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Made My s****r A Chocolate Cake!

My name is Rahul! I’m 22 year old! I’m an athlete, with 6′ long dick!

It all started in my 12 standard holidays when my cousin s****r Roopa (name changed) came to my house for holidays; we used to be like best friends share each and every thing of our lives. Forgot to tell you guys about her; she was 22 at that time with curvy body that any boy would easily get turned on just looking at her with clothes on!

As I told you Roopa would share everything with me. One day she started telling me about her love stories, how did she kiss her boy friends and all, these types of talks were pretty common between us guys.

It was Sunday we both were talking about her boy friends and how far did she go with them physically and all, she asked me like,

Roopa: Rahul you never kissed a girl before?

Me: no didi, I think I wouldn’t stop with a kiss if I ended up kissing a girl!

Roopa: so “romantic boy”, what would you do more than kissing my little b*o.

Me: it’s hard to explain didi, better you sl**p now it’s already late.

Roopa: do you know that it’s your b’day tomorrow??

Me: yeah!! What’s so special in that anyways mom n dad will be going to office, my friends they come in the evening to party!

Roopa: see I’ll make sure you’ll remember this b’day for life time little b*o, good night now sl**p!

Me: let’s see

The very next morning when I woke up my mom n dad wished me and left for office I went to my s*s room to wake her up I pulled of the bed sheet of hers, and what I saw was amazing. She was sl**ping with only bra and shorts. The very next moment I decided to fuck her that day. Later I got to know that she also wanted me badly. So after looking at her in that position I slowly kept my hands in my shorts and shagged off and left from the room.

My s*s woke up and got ready by that time I also got ready. She went into the kitchen and started making a chocolate cake for me.

Roopa: Rahul once come into the kitchen and help me out na please!

Me: anything for you didi, tell me what should I do??

Roopa: just take that cloth and clean that chocolate syrup on my neck na please??

Then the devil inside me started playing its part, it stuck with an awesome idea that why to just rub it off with a cloth let’s do it differently!

Me: didi, I’m not finding cloth anywhere! Now how??

Roopa: clean it with your hand then!

Me: no I don’t wanna get my hands dirty.

Roopa: clean it somehow then!

Me: OK

Then I went close towards her slowly and pushed her hair aside and placed my mouth on her neck we’re the chocolate syrup was there. And at da same time I pushed my tool towards her ass crack and then slowly placed my hands on her hip and pressed it slightly.

Roopa: Rahul what are you doing?? I’m your s****r, ahhhh

Me: didn’t you feel good s*s??? Tell me I’ll leave u right now!

Roopa: I wish I had chocolate on whole body my little b*o!

Then I poured full chocolate syrup on her body and started licking from head to toe, I tore her clothes off sucked her boobs for some time and pulled her pyjama or something, lifted her and placed her on the kitchen floor took that syrup in my hand and rubbed it on her pussy,

Me: baby you were making s chocolate cake for me right, see now how I’m gonna taste it!

Roopa: ahhhh! Taste it before it melts Rahullll. Ahhh.

Me: baby your pussy tastes so damn good. Oh yeah. It’s more like a hot chocolate melting in my mouth. Ummmmmm. Ummmmm.

I licked her pussy like crazy and drank her juices till her pussy got dried, then she got down on her knees and licked and sucked my dick like a pro.

Me: uhhhhh. Ahhhh. You suck like a pro my darling oh yeah. Suck it hard ahhh.

I lifted her in my arms and threw her on my bed, turned on the ac and decreased the temperature and literally fucked her till we sweat.

Roopa: ahhh. Rahuuullll. Fuck me. Motherfucker dig my pussy with your. Oh yeah drilling machine

Me: Roopa ah. Ah I’m cumming Oooohhh

Roopa: oh yeah. Don’t stop, cum inside me fucker. Ahhh.

Then we hugged each other and slept for some time, she woke up and again gave me a quickie, wished me happy b’day with a wink. After that we hardly had a chance to have sex, she got married and moved to another city, while leaving she left a surprise for me, which I’m going to tell in my next story.

Guys please do send comments and opinions so that I could be clearer on my next story. Adios and thank you all.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:14 pm

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