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Making Mom Happy

Growing up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Graham had always looked forward to spending the summer at the beach with his f****y. The Jersey shore may mean big hair and Guidos everywhere else but for him it meant the boardwalk and miniature golf, pure f****y fun. Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May were indelibly burnt into his c***dhood memories. However, this year it looked grim for any f****y fun.

Sitting on the couch, the evening news played in the background as he ran things over in his head. His father had told him over his winter break from college that he was divorcing his mother to shack up with his twenty-five year old secretary which put quite a damper on Christmas. It had hit his mother hard who still cried some nights over the ending of her marriage. He’d spent his time since the last semester ended bumming around the house while trying to cheer up his mother. But, it was his last summer to enjoy his freedom since he’d graduate next year and would need to become a responsible adult.

His mother walked in from the kitchen in her navy pajama pants and a simple white top with spaghetti straps. He’d always thought her gorgeous and the years hadn’t changed his opinion. She kept herself in shape and indulged in all those feminine things like spa treatments, facials and pedicures. Her long, raven black hair was as luxurious as ever and the shirt she wore showed that her shapely C-cups hadn’t sagged. Most of all, she carried herself with a quiet elegance he admired and wished he could find in a woman for himself.

“Mom,” he asked, a stray thought coming to him. “Does Uncle Mike still have that house in Jersey?” Her b*****r Mike ran a successful construction business in Bucks County catering to rich people who wanted expensive houses.

“I think so,” she mused, her voice warm despite the weariness in it. “Why?”

“Well, I was thinking. Why don’t we take a weeks vacation down to the shore like we always use to.”

“Oh, I don’t know… it wouldn’t be the same.”

He was glad she hadn’t added ‘without your father but the sadness showed in her face anyway. “But this is my last summer for a while to go,” Graham whined. “Besides, you could use a vacation too.”

She looked at him for a moment without saying a word before walking over to the couch and throwing herself down next to her son. “It would be nice to spend some time with my Teddy Graham before he is a man and doesn’t have time for his old mother.” A grin was on her face as she wrapped an arm around Graham’s back and hugged her son against her side.

Graham rolled his eyes at her nickname for him ever since he could remember but he felt elated to see her smiling. All through his c***dhood she’d had a smile on her face constantly and was a constant optimist. All of that had gone away since his dad had admitted his affair and filed for divorce. “Great, let me call Uncle Mike and see if we can use it and then we can get to planning things.”

Not wanting to give his mother a chance to change her mind, he called his Uncle right away and, after chatting about life, found out he did indeed still have a place down in Margate City. Even better, it was right next to the beach and his f****y didn’t have plans to go down for a month since he was wrapped up in securing a new deal on a property in Center City Philly. Hanging up, he discussed things with his mother and they decided she’d put in to have off next week from her job at an insurance company. And he would grab the keys from his Uncle by Friday so they could take off on Saturday morning for the Jersey shore.

Graham couldn’t help noticing how upbeat his mother was the rest of the week. They spent a lot more time talking or simply sitting on the couch watching movies, and he didn’t even balk once when she would put in a chick flick on occasion. Even with the time together, the week took an eternity to get over for Graham who’d been restless for a while.

Friday finally came and he grabbed the keys along with the alarm code for the beach house from his Uncle. He spent the rest of the day packing and loading the car up with his stuff and his mother’s bags she’d packed during the week. When his mother finally got home, they had a nice dinner chatting about what they would do and he noted how she never mentioned going out on the beach. sl**ping that night was difficult as he always had trouble getting rest before a trip because of nervous energy.

After a fitful night of sl**p, Graham got up, throwing on a pair of khaki shorts and a navy Henley, and began making breakfast. The coffee was essential but the whole wheat waffles were more for his mother, wanting to start her vacation right. They had been close when he was younger but he had let the rebellious teen stage push them apart, only realizing in college just how much she had done for him, how much she’d given of herself. Now, he wanted to give back to her, to see her happy like she’d done for him.

Soon, the flapping of leather on wood sounded in the hallway and he looked up at his mother, amazed at how gorgeous she could look in the simplest of outfits. She wore a teal sun dress that set off her tan skin and bared her fit shoulders and arms. The hem of the dress stopped just short of her knees so her shapely legs were on display down to her sandal covered feet. But the smile on her lips was what caught Graham’s gaze, pleased to see it was becoming a permanent fixture again.

