmi : don’t sl**p towards your north.
Me : ya mom also was telling same thing.
Rashmi : and also see you have window here you get good fresh air.
Me : sure madam as you order me (I just smiled)
Rashmi : good boy now you are listening to my order (she just smiled and patted on my shoulder)

It was so nice to feel her hands on my shoulder. But I didn’t see any wrong intention in her. she was very normal. Sometimes I was having a feeling that I can never get this lady. But still why should I think in a negative way. Still there is lots of time. Then we both pushed the cot towards the direction mentioned by Rashmi.
Now I just took the bed, pillows and kept on the cot. Rashmi was standing there only. She took the bed and arranged very neatly and put bedsheet on that and kept the pillows neatly on the bed. I was thinking one day we both will sl**p on this bed and make love. Also I was feeling as if my wife is arranging my bed. As she was arranging I was thinking as if she is getting ready to make love with me.
As she was arranging the bed, putting bedsheet she used to bend and get up. Which was making her ass look so nice. She used to bend forward and then again stand. Imagine guys if a lady that to matured aunty is doing that infront of you. And also matured aunties ass will be so nice and big. Was really getting so tensed. My dick almost was getting erected. Was very afraid to touch that. If I touch for sure it will stand like a rock.

Now the bed was ready (just rashmi was supposed to agree to make love.) now there were few things outside. Asked rashmi what all we can keep inside.

Me : Aunty now what next?
Rashmi : next keep your computer table and cupoard also inside.
Me : ok sure. But let the computer table be outside only
Rashmi : no rakesh keep all the items in the room. So that you get more space in the hall. And if you have more space in the hall house looks good
Me : (ladies have great sense of arranging items in the house). As you order madam (both laughed loudly)

We again pushed the computer table inside. Rashmi took a cloth and whipped the table as it was really dirty and dusty. As rashmi didn’t know that all has to be kept on the computer table she asked me what to keep on that. I collect all the monitor, cpu, keyboard, mouse, speakers which were lying on the floor. Rashmi helped in carrying the keyboard, mouse, speakers. I just kept everything on the table. Didn’t conncect it.

Rashmi : I don’t know anything about this computer rakesh.
Me : oh its very simple aunty.
Rashmi : Teach me sometime when you are free.
Me : Sure why not.
Rashmi : Rahul always asks for computer, but uncle say that he should grow little big to use computer
Me : ya that’s correct, but ther is no harm in learning computers at that age.
Rashmi : even I tell the same thing.
Me : don’t worry I will teach rahul and you computer and when I am not there you can use my computer
Rashmi : so nice of you rakesh
Me : aunty whatever you are doing to me is nothing infront of what I am doing
Rashmi : rakesh please stop this formalities. You are also one among our f****y now
Me : thank you so much aunty

It was 12:30. Rashmi told get the bucket, water drum and keep it in bathroom. I kept all the bathroom items in the bathroom.
Rashmi : Rakesh its already 12:30, I will go and prepare lunch. After that I will call you. We both can have lunch together.
Me : aunty don’t worry I will have outside. I don’t want to trouble you more
Rashmi : rakesh I told you please don’t be so formal. If that is the case then I will not come again to your house . Is it ok?
Me : ohh don’t tell that aunty. You are my good friend now
Rashmi : (Rashmi smiled little emotionally) mmmm then why are you speaking so formally?
Me : ok I am sorry (just to impress her I just did few situps)
Rashmi : mmmm here afterwards if you speak like this I will give u punishment
Me : ok madam as you order (both laughed again)
Rashmi : Rakesh its already 12:30, I will go and prepare lunch. After that I will call you. We both can have lunch together.
Me : aunty don’t worry I will have outside. I don’t want to trouble you more
Rashmi : rakesh I told you please don’t be so formal. If that is the case then I will not come again to your house . Is it ok?
Me : ohh don’t tell that aunty. You are my good friend now
Rashmi : (Rashmi smiled little emotionally) mmmm then why are you speaking so formally?
Me : ok I am sorry (just to impress her I just did few situps)
Rashmi : mmmm here afterwards if you speak like this I will give u punishment
Me : ok madam as you order (both laughed again)
Rashmi : Ok then I will go and start preparing
Me : aunty if you don’t mind can I ask you something
Rashmi : what is that?
Me : I will get bored alone here, can I also come with you?
Rashmi : oh god for that why should I mind. Even I get bored alone. I thought of asking you to come. But thought you will sit alone while I prepare lunch. So only didn’t call
Me : no problem I will come and stand in kitchen
Rashmi : that is really nice rakesh. Come lets go

We both started. She went outside first and then I locked the door and started . She was climbing down the stairs. Waaw now her hairs where tied like a bun and her back was full clearly visible. Her bra straps where making me so mad. And her bra hooks waaaaaaaaaaaw. Really ladies are so beautiful thing in the world to appreciate and praise. (GUYS DO YOU AGREE?)
She opened the door and then I followed her inside. As I entered she closed the door and staright away went to bathroom. After few minutes she came outside. She went to clean herself as she had arranged and cleaned so many things in my house. She went inside the bedroom and came out with the towel and was wiping her face and hands.
Rashmi : Rakesh, go and wash your hands and face. We have cleaned the house and lots of dust will be there
Me : sure aunty.
I went inside the bathroom and closed the door. Just pissed and then searched around to see if there are any aunty’s panties or bra. But nothing was there. Then saw there was a soap. It was Lux. I guessed that was aunty’s soap. Took that, it was wet. Aunty had just used it. Wanted to feel that to my skin. Applied that to my lips first. And then to my face and then for my hands. Washed myself and opened the bolt. Was looking for towel. I really wanted to wipe myself with the same towel aunty had wiped. I saw here and there towel was not there. I slowly stepped forward so that water wont spill on floor. Aunty was in kitchen and then came outside calling me. As soon as she saw me

Rashmi : Rakesh, Rakesh….
Me : yes aunty
Rashmi : oh you are here
Me : ya was looking for towel.
The towel aunty used was on her shoulder only as I told I was looking for towel I saw the towel on her shoulder. I just pulled it. Rashmi told me that she had used the towel and will give me other one.
Rashmi : Rakesh, I had used that towel
Me : its fine aunty why are you worried
Rashmi : No it wont be good. I would have given a washed one
Me : no probs. Nothing will happen.
Rashmi : mmmmm ok I will start preparing lunch.
Me : Ok I will also come there
I was wiping my face and hands and was feeling the smell of Lux soap and was feeling how nice it would be we both wiping body same time. That towel was aunty’s towel and should. would have wiped her boobs, pussy, ass and whole body. while thinking that itself was feeling so tempted. Wanted to wipe my dick with that towel.
Aunty had already in kitchen. I went inside and saw she was cutting some vegtabels and was putting water to the vessel to cook.
Me : Aunty give that vegetables to me. I will cut
Rashmi : hey rakesh you just stand here that is enough. I will do it.
Me : aunty you have helped me so much in arrange items at home. Let me cut the vegetables you do someother work
Rashmi : ohh rakesh its fine.
Me : ok then after lunch you just come to home and see don’t help me. Ok?
Rashmi : mm ok baba sorry. Take cut the vegetables. Mean while I will just wash rice and keep it on stove
Me : sure

I could see rashmi was very happy and also she was mumming some songs as well. When I saw her first time I was thinking she is very reserved and never speak. But she was very good lady with no bad intention and very homely and very friendly. I finished cutting vegetables.
Me : Aunty, take this vegetables.
Rashmi : thanks rakesh. So nice of you
Me : aunty you sing very nice.
Rashmi : mmmm thank you
Me : you always sing?
Rashmi : no no. sometimes when I am happy
Me : ohh what happened? You are so happy.
Rashmi : nothing just like that.
Me : ok. Then anyother help?
Rashmi : no no. I have kept everything for cooking. It will take 10mins. Mean while I will arrange plates in the dining table.
Me : ok aunty let me know if I have to do something.
Rashmi : yes you have to do something
Me : what tell me aunty.
Rashmi : just have lunch (a big smile)
She went near table and was arranging the plates. She was looking so sexy from back (try seeing Bipasha basu back and compare, you guys will know). She was calling me
Rashmi : Rakesh, please switch off the stove.
Me : ok aunty.
Rashmi : come and sit. Will bring the sambar and rice
Me : sure aunty.
Rashmi : (she came inside) you are still here. Go and sit
Me : aunty I will carry sambar, you carry rice
Rashmi : ok ok. Come soon its aleary 1:30. rahul and rohan will come by 3:30. wil have to finish most of the arrangements before they come.
Me : aunty don’t take tension. I wil manage.
Rashmi : its ok rakesh. I like arrange things at home. I love doing it.
Me : ohh I am so happy. All the arrangements you only take care aunty. I wil give comepete freedom
Rashmi : waaw thanks. I like decorating house you know
Me : ya I can see the your house. Its so neat and clean.
Rashmi : yes I like my house to be like that.

She started serving food. She put rice, sambar, papad and pickles. We started having lunch. It was so delicious. In many days I had not had such food. Mom used to prepare food very good. But this is very good than mom. We were just having food. She started speaking.
Rashmi : Rakesh, hows the food.
Me : Its not food, its Amrutha (very very tasty food prepared by god’s)
Rashmi : ohh stop it rakesh. You always praise me
Me : you deserve that aunty
Rashmi : thank you so much rakesh.
Me : I should thank you for that. You gave me breakfast then lunch.
Rashmi : rakesh can I ask you something?
Me : comeon aunty please don’t be formal. We both are friends. Ask anything
Rashmi : is my food really good?
Me : no doubt.if anyone tells that then are from devil f****y or they should be pigs
Rashmi : mmmm ok
Me : why did u ask this question aunty?
Rashmi : no nothing just like that.
Me : no no tell na pls. don’t worry see I am your good friend. And you can speak to me anything.
Rashmi : hey rakesh nothing like that. Just wanted to know whether you are telling that really or just to praise me
Me : ohh aunty why should I do that. Its real fact that you prepare real good food. Swear even my mom wont prepare like that
Rashmi : Thank you so much rakesh.
Me : Aunty tell me frankly why you asked that question, its ok if its too personal or something which you don’t wanna share I wont f***e you
Rashmi : ohh rakesh nothing like that just told na. wanted to know that’s it
Me : see aunty, you were so happy all this time, singing songs, suddenly you were emotional. Don’t think I wont understand. I am sorry I may be younger than you. But I can understand someone easily. And please I wont f***e anyone to tell anything. But please dont be so dull. you were so happy few minutes back.
Rashmi : oh god nothing like that. I am happy only.
Me : ok anyways if you feel like telling anything you are most welcome.
Rashmi : Rakesh, you are so good and understanding. I feel so good that you came to our house.
Me : aunty don’t be so formal. If you feel like sharing anything please do share. I am your very good friend.
Rashmi : ya rakesh, I wanted a good friend like you. Thanks
Me : ok now we both are friends. Friends?( I just gave my left hand.)
Rashmi : Friends (smiled very emotionally and gave her left hand)
Her hand was so soft that I didn’t want to leave it. She took her hand back. And then saw me very emotionally.
Rashmi : Rakesh, where were you all these days?
Me : why aunty?
Rashmi : today I am feeling so comfortable.
Me : what happened aunty. Please tell me. I know you are feeling like speaking something but you are not telling
Rashmi : I just wanted a good friend where I can share my sorrows, feelings, happiness.
Me : You can always do that aunty. I am really your good friend and I am very gentle man I wont tell anyone whatever you tell
Rashmi : I know that rakesh. You are very good.
Me : ok hereafterwards don’t call me rakesh, call me raki.
Rashmi : sure raki. This is good and I feel so comfortable and very close when calling you raki
Me : Call me whatever you feel comfortable.
Rashmi : you know uncle wont appreiciate my food. He always give bad comments on the food I prepare
Me : ohh what is this. Swear I tell you its so nice and very tasty
Rashmi : raki, have some more rice.
Me : oh god if I have food daily like this, I will become fat.
Rashmi : no no nothing you have take somemore rice.
Me : no aunty I am really full.
Rashmi : I know you don’t like my food (she just made her face little upset)
Me : ok aunty, serve me please don’t make your face like that. You wont look good when you are upset.
Rashmi : (smiled and put the rice). That’s like a good boy.
Me : but why uncle wont like your food?
Rashmi : he is like that only. He doesn’t like whatever I do.
Me : ohh. I am sorry.
Rashmi : ok forget that will tell you whenever I have time.
Me : sure aunty whenever you are comfortable. You can share anything. I wont mind. Please feel free with me.
Rashmi : sure raki. That is why I am very happy that I got a good friend.
Me : mmmm even I am very happy that I got a very good firend to speak. Otherwise I wouuld be alone at home.
Rashmi : why you wont go with friends?
Me : not like that. I very rare go with friends. If I am back at home, I will be alone right, so only told.
Rashmi : you know raki, when you were helping me I was feeling so nice. Uncle never helped in doing all such things.
Me : why aunty.? U know helping wife is really a good thing to show how much a hubby likes her wife
Rashmi : mm you are right
Me : and if I marry I really help my wife even to wash the clothes also (laughed and saw aunty)
Rashmi : your wife is so very lucky raki. Not everyone will get such husband.
We both finished our lunch. I washed the hand. Aunty took the plates and then took to washbasin. She was washing the plates and then kept in on table. She was washing other vessels. I just took the plates and other vessels and kept in kitchen. She just smiled and told me.
Rashmi : Raki, you are so good. Uncle never did all this. I am feelign so happy today.
Me : ohh that’s why you were sining today?
Rashmi : may be yes. Ok come soon will arrange that items soon. I have come back by 3:30
Me : ohh ya rahul and rohan will come right.
Rashmi : yes yes
We went to house again and started arranging things. Almost everything was arranged. All the items where arranged according to rashmi.
All the kitchen items where arranged. Now leftover were small small items. Rashmi saw the clock. It was 3:10.
Rashmi : Rakesh, I have to go now. Rest can you arrange please or we can do it tomorrow
Me : what happened aunty? You carry on. I will finish it by my own. Don’t worry.
Rashmi : no no I will come tommorow.
Me : but tomorrow I don’t have leave. Once you get back rahul and rohan come we can arrange
Rashmi : no no I cant come after that.
Me : ohh sorry aunty.
Rashmi : don’t be sorry raki. Uncle wont like me coming here.
Me : what do you mean? Uncle only told that you can help me
Rashmi : ya, he does this just to make other’s feel that he is good.
Me : oh sorry aunty, then why did u come. He might feel bad.
Rashmi : no no even I like to deceorate house and moreover I knew that you were a very good boy so only cme.
Me : thanks aunty. But please don’t get into trouble.
Rashmi : no problem. But can you promise me one thing
Me : sure aunty tell. I need not promise. I always care for you. Don’t worry
Rashmi : I know that raki. Please don’t tell uncle that I came here. Otherwise he will just shout at me.
Me : ok aunty swear I wont tell even to my parents.
Rashmi : thanks raki. Will see you tommorow.
Me : ok aunty take care. And be carefull.
I could understand now everything. She was very lonely and she wanted a good friend. She left immediately as she had to get her k**s back home from school. I just stood there speaking nothing. But I don’t know how the day went. It just left so soon with my angel. I was just standing seeing the door. She had gone. Was very upset. Thought she might be there for few more time. But anyways I didn’t want her life to be troubled. Suddenly I just lift my head and saw rashmi is back again.
Me : Aunty what happened?
Rashmi : nothing raki, (she came close to me held my both the hands)I am sorry for boring you with my sorrows.
Me : oh aunty please don’t be so formal. I told you many times. Don’t worry please. Share all your feelings with me. And don’t worry that I will missuse or tell anyone.
Rashmi : I know about you by know. Thanks for being my friend raki.
Me : its my pleasure aunty.

I just pressed my hand with her and smiled. She saw me and pressed my hand twice and smiled. And took back her hands.
She told she is getting late and told me again that not to tell uncle that she had come there.
I told ok and then she left. Was now feeling so nice. I knew that the line is getting clear and since she is feeling alone and uncle is not taking care of her, all the lines were clear for me to get rashmi. but I didn’t want to take advantage of this. There were few more items to be arranged. I arranged it. It was really very hectic day and was very tired. I was very dirty. It was around 7PM. I Put the heater and then took bath. I saw the clock it was 8PM. Thought of having dinner. Morning breakfast and then afternoon lunch was really good. But now I cannot go and have dinner also because uncle would have come. I just came down saw uncles bike was parked. Then realised that uncle had come. I took my bike and went to have dinner. I had my dinner and came back around 9PM. I parked my bike inside. Locked the gate and went to my house. After I went inside I could hear someone coming upstairs. Was thinking if aunty would be coming. But I didndt hear the payal sound so I realised it is not aunty. I opened the door and came out. It was uncle. Usually uncle comes for walk upstairs after dinner. He saw me and wished.
Uncle : Hi Rakesh,
Me : hello uncle, how are you?
Uncle : I am good, how are you?
Me : I am good uncle.
Uncle : so how are you feeling new house.
Me : its really good uncle.
Uncle : didn’t go to office today?
Me : No uncle, I had to arrange the items so did go to office.
Uncle : You did it alone?
Me : no no (I was about to tell that aunty had come. But she had told me not to tell) one of my friend had come.
Uncle : ohh ok. You could have called aunty. She would have helped
Me : ohh comeon uncle. Why should I trouble anyone. And moreover she will be busy with her work
Uncle : mmm ya
Me : (was thinking how idiot he is) come inside uncle. Just see how I have arranged
Uncle : good everything is arrange so soon. Really nice.
Me : thanks uncle.
Uncle : you have kept the house very neat and arrange things very neatly.
Me : I love to decorate the house uncle.
Uncle : even rashmi is fond of arranging and decorating house
Me : oh is it? Good then your house will be very neat and tidy
Uncle : ya ya what other work she will have.
Me : (he was trying to insult her) oh that is all ladies work uncle. Forget it.
Uncle : that’s true. We should not put our nose in their way
Me : Uncle take these fruits first time you are coming.
Uncle : ohh good good. You have good culture as well. After seeing parents really I came to know how good you people are.
Me : thanks uncle. That is how I have grown.
Uncle : ohh you do pooja also. You belive in god?
Me : I believe in god and I am really afraid of god. If I do any mistake I am really scared that god will punish me.
Uncle : ya ya. You should be very careful
Me : have some more fruits uncle
Uncle : no no enough.
Me : take to rahul and rohan they will like it. Its from our native only
Uncle : ok thanks rakesh. Good night
Me : Good night uncle. Have office tommorow
Uncle : ya even I will have to sl**p now.
Me : bye uncle

I just wanted to impress uncle as much as I can. So that I can easily speak to aunty. As uncle is very strict with aunty, it would be difficult to speak to her without his permission. So wanted to make sure that he trust me so much that I can easily go to his house or speak to aunty very freely.

I slept soon so that I could get up early. As I was very tired and took hot bath, I got sl**p very soon. Didn’t know how I slept. I opened my eyes, it was already 8:30. Oh god didn’t know how it became morning. I just got up and came out side. It was nice weather. Then went inside and brushed teeth and washed face and came out. It was already 9AM. I could see aunty doing something outside in the veranda. I was afraid to call her as uncle will be there. I did a plan. I thought let me just go down as if I am taking my bike outside. And then just give a smile and see the sexy queen. I came down. Came near bike and was taking outside. Aunty saw me and smiled. I also smiled. I didn’t speak anything as I didn’t want to trouble her. now she spoke.

Aunty : Good Morning rakesh
Me : good morning aunty.
Aunty : had tea?
Me : no aunty. I just got up and brushed.
Aunty : come will give you tea.
Me : uncle is not there?
Aunty : no don’t worry. If he was how can I speak to you?
Me : ohh ok. What time he leaves house?
Aunty : 8:30 sharp.
Me : then k**s?
Aunty : same 8:30 along with him.
Me : ohh ok. I didn’t know
Aunty : come come will give you tea. Have it and then will speak
Me : sure aunty.

We both went inside. She went to kitchen and in few minutes came with tea. I took that and was sipping the tea.
Me : aunty, actually I just came down to see you only. But couldn’t speak thinking that uncle will be there
Aunty : mmm. How is the tea?
Me : as usual very good and taste.
Aunty : hey what time is your office rakesh?
Me : I go by 11:30. my login time is 1pm
Aunty : ok. Then come for breakfast here only.
Me : but if uncle knows that I have breakfast here only?
Aunty : don’t worry uncle once goes by 8:30 will come by 7 only.
Me : oh its daily routine?
Aunty : yes. Since I got married its like that only.
Me : ok ok then every day I come to your house at 9:00 only
Aunty : ohh sure you are welcome (both laughed loudly)
Me : ok then will quickly I will take bath and come.
Aunty : sure come soon will prepare hot pooris. Will have together
Me : sure aunty.
I took bath and then came soon. She had prepared pooris for both of us. I had heavy breakfast. Now she was cleaning vessesl. I went and helped in keeping them back in kitchen. She liked me very much for the way I help her. she always used to tell how caring and helping I am and also was telling how much she will be expecting from uncle. He never does that.
So this started as routine very day. We both have breakfast together except Sundays. As Sunday uncle used to stay at home. Everyday it was a routine for me to get up and come to aunty’s house have tea, take bath and then have breakfast together.

After 2 months, we became so close that, if I wont come down at 9am in the morning, she used to come to house and wake me and then scold me. We had become so much close in just 2 months. Whenever she wanted to clean house, toilet, or bring something from shop I used to be with her and help her very much. She also was coming to my house, clean house, toilet or kitchen. It was like we both used to be together almost from 9 to 11:30 until I go to office.

Suppose if I wanted to go to shop for brining groceries, she used to give the list and she used to make list for my house as well. It was like as if she is taking care of my house. She was really feeling very happy whenever I was around her. she used to share lot of sorrows about her past and how uncle treated her and also about her interest and what she likes to eat. Sometimes whenever she wanted to eat something, I used to get it and we both used to have together. But only problem was we both were not able to speak when uncle was there. We didn’t know whether uncle will think bad or not. As he was strict with aunty, aunty thought that uncle might think bad about us. So only we both were avoiding speaking to each other. One day aunty and me were speaking

Aunty : Rakesh, don’t know who 3months went correct?
Me : yes aunty, seriously I feel as if I came yesterday or day before yesterday.
Aunty : and to tell you frankly after you came, I am feeling so nice and comfortable.
Me : comeon aunty, why do you feel that. I told you we both are very good friends, so why do you think like that.
Aunty : yes raki, you are right. We both are really good friends. Thank god you came to my house otherwise my life would have been very dry
Me : ok now forget all those things
Aunty : ok sorry.
Me : aunty its so bad that we both meet only if uncle is not there. We should do something, that even if uncle is there we both can speak and come to your house, have tea or snacks
Aunty : even I want that but u don’t know uncle. He is very doubtful person and he is very strict. He doesn’t like me to speak to anyone
Me : mmm, for every problem there will be solution.
Aunty : that’s correct but what can we do with him?
Me : don’t worry leave it to me
Aunty : whatever, but please it shouldn’t trouble me or my life
Me : oh god aunty. I care for you and you are my good friend. Why will I trouble you?
Aunty : ok your wish.

After few days, aunty started preparing lunch before 11 only. She used to prepare lunch after 12:30 daily. But she started preparing lunch so that she can pack lunch also for me. I was really feeling as if my wife is doing all this for me. Now I didn’t have lunch problem also. But only thing we both were worried is how can we build trust with uncle.
Now I thought of a plan. Uncle used to come to terrace every night for walk. We both used to sit and then speak. I always tried impressing him about telling him that I read mythological books, autobiographs of great personalities, and do lot of good things. Few days we became very close. All these days aunty used to give me list to purchase groceries. Now slowly uncle used to tell me to get that get this, or pay electric bill and slowly some Sundays I used to take him in my bike to get groceries or if there is any problem in his house like plumbing work electric work I used to do it or call someone and get the work done. After that he used to call me for tea or lunch or Sundays and also sometimes have dinner also when they prepare non-veg.
Uncle became like a very good friend and also he used to call me to the house. Now I planned something great. I started calling “AKKA” which means s****r. So that uncle will feel that we both are having the feeling of b*****r s****r. Finally I was success in building his trust. Now it was very easy access to go his house and speak to aunty. Now aunty was still more happy that we both can speak very freely.
So now aunty and me were really very close in front of uncle as well. I had really became a part of their f****y. Uncle had a real trust on me that I am a very good boy. That much of trust I had built with in him. As aunty and I were very close now, it was easy for me to go to aunty’s house without hesitation. I used to call her “AUNTY” (s****r) in front of everyone. And even she was thinking me as her b*****r.
One day, Rahul and Rohan got ready little late. Uncle was shouting on aunty saying that he is getting late to office. I listened the shouting and came down. I just spoke to uncle
Me : What happened Uncle? Don’t get tensed early morning.
Uncle : See Rakesh, I am getting late and she is not even bothered. These stupid k**s are still not ready. What to do?
Me : Ohh uncle. Don’t get tensed. Now you to office. I will drop them to school. You go now.
Uncle : Rakesh, thank you so much. Shall I leave now?
Me : Sure uncle. You go. I will drop them as soon they get ready. You go its already 8:35
Uncle : Ohh thank you rakesh.
He went inside and again shouted on aunty now.
Uncle : Hey stupid. I am going now. I am getting late. You and your way of work. Always bothering me. Don’t know from where all you people come and trouble us. You and your f****y spoiled my life. Get those dirty k**s ready soon and then send them to school with Rakesh. bl**dy idiots
I didn’t speak anything I was just standing outside. He came out and said thanks again and left.

As soon as he left I went inside. Rahul and Rohan were scared and sitting simply with tears in eyes. I just went near them. They just had to wear shoes. I took the shoes and started wearing it for them. I saw aunty. Her eyes were red. I guess she had cried very much. Now she came and gave the lunch box. She didn’t speak to me. I just took Rahul and Rohan to school. In middle of the way I got them chocolate and dropped them and said bye. They were little happy now. I came back home, parked the bike and saw the aunty house door. It was closed. I straight away went to my house. It was already 9:30. I went and took bath. Usually aunty used to come to house if I had not gone to her house to have breakfast. It was 10:30. Still she didn’t come. I knew she was really upset about morning incident and any ladies will feel very ashamed when insulted in front of others. I knew she didn’t come out because of that. Anyways it’s there in all the houses. I just took my mobile and dialled a number

Me : Hi Raghu
Raghu : Hi Rakhi
Me : Raghu, I am not well. I will not be able to come to office. Can I take leave today?
Raghu : Ohh what happened?
Me : I have severe headache.
Raghu : No problem dear. Take rest. See you tomorrow.
Me : Thanks Raghu.
Raghu : Take care bye
Me : bye Raghu

Raghu is my manager. And he is a very good person. I was not in a mood to go to office as my angel was upset. It was 11. I thought with go and speak to aunty so that she will be little relaxed. I locked my house and then went to aunty’s house. I rang the bell. No response. I knocked the door. No response. Again I rang the bell twice. The bolt opening sound came from inside. I was my angel standing in front of me. Eyes red, face dull. She was not like previous day. I couldn’t speak anything. We both saw each other. I just signalled her by showing my finger that “Can I enter inside?” she just nodded her head and I understood that she was telling to come inside. We both went inside. Instead of closing the door she went outside and locked the gate outside and then came and locked the door. May be she didn’t want anyone to come inside. Even if they come she must know. I just sat on sofa. Didn’t speak anything. Even I didn’t know how to start. She went inside the bedroom and there were few clothes on the bed. Kept everything inside the cupboard and went inside the kitchen. The whole scene was very strange. Everyday she used to speak so well and she used to get me breakfast and it was so nice. This was the first time this was happening.
She was standing in front the stove, and was putting the breakfast to the plate. I just got up slowly and went inside. She was really upset. And there was a reason also. Uncle was really harsh morning. I myself was so angry on him. I went near her, and stood behind her very closely. I took my both the hands and took full courage and held her both the shoulders very smoothly. I was a just caring touch. She bent her head. I suddenly removed my hands from the shoulder and came towards her side and saw. She was crying and tears where flowing from her eyes. I just took my right hand and kept on her left shoulder and made her turn towards me. She was not turning. I just f***e her to turn. She turns and she was crying literally. I took my both the hands and wiped her tears. And took the plate and kept on the shelf. I again wiped the tears and saw her. She also saw me for few seconds.

Me : Aunty, don’t cry. I can understand. Now please stop crying. Come outside.
Aunty : (still crying with tears flowing)
Me : see aunty if you cry then I will and will never come back.
Aunty : (she stopped crying and wiped her tears herself this time)

We both came outside. I made her sit on sofa. And I sat towards her left. I took my right hand kept on her right shoulder holding her. waaw it was so nice and she was really very smooth. After so long of wait, I got a chance to hold her. now she started speaking little.

Me : Aunty, don’t worry. Forget whatever happened. Not please, your best friend is there so forget all those.
Aunty : ok rakhi. Sorry. I made you also upset
Me : no no aunty. I can understand your problem. Did you had breakfast
Aunty : no not yet.
Me : why you didn’t had breakfast?
Aunty : I was not able to have.
Me : ok now forget all those and now have breakfast.
Aunty : I am not hungry raki.
Me : ok then I will also not have.
Aunty : please rakhi don’t do that. Please have breakfast.
Me : not untill u have.
Aunty : ok baba I will have.

She was about to get up. I pressed her shoulder again. My hand was still on her shoulder. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. She sat again and asked why?
Aunty : Why rakhi? Let me get the breakfast
Me : no. today I will get the breakfast.
Aunty : ohh rakhi you are so sweet.
Me : you are also sweet aunty

Both smiled. I went inside the kitchen and then put 3 chapathis and came outside.
Aunty : What is this only one plate?
Me : mmm wait. (I took a slice and took near her mouth)
Aunty : what are you doing raki.
Me : just eat aunty.
Aunty : hey give me I will eat. I am not a small k**.
Me : for me today you are a small k** only
Aunty : ohh ok then I am k** today (smiled like a small k**)
Me : that’s like good girl

She was about to chew. But she shouted. “aaaaaaaa”. I asked what happened. She told it was paining. She told her jaw is paining. I saw her face. Her right side face was swelling. I asked what happened.

Me : aunty what happened?
Aunty : nothing raki, just like that. Tooth ache.
Me : no aunty. Don’t lie. I am your good friend.
Aunty : uncle slapped me morning
Me : ohh god. He is so harsh and cruel.
Aunty : ya he is. Since my many riage, don’t know how many times he has hit me.
Me : oh aunty wait. I will be back
I went near the fridge and opened freezer. There were few ice cubes. I took them in a bowl and went near aunty. I applied ice to place the swelling was there. She was feeling little relaxed. Then I brushed her hairs and then took the ice cubes and threw it to the bathroom and came back. I took the breakfast and fed her all the three chapathis. I took the plate and kept in the sink. And came to kitchen and took some chapathis and came back near aunty. Had breakfast with her. it was 12. Aunty suddenly asked me

Aunty : raki, its 12. you are getting late. Sorry today didn’t prepare lunch. You have to manage in cafeteria.
Me : aunty today I am not going to office.
Aunty : why what happened.?
Me : my sweetheart is not well so I took leave.
Aunty : ohh who is that sweetheart? (She was curious as if I had GF)
Me : mm someone. Its secret.
Aunty : ohh come-on rakesh. We both are good friends. What is her name?
Me : her name is Rashmi.
Aunty : my name only?mmm
Me : aaayooooo aunty. Since you are upset I took leave to be with you. So that you will be little relaxed
Aunty : raki, thank you so much. I thought I don’t have anyone in my life who can understand me. I really didn’t expected
Me : aunty don’t worry. I told you I am your good friend

She took my hand held it. She was seeing me continuously. I asked what happened. She just nodded her head saying nothing.

That’s was really a very romantic moment. But I was afraid to do anything wrong at that point of time as I didn’t want to spoil the good relationship we had.

She told she wants to prepare lunch. I also told ok I will help you. She went to kitchen. I took my breakfast plate and washed it. She told me why did you cleaned it. I would have done it. Then I told don’t worry nothing will happen.

As usual was cutting the vegetables and she was preparing rice. Now she was about to prepare sambar. I told her that will prepare.

Me : aunty shall I prepare sambar today?
Aunty : ohh you know how to prepare?
Me : no no. if you guide then will do it
Aunty : ok raki. Good idea. You can also learn.
I stood in front of the stove and was putting all the vegetables. Now she told me to stir. I was stirring the sambar. She suddenly held my hand and then started stirring.

Aunty : you have to stir it properly. Otherwise sambar will get burnt.
Me : ok madam as you say
Aunty : good boy. You learnt so soon
Me : thanks aunty. I am a quick learner
Aunty : mmm I know.
Me : before I vacat this house I will become expert chef (i laughed but she was upset)
Aunty : please don’t speak of vacating house raki.
Me : ohh sorry aunty. I told just simply.
Aunty : even for jokes also don’t tell this
Me : sure aunty. It’s my promise
Aunty : ok now give me that I will prepare
Me : ok madam your order will be obeyed (both smiled)

She took that cooking spoon which I was stirring. And she started stirring it and was telling this is how it should be done. I just nodded my head and then came behind her as if I was watching her how she is cooking and took both my hands and kept on her shoulder. This time it was desire not caring. She didn’t say anything. I was just holding her shoulder and was just speaking.
Me : Aunty how did you learn cooking
Aunty : by experimenting and few dishes mom taught me
Me : but you are really a good chef aunty.
Aunty : ohh raki, don’t always praise me.
Me : its truth aunty.
she turned towards me and gave a very sweet smile. Seeing this I was really in need of aunty now. I just took my left hand and slowly kept it on her round sexy ass. My right hand was on her shoulder still but my left hand was just place on her left ass bun. god it was so smooth. Her saree was making it so smooth. I was going mad. Just wanted to press it. But didn’t had courage. Somehow I was just trying to move my hand and press it. Just moved little. I could feel her ass crack. But was not able to reach her right ass bun. suddenly she turned towards me.

Aunty : Sambar ready. How’s the smell raki?
Me : Really very nice
Aunty : I am asking about sambar raki
Me : even I am telling about sambar only aunty. What did you think?
Aunty : nothing forget.
Me : sambar is really smelling good.

she knew that I was enjoying her ass. I don’t know since how long she didn’t had sex. But I guess she enjoyed my touch and to on her ass. But still we cannot judge ladies. Whatever it is I could feel she is very comfortable with me now. My line was getting clear day by day. Now I was thinking whatever uncle did was good for me only. My mom used to tell “whatever happens, it happens for good only”. Then I thought if uncle troubles aunty, its advantage for me only. She again turned towards me and told “Come lets have lunch.” I could feel that she was indirectly telling to remove my hands from her round sexy ass. I took my hand suddenly and took sambar as she took rice. Then she took plates and we both had lunch. It was 2:30 when we finished the lunch and cleaned the plates. Then we both sat on sofa.

Aunty : raki, thank you so much for taking leave. Otherwise it would have been so difficult to day for me.
Me : are you feeling little comfortable now?
Aunty : very much raki. I cannot tell how much happy I am.
Me : Aunty can I hold your hand.
Aunty : sure raki. Come near me.
Me : thanks aunty.
Aunty : don’t tell thanks. Whatever help you are doing me is more than this.

I took her hand and then pressed it twice. She saw me and smiled. I took my hand kept on her head and made her sl**p on my lap. First she resisted. Then she slowly kept her head on my lap. I took my hand and started brushing her hairs and head. As she slept on my lap, her head was touching my dick. I was enjoying this very much. Slowly I took my hand only her shoulder and started rubbing my hands all over her hand. She was not restricting. Slowly I took my hand and kept on her ass. There was no restrictions. Then I thought this is the green signal. I slowly took my hand kept on her bare waist. My mouth was drying. I was swallowing saliva so that my mouth is not dry. But still it was dry. I tried moving my hand, she was not restricting. I just bent my head and saw. She was sl**ping. Then I removed my hand from the waist. I didn’t want to take advantage. I just wanted to get her by her own. But I knew one day I will get her. it was 3:20. All of a sudden she woke and saw the time. She told she has to go and get Rahul and Rohan. I told her to sl**p. I will get them from school. I just took her head and kept down and kept a pillow. And told her to sl**p. She smiled and closed her eyes. I got up and went near the door. She called “Raki”. I just went near her. “You are really good raki. Your wife is so lucky. You really care so much.” I told “Aunty now you sl**p don’t worry too much.” She called me near “Come hear raki”. She took my hand and kissed and told “don’t vacat house and don’t forget me any time.” I smiled and told “No never”. Then she closed her eyes.

It was 3:35. I went outside and took bike and went near the school and got Rahul and roan. Rahul rang the bell. Aunty opened the door. Rahul and rohan went inside running. She was standing near the door. I just went near her and told “Thanks for the kiss. It was so sweet”. We both smiled. And she signalled not to come inside. I understood and made signal that I will meet you tomorrow. She nodded and I left and went inside my house.

My dick inside pant was hungry now. Just shagged twice thinking about aunty’s shoulders and ass and also the sweet kiss she gave. We both were becoming close slowly. It was almost 6 to 7 months I had come to this place. Didn’t know how the days went. May be because of aunty’s caring or my attraction towards her. everyday I was going mad to get her. but didn’t want to rush and get myself a bad name. but somewhere I had a feeling that I will get her soon. But how, when? Didn’t know.
One day it was, I came down at 9:00AM as usual to go to aunty’s house to have breakfast. As soon as I got down I saw uncle bike still there. Was wondering why is the bike still there. Was afraid to knock the door also. Now I just took courage and went near the door. I just knocked the door. Door opened. I saw Rashmi coming out, with full dull face. I just signalled to ask what happened. She spoke
Rashmi : Uncle is not well. He is feeling very uncomfortable
me : oh What happened? Let me see
Rashmi : Ok come inside. I am feeling very afraid.
me : Don’t worry. Why you didn’t call me.
Rashmi : I thought you are still sl**ping.

I went near uncle who was sl**ping in bed. I just called him twice. He was not able to speak and showed his hand that he needs water. I just took a glass and poured water. He drank and saw me. I could see tears in his eyes. But was not able to speak. I felt really bad. then was thinking, he was troubling aunty so much. That is why this has happened. But still as a human being I didn’t want to leave him as it is. I told aunty that we should shift him to hospital immediately. I went outside took my bike and came back in few minutes. I went to get an auto. i told uncle to get up and gave him my shoulder and asked aunty to support uncle for other hand. While I was holding him, I could touch aunty’s back. I was just touching it. It was so nice. But still this was not the time to think of those things. i told aunty to sit last and made uncle sit in centre and then I sat next to uncle. Rahul and rohan had not gone to school. I just went and told them to sit and watch TV and put some cartoon. They were really good guys. Very innocent. I asked the auto driver to take us to the hospital.
We reached the hospital. I asked the ward boys to get the stretcher and then put uncle in that and took to the checkup. Doctor asked aunty to stay outside. And then called me to speak something. I went with him

Doctor : Hi What your name boy?
Me : Sir I am rakesh.
Doctor : Is he your uncle?
Me : No I actually stay in his house. I am a tenant.
Doctor : Ohh ok
Me : What happened Sir? Anything serious?
Doctor : mmm yes it is little serious. But we still have time
Me : Oh god what happened sir?
Doctor : he is having a hole in his heart. And if its not fixed he might die
Me : no sir. Please do something. Otherwise I will be difficult for that lady and her k**s. They don’t have anyother means for leading life
Doctor : I can understand boy. We will have to arrange for an operation immediately
Me : But how are the chances of this survie?
Doctor : If we do operation immediately, we can save him
Me : then arrange for the operation
Doctor : Sure why not.
Me : how much will it cost Sir?
Doctor : It will cost to 3 to 4 laks
Me : Sir, they will not have so much money sir. It will be difficult for them to arrange
Doctor : I know boy. I cant help. It will cost you so much.
Me : ok let me think. Give me sometime.
Doctor : sure but you have to take the desicision soon
Me : sure but can you please promise me one thing?
Doctor : yes sure
Me : please do not tell this to aunty. She is very delicate she might be afraid and cannot control
Doctor : sure boy. Don’t worry.

I was wondering how to save this uncle. 3 to 4 lakhs arranging money is really difficult. Thought of asking father. But he might ask me why should bothered for others matter. I was running here and there. Aunty came near me and asked

Aunty : what did doctor say raki? I am really afraid. Why did he sent me out
Me : Nothing aunty. Don’t worry. I will tell you. Now please you sit here relaxed

I just held her shoulder. I was utilizing all the opportunities to touch her. but seriously her touch was so nice and just to think only it was so good.
Time was running and then suddenly I got an idea. I dialled Raghu my manager. He was a very good person and he will help me out in some way.
Me : hi Raghu
Raghu : Hi raki, where are you boss. What happened, didn’t come to house? You with Priya? (Priya is my GF and many knew that we both were like couples)
Me : Oh god no raghu. I am in a serious problem.
Raghu : ohh is it, what happened?
Me : My owner is really very serious. He is having a hole in is heart and it costs 4 laks for operation.
Raghu : oh god. And why do u want to take that risk buddy.
Me : Raghu, please think has a human.
Raghu : Ok ok sorry raki. Ok now that help do u need from me
Me : is there anyway we can get so much amount?
Raghu : yes, we need to rob a bank.
Me : shut up raghu, please this is not the time to crack jokes.
Raghu : sorry dude. Ok wait let me think
Me : I am not getting any idea
Raghu : Raki, you have medical insurance?
Me : yes, last month we all did it right?
Raghu : mm yes. Why don’t you tell that he is your father and then admit?
Me : You are right but what if we get caught?
Raghu : nothing will happen. Speak to doctor
Me : sure by will call u later
Raghu : Hello… helloo. Wait

I cut the call. I was not in mood to listen to him. I came running to doctor.

Me : Doctor, I have an idea
Doctor : Yes tellme.
Me : See I have a medical insurance. In that, I have parents name
Doctor : so what
Me : can I tell he is my father and then admit?
Doctor : mmmm. But this is risk
Me : doctor, please check think there are many people who cheat. But I am just trying to save a life and helping tht poor lady and k**s
Doctor : I appreciate your help boy but its risk
Me : please doctor you something

Finally doctor agreed and then all the formalities where done. And the operation was success. Uncle was shifted to ward.
Doctor came to ward and then spoke to me.

Doctor : Very good boy. You saved this man. You are really brave.
Me : thanks doctor
Doctor : (he turned towards aunty and told her.) see madam. If this boy was not there, you would have lost your husband today. He has given you a new life
Aunty : Thanks doctor. I will never forget you both whole of my life
Doctor : No madam. You should thank this boy. Its my duty what I have done but his guy has taken so much risk and saved your husband.

She was crying and tears where flowing. Doctor left. Uncle was sl**ping as the had given lot of dose. Aunty came near me and held my hand. She pressed once. I pressed twice and made signal that not to worry. I could see tears coming out.
After few days, uncle was about to get discharged. Doctor came and he told uncle all about me how I took risk and saved him. He was very much impressed. Doctor told that uncle should not take much tension and he must be free. I told ok and got an aunty and then we all came back to house.
I asked aunty to arrange the bed for uncle. Made him sl**p on his bed. It was around 20days. He didn’t goto office. And he didn’t had money also. I used to get them all groceries now. I paid Rahul and rohan’s fee. It was something like i was taking care of that house totally.

