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Lunch In A Bradford Strip Pub

[iMy husband to be’s mum lived near Bradford with her new husband. We used to visit them regularly usualy from Friday to Sunday evening.
It was on my second visit in,May 1981, that Simon took me to a city centre pub that he and his step-dad used to frequent when he visited.
When we entered the dimly lit, old fashioned pub, ‘The King *****’. I was surprised to see just how full it was at 12.50pm in the afternoon, around fifteen or sixteen tables were already occupied, whilst the bar area was almost fully populated. Simon pointed to an empty table in a quiet corner just away from the bar. I could feel several eyes looking at me but put it down to my being a stranger in the pub. As a BBW of only 19yo I bblushed slightly when I noticed two middle-aged men overtly staring at me. I was dressed in a bright purple ruffle fronted blouse, grey, knee length skirt and dark stockings and heels. Simon returned from the bar bearing a full tray with eight drinks. ” You thirsty then?” I asked sarcastically, he laughed,
” Not really babe, just that in 10 minutes the price goes up sixty-five pence.” A little puzzled I took two pints of lager and lime from the tray , ” There’s a lot of guys staring at me,” I said in a soft voice as I tok the remaining two glasses of my, then, favourite tipple, Simon nodded, ” Yeah you get that in here a lot, see not many ladies get in here. I looked around, my eyes getting used to the low light, I made out five other women, two girls in their 20s sat with two older guys, a 30-something woman who sat opposite an older, grey haired man and a couple of large, 50yo women both brashly dressed with harsh, overdone make-up. They sat on a long bench at a table opposite two young half-caste guys in their early 20s.
” About ten to one out-numbered I’d say,” I replied, ” Why’s that?”. My question was answered by a microphone clicking into life, ” Well good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our Friday afternoon entertainment at ‘The King *****’, firstly for your delactation, The Mysterious Ayshea!” For the first time I noticed a raised wooden stage backed by a red curtain just to the left of our seats. A harsh spotlight picked out a tall, slender, dark haired girl of about 25yo, wearing a veil over her face and a gold bikini which just about covered her modesty.
” A fucking strip-joint! Your step-dad brings you here? Does your mum know?” Simon gave an answering smile, ” What do you think? It’s a good laugh for a couple of hours,” I stared at him for a moment then back at the girl who was now writhing on the stage with a long, rubber snake that she suggestively moved through her lithe legs, then down her cleavage, flicking her tongue over its head as she moved it to her mouth.
The music she was moving too, ” Chequered Love”, ended. Another, ” Einstein A Go-Go” , began as she removed her veil and gyrated her hips. I sipped at my lager, noticing a well dressed man take up a seat to the rear of our table. Simon drank his bitter, his eyes on her, slightly widening as she undid her bra and removed it to reveal two small breasts topped by a pair of pert,pink nipples, ” You enjoying the view?” I asked , he gulped his beer,
” Yes but her tits aren’t a pinch on yours babe,”
” Flattery will get you nowhere!” I laughed taking a large swig of my lager as the stripper made more use of her fake snake as she seductively rolled her bikini bottoms down her tanned thighs. Her shaven mound glistening in the harsh glare of the spotlight, the track ended and she lay for a moment sweat shining on her brow, her eyes caught mine and she flashed a smile and gave a sly wink. The music re-started, ” They usually do three records each, dance, strip and play,” Simon explained as she made the opening moves in her play to Juice Newton’s ” Angel of the Morning”. She bent over, her pert bum parting as she pulled the snake through, then she lay on the dusty floor, making provocative movements with the head of the snake towards her shaven pussy area whilst her other hand massaged her tits , tweaking her nipples as she did. Simon sat transfixed, sipping his pint watching her “dance” intently. I looked around, almost every single guy was watching her, one of the two girls was now kissing a dark haired man at her table, her friend was now sitting between two older guys, all three watching the stripper closely. The 30-something was sipping what looked like a gin and tonic, the older man had his left hand resting on her thigh, stroking it up and down as he watched the girl spreading her legs wide upon the stage. As for the two 50 plusses, they had now changed seats so that they were now sitting in a girl, boy, girl boy formation.
Juice Newton’s powerful voice finished her song, the girl’s performance ended, the snake fully five or six inches inside her cunt, she gathered up her bikini as the audience whistled and clapped her off the stage, ” Thank-you Ayshea, beautiful as ever, give her another round of applause!” The compere a large, balding man in his mid 40s continued, ” Now here for the first time at ‘The King *****’ is the wonderful Janice!” Simon gulped down half-a-pint and his face reddened as the stripper came on stage. Two guys roared and whistled loudly as I saw Janice, a chubby 35yo girl, her blonde hair in bunches. She stood in the spotlight dressed perfectly as a St Trinian’s schoolgirl, Simon’s ultimate fantasy! How many times I had dressed like that for him I could not even begin to count, she began to move to Kim Wilde’s ” k**s In America”., her large boobs bouncing as she did, as the music played she teased the audience so well, there were cries of, ” Show us youe schoolie tits baby!” and ” Meet me round the bike-sheds after baby!”. I looked at Simon, his eyes never left the woman for an instant, if I knew him at all I knew he would have a full boner in his tight jeans by now.