“Breakfast is ready,” he said, setting a plate of waffles on the center island.

“You’re going to spoil me,” she retorted, grabbing a cup of coffee.

“Beautiful women should be spoiled.” Graham smiled at her hoping his ego stroking wasn’t over the top but she was in need of a boost.

“My son, the charmer. Or is it the player?”

They both snickered at her comment knowing he was never one to treat women like something to chalk up and prove himself. Eating quietly, they were soon on the road heading through a grey, ugly Philly before the green of the New Jersey countryside was passing by them. The weather was beautiful for the trip with plenty of blue sky and sun as they took the back roads not wanting to deal with traffic on the Garden State Parkway. It let them stop along the way as they wished.

As they got closer, music from the 80’s blaring from the speakers, Graham glanced over at his mother. “I was thinking we could hit the beach when we get there and leave unpacking for later. A dip in the ocean sounds good right now.”

She looked over at him hesitantly as the smile slipped from her lips. “You can do that,” she started, her words low. “But I didn’t bring a bathing suit as no one wants to see my old ass in one.”

The tires squealed on pavement as Graham hit the brakes and turned sharply into a parking lot. He moved into the back of the lot before slamming the car into park, shifting in his seat to face his startled mother. “Don’t talk like that,” he said more vehemently than he meant. “You are beautiful and any man would be ecstatic to see you in a bikini. I wish I could find a woman as gorgeous and elegant as you are. Dad was an idiot to leave someone as hot as you are so stop putting yourself down.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No, I’m not. I’m being honest with you. I just don’t go around saying you’re hot because it’s weird.”

“No, it’s not weird. And thank you.”

Mother and son drove in silence for a little bit after that but they both had smiles on their faces, the little exchange touching both of them. Graham was surprised when his mother suggested they stop at a little boutique in Egg Harbor to look for a suit for her. It was near where they were heading so he headed that way hoping there were other stores in the area. He’d gone shopping with his mother before and it could take a while so he’d have to find something to keep him busy while she looked. Traffic was heavy but thankfully he’d avoided some of the worst going the back ways and pulled the car into a spot near the store she wanted.

He got out and looked up and down the strip mall, trying to figure out where he’d go, when his mother asked him to come in with him. His curious glare provoked a giggle before she said he had to help since he thought she would look hot in a swimsuit so she’d need some encouragement to pick one out. Snickering, he shrugged and headed into the store with her, the bell ringing as they walked inside to be surrounded by the perfumed air and racks of clothes.

They looked through the racks of swimsuits with Graham standing next to his mother, looking at everything she paused on. She kept quickly passing over the bikini’s and going for the one piece suits as she slid the plastic hangers over the metal rack. When she finally held up a simple black and white one piece, Graham pursed his lips for a moment before reaching past her to pull out a bikini that was a light blue she liked. “How about this one,” he asked.

She looked at him suspiciously for a moment before looking at the item again, a pained look on her face. “I can’t wear that on the beach,” she said, not willing to bring up the ‘because no one wanted to see her in it’ again.

“Well, you can wear it at the pool,” he replied. “Uncle Mike said the place has a nice, secluded pool in the back. And it will save you the trouble of having to wash out one suit to use between the beach and the pool.” He told himself it was just because he wanted to boost her body image that he pushed but Graham couldn’t help finding a strange thrill at his mother in the suit just for him to admire.

Grabbing the bikini, she took it with the swim suit she picked out and headed back to the changing room with her son following. He took a seat outside while she disappeared behind the door. It was weird, he thought, sitting there facing the door that was open at the bottom and top. He could see his mother strip out of her dress and caught sight of the panties at her ankles just before she pulled them off. It stirred the excitement inside of him, feeling himself getting hard, before the guilt flooded him a short while later. He shouldn’t be excited thinking about his mother that way.

Then, the door clicked and she walked out causing him to harden even more despite his guilt. She looked gorgeous in the bikini as it held her lovely breasts and displayed her well-formed body just wonderfully. She turned around and he got to see her firm ass held back by just some thin material, the natural curves of her ass well displayed by the tight bottom. He had to swallow hard as she turned back around and looked at him expectantly. “You look wonderful,” he said, his voice sounding strained.