After having dinner that night I told aunty all the tablets to be given and went to sl**p. Uncle had tablets and slept. Suddenly at midnight around 1AM aunty came to my room and knocked the door. I was worried what happed. She told uncle is getting fever so much and I am afraid. I closed the door and came down. I went near uncle. He was feeling very uncomfortable. Then told I will stay here only. Then I slept in aunty’s house only that night.

Morning as usual aunty prepared breakfast and then packed lunch for me. I took and left to office telling uncle that I will come in the night.

I came from office at around 9:30. I just went home got fresh and then came to aunty’s house. Aunty told to stay here only as she is afraid. I told ok. Went near uncle. I only gave him dinner and gave him tablets. He slept.
Now aunty was arranging the bed for me to sl**p. It was single bedroom house and since uncle was sl**ping on bed and doctor told he must be free, he was sl**ping alone. Aunty arranged bed for Rahul, rohan and aunty in hall. And told me to sl**p on sofa.
Aunty : Raki, you sl**p on sofa as you slept last nite
Me : aunty please don’t mind, I am feeling back pain after sl**ping on sofa
Aunty : oh ok then where will you sl**p.
Me : I will also sl**p down only if you don’t mind
Aunty : oh but you are used to sl**p on bed right?
Me : oh come on aunty I am not like that. I can sl**p down only
Aunty : ok then wait. Can you push this sofa little so that I can put one more bedsheet for you here?
Me : sure aunty why not?

So aunty put a bedsheet for me . the sl**ping arrangement was Aunty, rohan, Rahul. She had put bed for me next to Rahl but there was 2 feet gap.
Aunty went to wash dishes. I was watching tv. I just went near uncle and saw. He was sl**ping and snoring. As there were some pain killers, he had got nice sl**p. Then I went to bathroom where aunty was washing dishes.

Me : Aunty, you look so tired
Aunty : mmm what to do raki. You have seen right what happened?
Me : don’t worry aunty. Everything will happen for good only
Aunty : God knows what would have happened if you were not there
Me : ohh nothing like that. Someone else would have come if I was not there (I just smiled)
Aunty : no raki. If it was others they would have not even bothered. You saved me and my k**s.
Me : aunty now please don’t worry. Everything will be alright. You are really down with tensions
Aunty : but you are there right to care for me (smiled)
Me : (I took the dishes and kept in kitchen and came back) done all the cleaning?
Aunty : ya just have to clean this waste water.
Me : you work so much aunty. And you also take care of uncle so much. But still he scolds you.
Aunty : what to do raki. Its my fate.
Me : mm don’t worry aunty I am there no. I will care for you.
Aunty : I am so much happy that you came to our house raki.

After cleaning everything, we both just came back to hall where we were supposed to sl**p. But once we came back we saw Rohan had moved to last and then Rahul next. Aunty tried to move rohan. He had slept nicely. I could understand that she was afraid to sl**p next to me as uncle was there. I told her.

Me : Aunty don’t wake k**s. Let them sl**p. sl**p here only
Aunty : (she took hand and showed towards uncle. Just to tell me uncle is there)
Me : Don’t worry he is sl**ping he will not get up till morning as he had pain killer
Aunty : I am afraid raki.
Me : don’t worry aunty. sl**p now

She switched off all the lights and slept next to me. But 2feet away. I was not getting sl**p. Lots of evil things started running in my mind. I didn’t even thought that aunty will sl**p next to me. As this was dream come true and didn’t know whether I will get one more opportunity, I didn’t want to miss this chance. I didn’t sl**p for long

I was just watching aunty. She just slept quickly. She was facing opposite to me and I was able to see her round ass. She had covered blanket. Till her neck. I could only see she shape of her back. Was thinking how can I utilize this opportunity. I turned towards her and tried stretching my hand. I was not able to touch her. was thinking so much what to do. Then got an idea
I just got up as if I wanted to go to toilet. Went to toilet and then came near uncle just to check if he is sl**ping. He was snoring. I came to my place. Aunty was still sl**ping facing opposite to me showing her ass. I slept but this time little close to aunty so that if I stretch my hand I should touch her. now I slowly stretched my hands. Was able to reach her. she had covered with blanket. If I touch her down uncle wouldn’t know as he cannot see from room what I am doing.

I slowly started stretching my hand. I reached near the blanket. It was really dark and was not able to see anything clearly. But the street light was giving little light inside to that I can see something. I reached the blanket. Now I started searching the enterance. I moved slowly. I found the blanket entarance. I moved my fingers slowly. My mouth was drying. I was struggleing had to reach her. but didn’t want to loose this opportunity. Finally I reached inside blanket. As I reached I could feel that saree. I was just touching the saree. Now I just took little courage and then moved little further and tried searching for her waist. As I moved my fingers I could reach the border of her saree tug near waist. I could easly understand that her bare waist is next to that. I slowly moved my hands. Yes I reached that smooth waist was able to move only my middle finger as that is little longer. Now took still courage and then moved little further. My hand was paining so much. But still I didn’t want to loose this opportunity. Now I was not able to control I moved my finger little futher. Now it was easy to reach her. I moved my whole palm on her waist. It was really cold and smooth. I moved little more further. Now I was just 1 feet from her. and that is more sufficient to hug her with my long hands. I didn’t mind. I moved my hand and slipped on her stomach. But aunty didn’t move. All this was happeing happening inside the blanket. Even though I was not able to see anything, I was just feeling her body. I took my hand and then moved it down. Waw I was able to feel her sexy ass. It was really round and smooth. And now I started moving more, I could feel the crack between two was indeed sexy and sensual. I went really mad about that ass. Wanted to press. But was really afraid if she wakes up and be upset on me. Inside my shots, I could feel my dick was slowly pre cumming. My dick really wanted to come out. It was really hard and wanted a hole to fuck. But cant help at this moment. Slowly I started moving my hand towards her back. I felt the blouse and started moving further. I could feel her bra hook which was bumped from her blouse. Now I was loosing my control and then wanted to touch those milky boobs. I couldn’t stop and tried reaching her boobs. I moved hands slowly towards her boobs. I reached her left boob. It was really awesome. I was just touching with the figure. Was afraid to press it. Just kept my hand there for sometime. My hand was paining. So just rested my palm on her left boob. now after 2 mins. Everything I was just feeling it. I was not able to see anyting. I Just moved my hand little further and cupped the boob and wanted to press. Just took the pressure and was about to press the boob, suddenly uncle started coughing. Suddenly I got scared. If I move suddenly and if uncle is awake, he might get doubt. But since blanket was covered, I just kept my hand without moving and then slowly I took my hand outside the blanket and moved back. I could see aunty moved towards rohan as if she also didn’t want to take chance. Uncle was still coughing. I just got up as if nothing has happened and went to room and switched on the room light. Went near uncle and checked. He was awake. And wanted to drink water. I asked him what happened. He asked water. I just gave water and sat next to him. I just bent down and saw my short. I could see little wet near my dick. My pre cum had come from my underwear till my shorts.
But I was really cursing uncle for what he did. I was about to press aunty’s boob. and I felt aunty also liked it. But seriously didn’t know whether she was awake or not. But still I really felt happy for sometime and very angry on uncle for sometime. Now I didn’t had courage to touch aunty. I switched off light and then went to slept far from aunty. Because I didn’t want to take chance. But was praying got to give one more chance to sl**p next to aunty.

Next day I got up and went to room. Took bath and came to aunty’s house. Aunty was not speaking to me. She just kept the breakfast and tea and got ready Rahul and rohan. I had breakfast and had tea. She didn’t even bothered to see me. I took Rahul and rohan to school. I came back and sat near uncle for sometime gave him tablets and then went to house got ready and came to go to office. The box was ready and she had kept on the table. I was really feeling very sad. I was thinking did I do something wrong. I thought she liked whatever I did. but now I was getting scared. What if she didn’t like me touching her and then she will start hating me? Lots of things came to my mind. I was not in mood to go to office. I just called Raghu and told I am not coming to office. And then went back home removed my dress and then wore tshirt and shorts and sat near computer chatting with my friends till 1PM.
Then I came down, as I had to give tablets to uncle. He had lunch and then gave him tablets and then aftersometime he slept. I was looking for aunty. She was in kitchen, putting her lunch. I was very upset and didn’t want this to happen. I went inside kitchen. She had put lunch for two plates. She didn’t even bother to ask why I didn’t go for office. She just took only one plate and was about to go outside. I just stopped her and told

Me : What happened aunty? Please speak to me
Aunty : (she saw me and then again was about to go)
Me : please speak to me. Did I do something wrong?
Aunty : now come have lunch.
Me : no I am not hungry.
Aunty : ok then don’t have.
Me : aunty, I am sorry. I didn’t do anything purposely
Aunty : now have lunch. Don’t speak to me anything.
Me : sure aunty.

We both had lunch and we both didn’t speak anything while having lunch. After lunch she went inside room and stood infront of uncle and then came outside and told me
“Raki, i need to speak to you. Can we go upstairs?” I was really scared about aunty now. I didn’t want this to happen. The way aunty was speaking I really felt she will really be upset on me. And will never be so close. Anyways happened is happened. So I thought let it happen whatever happens. We both had lunch. Uncle was snoring. She cleaned the vessels. Assuall I went to keep the them at kitchen, aunty didn’t allow to do that. She just grabbed and took to kitchen. I really was about to cry now. Was fully tensed. Why is she so serious? She can tell that she wont like all those stuffs and could have told me not to do it again. After all I had done so much to her and she could have forgiven for what I had done. But anyways I just wanted to know what she wants to speak.

I was just seeing her. she just kept the vessels and then went near uncle. she stood there for few minutes. And then tired shaking his shoulder 2 3 times. He didn’t wake up. Then she turned towards me and came close to me and then shaked her to signal me that lets go upstairs. I was really scared and nodded my head. She went out first and then I followed her and as I was coming behind her she went back closed the door and then followed me. We both went upstairs. I thought she will ask me to go to house and then speak inside. But she stood on the corridor just resting her ass on the corridor wall. She was standing and folded her hands. Waaw her boobs were lifted once she folded her hands. It was very sensual to see. But was not in a condition to see that. . I was standing infront of her. Just saw her face. There was no smile in her face. She was watching me only. I saw her and bent my head. There was very silence. Only we both on the corridor. I was waiting her to start speaking. For few seconds I wanted to tell her the I will vacat house and go. But just thought let me just see what she will tell. She opened her mouth and spoke.
Aunty : Raki…. (I didn’t lift my head). Raki… (I didn’t speak anything)..Mr. Rakesh, can you lift your head. I am speaking to you only
Me : Yes aunty.
Aunty : What is your age?
Me : 24
Aunty : Raki can you tell me one thing frankly
Me : ask aunty I will not lie anythng
Aunty : Why are you helping us so much?
Me : Its just as a humanity I am doing this
Aunty : don’t lie. Tell me frankly
Me : aunty please. Swear I am doing all this just to help you people
Aunty : stop it raki, I know u are doing all this to take advantage right?
Me : aunty please. Mother swear I am not like that. I seriously didn’t even bother to think of taking advantage
Aunty : see raki, I am really happy that you helped us so much. But please don’t make me feel u are doing all this for some dirty intention
Me : aunty can you please stop this. I swear I didn’t help you people to take advantage or with any bad intention. If that was the case I could have left you all alone. I could have thought, its none of my bussiness and I could have ignored you. Swear as a human being it was my duty to help you. if you think i had bad intention, i cant help. and keep one thing in mind, even if anyothers would have been in that position i would have helped.
Aunty : then why did u behave so badly with me last night
Me : aunty I am sorry from heart for what I did last night. I seriously should have not done that. But don’t know why I did. Swear it was a very bad thing I did. I am sorry. I am ready for any kind of punishment
Aunty : See Raki, I may be in difficulties. But don’t think I will get for you. Uncle may tourcher me so much. But still he is my husband. I am an indian lady. I cannot cheat him. Whatever he does, he is my husband raki. Try to understand. Don’t just think if you help me in cooking, cleaning and then save my husband i will start liking you. i am a homely lady. i have never thought you in any other way. i just thought like you are my good friend or a b*****r. please i have a great respect to you. dont loose that. i know how much you like me. but please dont do this again.
Me : I am sorry aunty. Please forgive me. I swear on mom I will never think in any other intention. Seriously I am ashamed for that I did yesterday.
Aunty : tell me frankly. You were liking me and wanted to touch me always right. Don’t lie tell me frankly.
Me : aunty please don’t be angry. I liked you so much. Not in any bad intention. I started liking you for the way you cook, the way you are, the way you take care of all and for your beauty. But one day when uncle hit you and I was with you, I really wanted to be with you always caring for you. that day when you kissed my hands, i seriously thought you also like me and you also need my caring. i started liking you more and more daily.
Aunty : Please raki, that day I kissed only because you cared me so much and then I was thinking you as a good friend. I swear on my k**s I didn’t had any other bad intention. I am sorry if I didn’t wrong.
Me : aunty please don’t swear on k**s. And I am sorry for mistook you. And also I never expected that you will sl**p next to me. Aunty seriously I just wanted to hug you and care you. But I seriously lost control when I touched you. Even though I didn’t want to go further, it happend.
Aunty : just imagine if uncle would have seen or if k**s would have woke. What will be my respect. Please raki, I don’t want to get bad name. I beg you. If you have that intention please remove it from your head. I will not entertain all those dirty things. Or if you cannot forget me, pleaes vacate the house soon.
Me : aunty please I beg you don’t ever say that I should vacate. I seriously like you. But please I never let you bow ur head or make you feel bad infront of anyone. From now on wards seriously I will never think of you in any bad intention.
Aunty : please raki its my life matter. If something happens really I wont be alive
Me : aunty don’t speak those words. I cannot listen. I feel like crying. See, I will hold your legs and promise I will not do it again. (I just held her legs and aksed sorry)
Aunty : hey raki, please leave the legs, ok now forget whatever happened. Hereafterwards, we are not just good friends, we are good s****r and b*****r.
Me : sure aunty will not trouble you again.
After this we both came down, aunty went first and then I followed her. uncle was still sl**ping. It was already 3:30. I was supposed to go and get k**s from school. I went and got k**s to house and then went house and closed the door.
I was really thinking the blunder I didn’t last night. I always controlled so much because I knew if I hurry something will happen like this. Now I promised her that I wont think of her in bad intention. Everything was waste now. But now I cannot do anything. Lets see what will happen.i just slept on bed. I don’t know how I got sl**p. Just slept. When I got up it was 6:30. I seriously didn’t had mood to go to aunty’s house. But around 8:30 rahul came and told that mom is calling for dinner. I just came down. Had dinner. And then went to uncle and gave tablets. He slept immediately. He was really very much tired. I could see him. Then I just came back and sat of sofa. Didn’t even on the TV also. Aunty arranged for sl**ping. Same thing like last night. She asked me to get up from sofa to arrange bed for me. I told I will sl**p on sofa only. Then she told that I get back ache. I got up pushed the sofa to end. She put bed for me. And she went towards bathroom. Aunty was washing vessels. I didn’t go there. I was not in a mood. I just slept on bed she arranged.after few minutes, she came back and saw. Again same thing, Rahul and rohan had slept and she had to sl**p again next to me. I was turning towards her. I opened my eyes. She saw me and smiled. And I also smiled. She switched off the lights and then as soon as she slept, I turned opposite toher and slept. I could feel she was seeing me.
I just opposite and slept. I didn’t get sl**p very soon. Iwas just feeling very bad about what mistake I did. I was not worried that shewas upset. I was just worried that I lost the chance of getting this sexyaunty. I was repenting for all the mistake I did. Lots of things where wererunning in my mind. I was just cursing myself for all the mistakes I did. Iwanted to see what my queen was doing but was afraid if she is turning towardsme. I didn’t dare turn towards her. Don’t know what time I slept. Didn’t evenwake till morning. I was able to see little light in the window. I just thoughtits street light. No, it was already morning and I just turned and saw onlyRahul and rohan were there. Aunty had woke up. Then I just woke up and wentnear bathroom. She just came outside washing her face. She just smiled and Ialso smiled back. We didn’t speak anything. Then I came near uncle. He wasstill sl**ping. Then I went to my house and did all the morning work. It was8:30. Came down and dropped k**s to school and came back Took bath and was sitting idle for sometime. Iwas totally dull that day. Nothing was as usuall. It was 9:30 I came down. Straightawaywent near uncle and saw he was awake. He was feeling very better now. He wantedto walk for sometime. I just took him to walk for few minutes inside houseonly. Then I took him outside and then came back. I asked him if I had to takeleave. He told don’t want. He was feeling better. Then I helped him brush andwash his face. Then aunty came gave breakfast for both of us. We had breakfastand then gave him tablets and told him to sl**p. He told he is not gettingsl**p. I told him to sit for sometime and relax. We both sat together whileaunty was cleaning stuffs. Uncle was very much impressed about me and he wasvery emotional towards me. I just behaved like his b*****r. I was getting lateto office now. Aunty had already packed the lunch. Then just for name sake I justtold, “aunty please don’t take so much trouble for me. I feel veryuncomfortable. “ uncle told “Raki, whatever you have done to us, we cannotrepay you. Please don’t tell that its trouble.”

Then I just took the box, and was taking out my bike. Aunty camenear gate as if she wanted to close the gate. I was about to start the bike. Auntycame near me and spoke in a very low voice. “Raki, don’t be so dull. Past ispast forget that and be with me as normally how you were. I am sorry for hurtingyou. I can understand your feelngs at your age. But try to avoid it raki. And pleasekeep smiling. You taught me how to smile and now you are becoming dull. I cannotsee that.”

I just told “Sure aunty”. I just smiled. I had kept my handon the handle. She put her hand on my hand and pressed once. It was so caringand emotional. Then I just nodded my head saying I will move. She smiled andnodded her head

Same continued for few days. I slept next to her but I wasnot touching her. And even she was not saying anything. Then uncle was gettingbetter in 10days. I slept next to her for more than 8 days. But never saw heror touched again after the first day. I didn’t want to hurt my sweet queen. Buthad positive hopes that she will love me. And I wanted her love and then sex. Notjust sex.

(Dear all, if you are trying to get any ladies, try to getthem emotionally. This will give you more pleasure than just fucking them. Emotionallyfucking someone is great than just fucking a lady. Then there wont be anydifference in fucking lovers and prostitutes. There are many prostitutes tojust fuck. But you wont get love and care. I just told my experience. Please don’tmind)

There was nothing much happening. Almost a year went. i hadbecome like a f****y member in their house. Now uncle also was very healthy andeverything started normal.

– Uncle leaving at 8:30

– Me going to aunty’s house for breakfast

– Helping her in cooking and cleaning

– Then having lunch

– Packing lunch for office

This became a routine daily. But I was just waiting whenwill the day come where I can sl**p with this sexy aunty. There were no chancesat all. I didn’t see any changes in aunty. Atleast a soft corner to give me hersexy body once in life time. No she didn’t do that. And even uncle would havenot fucked her for many days. And how she is able to control sex? So many stuffsrunning in my mind. But nothing positive was happening in my life. I was justfucking few of my colleagues and my GFs. But I was just waiting to fuck thisaunty. It was a challenge for me because I had fucked many aunties. They felleasily for me. But this aunty was very hard. That was a challenge. Getting thesekind of aunties is really challenging and you will enjoy fucking. There is asaying in Kannada “Person who have patience,will get very good stuff in future.”I was just waiting eagerly.

As usually uncle came for walk one night. I was sitting nearthe corridor. Uncle came near me and spoke.

Uncle : Hi Raki, had dinner?

Me : Ya uncle, just not came fromoffice. Had dinner there only

Uncle : Ok good.

Me : so how are you feeling now uncle.

Uncle : ya good raki. I really lost hopesin my life

Me : no uncle don’t ever think likethat.

Uncle : yes raki. There are lot of thingsto learn from you.

Me : nothing uncle. I am still a k**

Uncle : oh no who told you are a k**. Youare very intelligent and very gentleman

Me : oh thanks uncle

Uncle : Raki, I am sorry. I need one morefavour from you.

Me : oh come on uncle. Everyday I havebreakfast, lunch in your house. You are helping me so much. I am ready to doanything for you uncle.

Uncle : Raki, I have to go to Mumbai andDelhi for few days. Don’t know how many days. In my office they are telling, itwil take 20 to 30 days. I am afraid to leave aunty and k**s alone here.

Me : so what are you planning uncle?

Uncle : if you don’t mind can you takecare of the house for few days untill I come.

Me : ohh uncle. It it my duty to dothis. Am I not a f****y member?

Uncle : ya I know but still troublingothers

Me : why do you think me as otheruncle. One day you only told I am like your b*****r

Uncle : thanks raki, I am really verythankful to you.

Me : no more thanks uncle. When areyou travelling uncle?

Uncle : next week. Saturday evening.

Me : ok no worries. You just gowithout tension. I will take care of the house

Uncle : ok raki. Will go now. Gud nite

Me : Gud nite uncle

Now my mind was thinking so many ideas. Uncle going out for30days. And I will be alone with aunty. I should utilize this opportunity. And Ishould miss anything now. But aunty is not even co-operating with me whatshould I do? I didn’t get sl**p for long time. I just masturbated two timesthinking about the sensual erotic scene which can happen when uncle leaves. I wastired now and don’t know how I slept.

The day came when uncle was suppose to travel. It was Saturdayevening. I went and got an auto. We all got into auto and went to the railwaystation. Dropped him. He got the train and aunty and k**s and I came back home.It was already 9PM. I asked aunty what she is preparing for dinner. She toldshe will prepare something simple. I told don’t worry we will order outside. Weorder dinner and had and then Rahul and rohan slept in the room. I was waitingfor aunty. She came from the room making her k**s sl**p. Then she smiled at meand went to bathroom to clean vessels. I just followed her. Now there was noone. Me and aunty. Waaaw. But still only thing missing was aunty’s love towardsme. I just stood near aunty. As she cleaned the vessels I used to keep it inkitchen. It was around 10:30. I was not getting sl**p. As it was Sunday, I justswitched on TV. Aunty also was watching TV. And then she arranged the bed inthe hall for me. I didn’t dare asked where she sl**ps. I just kept quiet. Laterafter sometime she told she is sl**py and went inside room and I also told hergood nite. And then started watching TV. I was thinking is she would have sleptnext to me. I was thinking I should **** her tonite. But I couldn’t do anythingwas cursing GOD for not helping me in getting her. But cant help. I just had tohave patience.

Whole Sunday went just like that. I had to meet few friends.And then came in the evening. I just saw aunty was not there. Asked Rahul androhan where is aunty. They told she is sl**ping. I was wondering.usually ladieswont sl**p in the evenings as its not good for house. Then I suddenly went toroom. She was sl**ping. I went near her. She was sweating. I just went near herand touched her forehead. It was very hot. I knew she had fever. Then I justwoke her up and asked.

Me : Aunty, what happed

Aunty : nothing raki, feeling very tiredand feverish,

Me : ohh I think u have fever. Comelets go to doctor.

Aunty : no no I will take tableteverything will be alright

Me : ok wait just sl**p I will be back

I just went to medical store and got few tablets. Just fortemparory. came back home. She was still sl**ping. It was 7:30. I asked herwhat she wants to eat. She told I am feeling like vomiting. Then I asked her ifI can prepare some rasam. She told ok. I had learnt cooking from her by now. I preparedrice and rasam. And served her dinner. Then I served Rahul and rohan dinner. Theyusually sl**p by 9. I also had So gave them dinner. Aunty had dinner. Even I haddinner along with them only. I just took all the plates and kept in sink. Took bedand bedsheet and arranged bed for Rahul and rohan outside in the hall. I told aunty to sl**p in theroom itself as it was cold outside and she had fever. Then I made k**s to sl**pand then came to aunty. She was till sl**ping. I just took tablets and gaveher. She took the tablets and slept around 10. I went to bathroom and cleanedall the vessels and kept in the kitchen.

I came back to room. Saw aunty was still sweating and shehad fever. i covered the blanket and sat next to her. I didn’t sl**p forsometime. It was around 12. She was asking for water. I just got up and boiledwater and got it to her. She just got up and sat on the bed. She saw me andsmiled. She drank water and asked

Aunty : raki, you didn’t sl**p?

Me : no aunty, you are not well andhow can I sl**p?

Aunty : thanks help us so much

Me : ohh aunty please. (I just brushedher hairs, just to make her feel I care for her.)

Aunty : (she smiled and kept seeing me)raki , you are so good. I am very happy to be with you. I feel so comfortablewith you raki.

Me : now my sweet aunty should sl**p.Take rest.

Aunty : raki, I am feeling littleuncomfortable. Feeling like vomiting.

Me : mmm, drink come more water.

(she was about to getup and she started puking. I just kept held my hand and she vomited in my hand)

Immediately I went to bathroom and cleaned my hand and camewith a towel and bowl. I washed her mouth and mouth. She was very tired. I toldher to sl**p. I just came out with the bowl and towel and then cleaned myselfand then came back. She was opening her yes. I told her to close her eyes andsl**p. She closed her eyes. Now I took courage and then moved forward andkissed her forehead. She suddenly opened her eyes. I got scared. But she smiledand again closed her eyes. A drop of tear flowed from her eyes. I just wiped itand told don’t cry I am there.

She called me in very low voice and told “Raki, I like youso much. Come here”. I just bent myself and she kissed me on my forehead andkissed me on my cheeks. I told to sl**p and take rest.

I just got up switched off lights and then sat next to her. Itook the blanket and covered her fully. While pulling the blanket I could see hersoft big milky boobs. They were inviting me to press but was afraid to doanything. I just coved her with blanket and then sat next to her. I saw thewatch it was 1am. I just closed my eyes praying GOD. Atleast now get this auntybefore uncle comesI opened my eyes and saw the watch. It was 5:30. Got up frombed and saw my sweety. She was sl**ping. I just went to bathroom and came back.Went to kitchen kept water to boil. And came out. Milk man had already kept themilk. Took the milk and boiled it. It was around 6AM. I kept water for k**s sothat they take bath and go to school. i just some breakfast. Don’t know what itwas just prepared Upma, but it was good. My trainer was my aunty. So everythingwhat I prepared was very good. Aunty was awake now. But as k**s were gettinglate I just told her to sl**p for some more time will drop them to school andcome. I dropped them and came back soon.

When I came back, I saw aunty was sitting on bed. Very tired.No glamour in face. Hairs where s**ttered and not combed. I was feeling verybad. I came near her.

Me : Aunty, brush now. Will give umilk. Have it.

Aunty : ok raki.

Me : (I got a bowl with hot water andan empty bowl). Take this brush and paste. Bush and spit in this bowl

Aunty : ohh raki, I will go to bathroomdon’t worry.

Me : please aunty. Do as I say.

Aunty : ok as you order (both smiled)

She brushed the teeth and then I took a cloth and made itwet and wiped her face. Now she was looking little better. I went to kitchenand got milk. She had milk. She wanted to go to toilet I guess. She was aboutto get up. Then she was feeling very tired to walk. I knew she was going fortoilet. I just went near her and held her shoulder. Made her stand. And thenshe kept her hand on my shoulder. Now this was the chance for me to hug her. I justtook my left hand put it around her back and then kept my palm on her barewaist. Waaaaaaaaaw. It was so soft and she didn’t mind because she was ill. Andshe knew that I don’t have any bad intention. I took her till bathroom. She washolding wall and then moved inside and then closed the door. I was justimagining was she must be doing inside. Suddenly I could hear the Hissssssssssssound. I understood, a hot urine is passing from her heavenly hole. I wasstanding there for sometime. Then the door opened. She smiled and again sheasked for support. I held her same way and then took her back to the bed. She wasnot sitting on bed. I got her breakfast.

Me : Aunty, have breakfast and thensl**p.

Aunty : no no raki, feeling likevomiting.

Me : no you have to have otherwise youwont get strength

Aunty : ok give I will eat.

Me : no today I will feed you.

Aunty : its ok raki, I can eat.

Me : I know you can eat. But I feellike feeding you.

Aunty : thanks raki, you care for me somuch dear.

Me : oh aunty, please don’t tell allthis. After all you are like my s****r (was feeling very bad to tell this)

Aunty : thanks raki. Uncle never did thisin my life

Me : that’s fine. Now don’t think tomuch. Have this food now.

She was having breakfast. While having the breakfast when I wasgiving the breakfast by spoon she used to bend to take it in her mouth. As andwhen she bends, her pallu was dropping and I could see her cleavage from theblouse. The scene was so awesome. I was really feeling very nice. Wanted totouch that cleavage. But there were no chance of getting it. Pallu droppedeverytime and she adjusted it 2 3 times. Then later she left that as it isbecause it was irritating her. And also she would have understood that I don’t haveany bad intention. She finished her breaksfast. And as soon as she finished shetook her pallu and covered those sexy milky boobs. I took a bowl, wiped hermouth and took towel and wiped it. Then gave her tablets and told her we willgo to doctor. She told don’t want. But she was very tired. So I f***ed her togo to doctor. It was already 10AM. I wanted to go to office as well. Anyways I thoughtI will take leave today. I saw her hairs where s**ttered and was not lookinggood. I just got the comb and told her to sit properly. She asked why. I justremoved the plot she had knitted in her hairs and then I started combing. She wasvery happy that I am doing all this. I just combed nicely and knitted the plotso very nicely (Priya, my gf had thought me how to comb and plot hairs forladies. She had also thought me how to wear saree as well. Will tell aboutpriya in my next story)

I asked her if she can sit on bike. She told she is feelingvery tired and it will be difficult to sit on bike. I went and got an auto. We bothsat inside and headed towards hospital. While going I saw she was very tiredand also feeling sl**py. she just saw me and and I nodded my head to ask what happened.She just nodded her head sidewards saying nothing and then kept her head on myshoulder. I felt very happy. I just took my hand and put around her back andput my hand on her shoulder. As soon as I put my hand on her shoulder, shemoved little more closer and put her right hand on my chest. Waaw this made meso happy. Usually wife will do this when she wants to be cared very much. I justfelt I am her husband now. I didn’t want this journey to end. Finally thehospital came. She had slept. I just woke her up and then paid auto and tookher to doctor.

Doctor told she must have compelte rest as she is havingfever and cold. He gave some tablets and then we both came back. While comingback the same scene. Once we sat inside the auto she suddenly kept her head onmy shoulder and this time it was more closer and she hugged me tightly on mychest holding my shirt. I understood that she needs someone to care and thenkept my hand around her and pressed her shoulder once. She saw me just bylifting her head. I could see only her eyes. I smiled and she also smiled. And buriedher face in my chest.

We came back home and took her till the bed and made hersit. Got hot water and gave her tablets. Now I made her sl**p. Took blanket andwas covering. Everytime I wanted to cover her by blanket her two milkymountains were troubling my dick. I just wanted to squeeze the. Was reallygoing mad. They were so close but still I am not able to touch them. But anywaysI should take chance atleast this time. Just wanted to wait things to happen byitself. I covered her with blanket fully and told her to close the eyes. Now I justcame near and kissed her forehead. She smiled and gave signal from her eyestelling to come close. I bent my self. And she plotted a sweet kiss on myforehead.

I just came outside and took my mobile. I dialed RaghuMe : Hi Raghu
Raghu : Hi Dude, whats up
Me : nothing Raghu. I am not well, not able to come to office
Raghu : oh god. Raki, Whats wrong with you?
Me : Nothing I have little fever. And I cannot come
Raghu : Raki please, you have to come today. Lots of work. You cannot take leave like this
Me : Raghu please today one day? I am really sick.
Raghu : mmm. Raki, try to avoid so many leaves, this will affect your aprisal.
Me : Ok Raghu, thanks, tomorrow will be there in office
Raghu : sure take rest
Me : bye raghu
Raghu : bye take care

As soon he kept the phone I just got relaxed. I was really worried how I can leave my sweetheart and go. Now it was 11:30. I went inside aunty’s house and saw my queen was sl**ping. I just came out closed the door and came to house. Changed my dress to tshirt and shorts. Then immediately came down. Because I cannot leave my sweetheart alone. I went near her and saw she was sl**ping. Didn’t want to disturb her. just sat next to her. she was sl**ping like a small k**.
As she slept, I could see her boobs coved from blanket. But still they were so big I could see the mountain. She had closed her eyes. Her lips were so nice, very shaped but was dried today because she was not well. But her cheeks were so nice smooth. She had a very soft fair skin. I just took my palm and kept on her forehead to see if she had fever. I guess her fever was getting down. The temperature was coming down. I just brushed her hair once. She didn’t get up. then I knew because of tablets she would have got good sl**p. I just came outside room. Then sat on sofa. Switched on TV. I was just waiting for my queen to get up, so that I can ask what she eats and prepare lunch. After few minutes I could hear some mourning sound. I guessed aunty was trying to wake up. I just went inside room and saw. She was trying to wake up. she stretched her hand and yawned once. As she was stretching her boobs were protruding font so much that I was just getting erected. She had a big yawn and then smiled seeing me. She was really feeling better now. As we went to doctor he gave one injection which really made her fever go soon. She wake and sat resting on bed. I just went next to her and sat. she smiled again. But she was tired. As soon I sat she put her head on my shoulder. Waaaw I cant imagine how the scene was. She was really in need of someone who cares for her. and I feel she felt that in me. I just took my hand and put around her so that she can come still closer. It was so romantic. Since had fever and had covered the blanket and was sweating, she was little smelling bad because of body odour. But I couldn’t tell that. Even she had felt that. As she used to take bath daily, she had not taken bath for two days, she was feeling very uncomfortable I guess. She spoke to me

Aunty : Raki
Me : mmm, aunty
Aunty : I am feeling very tired.
Me : then sl**p aunty.
Aunty : I am not getting sl**p. Feeling very uncomfortable.
Me : ok do one thing. If you keep sl**ping like this you feel still sick. Get up and then walk for sometime. Come I will help you
Aunty : no sit for sometime like this. I am feeling very nice.
Me : ok then do one thing get up and walk for sometime and then you can sit like this till evening.
Aunty : no dear. Please don’t tell me to get up. For the first time I got chance to sl**p like this
Me : ok aunty, sl**p till u are happy. But I can give my chest to you forever.
Aunty : raki, you are so nice dear. I really feel very comfortable now a days
Me : aunty, I care for you so much.
Aunty : raki, I am feeling very sticky sticky because of this sweat
Me : mmm you didn’t take bath for two days right. That is why
Aunty : yes raki.
Me : mmm aunty do one thing, take hot bath. You will feel fresh.
Aunty : yes raki, you are right. Let me keep water to heat then will take bath
Me : no no. you just sl**p I will keep water to heat.
Aunty : thank you so much raki.
Me : why do you tell thanks aunty. Afterall I am like your b*****r.
Aunty : ya correct.
Me : ok wait I will keep water to heat and then come. Ok aunty?
Aunty : ok dear. (she just saw me and winked her eyes and then kept her head on bed)

I just went to bathroom, took the heater and put the water for heat. Came back to her and sat next to her. but this time she didn’t sl**p on my chest. Rather she sat opposite to me.

Aunty : (she was looking dull)
Me : what happened aunty? Why are u so dull?
Aunty : nothing raki. How much you care for us
Me : its my duty aunty. Please don’t ever think that this is help
Aunty : Raki, many times I got fever, uncle never did this to me. He is so careless. Always I only used to do all the work even if I had fever.
Me : now don’t think all those and make yourself still stressed mentally. Enjoy life.dont think too much
Aunty : mmmmm ok my dear b*****r. Ok ok (gave a sweet smile)
Me : aunty I think water is heat now.
Aunty : yes I will go and take bath soon and come
Me : hey aunty you are tired. Shall I help you in taking bath (just smiled)
Aunty : hey stupid, keep quiet. What are you speaking
Me : hey aunty just k**ding. You only told I am like your b*****r.
Aunty : mmm ok ok. I can understsand. No help needed. I can manage myself
Me : ok aunty sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Aunty : don’t take it seriously dear.
Me : mmmm aunty if I ask something wont you feel bad
Aunty : no raki, ask. You can ask me anything
Me : did uncle gave u bath anytime? I am sorry if its too pesonal
Aunty : don’t ask all those things.
Me : ok sorry aunty I know its too pesonal
Aunty : its not about that raki. He never likes me as a wife. Even I like all those things, loving caring. But he is not like that
Me : ok sorry. Don’t you feel that he should feed you, give bath like a k** and help in cooking all these?
Aunty : yes it will be so good if husband does, but what to do. My fate
Me : aunty I have heared that ladies like if husband puts oil and do massage and then give bath
Aunty : yes raki, some of my friends tell that their husband does this but I am not so lucky.
Me : you can ask him no?
Aunty : when we got married I asked two times. I got scolding telling that whether I don’t have shame.
Me : ohh. Aunty I am sorry to ask all this.
Aunty : that’s fine dear. Even I feel little relaxed when sharing all this
Me : aunty, if I tell something wont you feel bad.
Aunty : not at all raki. You are really good person.
Me : mmm thanks aunty
Aunty : I am still repenting for that day I hurt you
Me : that’s fine aunty. I forgot that. I swear I don’t have any bad intention on you
Aunty : I know that raki. That is why even I am so open and speak to you so frankly. You wanted to ask something. Ask me
Me : mmm aunty if you don’t mind, whenever you feel like having massage with oil, and then if you feeling someon wants to give bath to you, please ask me. Swear I will help you. And also please don’t think I am telling you in bad intention. You can cover most of your body, i will assure you i wont missbehave. my intention is you should also have that experience.
Aunty : raki, please don’t ask all those dear. I know how much you like me. And if someone comes to know that we do allthis, what will happen to me and my k**s. And first of all uncle is not understandable.
Me : I am sorry to hurt you aunty.
Aunty : hey raki, no no please. Don’t feel bad.
Me : you are so good aunty. So homely and you are so loyal to uncle.
Aunty : yes dear I am a indian lady, I cannot cheat my hubby.
Me : aunty if same thing would have happen to some other lady they would have left uncle and would have liked someone else
Aunty : I don’t know. But still we are indian ladies, cannot do that.
Me : ok ok now get up and take bath
Aunty : sure
Me : but aunty one more thing
Aunty : what is that my dear
Me : can you wear that, orange saree the day you wore da day I did pooja at home?
Aunty : which orange saree?
Me : that semi transparent one, bright orange with small white dots?
Aunty : ohh ok sure dear, you want to see me in that dress?
Me : mmmm, you look like a model in that.
Aunty : mm sure then, I will wear that saree only
Me : waaaaaaaw, thank you so much aunty.
Aunty : mmm now shall I go and take bath if you give persmission
Me : sure madam.

We both went to room and then she opened the cupboard. She started looking for that saree. Yes it was there, put in hanger. She had habit of keeping house clean and she loves arranging things in a very neat way. Her saree was put in hanger. I could see her blouse also in that hanger. And also she had habit of keeping the matching bra and panties, in the same hanger. I could see her bra and panty for that saree kept in the hanger. She took the hanger and held in hand. Saw me and asked “Is this the one rake?. “ . I replied “yes aunty this is the one.”. she saw me and smiled and then went to take bath.
She went near the bathroom turned towards me and smiled. I just waved my hand saying bye. She went inside and closed the door. I was just standing there. In few seconds the door opened. I was wondering if she had forgot something. she just opened the door little and showed her face. Before I asked what happened, she just waved my hand to say bye. I also waved my hand and told bye. But before she close the door, I just made gesture that “Shall I also come inside”. She put her tounge outside, to tease me and then nodded her head to say “Stay where you are”. Again she smiled and closed the door.

I was just watching there only. I could hear the water splashing sounds everynow and then. I could feel that she was taking water in the mug and pouring on her head. I seriously felt so jealsouly on that water. It was so lucky the water was flowing all her body. but I didn’t had that chance. I didn’t move from there. After few minutes, the door belt opened. I was eager to see how my queen looks. As she opened the door, she smiled at me. Now she was looking so fresh. She had tied her hairs with towel. She had just covered her body with saree rolled. She had wore properly. She straight away walked to the room. As she walked water droplets fell on the floor and while she was going, the water in her leg made wet on the floor for each and every steps she put on ground. She hurriedly went inside the room. As soon she covered the door. I just started walking on the wet steps she had put. It was so nice to keep the steps one by one. Without my notice I had gone near the door only. I seriously didn’t know that I had come near the door. As soon as I saw the door I rushed towards the kitchen, because she must not feel that I am watching her changing dress.

Now my queen came outside. She had worn the semi transparent saree which I had asked for. She was look gorgeous. As the saree was semi transparent, her blouse and cleavage was clearly visible. But she had worn just like other normal saree. I just wanted her to wear in a sexy way, where her navel is visible, and wear the saree just few sentimeters above her pussy put the pallu such a way that one boob is out the pallu. But she had worn like a typical indian aunty. She came near me and asked
Aunty : How I look raki?
Me : you look like gorgeouls model aunty?
Aunty : mmm, don’t lie raki
Me : swear you look very nice.
Aunty : thanks raki, r u happy now?
Me : yes aunty thanks, but still the sare should have been wore like a model.
Aunty : I didn’t understsand
Me : aunty the sare you are wearing is not matching for the style you have worn.
Aunty : mmm how should I have worn dear?
Me : if you allow me, sure I can help you in arranging the saree
Aunty : oh oh you know how to wear saree also?
Me : that is so simple aunty. Its just by seeing my collegues, aunties wearing
Aunty : mmm you are very intelligent
Me : ok now will u allow, I will show how a model will wear a saree?
Aunty : sure dear, why not. Let me also see how they wear.

I just came near her first. I didn’t know from where to start. Then I decided to start from waist, because sarees are started from there only. I was little shivering. But didn’t want to miss this chance. I just took my hand and kept on her waist. Just pulled the petticoat thread little down so that the saree is worn below navel and few centimeters above, pussy. I removed the plaits tugged inside the waist. Again I rearranged and then put it and put it inside her petticoat thread. While doing this, I could feel her sexy stomach. It was so smooth. While putting that plaits in side her stomach, I could feel she was feeling very uncomfortable, may be she was feeling wet. She just smiled and saw her eyes were half closed. This was the indication of getting tempted.

Then once the waist part was over, I just came to pallu. Removed the pallu from her shoulder. God as soon as I removed the pallu I could see her big mountains very close. I just removed double layer and then put only one layer. I just took the pallu and kept on her shoulder, Now her boobs were so clearly visible. Only one boob was covering with pallu, the other one was outside the pallu inviting me to suck milk. Now made her turn back and then adjust her blouse also there so that her bra hooks are inside the blouse. I wanted something more. I made her turn towards me. I just asked I need to do one more thing. She asked what is that. I told I need to adjust blouse infont and I cannot tell u wall I do. She told ok continue. I just pulled her blouse from bottom and adjusted near boobs so that I can see her cleavage very clearly. While doing this I was touching her boobs slightly. I could feel she was enjoying it. But still I didn’t want to take chance like I did last time. After doing all this she went near the mirror to check how she looks. She was surprised.

