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Making Julie and Emma my slaves Part 1

Making Julie and Emma my slaves Part 1
After flashing to several women in a park, I was in the men’s toilets in the park, I was naked and wanking gently, staring out of the window which overlooked the path.
Suddenly the door opened and a young woman walked in. Instinctively, I covered my cock with my hand but I didn’t have to worry, she approached me and got onto her knees.
“Please sir” she said, “I saw you earlier wanking in front of several women, I need help, I need to be punished, tortured and humiliated sir”
“Stand up and strip naked bitch” I ordered her. I inspected her body, she was slim, very small tits, clean shaven pussy, she looked really young. “What’s your name and how old are you?” I demanded.
“My name is Julie sir, I’m 19 years old” she replied.
“Only 19 and you are maso?” I said in surprise, “Explain bitch”
“I was brought up very strictly” she said, “I was beaten and ****d by my father and uncle since a very young age. I have learnt to respect and be submissive to men so I’m looking for a very cruel and sadistic man to abuse me totally”
I put my hand between her legs, took her clitoris between finger and thumb and twisted it savagely, she yelled in pain.
“Are you sure you want this?” I demanded, “I warn you I am a total sadist, and you will suffer horribly”
“Oh yes sir, please sir, I so need someone to beat and torture me” she gasped.
“Look at my cock” I ordered her, “You see how big it is, 14 inches, do think you be able to take it, in your arse as well as your tight little cunt?” I continued to twist her clitoris brutally, tears rolled down her cheeks.
“I will take it sir” she sobbed. I laughed.
“Yes you will” I said, “Because it won’t only be me that will **** and torture you constantly, I’ll invite my friends around to join in” I released her clitoris. “Now get on your knees and open your mouth” I ordered her.
I put my hands behind her head and f***ed my huge meat all the way down her throat as she gagged and struggled. I moaned with pleasure as I throat fucked her savagely until, with a yell of pleasure, I sent my hot, thick, salty spunk flooding down her throat. I dragged her to her feet by the hair. I slapped her face hard, three times, she yelped and began to cry.
“So tell me” I growled, “What instruments do you have for me to punish you with?”
“I have a school cane and a short whip sir” she sobbed. I slapped her three more times.
“That’s not good enough bitch” I snapped, “We’ll have to pass by my place to get some real torture equipment”
I began to get dressed, she reached for her clothes as well, I punched her in the stomach and she fell to the floor.
“I didn’t tell you to get dressed” I snarled, “You will stay naked at all times from now on”
I finished dressing and dragged her out of the toilet leaving her clothes on the floor. I marched her along the path to the car park, punching her, slapping her and insulting all the way. At my car, I put her in the passenger seat, handcuffed her wrists behind the seat and drove to my flat.
At my place, I gathered up into a hold-all several vicious whips, various torture instruments, ropes, harnesses and a dozen huge dildos. Back in the car, she told me where she lived and I drove her there.
I started by inspecting the house. First she led me down to a large humid cellar.
“This will be converted into a dungeon and torture chamber” I told her, “When you are not being abused, you will be kept in cages down here”
I dragged her back upstairs and inspected the rest of the house. When I came to the bedrooms, I laughed. “These rooms will be used to accommodate my guests because you won’t use them, you bitch will sl**p in cages in the cellar. While the cellar is being converted, you will sl**p tied up in the garage. As for your clothes, they will be burnt, you won’t need them because you will be naked at all times. So what have you got to say bitch?”
“Thank you sir” she replied meekly.
“You realize that from now on I own you slut, you are mine to use as I wish? And you will address me as Master from now on?” I said.
“Yes master, thank you master” she replied. We went into the lounge, there was a long dining table, some chairs and a sofa.
“The table will do nicely until the dungeon is constructed” I said, “Lie down on your back bitch” I ordered her.