His mother stood there for a moment looking at him with a curious gaze before turning on her bare feet and going back in. He heard her trying on the other suit but she never came out which added to the guilt he was already feeling. She must have seen his reaction to the suit and everything, thinking her son was some sick pervert getting hard because of his mother. He took deep breaths trying not to freak out despite his mind wanting to linger on the image of her in the bikini.

Finally, his mother unlocked the door and came walking out in her sun dress, the suits slung over her arm. She held out a hand to him which he looked at for a moment before taking it, letting her lead him to the cashier. Once she paid for both suits, she led him out of the door and paused to give him a kiss on the cheek, something she hadn’t done in a while.

They got back in the car and headed to the beach house as the day was getting late. The house was a modern structure his uncle had built just to his specifications. It was a dark gray building with lots of windows and a large deck. The pool was on the first floor out back and a hot tub was off the master bedroom on the deck. It was a lot of black and metal in the kitchen and bathrooms, nice but not really either of their tastes. Taking the bags in, he set them near the stairs while they looked around.

“I think it might be getting too late to go out on the beach,” his mother said, opening the sliding glass door that led to the pool area.

“Yeah,” Graham said sadly.

“Well,” she said, looking back at him. “It was a long day. How about we just order in some pizza and take a dip in the hot tub?”

Graham carried the bags up stairs and put them all in the large master bedroom that took up the back half of the second floor. He was about to head back down when his mother appeared behind him, looking around the room curiously. She walked over to the bed and gave it a push with her hands.

“You can take this room,” he said, nodding towards the bed.

“Don’t be silly,” she said suddenly, turning towards him. “You are not cramming yourself on that c***d’s bed in the other room and I’m not having you sl**p on the couch. We can share the bed, it’s not like it’s the first time we have and we both are grown adults.”

Before he could argue, she grabbed the phone that was on the side table and called to order the pizza. It was true when he was a k** he’d slept with his mother when he was scared or they were visiting f****y but that had been years ago. He was glad he had brought some pajama bottoms with him since he normally slept in the nude, not something he was about to do with his mother in the same bed.

Grabbing his swim trunks out of the bag, Graham headed to the downstairs bathroom to change while waiting for the pizza. The vacation had taken a strange turn he felt but his mother seemed happy so he couldn’t be upset. He would just have to stuff down the strange thoughts until it was over and just enjoy the time with his mother. She was already in the living room sitting when he came in wearing only his shorts, smirking as he walked over to sit on the couch.

“So, should I mention how hot you are,” she asked, teasing.

“Well, I don’t hear it often so I won’t complain.”

She slapped his shoulder playfully as she let out a snicker. “Please, the girls were always talking about what a handsome boy I have. Trust me, I’m a woman, I know.”

The pizza man finally arrived which he paid while his mother went in search of something to drink. She had laid out plates along with glass goblets on the coffee table as he brought the pizza box in, pouring generous helpings of red wine into both glasses. They pulled off pieces of the gooey pie to slap on their plates, laughing like teenagers as they joked and indulged in a little bad for you food, sipping at the wine. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d relaxed with his mother like this, if ever, and it was nice to let the barriers down and just have fun.

By the time they were done, they had finished off a whole bottle of wine and their mouths, along with their fingers, were covered in grease. After washing up, they decided to head to the hot tub. Graham grabbed a towel from the bag and headed out onto the deck while his mother took her bag from the store and headed into the bathroom. The cool night air contrasted nicely with the warm water of the tub as he hit the controls to start it frothing as it came to life.

Stepping into the water, Graham began to sweat right away, already warm from the wine coursing through his system. The jets of water pounded against him as he settled in, feeling it ease into his muscles still sore from the drive. Leaning back in the built in seats, he looked up at the night sky, almost cloudless so all the stars twinkled above them. The sound of crashing waves filled the air from the surf just a few yards away from them, though barely audible over the rumbling water.

The sound of the sliding glass door to the bedroom brought Grahams head up and he felt his body rebel against him for a moment. She was dressed in the bikini he’d picked out and walking towards him in a sinuous way he could only think it was because of the wine. But, it made her curves move in such a way that he felt himself harden instantly. She looked even better than in the shop and it was almost painful to watch. He’d known his mother to be beautiful and elegant but he’d never seen her look so seductive before, it was like a different person.