Aunty : Raki, is this me?
Me : why do doubt aunty? Pinch yourself and see
Aunty : (she just pinched herself) mmm its real. God I look so cute. Raki, you are really great dear. Your wife is very lucky. You know how to take care of a wife and how to keep her happy also
Me : ya I know how to take care of wife. No idea whose wives
Aunty : (she smiled and gave a pat on my back) you idiot. I was talking about your wife dear
Me : mmm ok lets see. Its still long way to go

Usually ladies, check their chest and their ass to see how they look. She turned behind and checked her back and ass to see how it looks. She saw me and smiled. I told everything looks good. She understood what I meant.
It was already 2pm. We didn’t know only. We had even prepared lunch. She hurriedly went to kitchen and then I helped her in cutting vegetable and prepared food soon. I actually wanted to hug her from behind. and to lot of kinky stuffs. But she was hurring so much I was not able to do anything. But whenever I get chance I used to hold her waist and stand. When she was standing and cooking, I just stood next to her and put my hand around her waist and kept my hand just on her ass. Not fully rested. Just kept there. She took her right hand and took my hand kept on her waist and pressed my palm. I understood she also likes to hug me. I just kept my hand on her waist and didn’t remove until the lunch was prepared. I was just caressing her waist only. I didn’t dare to massage her back. But now the lunch was ready and she ordered me to have lunch soon as k**s where about to come to house. It was 3:15 we finished the lunch soon. Once we both finshed the lunch she went and cleaned the vessels. I told not to do as she was not well. She didn’t listen to me. She told its getting late to get k**s. I told ok and then started to go and went near the door.

She called me
Aunty : Raki
Me : what happened aunty?
Aunty : come here
Me : what happened? You need anything?
Aunty : Yes, I need something
Me : tell me soon I am getting late
Aunty : (she was holding cleaning brush and both the hands were soap) Hug me
Me : what?
Aunty : I told hug me
Me : what are you saying aunty?
Aunty : Please hug me dear once
Me : (I just came close to her, took my hands and put around her back and held her softly.)
She kept her hands on my shoulder as her hands were soap. She came close to my face, and kissed my cheeks. “Raki, I like you so much dear.” She just gave a sweet smile

“Aunty, even I like you so much” I also gave a sweet kiss on her cheeks.
“Ok now its getting late raki” she was about to come out of the hug

I just held her tightly and asked “Aunty, can I have one kiss on lips please”
She saw me and tried to push me “no no enough this is too much for you. Now go and get the k**s”

I was disappointed but still cant help. Just had to wait. But there were lots of chances of getting her now as she is in need of someone. And that someone was me. I went to school and got the k**s. They went very happily to house as I had got them chocolates. Anyways I was very happy too because aunty was very close with me. And also she asked me to hug. So almost the line was getting cleared. Now I just had to have patience, because I didn’t want to spoil anything. Along with the k**s I also entered the house. Aunty was just arranging the clothes in the bedroom as she had not cleaned anything from last two days. k**s went and washed their faces and then after sometime they went to tuition in the evening as usual. They to go tuition by 4:30 and come back by 6:30.
I was sitting on the sofa. Aunty came with tea and gave me. Don’t know what happened to her. she was not speaking to me. May be because of the incident happened in the afternoon she might have felt little shy. I told her to sit. She sat on the other side and sipping tea.

Me : Aunty….
Aunty : mmmm
Me : what happened you are so silent?
Aunty : Nothing Raki, just simply
Me : tell me na please. I am your friend right
Aunty : hey raki, nothing like that. Just I was little tired of this fever.
Me : aunty, I know you very well. I understand you
Aunty : mmmm, I know raki, you care for me so much.
Me : then tell please
Aunty : Raki, don’t know why, I feel so happy now a days.
Me : be happy aunty, why are you worried?
Aunty : after I got married, in just few days, I forgot what is happiness. After you came to the house only I am smiling, speaking so much.
Me : mmm, can you forget the past and think about the future?
Aunty : yes raki, you are right. Keep thinking about the past and waste time. What is the use
Me : mmm that’s like a good girl. Smile now
Aunty : (gave a sweet smile) Raki, if I am with you I don’t know how time goes, and also you are so nice, caring.
Me : mmm don’t keep praising me aunty. I will climb on top of a tree
Aunty : you climb anywhere dear. But u are really good.
Me : Even you aunty. You are so good. Don’t know why you married uncle. I am sorry I know its very personal.
Aunty : its ok. It’s the fact right. Cant help. Its my fate
Me : mmm but why did u marry him? You didn’t had anyoption?
Aunty : its not like that. See I came from very orthodox f****y. My parents are very good and I just wanted to be very good to them
Me : so why did u agree to this uncle
Aunty : he is actually my fathers relative. His parents saw me in a marriage and then liked me. They spoke to my parents and they were very happy. Since it was known person f****y, dad wanted to get marrried to that guy only.
Me : mmmm, and you agreed like a bakra
Aunty : see raki, who will know what will happen in the future.
Me : ya that is also true aunty.
Aunty : then all agreed. No one bothered to ask me. Even I had to agree.
Me : and you fell into the well.
Aunty : hey keep quiet.
Me : aunty can I ask you something if you don’t mind?
Aunty : sure raki, ask anything. You have that freedom.
Me : waaaw then can you give me what I asked in the afternoon?
Aunty : you naughty. I will never give that. Don’t ever think that in your dream also.
Me : mmmm, see just now you told I have freedom to ask anything.
Aunty : I told you have freedom to ask, but I didn’t tell I will give whatever you ask right (laughed loudly)
Me : You are very clever aunty.
Aunty : all because of you dear
Me : ohh comeon
Aunty : ok forget that, tell me you wanted to ask something
Me : that is what I asked you right . You told you wont give
Aunty : hey stopped that now. Ask me what you wanted to ask
Me : mmm, ok nothing. Just wanted to ask you did u had any boyfriend?
Aunty : no raki. I told you I am from an orthodox f****y. And I didn’t want to cheat my parents. I always wanted to keep my parents happy and not to give any harm
Me : waaaw. Really great. So you didn’t like any boys in your life
Aunty : NO raki. I never liked anyone. And never felt I should like anyother boys
Me : don’t like aunty . That you didn’t like anyone
Aunty : why should I lie to you raki, I never liked anyone
Me : you didn’t like me?
Aunty : ohh stupid (smiled sweetly). Sorry yes I liked you dear
Me : and what about uncle?
Aunty : mmm I liked him also
Me : really?
Aunty : what do you think dear?
Me : I don’t know
Aunty : shall I tell you one thing?
Me : sure aunty, tell watever you feel like
Aunty : when unlce came to see me, I didn’t even like him. He was looking so aged. My friends told me not to agree. But I was afraid to tell this to my parents. But still I told mom about this. She told not even think of telling this infront of dad. I got scared and kept quiet
Me : see aunty, because of that mistake today you have to suffer.
Aunty : I know dear, but I was helpless
Me : ok forget now happened is happened. Past is past. Now nothing can be changed
Aunty : that is why I like you so much raki, you will be always happy and keep everyone happy
Me : if we are like that everything will be happy and everything will be good. And you will get good things
Aunty : mmmm, so what good things you have got raki?
Me : many things.
Aunty : can I ask this naughty boy what all good things he got?
Me : sure my sweet aunty you can ask anything
Aunty : mmm tell me tell me what all good things you got?
Me : mmm, first a good house.
Aunty : ohh gud then
Me : a sweet and beautiful friend
Aunty : ohh gud who is he?
Me : hey aunty how can a boy be beautiful/
Aunty : oh oh so you got a girl?
Me : yes very sweet girl
Aunty : mm what is her name? can I ask?
Me : sure her name is Rashmi
Aunty : ohhh same my name only. Gud what is she doing?
Me : she is married and have two k**s.
Aunty : hey have you gone mad?
Me : why aunty?
Aunty : you have a firendship with a married lady?
Me : whats wrong with that?
Aunty : ok forget where does she stay?
Me : ohh aunty. You are so budhu. She is sitting next to me only. And that is you only.
Aunty : ohh god. Mmm you and your talks.
Me : upset on me aunty?
Aunty : no dear. I like the way you talk
Me : mmmm. Thnk you
Aunty : ok then what else good things you got?
Me : then I got good friendship with you
Aunty : ok same here raki
Me : and then I got some sweet sweet kisses from your sweet lips
Aunty : mmmmm you are becoming bad raki (smiled)
Me : mmmm ok my gud aunty. I wont become bad
Aunty : ohh raki, you become so serious soon
Me : hey no aunty. Just told

We both finished the tea. She took my glass and went near sink and then kept it there and went to kitchen. It was around 5:15. I still had 1.15 hours of free time until k**s come back. We both were alone. But don’t know what was stopping me to proceed to romance. I seriously didn’t want to miss any opportunity. I was controlling myself so much that I cannot tell how difficult it was. I was just sitting there only. She came back and sat in the same place.
Aunty : what happened raki?
Me : nothng aunty, was just seeing you
Aunty : mm, from morning you are seeing me. Now what is new
Me : you look so cute aunty.
Aunty : ohh enof enof. I am old now. I am any aunty. Not a girl
Me : that is the speciality of you and other girls.
Aunty : what is that?
Me : even though they are girls, they still look cute by makeup, but you look so beautiful by natural
Aunty : mmm. Thanks raki.
Me : aunty…..
Aunty : what raki?
Me : nothing just feel like seeing you always
Aunty : is it?
Me : yes aunty.
Aunty : raki, shall I tell you one thing?
Me : sure tell me aunty. Why do u have this formalities
Aunty : sometimes I really feel that I did mistake marrying uncle
Me : not sometimes aunty, if I was you I would have rejected him then and there
Aunty : mmm. But you know raki, I was just thinking if I would have married you other than this uncle how nice it would have been
Me : what are you tellign aunty?
Aunty : yes raki, I was feeling that you are so caring, so jovial, so understanding not every boys have this qualities dear.
Me : mmmm, then come lets get married now
Aunty : hey keep quiet, for you always joke
Me : I am not joking aunty. I am serious
Aunty : what is you told is serious? Keep quiet.
Me : ok forget that aunty. Atleast you felt that I should be your husband that is more than enof for me.
Aunty : why god is like this raki?
Me : what did god to aunty?
Aunty : he should have made you born 5 6 years early than I born and got you married to me
Me : ohh aunty. See don’t blame god for that. Just imagine, now also we both are together right?
Aunty : yes raki I understood what you are telling. Yes somehow we both are together now.
Me : mmm that is what I always tell. Be happy always, everything will be good.
Aunty : you are right my sweet friend.
Me : mmm because of this can I get one sweet kiss?
Aunty : mmm always kiss kiss kiss, do you think I have kiss factory opened here?
Me : yes, your sweet lips can manufacture anynumber of kisses aunty
Aunty : you are becoming bad day by day will tell your parents wait
Me : ohh is it? Ok tell I will also tell that I became bad because of this aunty’s beauty and her kisses
Aunty : mmm blackmailing me dear?
Me : hey aunty, how can I do that, was just k**ding
Aunty : (she got up and came near me, bent towards my face) raki…
Me : mmm what happened aunty?

Before I speak anything she kissed me on cheeks and stood straight. I was very happy. But really wanted a kiss on my lips. But she was not giving at all. I just showed my fingers on my lips asking her one kiss on lips. She nodded her 2 3 times to tell me that she wont give. I just smiled and made my face as if I am pleading her for lips to lips kiss. She didn’t agree.
“Not even in dreams you think about that dear. I told you many times.” She just told me.

Me : No problem at all my sweet aunty. Whatever you gave itself is something a god given gift forme
Aunty : hey raki, sorry I always hurt you right?
Me : not at all aunty. I am so happy that you are coming so close tome.
Aunty : what to do dear, you are pulling me so much from heart
Me : what do you mean aunty? I didn’t do anything
Aunty : you didn’t do anything, but your heart is pulling me so much
Me : as if you are not doing anything to me
Aunty : what did I do raki?
Me : you are also pulling me so much
Aunty : ohh what I do dear?
Me : your beauty, your smile, your style
Aunty : you like me so much dear?
Me : swear I like you so much aunty, you are so cute, innocent, beautiful…….. And
Aunty : and ?
Me : ok forget you get upset
Aunty : no no tell. I wont get angry on you dear. You are something special to me
Me : you are so hot also aunty.
Aunty : (hit me on my head) stupid. (and pinched my cheeks) you are really becoming very bad
Me : and you are responsible for that my sweet aunty
Aunty : mmmm.

It was already, 6 now. I was counting each and every minute. As next day I had to go to office and i wouldn’t get time to be with her alone like this. Was just not able to control. She walked to the kitchen. While walking I could see her ass juggling. She had worn my favourite orange saree. And I was going mad to see that beauty in transparent saree and also the way I made her wear the saree. She went to kitchen and was doing something faceing the stove. I just followed her slowly. I entered the kitchen. Stood just behind her. she saw me and smiled. As she was smiling, I took lots of courage and I just took my hand and kept on her ass very boldly and “what are you doing aunty”. she replied “will prepare dinner dear. Before k**s come” as she was speaking she took her right hand and kept on my hand and pulled it and kept it on her waist. I felt she liked me hugging her on waist than on her ass. She was me and again smiled and I also smiled back.
Me : (we both kept seeing each other) aunty….
Aunty : mmmm dear
Me : nothing aunty
Aunty : what are you seeing?
Me : your eyes
Aunty : what there in my eyes dear?
Me : they look so beautiful, and your lips, which gives a sweet smile and your long nose.
Aunty : raki….
Me : what aunty?
Aunty : (she turned towards me, while my hand is still on her waist) I seriously feeling I missed you for so many days
Me : even me aunty. But I feel atleast now we met
Aunty : yes raki.

She kept her both the hands on my shoulder, and kept her head on my shoulder and whispred.

Aunty : Raki…..
Me : (even I whispred in a very low voice) what aunty?
Aunty : I like you so much dear
Me : even I like you so much sweetheart
Aunty : don’t ever leave me and go
Me : sure (I just took my hand and kept on her bare back on her blouse and caressed)
Aunty : its feels so nice to be with you dear
Me : aunty even I feel so nice to be with you

She took her both the hands and hugged me tightly now and buried her face in my chest. As she hugged me tightly I just planted a kiss on her bare shoulder. As I was caressing her back I could feel that bra hook. It was so nice to touch that hook. I was feeling I should open that hook and free those milky boobs outside. And she was hugging me and she also started caressing my back. Her hug was so caring but my hug was so sensual and I had intention of sex. I slowly started moving my hand towards her ass. This time there was no restrictions. I had my hand on her right ass bun. was just massaging on that for few seconds, then I slowly started moving towards her other ass bun. I crossed the ass crack. Waaw it was so nice while passing my hands on her ass crack. Guys just try this and see, with full emotional, sensual touch. You will feel as if some current is passing inside you. I was just doing that for many times. I was really going mad. I just lifted my head from one side to other side and planted a kiss there as well.
She also just lifted her head and then kissed my neck. And she was very emotionally sl**ping on my chest again. I kept pressing her shoulders and caressing her ass and her bare back.
She again lifted her head and started speaking
Aunty : Raki…..
Me : yes aunty
Aunty : are we doing something wrong?
Me : why do you thing like that?
Aunty : this is wrong na?
Me : what is wrong?
Aunty : that what we are doing?
Me : not at all.
Aunty : but still I am married and being with other person like this. This is wrong only no?
Me : did u like uncle from heart?
Aunty : no dear never
Me : then who will this be wrong?
Aunty : but still I am married correct?
Me : you are right. But still it will be wrong if you are cheating someone who is really in love with you and then who is very good and caring for you
Aunty : so you mean to tell that we are not doing anything wrong?
Me : as per me we are not doing anything wrong
Aunty : but I am afraid dear. If someone comes to know about us?
Me : why will anyone no sweetheart. See do you trust me?
Aunty : I trust you so much. That is why I am so close to you
Me : then why are you so worried aunty. Now please don’t keep thinking so many things and be upset in life again
Aunty : sure raki (kissed my chest)
Me : see aunty we have only life and before we die we need to be very happy and enjoy how much ever we can.
Aunty : yes raki, you are right
Me : just imagine, day by day we become old and then we wont have time to enjoy once we become old
Aunty : yes my sweet dear. You are right
She just lifted her head and then again came near my ears and told
I was so happy and was not able to say anything. I also told “AUNTY I TOOOU SO LOVE YOU SO MUCH”
She saw me and smiled and “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”. I just saw her and signalled her to kiss my lips. This time instead of saying “don’t ever think in dreams also” she just nodded her head with a naughty smile as if she wont give a kiss. As she was hugging me she just got her both the hands and held my hairs and tried pulling my face towards her. now slowly she got her lips near mine. She closed her eyes but I just didn’t want to miss that scene. My hands were resting on her bare back. Just few centimeters between her lips and mine. She was breathing had. I could feel her hot hair blowing on my face, I could smell her mouth, I just thought I got the kiss which I dreamt since I came to house. Almost close and few millimetres only, suddenly there was a voice “Ammmmmaaaaaaaaaaa…….”. shit k**s had come from tuition. She suddenly removed the hands from the head and pushed me far and ran to the hall… both the k**s came and hugged her. and she kissed the k**s. The sweet kiss which was meant for me was taken by those k**s. Lucky k**s. Then slowly I came from kitchen and saw her with disappointment. She also saw me and made her face to say sorry. I just nodded my head to make her feel that I am not upset and then showed my finger on my forehead to mention her that its my fate. I was cursing my fate for missing such a great opportunity. We cannot judge ladies. Once they will be interested and then again they will be not interested. Now I was worried if I will get the chance again. I just slowly sat on sofa and just bent my head and kept both the hands on my head and was just thinking how I missed that opportunity. I just got up and stepped outside. Aunty didn’t say anything. She was busy with the k**s. And I came outside and stood near the gate. As I was just about take my bike and go somewhere my mobile rang. I took the mobile and saw it was Raghu.

Me : Hello Raghu, tell me
Raghu : Hi buddy how are u?
Me : I am feeling good raghu. Tell me what for you called?
Raghu : just called to ask about your health
Me : ya I am feeling good.
Raghu : so you can come tomroow right?
Me : yes I can.
Raghu : ok do one thing, there is a report which has to go very urgent and Shreya is on leave. So you have to work on that
Me : ohh is it. Ok will do it no probs
Raghu : You have to be in office by 9AM raki.
Me : ohhh raghu, so early
Raghu : sorry raki, cant help. Please I will arrange for the cab. Be on time please
Me : ok raghu.
Raghu : bye dude take care
Me : bye Raghu
What the hell was hell was happening. I just not missed an opportunity of kissing those sweet juicy lips. Now he is calling me at 9AM. I can’t be with my sweetheart all. Anyways I was just cursing my fate again. Now I lost mood to go outside also. I just went to my house and sat in front of system and started playing games.
At around 8:30 Rahul came and told that mom was calling for dinner. I just shut down the system and went to have dinner. I was very dull. Aunty was watching me. She understood why I was dull. We both knew how we missed that chance. As k**s where there we were not able to speak anything and they could tell whatever we speak to uncle once he is back. We didn’t want to take chance. Aunty smiled at me just to cheer up. I also smiled saying its ok. We all had dinner. It was around 9PM. k**s didn’t sl**p yet. Aunty was washing vessels. I wanted to go and hug her tightly. But these stupid k**s didn’t sl**p only. They were playing and shouting. I understood that today was really a bad day and I didn’t any chance of getting even a touch by aunty. Then I decided to go and sl**p. I just told k**s good night and then said bye to aunty. “Good night Rahul, Good night rohan. Aunty I will go and sl**p. And aunty tomorrow I am going at 8:30only. I will drop k**s and then go to office like that only as I have urgent work.”

Aunty replied “Oh is it. Ok raki, go and sl**p then. You have to get up early.”
I expected that she will tell me to sl**p here only. But I didn’t dare to ask also. I just left the place. As soon I went outside. I heard the door close. It was so hurting. It was so disappointing. I went to room and slept. Didn’t want to think anything. For sometime, I didn’t get sl**p. But was thinking if aunty will come to room at midnight after k**s sl**p. I just kept the door opened, just thinking if aunty comes.
It was around 1am I guess, I could hear someone coming from the steps. I could hear anklet sound coming closer. Now the sound became very clear. Now the sound started coming inside the door. Now it was coming so very close towards my bed. The sound just stopped. i knew aunty will surely come as she also wanted a male and don’t now since how many days she didn’t taste a male. It was aunty who was standing next to me. She bent and kissed on my forehead and then on my cheeks and then slowly dropped her pallu on my chest and started kissing me on my lips and then she became so wild. She was kissing my lips like a bitch and passing on saliva like water and sucking my tounge. I lost the control and then dragged on me. She was sl**ping on my chest with her boobs pressing on me. I just started massaging her back and reach her ass. I was so nervous, I just wanted to touch those bare ass buns. I started pulling her saree up and successfully pulled her saree above her ass and started pressing it. She was still kissing my lips and doing nothing. Now she started licking my cheeks, neck and then she gotup and took my hand and put inside my pant and signalled me to take out the dick. I did as I said and she took my hand and put on my dick and signalled me to start masterbating. I started doing it. I could feel that I cummed so vigoursly. I really leaked so much of sperms. As soon as the sprems splashed from my dick, I got tired and opened my eyes.
What was that? There is no one in the room. Where is aunty? I just suddenly got up from the bed. I had removed my pant down and my dick was outside dangling. I looked throught the house for aunty. No where she was visible. I got up and put my dick inside and then moved towards door. It was closed as it was when I slept. God, what a stupid thing. It was a dream. I really felt very bad for the fate I had that day. But I was feeling the dream will come soon. Again I just went to toilet and slept.
I opened my eyes. It was already 7:30am. Got up soon and then staright away went to bathroom, and took bath soon as I was supposed to go to office by 8:30.
I came rushing to auntys house. She was there in the kitchen doing something. she saw me and smiled. And then reminded me that I had to go by 8:30. She gave me breakfast. She was so normal that as if nothing had happened between us.
I had breakfast, and asked k**s to come along with me and I told aunty that I will drop them in the cab on the way. My cab driver was horning. We three started going towards the cab. But suddenly aunty called me and told to take my lunch. She had prepared lunch also for me. Waaaw she was so caring and after all she was my wife now.
Now I got into cab and waved my hand towards her. she smiled and told bye.
I was just thinking if in case I had to go by 11:30, I could have seriously kissed her. but my fate I had to go to office by 8:30. I dropped the k**s and headed towards office. I reached by 9AM. As soon as I entered the office, there were lots for work assigned to me. I was not at all interested to work that day. Somehow I manage to finish the work Raghu had assigned. It was 1:30. I thought of having lunch. I just took the box and went to have lunch. I just opened the zip of the box. I saw some paper. I just thought it might be tissue paper. But I just took in my hand and saw it was some whitepaper. I just opened it and saw. It was written something. I just unfolded the whole sheet now and saw.
It was letter given by Aunty. I just glanced it before reading it thoroughly. In the begginging it read “My sweetheart Raki…………” and many things and I could see in the end “with sweet kises Yours loving for ever Rashmi”
Then I suddenly folded it and kept it inside my pocket and had lunch. As many where there in the cafeteria, I didn’t want to read it. I quickly had lunch and kept my box at desk and then quickly went to toilet and closed the door and took the letter and started reading….In the beginning it read “My sweetheart Raki…………” and many things and I could see in the end “with sweet kisess Yours loving for ever Rashmi”
Then I suddenly folded it and kept it inside my pocket and had lunch. As many where there in the cafeteria, I didn’t want to read it. I quickly had lunch and kept my box at desk and then quickly went to toilet and closed the door and took the letter and started reading….
(The letter written by Rashmi is in kannada – my mother toungue. I have just translated exactly to English)
“My sweetheart Raki,

In my life this is the first letter I am writing to any boy. Please don’t mind if I have written anything wrong or if anything is hurting you.
First of all I should thank you for coming to our house and then coming in my life. I had never expected that I can be so happy in my life. After getting married, I had almost thought my life is over. It had been many years I had spoken to people properly and enjoyed. It was because of my k**s I am still alive. Sorry I am telling all my feelings to you. Don’t know why I feel so comfortable being with you and speak to you so openly. Its because of your kind heart and understanding I think. But I know I have hurt you so much many times. Still you care for me and my f****y. I really beg sorry for whatever I did for you. Now I am realising how much you really care for me and my f****y.
Raki, I have never written any letters like this. And I seriously don’t know what all girls write to a boy. I just felt like writing this letter so that I can share my inner feelings.
After you left I went to sl**p. Seriously I didn’t get sl**p for long time. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to see you. I wanted to hug you. I wanted to kiss you. I just thought of coming to your room. I came till the my house door. But didn’t had guts to come to your room. And also what if k**s see me going to your room. So again I went back. Didn’t know what to do. So I just wrote this letter.
Raki, I have started liking you from heart. I don’t know what has happened to me. All these days I never had any intention of loving you. But don’t know what has happened to me, I am not able to be without seeing you, without speaking to you. You have filled in my heart so much. I love you so much raki. The way you care for me, help me, hug me, kiss me all this I expected from my husband. But not even one day he did this to me. Forget helping he always tortured me so much that I am scared of him always. You are so good and I fell for your caring behaviour dear.
Raki, I don’t know whether its write or wrong. But please don’t leave me for any cast. In my life I have loved someone first time and truly and hope you will be with me forever. And please don’t be afraid that I will trouble your personal life. You can marry someone or love someother girl, I will never spoil your life. And also I am not forcing you to love me. I just felt I should tell you as you can understand my feelings.
Raki and one more thing I wanted to tell you please don’t take our love just for physical pleasure. I wanted someone who can care for me, who can understand me, who can keep me happy. I want a pure love from heart. I know you really love me so much. I just told you so that you shouldn’t feel bad about me. Even though I am married, I never liked my husband. But I don’t know after meeting you and being with you for an year, I felt something strange which made me feel happy again in my life. And that is because of you.
Ok raki, come soon to house. I am really feeling like seeing you and I am missing you so much. Have lunch nicely. I have packed the lunch with full loads of love in it. Think that I am feeding you for each and every spoon you have.

I love you, I love you , I love you so much my sweeeeeeeeeet raki.
A sweet kiss to your forehead, cheeks, nose, eyes and sorry I wont kiss to your lips. And please don’t think about that in your dream also. Love you so much raki.
And please tear this letter after reading. If someone sees this letter I will be in problem.
with sweet kisses
Yours loving for ever Rashmi”

(I still have that letter with me)

After reading that letter I carefully, folded it and kept in my purse. Then got up from commode and open the door and came outside. Now I was little happy. Finally aunty started loving me and then she had given me letter as well. I was not able to belive myself that she will write me a letter. Anyways luck was almost myside. Was just wondering how it will be if I go home. I was just waiting when will it be 7:30. As I had come early, I can go little early. Time was not at all going. I was going to toilet and then closed the door and again read the letter and then again go and sit in seat. I would have read the letter more than 5 times. It was making me so happy and even emotional sometimes. It was 7:00. I was doing my work. Each and every minute was going as if one hour. Time was not at all going. I was really getting so upset that time was going very very very slow. Finaly it was 7:30. I just shutdown the system and started outside. Stupid Raghu was just came opposite to me. Asked me where am I going. I told I am going to house.

Raghu : Where are you going Raki?
Me : I am going home raghu?
Raghu : what its still 7:30. your shift gets over by 9:30
Me : raghu today I came by 9. remember
Raghu : ohh ok then go home. sl**p nicely.
Me : ok sure bye. I will miss my cab.
Raghu : ok bye

I just came near cab. Driver was not there. Then I saw driver came near and I asked him to start soon. He told there are 3 more employees to come. I was more worried now. I didn’t know those 3 stupid employees. I was really getting angry. It was almost 7:45. Shit whats happening. Where the hell are these employees. At 8:00 those idiots came. I started asking them why were they late. They told that cab for those guys were at 8:00 only and I was put in that cab as I was supposed to be dropped. I cursed Raghu. What a game he played with me. He told he will book a cab at 7:30. Anyways now I cannot speak. If go inside then I miss cab and then go by 9:00 only. Instead I felt going only. Stupid traffic jam. I was not able to think anything other than reaching house. But my fate cab was going very slow due to traffic jam. Finally by 9:15 I reached the house. I got down and straight away went to house quickly changed my dress and washed my face and then came running to aunty’s house. I just knocked the door. The door opened. Seeing aunty before and seeing aunty now was different. Because morning when I left house, I didn’t know that she had written love letter to me. But now I know that she is in love 100% and now I am seeing her first time after reading the love letter. The door opened and then I saw my sweet sexy aunty. As soon as she opened the door, I saw her and she smiled. And there was lots of changes in her. it was really so nice to see her. and she was looking so fresh. She had worn a beautiful light pink saree. Waaaw she was looking damn sexy. I could see the cleavage and pink blouse through her semi transparent saree. I saw from top to bottom. She just nodded the head to say come inside. I just nodded the head and told ok. I entered the house. She close the door. I just went and sat on sofa. k**s were inside the room and fighting each other with pillow. I was not in mood to speak to them. Aunty closed the door and straight away went to kitchen. And in few minutes she came with dinner and kept on dining table. I didn’t want to move because k**s were there. And didn’t want to take chance, as those k**s would tell uncle what all we did. then aunty came near me, she was very normal even though she had written the letter. Even I didn’t want to ask her anything as of now as k**s where there. But somewhere in my mind I knew that she will surely try to hug me and kiss me. Because she had written in letter that she wanted to come to my room in mid night. So today for sure I knew that she will come to room. She called me for dinner
Aunty : Rakesh, can we have dinner?
Me : oh sure aunty.
Aunty : (she walked very softly towards dinning table) you like to have rice or chapathi?
Me : I will take chapathi first and then rice. What about rahul and rohan? Will they not have dinner?
Aunty : they had that time only.
Me : ohh ok. They didn’t sl**p still?
Aunty : I don’t know. Everyday they used to sl**p by this time. Today they didn’t sl**p yet
Me : Today lunch was good.
Aunty : mmmm you had fully?
Me : yes
Aunty : raki, I had given something else with the lunch box
Me : yes aunty , I got it (with a whispering sound)
Aunty : did u read it dear (very low whispering voice)
Me : ya I read fully 5 times untill I left office
Aunty : (she smiled and bent her head)

I was just having dinner, Rahul and rohan were shouting and playing. I was really upset and was thinking when will they sl**p. I wanted to be alone with aunty. I had almost finished the dinner. My phone was ringing. I was afraid it was Raghu telling me to come early tomorrow also. I didn’t pick the call. Again the phone rang. Aunty told “Raki, your phone is ringing”. Ohhh I just thought and took the phone and saw. It was not a Bangalore number. It was Delhi number. Was wodering who was it. I just picked the call.

Me : hello? Who is this?
Uncle : hi rakesh, this is uncle. How are you?
Me : oh uncle, I am good. How are you?
Uncle : I am good rakesh. So how is bangalore
Me : bangalore is good. When are you coming back
Uncle : its just 2 days rakesh. It will take another month I think
Me : ohh aunty and k**s are missing you so much
Uncle : ya I know. Morning aunty had called me. She told
Me : ok ok.
Uncle : she told how much you are helping them
Me : oh uncle this is nothing. Aunty is helping me in breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think she was like my s****r or mother in my previous incarnation
Uncle : ohh good rakesh. May be she was your s****r or mother. But whatever you have don’t to us, we cannot repay rakesh. You saved my life
Me : oh uncle forget all those. So what else. How come you called at this time
Uncle : sorry rakesh, I thought of calling you in the afternoon. Just thought you might be at office.
Me : that’s fine tell me uncle.
Uncle : rakesh, morning aunty had called. She was telling she is getting scared to sl**p alone with k**s.
Me : oh is it what happened uncle? Aunty didn’t tell anything
Uncle : ya how can she tell. She might feel shy.
Me : oh tell me uncle.
Uncle : rakesh can you sl**p in my house until I come. If you are comfortable
Me : oh uncle please don’t be so formal. I can sl**p. But you should be comfortable (smiled)
Uncle : please rakesh I know its very difficult for lady to stay alone at night.
Me : ya uncle I can understand (I saw aunty and gave a naughty smile and winked eyes at her she just bent her head again with very shy way)
Uncle : ok rakesh thank you so much. And sorry we taking lot of advantage of you
Me : oh god please uncle I feel very nice to be with you all. Afterall you all are like my f****y
Uncle : ok rakesh by good nite.
Me : good nite uncle

I just kept the phone and saw aunty she was not having dinner, she was just keeping her hand on plate and was just moving the food round the plate. i told her to finish the dinner soon.
We both finished the dinner and she took the plates and took it to bathroom. She washed quickly that usually she does. I didn’t dare go to keep them in kitchen. I just sat on sofa. Now anyways I was supposed to stay at her house only. So I was thanking god so much that somehow I will be with aunty whole night and for next one month. I was really not able to tell how lucky I was.
Aunty took all the vessels and kept in kitchen and went to room and told k**s to sl**p soon as they have to go to school morning. They were already drousy. She took three pillows and kept in line. I was thinking now what will happen, she is going to sl**p there only. She arranged the bed and then came out with a blanket and a pillow and gave to me and told to sl**p on sofa only. I was not understanding what her plan was. I was thinking will she just sl**p without speaking to me. I was waiting for this kind of chance since so many days. Today we are alone why is she avoiding me. Then I realised. k**s where there and anyways morning after I drop k**s, we both will be alone. So I just thought that I kept the pillow on sofa and opened the blanket and slept. I was not getting sl**p. I saw aunty nothing. She just went inside the room made rohan sl**p at the end, rohan in middle and then she was sl**p. I switched off the hall light and then was watching what will aunty do. No way she was turning towards me. She took the blanket and put it on the k**s and then she walked towards the door and then it closed. I was just watching. I really got confused and then upset as well. I really thought that she might be with me and then hug me kiss me. As per her letter she really wanted me badly. But there was nothing happening now inspite i was sl**ping in her house. I could see the light inside the room was still on. I could make out from the bottom of the door. That was the last hope I had. I was thinking aunty is still awake and will come once k**s sl**ps. In just few seconds I thought and the light also go switched off. I lost the hopes that aunty will come now. I just thought she will not come as k**s where there and morning for sure I can only initiate. Now its of no use to wait for aunty. I just closed my eyes and slept. I don’t know when I slept.

In sl**p I got a dream. The dream was going on so nice. I could hear the sound of the door opened. I will see the door. Its actually the room door where a beautiful lady is coming towards me. Its very dark and I just try to see who is that. I am not able to see who is that. But I am able to see the sexy body with nice boobs, nice waist wearing semi transparent pink saree, I am able to see her cleavage and pink blouse. She is coming very close to me. She finally stands near me. I just see who is she. She is Rashmi, my owner aunty. She smiles so sweetly and then sits next to me. I was thinking what a dream is this. I didn’t want that dream to end. But suddenly, I could feel someone is trying to push me to and fro sidewards. I was so upset, I am not able to see aunty properly. I was thinking who the hell is this shaking me.

Suddenly I opened my eyes, I was turning towards wall, I just turned behind and saw. My god, my sweet aunty was sitting next to me. I was thinking it’s a dream. I took nearly 2 to 3 minutes to come to my sense. She was sitting near my leg and was smiling. I just got up and sat on sofa. I was still not able to belive that it was real. I just touched her hand and it was real. I was still on my blanket.
I started speaking, “Aunty…” with a loud voice. She kept her finger on her lips and told “Shhhhhh…..”
Me : Aunty………….
Aunty : Shhh…………..
We both started whispering…………. As it was night and also k**s where there
Me : what happened?
Aunty : k**s are sl**ping. They will wake up
Me : ohh ok sorry. You didn’t get sl**p aunty?
Aunty : no dear. How will I get, when my sweetheart is there at home and that to alone
Me : ohh aunty, I thought you wont come only. I was just dreaming that you were coming near me
Aunty : mmm see dreams come true
Me : yes you are right.
Aunty : so did you read my letter sweetheart?
Me : yes aunty. Do you really love me so much?
Aunty : yes raki, I am not able to be without you.
Me : same here aunty. You have been filled me in my body
Aunty : raki, I love you so much.
Me : I love you too aunty.

As we were whispering, aunty just came little more closer. We both saw each other. She kept seeing me in that darkness. There was a very little light which was coming from the window. But were able to see each other. She still came closer. As she was moving her bangales where making so sensual sounds, that I was not able to control. I didn’t move even a step. She took her hand and kept on my shoulder. As she kept her face came very close to my face. She just planted a soft kiss on my cheeks. Then on neck. Bangles where moving up and down making the environment so sexy. Then she came near the ears “I love you raki…..” whispered in ears. Now I took my hand and put around her back till her shoulder and held her tightly. And I gave a soft kiss on her forehead and then on her both the eyes. And started towards her cheeks. Then slowly I moved my target to lips, as soon as I tried to kiss her lips, she took her hand from the shoulder and kept on my lips to tell that not to kiss. I got upset and confused. Why is she avoiding kiss on lips. But anyways I didn’t want to spoil the mood. Atleast she came and she is hugging me. Let me see till what level it goes. She started kissing more on my neck. Now I started caressing her back. Her bare back was so soft. As I was massaging her back I just kissed her bare sholder and her back. As and when I was moving my both the hands I could feel her bra hook and also bra strap. She also started massaging my back.both were very imbibed in romancing. Both were moving our body so close and right to left. While doing all this her pally dropped down exposing her hot big cleavage. I tried moving my hands towards her ass, but as she was sitting I couldn’t reach. But was able to caress her bare waist. It was so romantic moments. Finally I had my aunty in my arms. I expected a hot sex tonite. As even aunty didn’t had sex for long time. After few minutes, she just released herself from my hug and then saw me. Kissed me on my forehead and then got up. her pallu had fallen. She took that and covered her boobs and tried adjusting her saree. I thought this is the end. I asked her come near me and hug with a signal. She kept her finger on her lips and signalled me to be silent. I didn’t know what to tell so I just kept quiet.

She walked towards the room. While walking her ass was juggling with that transparent saree. She had worn the way I had worn her last time. This was making me mad to fuck her. I thought she will go and sl**p. but no she went inside and came outside with a pillow, bed and blanket. She just put the bed down and kept the pillow on that and kept the blanket. She came near me and then came near my ears and told me to get up. I got up and was thinking wat she might do. She took my pillow and then took the bed on the sofa. I was wondering what she was doing. I went to toilet mean while. After few minutes once I came, aunty had arranged bed for both of us. God, I decided that tonite will be our first night. All this she was doing in that darkness only. Then as I came outside. She just saw me and smiled and signalled and showed finger to say that to sl**p here. I just smiled and nodded my head to say I am happy to sl**p. she also nodded her to tell that “I know you are waiting for this chance”. Then I slept to towards the wall side. I guessed she will sl**p next to me. No she didn’t sl**p she again went to room and saw the k**s whether they are sl**ping. After few minutes, she came outside and closed the door and then bolted it so that k**s will not come outside. I was sl**ping on bed and was observing all these things. then she slowly came and slept next to me. Now it was safe, uncle not there, k**s sl**ping, it is bolted and I am sl**ping next to aunty.

She just took the blanket and put over me and her. now we both were inside both the blanket. Waaaaaw even now if I think that scene I feel like fucking thataunty. She came still closer and hugged me tightly. I also took my hand and then pulled her still closer and hugged her tightly. Now I kept my hand on herbare blouse back and started caressing. She also started to massage my back. Now I had a very good chance to touch her ass. I just took my hand and kept it on her ass. And started pressing her ass. As and when I was pressing her ass she used to bite her lips and close her eyes. I stared moving towards her blouse and was trying to enter her blouse back to remove her bra. But it was difficult. She came still closer and then whispered in my ears and then told me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes to see what she is planning. I could feel he soft lips licking my cheeks, then eyes. I was very much in mood now. Now that lips slowly started towards my lips, but again there was nothing whch could happen and then she came near my ears and again told “I LOVE YOU RAKI…. You need not dream to get kissed in dreams. You will get in real now”. She told that and brought her lips towards my lips and then kissed it just like that. Then she told to open the eyes. I opened. As soon as I opened the eyes, she started sucking my lips. She rigoursly started kissing me. I didn’t want to miss this chance. Her tongue was romancing here and there inside my mouth. I tried sucking that toungue very much like an ice cream. I was going mad. She started spitting inside my mouth. I asked her through toungue to send some saliva. She was spitting saliva inside my mouth and I was transferring saliva to her mouth. We kissed around 20mins. Either me or she was not willing to removed our toungue. Then finally we both removed each other lips which was locked and then again we stared licking our neck and then we both hugged tightly. Our mouth was so wet with saliva all around our mouth. I was trying to move my hand towards her stomach. I seriously got her navel. I could feel that inside blanket her navel was so good, finally I put my finger inside her navel. I could see her shivering. I slowly moved my hand downwards, I almost put my hand inside her saree. But suddenly she took her hand and stopped me. She took my hand and then kept on her waist again. She was just hugging me and just kissing me. Now I thought let me just move my hands on her boobs. slowly I moved my hand on her one boob, started pressing it, I could hear some mourning sounds from aunty, and then her kiss became more wild. I was trying to put my hands inside her blouse. But it was tight. I just took my hand and put behind so that I can open her hook. As her blouse was tight I was seriously not able to open the hook, again I took myhand and kept on her boob. my dick was going crazy. It was just waiting when it will come out of my shorts and then when will aunty pull her saree until her pussy and spread legs to me and get fucked. As I was thinking she took my hand and removed it from the boobs and then came closer and slept on my chest. She started speaking
Aunty : Raki……..
Me : yes sweet aunty
Aunty : I love you dear. Please don’t leave me or don’t tell this to anyone
Me : hey aunty swear I wont tell anything to anyone
Aunty : raki, I don’t know whether I am doing right or wrong. But I need you very much.
Me : I am there with you aunty. Please don’t be so emotional
Aunty : hug me tightly.
Me : sure aunty come close.
Aunty : raki, our love shouldn’t be for physical pleasure. I am expecting a real love from you
Me : I love you truly aunty. Please don’t ever have that doubt that I am with you only for sex or for your body
Aunty : sorry dear. I am always disappointing you
Me : no aunty, I am not upset at all. I really care for you, whatever you like I will give that
Aunty : raki, I know you also need me for some pleasure. But I need sometime dear. Please don’t mind. I will surely give u everything. But please I need sometime as I am still confused whether I am doing right or wrong.
Me : aunty, I never f***e you for anything. You give me pleasure or not, but still I will love you and care for you as I do always. And please keep in mind I am not doing anything for you or your f****y to take advantage
Aunty : I am sorry dear, I know you are very true to me.
Me : now you sl**p on my chest like a k** dear.
Aunty : raki, I will surely give whatever you are expecting from me. But not now only. Let me take sometime
Me : no worries my sweet aunty. Take your time. Now sl**p like a k**
Aunty : mmmm how was the kiss you always expected
Me : I cant say anything. It was amazing. It was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Need more aunty with saliva
Aunty : come dear, will give you more.
She started kissing me more and more and then we both removed our lips which were locked and then I requested her one thing
Me : Aunty, just one request
Aunty : what is that raki
Me : can you please remove my dick outside and make it free. Please don’t feel bad and also I don’t do anything wrong. It is so hard that I am not able to control. Hope you understand
Aunty : raki, I will do it but you shouldn’t keep asking again and again. See dear until I get interest myself you shouldn’t ask, this time I will do it only once
Me : sure aunty

She just took her hand down and started removing my dick. Ohh god it was like heaven. Her soft hand removed my dick outside. I was almost about to cum in her hand. Just took my mouth near her ears and asked “is it bigger than uncle’s aunty?”. She replied “Shutup you naughty. Will speak about this someother day not now”. I just smiled and then kept my dick like that only outside. She removed her hands from my dick and then again hugged me.

