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“Ooh yes, that feel so good. Right there, just a little harder with your thumbs.”
Gina just loved getting massage, she felt the goose bumps spreading across her bare body as her daughter Tanya, who was standing behind her in the bathroom, massaged her stiff t****zuis muscles. This was a routine that had been going on for a few weeks after her evening bath. The doctor had said that non professional massage at home would do her good to besides her regular visit to the chiropractor. She knew that her bad back and neck came from years behind the office desk but also due to her heavy breasts. Doing a breast reduction of her 75 F cups had been brought up to the table but for now she decided to stay as she was. Lifting her gaze she saw Tanya in the mirror standing behind her working her muscles. In her late teens she reminder her self of how she had looked 20 years ago before becoming a mom and all that. Tanyas body was long and slender, her teenage breasts showing inhuman resilience towards hanging down in spite of being so big. Their hair color was the only distinct difference between them, Gina with here brown straight hair and Tanya with her curly blond hair. “This mess may come to you some day in the future so promise me you will take good care of your body, work out and do those back excessive the doctor told us about?” Gina knew how hard it was to think of your your self as old with age related diagnoses but she was trying to convince her daughter to start preparing. “Sure mom, working out is good, tell me something new. How does it feel, are you getting relaxed in your neck?” “It feels alot better, you are becoming really good at this. I hope I never get better” Gina said ironicly. “I’m sooo tired in my hands. Damn you when I get hands like a lumberjack from all this massaging.” Their routine had become an intimate session where they, besides the main massage event shave their legs, fixed their eyebrows, like a private beauty saloon. Everything happened in small steps, like they became more nude and more intimate each evening. “It’s is enough for today, can you help me with the lotion to honey?” It was maybe here that their mother-daughter intimate moment stepped over the line each evening. A few days ago when Gina ago had asked Tanya to apply lotion to her back Tanya had done so to help her mom, and in fact, she loved touching her mom. Maybe more than was appropriate. So without asking she had applied the lotion to her moms full body only leaving the bit covered by Gina’s underwear. They both knew Tanya had spent a great deal on her moms heavy breast but mommy never complained even though at the first time feeling a bit awkward since it was clearly above the line. Gina was now after a few days sure she felt an sexual excitement from it and today she somehow hoped it would feel even better. Tanya pumped on the big bottle of lotion and collected the white creamy substance in her hand. She started from her moms feet and worked her way up her calfs, tighs and stomach. Gina stood up so Tanya could access her backside and her butt. Still working the lotion standing behind her mom, Tanya worked the skin under her moms hanging breast and then fondled them with deep strokes, feeling the nipples stiffen under her hands. She almost couldn’t resist pinching her moms nipples between her fingers but managed herself to take a pause and went up to the bottle of lotion. The air was completely silent. Tanya looked at her mom who looked like she was waiting for the announcement of the next president.
“What mom?” Gina woke from her daydreaming, longing for her daughter to continue, feeling a tingling sensation in her pussy longing for her daughters hands to return again .
“Nothing, I just love, I mean like it so much. You have good hands.” She felt herself blushing as she felt herself scan her daughters almost nude body.
“I love being with you mom and making you feel good. You deserve it.”. She continued with moms chest and breast thinking how massive they where and how soft compared to her own. Tanya felt a familiar sensation in her stomach wondering how it would be to kiss her mom. Gina thanked for the treatment by giving her daughter a hug. They both held on to this naked hug, and feeling their warm skins touch their eyes met and Gina her daughter a friendly kiss.
“Thank you so much dear, this mean so much to me and I really enjoy these moments with you.” Tanya returned the kiss and held on to it a few seconds.

Next evening both om them were longing for their routine. Having gone a bit further last night there were a mix of expectations, curiosity and nervousness. What if the other would freak out, this was by all means immoral and way over line.
“Mom, I am taking a shower. Would you like to wash my hair, like when I was younger. I really miss that. No one makes it as clean as you.”
“Of course dear, let’s jump into the shower.” They had a broad shower niche and there where plenty of space and a wide nozzle. Gina watched Tanya undress, taking of heir v-shaped shirt and her white bra covering her luscious tits. She walked up to the mirror and let loose of her hair falling over her shoulder and chest. Tanya pulled of her skirt and string underwear in one motion. Gina felt her pulse increase as she studied her daughters fantastic body. As Tanya went for the shower Gina noticed her clean shaved pussy, wondering when she had done such as clensing. She looked so clean and perfect.
“Come, there are room for you to mommy” Tanya called and got a instant reaction to her mother who also started undressing. When she finally unhooked her steady balconette her swaying boobs went to their natural position over her belly. Between her legs was a big triangle of dark hair framing in her mature pussy. As she walked up to the shower her hips and meaty butt together with the heavy bags moved in harmony. Somehow she felt shy from being so naked as Tanya watched her body with an indecent interest. They shared the stream of water as good they could before Gina reached for the shampoo bottle, pouring up a big load to be able to go through her daughters long and thick hair. She remembered all hose times she had done this together many years back in the past, but now was somehow different. When she was done she took the shower head and rinsed Tanya’s hair with the hot water. Tanya picked up the the shower gel and poured some in her hand and started applying it to her warm body.
“Please let me help you” Gina said.
“I’d love that mom.” Tanya’s skin felt like a peach under her hands, firm and smooth.