“I wore this just for you,” she said, stopping at the edge of the tub. “Do I really look sexy in this, Graham?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, feeling his body flush.

“I think you’re just saying that, sweetie. Being kind to your old mother.” As she said this, she stepped into the hot tub and sat on the edge, letting her calves dangle in the water. Looking at him, her eyes intensely dark, she let her legs spread wide so her feet could rest on the built in seats and exposing the taut material of her bottoms leaving little hidden from her son’s view.

“Trust me, mom. I’m not lying. You look incredible… it’s… your uncomfortably sexy.”

“Words are too easy. Show me.” Her eyes looked hard at her son for a moment before the flickered down and then back up to him. “Prove to your mother that she’s still hot and can turn on a guy.”

A shiver ran through Graham despite the blaring voice in his head saying this was wrong. But why, is it wrong to appreciate another’s body no matter who they are? It wasn’t like they were going to do anything. They were two consenting adults in need of ego boost and some reassurance.

Reaching down under the water, he slipped his thumbs under the waistband of his trunks and slid them down his legs. Once they were off, the water caressing his full erection, he tossed the shorts over the side of the tub, hesitating a moment as he looked at his mother for reassurance. When all he saw was a need to be assured, he carefully lifted himself out of the water and settled himself on the edge, his cock sticking out straight in the air, wisps of steam from the hot water coming off his naked body.

“Oooh,” she said, her voice drawing it out until it sounded overly erotic to him. With his vision taking in her lovely chest, he could see her breathing increasing as her thighs tightened a bit as her eyes took in his cock. It was red with a passion he didn’t understand so the head looked like the tip of an angry bat. “It… it looks painful. I did that to you?”

Graham simply nodded finding his mouth completely dry.

“Well, you can’t just let it go like that,” she said, biting her lower lip. Her gaze roved over her son for a moment taking in all of his body on display and almost making him blush with the intensity of it. He’d never felt as wanted as he did from that look in her eyes. “Why don’t you stroke it and relieve yourself. I’ll see if I can help… motivate you in the right direction.”

As if his body was under her command, his hand wrapped around his shaft just below the head of his member, slowly stroking up and down. As he did, his mother reached up and undid the tie around her neck, letting the straps fall to reveal her lovely breasts that were perfect handfuls. The tan slopes were tipped with brown, wrinkled nipples that were already sticking out like erasers. A groan left him as his cock pulsed in his hand and a bit of fluid leaked from the tip, glistening until he rubbed it into the head.

Watching as she cupped her breasts, he began to slowly stroke up and down his cock, his fingers not completely meeting as he gripped his shaft tight. At the bottom, he’d hold himself tight so he could enjoy the sight of his gorgeous mother topless before moving back up. A moan left him as he twisted his grip as it reached the rim of his helmet and stroked over the sensitive glans.

His mother’s lips parted as he did this, one hand trailing down over her stomach. Then, her fingers were reaching into her bikini bottoms, the fabric conforming to her fingers as they teased her slit. Her body undulated as he watched, playing over her hidden lips peeling the folds open. She fought the want to close her eyes and instead stared at her son, looking directly into his eyes.

Watching her slide fingers inside of her, Graham’s stroking grew more frantic at the intensely erotic sight. No one had ever been so turned on to want to masturbate to him. His strokes matched the increasing rhythm of her fingers as he licked his lips, wishing he could suck on those lovely breasts, slide his cock between them, and have her completely. The fact that she was his mother didn’t register anymore, or more it increased his want, as his own body moved.

“Oh, baby,” his mother moaned. Her right foot moved and reached out to stroke down his calf as she slid her fingers in and out of her pussy with a furious need.

The simple touch of his mother, along with the naughty sight before him, was enough to throw him over the edge. He cried out as his cock pulsed in his hand, his balls drawing up, as he fought to keep his eyes on her. His cum exploded out of the crimson head with enough f***e to splatter over the water and land on one of his mother’s thighs. His voice was a moaning growl as he came like he never had before just jerking off, unleashing stream after stream of his semen.