Me : aunty is there any chance I can suck your boobs or see them naked
Aunty : no dear please, lets not make our love so dirty.
Me : its not dirty aunty, see you love me so much.
Aunty : I know but my mind and heart accpted you to love not for sex. Let few more days come
Me : sure aunty as you say. I love you aunty
Aunty : love you tooooo raki.
Me : come aunty hug me till morning.
Aunty : no dear I will go and sl**p inside. Otherwise if k**s wake up it will be a problem
Me : yes aunty, ok you go and sl**p inside.
Aunty : anyways morning once k**s go to school we are alone.
Me : right aunty. Then we both will take bath together morning
Aunty : naughty, don’t ever dream that also
Me : same thing you told for kissing on lips also na aunty
Aunty : mmm I know but this will never happen
Me : ok will see sweetheart
Aunty : ok raki will go inside

She took her pillow and her blanket and went towards room. She opened the bolt and then kept her pillow and blanket and then closed the door. After few seconds, again she came and then kissed me on my forehead and eyes and cheeks, and saw me and smiled. I also smiled and showed my finger towards lips indicating I need one for my lips as well. She smiled and nodded her head to tell “Ok sure” and then she gave a solid kiss on my lips. She was about to go I pulled her again and then I kissed her from myside. And whispered please give me your saliva directly. She spitted inside my mouth. It was so swweeeeet saliva. Then she told good nite and went inside room. I was watching her. she just gave a flying kiss and then closed the door. Now I just was only the door was tthere and I couldn’t see aunty.

I just couldn’t control as my dick was till outside. I just started masturbating. Just 4 to 5 strokes. It cummed like a rocket. As all the sperm stock was just on tip of my dick while she was kissing me. I became tired. I wanted one more shag. But thought let me sl**p soon so that it will be morning and then once k**s goes, I can be alone with aunty again. I just closed my eyes. I just opened my eyes. Didn’t know what time it was. I just looked into my watch. It was 5:30AM. Since I slept very late, I was not feeling like waking. I just closed my eyes and then pulled my blanket fully and covered my head. I was not interested in anything. I just wanted to sl**p that’s it. I don’t know how I slept.
I was feeling earth was shaking. Was it an earthquake? No it was Rahul and rohan who are trying to wake me. I was getting really upset. I was not in mood to wake up. Then I saw the watch inside the blanket only. It was 7:30. Oh god, I just got up and sat on bed. Rahul and rohan smiled at me and then wished me good morning. I asked them to go and get ready. Reason my dick was still outside. I had forgotten to put my dick inside my shorts. They both went to kitchen to have breakfast. I quickly put my dick inside and then got up. I just wanted to see my sweet aunty. She was busy doing work in kitchen. I didn’t want to disturb her. She was so normal that she behaved as if nothing had happened. She smiled at me and then kept working. I just went till the kitchen door and then rested one shoulder on kitchen door. And kept watching aunty. She had already taken bath and then had worn a simple saree. I could see her left boob from side. I kept seeing her boob and her waist. She suddenly saw me and noticed what I was watching. she saw my eyes and then straight away saw the place I was seeing. She saw me again and shook her head to tell me don’t see. I just nodded my head saying I like it and showed my hand to mention it looks super. She then pulled her pallu more so that the boob and the waist is closed. And she saw me again and smiled and made signal to say now what will u do. I just put my lower lip outside to tell I cannot to anything now. Then I just turned behind and then went to my house. I quickly brushed and washed my face and then came down. It was 8:15. Now both k**s where ready to go to school. I asked them to start now. Both started telling we still have 15mins. I told its ok nothing will happen if we go early. Aunty started smiling. She knew why I am hurrying. And she came near us and told, still time is there raki, wait. I saw her. she smiled as if she is trying to pull my leg. But anyways somehow it became 8:25. I asked k**s to start and told them that I will get them chocolate. They became very happy and told aunty that they will start. I took them and rode my bike very fast and then dropped the k**s. And then rode back very very fast. I just didn’t want to miss this opportunity. As soon I came back, I parked my bike soon and then very soon stood near the door. I just tried to ring bell. But saw the door was already opened. I just went inside.
I wanted to see aunty. She was here in the kitchen. I slowly went inside without making sound. Just stood behind and slowly put my hand inside her saree on her bare waist. It was so cold and suddenly she shouted
Aunty : auuuchh
Me : (I just hugged still tightly)
Aunty : you naughty. You scared me so much
Me : (kissed on her bare back)
Aunty : I know for this only you were sending the k**s so soon. Correct
Me : mmmm
Aunty : leave hand raki. I have lots of work
Me : how much you work my sweet aunty. Give some time for me also na
Aunty : sure my sweetheart. Can you wait for 30mins? Will clean all this and then we both can sit and chat.ok?
Me : ok but I need one sweet kiss. Please don’t say no
Aunty : you are becoming very bad day by day. I think I am spoiling you
Me : please aunty. One kiss will go
Aunty : ok (gave a kiss on my cheek turning towards me)
Me : (she was facing towards me now and I hugged her more tightly.) not for cheeks. I need on lips with loads of honey.
Aunty : ohhh I don’t have honey factory dear.
Me : you can produce I know now please don’t waste time. I have to go to office also
Aunty : ok
She brought her soft lips near mine. And I was watching her. she just closed her eyes. Now both our lips touched. I didn’t want to close my eyes and miss that sexy moment. Now both our lips were resting on each other. Now I just slowly opened my mouth and made her lower lips rest on my lower lips. I just kept my upper lips above her lower lips. Now slowly I started taking that inside. She also took my upper lips inside and then started sucking it. Now her lower lips almost went inside my mouth. We started chewing the lips of each others softly. And the slow motion became little bit fast and now the tongue also started to go in and out of each other’s mouth. She took my tongue inside and started sucking it. And I also took her lounge inside and started sucking like ice-cream. The way were kissing we both started exchanging saliva. As we were kissing so vigorously saliva was flowing from each other mouth and we were licking it as and when it was flowing. After few minutes she just took her head and separated the mouth. We were breathing so hard that we didn’t know how we kissed. It was really passionate kiss. Saliva as fully around our mouth and few drops were flowing from both the side of our mouth. We didn’t know whose saliva it was because both of our saliva a mixed in that. Don’t know what happed to aunty, she suddenly hugged me and again started kissing me very badly. She started licking me so much the I was really aroused. Now I just took my hand and tried to put on her boobs. I started pressing her boobs. She took her hand started taking out my hand. She was restricting me. But I wanted them very badly. In just few minutes she again removed her head and then was breathing very hard. Still her hand was on shoulder. Then she saw me and told ok now you go and sit on sofa will get you breakfast. I just moved to sofa without saying anything because I had agreed for that saying if she kisses I will wait for half an hour.
She took a towel and just wiped her mouth and gave the same towel to me to wipe it. I told now I won’t wipe. She same near and started wiping my mouth. I hugged her again and pulled towards me. She smiled and pointed finger towards sofa. I just left her and then walked towards sofa. She was saying “that’s like a good boy”

She got breakfast for both of us. She had prepared chapathi. I asked I will feed her. she told ok. Then we both were feeding each other she became very emotional. She got up and then went near the door and then closed the door. and came back. Closed all the curtains of the window. And then came and sat very close to me and like a k**. I was feeding her and she was feeding me. She was seeing my eyes only. We both finished the breakfast. She took the plate and then kept in sink and then washed her hands. I also washed my hands and then sat on sofa. She went to kitchen and then was doing something and then came back in just few minutes and sat next to me. I put my hand around her. she bent her her head and kept on my chest. She started speaking.

Aunty : Raki, its so nice to be like this dear
Me : then be like this only na aunty.
Aunty : mmm sure. How nice it will be sl**ping on hubbys chest.
Me : why you never slept on uncle like this?
Aunty : no dear never in my life. He never allowed me to sl**p like this
Me : mmm. Ok now I am there na. sl**p how much ever you want
Aunty : hey raki, how did you feel last nite.
Me : it was so nice aunty. I didn’t expect that you will come and sl**p with me
Aunty : I am afraid if k**s will wake up. So only I just went inside so that they must not tell anything to uncle about us
Me : don’t worry aunty. Nothing will happen. And you can trust me
Aunty : I know about you sweetheart. That is why I am so comfortable
Me : but I wanted something also
Aunty : I know what you want naughty. I wont give anything more than this
Me : no problem aunty. I love you from heart not for …
Aunty : not for what dear/
Me : not for sex aunty. I love you and I care you truly
Aunty : that is what I also like raki. I want someone who cares, love me truly.
Me : I will be with you and I will care aunty.
Aunty : raki, I love you so much (kisses my hand and hugs me tightly)
Me : (I kissed her cheeks) aunty you are like small k**. You skin is so soft.
Aunty : mmm thanks raki. I use lux
Me : I know that.
Aunty : how you know?
Me : first day only when I came to see you I smelled it
Aunty : mmm so from that day only you are eyeing on me
Me : not exactly but yes I was very much imressed about your beauty
Aunty : you are very naughty
Me : all because of you and your beauty
Aunty : stop stop enough of praising me
Me : aunty, I love you so much.
Aunty : love you tooooo raki.
Me : (I just kept seeing her eyes. I wanted to touch her ass. She was sitting so I couldn’t get any chance.) you look so beautiful
Aunty : hey raki, why are you looking so dull
Me : nothing aunty. I am normal
Aunty : no no I can feel u are so dull.
Me : no may be because I didn’t sl**p properly last night
Aunty : ok is it? I don’t think so
Me : aunty shall I ask you something?
Aunty : sure dear ask.
Me : I want to romance with you. Don’t feel bad that I asking for sex. I just need everything except sex. Can you give me. Please. Sorry if I asked something wrong
Aunty : raki, I can understand your problem. But I am afraid if you get addicted to it
Me : hey aunty, please don’t think like that. Have you ever seen me getting you into trouble
Aunty : I know dear. But still I am afraid. I am married lady.
Me : aunty, now don’t get tensed. I am ok whatever you say. I don’t need anything. I just need you and your sweet love
Aunty : you are a very good boy dear
Me : love you aunty
Aunty : love you raki

Aunty just got up and went inside the kitchen and drank water and then went inside bedroom. I was just watching what she is doing. She was closing the window and closed the curtains in the bedroom as well. Now she came near the cot and then saw me and waved her head to come inside. I just got up and then went inside the room. She didn’t speak anything. She just slept on the bed. She was very silent. I saw her and nodded head to ask what happened. She also nodded her head telling nothing. I just shook my head as if to ask can I go a head. She gave a signal saying ok and smiled.

Now I just crawled near her and slept next to her. she was just sl**ping and didn’t say anything. I saw her once. I just kept my hand on her stomach on saree. She just vibrated her body and closed her eyes. And again opened it. My one hand was on bed and the other one was on her stomach. Now I just removed my hand and then put my hand inside her saree to touch the bare stomach. I just started moving it all around. And slowly I was able to find her navel and I started circling there. She was shakking her body as and when I was moving my finger over there. Now I bent down and started kissing her neck. I was not just licking her neck. I was putting more and more saliva and then was likcing her neck and slowly I started to lick her face eyes forehead and later rested on lips. Now we both started to lick our lips tongue. She was also enjoying it. Now I just took my head away and then moved towards her stomach. I started licking her stomach. She was shaking her body like snake. And was holding the bedsheet very tightly. I guess she was not able to control. Her pallu was still on her chest. I slowly removed the pallu and threw it on bed. Now her two mountains where seeing the sky. Waw that scene was so sensual. I was not able to take my eyes out of it. I moved my head towards it. And then took my right and pressed her right boob once. She was closing her eyes. Then I took my other hand and started pressing other boob. she was biting her lips closing her eyes. Now her both the boobs where in my hand. I was pressing it so softly. She was mourning softly with closed eyes. Her boobs had become so hard I could feel her nipples were easily visible through her blouse. Now I got up and moved towards her chest. I started removing her blouse. She opened her eyes and suddenly held my hand and shook her head to tell not to remove. I made my face to pleade her and ask plssssss. She saw me for few seconds and then nodded her head without smile. I started removing her blouse hooks. I removed all the hooks. She was just watching me as I was removing her hooks. Now I could see her bra. I kissed those boobs on bra. I tried removing the cup from her boob. it was tight. She gave a simple smile to say that I cannot remove it outside. Then I tried putting my hand down. She just moved her back upwards so that I can put my hand below. I tried reaching her bra hook. It was so tight. She then took her hands to the bottom and removed her bra hook. As soon as she removed her bra book, the cups became little loose. Now I just moved the cups from her boobs. as soon I tried to move, she close her boobs with her hand. Now I just licked her hand and pleaded her to remove her hand. She slowly opened her hands. Waaaw nice boobs with dark brown tits. I just saw them for few minutes. I saw her she was nodding her head to ask how are they. I just show my hand to tell they are super. Finally I just moved forward and then put my mouth on her right boob tit. She closed her eyes and then made a sound “ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” I understood, it had been many days she would have had this experience. Now I started sucking those nipples and then pressing the left boob. now I removed my mouth and then put it on left boob. And started pressing right boob. she was naked till her waist. Now I slowly moved down till her navel. Now I moved down full and I started moving her saree till her knee. I was licking her legs. She was enjoying it. And now finally I was trying to move further up. she held my head and stopped till there. Again I saw her and pleaded. She told no and pulled my head till her face and then whispered in my ears “Please don’t want all that. You only told no sex right”

I also told “I will just see that heaven once please I wont do anything”

Aunty : Please don’t want all that. You only told no sex right
Me : I will just see that heaven once please I wont do anything
Aunty : no raki, please now its enough you are getting late to office
Me : ok aunty. Sure
Aunty : raki don’t be upset. I love you so much
Me : I love you too aunty
I again sucked her boobs and then we both started kissing lips to lips. She liked it very much. I slept on her for few minutes and woke up. it was already 11:15. As soon I woke up aunty also woke up. her boobs where hanging. Now she put her cups around the boobs and then hooked it behind. then put her blouse hooks and then adjusted the hairs. And then quickly opened the windows and curtain.
My cab was at 11:30. Ran to home got ready and then came down. Aunty had not prepared lunch. I told not to worry and then I will have in office cafeteria only. Cab came infront of the house and then I got into the cab. As the cab moved I just put my head outside and saw. She was standing near the gate and was waving her hand to tell bye. I didn’t had mood to work in the office. I was still in the mood of aunty in my mind. Waaw. I never expected that I will get to see her boobs, tits so soon. But one thing was sure even aunty was very hungry to get fucked. But only thing she was afraid if something goes wrong. Anyways I have got her now. In just few days I knew she will spread her legs as well. I couldn’t control, I just went to loo and shagged twice to come out of that sexy scene. Once I cummed I was not in mood to think of sex. I finished my work and then came back to house around 9:30PM. I straight away went to house. Got fresh and came back to aunty’s house. I rang the bell. The door opened. I saw my sexy queen standing infront me. She didn’t even smile. She just went inside the kitchen. I was worried what happened. I just tried to sit on sofa so that k**s shouldn’t know anything. But as I saw the bedroom, k**s had already slept. Then I went inside kitchen and stood behind her and hugged her. I put my hand inside her saree holding her waist. I didn’t see any reaction from her. she was just normal. I was worried what happened. She didn’t even tried to remove my hands from her waist or she was speaking. I just removed my hand and then stood next to her resting opposite to her. I asked her

Me : Hey aunty, what happened?
Aunty : Can we have dinner please/
Me : sure but tell me na what happened?
Aunty : nothing. Come lets have dinner
Me : aunty I am not hungry
Aunty : what happened now?
Me : then why are u upset? Tell me if you don’t like me to have dinner in your house. I will never come to your house
Aunty : now please don’t fight or shout. k**s are sl**ping
Me : I am not shouting or fighting. Tell me why are you not speaking to me properly
Aunty : oh raki, please I told you there is nothing
Me : I know aunty its because I am having breakfast, lunch and dinner here that is why righ? Ok sorry I will never come to your house (I started walking out)
Aunty : (she came running behind) oh dear please don’t be so upset. Come have dinner first. Will speak later
Me : no aunty. First tell me what did I do?
Aunty : raki, come please sit. Have dinner will tell you
Aunty : Raki, don’t you think we are doing wrong? And also I am spoiling you and your future
Me : oh god who told this aunty?
Aunty : nothing raki, I just felt myself. I was very upset the way I behaved with you morning
Me : aunty tell me one thing, do u really love me?
Aunty : more than my life
Me : then why are you thinking its wrong?
Aunty : but I am married to someone else
Me : see aunty, actually speaking if you have sex with uncle it wrong. If you have sex with me it is right
Aunty : what do you mean? Don’t tell this again
Me : see aunty. It is i*****l to have romance and sex with someone who you don’t like. And if they f***e its called as ****. But you like me and you love me. And I have full rights to romance with you
Aunty : but still raki. I am already lady
Me : so what dear. See aunty, there are so many aunties who actually cheat their hubbies. But u are not cheating whom you love truly correct?
Aunty : how can I cheat you sweetheart. You are so good and caring
Me : then why are you worried?
Aunty : ok now have your dinner sweetheart
Me : shall I feel you my sweet aunty?
Aunty : sure but can you wait?
Me : ya sure why not

She went near the bedroom closed the door and then came and sat next to me. I just took food and then started feeding her she was so happy and also was so emotional. After we both had dinner, she took all the vessels. I was just rubbing my fingers on her bare back where she was scolding me not to do that. After cleaning I kept all the vessesls to kitchen. After keeping the vessel, she started arranging the bed. I went near her.

Me : why only one bed dear?
Aunty : then how many you wanted?
Me : I thought you will also come here.
Aunty : sorry I cant k**s will wake
Me : ok aunty I wont f***e. But anyways I will awake. If you feel you need some hot romance please do come and wake me
Aunty : sure sure. Now bye go and sl**p. Good night
Me : good nite

I had actually expected that k**s had already slept, so I thought she will surely sl**p next to me. But everything went wrong. She went and slept inside. Now I just slept on bed. I didn’t get sl**p. I was just rolling around her and there but I was not getting sl**p. I was just cursing my fate how I was missing those sexy moments.
I heard bedroom door open. I just lifted my head and saw in that dim light. Aunty came outside and then she was locking the bedroom door. she slowly walked and sat next to me and then opened the blanket and came inside where I was sl**ping. She came close and then came near my ears and told “I have removed my bra. I am bra less now”. This made me so arouse. I just turned towards her and then started hugging tightly. Now we both started kissing and then after few minutes, I put my hand on her blouse. I removed all the 5 hooks. Each and every hook made “taap taap” sound. She was bra less. I just directly put my hand on her left boob and the started massaging it. Slowly I pulled her close towards me and then hugged her tightly. I could feel her boobs touching my chest. I just moved a little and started playing on her boob. now I was not able to control, I just tried climbing on her. yes I succudded in climing on her and sl**p. now I was again romanceing with aunty. I started licking her neck face and all over her chest. Now I came down and nicely sucked her boob and pressed it. I started towards her stomach. And finally I just went downwards. I didn’t pull her sare up. instead I was trying to put my head inside her saree. She didn’t restrict. But as I entered her saree and came near her knee. She stopped and cupped around her pussy. Not allowing me to see that. But anyways I removed my head from her saree and then again moved towards her top. She whispered “pls raki don’t do that. I don’t want that so soon”. I just pleaded “Aunty please only once. Will just kiss that. That’s it”. She replied “if you f***e I will go”. I just kept quiet and then started kissing her all over her face. Don’t know what happened she suddenly pulled me and started kissing lips to lips. We had a passionate romantic night. Everything was happening. But only thing I was missing is, she was not holding my dick or she was not allowing her pussy. I was getting so upset. But anyways I knew on day I will get that pussy to fuck, lick.
I don’t know how we slept. We both slept there itself with naked chest. We both were sl**ping hugging each other.

We both slept there itself. Morning I opened my eyes. I was still in mood of hugging mysweetheart. I just put my hand and felt there was something soft. I just saw itwas pillow. I was sl**ping alone with a pillow next to me. My sweetheart wasnot there. I knew she had woken early and had slept in the bedroom as she didn’twant k**s to see her. I just lifted my head and saw the bedroom door. It wasopened. Then I realized she would have gone there. Anyways I just saw my watchit was 7:30. Got up and didn’t speak to anyone just left to my house. Got freshand came down as usual at 8:30 to drop the k**s. But they had not got ready. I justasked them. they told there is a parents meeting. My face became very dull. Auntysaw me and then smiled inside. I knew why she was smiling and she knew why I wasdull. I just nodded my head to tell today nothing. She also nodded her head totell same thing. Then I thought today there is no luck of seeing my lady naked.Anyways it happens so I just sat of sofa and then we all had breakfast. But I justwanted a kiss atleast. Aunty was in kitchen doing something. k**s where in thebedroom. I went to kitchen and then was about to hug her from behind. Suddenly boththe k**s came running. I got scared and stood far. Again they left the kitchen.I just came near her and whispered.

“Aunty, I need atleast one kiss before I go. Please don’t sayno. I cannot go without a sweet kiss. Please do something”

She saw my face and was little angry. “don’t you understandk**s are there. What if they see. They will surely tell uncle about this. Pleasedon’t behave so silly. Now go outside and sit”

I was really upset. “Ok aunty I wont f***e you. I justthought you like me and understand my problem. Anyways, I am sorry. I love youaunty. I always respect you and care for your life. I never trouble you”

Aunty saw me and smiled “See dear, for everything there isshould be a peaceful situation. So please don’t be upset. I too love you somuch. Understand the situation my lovely k**. Go and sit on sofa. k**s willcome now”

I just left the place and she was preparing lunch so thatshe can pack for me. Anyways even I was not in mood to speak to anyone, so I justwent outside for sometime and then came back. It was around 11:00. I went tohouse and got ready and came back to aunty’s house. Even they had got ready togo to school. aunty saw me I was very dull. She came near me and handed overthe lunch box and whispered “I love you dear. Don’t be upset.”. I just smiledand made my lips as if I am kissing her. She smiled and went back to kitchen.

Aunty was calling k**s “Rahul, rohan can you both go toterrace and get the socks for both of you”. They started running towardsterrace. I was sitting on sofa and didn’t bother about anything. I was justwaiting for the cab. She walked towards the door shakking her sexy ass andbolted the door and came near. I could see her sexy boobs were so pointed asshe had worn very nice bra. She stood near me.

“So my sweet k** I upset because he didn’t get the kisstoday. Now stand up soon.” She was me biting her lips

I stood infront of her and then she herself hugged me andstarted kissing me. And spitted lot of saliva inside my mouth. As she knew thatI love her saliva. She gave her toungue to suck and she pulled my toungue. It happenedvery quick because she knew that k**s will come back soon. I put my hands underus saree where here bare waist was making me mad. I could feel the coldness ofher bare body. We were still kissing very passionately. Suddenly k**s startedbanging the door. She pulled her lips from my and rubbed her mouth with herhand and then told me “Rub your mouth raki. k**s are back.”

She ran towards the door while her ass was juggling andsuddenly opened the door. I just sat on sofa breathing heavily. My whole bodywas shaking. I didn’t lift my head and then k**s came and wore the shoes. Auntyalso was breathing heavily. And she was walking towards the bedroom. She sawme. Both exchanged a very naughty smile. Then my cab came. All of us started. Itold them that I will drop them near the school. all of us got into the cab andthen near school we all got down. I told driver to wait two minutes. As soon asthe school came k**s started running.

I stood near aunty and smiled “Thanks aunty, you are sosweet. The kiss was very very sweet. I love you. I am sorry if I had hurt you.”

Aunty saw my eyes “Raki, you have done so much for ourf****y. This is nothing. First I thought of not taking a chance. But when I sawyour face I really felt I should give you a kiss before you go. Ok forget allthose things. Are you happy now dear”

I just held her hand and told “Very much aunty. Love you somuch. I am getting late. See you at nite”

“Sure honey. I too love you” she just turned and startedtowards the school.

I was watching her until she went inside the school. I wasjust thinking she might turn. Yes she turned and again waved her hand to saybye. I also waved the hand and then I came back to cab and sat.

Cab driver saw me and smiled. I also smiled. Cab drive knewwhat was happening. “What Sir, what’s going on.”

“Nothing ramu, just start. Its getting late”. But he kneweverything. He just smiled and started the cab.

Then while going to office I just recollected all the scenehappened few minutes back and then just once I licked my lips to taste thedried saliva of aunty which was still on my lips and then smiled myself for thenaughty behavior we had. It was almost a week where uncle had gone on official trip. I have started making love with aunty. Now slowly aunty was feeling very very comfortable mentally, physically with me. And also I didn’t want to take advantage of her to have sex. I wanted everything to be smooth and nice. And also my policy is not to fuck any ladies with f***e. I have already seen her naked boobs, everything naked on top. I just wanted to see her sexy ass and her sexy juicy pussy. I knew that also will happen shortly. But didn’t know when. Anyways I was not in hurry also. As uncle will be come back after 1 month only. After finishing the office, I came back to house at 9:30PM. I just felt like seeing aunty. I went and knocked the door. aunty knew it was me. I went inside. k**s had already slept. And then aunty was waiting for me for dinner.
Aunty : Raki, go soon and change your dress and come. Will have dinner. I am very very hungry dear
Me : sure aunty. I just felt like seeing you so I came directly
Aunty : ok dear. Go soon and come soon.
Me : love you aunty
Aunty : love you tooo honey. Come soon. Very hungry

I went soon and came back soon. She was ready with the plates. As soon as I came back she started serving. She was very hungry I guess. She was having dinner without speaking. I also didn’t want to disturb her as she was eating with full hunger. After finishing dinner, she just saw me and smiled and then asked me if I need more rice. I told no and then she took my plate and went to wash it. She washed all the vessels and then came soon. It was already 10:15PM. I thought she will put the bed to sl**p. but instead she just went inside the bedroom and put blanket on k**s and then checked if they had slept. She then came outside. She saw me and told
Aunty : Raki, are you feeling sl**py?
Me : No aunty. Why
Aunty : nothing just like that dear. I am not getting sl**py
Me : mmm tell aunty. I am not getting sl**p.
Aunty : can we go for a walk on terrace. Its been many days I didn’t go for a walk
Me : sure. Its my pleasure. But what about k**s
Aunty : they wont wake up.
Me : ok but still …..
Aunty : no worries will lock the and door
Me : ok sure come aunty will go

Then she bolted the bedroom door and then asked me to come outside then locked the door from outside. Usually uncle and aunty walk on terrace. So she asked me to go to terrace. We both walked till terrace and then started walking slowly. I switched on the light of terrace. I had put a dim light blue bulb infront of my house. It was looking as if it was a full moon light falling. The terrace was very big and was full covered with grills and the house which I stayed. We both were walking together. There was a cool breeze and it was really very nice and romantic. Her hairs where moving here and there. Few hairs from front where falling on her eyes and also on her lips. May be there disturbing her. as and when the hairs were falling on her eyes she used to pulling them and tuck them to her ears. I was just watching that scene with full love. She saw me and smiled. We both walked slowly. We were walking as if we were counting the steps. Both putting same leg together. As we walked, slowly our hand touched once. Then I saw her to check what is her reaction. She just smiled and then turned front and kept walking. She just moved her fingers on mine. I realised she is liking the touch. Then I also moved my fingers and slowly our fingers where clutched each other. As she held my fingers I pressed them. I guess she also liked it. We were just doing some rounds throughout the terrace. We did one round holding our hands. As we were coming for second round, aunty kept her head on my right shoulder and kept walking slowly. I liked it. I felt she needs someone to care for her. as she kept few steps, she just pulled my hand and put it across her waist. I felt she wanted me to hug. I just hugged her now after few steps I took my hand from waist and kept it on her shoulder, just make her feel comfortable. It was really very romantic. Just one more round she told she is feeling tired and she asked can we sit. There was stone bench in front of my house on the terrace. I asked ok and then we both sat together on the bench.

Aunty : Raki….. (she kept her head on my shoulder and held my both the hands with her hands)
Me : what happed dear?
Aunty : nothing, love you so much raki.
Me : I too love you aunty.
Aunty : raki, I am troubling you so much right?
Me : oh god what happened aunty? Nothing like that you are so sweet. And I am like your b*****r
Aunty : no no you are like my husband not like my b*****r.
Me : oh aunty , think what ever you feel. But I am there to care for you
Aunty : raki, its so nice to be like this dear. I expected to be like this with uncle. He never gave me a chance to sit like this and speak
Me : aunty, shall I tell u one thing?
Aunty : sure dear, you tell anything I will listen
Me : now will u forget about the sorrows. You are with me. Please be happy and speak very happily.
Aunty : love you raki, that is what makes me mad about u. you are really good. Your wife will be very lucky
Me : mmm, so you are my wife correct? So you are lucky
Aunty : naughty, I was talking about real wife
Me : ohh aunty. Now forget all those matters. Now you me and our sweet love and heart
Aunty : mmmm ok sure my sweetheart
Me : aunty, morning you gave kiss to me. I am sorry I think I f***ed you for that
Aunty : no dear, its ok. I can understand how much you wanted
Me : so you gave me that kiss just because I was upset right
Aunty : no raki, to tell you frankly even I wanted to kiss you badly. But I am afraid to take chances at this kind of situation.
Me : I can understand
Aunty : and I also couldn’t control so I was waiting for chance. But I didn’t get any chance so I sent k**s to terrace to get their socks
Me : (I was massaging her back. She had not worn bra as I was not getting her bra hooks) it was so nice aunty.
Aunty : mmm I was really scared if they come soon. Thank god I bolted the door
Me : what if k**s would have asked why you bolted the door?
Aunty : I would have told something
Me : but still I was really scared

She just smiled. As we were speaking I was massaging her back and then I moved my hand towards her shoulder. And was keep doing this. I don’t know what happed to her. as I kept my hand on her shoulder, she took her hand and then kept on my hand. She slowly pulled my hand down and directed my hand towards her blouse. I didn’t say anything. There was a little silence for few seconds. Then I understood her feelings. I took my middle finger and moved towards her cleavage. She bent little to give space for my finger to go inside. Then she again pulled my hand further and then signalled me to put the hand inside her blouse. I put my full hand inside her blouse. But was not able to cup either of the boobs. it was tight. Aunty saw me and then came near my ears and whispered.
“I have not worn bra. I am bra less”. I also whispered in her ears and told “I know that while massaging your back. But I am not able to squeeze those lovely boobs”.
She then pulled my hand back and then sat properly and then took both her hands and then start opening her blouse hooks. She just opened top two hooks and again pulled my hand inside. I told her “Aunty remove all the hooks, it will be easy”. She saw me and smiled and then removed all the hooks. And freed the boobs. but she covered the chest with the pallu so that if someone sees they shouldn’t know. But still no one can see the whole terrace was grilled and covered with fibre sheets. But anyways I guess she felt shy to open and show her boobs outside. I didn’t mind. I put my hand and then started squeezeing it. She was enjoying it. I didn’t that with both the boobs for about 10 mins. Then I asked her if I can suck it. She nodded her head and then I slept like a small k** and started sucking those sexy boobs. she was holding my head and playing with fingers with my hairs. I got up and then we both smiled and she was biting her lips. Without a word we both started kissing lips to lips as we do always. We both spit saliva in each others mouth and then was sucking toungue like ice cream. After few minutes, we just saw the time, it was around 11:45. We both were not in mood to go inside. It was so nice outside and was very romantic.
Me : Aunty, when will this poor boy get chance to see this beauty fully naked
Aunty : raki, please don’t ask all those. I know how to be
Me : sure aunty. I wont f***e. But thanks for giving me so much pleasure
Aunty : don’t speak like this dear. You are like my husband. And you have rights to have this.
Me : then why are you not giving me your heaven to me
Aunty : I know when to give you don’t have to ask for that sweetheart
Me : ok aunty. I will wait. Love you so much.
Aunty : so raki, tomorrow is Friday. What’s the plan?
Me : aunty sorry tomorrow I have to go by 8:30 only. Sorry forgot to tell you
Aunty : oh is it. Then what time are you coming back?
Me : by 8 I think.
Aunty : ok do one thing. Can you keep your house key here only and then go to office?
Me : sure aunty but why?
Aunty : raki don’t keep asking something. Don’t worry I wont steal anything from your house
Me : oh aunty not like that I just asked.
Aunty : ok raki, tomorrow after coming from office don’t go to your house. Staright away come to my house. Ok?
Me : sure done madam
Aunty : promise?
Me : promsie
Aunty : promise on me?
Me : promise on you dear
Aunty : ok then while leaving to office give me your house key and go and then come staright here only after coming from office
Me : ok sure. But can I ask you why aunty?
Aunty : there is a surprise to you tomorrow.
Me : surprise?
Aunty : yes surprise.
Me : any clue?
Aunty : no clue. Just wait till tomorrow.
Me : sure aunty. But I am really curious to know
Aunty : if I tell then all the curious will go. Wait till tomroow
Me : sure aunty let me see
Aunty : and it will be really surprise, surprise, surprise
Me : okk thanks aunty.
Aunty : come now lets go and sl**p.
Me : sure aunty. Lets go and sl**p. But I am not getting sl**p after you told about the surprise
Aunty : now come lets sl**p
Me : together?
Aunty : no no I will sl**p with k**s. Its already late
Me : ok aunty. But aunty can I tell u something
Aunty : sure tell na
Me : your blouse is opened. Will u hook it or u will keep it like that only
Aunty : naughty, I forogt only. I will hook it. Close your eyes
Me : no no you hook it let me see those milky boobs
Aunty : stupid. (she opened her pallu and then started hooking it. Then she close her pallu after hooking it)
Me : waaw It was so nice
Aunty : now come enough. Should tell your parent to get you married soon
Me : to whom? To you?
Aunty : ya ya marry me only

We both walked downwards and then entered the house. Locked it from inside. She arranged bed for me outside and the before she went to bed again we both kissed lips to lips and she gave me loads of saliva. Saliva was full around our mouth. She wiped by her hand but I licked once and smiled seeing her. she told me to wipe it. I just rubbed my mouth by my hand. She smiled and then went to sl**p. closed the door.
I just slept thinking what might be the surprise. To release the tension, I just shagged once and then slept with lots of confusion in mind, thinking what might be the surprise. Morning I got up and saw aunty was doing something in kitchen and k**s were already woke up. it was already 8:00. Whole night was thinking about the surprise and and didn’t know when I slept. I got up quickly and then went to kitchen to wish aunty. She just smiled. She was looking very beautiful. But she had not taken bath and anyways I didn’t want to ask. She used to take bath everyday early morning. I wished her good morning and came outside. k**s where very happy going here and there. I asked them it’s already late and asked them to get ready. They told its holiday for them. Anyways I had already got late I rushed to house and then took bath and came soon down. Aunty had already kept the breakfast. I had breakfast quickly. Already cab had come and driver was horning. I gave the plate to aunty and then started running towards cab. Aunty also came running behind and asked “Key?”. I just hit my right hand on my head and then put my hand inside my pocket and then handed over the key to aunty. I sat inside the cab. She was just standing there and smiled. She was looking at me very differently. I was very much touched with her. Don’t know why she was looking at me very emotionally. Driver asked “Sir, shall I start? It’s getting late”. I told ok start. As we started I just put my head outside and waved my hand to say good bye. She also did same thing. I saw the cab driver. He gave a smile. I knew why he smiled.
I was not able to concentrate on anything in the office. I was just waiting when will 8PM will become. But anyways I had to start my work. I got engaged with work. It was 7:30PM. I just stopped my work and then started going here and there. Since it was Friday, and next two days were off. Everyone where in mood to go to house. I went near Raghu

Me : Raghu, I am done with my work. Shall I leave?
Raghu : What raki, tommorow is holiday. Come lets go out today and have nice time.
Me : no no I have to go to house
Raghu : oh come one yaar. Come today I will get you beer. It my party
Me : no raghu. Some other day.
Raghu : what sir. Any appointment with priya?
Me : no no please. Nothing like that.
Raghu : ok I wont f***e. I think you are in hurry. Ok then leave. But cab starts at 8PM
Me : its ok I will go by auto today
Raghu : your wish. Just wait for 10mins. I will try to arrange a cab for you
Me : so nice of you Raghu
Raghu : ok wait. Will call the transport

He dialled the transport and spoke something. he told there is a cab which is waiting. Just take the cab and go.
I ran immediatlly and saw the cab. Thanks to Raghu. He had arranged a cab for me and that to I was alone. I reached house within 40mins. I signed (scribbled the trip sheet) and ran towards aunty’s house. Was just waiting for the surprise. I knocked the door. the door opened. Aunty was just normal with the same saree she had worn in the morning. and still she was looking same way. No bath nothing. I was not understanding what might be the surprise. She nodded her head to come inside. I just came inside and sat on sofa removed my shoes. No sound of k**s. I just thought they would have slept so soon. It was just 8:45. Anyways I just sat very silent. Aunty was just going to room and then kitchen and then bathroom. Everytime she was going here and then she will see me and smile. I was just confused. I couldn’t control. I just walked towards the bedroom to check if k**s or sl**ping. If they are sl**ping then hug her once. I just stood and then came towards bedroom, k**s where not there. Now I just went to kitchen where aunty was preparing something.

Me : Aunty, where are the k**s?
Aunty : Why what happened?
Me : nothing they were not there so just asked
Aunty : They are in your house
Me : ohhh. What are they doing there?
Aunty : playing
Me : ok then shall I go there and come. Will see what they are doing?
Aunty : ok sure.
Me : (I just went to my house. It was locked. I came running down) aunty door is locked. Where are the k**s?
Aunty : I have locked them inside
Me : ohh aunty please tell me naa
Aunty : (she came near my ears) they are not there at home.
Me : wha……..t (with full surprise). What are you saying aunty?
Aunty : yes they are not there at home
Me : where are they?
Aunty : Actually they had 2days leave. So one of my cousin wanted to take them for trip
Me : oh ok.
Aunty : so I sent them along with them
Me : so tonight no one except you and me
Aunty : yes you are right
Me : ohh so anything special tonight?
Aunty : no no nothing never ever dream that
Me : ohh aunty. We will never get this chance

I hugged her tightly and the started kissing her. she just pushed me and told don’t do all this. I was just upset and moved behind. she came near me. Kept her both the on my both shoulders and told not to get upset and told there is lot of time not to hurry. She just gave kiss on my forehead. She took her hands and then went to bedroom and then came with something
Aunty : Take this.
Me : what is this aunty?
Aunty : check it
Me : ohh this is shirt and dothee
Aunty : yes. Now go and take bath and wear this
Me : bath now?
Aunty : just do as I said
Me : ok madam. I am really not understanding what is happening
Aunty : just do what I say. You will understand everything
Me : ok ok.

I just went and took bath wore the white shirt and dhothee. Aunty had got this for me. Anyways, I was very happy because tonight only aunty and I were there at home alone.

Aunty : mmm. Waaaw you look very smart raki.
Me : ohh aunty what is this. Why did u get all this.
Aunty : I just felt like getting you dear. Just see how u look.
Me : ya I look very good. Very traditional.
Aunty : mmmm. Today I have I have prepared nothing.
Me : but you were preparing something
Aunty : yes just sweet payasam
Me : ohh no dinner?
Aunty : no dinner tonight.
Me : ohh what is this aunty. Is this the surprise
Aunty : yes this is the surprise

She went to kitchen and then gave me a box. I didn’t ask her anything. She told me to carry it to my house. She just handed the key and then told to go.

I asked her if she is not coming. She told she will come in 20mins. I told ok and then went to my house. I just opened the house. Everything was so clean. Then I just wanted to enter my bedroom. It was locked. Oh god what is happening. What is this aunty planning?. Why is she doing all this?

Anyways she is coming in 20mins. Then she will only tell all what is happening. I just kept the box on the table and then sat just waiting for my sweetheart. 20mins over. I came outside and stood. No she didn’t come. 30mins over. She didn’t come. It was already 10. I was loosing my patience. Thought of going down. As I stepped outside my house, I could hear the door down was closing. Then I could hear, the payal sound coming towards the stairs. Now slowly it started coming towards my house. I just went inside. I just wanted to welcome her. so I just went inside and closed the door. in just few seconds. I could hear the knocking sound. I was really eager to see my beautiful lady. I just opened the door and saw.

My go……………………………d. she was looking stunning. Let me tell you how she looked.

Imagine Bipasha basu wearing a nice pure white netted semi-transparent saree. Aunty has combed her hairs neatly and kept open hairs. I could see she had worn jasmine flowers. I could smell it. She had a silky straight hairs. She had worn hanging earings. Had put kajol to her eyes. Then she had worn a white silver bindi, it was shining so very nicely. Then her blouse was very sexy. There very small sleeves which were transparent. Then saree was semi transparent. I could see her cleavage very clearly and also her stomach and navel were very clearly visible. I could actually see a small navel chain around her wait. god it was really stunning. Her legs were closed as she had worn long saree. She was holding a glass. I really guess it was milk.

Now slowly I started understanding what was happening. I told her to come inside. And she came inside she went straight and bent her head with shy. I just closed the door immediately so that no one should see us. She was standing like a doll. I just turned from door towards her. she was facing back to me. Waaw her back was really stunning. She had stitched her blouse as if it was her honeymoon. Many laces tied back. Only a small strip to cover the bra strap. Her ass shape was so stunning. It was so rounded. God she was really looking sex goddess.

I walked slowly towards. I guess she expected that I will come behind. I just took my hand up and pushed her hairs which were falling on her back. Now her bare back was clearly visible. I just kissed that bare back. She just shake her body as I kissed. She was breathing heavily. Today I was something new we both were actually behaving. Now I just took my hands and hugged her from behind and kissed her shoulder. She was liking it. I just whispered in her ears.

Me : Aunty… (no response) aunty…
Aunty : mmmm
Me : you look gorgeous
Aunty : thanks raki. Did u like?
Me : I loved it. I just want to kiss you top to bottom
Aunty : first have something dear. Then you can do whatever you want
Me : sure aunty?
Aunty : first have something. Then will speak
Me : I love you aunty. I love you so much
Aunty : I love you toooo raki.
Then she moved towards the table and kept the milk there. Then she pulled the chair and then asked me to sit. We both sat and she saw me. It was really different. I could see love, emotion, lust, hungry for more. I also was seeing her and smiled with full lust. She understood my feelings. She just made her hand to say wait wait don’t be hurry.

She took the box I had kept and then she took two glasses and then poured the payasam (sweet dish) and then gave it to me and told have it. She started drinking. I asked her

Me : Aunty can you give the payasam which is in your mouth?
Aunty : (she came near me and put her lips on mine and spitted all the payasam inside my mouth.) now u also give me same thing my sweetheart
Me : (I also sipped some payasam and spitted in her mouth) got it sweetheart?
Aunty : yes dear. Its so sweeet
Me : yours is still sweet
Aunty : mmmm

We finished the payasam in same manner.