Janice sucked on her fingers and jiggled her boobs until the last ‘whoah’ of the record which saw her lifting her thigh length skirt up and jiggling her blue knickered arse straight at the 50 plusses table, one of the guys reached out to touch her fat ass but had his hand knocked away by the busty red-headed lady at his side. I smiled knowing I’d have made a similar move had Simon tried the same move.
The next track began, Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In the Wall’, at ‘we don’t need no education’, she whipped off her skirt, at ‘no thought control’, she loosened her tie and began unbuttoning her shirt. Opposite the girl who had been kissing was now rubbing her hand in her partner’s groin whilst his right hand was up her red ra-ra skirt. Her friend was being well felt up by the guys either side of her, one handling her below the waist, the other above, massaging her small boobs through her yellow vest top, her stimulated nipples standing proud as he did so. As the stripper continued to move it was obvious that beneath her open shirt she was bra-less, her large tits coming fully into view every now and again as she danced. ” She reminds me of you A.J.,” Simon said moving his chair so that he sat by my side, he drained his second pint, ” though obviously nowhere near as sexy.” I saw from the unmistakeable bulge in his light-blue denims that betrayed his rampant erection,” She is good though! Great look, super teaser,” She now dropped her navy blue knickers down her full thighs, once again right infront of the 50 plusses’ table,bending again and spreading herself as she sought their approval, then laughing she threw the discarded knickers at the guy, who caught them and buried his face into them. Simon was now busily stroking my thigh as the stripper’s final song began, Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Boxer’. Suddenly I felt another hand stroking my shoulder, a finger tracing down my spine through my blouse, I turned. The guy in the business suit just smiled at me and carried on his exploration of my back, totally unaware Simon’s full attention was on Janice who had now revealed a long black dildo that she was thrusting into herself with great delight. The blonde woman at the 50 plusses’ table was now bobbing her head up and down upon her young partner’s groin, it being obvious to all what she was doing. He was leaning back, mouth open with his eyes fixed on the stripper who had now, much to the red-head’s chagrin, pulled up his friend onto stage and was lying on her back as he took over the task of dildoing her wet cunt.
The 30-something was engrossed in a full on snog with the older man, their tongues on a mutual exploration of each others mouths, they seemed totally unaware of the actions on stage before them. A huge cheer broke their embrace as the stripper got onto her knees, her breasts hanging from her shirt as she sucked greedily on the young half-caste’s growing cock, Simon gripped my thigh firmly and my hand brushed across his hard erection eliciting a low moan, behind me I felt the stranger’s fingers twirling my blonde hair as it hung down my back, then his touch settled on my bra and with a single deft movement unclasped it. I felt my tits move as their restraint was loosened , my hand went to my chest. Simon still watched his fantasy unfold on stage as the music began to fade. A huge ovation greeted Janice, cries of “More, More!” and ” Encore!” erupted from the watching guys, Simon included. The young guy stood on stage his cock standing proudly with a string of spittle hanging from its tip, ” That OK Janice love? One more song?” The compere’s words had quietened the applause, Janice nodded her agreement and Pink Floyd made a repeat performance. She carried on where she had left off, taking the young guy back firmly into her mouth as she cupped his full, hanging balls and carried on with her blow-job. My tits moved again as I sank my third pint of lager, I stole a quick glance at the guy, he merely continued to smile then motioned to the 30-something and her partner who were leaving the main bar area. Simon’s hand moved higher, pushing my grey skirt higher on my thigh, displaying my stocking top and suspender for the man who still fondled my hair. A huge cheer went up, on stage Janice had turned around and was offering her bare rear to the guy, he happily accepted her offer and slipped inside her. ” Fuck me she is hot!” Simon said almost breathlessly, I placed my hand on his cock, he was hard as iron, ” Mmm guess we will have fun tonight at your mums, glad I packed my white shirt!” I gave his dick a squeeze as I teased him, ” Then again you might be thinking she’s better,” Simon pushed my hand away, ” Fuckin’ Hell A.J. you’ll have me creaming my pants!” I laughed, feeling my right boob shift as I did, ” The loos that way?” I asked, trying to act nonchalantly, Simon nodded, ” You all right babe?”
” Yeah just desparate for a pee, drank that last pint too fast, won’t be a min,” I picked up my handbag, holding it across my chest I hurried to the loo. I stood before the mirror in the loo, my boobs were obviously askew, I could feel my straps slipping down my arms. Just then I heard the unmistakable sound of somebody fucking. Only one loo was occupied and the sounds came from there, a woman cried out in orgasm followed by a guttural grunt as a man came, then a Yorkshire accent spat, ” I told you to pull out you idiot!”
