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I was work as a counselor for people with gender identification. One day a beautiful lady, Pham, approached me for an assignment related to her doctoral work at an university nearby. Her work was related with gender identification issues.

Our scientific bent of mind and approach to research enabled us to relate closely to each other. I would say that was an attraction. We met at least thrice a week for one year and all that we did was to talk and share notes on gender identification issues over coffee, tea, lunch and dinner. We spent days and nights talking about it over phone, at office or even at my home. She was passionate about her work and our bonding was at an intellectual level.

She of course knew that I was a shemale and literally she became my counselor, my confidante, my friend, my pal. During one of the sl**p overs at my place, discussing her work, we were too tired with all the intellectual and passionate talk and note taking. I suggested that she should rest and offered to massage her head and shoulders to relax her body and mind. She thought about it for a second and said, “I want you to massage me without your clothes”, with a naughty gleam in her eyes. I was taken aback for a second and regained my footing. In the past one year of our interaction I had never seen this side of her. And I never had a woman hitting on me ever. I was speechless and she started to laugh. But some part of me wanted to play along and test the uncharted territory.

I was used by men, infact abused by them a lot. The one who transformed, abused me too. I felt like a whore. I didn’t mind any kind of sexual activity with him as I loved him. But he abused and misused my love for him. He had us filmed secretly when we were cozy and intimate and used it to blackmail me. He threatened that if I did not do what all he asks me to do then he would leak the videos on to the internet. He made me do things which I hated. He was voyeuristic in nature. He f***ed me to have sex with different men who were his friends. He would tie me up naked and f***ed himself on to me. All my love for him disappeared as soon as I saw this side of him. His father too would abuse me. He made me have sex with his father forcibly. He would make all his friends cum into a bottle and store it in a refrigerator and make drink it with my hands and legs tied and with my mouth wide open. I was lost sad and depressed. I couldn’t approach anyone for help. My f****y had disowned me when they came to know that I was a transexual. I had to depend on him and he made me do all this filthy stuff. None of the women in his household knew about this side of him or his father. I tried to approach them but they wouldn’t believe whatever I said and shunned me away as I was a shemale. They hated me. I lived in a small room meant for servants in his desolate farm house. He always kept me locked and the room was completely empty. It had a small window through which food and water was thrown. Everything seemed gloomy. There was no reason for me to live a life thus. Alas! I didn’t have the nerve to end my life. I was biding for time. I had my opportunity one day. He came with around twenty friends of his, all d***k and stinking. They barged into my room and forgot to close the door. They were so d***k and kinky that all they wanted to do was to fuck me and pass out. They had forgotten to lock the door. Unlike the previous visits like these, I chose to be different. I wouldn’t resist. I would tease and seduce each one of them with my female charm. They would swoon to my gyrating hips which and heaving bosom. They were surprised but were too kinky and d***k to notice that I was playing into their hands only to find my escape. They forgot to tie me up as they didn’t have to f***e me to do what they wanted. I’d do all that they wanted with a heavy heart and pleasing smile. I worked on each one till they felt tired and collapsed into slumber. I felt shitty and just wanted all this to end as soon as possible. The time had come. All was silent and I cleaned myself up and with the only pair of tattered woman clothing I ran out of the farm house and never looked back. I ran, ran and ran. I was exhausted and took shelter in a church nearby. The father of the church saw my state and helped me to stay in the church premises and took care of all the medical help i needed with the organization in which I am counselor now. I can never forget him till to date. He was the only man I ever trusted after I what I had been through. He never questioned why, how, where, when etc. He just prayed and hoped that I recovered. Thanks to him I did.

The organization took care of me and under their guidance I continued my education and earned my doctorate in psychology from an university near by. I was always with myself and trusted no man. I had compassion for people similar to me so worked in the same organization helping others like me. I would visit the church daily and thank the father who saved me. With his blessings I gained my confidence and faced the world with new zeal.

But being seduced by a woman was a new thing to me. Yes back to the present …LOL… Pham was in her senses but was in a mood to experience her first shemale encounter. I was hesitant. She made me calm with a soft kiss on my lips. She looked into my eyes with love and said, I wouldn’t hurt you. I wanted to cry but held back. She hugged me. Her body heat was radiating the warmth needed to soothe my jittery and damaged nerves from my past experiences. We part the embrace to look into each others eyes. There was love, understanding and mutual respect. Our hearts were pounding and bosoms heaving with expectation and excitement. Our heads where resting on each others shoulders and our warm breathe was titillating the back of our necks. Our arms had goosebumps and our breasts pressed against one another. Her hands were holding my hips and she slowly pulled me into her for a full body contact. The passionate heat that was being generated was warming the cold nippy air or early morning January day. This was enough for me to just kiss her without a breath of air. We were frozen in time and I had a semi-erection which probed her in between her thighs. The more passionate the kiss got the more erect my dick was becoming and hit something. Our lips parted and I was open mouthed with surprise. What my dick touched was not a soft moist mound of a woman but that of a man. Yes she was one of us. She was a shemale. She was blushing and I could not resist my smile too. I was speechless. I was stumped. All this time I assumed her to be a female. Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think that she was a shemale. Not one bit of her external appearance lets anyone into this secret. She was the one….

She whispered softly into my ears, blushing from cheek to cheek, “I Love you”… My joy didn’t know its bounds I too was gleaming and beaming with happiness that I had never experienced so far in my life. I thought I found my soul-mate and yes she was the one. I am happily married to her for the past five years and we have a wonderful life.

In my subsequent post I would share more intimate details about us with you all… LOVE YOU ALL..

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