Now I couldn’t control seeing her transparent dress. I just tried to put my hand inside her blouse. She stopped me and told don’t be so urgent. I just kept quiet. She gave the room key and told to go and sit inside. I will come.

I just took the room key and went infront the room. I just turned towards her. she was arranging her saree which was s**ttered while we were drinking payasam. She saw me and signalled to go inside.

I just opened the door. I just got shocked. And then I turned towards aunty. She smiled and told go inside I will come. I was not able to say anything. I just went inside…I entered the room. I didn’t had any words to tell. I just stood stand still. I just inhaled once. Waaw what a fragrance. It was really very romantic. The whole room was actually decorated with flowers. Full of jasmine flowers. I just my bed it was fully decorated with colourful flowers. In centre I could see rose petals by heart shape. Was wondering what is happening. What happened to my room? I just saw lot of sweets near the bed. I clearly understood that she had planned very well for this night. But did she really did alone? This cannot be done alone. I just had a doubt that there should be someone who would have helped. But how can anyone tell about this to anyone. That to a married lady if she wants to have a first night arrangement? Anyways I clear had an idea that there is a real festival for my dick. i just sat on the bed very carefully so that the flowers on the bed shouldn’t get disturbed.
After few minutes, my queen entered the room with the milk. I was really getting mad. Seeing all this. I had fucked many aunties before, but no one had did arrangements like this. I really felt how much of interest this aunty had. She entered and then closed the door behind. slowly she came near me. I could hear the bangles sound and her payal sound. She had worn many bangales and a payal which was making more sound. The way she was walking was really erotic. She was bending her head and then slowly walking like a cat. She reached near me and stretched hand with milk. I didn’t know what to do. I just took the milk. Didn’t touch her. Kept the milk and then took her hand and pulled softly. She came and sat next to me. I just saw her. She was bending her head. I just took my one finger and put on her chin and made her look up. She just took her head up and suddenly closed her face with hands. I smiled and then tried to take out her hands from the face. She was resisting. But I took our her hands, she smiled so softly. I just took the milk and then showed to her. she nodded saying don’t want. I just requested her. then she took and drank little. And gave to me. I had full and kept the glass on table. We both didn’t speak anything. I seriously didn’t know what to do. Was confused shall I start immediately or shall I wait for my queen to initiate. We just sat just like that for few minutes. She was seeing me and I just nodded head to ask what are u seeing. She just nodded her head to tell nothing. Then I thought if we sit like this all the arrangements will be wasted. I only started speaking.
Me : Aunty….
Aunty : mmmm
Me : you look so beautiful in this saree
Aunty : thanks dear. Only beautiful?
Me : no you look sexy and hot as well
Aunty : thanks sweetheart. How is the arangement?
Me : mind blowing. And why all this arrangements?
Aunty : as if you don’t know anythng
Me : but you were restricting me for this right?
Aunty : see sweetheart, for everything there should be some peacefull place and time
Me : yes aunty you are right.
Aunty : and today I thought it will be good time
Me : thanks aunty. You are really good
Aunty : raki, you have done so much to me and my f****y.
Me : aunty please don’t think all those things. I just did my duty.
Aunty : (she held my hand) no dear, you have done so much for me even my husband also didn’t do for me right from the day of marriage
Me : but aunty how did you get all this plan?
Aunty : just like that dear. I just plan
Me : but one person is very difficult to do this.
Aunty : you are right
Me : what do you mean?
Aunty : raki, I have a friend called tulsi. I share everything with her.
Me : aunty what are you telling
Aunty : yes dear. I had lot of problems when I got married. Tulsi is my college friend. And we both used to share our sorrows and happines
Me : ohh good. Then
Aunty : after marriage, I had told her many times about uncle and his behaviour. She used to tell me to look for someone good and share your happiness.
Me : what did you tell?
Aunty : I told I cannot do as this society will really see in bad manner
Me : ok then?
Aunty : after you came to our house, and the way you were coming close to me, I told about you to tulsi. She was really impressed
Me : ohh god. So you told about me
Aunty : not only told she has seen you many times.
Me : but I have never seen her.
Aunty : yes you have not seen her. But I have shown you to her. She was telling that you look like hero
Me : oh come on aunty
Aunty : no dear really. Then she told if I am trustable then go ahead and love him.
Me : mmm so your firend suggested you to love me and you started loving me
Aunty : raki, please don’t mind
Me : no aunty. But I am worried if someone come to know about us.
Aunty : no no tulsi is really a very good friend of mine.
Me : so is she married?
Aunty : yes she is married and has two k**s
Me : ohh so she is also sexy?
Aunty : stupid don’t speak like that.
Me : ok aunty sorry. But can I ask you one she also having any boyfriend like you?
Aunty : yes raki. See I will tell you. All ladies, like to have some one who cares and if husbands don’t do that, obviuously we have to look for alternative
Me : ohh ohh. So she also have a boy friend. Mmm but husband will be there no
Aunty : see raki. I will tell u one thing. Ladies, have lots of problems. They feel very lonely. And also more than you boys we ladies have lot of temptation for sex. If husband is not satisfying us, seriously we need to have someone. And we try something like this.
Me : but if something goes wrong?
Aunty : that is why we actually think 100 times before looking for a guy. Just imagine how many days I was with you and then when I thought you are trustable then only I agreed for you right? And also after tulsi told me that I am trustable then only I approached you.
Me : mmm yes aunty.
Aunty : but please don’t tell anyone about this or about tulsi please
Me : aunty you can trust me and swear I care for you and you know that
Aunty : I know my sweet k**
Me : aunty shall I ask you one more question.?promise me that you wont get angry
Aunty : no dear ask anyting.
Me : apart from your husband did you try anyone else/
Aunty : stupid, never. Swear on my k**s. I also didn’t had this idea of loving you. Tulsi told me that it’s a small life and we need to enjoy
Me : yes she is right. Ours is a short life. And we need to enjoy fully before we die or before we become old.

After saying this I just went near her and started kissing her. I just gave kiss on her cheeks and started towards her lips. She just covered my mouth and smiled. I just nodded my head to ask what happened.
She told “I love you raki”. I also told “I love you too aunty”
She got up and went towards the window. She closed the window and then near the table. She had kept candles all around the rooms. She started lighting it and then went near the switch and switched off the lights. Waaaw. The scene was so romantic and the room was looking so beautiful.

She slowly came near me and sat. this time she didn’t had any shy. I could see her earings shining for the lights. Her lips were glittering. Her eyes she had put kajol was really tempting. As and when she was moving her bangles where making sensual sound. She came closer to me. I understood she had left all her hesitation. She took my hand and kept on her shoulder. And she slept on my chest. I kept my hand on her shoulder and started moving it towards her back and started massaging her back.

She took both her hand and then started hugging me and was rigorously started kissing my neck and then moved towards chin and then forehead. She was becoming wild. Seriously I think she was hungry for sex. I could really understand her feelings. I also started responding. Now her lips stopped near my lips. First we just kissed very slowly. Then started to open our mouth and then she passionate pulled my lower lips and started licking it. as usual we started spitting saliva inside each other’s mouth. We both loved it very much. She pushed me towards the wall while we were sitting and then started kissing me more passionately. Our tongue started moving inside outside like snake and saliva started pouring outside. We were not leaving anything to waste we were licking as it was going outside. She just pulled the lips outside and then saw me again and then smiled and again pulled my head and then started kissing. Mean while I was caressing her back so much. Now we both parted our lips. Our mouth was full of saliva. Seriously we didn’t know whose saliva was in our mouth. Both were mixed together and we could smell the saliva and that was making her still horny.

Now I just kept my hand on her pallu and tried to pull it down. It was actually pinned. So she helped me in removing it. I could see her cleavage in her blouse. I just started opening her blouse and unhooked all her hooks. Now she was in her bra. She just came forward and kneeled down so that those milky boobs will be straight near my mouth. I just kissed those boobs from outside and the was biting her lips with close her eyes. I was sucking her nipples outside the bra and then was pressing it from one hand. She just took her both the hands and then unhooked her bra and suddenly her big boobs started hanging as the bra cup became loose. I just took her boobs and then moved the bra cup up. I took both the boobs and started sucking the nipples. I was just trying to get milk but all the milk were dried. But she was going crazy. As I was sucking nipples she was removing her bra and blouse and threw it down. She took the saree pallu and threw it down. She was pushing my head to that whole of her boobs was inside my mouth. She ws kssing my head as and when I was sucking her nipples.

Now she took my shirt and removed it and threw it down. And also took my banian and removed it and threw somewhere. Now we both were naked on top. My dick was really making trouble to come outside. As I was sitting only she took the dothi and removed it and I was in underwear now. My dick was realy hard. She saw that and smiled. And then she just pressed it from her hand.

She now pushed and then slept the other side. I slept beside her and then started hugging and started licking her nipples. as I was sl**ping sidewards, she was pulling me on top. I was not understanding what she is doing. Later I understood that I was to sl**p on top of her. I just moved on top of her and started kissing her neck. She took her hand and was pushing my head down. I was thnking she is trying to push me so that I can suck her boobs. I started sucking her boobs. after few minutes she was still pushing me down. I slowly moved towards her stomach and was licking hernavel but still she was pushing me further. I went till her pussy. It was covered with saree. She took her hand from the head and put her hands on her saree. She pulled her saree till her waist. Waaww. She was wearing a sexy panty. Now she put her hands on her panty was took her ass front and removed it. totally till her legs. She took her hand and then put my head towards her pussy. I started licking her pussy very badly. As I was licking her pussy she was going mad and she was becoming horny. She was pushing her hand more on my head to put preasure so that I can put my toungue more inside. Now I just came up towards her neck. I was licking her lips now. Both her pussy saliva and her mouth saliva were making my toungue taste like honey.
Seriously she was really hungry for sex. I could understand. She told me in ears “Please fuck me soon once. I am not able to control. After first shot and first round we can have some romance and love”. I knew this because all ladies who had not have sex for many months first they need the dick to fuck them and then later they slowly do the second long round. I told her “remove my underwear and take my dick inside”
She remove my underwear soon and took my dick which was already precummed and then put it inside. My god. Her pussy was really tight. And as it was not fucked for many days, it was hard for me to fuck. Then slowly I started pushing my dick inside and she was shouting like a dog. We fucked for 10 minutes and then I cummed inside her. my cum was slowly coming outside her pussy. I was tired and both were breathing heavily. She just patted on my back. She whispred in my ears “Don’t sl**p dear, I am still not satisfied. I know this is first round. Don’t worry will give u lots of pleasure. You take rest on my chest.”
“love you aunty. Thanks for the fucking round. It was really good but it went fast” I just whispred with breathing heavily.

“don’t worry sweetheart. Just another half an hour your heavy rod will rise again. Love you and really you fucked me very nicely even though it was a quick one.” She kissed me and made me sl**p on her chest. I was sl**ping on her chest and had almost slept. Because allmy energy was poured inside her pussy as sperms. I knew aunty was notsatisfied. Since it was first round and even aunty had not had sex for manymonths and I also had lots of stock in my dick, just it went very soon. But anywaysnow I got the clear license to fuck that hot pussy.

I actually didn’t realize how I fucked her. It just wentinside her pussy but it was indeed little tight as she didn’t had sex for long.I was totally tired and slept.

After sometime, I could feel someone shaking me to wake me. Ijust opened my eyes and saw. I was sl**p on a naked chest where two boobs werelying side by side. I just lifted my head and saw sweet aunty. She smiled andtold “So fast you slept? Enough of masti tonight?” I just smiled and told “Whataunty? This is nothing. You please wait and see till morning you will sayenough.” She hit softly on head and told “mmmm. I love that dear. Why do youthink I have made all this arrangements?”

I just smiled and pulled her hanging boobs towards my mouthand put he nipple inside my mouth and started sucking it softly. She wasmourning “ssssssshhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”. This was making me so hot andslowly my dick was trying to erect again. I pulled my other hand and startedpressing her other boobs. She now took her both the hands and started caressingmy back softly. After few minutes, I felt like pissing. I just got up byremoving my mouth from her nipple. She saw me and felt what happened. She noddedher head to ask what happened. I just showed my finger to tell toilet. She smiledand told ok. I was naked, and I didn’t feel like wearing anything. Due to thatcandle light even though it was little dark, our bodies were shinning with thatlight. I started towards the bathroom. My dick was small and was not soerected. I took my hand and held the dick. I started pissing. Everything wasnow clear. I was coming back to aunty. She was sl**ping and watching the way I wascoming. My dick was dangling and she was smiling seeing that. I came and stood in front of her. She stretchedher left hand and touched the dick in one finger. She lifted it and left. My dickjust fell as if there is not strength. I signaled telling to suck it. She hadnot sucked my dick at all. It was so urgent for both of us that we just fuckedwithout even doing any foreplay. She smiled and nodded her head saying no. I waslittle disappointed. But anyways, I knew she is really a bitch to get fuckedwhole night. Then she took the dick in hand and started stroking it. I couldhear the bangles sound so nice “gal gal gal gal”. this sound was making mestill horny. Slowly my dick was started getting erected. Then she slowly liftedher head and then pulled me towards her by pulling my dick. I came near andthen she opned her mouth and put my dick inside. I just mourned “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”she slowly licked and sucked it softly. She was licking like ice cream on thetip. Now my dick was slowly getting erected to become an black iron rod. She wasstroking in one hand and sucking and licking in her mouth. I guess she wasgetting neck pain as that was not the correct position to suck the dick. Then removedthe hand and dick from the mouth. She just slept on bed again. She breathed “uuuuffffffffffffffffffffff”.Then was about to sit on the bed. She got up. I nodded my head to ask whathappened. Now she showed the finger to say toilet. I smiled and told ok go andcome. She moved towards the edge of the bed. Her boobs were hanging withoutblouse or bra. Her naked legs where visible till her tighs as she had pulledher saree till her pussy to get fucked. She put her legs on the ground and thesaree suddenly covered her naked legs. I was standing there only watching allthis with my dick standing almost like a curved straight line. As soon as shestood she was bending to put her pally to cover her boobs. I stopped andremoved her saree. She was turning round while was removing the saree. Then shewas left with nothing other than petticoat. I put my hand on her thread andpulled it. The petticoat suddenly fell on the ground. As soon as it feel shesuddenly covered her pussy with both the hands. Then I forcibly removed herhands to see the pussy.

All this time I had not seen her pussy . I had just felt itby licking, sucking and fucking. It was really a clean shaved neatly maintainedpussy. I went near her. Still her petticoat was lying down with her legs. I pulledher little side wards so that even that also shouldn’t be there. Now we bothwere full naked nothing on us. I just made her stand to see her full nakedbeauty.

She was like a sex goddess. Her mangalsutra was lying on herchest touching both the boobs. Her bangles were covering her hand and her payalwas so perfect for her legs. I also saw the toe ring which Indian ladies wearafter marriage. All this was making me so mad. I came close now. I just kissedher on her forehead. And then kissed her eyes, nose. She expected I will kissher lips, I didn’t. I just kissed her cheeks and neck and then came near herchest. And started kissing her boobs, and then slowly moved towards her stomachby bending little. And then I pulled my tongue and licked her navel and shestarted brushing my hands by holding my head. Slowly I moved towards her pussyand kissed it. I could smell the sweat smell and I was holding her waist. SlowlyI sat down and started kissing her thighs and legs and then toes. I made herturn behind and stared kissing her legs slowly went towards her ass buns. And startedkissing them and was biting them. She was trying to touch me from her hand butas I was behind her it was little difficult. Then slowly I moved towards herback and started licking it and then stood and started licking her neck. Now I wasstanding completely behind her. My dick was exactly touching her ass crack I tookmy hand and put forward and started pressing her boobs. She was mourning likeanything took one of her hand and then started stroking my dick. I removed myright hand and then put it on her pussy. Now I slowly started putting my fingerinside. As I was trying to put my finger inside, she slowly tried to spread herlegs. She was holding her one hand my dick and then other hand my neck. She waspressing my neck so hardly I could understand she was getting tempted. Now shewas becoming wet and suddenly my finger went inside her pussy. He bangles, herpayal sound were making me mad to fuck her immediately. Now my dick was totallylike a rod and was ready to fuck. But suddenly she left her hand and thendropped my dick and took her hand and held my right hand removed my hand frompussy. She turned towards me and kissed my lips and pulled her toungue outsideand made me open the mouth. She spit her saliva inside my mouth and then camenear my ear and whispered. “Wait my hero, I will go to toilet and come. Then youcan ride me as you wish.” I smiled and she started walking towards thebathroom. While she was walking her ass was shaking so erotically that I wasgoing mad. I stood there with my hard dick saluting and pointing towards herass.

She went inside the toilet. I also followed her and as shewas about to close the door I just stopped it. She was confused. I told her topiss in front of me. She hit me on the head was about to close the door. But I didn’tallow. Now she sat down and started pissing. The sound “ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhsssssssss”was so clearly heard that I was really impressed with it. The toilet wasflowing outside as is a dam door is opened. I think engineers would have seenthe pussy pissing and then constructed the dam. She took the mug and pouredwater to her pussy and wiped it. And she stood. From here our conversationstarted

Aunty : What are you seeing daer?

Me : you beauty aunty

Aunty : as if you didn’t see only

Me : how much ever I see. I am feelinglike seeing

Aunty : ok ok. At last you got everytingof me dear. Happy?

Me : where happy? Just only once. Ihave to ride you till morning.

Aunty : ohh so you have so much strength

Me : you just see aunty. You will getall the sex which you had for all of your life

Aunty : ohh then I am really lucky dear.I cant control. Love you raki

Me : mmmm. Come lets go and have someshots aunty

Aunty : naughty boy. See once if we leavefree finish you will start all your naughty things

Me : hey aunty, you are making me sotempted by your sexy body and telling not to do anything

Aunty : as if you wont do anything if Isay no.

Me : love you aunty. How can I keepquiet when there is a sexy beautiful aunty infront

Aunty : mmm come come otherwise you willstart in the bathroom only

Me : why don’t we start dear? It willbe more fun.

Aunty : not today .will do someother day.Now come lets go to bed

Me : aunty shall I lift you till bed?

Aunty : ohh god you cannot I am reallyheavy

Me : (I tried lifting her and couldlift her) mmmmmm you are really heavy aunty

Aunty : careful you naughty boy I mightfall then

Me : no worriesI made her sl**p on the bed. Waaw what a beautiful structureshe had. Really she was so hot. Just imagine how bipasha will be naked. exactlysame she was.

I knew if I start fucking her I need some energy. So I justwent near fruits and had 3 bananas and one apple. I was little comfortable. ThenI came near her. She was very hungry to get fucked.

I sat near her and then started pressing her boobs. She tookher hand and pulled me forcibly and started kissing me badly. She pulled me ontop of her and now we started romancing. I was licking her whole body and wasreally getting hot and hot and hot. We were sweating like anything now. Eventhough we were not able to speak with the heavy breathing only we werewhispering

Aunty : you really how to make any ladiestempted naughty

Me : but you make me so horny my sexyaunty

Aunty : you have nice manly body. Wellbuilt for any ladies to get mad

Me : hey aunty how is my dick

Aunty : mindblowing hero. You have nicedick and it is really so thick I am really going mad to have that always

Me : how is uncles

Aunty : hey don’t ask all those pleasenow only you and me I am waiting for your thick rod to enter mine again.

Me : tell na I am not asking to upsetyou dear. Just to know

Aunty : he is having really a small oneand swear in my life I had never satisfied. Tonight I have to enjoy to my heartdear. Fuck me as much as possible

Me : I will tear your pussy tonight

Aunty : yes tear it. I want to see mypussy leaking with load of cum from your dick

Me : hey aunty I will surely make youtired

Aunty : yes yes make me tired dear. Loveyou so much.

Me : love you too aunty

Aunty : (she was pushing my ass to givesignal to fuck) put it inside dear please

Me : aunty wait, if we fuck then weloose that enjoyment. Don’t worry I will give you lots of pleasure.

Aunty : but I am getting tempted and notable to control.

Me : ohh aunty don’t think just byfucking we can get pleasure. You wait and see what all I do

Aunty : do it dear. I need to enjoy allthe pleasure tonight

Me : aunty just turn towards my dickand sl**p

Aunty : why dear?

Me : we will do 69.

Aunty : what is that my naughty hero

Me : 69 means I will suck your pussy andyou will lick my dick simultaneously

Aunty : waaaw. I need to suck your dickdear. And if you lick my pussy I am going to heaven.

Me : come aunty will suck your pussyand make you mad

She turned and then slept on my. She slowly adjusted herpussy to touch my mouth. I just held her ass and started sucking her pussy. Shetook my dick and started stroking and I could feel something hot. Then I realizedthat she had put my dick inside her mouth. She was sucking it as if she iseating ice cream. I was going really mad. I could taste pussy and it was reallyso sweet. She was trying to push more on my mouth so that I can put my tonguedeep inside. Then we were fully satisfied and then I asked to turn towards me.

She was sl**ping on me but she turned towards me. I whisperedin her ears

Me : Aunty, why don’t you fuck mesl**ping on top

Aunty : I never tried this dear

Me : you try and see. You will like it

Aunty : sure. You are making me do somany new things

Me : aunty all this are to enjoy sex.Just sl**ping down and getting fuck wont give you pleasure

Aunty : I understood that dear. All thesedays I was thinking just getting layed is only sex. But after you are showingall this I am really happy that I would have missed so many pleasure in my life

Me : love you aunty. Come fast. Takemy dick inside your juicy wet pussy and get fucked mmmmmmmmmm

Aunty : sure my hot hero

She slowly started searching for the dick from her pussyitself. Finally she could locate and just lifted her body and then took my dickinside.

Aunty : Raa…………ki……….

Me : mmmmmm mmmmmmm aaaaaaa aunty…….Mmmm

Aunty : aaahhha aaahhhhaaaahhhh raaaki I am in heeeeaven dearrrrrrr

Me : meeeee too aaaaa….mmmmmmnnnty

Aunty : ohh …. Neevvvvvv..aaaaa….verkneeew sex isssssssssss soooooo pleasure deeeeeaaar

Me : mmmm aaaaa aaaa

Aunty : aaaaa aaaa hmmmmmmssssss

Me : aaaaunty……

Aunty : yesssss my sex heeeroooooo

Me : keeeeeeeep mmmmmmmm aaaaafuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking haaaard untlllllll you… are satissssssssssfied dear

Aunty : mmmmm I wil not leave thisoppurtunity my sex herooooooo

Me : love ….. You mmmmmmm aunty

Aunty : mmmmmm loooooooveee youtooooooooo raaaaaa…kiiiiii

Me : aunty will tell you to stop youjust stop that time

Aunty : sure I know you don’t want toleak correct

Me : yesssss aunty I want to fuck youfor long

Aunty : mmmm you are very talented stupidhero

Me : mmmm you only told na aunty youneed more pleasure

Aunty : yesss my hero….

Me : auntty…. Stop stop I will leakotherwise

She just stopped the action and then slept on my chest. Asand when she was fucking her bangles where making noise which was giving moresex music to the environment. Her boobswhere juggling as and when she was fucking me. Her mangalsutra tied by unclewas beating her chest like anything. Then as my cum was almost on tip and I didn’twant to leak so soon. I just controlled and made her sl**p down. She was notsatisfied. Now I just waited for few minutes until the cum got settled insideand then again I slept on her and then started the bang. She was really goingmad. Each and every stroke and shots she started crying. I kept fucking her for20 minutes continuously. I could feel she was becoming tired and then I made myaction hard and hard. She was going mad and mad. She was really reaching herclimax, she was requesting for more and more hard. I tried my level best toincrease the speed.

Aunty : Raaki….. Stil hard dear plsss

Me : mmmmm aaaa hhhhhaaaaaa sure aunty

Aunty : fuck mee haaard……. I am flying inheaven

Me : aunty keep your legs on my back.I will get more space to put my dick still deeep inside

Aunty : (she put her legs on my back andI got more space), mmmmm how is it aunty now

Me : waaw really I am enjoying so muchdear

Aunty : mmmmm I am tired dear. My pussystarted paining

Me : but my dick is not satisfieddear. He wants to fuck till morning

Aunty : god you willl surely tear mypussy now.

Me : mmmm you only asked no dear.

Aunty : yesssssss, tear it tear it yousex hero

Me : love you aunty. Love you so much

Aunty : love you too raki.

Me : aunty shall I fuck still or areyou tired

Aunty : now just finish this round dear Iam really tired

Me : sure aunty I will finish thisround. But don’t sl**p I need two more rounds to be completed till morning

Aunty : sure dear I have made thisarrangements to get fucked which I didn’t get whole of my life

Me : thanks aunty I am really goingmad and feeling like fucking you another 30mins

Aunty : no dear I cant now finish itplsssssss

Me : mmmmm aaaassssssssssssssss

I startedfucking her still hard and then finally shoot theload inside. Still my dick was erected. As the cum was full inside her pussy, Ididn’t leave just like that. I was still fucking her. As I was fucking I couldhear “puchak puchak puchak puchak” sound coming from her pussy as the cum wasfull inside. I could feel the cum was pouring outside slowly. My dick was stillerected. Even after leaking I fucked her for 5mins. She was really tired and I could feel we both were wet fully bysweat. Whole of our body was fully sweat. She then pushed me sidewards and tooka long breath.

Me : aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh how was itaunty.

Aunty : oh my god. Never knew sex will beso enjoyable and so long

Me : why aunty? Uncle never fucked youso much?

Aunty : he never fucked me so much. Hefucked me for 5 mins max

Me : ohh god nothing can be gained in5mins. We have to fuck more than an hour to get pleasure

Aunty : yes dear. Hereafterwards wheneverI get mood or tempted please fuck like this only

Me : love to fuck you aunty. Evenafter having two k**s, your boobs are still stiff and then your pussy is sotight. I just felt as if I fucked a 18 year only girl

Aunty : mmm so you keep fuking girls

Me : no no aunty.i just told

Aunty : naughty boy

Me : uffffffff tired aunty

Aunty : same here dear…..

Me : it was nice sex right aunty?

Aunty : yes dear really I had neverexperienced this ever in my life

Me : don’t worry aunty. I will be keepfucking you if you allow me

Aunty : why should I allow sweetheart.Now everything is yours only.

Me : love you aunty. Thank you so much

Aunty : mmm now willl you sl**p or youare planning something else

Me : I am interested to fuck you onemore round, if yiou allow

Aunty : not now dear. I am really feelingsl**py.

Me : ok sure aunty. Will sl**p, willsee if we can fuck again

Aunty : sure my sex hero…… morning if wewake up will have one more round

Me : when will k**s come aunty

Aunty : may be in the afternoon or in theevening

Me : but you told they have gone fortrip

Aunty : no trip nothing. they have goneto tualsi’s house

Me : ohhhh. Then why you told tripaunty

Aunty : I didn’t want to tell about tulsito you. But anyways I have told so now why should I hide it

Me : mmmmm sure aunty. Ok lets sl**p.Even I am feeling sl**ping

Aunty : shall I wear my dress

Me : no aunty please. Lets seep naked.I love to sl**p like this with you

Aunty : why dear?

Me : if we get mood to fuck again wehave to remove the dress so

Aunty : ohhhh clever and naughty stupid

Me : mmmmm when I get mood I get justclimb on you and fuck you right

Aunty : mmmmm sure and please wake me sothat I wont miss the pleasure

Me : mmmmm

Now we both were under same blanket and were naked. we bothhugged each other and she put her legs on me and then put my hands on her. Bothhugged so tightly that we were sl**ping where only one man will take that muchplace. Her boobs were pressed to my chest. And we both kept our lips on eachother. I just opened my eyes and saw my watch. It was 5AM. We both were still under same blanket and then hugging each other. Aunty’s hand was on my body hugging tightly. I kept my hand behind and was massaging her back. I went till her ass. Waaw it was so hot and I was getting erected. I just moved little down till her chest and started sucking her nipples. she was in a sound sl**p. I started pressing her boobs. she was really sl**ping. But my dick was really hard. Actually men get tempted and dick get erected very tight in the mornings. I don’t know how many have noticed it. I was pressing her ass nicely. Was trying to wake her up. but she was in a sound sl**p. anyways let me just try to taste her body until she wakes up. I was licking whole of her body now. Then suddenly I realised that she told me wake her up as she didn’t want to miss the pleasure. I again came up to her ears and started to wake her up.
Me : Aunty… aunty…
Aunty : mmmmmm…..mmmm.
Me : wake up aunty. I am ready to fuck you again
Aunty : mmmmm raki, love you. Very sl**py dear
Me : get up aunty, I am ready to fuck you hard now.
Aunty : fuck me dear… I am sl**py…..
Me : aunty wake up dear. Not able to control
Aunty : ohh raki, you are really a****l dear. Are you not satisfied night?
Me : no aunty I want to fuck you more rounds and give you hot shots
Aunty : you are becoming very adamant and very very naughty raki… I am sl**py
Me : ok aunty… sl**p. Shall I fuck you?
Aunty : stupid, I cant miss that shots you give dear
Me : love you aunty then wake up

She just opened her eyes and moved her hand from my body towards the dick. she held that and smiled and me and told,
Aunty : Raki, really you are a****l
Me : y aunty?
Aunty : whole night you fucked me and then now again you want to fuck me
Me : what aunty, I really want to fuck you still 3 to 4 rounds
Aunty : I am human being dear, cant take so much of sex
Me : ohh aunty being a boy I am ready to fuck u. and being a lady you are not able to take the sex/
Aunty : that is what I am thinking dear. Really we ladies, cant control sex. We need more sex. But I am really satisfied last night and I am tired. How can you fuck so much dear
Me : that is my power aunty. Now get up I will fuck you hard.
Aunty : wait shall I go to toilet and come dear?
Me : sure aunty shall I also come
Aunty : sure come we both will empty our toilet and fill new sperms
Me : aunty you are also so much naughty
Aunty : all because of you dear
Me : mmmm. Love you aunty

We both went together to bathroom and then pissed. We both watched each other pissing. And then we both came hugging each other to the bed. This time I told her to sl**p on the edge of the bed. She was wondering what I am doing. I bent and slept on her and then started sucking her boobs. now I started fucking her. I fucked her nearly 30mins giving 1 or 2 gaps in between. She was going wild as and when I was fucking her. with full tense she bit my shoulder and came near my ears and told fuck me hard dear, really I am going mad to have sex with you.
I kept fucking like a dog and fucked her another 20mins. I wanted to fuck her in doggy style. But she was really tired. Finally I just leaked fully inside her pussy. She was really tired. And slept without opening her eyes. I also slept on her chest. It was already 6:30am. We could see sunlight coming inside window.
Night we couldn’t make out the flowers. But morning when we saw flowers were s**ttred everywhere. Anyways no one was coming to house and we both knew this. So we both slept again. She slept on my chest like a k**. And told
Aunty : raki, please keep this very very secret
Me : aunty please don’t have doubt. I will keep it secret more than my life
Aunty : I know dear but still I am afraid
Me : why should you afraid aunty. Don’t worry I will keep it secret
Aunty : love you raki. Don’t leave me. I love you truly not just for sex dear, but to get cared and listen to msy feelings
Me : I too love you truly dear. You are like my girl friend. I care for you always
Aunty : raki, did you enjoy dear?
Me : I enjoyed so much aunty. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure
Aunty : don’t tell thanks dear. Its my duty
Me : its your duty? How aunty?
Aunty : I am your wife now naughty. Its duty of a wife to give all pleasure to husband
Me : ohhhh. Gud my dear wife. Aunty how did you feel about my sex?
Aunty : it was really good dear. Never ever I had sex like this. I had really missed the real sex in my life. You gave me that
Me : ohh aunty nothing like that
Aunty : ummmaaaaaa (she kissed me so much)
Me : aunty (whispred in her ears)…. Aunty…..
Aunty : what sweetheart?
Me : shall I fuck you one more roung now?
Aunty : ohh my god no no no dear please my pussy is really paining
Me : sorry aunty. See my dick it is standing like rod again
Aunty : ohh what is this raki, why is it so much naughty
Me : what to do aunty you are like that. Your structure is make me mad and mad to fuck you
Aunty : you are becoming very very enough of rounds my pussy is really paining
Me : ok aunty I wont f***e you dear. But if you are satisfied that is enough
Aunty : oh raki. Don’t be upset. Ok come but finish it soon. I have to go its already 7AM
Me : ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aunty you are really superb. Spread your legs will fuck soon

As soon as she spread her legs, started fucking her again. Since this was fourth round, really my dick had become hard and it was not leaking soon. How much ever I tired, I was not able to cum. I kept fucking fucking fucking and fucking. Her boobs were shaking and bangles were making noise. This noise was making me more and more tempted to fuck her. About 30mins I fucked with 3 gaps. seriously I was losing energy but I was not able to cum. Since I had fucked her more shots, her pussy had become loose and I was not getting that tight shots. I asked her to close her legs tight. As soon as she closed her legs tight I started fucking her more now. And now the sprems shot inside her pussy like a rocket. But I could feel there was not much sprems went inside. But I got very good pleasure but not as the second round. Now I had really lost my energy and then slept on her chest. She just pushed me a aside then got up quickly. It was already 7:45.
She started wearing her bra and then blouse. I was just seeing in one eyes. Even though I was tired. I was still having intention to fuck her once again if she had stayed for another 40mins. But anyways she put her petticoat and then started dr****g saree. She wore it quickly. It was not like normally she wears. She just wanted to wear it soon and then go to her house. She wore sare fully took her pallu and put it across her chest and covered her boobs.
She came near and me and kissed me on my forehead and lips and told “Love you raki. Will take bath and prepare breakfast. sl**p for sometime and then come”. I just nodded my head. She started to move and was about to open the door. I called “Aunty….”. she turned and asked what. I just took my hand waved showing her panty. She opened her mouth and started coming towards me. She was trying to pull her panty which was in my hand and I just pulled her again on bed. Her boobs were juggling very much as she had not hooked the bra. I started kissing her lips and sucking her lips. She understood what I need and she spitted lots of saliva to my mouth. After that I gave the panty to her, without wearing it she took it in her hand and moved towards the door and gave a flying kiss and opened the door and then went outside and close the door. I slept again as that day was holiday. I slept for long time as I didn’t sl**p properly. I opened my eyes and then just saw my watch it was 8:30AM. I just wanted aunty to be with me to hug her. But she left me soon. I was feeling so lonely now. I just wanted to hug a hot body and sl**p. Not for sex. But anyways now I got the aunty fully. I can fuck her anytime now as she had told me that all her body is mine. I got up and sat on bed. I was naked still. My dick had become small and dangling. Saw it and gave smile. It had fucked my aunty pussy whole night and gave her painful pleasure. I got up and went to bathroom. I was still sl**py. But anyways, I just wanted to see my sweet aunty again. Wanted to see her how she looks after she was fucked and how she looks in day. I took bath and then got ready and came down around 10:30AM. Knocked the door and there came my aunty. Waaw she was looking like a bride. I could feel as if a married girl had finished her first night and then morning she was ready to do pooja for husband. She was wearing a light blue saree and head full of jasmine flowers. As soon as she saw me she smiled with full shy and then nodded her head to say come inside. I went inside and immediately I hugged her from behind, and she would have expected it. Suddenly she made sound “aahhhhh”. Then I just gave a soft kiss on her bare back and started licking it. She was biting her lips and moved her hand backwards and held my neck. And was massaging my hairs. I kept moving my hands from stomach and slowly moved towards her blouse. I just started pressing her boobs slowly and then tried putting my hand inside the blouse. She just stopped. But my kissing didn’t stop. She just turned towards me and started kissing my lips. As usual we started kissing and licking our lips and toungue and then she spitted saliva inside my mouth and then pushed me far. And started speaking
Aunty : Thaath, naughty fellow. I know your tricks
Me : what happed sweetheart?
Aunty : mmmm, now come lets have breakfast. I am hungry and its 10:45
Me : mmm even I am hungry aunty.
Aunty : I know your hunger. You had enough whole night now have something for your stomach
Me : But at least only once now aunty please
Aunty : no no enough my pussy is burning naughty. Whole of my life I would have not had sex so much. That of sex I have had
Me : ohh aunty this is nothing. Come let’s enjoy one more round
Aunty : raki, enough now come let’s have breakfast. Otherwise I will never give you anything
Me : ohh aunty don’t do that please. Love you so much
Aunty : love you too raki. Don’t be upset. Now have breakfast.
Me : sure aunty
We both were having breakfast. She had prepared chapathi. I was having and suddenly I felt I should feed her. she had fed my dick so much of pleasure. So I thought I should feed her with breakfast. She liked it very much.
Me : Aunty have it.
Aunty : raki, you are so caring sweetheart. You take care of me so much. My husband never did this to me
Me : now have it dear. I will feed all the chapathis.
Aunty : no no I am full dear. Please don’t f***e
Me : now will you have or not my sweet aunty?
Aunty : you have more my naughty hero. You need more strength
Me : mmmm, ya I need more strength to feed the mouth below
Aunty : so much you talk naughty
Me : no dear, just I told the truth. That is correct na
Aunty : yes yes I know. Night you feed that mouth, morning you feed this mouth
Me : if you agree I can feed both the mouth anytime
Aunty : ya ya you are really hungry for that
Me : always aunty. You just give a word
Aunty : keep doing this one you will be in hospital
Me : why aunty? Not me you will be in hospital
Aunty : why should I be in hostpital?
Me : I will make you pregnant so
Aunty : naughty fellow. Now I cannot become pregnant
Me : mm, I know you would have operated
Aunty : yes yes. That is why I am so very daring
Me : mmm I understood last night only. You didn’t say anything when I didn’t wear condom
Aunty : I wanted to tell you dear. But I know you are clean and for me also there is no problem
Me : actually I would have got condoms. But I didn’t know your plan
Aunty : if I would have told you, would that be a surprise?
Me : ya that is also true dear. But it was really a surprise in my life and my first night was really nice
Aunty : mmm see you enjoyed your first night before your marriage only
Me : and also lost my virginity. Thanks aunty
Aunty : hey don’t say thanks dear. Its my duty to do that
Me : what making to loose virginity?
Aunty : no dear. I knew your feelings so I just wanted to fulfil it.
Me : Aunty did you enjoy last night?
Aunty : ohh raki, swear I never knew that sex would so much pleasure and I never thoght that I can do all this in my life
Me : why aunty? Uncle never tried all such positions and techniquies?
Aunty : never raki. He just come and sl**p on my and pull my saree up and give a 2 3 minutes shots and then leak and then sl**p without speaking also
Me : that is bad aunty.
Aunty : I know dear. I will not be satisfied at all I will be feeling like having more shots. If I ask him she shouts at me and tell all bad words
Me : mmm, some men are like that. They just want to cum and then they are satisfied.
Aunty : but you are not like that dear. I am really very much satisfied last night.
Me : see aunty, sex is not just fucking and leaking. It is understanding of two bodies and fulfil the desires, needs, emotions and love between two bodies.
Aunty : yes raki, that I understood last night. Each and every shots you gave my god even now if I think I feel your long dick would come to my throat
Me : ohh aunty comeon. But I am happy that you are really satisfied
Aunty : more than that dear.
Me : mmmm aunty, did my dick fit your sweet pussy?
Aunty : god don’t ask. Swear I felt my pussy is going to tear. You have real big thick dick dear
Me : mmmm did you feel that its full when it went inside
Aunty : 100%. When uncle puts his dick I would feel just soemthing is gone inside and came out. But when your dick went inside I seriously felt comething really got stuck and I was feeling as if I cannot remove that rod outside
Me : (I laughed loudly) mmm so you could feel that a real dick had fucked your real juicy pussy
Aunty : you showed me the real sex and made me a real woman dear
Me : mmm but I should thank you also for doing all this arrangements aunty. I swear I never expected this
Aunty : that is my duty dear. Hey did you clean everything?
Me : no aunty I just got up and came here.
Aunty : don’t clean raki, tulsi will come and clean
Me : what do you mean?
Aunty : ohh you don’t know right.
Me : what to know aunty.
Aunty : whenever we have first night, friends will actually arrange the first night bed and then after everything, they will come and clean the bed. But you should keep some money underbed.
Me : ohhh aunty I didn’t keep anything.
Aunty : you have to keep raki. That is custom (she smiled)
Me : ok aunty will keep it. Tell your firend that I thanked her from my heart
Aunty : sure. I need not ask. She will ask each everything we did. Right from beginning and what happened in the bed and the whole story
Me : ohh you tell everything?
Aunty : ya we are friends, we wont hide anything
Me : ohh god. Then what she will think of me aunty.
Aunty : don’t worry. She is a nice lady and very good firend of mine.
Me : whatever but keep this very very secret aunty. This will spoil both of our image in the society
Aunty : I know that dear. More than you I am careful
Me : love you aunty. Any chance to ride again?
Aunty : not now dear. I have lots of work.
Me : mmm, ok sweetheart. Even I have work. I have to go outside. Will come back soon
Aunty : sure dear. Love you so much.
Me : love you toooo aunty. Keep your under legs free so that once I come I should spread your legs and straightaway push my dick inside
Aunty : You will not leave me at all.
Me : ok aunty will come back soon in the afternoo.
Aunty : I will wait for lunch dear. Please come. Love to have lunch with you
Me : sure aunty. Afterall we both are married couples right now?
Aunty : yes dear. We are like couples only. I will wait for you sweetheart
Me : one kiss?
Aunty : why one come here will kiss many times

She kissed me all over my face and then gave me lots of saliva to my mouth and then told that she has some work and then started to go inside the kitchen. I was going outside and just saw behind, she was watching me from the kitchen itself. I again went back to kitchen and then stood infront of her. we both were seeing each other face to face. She stretched her hands and then held my collar and asked
Aunty : What happened dear? Why did you come back?
Me : just to see you dear. I love you aunty
Aunty : love you to raki. I cannot be without you dear
Me : me too aunty. Morning when I got up, I was just feeling like hugging you
Aunty : mmm sorry I had work so I had to come
Me : its on dear (we both hugged each other and started massaging our back)
Aunty : (she kept her head on my chest) its so nice to be on your chest
Me : (I started moving my hands on her ass) its so nice to touch your ass aunty
Aunty : stupid, naughty, I am taking something and you are talking something (she started pushing me and beat me softly just for fun)
Me : hey aunty, don’t send me. I want to be with you
Aunty : finish your work and come and then we can do all
Me : sure aunty.
I just started going and she was turning backwards and started her work. I just slowly came behind her and pressed her ass suddenly. She shouted “aauchhhh” and then suddenly took the spoon and came running to hit me and I started running towards the door and she was scolding me “naughty, raki, come afterwards and ask me for romance. I will not give you anything today will keep you hungry”
By the time she was telling more I took my bike and started.

