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lucky guy (part 2)

Raynor was thriled with her room when she got back of her holiday and thanked us and everything was fine.
Later that day May asked if id decorate her room too as i was on holiday from work,i said i didnt mind at all and would start the next while May would be out at work i would be working in her room.
The first morning i set about stripping the walls,the house was very quiet and i soon got stuck in to the work.the only thing was though that every now and then i could hear a kind of sighing coming from Raynors room.I dismissed the noise and carried on working.
After a while i heard Raynors door open and she popped her round the door and said good morning before she headed for the bathroom.
I replied morning back and as i looked up i got the shock of my life.
There in her hand was the bag with the box in ii in her hands,as she turned round to head for the bathroom i realised i was staring at her.
She had a crop top on and skimpy pants,i tried to look away but being a breast man my eyes were tranxfixed on the gap under her arm as she walked away from me,her breasts were heaving up and down.
Ray came out of the bathroom with the bag and some rubbish and went downstairs and i heard her go outside for a moment,i had to get these thoughts out of my head and carried on with my work.
Eventually i had to get rid of some rubbish and made my way downstairs to go to the rubbish bin outside.
As i opened the bin there right in front of my very own eyes was the box that the dildo had been in.
Jesus,the sighing.she must of been fucking herself.fucking herself in the very next room to me.good god.
My mind was thinking all sorts and im afarid i almost got a full erection,i had to go back and do some decorating just to clear my head.
But every now and then id wander if she was using the dildo,i carried on working and thank god May was soon home and all perverted thoughts were gone,for today anyway.
Later on that evening,well morning really i heard an almighty noise from downstairs so i went to investigate,there was Raynor flat on her back on the sofa,as i entered the room i realised her legs were slightly parted,should i look?
she had on a loveley fur coat and the shortest of kirts youve ever seen.
I dont know what came over me and before i knew it i was looking at Raynors pussy,oh fuck me i gulped this isnt right.
Raynor was asl**p with her fur coat on snoring her head off,her g string was at one side of her pussy exposing her pussy lips.
Im guessing shed gone for a pee and not put it back properly,i could tell it was shaved,with just a hint of pube growing back andstunning pussy lips god what was i doing?
This isnt right,i had to look away as my cock was beginning to get hard.
I was naked under my gown and my cock was just starting to stiffen up when i came to my senses and shook ray.
She woke a little startled and i helped her up,she d***kenlly tried to get her coat off.
her tits were amazing,bouncing around at her every movement,her nipples hard from the cold.
I helped her to her feet,where are you taking me she slurred?
Its cold down here hun i said,why dont you go to bed?
You know what adam?
She said d***kingly,thats a bl**dy good idea,
and we went up the stairs.i heard her crash on her bed just as i got to mine,
Boy i need some sl**p,but the thought of that pussy and Rays tits was driving me crazy.i felt a little uneasy but soon drifted off to sl**p.

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