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Lover Of Cum

Okay, I admit it: I’m a complete slut. I love the look of men, the smell, the touch, and everything. I’m a complete sucker for cock, (no pun intended) and want as much as I can get. So when Mark invited me to be the cum catcher for one of his parties, I was all for it.Once I got there, there were about thirty guys standing around with drinks and no clothes! I was almost drooling when Mark walked up to me and asked me to get naked like everyone else, then he introduced me to the group as I took off the simple sundress and flat sandals that I’d worn.

The guys seemed to be pretty happy with the fact that I hadn’t worn any panties, and once the sundress was off, my tits already had erect, excited nipples.Mark took me by the hand and led me to a platform in the center of the room, then told me to go ahead and make myself comfortable. He gave me a pillow in case I wanted it, and I leaned back on the platform, letting my long ebony hair fall off the end of the platform, and spreading my thighs open so that all those horny men could see what I had to offer down below, the neatly trimmed landing strip just above the shaved lips leaving no doubt of how wet I was.The guys all gathered around, stroking their cocks while I started to tease my nipples and flat belly, moving my hips invitingly and moaning.

These guys all wanted to see me masturbate for them, and I wanted their cum all over my body! I gave them a good show, my dark eyes wandering over each man in turn, my tongue snaking out to lick my sweet lips as I thought about what each man had to offer me. Vaguely I wondered if I’d be able to fuck any of them later; like I said, I’m a slut!

Watching those guys all pounding their meat made me hornier, and I started to finger my pussy. Already I was so wet that my fingers were coated in shiny honey as I dipped them in and out of my hungry slit, my thumb caressing my button as I moaned, nearly lifting my hips off the platform each time I hit my hot spot.

I could hear some guys groaning while they watched me, so I played it up for them, twisting one nipple in my fingers as I drove my other fingers in and out of my wet crevice. My moans were making them all pump themselves harder, and I knew it wouldn’t be long until they all started to cum. Slowly I trailed one of my wet fingers up to my mouth, licking off my juices and sucking the digit, still making eye contact with each man in turn, teasing them with the flicks of my tongue over my finger while I stroked my swollen pussy lips.

I watched hungrily as Mark stepped up next to me, jerking his stiff rod. With a loud groan, he shot his hot load across my tits, splashing all over my chest, coating the globes with sticky hot cum. Eagerly I started to rub it into my skin, licking my lips as I trailed the cream over my nipples. One after another, all those guys started to coat me with spunk, and I opened my mouth for tastes, shutting my eyes as someone splattered my face with hot cream. I was in heaven as all thirty of these guys showered me with jizz.

Too soon it was over and all the guys were standing around looking weak in the knees, but Mark told me to get cleaned up and soon he’d invite me back to do it again. He won’t have to ask me twice, a party full of men all basting me with sweet cream? Now that’s one offer that I will be glad to take up!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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