” Sorry love I tried, I reckon most is on your arse!” As I listened to the post coital squabble I turned to see the mystery guy who had been touching me standing there. He was in a blue pin-striped suit, white shirt and a spotty pink tie. Around 45 to 50yo he stood around six foot with a muscular build, ” Haven’t seen you in here before lovely?” He spoke with a broad Bradford accent, “I’d surely remember a pretty young thing like you.”
At that moment the end door opened and the 30-something exited, buttoning up her top, she was followed by the older guy who was still trying to apologise, ” Afternoon Mags,” the guy in the suit spoke to her, she seemed shocked to see him , ” Er oh hi Tony love, you OK,” she gave me a weak smile and exited after briefly checking her hair, the other man merely nodded at us both and followed after her. ” Right my lover, a quickie then?” His directness shocked me, ” No boyfriend is waiting,” I answered moving towards a cubicle so I could fix my clothing, ” So I saw totally enamoured by that slag on the stage, come on he’ll never know.” He pushed into the cubicle behind me, bolting the door, his mouth found mine and he kissed me deeply as his quick fingers adeptly opened my blouse, he pulled off my loosened bra and laughed,” See what time a bit of prep can save, he unbuckled his trousers, dropping them to his feet. From his pale blue boxers a stiff six inches of cock protruded. I sat on the loo seat and took it into my mouth, his hands feeling my exposed tits as he moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I sucked on it for two minutes before he pulled me to my feet ,turned me around and pushed me forwards over the seat. Feeling my aqua panties unceremoniously pulled past my knees I then felt his hard cock poking at my cunt entrance. In one movement he pushed it into my by now wet pussy and began to ram it in and out. This was fucking without finesse he drove his stiff prick into me time and time again, fingers kneading my tits, twisting and tweaking my hard nipples as he fucked. ” Fuck me my little,fat whore,” he whispered loudly into my ear as he bit my neck gently, ” cum for old Tony right now you young slut!” His fucking grew in intensity, almost as following his orders I felt my orgasm building, feeling my pussy clenching him harder he played with my boobs in an increased ferocity, really tweaking my nipples as his thick cock forcrd its way up my sopping cunt hole bringing me to my second orgasm, suddenly he stopped fucking, his cock spasmed three or four times and I felt his creamy spunk filling me , as his cock pulsed I felt him pull out, then he wiped his cock on some toilet paper. I turned, legs goin to jelly and sat down, he bent forwards , took my left nipple into his mouth for a brief moment then kissed me upon my lips, wiped a globule of cum on my chest and said, ” Very, very nice fuck. So tight and such a great cummer, I love to feel my girls cumming on my prick. Hope to see you again someday,” With that he unbolted the door and left.
I sat, adjusted my bra, aand tried to make sense of what happened, I fastened my blouse, leaving a daring four undone, clearly showing my red-flushed chest. I wiped away the spunk that was oozing from my well fucked pussy with some roll, popped my panties into my handbag, pushed open the door and left. The 50 plus red-head was stood by the sinks, ” Fucking men,” she blurted out as she sa me, ” hope your man’s better than that prick I’m supposedly with, fucking shagging the fat stripper,tsch,” wiping away a tear she moved to a cubicle , entered and locked it. I hurried back out to Simon, he was still applauding the fantasy stripper, a quick look around showed no sign of the man in the suit. On stage Janice was gathering up her skirt and stuff, the half-caste guy was back at the table, stuffing away his deflated cock, his mate sat a self satisfied smile on his face, his arm d****d around the blonde’s shoulder, her face showing the signs of the fce fucking she had undergone, her lipstick smudged and a slight trail of cum exiting the side of her mouth. ” You OK babes?” asked Simon. I pointed at the retreating stripper, “Looks like I missed some fun?”
” Yeah she’s a total old cock whore, took his cock in her ass and cunt,” I looked across, the girls and their men were all gone, the 30-something, Mags, was now sat alone with a new drink. The compere announced, “Brenda from Bierley!”, and as a dark skinned girl of around 30yo came onto the stage, I leaned into Simon, kissing him on the lips, ” Wait till we get to bed tonight,” I whispered, ” I;ll show you what striptease is.”He kissed me back with enthusiasm his hand squeezing my boobs, ” See told you it’s fun in here,” he laughed, ” big turn on too. ” I nodded, ” Infact,” he went on , ” it’s legendary for what goes on , supposed to be so many k**s conceived in the loos , there’s one middle-aged bloke, ‘Randy Tony’ they call him, they say he has two new conquests every Friday. Not seen him today though,” he looked round the pub, I did not bother to tell him that I had certainly seen Randy Tony that lunchtime!]

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