I came back around 2:30. I had to go my friends place to attend some unwanted birthday function. But I couldn’t avoid because that was one of my close friends birthday. I came back and then straight away went to aunty’s house. I knocked the door. aunty opened the door and I guess she had slept for sometime. I could see her hairs where little s**ttred. But still she was looking so sexy. She pulled me inside and then closed the door.
Aunty : Where did you go dear?
Me : sorry aunty, had to attend one function
Aunty : come now lets have lunch. I am really hungry. Why are you doing this today. Morning breakfast also late, lunch also late
Me : ohh sorry aunty. Come lets have soon
Aunty : but for other things you do urgent
Me : mmmm, that is uncontrolable hunger aunty
Aunty : aahaaaaaa, enough enough. Come now
Me : aunty I will feed you
Aunty : love that dear. Come feed me I will feed you
Me : (we both started having lunch) mmm eat aunty, you told you are hungry
Aunty : no no dear enough, its too much.
Me : mmm, let me wash your mouth

I washed her mouth and then wiped it from the towel. Now she just kept all the vessesls in the sink and came to me. And told me that she is feeling sl**py and told me come lets both sl**p for sometime. I told ok and then went to bedroom and then slept together. Now she put the blanket on both of us and hugged me and slept. I slowly started my naughty game.
I moved my hand behind her and started massaging her back and slowly moved my hand on her ass. I love her ass very much. As it was so soft and big. Was putting my finger inside her ass crack. She also wanted sex and then sl**p. we both didn’t speak anything. Just silent from words but our body was speaking silently by passing signals. She came still closer and made me hug still tightly. Everything was happening under the blanket. As our head was outside the blanket, we both could just feel what was happening inside and we both couldn’t see anything. We both were seeing each other outside the blanket. She was slowly moving her hand inside my tshirt to touch my naked body. I also started pressing her boobs and then massaged her thighs. I could feel the soft saree on her body. slowly our mouth came near to kiss and then it started with exchanging saliva and then toungue. But inside blanket our hands were touching each and every part of our body. now her hand was moving downwards. I understood that she is in need of the rod to get stuck inside her sexy juicy pussy. She just put her hand inside my shorts and held my dick. I just nodded my head to ask “Do you need it?”. she close her eyes so softly to pass a sexy erotic signal “yes I need it badly”. As I understood her feelings, my dick became still erected. She pulled my shorts fully down, freeing my dick outside. As she pulled my shorts down, I started pulling her saree till her pussy. Now she started pulling me on top. She was dragging me. I understood now she is really getting wet and wanted to get fucked badly. Just to test I just searched for her pussy and then finally I got it. It was indeed dripping with her juice. She was making her face and started pleading me to fuck her. understanding her problem, I just climbed on her. once ladies get tempted, it will very difficult for her to control. I just made her comfortable and then started kissing her neck. Came near her ear and then sucked her ear and then whispred “Aunty, your pussy is really wet. I love to suck and taste that juice. Then will fuck you. Ok aunty?”. “sure my naughty hero. Do that soon, I am not able to control” she held my head and the tried moving me down.And then slowly moved down towards her boobs. now I slowly came down and as I came down, I went inside the blanket. It was really dark. Only her head was outside. I was totally inside the blanket. Now I just was licking her navel and then moved little further. Already her saree was pulled up and she had not worn panty. I had told her to keep her pussy free so that I can come and push my dick inside. Now I reached her pussy and I could smell that sweat near her pussy. I opened my mouth and put my tongue inside her pussy. As soon as I did that. She took her hand and kept on my head and was trying to push it more and more. Her pussy was really tasty. Guys try to lick pussy when it is really tempted. It will be really taste than ever. I was licking for about 20mins. She was really loosing her control. She started becoming wild. She was pulling me up. I could understand that she needs the long thick dick of mine to get fucked. I slowly moved up. my mouth was full of her wet juice from her pussy. I went up and took my head outside the blanket. She saw my mouth was full of juice. Suddenly she pulled me and started licking it. she took one hand and then held my dick and was guiding towards the wet pussy. I just took my ass back and was about to push my dick inside her sexy erotic pussy.
There was a sound near the gate. Some was shaking the gate and was making noice. As we both were filled in sex mood, we didn’t hear properly. I just slept on her chest to listen properly. The sound was more clear now. It was actually telling “Mummy, mummy”. Yes it was the sound of rohan and Rahul. Aunty suddenly pushed me sidewards and told that k**s have come and then she told to go and sit on sofa. Now there was no chance to go outside. So suddenly I just went and sat on sofa switching on TV. She suddenly went near mirror and arranged her hairs and then tucked her saree properly and just had a glance that everything was alright. She arranged the bed quickly and then came out the bedroom and then turned towards me and turned her back and asked if everything is ok. i just make my finger to say, its soooper. She came near me and hit on my head to say this is not the time to joke. She ran towards the door and opened the door and ran towards the gate and opened the gate.
Everything happened in just 2 or 3 minutes. I was getting scared. I could see Rahul and rohan coming running inside. And suddenly there were two more k**s. I had never seen them. Now aunty came inside and then behind her one more lady came inside. I just guessed she would be tulsi. As soon as she saw me she smiled and gave a look as if she is investigating on me. As soon as she entered the house, she straight away went inside the bedroom. I could feel she wanted to know whether we both were having sex. Aunty also went inside and then both came outside.

Aunty : Tulsi, he is rakesh
Tulsi : Hi Rakesh
Me : Hi Aunty
Tulsi : How are you?
Me : I am good.
Tulsi : Rashmi, I think you just missed something. I am sorry about that
Rashmi : Hey no Tulsi. Nothing like that
Tulsi : That’s fine I can understand. Your k**s only kept forcing me to take them to house. So only I came
Rashmi : its ok now come sit.
Tulsi : ok ok. Some people will be really upset on me
She turned towards, speaking very naughtily and gave a teasing smile. Aunty went outside and then signalled me to come outside.
Aunty : Raki, quickly go and keep the money dear. She will clean the bed now
Me : ohh ok aunty. But I missed something.
Aunty : even I missed it. Now there is no time to speak. k**s are there. Will see we have lots of time. Don’t worry
Me : sure aunty. (I just whispred) love you aunty
She just hit me on my shoulder and went inside. I just climbed the stairs and then went inside my house and then took a plain page.
I wrote
“Thank you so much for making such a nice arrangements. I can never forget this gift. I cannot pay for the gift you have given.
With love Raki “
I wanted to write more. I went to bedroom and kept Rs. 500 inside the bed. And kept the letter below that. I wanted to write more on that. I just was afraid if she will tell rashmi aunty. But to tell you frankly, Tulsi was really a sex bomb. She was little plumpy, had a face similar to kajol. Guys will tell about her in next episode.
After keeping the money and letter, I locked the house and then came down and gave the key to aunty and told I have to go somewhere and then told Tulsi aunty, bye and then left with my bike. I came back around 6:30 to aunty’s house. Tulsi was not there. k**s where there at home and was playing. I went to ask the key. But aunty stopped me and told to have tea and go.
Aunty : Raki, have tea and go
Me : Ohh aunty, I am feeling tired. Don’t want tea
Aunty : Have little tea everything will be alright
Me : sure aunty.
Aunty : mmm, take drink this.
Me : (I whispred) hey aunty, drink and gave na.
Aunty : k**s are here keep quiet
Me : its ok just have a sip and give
Aunty : ohh u are becoming so very adamant
Me : sorry aunty, I love you so much
Aunty : keep quiet, k**s will listen
Me : then have a sip and add your sweet honey saliva to the tea
Aunty : you are naughty dear
Me : mmmm all because of your beauty
Aunty : mmmm wait will go to kitchen and do it and come. Here k**s will see
Me : (She went to kitchen and came back) mmm that’s like a sweet girl
Aunty : mmm, take and drink now
Me : waaaaaaaaw. So sweet
Aunty : enough enough.
Me : aunty, when did tulsi aunty go?
Aunty : she left just 1 hour ago
Me : ok. Did she clean the room and the bed?
Aunty : yes she cleaned
Me : did you also go there?
Aunty : no dear. She told not to come
Me : ok. Did she tell anything?
Aunty : yes she told that she is very happy and she got Rs. 500
Me : mmmm I kept on behalf of you dear
Aunty : thanks raki
Me : and did she tell anything else?
Aunty : yes she told.
Me : what did she tell aunty?
Aunty : she told that you are really smart like a hero and she also told that Rashmi you have got a real hero. All the best (she smiled and touched my hand)

One thing I understood that she had not told about the letter. Thank God otherwise it would have been complicated because always ladies are the big enemies of ladies. Anyways now I was safe. But seriously I could see the lustiness in Tulsi aunty’s face. She was really a sex bomb. Her husband was really lucky to have such slut. Will tell about her in one of the episodes. I didn’t want to ask about tulsi because rashmi aunty may get doubt on me that I am trying tulsi. So I just ended that topic.
Aunty : So you are tired
Me : yes aunty very tired.
Aunty : mmm, ok go and take rest dear. Come for dinner
Me : sure aunty let me sl**p for sometime and then will come around 9PM.
Aunty : sure raki.
Me : aunty anychance of kiss now?
Aunty : will go or shall I hit you.
Me : please aunty one just kiss will go
Aunty : raki, please don’t behave like this. See k**s are here. Did I not give u everything?
Me : yes aunty you are sweet.
Aunty : I know what to give and when to give dear. Don’t behave like that. Don’t worry, all mine is yours so why are you worried
Me : sorry aunty. Love you.
Aunty : love you tooo raki. Now go and take rest.
Me : sure aunty bye see you night
Aunty : bye dear.

I just said bye and came to house. I went and saw the room. It was so clean and tidy. I really liked it. it was like when Rashmi aunty had arranged my house when I had come in the begginging. Later I thought all this ladies like to arrange the house like this or what.
I was really tired and wanted to sl**p. I don’t know why I was feeling so much tired. I changed my dress and then got fresh and then straight away went and slept. Don’t know how I got sl**p.
After sometime I just woke up saw my watch it was 8:45. My eyes were burning. I just sat on bed. After sl**ping I was little relaxed. All the bedsheet was s**ttered as I would have rolled nicely while I was sl**ping. I just took my pillow to keep it properly, suddenly something fell down. Saw it but ignored it and went to toilet and came back washing my face. I came near the mirror in my room and was combing my hairs. I could see something on the ground. I just turned and saw, there was a paper folded which was lying on the floor. I just came near it and took. It was same thing which feel when I was arranging the pillow. I just unfolded it and saw. There was something written.
“Rakesh thanks for the gift. I really didn’t expect that you would keep so much as gift. You are really smart and you look very handsome. Don’t worry I have not told anything about your letter to Rashmi. and you also don’t tell anything about this letter. But one thing Rashmi is really lucky. By seeing you itself I can understand how much of happiness you have given to Rashmi. Take care. Hope we meet again and I get more gifts from you.
Tear this letter after reading
Your new friend

I had never expected this letter from Tulsi. After reading I just wanted to tear it. but I didn’t tear it. I always keep all the letters written for me by my GFs, Aunties. I love to keep it as collection. I still have that letter written by Tulsi.
I just folded the letter and then kept it in my cupboard and locked it. I was also very eager to meet her soon and have her friendship. It was 9:30. From morning I had made Rashmi aunty, hungry for breakfast, then lunch and also afternoon sex and now dinner also. So I just switched off all the lights and then locked my house as I would be sl**ping in aunty’s house. Then came down.
k**s were still playing as next day was Sunday and then it was holiday for them. Aunty saw me and then served dinner and told “Today everything is late. You are keeping me hungry whole day. Don’t know whose face I saw today, from morning everything is hungry for me.”
I smiled and told “Don’t worry aunty I will feed everything fully.”
“you and your thoughts, naughty fellow” she just gave a teasing smile and then sat to have dinnerWe both had dinner and then she took all the plates, vessels to sink and was cleaning. I didn’t dare going there because k**s where still playing. So just sat on sofa and was watching TV. She cleaned all the vessels and kept everything in kitchen and then gave me a pillow and then blanket.
Aunty : Raki, take this pilow and blanket
Me : Ohh thanks aunty. I will sl**p on sofa only
Aunty : But you don’t like to sl**p on sofa right
Me : yes, but the situation looks like I cant sl**p on soft bed with two soft pillows
Aunty : soft bed and two pillows?
Me : mmm yes aunty, soft bed and two soft pillows
Aunty : ohhh you are becaming bad day by day. Wait let your parents come, will tell them to get you married soon
Me : sure do that. And if they ask who is the girl, I will show you only
Aunty : ohhhh let see, as if you will marry me naughty
Me : sure I will why not?
Aunty : ok ok now don’t speak so much k**s can listen and they are still awake
Me : mmm, ok aunty, seems nothing will workout tonight.
Aunty : yes nothing will work out. Good night sweetheart
Me : ohh really? I am really sad
Aunty : now good night k**s are there and they can understand and tell everything to uncle
Me : ok aunty I care for you. Atleast a good night kiss?
Aunty : nothing doing. Just sl**p.
Me : ok aunty good night. I love you sweetheart
Aunty : love you toooo chweeety. Good night
After saying this she went to bedroom and closed the door. I really cursed my fate. And I didn’t want to f***e for anything. I was watching TV and there was a romantic Malayalam movie and mid night masala songs in few channels. I was just changing and was watching them. Really indian aunties, herioines are so sexy than English ladies. I don’t know how many agree. There were few romantic movies in English as well. But none of them were actually making me hot. I kept watching till 12:30AM. Now I was getting really tempted with few mid night masala songs and slowly covered myself with blanket and put my hand inside the shorts and took out my dick. I started storking seeing all the sexy ladies in the songs. One by one songs where played and I was stroking slowly seeing each and every sexy heroines coming on screen.
I saw the watch it was 1AM. Then thought let me leak and then sl**p. but I still wanted to fuck more herioines, was just thinking let me just cum for next heroine. As I was just doing that, suddenly I could feel some one touching my head. I got scared and suddenly shivered and put my dick inside the shorts. I turned and saw behind, it was Rashmi aunty. But the time I speak something she just closed my mouth. Though all the lights were off, but there was still slight light which was coming from window. She slowly sat on the sofa.
Aunty : Shhhhhhhhhhh…….. (spoke in a very low voice)
Me : (I just nodded my head)
Aunty : don’t speak k**s will wake up
Me : (she removed her hand from the mouth) you didn’t get sl**p sweetheart?
Aunty : I had slept raki. But I woke up suddenly. Was feeling hungry
Me : ohh you didn’t had dinner properly I think
Aunty : you are one stupid. Sometimes you speak so intelligent and sometimes like a stupid
Me : ohh what happened aunty.
Aunty : afternoon you just left me half done. You didn’t feed my pussy properly
Me : ohh sex hungry you are telling
Aunty : (she bent down and brushed her nose with my nose) yesssssss my naughty hero
Me : aunty, so you are really hungry to get fucked?
Aunty : then why will I come here raki. Afternoon, I had lost my control. I never expected that Tulsi will bring k**s so soon
Me : mmm, even I was very much tempted, I reallly wanted to fuck you very badly at that time
Aunty : as if you will fuck me only that time.
Me : ohh aunty you are so sexy, so how can I leave you just like that
Aunty : mmm, if I leave you very free and sl**p naked you make me a sex machine I think
Me : sure why not aunty.
Aunty : raki, now come don’t waste time. I am really hungry and complete that task which you left me incomplete afternoon without feeding my pussy
Me : ohh aunty did I do that. It was your friend who did that
Aunty : now come do something and reduce my heat of the body. Its going to high temprature
Me : love you aunty. Shall I fuck you on sofa or down
Aunty : I think will sl**p down only. Sofa we cant enjoy properly
Me : sure aunty. Love you where ever you tell
Aunty : Ok wait then, will put the bed and arrange for everything
Me : sure aunty. Love you

She started arraning the bed. While she was arranging the bed, her pallu had dropped and her boobs where hanging below. I slowly went from behind and held her boobs and started pressing.
Aunty : wait raki
Me : I am not able to wait dear.
Aunty : mmm everything is yours only why are you in so much hurry, will give you all. Don’t worry even I am hungry
Me : then come soon you sexy aunty
Aunty : wait my sex hero
Me : cant wait my lovely aunty
Aunty : mmm done come now,

As soon everything was arranged, I just slept beside her and just hugged her on her waist. Now slowly started moving my hand on her boobs and then started pressing it. now she also turned towards me and came near my mouth and started sucking the lips. We both as usual exchanged saliva and then toungue. As we both were kissing my hands were massaging her back and was pressing her ass bun. she was hugging me and was pulling me so that I can sl**p on her and start fucking her. finally she whispered in ears, “Raki, climb on me please, I am not able to control from afternoon” . As she was hungry and then in afternoon I had left her half done, she had gone wild and then we she hurriedly pulled upon her and pulled the saree and petticoat up and she removed my shorts and took my dick and inserted inside her pussy. She was not at all in mood to have foreplay or she didn’t want me to suck her pussy also. She was just hungry to get fucked like a mad dog. Now my dick was deep inside her pussy. I started giving her hard shorts as even I was hungry and she was also hungry. The shorts went slow to medium to fast. Soft to hard to harsh. She started crying to fuck more hard. I kept fucking her and was trying not to leak so soon.
I was fucking very hardly. We both were breathing so heavily as we didn’t want to make sound by opening our mouth as k**s where there. But we both love to fuck with full shouting with painful pleasure. As k**s were there we had to keep our mouth close and we were not able to breath properly so we both were breathing heavily.
Aunty : (while getting fucked only she was whispering) Raki, are you satisfied?
Me : I still nee…..d few more shots aunty. Are you satisfied sweetheart?
Aunty : yes I feel my pussy is started burning dear
Me : ohh please aunty just few more shots
Aunty : ohh you are very strong in sex dear. From last 30mins you are giving shots, and still you are not done.
Me : that is raki sexy aunty.
Aunty : ahhhhh….aaaakkkkk hhhhhhhhh. How can you fuck so much dear?
Me : why uncle wont give you so much shots is it?
Aunty : uncle shots will be 20 to 30 and in just 3 mins
Me : ohh aunty, I can fuck you still 30mins. Shall I?
Aunty : enough dear, leak it soon. I am reallly tired now
Me : I am not tired dear. Please few more shots
Aunty : how can you fuck so much stupid? You are really crazy
Me : that is why I give gap aunty. As I feel I am getting leaked, I just stop for few minutes and once the cum goes inside again I fuck the pussy.
Aunty : mmmm, where did you learn all this
Me : I just keep reading books to know who to satisfy ladies
Aunty : ladies? So you naughty how many ladies you have tried?
Me : ohh aunty I told you that day itself right I am virgin?
Aunty : ok dear, I was just k**ding.
Me : aunty, ahhhh, shall I leak?
Aunty : yes dear I am really tired.
Me : ok then wait will give a hard fuck. Get ready
Aunty : sure love you raki.
Me : aunty spread your legs more until my dick goes inside and then make your pussy tight by keeping your legs on my back
Aunty : mmm, sure dear, this give me deep fuck as well
Me : yes aunty you will enjoy
Aunty : aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its really nice but paining dear
Me : control aunty just 2 mins, I will cum with full load
Aunty : mmmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love you raki mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Me : aaahhh aaahhaa kkkkaahhhhaaasssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I leaked aunty
Aunty : uffffffffffffffffffffffffffff tired my sweetheart
Me : ohhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff love you aunty, it was a great fuck
I leaked all the cum inside her. and after leaking also I gave her few more shots, and the cum as coming out and was flowing on the bedsheet. Now my dick became very very small and then I just rolled down slept. Aunty saw me and smiled
She told she will go and sl**p inside. I also told ok. as I was also tired and then gave her a long shots, after leaking I became very tired.
She gave sweet kiss to my lips and I asked for saliva and she spitted onside my mouth and then we both kissed for 2 mins and she told good night and went and slept. I was really very tired and then slept there only. Didn’t go on sofa.

Morning I got up and then saw the watch. It was 9am. I was really tired. k**s had already woke and were playing. Aunty didn’t disturb to get up. She was doing her work. I got up and then saw aunty was preparing breakfast. I just went inside and said good morning.
Me : Good morning aunty
Aunty : good morning raki. Had nice sl**p?
Me : yes whole night I had nice excersise, so had nice sl**p
Aunty : mmmm, that is why I also didn’t distrub you dear
Me : was really very tired dear. I didn’t know how I slept after you left
Aunty : its ok dear. Anyways today is Sunday so even I didn’t want to disturb.
Me : thanks aunty, I will quickly go and take bath and come
Aunty : raki, what is the plan today?
Me : nothing, just have to meet a friend
Aunty : what time are you going there?
Me : its not compulsory. But tell me aunty, whats your plan
Aunty : I am planning to get groceries, it will be difficult to get it alone. If you also come
Me : sure aunty, why not
Aunty : but you are going to meet your friend
Me : I will go in the evening
Aunty : thanks raki, shall we go at 11:30?
Me : sure no probs. How much time it might take
Aunty : we will go nearby shop only
Me : sure aunty.

I took bath and then came and had breakfast. Aunty was ready and even k**s where ready. I thought I can take her in bike but as k**s were also coming then we took auto. k**s sat first and then aunty sat and then I sat. it was a short distance but still I was rubbing aunty’s shoulder. Even aunty was enjoying this journey. She saw me and was smiling. She also understood my feelings. She also co-operated with me. She just kept her hands on my tighs to make my dick mad. She was biting her lips and I could understand that she was doing it purposely. we were almost reached the market. I just took her hand and kept on her thigh. She was again keeping it there. I was pleading her showing my finger to tell my dick is like rod now. She smiled and kept massaging my thigh so that I get erected. Finally we reached the market. I didn’t know what to do. I just removed my inshirt and then got down. Now it was little relaxed so that no one can see my erected dick. I gave the money and then I was walking little slowly. I just wanted my dick to reduce the temptation. I saw her she was smiling looking at me. I was making my face to tell her that my dick is still erected. She was smiling seeing my pant.
Me : What you did aunty?
Aunty : what happened dear
Me : mine is errected
Aunty : I know I did that purposely
Me : ohh why aunty?
Aunty : last night how you trouble me
Me : ohh aunty I was giving you pleasure
Aunty : I also gave you nice pleasure and why did you remove you inshirt dear
Me : what else I do aunty, if I wont remove then everyone can see
Aunty : mmmm, let them see dear. They will know how big is yours
Me : ohh aunty you are very dangerous
Aunty : mmmmm, still it is standing/
Me : no no it has reduced.
Aunty : sorry dear, just for fun I did
Me : its ok aunty, but you should try all this indoor, not outdoor
Aunty : ok dear.

We were purchasing the groceries and other items. Suddenly we saw a lady coming near us. And that was Tulsi. She also had come to purchase groceries and she had come with her husband.
(Tulsi’s husband and Rashmi’s husband working in same company will tell about this someother episode)
Aunty : hi tulsi, how are you
Tulsi : I am good, so you have come for groceries
Aunty : yes tulsi, my husband is not there right so I only have to bring grocories
Tulsi : husband is not there (she gave a naughty smile seeing me) mmmm ok ok
Aunty : hey (she signalled towards he husband) keep quiet
Tulsi : How are you raki?
Raki : I am good aunty, how are you
Tulsi : I am good. Meet my husband
Raki : hi uncle how are you
Tulsi Hubby : I am good how are you
Raki : I am good uncle
Tulsi Hubby : Shiva always tell about you (Shiva is rashmi’s hubby name )

Me : oh uncle, he has told everyone about this
Tulsi Hubby : but you are a brave boy. You have saved his life son
Me : that was my duty uncle.
Tulsi Hubby : good, keep it up. You have a very good helping nature
Me : my parents have thought this uncle
Tulsi Hubby : good. Young people like you should be there.
Me : thanks uncle
Tulsi : so you come to market daily?
Me : no aunty. I come to market on saturdays or sundays.
Tulsi : rashmi, you bring him whenever you go for shopping is it?
aunty : no tulsi. Today I had lot of things to bring. Otherwise he comes alone
Tulsi : mmmm there also you help raki/
raki : there means?
Tulsi : means bringing groceries
raki : mmm sometimes. But I come here only to buy something
Tulsi : so when are you coming next?
raki : I might come this Saturday, right aunty (I turned towards rashmi and asked)
rashmi : yes raki, I think this next Saturday you come and get something which I will make a list
raki : sure aunty. Today you take all the important items.
rashmi : sure raki.
tulsi : good to hear that you come here only. Even I come here only to buy anything
raki : ya this is nice place and this shop gives a good items as well
tulsi : yes yes.
raki : saturdays I have leave so I come on saturdays to the market. Since aunty will be busy, I come alone
tulsi : hey rashmi, you are not coming to school to drop k**s now a days
rashmi : since, my husband has gone to delhi, raki is dropping k**s
tulsi : ohhh ok. Good
rashmi : ya he is taking care of most of the work in my house
tulsi : ya ya almost everything (she smiled looking at me. And we all smiled as we know what she was speaking)
rashmi : what happened you are only going to school now a days to drop k**s?
tulsi : ya my husband is going little early so I only have to go to drop k**s
rashmi : ok ok
tulsi : so raki, you are only dropping k**s to school
raki : yes aunty, anyways I am free in the morning untill cab comes so I drop k**s to school
tulsi : good. Rashmi is lucky
raki : aunty I just forgot to tell you something, tomorrow I have to meet one friend, I will go little early by 8:15 only
rashmi : sure will get the k**s ready by that time
raki : ok aunty.
tulsi : ok rashmi, I will go now. Our shopping is done.
rashmi : ok tulsi, bye. Bye prasad anna (prasad is tulsi’s husband)
tulsi : bye raki. See you soon (she winked her eyes)
raki : bye aunty. Bye uncle

even our shopping was done and we both also left the market with k**s. We took an auto and then while going there were lot of language so aunty didn’t had chance to play with my dick
Rahul had little fever in the night. So aunty had to sl**p with me and since he was not well, he used to ask water or something or the other. That night we could had sex due to this. Even I was tired and I slept.
Morning when I got up it was around 7:30. I asked rashmi how Rahul was. She told he is still having fever. I told her not to send him to school. I told her to take care of Rahul and got rohan ready and told rashmi, not to worry about breakfast. I told I will get from outside. I got breakfast fromoutside and gave to rashmi and told her that I had to leave early to meet a friend. So I took rohan and started to school. When I reached school it was 8:15. I dropped rohan and saw him until he goes inside the class room. As soon as he dissappreared. I just parked my bike in the corner and stood near the corner of the school. Someone called me from behind. I just turned behind and saw. It was Tulsi.
Tulsi : hi raki good morning
Me : good morning aunty
Tulsi : what time you came
Me : I came just now dropped rohan.
Tulsi : oh what happed to rahul
Me : he is not well so he didn’t come
Tulsi : ohh ok
Me : what time you came aunty?
Tulsi : I came at 8 only
Me : why so early
Tulsi : nothing got the k**s ready soon so thought will come and drop
Me : (we both knew that we had come to see each other) but I knew that you will come little early
Tulsi : how did you know?
Me : yesterday when I told that I am coming at 8:15, I knew you will come early
Tulsi : and I also know that you told that to me only
Me : yes aunty I just told that so that we get sometime to speak
Tulsi : so what else
Me : you come daily at this time only?
Tulsi : usually uncle comes and drop. But from few days I am only coming as he is going early
Me : ohh ok.
Tulsi : but why did you tell that you are going early
Me : just like that aunty. Just thought I will speak to you.
Tulsi : ok ok. Shall we go now. I have to go home. My mother in law is there at home. She will ask where I had gone for so much time
Me : ohhh ok shall I drop you aunty?
Tulsi : no no if my mother in law will see me she will kill me
Me : mmm ok. I can understand
Tulsi : ok ok. Shall we go now. I have to go home. My mother in law is there at home. She will ask where I had gone for so much time
Me : so what time tomorrow
Tulsi : tomorrow don’t want. Near school there are many of them who know our f****y.
Me : ohh ok don’t worry I wont trouble anyone
Tulsi : I know that very well.
Me : how do you know that
Tulsi : rashmi told me all about you
Me : mmmm you ladies cant keep any secrets
Tulsi : but don’t worry, I am not like that. I have not told anything about the letters we exchanged
Me : I know that (I just smiled)
Tulsi : ok then we will meet next Saturday in the market only because in market even if I come late, my mother in law will think because of shopping it got late
Me : sure but what time
Tulsi : you come by 10:30 only so that we get sometime to speak
Me : sure ok done next Saturday
Tulsi : ok bye raki, I am getting late
Me : sure aunty, take care and thanks for coming

She left to her house. But while going she just turned back again and gave a smile. I just wanted to follow her. but I didn’t want her to get into trouble. I went near my bike and headed towards the house. I came back to house. Aunty was with Rahul. He had severe fever. I told aunty to have breakfast and take Rahul to hospital. We tool Rahul to hospital and then came back. It was already 10:30. Rahul took tablets and slept. Aunty was in kitchen she was very depressed. I just went near her and hugged softly. She just kept her head on my shoulder and was very dull.
Me : Aunty don’t be so dull. Nothing will happen
Aunty : thank you so much sweetheart you are there with me all the time
Me : hey dear. You only told I am like your husband. So why so formalities. Now have something please. Shall I take leave dear?
Aunty : no no its ok you carry on. I will manage
Me : don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Its just fever.
Aunty : ok raki. Love you so much
Me : love you too sexy aunty. Now is there any sweet honey for me today?
Aunty : first lets have breakfast. Then will give you. You will get late
Me : ok dear.
We both were having breakfast. I just told her about Tulsi that I met her near the school.
Me : Aunty, I met Tulsi aunty near the school
Aunty : ohh ok. You spoke to her?
Me : I just dropped rohan and was about to leave, she only came and spoke to me
Aunty : ok
Me : aunty is she very afraid of her house?
Aunty : why dear?
Me : I asked her that I wil drop her. She told don’t want my mother in law will ask so many questions
Aunty : ohh ya, her mother in law is little strict. But she is good lady. Tulsi doesn’t like her at all. Every time she comes here always she complaints about her.
Me : its common na aunty. Ladies wont like there in laws
Aunty : that is there dear. But Tulsi is little naughty and jovial kind. Her mother in law wont like that.
Me : ohh ok that is why she didn’t want me to drop
Aunty : but tulsi is really a good girl
Me : how to you both know each other aunty?
Aunty : I know her from long time. Her husband and my husband work in same company
Me : ohh ok.
Aunty : She has helped me so much when rahul and rohan were delivered. She is very good hearted person. Very helping nature. Just like you only.
Me : like me?
Aunty : yes like you only. Her husband is also strict and her mother in law is also strict.
Me : but I feel tulsi is a very talkative lady
Aunty : ya she always likes to speak. And she shares everything with me. She doesn’t keep anything within her
Me : (I just thought about our letters and now really came to know that she wants to keep our freindship very very secret) mmm good aunty. But you told you don’t have any friends
Aunty : she cannot come always right. We both meet very rare even though she stays close by.
Me : mmm. Ok but I am your true friend right
Aunty : you are everything to me my sweetheart
Me : love you aunty. Your sweet honey is still pending
Aunty : ohh naughty before you to office that will be there inside your mouth
Me : thanks aunty
Aunty : never tell thanks dear. Its all yours
Me : mmm love you love you love you
Aunty : love you too raki.
I went to house and then got ready and came back. As soon I came my cab came near the gate. I just entered the house quickly and then asked for the kiss. Aunty pushed me towards wall and then started sucking my lips and took my toungue outside and licked like ice cream. And finally she gave me loads of saliva I swallowed it fully and she also asked for some. I gave her mine. Our mouth was full of saliva. She took her pallu and wiped my mouth. I could still smell that saliva. Then I came near the cab and she waved her hand near the door itself. I took cab and started to my office
While going I was just thinking about Tulsi now. Tulsi was so very friendly with rashmi. I was thinking whether tulsi had told about our letters or what. But if she would have told, aunty would have not been so much happy. Ladies will surely be upset if they come to know that her boy is cheating. So surely tulsi would have not told about me. Anyways I thought let me keep this secret. I was waiting for Saturday to meet tulsi. I was just thinking about beauty.
Tulsi, is again a typical indian lady. She was little plumpy but not very fat. She wears only saree. She had long silky hairs. Her face was very similar to kajol. She had a beautiful eyes and they were really seductive. Anyone sees her eyes first impression is to have sex. They were exactly like our silk smitha eyes. Chubby cheeks. Lips were really full as if it was filled. She had pink lips. Broad shoulder. Boobs were really big. I guess it was 36. But well maintained. They were really pointing out well to make her chest look very sexy. And since she wears saree the boobs give her nice impression. She had little tummy. Her ass was really awesome and little big. They were really good to have a doggy style. Hands were soft by looking. And she had a nice soft skin. Compared to rashmi, tulsi was much seductive and soft body. if both stands together, anyone will try tulsi only. And she had that hunger of sex always in her eyes.
Cab driver was trying to wake me. I had almost slept thinking of tulsi. I was just waiting for that Saturday where we both can meet and speak many things. but god knows what will happen. But I thought I should be very very careful as rashmi aunty was fully possessive on me. And if tulsi tells anything about me then rashmi will be very upset and she might get depressed. I just went to office leaving all the other ladies now and entered office to think about lots of young girls with fresh pussy in the officeSince Rahul was not well Rashmi and me couldn’t do anything much whole week. And even I didn’t want to disturb her because she was worried about her k**. Though I slept in her house we couldn’t even hug also as Rahul used to get up every now and then. Rahul didn’t go to school for whole week. I used to help rashmi to take Rahul to hospital and get her medicines. Really rashmi needed someone to take care of her and her house. Since uncle was little careless, she felt I am really her soul and love. She treated me more than her husband. Whatever it is before I go to office she never forgot to give me a kiss not just kiss but a sweet deep juicy kiss which never failed every day. She was becoming more possessive day by day. As I was taking care of her house she was really impressed by me and my caring nature. But she was really a good lady and good hearted person. She was in search of someone who can care for her and support her. and she found me. Anyways, I actually wanted to enjoy my life. But I always made sure that none of them was hurt. Whole week we both couldn’t fuck even once. it was almost 4 to 5 days we both fucked. Rahul was coming to normal situation and he was ok. it was Friday. I just finished my work and came back to house and then came to rashmi’s house. Since it was Friday, I had lot of work and reports to be submitted. It was little late to come back. It was almost 10PM. I got fresh and came to house at 10:30. Rashmi was waiting for me for dinner.
Aunty : what happened dear? Why so late?
Me : nothing aunty. Had lot of work
Aunty : ohhh you look so tired dear.
Me : ya sweetheart lot of work. k**s slept?
Aunty : yes they slept very soon.
Me : how is rahul feeling?
Aunty : he is feeling better now. I was really scared
Me : hey sweetheart, why do u get scared when I am there
Aunty : I know dear. That is why I am little relaxed
Me : aunty, shall I feed you? Its been many days sweetheart
Aunty : sure raki. Even I wanted to ask you to feed me. I am really feeling very lonely
Me : ohh my sweet dear, never ever feel that when I am there
Aunty : (I just streched my hand to feed her) wait dear, I will just close the bedroom door and come
Me : ohh ok aunty.(she went just closed the door and came)
Aunty : mmmmm if k**s will get up then it will be problem
Me : that’s fine dear. I can understand.
Aunty : now feed me till I am full
Me : say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aunty : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Me : (I just put the rice inside her mouth) mmmm good sweet girl
Aunty : raki, I love you so much dear
Me : (I just signaled her to come and sit on my lap) come here dear sit on my lap
Aunty : mmm sure raki
Me : now eat like small k**
Aunty : mmmm you are so sweet dear.
Me : now just eat don’t speak. My parents tell that we should not speak while eating
Aunty : ok raki. Feed me.
Me : mmm have water also dear.
Aunty : raki, you also have. Wait I will feed you
Me : yes aunty, you feed me I will feed you
We both had dinner and then she went to wash vessels. I also helped her. all these days I used to hug her and trouble her while washing vessels. But today I was very emotional about her. infact even she was very emotional. We both didn’t have any lust feelings. I was just standing there and was watching what she was doing. After clean the vessels I just took it and kept in kitchen. She was cleaning sink and bathroom. We both saw each other and smiled. After sometime she got me the pillow and told me to sl**p. she went inside the bedroom and slept. Even I was not able to ask her anything as she was worried about her k**. Anyways mother is mother. Understanding her situation I didn’t want to f***e her for anything. I was watching TV. With few minutes Rashmi came out and went to kitchen and had water and then came near the bedroom locked the door and came straight towards sofa where I was sl**ping. She saw me and smiled and then brushed my hairs and kissed me on my forehead. I was just sl**ping there only. She again went near window and then closed the window and put curtains and then came near me and sat near my stomach. She took her right hand and kept on my forehead and then kissed me and then kissed on my lips. I got up and rested my back on sofa. She came still closer and then hugged me and then kept her head on my chest. I kept my hands on her back and brushed her hairs. We were just like that for few minutes. She was not speaking anything. I just got doubt, so I just tried to push her body and then saw her face. She was actually crying.
Me : hey aunty, what happened. Why are you crying?
Aunty : nothing raki. I love you so much
Me : now what happened dear?
Aunty : nothing just want to be like this forever
Me : hey aunty I too love you dear
Aunty : raki, you help us so much dear. Really I don’t know how much I should thank god that you came to me.
Me : now don’t be so emotional sweetheart. See dear, god will always be there with us. Because u are very good, god sent me so that I can take care of you
Aunty : yes dear (she came still closer and then hugged me tightly. Her boobs were touching my chest now)
Me : mmm aunty. Now stop crying, otherwise I will also cry
Aunty : ok ok dear. I wont cry
Me : (I started wiping her tears) that’s like a sweet girl
Aunty : I am always sweet raki. That is why you always like my saliva no
Me : yes yes. You and your saliva and your mmmmm everything is sweet
Aunty : (pinched my cheek) naughty always naughty
Me : mmm aunty why did you go inside and again came back so soon
Aunty : simply dear (gave a naughty smile)
Me : I thought you went to sl**p.
Aunty : no no I went too……..
Me : you went too… what?
Aunty : (she came near my ears and whispred) I went to remove bra and panty
Me : what sweetheart?
Aunty : speak slowly naughty. I am without bra and panty
Me : ohhh so tonight full riding and shots?
Aunty : yes yes but not full night. Just one round
Me : ohh aunty. Its been many days. Please atleast 3 rounds. Anyways tomorrow is holiday
Aunty : but k**s will wake up dear. Please do one round
Me : atleast 2 rounds?
Aunty : mmmm lets see. You stupid will fuck me so long. That is why I told one round.
Me : you are so sexy aunty. Cant leave you only for one round.
Aunty : hey raki, you give me so much satisfaction that I really cant control dear.
Me : You are also so sexy and I cant contro my sweet aunty
Aunty : now come fullfil my hunger dear
Me : ohhh how much hungry you are my sweetheart
Aunty : very much. My pussy started dripping now
Me : ohh is it shall I drink that juice which is dripping?
Aunty : naughty all your words makes me more tempted
Me : mmmm after you told that you are braless and pantyless, my dick started raising like rod dear
Aunty : as if your dick is always sl**ping. It will always be like rod to fuck my pussy
Me : you are like that my sweet aunty
Aunty : naughty come dear, I am really hungry
Me : I fed you so much no dear?
Aunty : that is for my stomach.
Me : then what should I feed now my sexy aunty
Aunty : feed my pussy which is very very hungry
Me : you think I will feed that so soon?
Aunty : then what will you do?
Me : I will make it so much hungry that it should cry for me dick
Aunty : I know how much you make me mad. Come soon and take me in your arms and take me to heaven dear
Me : sure my sexy aunty. And you also take me to heaven my sex….y aunty
Aunty : I love you raki
First we both started kissing each other and then slowly she started removing the buttons of my shirt. I helped her in removing my shirt and then she herself removed her saree. I could see her boobs hanging as she had removed her bra. She had a huge cleavage. I put my hand inside her blouse without removing her blouse. She whispered “slowly dear, don’t be so urgent. Remove my blouse and then use it as much as you want my love”.
She removed her blouse hooks. As soon as the last hook was removed those sexy melons suddenly fell out of blouse as she was bending. As soon as they came out of blouse I held then with my both the hands and then started pressing it. “sssssssssaaaaahhh Slowly my naughty raki” she again whispered. She went down and pulled my shorts and underwear and threw it down and took my hand in her hand and took my dick inside her mouth. She was really hungry for sex. She was sucking it very softly so that my dick will be still hard and she gets a hard long shots. She was now crazy about sex as she had never experience that kind of real sex in her life with uncle. her saree was removed from the top and still it was in her body at bottom. As she was sucking my dick was was holding her head and was trying to push it as much as possible so that my dick will go deep inside her throat. She was putting more saliva so that my dick is not hurt and was giving it as much lubricant as she can by her sweet saliva. i was really flying in heaven as and when she was sucking my dick top to bottom. This was the best sucking she had done in all these days. I could really know how much she was hungry for sex and how much she was crazy about dick. she slowly came on top and she came near my mouth. I could smell the dick smell from her mouth. Her mouth was full of saliva. She suddenly pulled me and then started sucking my lips and started spitting so much of saliva which was making me so crazy. Below my dick was really going crazy and was looking for a hole to fuck. She came near my ears and then told “Your dick is poking my stomach sweety. Remove my clothes in the bottom soon please. My pussy is really dripping.” I stretched my hand and started removing her saree and threw it down. I was searching for the knot of her petticoat thread. I was not getting, then she whispred “its in the right side stupid” and again closed my mouth by mouth and started sucking my lips and tongue. By now she had become expert in sucking and kissing. I got the knot and removed the thread. Now I started pushing her petticoat below. She was raising her ass so that it will be easy for me to remove it. I tried removing it till her knee. Now she took her hand from my head and removed her petticoat and threw it down. Now she was naked at the bottom as well. As soon as she became naked, I pushed her down and I climbed on top of her. she spread her legs. But I seriously want to make her mad to get fucked. So I didn’t put my dick inside hers. She was trying to take my dick and put it inside her pussy. But I didn’t give chance to that. She was seeing me and pleading me to put my dick inside as it was really making her uncontrollable. I started licking her neck, then started sucking her boobs and then slowly came near her navel and made lots of rounds on her navel and then finally came near her heaven hole pussy. It was really smelling with her sweat and her cum. Both smell were making me mad. I just spread her legs. Her pussy was really wet and slight cum was flowing from inside. I opened my mouth and blowed air. She started shivering. Her whole body was shivering. And she was holding my head and was pulling my hairs with tension. I started to take out my tongue and then just kissed once. her cum sticked to my lips. I just licked my lips. It was tasting very nice. Then I decided to suck her pussy for more time. Now I started licking with my tongue tip. As I started to lick, she was going crazy. She was raising her ass and spread legs wider so that I can actually put my tongue more inside. As she was doing this I could get more space in her pussy to lick. It was really so very tasty. I was pulling her pussy lips from my mouth and sucking her pussy like ice cream. Swear it was tasty than ice cream. I sucked it almost 20mins.
I now started moving to top I came near her face. She hugged me tightly. Her boobs where poking my chest. She held my hairs tightly and and whispred in my ears. “Raki, shall I fuck you tonight. I am going crazy. I will put your dick all around my dick and get it poked wherever I need”. I told “ok my sexy wife.”as soon as I told this she pushed me the other side and then slept on my, without wasting time she took her right hand and searched for my dick and then put my dick inside her pussy. “ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she mourned. Even I was getting so much pleasure as her pussy was wet, it went so easily inside. She started fucking me like mad dog as she was hungry and had no shots for few days. She was enjoying each and every sit ups she was doing. I kept my hand on her back and was massaging it. then I slowly moved my hands on her ass. Was they were going up and down as she was fucking me and doing sit ups. I was pressing those sexy ass buns. My god her boobs were hanging as and when she was fucking me. She was enjoying each and every shots and then she was moving my dick in each and every corner of the pussy. I was telling her to stop as and when I was feeling I was about to cum. She fucked me about 30mins. I guess my dick had reached each and every corner of her pussy.
“Raki, now give me a deep fuck. I am really tired. Cum soon. I will go and sl**p dear”. She whispered very softly and requesting voice. “so soon dear? Still I have not started my quota only.” I spoke with upset voice.
“Raki, rahul may wake up dear. Please understand. I love you so much. You are good boy right. Please fuck me and cum soon” she pleaded.
Anyways I understood her as well. She giving me so much of pleasure and I should also listen to her. so I just climbed on her. as soon as I climbed on her, she started spreading her legs. I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy. As soon as my dick entered her pussy. She made her legs closer so that her pussy will be tight. I started riding her and gave a hard and long shots with remove it fully outside and putting it fully inside. It was really a great experience. Seriously I gave her nice long shots and was not in mood to cum. But still I wanted to finish it soon. So I just started fuck her hard and hard. As I was fucking her hard and hard, my dick was becoming more strong. She starting crying as my dick was becoming thicker and her pussy was fully with my thick long dick. now my cum started flowing towards the tip. It was coming in a rocked speed. As soon as I came to know that it is comeing in that speed, I just made my shots more and more speed. Now my cum released like a rocket and hit her depth of the pussy. As soon as it hit she started shouting. Her pussy was filled with cum and started overflowing. As usual my dick will become small very soon. I was fucking her 2 3 mins even after cumming. The sound which comes after cumming and fucking is really tempting. I don’t know how many have experienced but I love to listen the sound of fucking after cumming inside pussy “puchhhhh pucchhhhaaakkkkkk pucchhhhakkkkk loochaak loochakkkk puchhhhhaak” was even now while typing I am feeling like listening that sound. Now my dick very small and then I just rolled the other side. We both were breathing so heavily. She quickly got up and took her blouse, saree and petticoat and started wearing it. I was sl**ping and watching her in that darkness. Her boobs were hanging and was slowly got hidden within her blouse. Now even her sexy legs got hidden as she started wearing petticoat. Now even her pussy also got hidden. I didn’t get chance to see those sexy ass she was facing towards me. She took the saree and started wearing it. after wearing the saree came near me. Kissed my forehead and then kissed lips and then spit lots of saliva inside my mouth and then bent down collected my shorts, underwear and then shirt and gave it to me to wear. I told “I wont wear sexy. If you get mood come and get fucked. I will sl**p naked”. She hit on my head and told “I am really tired. See the time. Its already 2AM. If I come one once again. You wont allow me to sl**p and you keep fucking me till morning. naughty fellow. Love you raki. Enough for tonight. Now sl**p nicely”
“sure aunty. Love you much. Tonight’s sex was really awesome. Hope I get like this every night”. I just whispred. “sure my naughty husband you will get now sl**p”. she told and kissed again on my forehead and then went inside the bedroom and didn’t close the door.
I got up wore my underware, shots and shirt. And slept. But suddenly something stuck in my mind.
“oh god tomorrow is Saturday. I need to sl**p now and get up soon. As I need to go to market and meet the sexy Tulsi. I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.” I tried sl**ping. But all my mind was thiking what all I can speak with Tulsi. Anyways I will be meeting her tomorrow. I closed my eyes and was trying to recollect the beauty of Tulsi top to bottom. Also I was trying to remove her dress and see how she looks naked. I got up morning and saw the time. It was 8:30. I got up and went to house and took bath and came back. k**s didn’t had school. So aunty had prepared breakfast. We all had breakfast. My mind was full of Tulsi only. I just wanted to meet her and I was waiting for this day from many days. I went to Rashmi aunty and asked for the list.
Me : Aunty give the list. I will get the groceries from the shop
Aunty : Raki, even I am free. Come lets go. I will also come
Me : (I didn’t want to take her with me today. I just wanted to be alone with Tulsi.) Aunty k**s will be at home only.
Aunty : We will take them also dear
Me : Aunty it will be difficult today as it will be very rush as it is Saturday. Don’t worry I will get
Aunty : but we are troubling you dear
Me : no worries my sweetheart. Just give me the list. I will get the groceries
Aunty : ok sure
I took the bag, money and the list and started immediately to the market. It was already 10:45. Tulsi had told she will be coming at 11:30. I rode my bike as fast as I can. I reach the market in just 15mins. I parked the bike near the same shop where we were buying groceries. I was looking for Tulsi. She was not there. Still time was there. But still I expected she would come early. Anyways let me see I thought. After 10mins, I could see from far Tulsi was coming. But for my unfortunate even her husband was coming along with her. they both came near me.
Tulsi : Hi Raki, how are you?
Me : I am good aunty. How are you? How are you uncle?
Tulsi : I am good Raki.
Uncle : I am also good raki. So you came to buy groceries
Me : Yes uncle. Since today there was holiday for k**s, rashmi aunty stayed back
Uncle : Ya today its holiday for them
Me : Uncle you didn’t go to office?
Uncle : no for us also its holiday. It’s a government holiday
Me : ohh ok good. So you came to give company for tulsi aunty to purchase groceries
Uncle : yes, I just came to drop her. I have some work I will go now. She will take the items and go to house
Me : ohh ok good. Even I was alone so I can give her company (I was thanking god so much for this)
Uncle : ok Tulsi I will go now. I am getting late. Bye raki
Me : By uncle
Tulsi : Ok take care. Come home soon. I will go home once I purchase.
Uncle : sure Tulsi
Uncle left the market. Now I was very happy. Once uncle left we both saw each other and smiled and we both knew why we were smiling. Anyways now we both were alone and can chat anything freely.
I took out the list from my pocket and gave it to the shop and told him to pack everything written in the list.
Me : Aunty you also give the list to him. He will pack and keep
Tulsi : let it be I will give it later
Me : its ok give it na. we can just go one round of the market
Tulsi : ohh ya sure. I have to purchase some vegetables.
Me : (she gave the list to the shop)mmm. Come aunty lets go and see vegetables