I put a cushion under the small of her back to push her bald cunt in the air then tied her wrists and ankles to the four table legs so that she was stretched solidly with her legs wide open. I selected an enormous dildo (20 inches long and 10 inches in circumference) and f***ed it all the up her arsehole as she howled in pain. Then I took a heavy leather studded strap and began to beat her cunt hard but slowly, leaving a short pause between each stroke to allow the pain to sink into her tender flesh. As I worked, she screamed in agony, twisting around uselessly in her bonds, I continued until her cunt was swollen and black. Next I lit a cigarette and parted her cunt lips and burned them all along from the top to the bottom. I finished by pushing the red hot ember into her cunt hole and left it there to burn her deeply.
My cock was rock hard, I rammed it into her battered and burnt cunt brutally, she screamed in agony. I fucked her hard, savagely, I slapped her tiny tits and her face, insulting as I ponded in and out of her, she yelled and sobbed. After a few minutes, I spunked deep inside her and withdrew gasping. She was sobbing, her cunt dripped spunk. Suddenly the door opened and another young girl aged around 17, dressed in a school uniform walked into the room. She gasped at the sight before her, my cock began to harden again at the sight of her, she was slim, long blond hair, angel faced, her tiny tits with no bra poked at the thin material of her school blouse, her very short uniform skirt revealed her lovely firm thighs. I grabbed her by the hair and f***ed her to her knees.
“Who the fuck are you?” I growled.
“She’s my s****r Emma” Julie sobbed.
“And how old are you Emma?” I demanded. Sobbing, she replied that she was 17. Holding her head firmly, I placed my cock head against her lips.
“Open your mouth and suck me slut” I snapped.
Sobbing, tears rolling down her face, she obeyed, I f***ed my hardening cock down her throat as she struggled and gagged. I face fucked her brutally, moaning with pleasure as I rammed my huge cock down her throat until with a gasp, I spunked deep into her throat. I withdrew, she coughed, my spunk splattered from her mouth onto the floor. I pulled her to her feet by her hair.
“Strip naked slut” I snapped.
My spunk dripping down her chin, she was sobbing and trembling as she stripped. Her young body was perfect, very tiny tits like those of 12 or 13 year old, clean shaven pussy, the lips tight and firm like those of a c***d. My cock began to harden once more at the sight. I f***ed her to her knees and pushed her mouth onto Julie’s battered and spunk filled cunt.
“Suck out the spunk from your s****r’s filthy cunt bitch” I ordered her.
I held her head firmly on Julie’s cunt and whipped her back as she sucked out the spunk, gagging and spluttering. When she had finished, I threw her on her back on the floor and whipped her whole body with the short heavy leather whip as she squirmed around and screamed, trying vainly to defend herself. I kicked her, punched her, insulted her, my cock was getting hard again.
“Please sir” Julie sobbed, “I need to go to the toilet”
“Good” I laughed, “You’ve got a toilet right in front of you bitch” I f***ed Emma’s mouth against her cunt and ordered her to piss. Emma gagged and spluttered as she was f***ed to swallow the warm acrid liquid. When Julie had finished pissing, I made Emma lick her cunt clean then dragged her to her feet. I inspected her body, squeezing her tiny tits, pinching her nipples, I squeezed her buttocks, parting the cheeks I rammed two fingers dry up her arsehole, she gasped. With the other hand, I pinched and twisted her tiny clitoris, she yelped, sobbing, I rammed two fingers up her tight cunt. I continued to thrust my fingers up her two holes, I introduced a third up each hole and pounded them in and out brutally as she gasped and cried out. When I ripped the fingers out savagely, she yelled and fell to the floor holding her cunt and sobbing. I dragged her back to her feet.
“You’ve got a lovely body, your cunt is nice and tight, I’m going to fuck you hard bitch” I told her, “Your body is almost like the body of a c***d, I’ve got some mates with huge cocks who appreciate c***dlike bodies like yours”
“No please sir” she sobbed, “Please don’t fuck me”
I slapped her face hard. « Shut the fuck up slut » I growled, « You’re going to get my cock up your cunt, your arsehole and in your mouth »

“Why not” I said, “I felt you’re not a virgin bitch”
“I’ve never had sex sir” she said, sobbing, “I was fingered by two boys at school when I was 14, they f***ed me to suck them as well”
“Well, it’s going to be a first experience for you then, you’re almost a virgin and my mates will love that” I laughed, “We’ll start off with my cock, in your cunt and your arsehole slut” She glanced at my rock hard 12 inch meat and her eyes widened with terror.