“God, it is so amazing feeling you under my hands. It is like I am touching myself 20 years ago. You have such a beautiful body honey.”
“Then you know how I like to be touched.” Gina stood behind her daughter and massaged her big teenage tits with her soapy hands. She couldn’t resist placing her lips at the back of her neck while feeling Tanyas tight butt against her frontside Tanya moaned from the gentle touch and reached back to touch her moms upper thighs, just briefly touching the nearby pubic hair. Gina sighed as her hands worked their way down Tanya’s flat stomach. It tickled in Tanya’s tight pussy as Gina’s fingers passed her narrow belly bottom. With slow motions Gina worked the soap over Tanya’s delicate butt. Tanya longed so for her to touch her intimate parts. Gina lifted her daughters right leg so that it rested on the pipes console. This freed the inside of her legs, making her labia separate somewhat. Tanya purred from extacy and felt how wet she was, not only from the shower. This forbidden feeling made her body scream from more, yet she didn’t dare to do anything more than await her moms moves. Everything moved immensly slow, time stood still when Gina grabbed for more soap. Continuing with Tanya’s feet, squeezing her fingers between her toes before moving upward over her calfs. Gina felt the stream of water running down over her, flowing over her erect nipples, down her belly and through her pubic har, rushing my her tense pussy. Like every waterdrop did its collective work on her sensitive body. She knew she was over the line, but she couldn’t resist the need to go further, over the boundaries of in***t. She remember when her thigs had been as muscules and tight as Tanya’s were. Her both hands circled around, higher and higher up. Tanya gasped as her mother’s fingers rushed by the fringe of her crotch, realizing she was pulling her own tense nipples to increase the feeling. Gina gently washed her pussy by reaching her hand under Gina dragging her hand from her lower belly over her lips and to her ass slowly back and forth. Tanya bites her tongue as she tries to choke her own moan.
As Gina stands up and her breasts brushes her side, her daughter almost looks frighten. She takes the shower head in her hand and rinses Tanya’s soapy body clean from soap. Tanya almost comes as her mom directs the nostril against her breasts and crotch. Deliberately she hangs on a little while over her now acing pussy.
“Oh, I can’t bare it, it feels so good mom.”
She leans forward and places her lips over Gina’s mouth who returns it my opening her mouth and welcoming Tanya’s swirling tongue. The kiss is short but passionate before Gina withdraws and instead embraces Tanya in a hug.
“Oh god, I am sorry. I couldn’t help it but we shouldn’t.”
“Please forgive me, it felt so good and I got carried away.”
They cling on to eachother and Gina can’t resist to once again place her lips on Tanya’s neck, she opens her mouth lets her tounge glide from her neck over her cheek. When Tanya turns her head to once again welcome her mothers lips the kiss is more sensual and they make out with each other more eagerly.
“Oh bejby, I love you so much.”, Gina whisper between their kisses.
Tanya starts exploring Gina’s neck and shoulders with her mouth. She works her way down, over the chest. Gina helps her in the motion, draggin her head to her breast and sensitive nipples. Tanya plays with her boobs with her mouths and hands while listening to her mother moans. The kiss is even more deep and erotic the next time as Tanya meets her lips. The deamon in Gina grows stronger and she can’t resist letting her hand wonder down Tanya’s luscious body as she starts caressing her pussy feeling her young body shake from the direct touch.
“Yeeaah, aaaaah, don’t stop, pleaaase.” Tanya begs.
Gina keeps pleasing her with her hand before directing Tina to turn around and bending forward against the wall. With her butt backwards and hands high up on the wall Tanya’s pitch increases further as she feels a finger being pushed into her tight pussy from behind. When she feels the other hand same time rubbing her swollen clitoris the overwelming feeling is brings her to a powerful orgasm in only a few minus.
“Oh yes, I am comming mom, ooooh, yeeaaaaaah.”
“Let it out, feel the orgasm come.” Gina commands as Tanya screamed out, feeling the powerful wavelike contractions in her pussy and entire body flood through her.
Shuddering from the sudden chill when coming back to reality, Tanya stands up to yet again face her mother again. Gina turns off the water and reaches for Tanya’s red bath robe. She takes her own robe on to and then silently leading Tanya to her bedroom.
“I guess you needed that?” Gina says smiling.
“Thank you so much, it felt so immensely good.”
“Come here”, she whispers, laying down in her bed. Tanya follows her moms hungry eyes and to once again meet her lips. Gina longs for complete satisfaction, hoping she can bring Tanya to please her wet genitals. She can’t wait to spread her legs but understands she must take it in small steps, not knowing what Tanya is prepared to do for her. Any moral and judgmental thoughs will be delt with later. Gina opens her robe, indicating she wants Tanya to remove it. Moments they are both naked with Tanya on top.
“Do you want me to…”, Tanya is cut off by her mom hushing her.
“Shhh, don’t speak.”
She pushes Tanya’s head down and welcomes her kisses over her breasts and upper body. It does not take long until Tanya reaches further down, over her belly and the insides of her thighs. Panting from her need for intimate stimuli she separates her legs wide welcoming Tanya’s exploring mouth over her pussy. Tanya feels the strong smell when moving down through and separating the thick bush of hair to the sides as she licks the labias and area around Ginas clitoris. Listening to her mothers loud moans she pleasures her aching pussy with intensity.
“Put some fingers inside me”, Gina begs.
As she pushes two fingers in and out of her with twisting movements Gina whimpers.
“Right there, oooh honey, I love that, yeeesss.” welcoming them by moving her hips rhythmically with Tanya’s finger movement.
After a while Tanya adds more fingers and is finally pushing all fingers except her thumb with deep motions while licking on Ginas clit. With both her hands Gina presses Tanyas head down as she narrows climax.
“I am so close, continue, yeeees, aaaaaaoooooooh…” The orgasm is so powerful, an exploding a wave through Ginas body. When her groans have evened out they both lay side by side in the bed with Tanya resting her head on Gina’s chest.

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