We both gave the list and started walking. I could see she was very much interested to walk with me and also I could make out she wanted to speak so much with me. She was holding her pallu tip and was just rolling the saree with her fingers and then was walking without speaking.
Me : Aunty what happened? Speak something
Tulsi : nothing raki. What to speak?
Me : speak anything.
Tulsi : mmmm. You tell
Me : nothing aunty. I came at 10:30 only (I lied just to impresss her)
Tulsi : ohh the what were you doing so long? You could have purchased and gone to home right?
Me : ya but you had told you will be coming right?
Tulsi : ya I told but I didn’t told that to wait correct?
Me : ohh aunty what is this. After knowing that you are coming how can I go without meeting you
Tulsi : mmm, so you were waiting to see me
Me : ya. I expected that you will also be coming at 10:30. as I didn’t see you I felt you wont come only
Tulsi : mmm actually I started at 10:30 only. But he told he will also come. So only it became late
Me : actually that day when you came so early at 8:00 I understood you wanted to see me. Same thing I expected today also
Tulsi : “ya raki, but uncle only made late

Me : its ok no probs. Anyways you came na that is enough
Tulsi : so hows life raki.
Me : life is going on aunty
Tulsi : mmm, hows rashmi
Me : ya she is good
Tulsi : mmm, she is very happy now.
Me : yes she is very happy
Tulsi : and satisfied also (smiled)
Me : what?
Tulsi : nothing just simplly told
Me : oh I know what you are telling.
Tulsi : then why did you asked (again smiled) rashmi tells everything to me
Me : everything means?
Tulsi : what ever you do with her, she will tell everything
Me : ohh (I just bent my head)
Tulsi : ok we can buy vegetables here only
Me : they are fresh aunty.
Tulsi : yes yes.
We both went to the vegetable shop and she was looking for vegetables.
Tulsi : Waaw brinjal is so fresh
Me : and long also (smiled)
Tulsi : I like it very much
Me : what fresh or long?
Tulsi : both I love if its clean and long. Its taste very much
Me : mmm I know
Tulsi : (she gave a naughty smile) I know its clean and long
Me : ya its is always clean and fresh and long too

We both were speaking in double meaning. She was really enjoying it as I was so casual and speaking openly. Even she was very open and was speaking very boldly
Tulsi : even this lady finger are good
Me : ya I love it when its fired
Tulsi : mmm, they are fresh
Me : (I just saw her hand) ya I can see they are so clean and fresh
Tulsi : (she saw her fingers) yes they are reallly clean
Me : good take that
Tulsi : sure I will take
Me : take that brinjal as well aunty
Tulsi : ya I will surely take that. I just wanna taste it surely
Me : mmm, lets see. So you prepare nice food like rashmi I guess
Tulsi : yes rashmi had taught me.
Me : so I want to taste you also
Tulsi : what?
Me : sorry I told I want to taste your food also
Tulsi : mmm sure one day you come to house
Me : sure will come. Why not today only?
Tulsi : not today. My mother in law is there
Me : oh ok no probs
Tulsi : Raki, do you like water melon? She its so nice
Me : I love melons. They are so nice and juicy I guess
Tulsi : ya they are really good. Wanna take it?
Me : I want them but let me see
Tulsi : what to see if you want you take it
Me : no no not today. I just need to purchase the groceries
Tulsi : ok ok. But you should take them. They are good raki
Me : I know aunty. They are so good. M seeing them from that time
Tulsi : (she saw her chest and smiled)mmm so you liked them
Me : obviously. But will eat them some day
Tulsi : sure
Me : aunty, look at this bottle guard, they really look like thighs (was holding that and was massaging it)
Tulsi : (she smiled) you like it?
Me : yes see how soft it is?
Tulsi : mmmm, I prepare nice curry out of it
Me : ohhh then please allow me to taste it aunty
Tulsi : even I want to prepare so many things for you raki but don’t know when
Me : don’t worry aunty, surely time will come. Anyways you have given persmission right
Tulsi : mmm you speak so nice raki. Now I know why rashmi likes you so much
Me : ohh aunty nothing like that
Tulsi : you have all the qualities to attract any lady
Me : ohh it. So did you get attracted
Tulsi : ohh no at all raki.
Me : see I couldn’t attract you only right
Tulsi : oh don’t take it in a wrong way. I just told you are very handsome and smart in talking
Me : thanks aunty
Tulsi : ok come lets take this vegetables and then go. I have to go soon otherwise my mother in law will start shouting
Me : ok aunty. Wait I will help you
Tulsi : no its ok.
Me : don’t worry I love all those vegetables. If not that atleast will hold vegetables?
Tulsi : what do you mean?
Me : nothing I told I will hold the vegetables
Tulsi : ok ok. You are very smart
Me : no aunty. Nothing like that.

We both walked till the grocery shop. I wanted to stay back for long time. But she wanted to go. She collected the grocery. I asked her if I can drop her. she told no. I understood why she was telling that. Then I called an auto and then helped to load all the items. I sent her. after little while she went she took her head outside and saw me and waved her hand. I also waved. I was watching until the auto left the scene. I took my bag put it on the bike and then started towards house. Things were going good. Even the days were passing. Whenever I went to leave k**s, even Tulsi used to come and we used to see and smile and then just speak hi and bye as she was afraid of the f****y. and even I didn’t want to spoil her life. But we both had that lust in our mind to have sex. But when, where we didn’t know. Our eyes always used to speak very lustfully and I could feel the hunger she had inside for sex. Anyways we both knew one or the other day we both will meet and have sex. But didn’t know when and where.
One day it was Saturday, I had holiday and k**s had gone to school. I had to go somewhere and came back by 12:30PM. I went to house and changed the dress and came down to Rashmi aunty’s house. She was preparing lunch. I slowly went inside and hugged her from behind
Aunty : aaauchhhh
Me : hi aunty
Aunty : stupid. You scared me dear
Me : sorry aunty just thought will give you surprise
Aunty : mmm this is not surprise this is scaring
Me : love you aunty
Aunty : love you too raki
Me : mmm so no one at home
Aunty : ya. Soo….
Me : soo….mmmm… nothing
Aunty : nothing?
Me : mm yaa nothing
Aunty : as if you don’t want anything
Me : if u give I will surely take my sexy aunty
Aunty : as if I wont give you wont take
Me : so you are giving then?
Aunty : if u want you take other wise leave it
Me : ohh aunty. How can I leave that
Aunty : mmm I know u very well sweetheart. How much you are hungry for sex
Me : then come naa will have lots of fun now
Aunty : nautghty, if I leave you will fuck me here only
Me : y not you keep preparing lunch. I will fuck you from behind
Aunty : you and your thoughts
Me : ok finish that soon dear. I am hungry to fuck you
Aunty : raki, wait please. Let this sambar get over
Me : keep that on stove aunty. Mean while we can have fun and then come back soon
Aunty : no no just two minutes will come wait
Me : mmm ok sure I will wait
Aunty : that’s like a good boy
Me : I am always good in everything dear
Meanwhile I just went to bed room and was cleaning the bed for our sex session. I sat on bed and was waiting for my sexy queen to enter. She didn’t come even after 20mins. I was really upset. I just got up and then went to kitchen to see. She was just arranging the vessesls and was switching off the gas. She just turned back and smiled.
Aunty : So sad. I know my sweet handsome boy is hungry
Me : yes aunty very hungry. Please come na dear
Aunty : come lets go naughty
Me : shall I lift and take you sweetheart?
Aunty : I am heavy dear. If you want you try
Me : sure my sexy aunty
Aunty : aaaaahhhhhh (I just lifted her and she was shouting)
Me : mmmm you are really heavy dear
Aunty : don’t leave me then I will fall and get hurt
Me : I wont leave you today. Will fuck you nicely
Aunty : ohhhhhhhhhh.
Me : (I just left her on the bed) uuuffffffffffffffff
Aunty : abbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaa thank god you didn’t made me fall
Me : ohh aunty you are too heavy to lift
Aunty : mmmmm see you told I am not heavy
Me : ok ok now come lets go to heaven

I slept on her and started licking her neck and lips. We both started kissing and exchanging the saliva. Now I removed her blouse and she helped me in removing her bra. I was about to remove her saree. She told k**s might come now and not to remove saree. I just left the saree there only and then I came down and pulled her saree and petticoat till her waist. She had worn light blue panty. I just pulled it down. She raised her ass to help in removing her panty. Then I just pulled my shots down to remove my hard dick outside and then went on top.
As k**s had half day we had to finish the fucking session soon. So I just put my dick inside and started fucking her. I started giving her hard fuck. She was shouting with full painful pleasure. And she was biting her lips and started massaging my hairs and pulling me to kiss.
As we were half done and still my sperms were generating was about to travel to the tip and still I was giving her heavy shots, suddenly rohan came inside the shouting “Mummm…….y”. we both were really got scared and didn’t know what to do. I suddenly got up from her and she started arranging her saree. Rohan saw what we were doing. We both were seminaked. She suddenly got up from the bed and went near rohan. I could see her hairs were s**ttered and just hugged rohan and then started asking him
Aunty : How did you come
Rohan : uncle got us from school
Aunty : uncle, which uncle?
Rohan : prasad uncle.
Aunty : ohhh. Then where is Rahul
Rohan : he is also coming. He was speaking to rekha (rekha is tulsi’s daughter)
Aunty : ohh ok.
Rohan : mummy what was rakesh anna doing?
Aunty : nothing dear I had sever head ache and he was trying to massage me
Rohan : then why was he sl**ping on you?
Aunty : ohh rohan I was totally tired dear so only he didn’t want to wake me.
Rohan : ohh ok rakesh anna thanks. You always take care of us
Aunty : now don’t tell this to rahul or anyone. You know right how much diffcult is ther for us and how rakesh anna is helping us?
Rohan : yes mummy
Aunty : don’t tell this to rahul. If he comes to know that I have headache he might cry
Me : Yes rohan, aunty had severe headache. I just thought not to tell you both but aunty had selpt. So I had to massage her head
Aunty : mmm rohan is a good boy
Me : rohan I will get you big chocolate if you don’t tell anyone. And I also wont tell that you have that big chocolate. Promise?
Rohan : Promise. But sure you will get me big chocolate?
Me : yes sure
Rohan : promise?
Me : promise rohan
Rohan : thanks rakesh anna
Mean while Rahul also came inside. Rashmi aunty and me saw each other and was feeling very scared. And then I just showed my hand to tell that nothing will happen.
Aunty : Raki, you didn’t close the gate?
Me : Sorry aunty, I just parked my bike and forgot
Aunty : and you didn’t close the door also
Me : oh sorry aunty. I was in hurry to enjoy your beaut
Aunty : now see thank god rohan came. What if rahul had come or anyothers had come
Me : I am sorry dear please
Aunty : its ok please lets be very careful next time on wards
Me : love you aunty
Aunty : now go outside for sometime. k**s are there
Me : sure aunty sorry love you

I just went outside without speaking. Then we all had lunch and k**s were about to sl**p. aunty also wanted to sl**p with k**s. I called rohan
Me : Rohan, come here
Rohan : what rakesh anna?
Me : come here rohan
Rohan : mmm tell rakesh anna
Me : come lets go and get the big chocolate
Rohan : sure. Don’t tell this to rahul
Me : sure I wont tell.
Rohan : promise?
Me : I promised already
Rohan : no no keep your hand on my hand
Me : mmm ok dear?
Rohan : sure come now. He is sl**ping.
Me : mmm good boy
Finally I got him chocolate and then told him not to tell anyone about the headache aunty had. I was in the office. My shift timings was changed from 8:30 to 6:30 shift. I got a call for my mobile. I just lifted and saw. It was an unknown number. I just received the call.
Me : hello who is this?
Caller : Rakesh, this is Shiva uncle from Delhi
Me : ohh uncle how are u
Caller : I am good. How are you?
Me : tell me uncle. How is work and when are you coming?
Caller : work is going on and very hectic. I am coming in 3 days. Tell aunty about this
Me : sure uncle. Happy to hear
Caller : hope my k**s are not troubling you
Me : no uncle not at all. They are very good k**s
Caller : aunty used to tell how nice you are helping her
Me : its my duty uncle
Caller : she also told you are taking care of all her needs
Me : yes uncle, I am just trying to help her in all the ways and I am trying to make sure that she must not miss you
Caller : thank you so much rakesh. I will be there next Saturday.
Me : sure uncle.
Caller : Inform aunty also. I have already informed her as well.
Me : Sure uncle I will inform her and also k**s as well
Caller : ok rakesh take care bye
Me : bye uncle
Hearing this I was really getting very upset. I was just thinking how will I be with my aunty. If he comes then there are no chances for me to even speak to her. only time I can meet her was morning after k**s go to school. But now the problem was my shift was also changed. I was in 8:30 shift. But anyways this was supposed to come one day. I just thought let me see what all will happen. Anyways aunty is in myside and she is also hungry for sex. If that is the case, ladies will do something or the other for sex. Its experience.
I finished my shift and came to house. I was little upset and didn’t know what to do. I got fresh and came to my sweetheart’s house.
Me : Hi aunty
Aunty : Rakesh, what happened why do u look so dull
Me : nothing aunty. Did uncle spoke to you?
Aunty : yes, I had called to his mobile afternoon
Me : he is coming back.
Aunty : yes he is coming back on Saturday
Me : are you happy aunty?
Aunty : raki, tell me how many days he came be far. He will surely come one day right
Me : yes but aunty now we both cant meet like before right?
Aunty : yes rakesh, even I was thinking same.
Me : aunty, atleast I was able to be with u in the mornings. Now my shift is also changed
Aunty : ya I know what to do?
Me : I don’t know dear. We have to wait for proper chance
Aunty : now don’t worry about those things. Still we have 3 nights
Me : aunty I love you so much
Aunty : I too love you so much raki.
Me : aunty will we get chance to be free to romance and love?
Aunty : don’t worry god is there. Not only for love, romance we will get chance to have sex as well. Now don’t think all those and make your face dull. You don’t look good
Me : ok aunty. So tonite any full meals for my dick?
Aunty : keep quit. c***dren are there
Me : ok sorry. But say yes or no?
Aunty : will see dear. If k**s sl**p soon then sure will give u full meals
Me : please aunty after listening that uncle is coming back I am not able to control
Aunty : oh oh. Don’t worry. I am always there and whole of my body is yours. Then why do you worry

Then she went and arrange for dinner and we had dinner. k**s were playing and we both we seeing each other. I could see in her face how much she was missing me. Her lips were asking for kiss. I wanted to kiss them and taste the juice in her lips. But k**s were still awake. We could do anything. She just got up from that place and then went to sl**p. k**s were still awake. Don’t know why the hell they didn’t sl**p. I was just watching TV. Aunty switched off the lights and then made k**s to sl**p. they were fighting and was not sl**ping at all. She opened the door and came outside and went to kitchen to drink water and then slowly came near me and whispered. “Don’t sl**p. I will come once k**s sl**p.” and she immediately left to the bedroom before I could see her and tell something. Now I just sat resting my back on the sofa. Was watching TV. But didn’t know what I was watching. I kept changing the channels. I kept doing this for more than 30mins. I was waiting for her. she didn’t come only. I was getting sl**p. and now I was not able to control. I just got up and went to toilet and washed my face and then again came back and sat on sofa. There was no signs of aunty comeing to get fucked. I thought ok let me see for another 10mins and sl**p.
I could hear the door open. I just saw towards the bedroom. Aunty was coming towards me. I just sat properly. She came close to me and then spoke slowly “Raki, finish it soon. k**s may wake up. they didn’t sl**p properly”. I nodded my head and then started kissing her lips. We both kissed for sometime. And we both were breathing heavily. And made her sl**p on sofa and she herself pulled her saree till her pussy. She had removed her panty. I removed my shorts and underware. I just slept on her and starting fucking her softly. We didn’t become full naked. I just kept fucking her for 20mins. We could hear, k**s were just rolling on bed. Didn’t know what was wrong with those stupid k**s. But we were really scared. Then the noise stopped. aunty again told me “Finish it soon raki, I will go”. I just started fucking her hard and hard and finally cummed inside her tight pussy. As soon as I finished. She just pushed me as side and then stood arranging her saree and then kissed on my forehead and told good night and left to bedroom. I was not happy with this kind of sex. I always loved to fuck full naked. But anyways something is better than nothing. But somewhere while fucking her I was just thinking how can I fuck rashmi aunty if uncle comes. I was just thinking of somehow getting the other slut Tulsi soon. I switched off TV and then slept thinking of Tulsi. Morning I was about to leave to office. I was near the bike. k**s came running. Suddenly rashmi called me. I went near the door and asked her
Me : What happened aunty?
Aunty : Raki, feeling so lonely
Me : what happened. I am there with you right?
Aunty : yes but he is coming in just 2 days
Me : don’t worry. You only told that we will try to get some time
Aunty : yes but after I went to sl**p I was feeling when we get so free time
Me : even I was worried dear. Ok I am getting late. Shall I leave
Aunty : raki, I love you so mouch
Me : aunty one more thing. I wanted to ask you something
Aunty : ask dear
Me : hope you don’t mind
Aunty : why should I mind sweetheart. You have done so much for us
Me : actually, I had a dream of romancing outside with you
Aunty : outside in the sense?
Me : outside means on our terrace with a moon light.
Aunty : ok then?
Me : we both sl**ping outside on our terrace naked and having lots of fun
Aunty : ohh raki, how is that possible dear. k**s will be there
Me : I know aunty. I just asked you. Its ok. But that will be so nice aunty. Think about it
Aunty : I don’t know dear I never experienced it
Me : aunty think with natural lights outside, cool breeze touching our naked bodies. We both hugging each other with full of heat in our body and that cool breeze is making our heated body cool. It will be like a natural AC.
Aunty : raki, telling all this you are making me mad now
Me : it will be so fun aunty. I thought before uncle comes we should try. But he is coming so soon.
Aunty : I don’t know raki. Ok now you go k**s are waiting there
Me : ok aunty I know I don’t have that luck.
Aunty : now go dear. Love you so much
Me : love you too aunty.

I started and dropped k**s to school and then went to office. Whole day I was not in mood to work. I was just worried what will happen if uncle comes. I cannot fuck this sexy aunty. I was not worried about sex. Because I had few other aunties and even my gf was there. But I was really interested in this aunty because she was homely and shy and moreover it was thrill to fuck this kind of aunties. Anyways I just thought lets see what all will happen. But I was not able to work whole day. It was 4:30PM. I just went to Raghu.
Me : Raghu, I am not feeling well ya. Need to go home
Raghu : ohh what happened
Me : headache. Not able to concentrate
Raghu : ok did u finish all the reports?
Me : 2 are remaining. Can you Adithya to finish it?
Raghu : ok sure don’t worry. But what about the cab?
Me : no I am coming by bike after the shift change
Raghu : ohh ok take care. Go home safely
Me : sure raghu. Thank you so much

I was really dreaming of having sex with rashmi on open terrace. As k**s where there it was difficult to do that. So I just made a plan. I thought of telling rashmi that anyways we both are fucking inside hall only. I thought of telling her that I will arrange the bed in the terrace and come to house in the night. As soon k**s sl**p we both can go to terrace. Have nice sex of one long round and come back. All the way I was thinking of having fun on the terrace. But on the other hand what if she wont agree. There was only 2 nights left now. If I miss this then it will be really bad and I can never have sex outdoor. I came to house very early. It was 5:30. As k**s would have gone to tution I can speak to her about this and if I get chance I can have a quick fuck aswell. I parked the bike and thought of going inside. But for my unfortunate, I saw someone was already there in rashmi’s house. I thought there might be some guest and then I just went to house and then changed my dress. I came down just as casually and went inside rashmi’s house. I just saw the other person. It was my dream fucker Tulsi.

Aunty : Hi Rakesh, how come so soon?
Me : I was not feeling well so I just took permission and came aunty
Tulsi : HI rakesh, how are you?
Me : I am fine tulsi aunty. How come today here
Tulsi : I just came to pick my k**s from tution. Rashmi told she wants to speak to me
Me : ohh ok. Then shall I go if its personal
Tulsi : no no. sit. We were speaking about you only
Me : about me?
Tulsi : so innocent. As if you don’t know anything
Me : what did I do rashmi aunty
Rashmi : I don’t know.
Me : oh god. Sorry if I did wrong without my knowledge
Rashmi : (both smiled and Rashmi bowed her head) mmm nothing like that. You both keep speaking I will get coffee
Me : ok aunty.
Tulsi : So you have lots of plans. Mmm you seems to be very very naughty
Me : what happened aunty please tell me clearly. I am really getting nervous
Tulsi : Rashmi called me to tell about your dream plan
Me : ohh she told you?
Tulsi : yes she told me. And asked my help as well
Me : ohh. Hope you will help me
Tulsi : lets see. But how do you get all this ideas?
Me : why this idea is not good?
Tulsi : not good? They are fools who tells that this kind of idea is not good.
Me : mmm I have lots of ideas like this Tulsi aunty
Tulsi : lucky Rashmi.
Me : mm why you are not lucky?
Tulsi : who will give this kind of suggestions to us?
Me : why your husband wont give such ideas?
Tulsi : ideas? forget ideas. He will not have to think also that I am there on bed
Me : ohh. That’s very bad.
Tulsi : mmm not all are lucky like rashmi
Me : why do think so. You can also be lucky….(suddenly rashmi comes with coffee)
Tulsi : ohh coffee came. Rashmi, its time. I think I should and take k**s from tution
Rashmi : Ohh. Ok ok
Tulsi : Rashmi I will take rahul and rohan also to home. Anyways tomorrow and Saturday is leave for them. let them also enjoy.
Rashmi : ohh but, they might trouble you tulsi
Tulsi : no rashmi. They will trouble you if they are here (she saw me and smiled and gave a naughty look)
Rashmi : mmmm. Thank you so much tulsi
Tulsi : why should you thank me rashmi. You have helped me so much when I was in trouble
Rashmi : hey don’t tell all those tulsi.
Tulsi : ok bye rashmi. Bye rakesh. Take care of my rashmi
Rashmi : ohh tulsi keep quiet
Tulsi : hey I just told him that’s it.rakesh, enjoy sorry today I am not there to arrange for your dreams like last time
Me : that’s fine aunty. You help us so much.
Tulsi : ok ok. Enjoy to you full heart.
Me : thanks aunty
Tulsi : Rashmi bye. You are so lucky dear.
Rashmi : hey keep quiet. Now go its time.
Tulsi : mmmm urgent to send me out. Ok ok bye both of you
Rashmi : bye tulsi
Me : Bye tulsi aunty

Tulsi left the house leaving us together. She was so good and was helping us so much. As she reached the gate she just turned back. I was about to close the door. She just closed the gate and saw me and nodded head and gave a naughty smile. It was as if she was telling “naughty fellow enjoy enjoy” kind of signal. I also nodded head to tell “You are also naughty. I will enjoy you also.” I don’t know what she understood. But she smiled and walked away. I closed the door and came near rashmi and hugged her tightly from behind.
Me : Thank you so much aunty (was hugging her tightly and kissing her bare back)
Aunty : keep quiet naughty.
Me : why my sexy? How can anyone be quiet when there is a sexy heroine here.
Aunty : mmmm for you always romance only
Me : what else is there with you my sweetheart
Aunty : raki, are you happy now?
Me : so much aunty. Just two days. Don’t know how it will be after that
Aunty : don’t worry sweetheart. Lets see what will happen
Me : hey aunty, did tulsi not feel bad about you when you told about our plan
Aunty : you know she was shocked to hear when I told that rakesh wants to have a night on terrace
Me : mmm then did she told anyting about that?
Aunty : nothing but she was telling me not to miss this chance.
Me : yes aunty, you see how nice it will be. It will be so nice and sexy and enjoyable
Aunty : she was praising you so much and was telling that I am so lucky to have you as a partner
Me : ohhh why did she tell that?
Aunty : because u take care of me and also take care of my sexual needs
Me : (I was hugging her from behind and kept moving my hands all around her boobs, stomach and my dick was massaging her sexy round ass) I love you truly aunty. That is why I take care of you and understand all your needs
Aunty : thank you much raki. I am really lucky to get you
Me : hey aunty, don’t tell that thanks and all. Give me your lips lets me taste it.
Aunty : ohh only lips?
Me : you know right what I also need?
Aunty : mmm come will give all of mine (she spitted loads of saliva inside my mouth)
Me : aunty shall we have a quick round now so that our night round will be more sensational and long round with lots of shots?
Aunty : raki, I need to prepare dinner dear
Me : hey aunty, today I will get dinner from outside. But allow me to have a quick fuck. You will enjoy.
Aunty : as if you will leave me if I tell don’t want
Me : if you say don’t want then also I will do my sexy aunty
Aunty : I know that. If I say no then you will **** me I know.
Me : shall I **** you?
Aunty : why dear you have to **** me. I myself will give you all of myself
Me : love you aunty
Aunty : so dinner from outside?
Me : yes dinner outside tonight. For stomach as well as for dick and pussy
Aunty : you naughty. You have become very bad boy
Me : all because you and your sexy body
Aunty : mmmm come now. You just made me wet and now you are still making me wait
Me : ohh you are also in urgent
Aunty : then what to do. All because of you naughty company
Me : ohh aunty.
Aunty : wait let me close the door. Like last time rohan came and saw what we were doing
Me : but that will be thrill no aunty
Aunty : ya but what if he tells uncle? Then it will be still thrill
Me : mmmm ya it will be still thrill.
Aunty : now come fast. We have to arrange on the terrace as well
Me : don’t worry aunty, I will help for our super first night on terrace
Aunty : come soon, my pussy is dripping
Me : ohhh saying this you are making my dick still hard
We both went to bedroom and then she slept on the bed and I slept on her. She immediately lifted her saree. She was wearing a dark blue panty. I pulled it down. It was already wet. I just moved my head there near her pussy. She herself made way so that I get space to lick her pussy. It was really tasty. “sssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ra………ki” she started mourning. I just removed my shorts and then underwear. I climed on her
Me : Aunty, you are so sexy
Aunty : mmmmm now please push that long rod inside. My pussy is hungry
Me : don’t worry, I will feed that hungry hole whole night
Aunty : now please put it inside.
Me : (she pulled my dick and kept near her pussy hole) aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaakkk aaaaaa (I pushed my dick deep inside her pussy as her pussy was wet it went very soon inside)
Aunty : raa….ki, each and every time you fuck me, I am mad dear.
Me : love you aunty, for giving me your hot hole to fuck and gave me the real experience of sex
Aunty : hey raa…ki, its you who gave me the real experience. I am really lucky to get fucked by the thick dick
Me : mmmmm aaaahhh ahhhaa haaaaa aunty sex is really awesome. How much ever we have it keeps asking for more right
Aunty : yes dear. And that too if there are any naughty boys like you still we get more and more tempted
Me : tighten your legs aunty will fuck you harder
Aunty : raaaki, I told tulsi about how all we do sex
Me : what did she tell aunty
Aunty : she was telling that rashmi you are so lucky
Me : mmm even she has someone right
Aunty : ya but he is not that romantic it seems
Me : but if you have extra affair the boys will have lots of love towards aunties how come he is not saying anything?
Aunty : I don’t know why should I bother when I have a great fucker of my own
Me : mmmm I think tulsi is very jealous of my dick and you also
Aunty : no no she is not like that. She is a very good lady
Me : you are very good friends right
Aunty : yes raki, she tells me everything without hiding
Me : (Was wondering if she had told about me) anything about me?
Aunty : yes she told many things about you
Me : (I was little scared) what did she tell you dear?
Aunty : that you are smart, intelligent, caring and also you know who to satisfy a sexy hungry aunty
Me : ohhhh tell her thanks
Aunty : raaaaki, mmmmm aaaaaaaaa fuck me hard dear and finish it soon
Me : mmm 2 mins dear
Aunty : you tell 2 mins and fuck 20mins naughty
Me : mmm are you not getting pleasure.
Aunty : I am flying in heaven sweetheart but finish it soon
Me : sure aunty, here we go

I just made my shots faster and harder and then cummed inside her pussy.
Both breathed hard and I slept on her chest. “Uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” I just left a long breath and then she pushed me on bed and I slept there for sometime. She got up and arranged her saree and made her hairs properly and then went to toilet. I was sl**ping naked in the bottom with tshirt on top. My dick was small and was sl**ping on one side like a dead snake. She came from the toilet and came near me and touched the dick and smiled. She just moved my dick right and left and up and down it was falling without strength. She saw me and smiled. I also saw her and pulled her on me. I kissed her lips. But she just f***ed and moved away from me. “naughty, even though there is not strength in your dick still you want to have one more round. Lets have on terrace.”
“sure aunty”. I got up and put my underware and shots and then told aunty that I will get dinner and come.
As I have leaked very much, I was out of sex mood now. I just took my bike and got dinner. Aunty had already taken bath mean while. I was surprised to see her. She had worn a white color saree with red dots on its. My god she was looking so sexy. It was little transparent. I could see her cleavage very clearly. But I was not in a mood of sex. As I had just leaked. And even I was tired.
Me : waaw aunty you look so sexy
Aunty : mmm you also take bath dear
Me : why aunty?
Aunty : take dear. We will have nice time on terrace.
Me : ohh yes I had forgot. But now I am hungry dear
Aunty : just no only u fucked me and again hungry?
Me : ohh no no sexy. I am talking about stomach hungry
Aunty : ohh ok ok come even I am tired. You make me tired if I give a chance to fuck
Me : mmm let me have something and then you see again I will fuck you whole night
Aunty : mmmm sure before uncle comes you take all of mine how much ever ou want
Me : now come dear will have dinner
Aunty : before that take bath and come raki please
Me : sure aunty
I took bath and came to have dinner. It was so nice. She was looking like prince. Just imagine bipasha basu wearing white transparent saree. She was that sexy.
Aunty : (I was looking at her eyes only) what happened raki?
Me : you look beautiful sweetheart
Aunty : you are also handsome dear
Me : aunty, its so nice right if we get a very understanding wife
Aunty : yes dear it will be more good if I get a husband like you
Me : yes aunty if we both would have got married how nice it would have been
Aunty : yes dear, you understand me, my needs, my sex needs and my sorrows, everthing you understand
Me : because I love you truly dear
Aunty : I toooooo love you truly my sweetheart
Me : aunty, shall I marry you?
Aunty : but how dear?
Me : remove that mangalsutra. I will tie it again
Aunty : but its wrong
Me : see aunty you are wearing the same mangalsutra who will know that I have tied it? And moreover whoever loves truly if they tie that only there is meaning for that mangalsutra right
Aunty : ya what you say is correct
Me : ok before having dinner let me tie it

She removed her mangalsutra and gave me. We both went near the pooja room and I just tied the mangalsutra. She smiled and hugged me and slept on my chest. I also hugged her softly and she moved her head and was seeing me. I kissed her forehead and then her eyes and then lips and cheeks. “I love you raki. I love you so much”. She murmered softly. “I too love you so much my dear wife’ I just replied
We both slowly walked together hugging each other towards dinner. I just took the plate and started feeding her. She was feeding me. She started crying and I wiped her eyes and told not to cry. We both finished the dinner and then I took napkin and wiped her lips and then wiped her hands. I was feeling she is my real wife. And then we both took each others plate and then kept in sink. She was about to clean it . I told don’t do anything lets clean in the morning. As even I had leave on next day. It was 9:30. We wanted it to become dark as there might be people walking all around their terrace and can see us if we both romance on terrace. I sat on sofa and asked her to sit on my lap. We both seeing each other and hugging each other. Her jasmine flowers on her head was making me slowly tempted to fuck her. Her ass was so soft and was placed on my thighs. We both didn’t speak even a bit. But we could feel that hot air blowing from her mouth and my mouth and then hugs and kisses exchanged by each other. It was 11:15.
Me : Aunty I will go to terrace and see if someone is still awake
Aunty : sure raki.
Me : and also I will put the bed and arrange everything
Aunty : hey I will also help for that dear
Me : don’t want aunty, if someone sees you there then it will be problem
Aunty : ya correct
Me : I will put the bed and pillows and give me some jasmine flowers, I will put on the bed.
Aunty : hey raki, don’t want all those. Just put the bed that’s enough. Otherwise we have to sweep that and if someone sees that it will be problem
Me : ok aunty don’t worry
Aunty : ok go now. Its already 11:30
Me : sure aunty
I went to my house. Place the bed and pillows and switched off the lights so that no one can see us. I got an idea and put the bedsheets all around the terrace where aunty used to put clothes for drying. So that even if we sl**p no one should see us. It was full moon day and there was lot of moon light falling on terrace. I came down and then told aunty to come now and everything is ready. She told me to go first and she will come in 2mins. I agreed and went and slept on the bed.
The weather was so nice. Cool breeze. Moon light falling directly on me and was thinking how my aunty looks naked. in just 5mins I could hear the payal sound climbing the terrace. She came till the terrace and then bent fully so that if there are anyone on the terrace shouldn’t see her. Straight away she came and slept on bed beside me.
Since she had worn white saree, it was looking so bright and her lips and eyes were glowing. Waaaw she was looking like angel. I just turned towards her and the hugged her and kissed her cheeks. She also turned towards me
Aunty : hey dear are you happy now?
Me : very much sweetheart. We should thank tulsi for this
Aunty : yes she is so good and help us so much
Me : now forget all those and come lets go to heaven
Aunty : sure my husband
Me : love you sweetheart
Aunty : love you toooo naughty husband

We started kissing each other and as usual she was spitting saliva to my mouth. Now she slowly moved her hands towards my shirt and removed it. And she pulled my shorts and underwear together and made me naked. I also removed her saree pallu and threw it down. She was in blouse. Her boobs were shining in the moon light. I slowly started removing her blouse hooks. She helped me in removing it. and she herself removed the bra hooks. I pushed her bra up to see her bare boobs. Waaw those soft milky boobs were really filled with milk with the moon light. I could feel as if milk is leaking from her boobs. Her dark nipples were glowing like a ring. Without removing her blouse or bra from her body I moved towards her boobs and started sucking it. As I put my mouth to her nipples, she held my hairs and started mourning. Now one hand she moved down and started stroking my dick. I was really mad now. I was trying to removed her blouse, since it was difficult she just moved me little back and then removed her blouse and bra and threw it far from bed.
Really her boobs were looking like a milk bottle with nipple. Her navel was so sexy I played with that for sometime. Then removed her saree fully and then removed her petticoat and climed on her. Now slowly I was kissing from top to bottom and reached her panty. It was white panty and it was so nice and could smell her sweat smell from her thighs. I pulled her panty. She herself widened her legs. I started licking her pussy. I was really mad now. I put whole of my tongue inside her pussy and was licking very sensationally. Later I started licking her thighs and then started licking her whole legs and toes. She was feeling so tempted I guess. I just came up and then made her turn behind. Her ass was so sexy and really I was mad about those sexy round ass.

Guys I tell you one thing please try to see any aunty’s ass in full moon light outside. I am telling you that is the sexiest thing you would experience in your life. Have anyone saw this in your life?

I was licking her ass and she was really getting tempted. I could feel from the wetness from her pussy. I was sl**ping on her back licking her ass and biting it. Meanwhile I stretched my hand and held her hanging boobs and was pressing it nicely. She was lifting her ass and chest so that I can get more access to press her boobs and bite her ass. Seriously the whole scene was as if milk was flowing thought out the terrace. I moved my tongue towards her back and was licking like dog all over her back. She was mourning very much. I could see her was holding the bedsheet so very tightly in her arms and was pulling it more and more. That was making her more tempted to get fucked. As soon as I moved towards her head she turned towards me and pulled my mouth and started licking it. our mouth was fully wet by saliva. She was very arrogant now. She pushed me from her back and she climbed on me. She was not able to control to get fucked. We were sweating right from top to bottom as were getting hot. But the cool breeze was making our naked body cool. She climbed on me and started licking my face and neck and then she came towards my dick and was sucking it as if she is eating ice cream. Her hairs were falling on my stomach. As and when her hairs were falling she was throwing it behind so that I can see her face and the way she is licking my dick. I could see her boobs hanging as and when she was shaking her body while licking my dick. She sucked my dick for almost 20mins. Now she slowly came towards me and then slept on me. She started licking my mouth and as she was licking my mouth without my knowledge she slowly took her left hand and took the long rod and suddenly inserted inside her pussy. I knew she was out of control. And now she started fucking my dick all around her pussy so that my dick it touching all the places in her pussy. My dick was touching all the walls inside her pussy. She was enjoying. “Raak…i this is really so nice dear. I never thought having sex outside will be so nice.” She was fucking me hard and hard. As she was fucking me, her boobs were jumping up and down. I was feeling as milk bottle will leak whole milk outside now.
My god, my dick was getting harder and harder as and when she was riding me. She was sl**ping and was fucking me. I guess my dick was not going in depth. So she sat straight and then started fucking me. All her weight was on my dick now. She was closing her eyes and she held my hand tightly and was pressing it hard. This was showing that she is enjoying each and every shots she was taking. She was tired .she just slowed down her shots and then slept on my chest and then rolled down towards my sidewards.
I just gave a gap so that my dick will not leak soon. She saw me and smiled “Raki, really awesome to fuck like this. Love you so much dear. I feel I should have sex always outside only.” She planted a kiss on me.
“Sweetheart, than this we should have sex in beach open dear. It will be still awesome. And also if you feel there are people around, it will be stil tempting” I just hugged and pressed her ass
“Keep quiet stupid. It will be so dirty when people watch us fucking” she hit on my head.