“Oh no sir, please no” she sobbed, ‘It’s too big” I slapped her face hard.
“Shut the fuck up bitch” I snapped, “Get used to the fact that from now on you and your whore s****r are now mine and I’ll use you as I want”
I untied Julie from the table and replaced her by Emma Using the heavy leather strap, I thrashed her cunt slowly, very hard, as she screamed in agony and writhed in her bonds. When her cunt was swollen and black, I f***ed Julie to lick and suck her cunt to lubricate her ready to receive my monster cock. When Emma was soaking wet, I parted her battered lips and rammed my cock up her in a single vicious thrust. She howled in pain as my huge meat ripped her open. I fucked her fast and brutally as she howled, her tight cunt gripped my huge hard cock like a fist and I moaned with pleasure. After several minutes, I shot my hot, thick spunk up her cunt then I made Julie suck it all out as I whipped her back. When it was over, I led the two girls to their bedroom.
I emptied the cupboards and drawers of all their clothes and threw them into a pile on the floor. For Emma, I let her keep her school uniform, several of my mates adore fucking girls dressed as schoolgirls, for Julie, I let her keep a very short mini-skirt and a thin transparent blouse (no bra or panties of course). I intended in the future to send her shopping dressed like that so everyone could see her tits clearly and her cunt when she bent forwards. Then I made them gather up the clothes and led them down to the garden.
I made them put all their clothes in a pile with pieces of wood, poured petrol over them and lit a bonfire. They sobbed as they watched their clothes burn. Once the flames had died down, I f***ed them to sit on the red hot embers. They cried out and struggled but I held them there solidly for over 3 minutes letting the coals burn their buttocks deeply, the smell of burning flesh filled the air. Then I dragged them into the garage and slammed them down across a workbench. They were sobbing and trembling as I tied them down, their bum cheeks were deeply burned, covered in burn blisters. But for me they had not suffered enough yet.
I took a long length of thick electrical cable, I started with Julie, I thrashed her buttocks hard, slowly, for over ten minutes as she screamed, I continued until her buttocks were swollen, black and lacerated. My cock was rock hard again, I parted her cheeks and sodomized her viciously sending my hot cream deep up her arsehole. After a short break, I repeated the procedure on Emma.
I searched around the garage and found two large bowls which I put side by side and half-filled them with bleach. I untied them from the workbench and made them sit in the bowls back to back, they cried in pain as the bleach entered their wounds, burning them deeply. To make sure they couldn’t get up, I tied each girl’s ankles together and bound their arms together behind their backs. Before leaving them for a while, I took another thinner length of electrical cable and whipped their tiny tits until they were black and bleeding.
I went back into the house and searched around. I found their identity papers, bank cards and other papers. I phoned Emma’s school and, pretending to be her dad, I told them we were moving away to another town so Emma wouldn’t be going back to that school anymore. Then I phoned six of my mates, all in the building trade, I told them about the girls and my plans to make a torture chamber in the cellar. They were very excited and they agreed to work for free in exchange for being able to **** and torture the girls without limits. I agreed and we arranged for them to come and measure up the cellar the next day. Then I returned to the garage. The girls were sobbing, their buttocks had been soaking in the bleach for two hours. But before releasing them from the bowls, I pissed over their heads and into their mouths. I untied them, let them get up from the bowls and inspected their buttocks. The bleach had done it’s work, their cheeks were inflamed and dripping puss, just touching their cheeks gently made them howl in agony. I hung them by the wrists face to face from a beam in the ceiling them bound their bodies tightly together. To finish the day’s torture, I whipped their backs for over thirty minutes until they were lacerated and bleeding. I left them hanging there the whole night, I slept in Julie’s bed and dreamed about what I was going to make the two young sluts suffer in the future !!!
To be continued ….

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