She came close to me and whispered “Fuck me from behind dear. I love that and that to with this environment”.
She turned back and slept. I just climed on her and was trying to fuck her it was not possible. Then I just sat and lifted her ass and spread her legs. I just put my finger to check where is the pussy. I just held my thick dick and then pushed my dick inside her pussy. It went straight inside her pussy. I started fucking her. It was exactly like two dogs fucking each other. As and when I fucked her has was juggling. Her bare back was full of moon light and was watching her ass as and when I fucked her in and out. I fucked her about 30mins with 2 to 3 gaps. We both were not able to breath. I just checked my watch it was 2:30AM.
Aunty told that she is feeling sl**py and finish the sex game soon. I was not in mood to finish. I asked her for more shots. She told she is really tired. I just made her sl**p and then she spread her legs and then I started fucking her nicely. But don’t know why this time while fucking her, I could feel I am fucking Tulsi. As soon I started thinking of Tulsi, my dick raised more and started fucking her like a bitch. Fucked fucked fucked. Don’t know what was happening. I was just imagining tulsi in rashmi and gave her the shots which I had never given rashmi.
“Raki, what happened, my pussy is paining dear. Stop or make it slowly. Its really hurting me.” She was crying. Then I came back to normal. Now I understood. If I get tulsi I can really enjoy more. But now I wanted to fuck tulsi. So again I started imagining tulsi and started telling in mind “tulsi I love you your pussy is so sexy and juicy”. Since I was fucking tulsi in mind, my cum was really hard and was hitting rashmi’s pussy like anything. She was shouting with pain. But she enjoyed it very much.
I was really tired. I slept next to her and she turned and slept next to me. Really the fuck of tulsi was really great than I was fucking rashmi. Only body was rashmi, but my mind was fucking tulsi. I very badly needed that sexy whore who always tempted me indirectly. I wanted to tell rashmi about this that I want to fuck tulsi. But rashmi loves me from heart. So thought lets not spoil anything by telling all this nonsense. Let me keep this very secret. What is there. I just need sexy secret pussies to get fucked by my long thick dick.
“What are you think dear?” she asked me quietly.
Me : “Nothing sexy. Was just thinking how nice this night is. And how nice this full moon light is”
Aunty : yes dear indeed I should thank you for having this kind of idea
Me : I really loved it dear
Aunty : mmm are you happy now raki?
Me : very much my sexy queen
Aunty : come hug me dear. What is the time?
Me : its 3:15
Aunty : ohh shall we go and sl**p inside?
Me : no dear lets sl**p anyways tomorrow is holiday right
Aunty : yes but if someone sees us?
Me : ok will sl**p for sometime and then go
Aunty : ok dear. Will go by 4:30. ok dear?
Me : mmm is there any chance of one more round?
Aunty : hey dear I am not sex machine. You have dick or having a iron rod.
Me : why aunty?
Aunty : always it will be standing and ready to fuck pussy
Me : mmm you are like that aunty. Your looks make me tempted
Aunty : but uncle never gets tempted dear by seeing me
Me : he doesn’t know the value of your sexy beauty
Aunty : now sl**p for sometime dear. Let me wear my saree
Me : no dear sl**p like that only. If you stand someone can see you.
Aunty : yes you are right. But how will I wear the saree then?
Me : its ok take it and go naked only (I smiled)
Aunty : you naughty
Me : now come lets get inside the blanket dear. You body looks like as if its full of milk
Aunty : mmm I can see myself in this full moon light naked. never saw myself naked like this. I am looking really nice
Me : that is what is making me more hot
Aunty : stupid now sl**p.
Me : love you dear
Aunty : love you raki

As aunty pulled the blanket and covered our naked body. The light was falling on the blanket and our naked body was covered with darkness. Though I was not able to see her sexy naked body, I could feel the coldness of her body and her soft boobs and ass inside. We both hugged and slept.
Suddenly aunty woke up and asked for the time. It was 5:00AM. She was getting up. I pulled her and told sl**p nothing will happen. But she told she will go. I just hugged her and climbed on her . she was trying to push me. I just whispered in her ears “Aunty a quick one please. Then you go”. “Raki, it will become morning dear. What if anyone ssees? “ she also whispred. “don’t worry just 5mins will finish” I was pleading
“5 mins and you finish a round? I have never seen you finishing any round in 5mins. Ok now don’t waste time finish it soon”. She saw me and kissed.
I started fucking her very fast and again I was thinking of tulsi. My mind was full of tulsi. I fucked her and finished it in 15mins. I leaked fully in her pussy. Most of my sperms was flowing on bed itself. She quickly got up and sat on bed. She gathered her saree petticoat and bra and then just rolled her saree around her and then started walking. She didn’t wear her petticoat or bra. She just covered her body with saree just by rolling it over her nude body and started walking down. I was watching her. She was looking so sexy and I could see her nude body in her saree. She walked quickly and went to her house. I closed my eyes and slept.
I woke up and saw it was 7:30AM. Then I thought what if someone sees. I just covered myself with blanket and went inside. And then wore other dress and then came outside collected my tshirt banian underwear shorts and then threw it inside house and then took my bed bedsheet and the pillows and was keeping inside. I could see something lying on the flour. I just kept the all the bed bedsheet pillows and came and saw. It was rashmi’s panty. I took it in my hand and smelled it. I could smell the toilet smell and it was really nice. I took it inside and became naked and started stroking holding her panty to my dick. I leaked and then got dressed. Arranged the bed in my bedroom and came outside. There were hairs of aunty and also few jasmine flowers lying on the terrace. I just sweeped quicly and threw outside.
I took the panty and thought will give surprise to aunty. I came down hold her panty in my both the hands stretching the elastic. I was whistling and coming. Door was closed. I just rang the bell. And again was holding the panty in hand to give surprise to rashmi that I am having her panty in my hand. I could hear the door open. As soon the door opened I saw rashmi with neatly combed her hairs and then wore different saree. I was swinging her panty to show her. She was not speaking anyting and she suddenly held my hand and made it down and signaled that there is someone I just peeped and saw “bl**dy idiot uncle was sitting there”
I just kept her panty inside my pocket and then if I return suddenly uncle may get doubt so I just entered the house. Rashmi directly went to kitchen.
Me : Hi uncle what a surprise
Uncle : Hi raki, how are you?
Me : I am good uncle. How come today only? You were suppose to come tomroow
Uncle : yes, I was suppose to come tomorrow
Me : but you came today only
Uncle : ya. Our manager told that there is no work so our team thought we will come today only.
Me : ok good. So you came by flight I guess
Uncle : yes.
Me : when did u come to house then?
Uncle : I came at 6AM
Me : ohh ok.(I was wondering when did aunty go. She had gone at 5:40. thought in my mind. Thank god it was just miss)
Uncle : so today holiday I guess
Me : yes uncle holiday
Uncle : mmm ok rakesh, let me get fresh. Later we can speak.
Me : sure uncle. I will just tell aunty that I will not be there for breakfast
Uncle : ok u tell her. I will take bath and come

He left to bathroom. I went inside kitchen and was about to speak something. But she kept her fingers on her lips to signal me not to speak anything. I just removed the panty which was in my pocket and showed her to take it. she suddenly grabbed it and signaled me to go. I just whispered slowly “was there any problem?”. She just nodded head to tell that there was not a problem. Then I just kept my hand on my chest and then breathed “mmmmmmmmmmfffffffff” and smiled. She also smiled. I just left the place immediately and then went to my house and closed the door. It had become very difficult for me to go and speak to Rashmi, as she was not alone. Every 8:25 I had leave the house. Uncle and k**s were still at home. By the time I come back, everyone were at home. I was really worried. Nothing was happening at all. Forget speaking to her, I didn’t get chance to see her also for 1 week. I was planning so much to do something.
It was Sunday afternoon. I had gone out for lunch and came back. Since my bike had some problem I had left that in the garage and I had to use auto to travel. I just climbed up the stairs and then went to house and closed the door. I was about to sl**p but I could hear someone coming upstairs. Since there was no payal sound then I knew it was not rashmi. then I didn’t want to open the door. I again slept closing my eyes. But I could hear two people coming upstairs. I didn’t want to know who they were. But now I could hear the talking sound. I could guess one was uncle who was the other? Was my question. I could hear what they were speaking
Prasad : So Shiva enjoyed your business trip?
Shiva : yes it was really good prasad (as he told prasad, then I understood that it was tulsi’s hubby)
Prasad : We didn’t get time to speak in the office only. Atleast today we got sometime
Shiva : yes prasad. It was so fun in delhi
Prasad : so venkat also told it was very enjoyable there
Shiva : yes, you should also have come ya
Prasad : what to do all this stupid manager, he didn’t put my name
Shiva : but if you would have come, really you would have not come back only
Prasad : I know venkat told that you guys had nice time with few girls
Shiva : ohhh don’t ask prasad. We enjoyed every Sunday. Full drinks and ladies
Prasad : don’t tell all this shiva. I get so tempted
Shiva : mmmm, if I think now only I am getting tempted
Prasad : shiva whatever you tell, after marriage having sex with wife is not at all fun. They wont give any enjoyment
Shiva : yes prasad. You should see those girls, we just paid rs. 1000 what nice sexy girls.
Prasad : so how many girls you had?
Shiva : we took 2 girls for Rs3000 totally
Prasad : ohh so expensive?
Shiva : hey stupid, there are girls more than 10000 also. Where will we get so much money and apart from that, drink also right. So we thought anyways enough there girls itself
Prasad : who all enjoyed?
Shiva : I actually took one girl and venkat one girl
Prasad : but you told 1000 rupees and why you paid 3000
Shiva : boss, they tell 1000 then they demand tips also. They tell they have to give to others also
Prasad : mmm once they see you then keep asking money.
Shiva : yes, but prasad, they are so sexy yaar. They give us pleasure we never expected
Prasad : oohh these kind of pleasure our wife will never give. And I am not interested in them at all
Shiva : if you enjoy them forget think having sex with your wife, you will forget to see her also
Prasad : I know, when I see sheetal in the office, I get so tempted
Shiva : stupid, be careful the other day venkat spoke to something unwanted and got nicely
Prasad : ya I know that is what I am afraid. But she is really a sex bomb yaar
Shiva : mmm after marriage once our wife is old then we feel other ladies, like this only
Prasad : ya that is correct
Shiva : ok then what else prasad.
Prasad : nothing shiva. Hey shiva you didn’t give treat at all
Shiva : hey what treat man. Come to delhi again we all can have nice girls and nice drinks
Prasad : let see next time, I will put pressure on my manager and try to go to delhi.
Shiva : but we should have venkat with us. Then we can enjoy so much. He is really daring
Prasad : sure sure. Hey shiva what about party tonite?
Shiva : no no tonight I have to go somewhere. Lets plan next Sunday
Prasad : ok sure. I will call venkat also
Shiva : but where shall we go?
Prasad : we will go to some bar man its been many days I didn’t drink
Shiva : don’t want bar. Lets sit together for long time and then speak whole night.
Prasad : then where shall we go? Venkats house?
Shiva : her wife will kill all of us
Prasad : then my house my mother will be there
Shiva : ok I got an idea, we can have at my house only.
Prasad : what about your k**s and wife
Shiva : ya correct. Hey wait we can have at rakesh’s house only
Prasad : waaw super idea. So next Sunday sure right?
Shiva : yes lets tell venkat also.
Prasad : ok shall I go, I have to go to city have some work
Shiva : sure sure. Take care come I will also come down

They both went down. I listened each and every conversation they were talking. I didn’t want the to know what they were speaking. i just got up and was thinking, is shiva uncle such a guy? May be yes because most of the uncles doesn’t know about how to enjoy sex. And even aunties, behave as if they dont know anything about sex. So they just fuck and sl**p. but the whores uncle had gone were professionals so they have given them nice pleasure. Anyways now I knew what both are uncles are. But what will they do. We are males and we carve for more new pussies. AGREE GUYS? After both the uncles left, I was dreaming what all Shiva uncle would have done in delhi. Thinking that I just masturbated once then slept. Didn’t know how I slept. When I opened my eyes it was already 7:00PM. God I was really tired and then slept nice. Then I just got up washed my face and then came down. Since my bike was not there I thought let me just walk till the main road and have dinner and come. As soon as I climbed down, uncle came out
Shiva : Rakesh, where are you going?
Me : Just for a walk and then have dinner and come
Shiva : hey come on, have dinner at home only why are you going outside
Me : no uncle just like that. It was so boring. So thought will go out and have
Shiva : when did you come back? You had gone outside somewhere
Me : I came at 2:30 only.
Shiva : ohh but didn’t see your bike
Me : ya I have given it for repair.
Shiva : ohh ok (I could see little scared in his face). Prasad and I had come upstairs. Do you know?
Me : no uncle I was so tired I had just slept nicely
Shiva : (now I could see some relaxation) ohh ok. I didn’t see your bike so thought you are not there at room
Me : ya uncle. There was some problem. But I didn’t know only when you both came
Shiva : ok come inside. Have dinner here only
Me : ok uncle. Its been many days I didn’t taste anuty’s tasty food

We both went inside. It had been more than a week I didn’t go to her house. Reason I had to leave early and then I didn’t want uncle to get doubt on us. I just sat on the same sofa where rashmi and me had lots of fun and sex
Rashmi was in the kitchen. She knew I had come. She just saw just turning her head only. As uncle was there, she behaved very innocent and even I didn’t want to speak to her. k**s where playing and I didn’t want to speak to them at all. Mean while, aunty came outside
Aunty : What Rakesh, what happened? I didn’t see you only for more than a week
Me : nothing like that aunty. Lots of work. Leaving early and coming late
Aunty : ok ok. Thank god atleast today you came for dinner.
Uncle : Rashmi, see rakesh, he is looking very dull
Aunty : yes what happened rakesh?
Uncle : yes even I wanted to ask what happened?
Me : Nothing uncle. Just lot of work.
Uncle : ok. But thank you so much for taking care of my house
Me : ohh uncle its my duty I told you. I am also like your son or b*****r right
Uncle : thank you so much rakesh. I am really happy that I gave this house to you
Me : ohh stop uncle.
Uncle : aunty will be telling that you helped her lot when I was away
Me : I have tried my level best uncle.
Uncle : anyways, now I feel very comfortable that even If I am away there is some one to take care of my wife and k**s
Me : (was thinking how I took care of his wife) thanks uncle. So uncle how was delhi? Hope you enjoyed your bachelor life again
Uncle : ohh no rakesh, lots of work. You know right. Day and night we used to work
Me : ohh is it
Uncle : yes, even on sundays also we used to work
Me : (I knew what all he used to work on sundays) oh I think all your friends who went there also worked so much
Uncle : god don’t ask rakesh
Me : so you guys would have shared your work right?
Uncle : yes we used to share otherwise, how will we finish so much work
Me : ya I understand uncle.
Uncle : ok. Rashmi is the dinner ready? I am hungry

Dinner was ready and it was many days I had not tasted rashmi’s food and also rashmi as well. Her hot body was carving for sex. I could see her feelings. Even I didn’t had sex for more than a week. at least thought of having sex with Priya or Deepa. But both were not available for some reason.

We had dinner, aunty was sitting infront of me. I was not knowing what to do. We both were just seeing each other while others were eating the food. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to hug her. was wondering what to do. I just signalled her to bend and show her boobs atleast. She didn’t understand what I was signalling. Then I just kept my left hand on my shirt and tried removing one button and then tried making her understand that I want to see her boobs. she understood. She slowly nodded her head saying no. I just kept my head down little to tell her that I am upset. Uncle was sitting next to us only. But as we were having food we were behaving innocent. I didn’t lift my head. I just kept eating food bending my head. I just lifted my head to drink water.

My sexy aunty had moved her pallu such a way that, her pallu was in middle of her both the boobs. passing through her cleavage. Her both the boobs were visible very nicely in her blouse. It was so natural that even if uncle would see, he would not think that she made it purposely. then slowly she bent as if she wants to take salt. Sometimes to take pickle, sometimes to take water. She made many reasons to bend and show her sexy milky boobs. I could see her boobs so clearly. But couldn’t see her nipple. What a cleavage she had. I guess if she knew I was coming, she would have not worn her bra only I guess.

We all had food and then uncle and I got up and I washed my hands and then came out with uncle. we both just walked till the gate. I was really tired. I wanted to sl**p. as I didn’t had bike I was walking a lot from morning if I want to go anywhere. So my legs were paining. So I just told good night to uncle and slept.

All the scene which aunty was showing me her boobs, inside her blouse was making me so horny. Seeing her after long time, I was going so crazy. I thought I should masturbate and then sl**p. I just became naked and then started stroking my dick until was really feeling very joyful ride. My whole balls became empty after leaking thinking of fucking my aunty. After leaked I was so tired and then slept as I wanted to get up early. As usual I was going to office and no hot incidents were happening. Even I was getting used to it. but was not able to control my desires. I was trying so much to get aunty somehow. But there was no time at all. It was peak time in office as well. Leaves were strictly prohibited. Raghu strictly advised everyone that no one should take leave. And also he had asked if anyone wants to work extra hours, will be paid double the salary. I was not interested in money. I just wanted a leave or sometime so that I can at least have one quick round with rashmi.
It was Thursday. I was sitting infront of system. Was just thinking what to do. i got a call from Raghu. He told to come to meet me in the cafeteria. I went to cafeteria. He was already there with a cup of coffee in his hand. He was seeing me coming towards and he was sipping the coffee. As soon I reached him he just sipped the coffee again and then smiled.
Raghu : What buddy? Looking very dull
Me : nothing raghu, just little tired
Raghu : scolding me right. That I have given loads of work. And also put priya in different shift
Me : hey come on. You don’t have anything else to speak.
Raghu : just k**ding buddy. Seeing your situation
Me : ya you laugh. Give us loads of work and then you enjoy
Raghu : I am your manager mr. rakesh kumar. Mind you ( he kept his hand on my shoulder and smiled)
Me : ya I know. Tell me why you called me. I have to finish that stupid work you assigned. Otherwise I have to strech for no reason
Raghu : mmm, ok I forgot to tell you. Come lets have coffee and then speak
Me : no raghu no mood to have coffee. Tell me soon.
Raghu : nothing raki, tommorow latha is wants to switch the shift. Can you come at 11:30 shift?
Me : (this was like dream come true) ohh sure. Why not. I am ready (without hesitation I agreed)
Raghu : sorry for last minute changes. I was thinking how to ask you because its Friday tomorrow and you would be having weekend plans with pri…..
Me : ohh raghu please ya stop it. anyways I am coming. Now let me go and work
Raghu : thanks rakesh. Thank you so much. I think more than me latha will be happy.
Me : (I told thanks to him in my mind itself) tell her that I am coming in her shift
Raghu : ok sure. Now better go and finish your work
Me : you showed your manager stuff again (I just thought in my mind giving him a fake smile

Waaaw I was really very happy that I got 11:30 shift. Now atleast I can have atleast one nice round of sex with aunty. and I knew even aunty was very much hungry for sex. I just went to my seat and then started finishing all my work quickly. I finished it as soon as possible. i finished work and took cab and then came to house. Was thinking should I tell rashmi about this. But thought let me give her a surprise. I went to house and then took my bike and had dinner and then came and slept soon. So that the day will come soon.
I didn’t get sl**p at all. I was thinking after many days I am getting chance to fuck my lovely aunty. i removed all my clothes while sl**ping only and then turned towards the bed and then started fucking the bed thinking of aunty. I was successful in cumming after 30mins of fucking. My cum was flowing on the bed. I was tired and didn’t know how I slept.
Morning when I opened my eyes. I lifted my left hand and saw the watch it was 8AM. God didn’t know how I had slept. Took out the blanket and then saw myself. I was naked and my bed sheet had stains of cum. I just got up from bed. My dick was hard. Anyways it will always be hard and ready to fuck pussies. I got up and staright away went to bathroom and then took bath and came outside and got ready. It was 8:30AM. I just stepped outside just wanted to see if those devils (uncle and k**s) would have gone from the house. As all three will leave by 8:30 I thought let me wait for 10mins. Stupid watch was not at all moving fast. 10mins was going like 10mnths for me. Anyways I was about to stepped down after 10mins. I could hear the bike sound of uncle. I realized ohh uncle is going to office now. I just peeped from the grills of the terrace. Uncle was sitting on bike and then k**s sitting behind. He started and left the scene. Now I knew my angel is free. I just went back again to house and then came out . I closed the door and then came down.
I came near the door. As aunty had just came out to send uncle and k**s, she had just entered. She had not closed the door. I went inside slowly and then walked towards kitchen, she was just arranging something. Without making noise I just went behind her and saw her from head to her ass. It was more than 15days I had touched those sexy ass. I slowly lifted my hand and then lifted my hand to hug her from her waist. Suddenly
Aunty : How are you sweetheart? (she spoke without speaking me)
Me : (I kept my hand on her shoulder) how did you know that I came aunty
Aunty : you are in my heart. That is how I came to know my darling
Me : (now I moved little further where my whole body was toching her back with my dick touching her ass) tell na sexy please
Aunty : when uncle and k**s were going, I saw you peeping there
Me : you are very clever aunty
Aunty : all because of you dear.
Me : ohh now I cannot wait. I need to see your heavenly hole
Aunty : mmm only hole?
Me : whole of you dear. I am really hungry my sexy queen
Aunty : only you are hungry is it? I am not hungry?
Me : I know how much you are hungry my sexy aunty
Aunty : raki, don’t ask from last so many days I was really thinking will I really get chance to give myself to you
Me : don’t worry dear, we will get lots of chances and we will be like this forever
Aunty : I love you raki (she turned towards me and then hugged tightly)
Me : I too love you (I hugged her keeping my hands on her back)
Aunty : come lets have breakfast.
Me : now I want something else
Aunty : I know what you want. Now first have breakfast dear
Me : aunty, please lets have one round and then have breakfast then have one more round and then before I got will have one more round
Aunty : mmmm so somehow you want to have more rounds
Me : sorry aunty please don’t say no
Aunty : how can I say no today my hero. More than you I need. I have controlled so much
Me : ok come na dear please
Aunty : ok now you just wait. I will close the gate and the door and then come.
Me : mmm I know last time you scolded me when rohan entered and saw her having sex
Aunty : keep quiet if I think about that I am really scared
Me : ok come soon dear. I am really hungry
Aunty : you be in bed room
Me : ok come soon dear.

She went to close the gate and the door very fast. I knew how much she is hungry to have sex. More than me she wanted to have sex. Because I had shown her lots of new techniques she had not even known. I went to bed room and then arranged the bed for my queen to come.
As soon as she came I pulled her f***efully and then made her sl**p. She like a hungry a****l started sucking my lips and started spitting saliva to my mouth. She was pulling my tongue and then she was moving her hands in my hairs very fast. I was also going mad. I hugged her tightly and then moved my hand all over her back finally reached the ass and started pinching and pressing. As she was wearing saree, I was pulling her saree till her ass. While we were kissing only we both started removing clothes. Since we both were so hungry to fuck, we both didn’t mind removing the dress soon. We were not thinking about romance. Were thinking about sex. Within few minutes we both were naked. all our dresses were on ground. Don’t know what happened to aunty, she just pushed me down and she slept on top of me. She didn’t even say anything to me. She started taking my dick inside her pussy and started fucking as much as she wanted. She liked this because, she had the control and knew where all she want my dick to be touched. Somehow my dick was touching every corner of her pussy. Her boobs were shaking as and when she was fucking me. As she was fucking she was coming close and kissing me and then sucking my lips sometimes spitting saliva and she had really become a****l. She had become so hungry for sex. She was fucking me for about 20mins. She didn’t give me gap to relax at all. I was trying to tell her to give gap so that I can fuck her for more time. But since she was hungry, she started fucking and suddenly I leaked. She didn’t know that I leaked she kept fucking me making my dick reaching all over her pussy. Since my dick had leaked, slowly it was becoming small. I guess aunty realized this and then saw me and smiled and nodded my head to ask leaked. Even I just nodded my head and made my lips outside to tell that yes leaked. She was breathing so heavily and smiled and then stopped fucking me and then slept on my chest.
We were like that for few minutes. Then we both were hungry. She got up and slept towards my left. She was looking so lovable with those love naked boobs and her smile. Don’t know why uncle was not fucking her properly. Anyways, it was good for me only. She got up and was trying to wear dress. I also got up and then stopped her wearing the dress. She saw me once and pulled the saree to wear
Aunty : Hey sweetheart what happened?
Me : don’t wear anything dear
Aunty : you gone mad or what
Me : yes I have gone mad with your sexy body my sexy queen
Aunty : hey raki stop this. Leave the saree pls
Me : hey love wife, please don’t wear anything, please untill I go to office be naked dear
Aunty : hey raki, this is too much dear. I feel shy
Me : leave that shyness and see, it willl be so nice aunty
Aunty : but I am really feeling shy
Me : don’t say no dear. Don’t wear anything lets be naked untill I go to office
Aunty : mmm ok raki. I can understand you. Ok I wont say anything. Whatever you say I will listen
Me : that like my lovely sexy queen
Aunty : now happy my hero?
Me : yes my sexy queen. Come lets have breakfast

She started walking towards kitchen. This was the first time I was seeing her naked ass in the morning as sexy as that. As she walked her ass was juggling and I was going mad seeing her naked ass. She straight away walked inside and then put chapathi and got it to me. As she turned her boobs which were slightly hanging, made my dick hard again. But we both were hungry and we both came outside holding each others waist. I sat on chair and she sat on my lap. As usual we both fed each other and then she took the plates and kept in the sink. Already my dick was ready to fuck for one more round. She saw my dick and told
Aunty : raki, you are really crazy dear.
Me : why my sexy wife
Aunty : how will u get so much engery to get your dick hard
Me : all because of your sexy body my sexy herione
Aunty : if I would have married you I think by this time I would have had many k**s
Me : hey keep quiet. Sex is for enjoying not for making k**s
Aunty : mmm if your uncle had this dick how nice it would have been
Me : try with him dear
Aunty : ohh he is just stupid fellow. When we both got newly married also when I stand naked he just slept simply fucking me
Me : mm all uncles are like this only
Aunty : yes I know
Me : what do you mean yes you know. How many uncles you have seen
Aunty : hey keep quiet. I just told about tulsi husband also
Me : so you had sex with him?
Aunty : you stupid no no. tulsi was telling that he also does same thing. Just sl**p on her and fuck and sl**p
Me : but for me sex is like enjoying each and every body of the lady
Aunty : yes dear I like the way you make me mad to have sex with you. I told all we do to tulsi
Me : oh god she might feel bad about us
Aunty : no no. she was feeling so jealous about me. (smiled and bent her head to show shyness)
Me : mmm why dear?
Aunty : she was telling how lucky I am to enjoy that kind of enjoyable sex
Me : ask her if she also wants
Aunty : stupid keep quiet. I don’t want you to be for others
Me : what if I get married?
Aunty : that is fine but not with tulsi
Me : why my sweetheart
Aunty : just like that my hero. You are my hero not others
Me : now forget all those. Come my dick is waiting for another hot fuck
Aunty : even my pussy also. I was not satisified with the first round
Me : ok come then will show my anger of sex inside your pussy
Aunty : love u dear come soon

I was sitting on chair. She asked me to sit there only and then sat spreading her legs and put her pussy inside. We both started fucking on chair itself. waaaaw it was so nice to enjoy sex like that. She just wanted to rule me with her sexsual desires and enjoy each and every strokes she was giving. We fucked that way for about 30mins. Since we both were sitting on chair my ass started paining and I told her about this.
We both got up and then went to bed room again. This time I pushed her down andthen started fucking her very badly. Swear I dint stop for long time. Then I realised my sperms are on tip. Then contorled and then started kissing and then since I didn’t want her pussy to have gap I started stroking her pussy by fingers giving her unstoppable pleasure. Then after sometime aagain I started fucking her. finally I couldn’t control and released all my sperms. Inside her pussy. We both were breathing heavily and then I slept next to her. I was really tired and then just saw my watch. God it was already 11. My cab will come by another 30mins. I quickly got up and then told aunty that I am getting late. She smiled and show me her finger I asked what. She again showed 3 fingers. That means what about the 3rd round. I just showed my watch and told its time. Seriously she was not satisfied. All these days she was telling that her pussy is paining when I fuck but today since I didn’t had time, I was not able to fuck her for more time so she was asking for more sex. But I didn’t had time. Anyways I just got up put on my dress. She was still lying on bed naked without waking up. I know she was very tired as we both had just breakfast. I came near her and kissed her forehead. And also kissed me. I ran to my house and got ready and came down in 20mins. It was already 11:25. I went inside. Aunty was still sl**ping naked. She was facing her stomach down and ass on top. I just went near kissed her ass and then massager her back. She opened her eyes little and took her hand and kept on my lap. I whispered in her ears “I am getting late. Is there any chance I get honey?”. She didn’t get up. suddenly my cab driver started horning. I just told her I am leaving. Even she heard the horn sound. As I was leaving. She called “Raaaki…”. I just stopped near the door and saw her. she woke up and started walking towards me slowly. God it was really a sexy scene. Just imagine bipasha naked walking towards you. It was mind blowing. She came very close to me and then kissed my lips and started spitting saliva inside my mouth. It was really awesome. Now she started touching my dick. my dick started getting hard. I just removed her hand and kept on my shoulder. She saw me and smiled and then she was biting her lips and came near my ears and whispered “When will my pussy get next shots?”. “Soon… now I have to go dear”. “Ok my sexy raja”

I just came out with my dick little aroused. Since she was still naked she just stayed back. I just got into cab and then started to office. Slowly my dick slept. I thanked Raghu and Latha for helping me to get this hot time with my hot sexy rashmi aunty. While going in cab I really slept as I was really tiredafter a sexy hard 2 rounds. But still there was something incomplete. And I wasjust dreaming about how all aunty and I enjoyed sex and how much of hungry weboth were for this hot sex. Aunty was really very hungry as she didn’t had sexfor more than 10days. And after uncle coming back, I guess he would have noteven touched her as he had tasted some sexy young sluts in Delhi.

I really got good sl**p. Once I reached office cab driverwoke me and told me that office had arrived. I got down and went to office. I wasreally tired and was thinking how will I actually complete the whole day. I justwent and logged in and then had some juice to get strength. That day was reallytired for me. Somehow I finished the work and came back to house. It wasactually very late when I came back as it was Friday and lots of reports weresupposed to be finished. It was around 11PM when I reached. I was just thinkinghow my sexy aunty will be sl**ping. Wanted to see her kiss her and lift hersaree till her pussy and suck those pussy lips. I was really half sl**py. I justopned the door and removed my shoes and then slept on the bed. I didn’t wake uptill morning. And since it was Saturday, I didn’t wake up until 8am.

I opened my eyes and then saw the watch it was 8AM. I got upand then went to toilet and again came back and slept. I was not feeling likewaking from bed. I slept again till 9AM. Then I got up took bath got ready andthen came down. As it was Saturday, I thought no one will be at home and I cango and hug my sweetheart and then make her happy by giving some hot sexy shots.I slowly entered the room. Suddenly the k**s came out playing. I just thoughtoh my god, what happened today. I thought these stupids would have gone toschool. but I don’t know the reason they were at home. I just entered the houseand saw. Aunty was having sweeping the house.

Aunty : Hi Raki. Good morning

Me : Good morning aunty. (I justshowed the k**s and asked what happened)

Aunty : (she just nodded her head) Youlook very tired

Me : not tired aunty, dissatisfied

Aunty : mmm, I understood

Me : yes you understand, but you don’tknow my problem

Aunty : don’t tell me that I don’t knowyour problem. Its not only your problem raki, mine too

Me : aunty, I thought today that (Ijust showed three fingers to mention the third round) will happen

Aunty : no raki, k**s have holiday today.

Me : mmm bad luck for me and for my ….

Aunty : bad luck for me and for my …..Toooo

Me : (we both didn’t mention about thedick or pussy as k**s were there) had breakfast?

Aunty : no raki, will sweep the house andtake bath and then will have

Me : ok.

Aunty : come I will give you breakfasthave it.

Me : no aunty lets have together. Youtake bath and come

Aunty : ok give me sometime

Me : sure why not

I just switched on TV and was watching. In just few minutes,she came to me and told lets have breakfast

Aunty : Raki, come lets have breakfast

Me : hey you told you will have bathand then have breakfast

Aunty : I thought but I am feelinghungry. More over I have to wash clothes

Me : ok then come lets have breakfastthen

Aunty : something happened to our washingmachine. I have to wash it in hand only today

Me : ohh shall I call the servicepeople

Aunty : uncle had spoken to them, theyare coming on Monday

Me : ohh ok. Then wash on Monday onlyna aunty

Aunty : no raki, then there will be lotsof clothes

Me : ok

We both had breakfast. Aunty cleaned the plates and then wasputting all the clothes to wash. I told I will go and I went to my house.

After an hour or so, I could hear aunty coming upstairs. I justkept quiet to listen whether is the one or someone else. As I had closed thedoor, I just peeped with the key hole. Icould see aunty with a bucket full of clothes. Then suddenly aunty was coveredwith something. I just saw it clearly, it was k**s who were playing here andthere. Then I knew that k**s were also there. I opened the door and cameoutside

Aunty : Raki, what were you doing

Me : nothing aunty, was just readingsome books. I heared some sound so I came out

Aunty : I thought I will wash the clothesupstair so that I can wash and then put it for dry here only

Me : ohh ok.

Aunty : see these k**s are troubling meso much. (k**s were playing in water and was not allowing her to wash clothes)

Me : (I just told then not to trouble)hey rahul rohan keep quiet don’t trouble mummy

Aunty : (she was washing the clothes andwas speaking to me) I was getting bored so thought I can speak to you and washthe clothes

Me : I know aunty, I think you can domore things other than speaking also

Aunty : naughty fellow, you will notleave any chance right?

Me : please aunty, I think you knowwhat I am asking

Aunty : (showed hand towards k**s) didyou see them?

Me : they wont understand, just showsomething aunty

She understood what I was asking. She just got up and tiredher pallu to her waist and tucked her pallu to her saree. While doing this shemade sure that her pallu crossed her cleavage and expose her both the boobs. Nowshe sat facing towards me. While sitting she just pulled her saree to exposeher sexy thighs. Waaaw he was looking awesome. And I signaled her to pull thesaree more than what she had done. She understood that I wanted to see herpussy as well. First she didn’t agree, later she just saw my face and thenpulled her saree such a way that while sitting on her legs I could see her pussyvery clearly from her wide opened legs.

Once she did this, I just touched my dick slowly to make herfeel that I am ready to fuck that pussy. I was slowly trying to seduce her bymaking her feel that I will remove the whole dickoutside. She was gettingexited. But she was afraid about k**s.

I showed my tent to her and made her understand that I amready. I just signaled her with my finger telling that I will wait for her in theroom. I just signaled and entered theroom and closed the door without bolting it. I just wanted her to come inside. Iwas peeping in the keyhole to see whether she is coming or not.

She stood up and then walked little. Now I couldn’t see her.I was wondering where did she go. I opened the door and saw her. She was goingtowards her k**s. She heard me opening door, she just turned back and the madeher hand such a way that, she signaled me to tell that wait will come.

She just slowly walked down with k**s. I was wondering whathappened. But I knew she will come back as her clothes were still there only. Iclosed the door and went and slept in the bed room. I waited for 20mins. There wereno signs of aunty coming. Then after 5mins I could hear aunty coming upstairs. Shecame close to my door and my door opened. She entered the house and closed theroom suddenly. I was standing opposite to the door resting myself to the wall. She closed the door and rested herself to the door. I had already closed the curtains so that the room is dark. She slowly walked towards me and hit me on my stomach. And slowly touched my shorts and the dick which had already made a tent and was ready to come out. Slowly moved herself towards my lips and hugged me tightly and kissed my lips taking the whole of my lips inside hers. I hugged her tightly and started pressing her ass and as I was pressed suddenly I pressed her center of the ass very tightly where I could get her hole. She just pushed her on top and made sound “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she was still kissing.
I slowly removed my lips and asked
Me : Where did u go dear?
Aunty : To leave k**s to house
Me : but what if they come back
Aunty : I have locked the door from outside
Me : ohhh clever. But what if they start shouting
Aunty : no no I have put their favourite pogo and came
Me : ohh you are becoming very clever
Aunty : but I need to go soon dear. I have to wash the clothes and put them for drying. I am outside for long then k**s will start crying
Me : ya I know. But what are you planning. Leaving me hungry and go?
Aunty : How can I leave u hungry raki. Even I leave you, will u leave me? You will eat me and **** me right?
Me : day by day you are becoming naughty. You were not like this when I came.
Aunty : how I was ?
Me : I was thinking you are very innocent and difficult to get to bed
Aunty : mmm being with you even I am spoiled na dear?
Me : now lets not waste time sweetheart. Come I am hungry like hell.
Aunty : even I don’t have time. Come fast finish your hot meals and let me go.
Me : come lets go to bed my dear.

We both went near the bed and she slept. I slept next to her and hugged her and pulled her pallu so that I can see her boobs. started kissing her. we had to finish the hot game as soon as possible because k**s were waiting down. I just climbed on her and started kissing her neck. And I started licking her face and lips and started licking her neck as well. She became wet below and started pulling her saree until her pussy. I was busy licking her neck and face and she was busy pulling her saree and she started opening my shorts. She was not wearing panty.
I was very much hungry for sex and my dick was very hard. She was holding my dick and was trying to put it inside her pussy. As I was kissing her neck , I just started coming towards her boobs. she had not removed her blouse. I was trying to remove it. but it was difficult. She understood what I wanted and she left my dick and started her hand towards her blouse. Slowly she removed her blouse and unhooked her bra. As soon as she removed the blouse, I started licking her nipples and pressing the boobs. as soon as I started this, she again started to take my dick in her hands and trying to take it inside her pussy. Even she was very hungry. But she just wanted to finish it and go soon
She whispred in my ears “Raki, it is hungry and wet please feed my pussy soon I have to go”
I just understood her and started pushing the dick inside. As it was very hard and I pushed it inside, it went deep inside and I just flew directly to heaven. She shouted and the begginining and then she was enjoying closing her eyes. I fucked her 15mins and she was whispering to finish it soon. I just cummed totally inside her pussy and then slept very tired. All my energy was inside her pussy now.
She just pushed me down and got up and started hooking her bra and blouse. She got up from the bed and arranged her saree. She went near mirror and made sure her hairs were proper and she again came near me and kissed my head and whispred “I love you raki” and left without waiting for me to speak also.
I just slept there as is and then within few minutes I could hear the k**s sound. I understood that she had got the k**s back to terrace. I got up and saw my dick was again getting hard thinking of aunty’s pussy. I was not in mood to put on shorts. But still I wore the shorts and went outside. aunty was washing clothes where the k**s were playing here and there. Aunty saw me and smiled. I again signalled showing my dick which was hard again. She kept her hand on her mouth and shaked her head saying you are impossible. I showed her finger to say one more round. She just smiled and told she cant. I was disappointed and told I will sl**p. she nodded her head. I went inside and slept without satisfaction.
I was thinking if she comes inside again I can fuck her nicely. But she didn’t come and I slept nicelyIt was a Saturday. I had to go out with my friends and came around 7PM. It was drizzling and I was wet. I just came near house and open the gate. I thought of going to aunty’s house. But I saw there were many people in the house. But I didn’t know who were there. So I just went to my room and got fresh and wore my shorts and Tshirt.
It was little cold as it was drizziling. I just close the door and was thinking let me sl**p for some time. I just slept on the bed. As I had roamed whole day I felt very sl**py. After sometime, I could hear someone knocking the door. I thought it’s in dream. Now the calling bell started ringing. I suddenly got up soon and saw the time. It was 9 o clock. I came near the door and opened. I saw uncle was standing near the door. I just smiled and asked him to come inside.
As he came inside, Prasad (Tulsi’s husband) also came inside. Now I understood that Tulsi’s f****y had come to aunty’s house. Both came inside and I told.
Me : Come inside uncle. Sit here
Uncle : How are u Raki?
Me : I am good uncle. How come tonite all of you? Get together/
Uncle : yes yes. Just like that. Its been many days both families had come together
Me : ohh ok enjoy enjoy
Uncle : had your dinner?
Me : No uncle. I had gone outside with friends. So had nicely. I am not hungry
Uncle : ok ok. Anyways we have prepared nice dinner you also have with us
Me : no uncle. I am full
Uncle : no no come we will have dinner. That is why we have come here
Me : ok I will have little only.
Uncle : fine no probs.
Me : thanks uncle.
Uncle : Raki, do you drink
Me : ohh no uncle. Why any plans tonite?
Uncle : yes raki. That is why prasad and me came here
Me : ohh sorry uncle I wont drink so there is no stock here.
Uncle : you don’t worry about that.
Me : then what help I can do uncle
Uncle : can you give the room for tonite?
Me : I didn’t understand
Uncle : can you sl**p down tonite so that Prasad, me and few other friends are coming
Me : ohhh so lots of plan tonite
Uncle : yes yes.
Me : ok uncle enjoy. But what will aunty tell for this
Uncle : that you don’t worry. I have already told her.
Me : did she agree
Uncle : what do you think? She was angry and told no. but later prasad’s wife convinced
Me : ohh ok (I was with full joy that I get chance to sl**p with two sexy aunties tonite)
Uncle : (He turned towards Prasad and told) Prasad keep that cover here onlly
Me : (Prasad kept the big cover) oh so many bottles?
Uncle : there are 6 of us raki.
Me : ohh so lots of fun tonite
Uncle : yes. Its been many months we all got together.
Me : enjoy uncle I wont mind.
Uncle : and you don’t worry we wont spoil anythng in your room and also wont make it dirty
Me : that is fine uncle.
Uncle : ok now come lets go and have dinner
Me : ok sure uncle you go I will come in few minutes
Uncle : ok sure raki and thanks for sparing your room

I was fully happy that I got a chance to sl**p in aunty’s house when both sexy ladies are there. I was wondering how it will be the whole nite. I was happy that even tulsi is there and wanted to feel how she behaves when I am with them whole night.
Uncle and Prasad left down stairs. As soon as they left, I just check the cover. There were lots of bottles, snacks. I felt they are enjoying with WINE, I will enjoy with WOMEN.
I just closed the door and went down stairs to aunty’s house. There were only Tulsi’s f****y as guest. I was expecting many families. Then I realised all others will join later. My sexy aunty was there with beautiful saree. She smiled as if she has seen me just now. But I was eagerly waiting to see Tulsi. She was not there. Then I just went and sat on sofa. I was thinking Tulsi has not come. But suddenly the bathroom door opened and there came the sexy kajol faced Tulsi. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw she was gorgeous.

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