Even as his spurts began to diminish, his mother cried out as her body shook and one hand grabbed the side of the tub. She flushed as her lips stayed parted in a lovely O as her fingers stroked in and out of her, her thumb teasing her clit. A shuddered breath left her as the orgasm worked through her body with an intensity she was surprised at as she watched her son cum for her.

They both sat there for a moment, panting, their hands absently finishing the slow come down as they looked at each other. He wanted to say something but staring at his mother, couldn’t think of anything. The air felt cold on his naked body as they sat there in silence.

When she’d finally caught her breath, his mother stood up and stepped further into the hot tub, moving over towards him. She stepped close enough for her abdomen to brush against his knees as she reached out a hand. Her fingers stroked over his jaw and drew him down closer to her as she leaned into him. Then, her lips pressed lightly against his in a sweet, lingering kiss, her fingers stroking over his face as she pulled away. “Thank you.”

Graham felt his lips tingling along with the rest of his body as he stepped out of the hot tub along with his mother. They moved silently to the bathroom to clean up. His mother stepped into the shower, turning it on, and he was about to leave when she motioned him to come in, shutting the door behind him.

“I don’t want you to feel bad about what happened,” she said, soaping up a scrubber. “We love each other and there is nothing wrong with having a little fun and taking care of one another.” Before he could say anything, she placed the scrubber against his bare chest and began to lather him up. His mother took her time running her soapy hands over his shoulders and arms before moving down his abdomen. When she got to his groin, she went very gentle and quick as if she was afraid to linger too long there. Crouching down, the scrubber soaped up his legs before guiding him around to hit his ass and back. When she was done, she put away the one scrubber and handed her son another one.

Squirting some soap onto it, Graham began to follow his mother’s example. One hand slathered her chest as the other hand rubbed it into her skin, lifting and kneading her breasts as he did. Slowly, he made his way over her arms and down her abs until he was scrubbing her crotch, not rushing as he massaged at her pussy. Pretending he didn’t hear her increased breathing, he slid his hands down her lovely legs before turning her around. He spent an inordinate amount of time squeezing and scrubbing her behind before moving on to her back as she leaned into him.

Once done, they rinsed off slowly while they held each other under the streaming water. Stepping out of the shower, they both grabbed towels and took turns drying each other off. They headed into the bedroom once dry and she put on a white baby doll nightgown while he slipped under the covers naked. As he settled on his back, she moved onto the bed and d****d her arm over his waist while her head came to rest on his chest. “This is nice,” she murmured.

“Yes, it is,” he replied quietly.

Graham lay there for a long time, relaxed by his mother’s presence but a lingering excitement left from the shower making it hard to fall asl**p. While his conscience told him it was wrong, his body knew only that they both needed this and it hurt no one. He decided his body was right and simply accepted his mother was happy and so was he. The darkness finally overtook him as sl**p pulled him under into a slumber filled with erotic visions of his mother.

Eventually, he felt the heaviness of sl**p rolling of of him as a pleasurable sensations pricked at his mind. For a moment he thought he was still dreaming before lifting his head as the wet slurping sounds came to his ears. He saw his mother had pulled the covers off him and was lounging between his legs sucking on his erection.The sight broke through the lingering wall of sl**p and he was flooded with the pleasure of his mother’s ministrations making him moan.

His mother slowly slid her lips up and off his cock to look up at him with a sly smile. “Sorry, but your morning wood was poking me and I couldn’t resist. It’s both our vacations so why should we resist temptation. I’d much rather break it this week as it’s been a long time since I felt this good, this happy.”

“I want you to be happy, mom. And I want you too.” A smirk was on his lips as he admitted the truth to her and to himself.

To answer him, she engulfed just the head of his member and swirled her tongue around it, paying special attention to the sensitive glands underneath. Her lips started to slide down his length as she reached up to run her manicured fingernails over his scrotum. Her other hand reached up to gather some of the spit that had run down his shaft as she wrapped her fingers around him, sliding up and down the length she couldn’t fit into her mouth.

All Graham could do was moan loudly as his hands clutched at the sheet beneath him. He alternated between pressing his head back into the pillow and straining to watch the sight of his gorgeous, naked mother suck on him like it was her new favorite hobby. He’d never been attacked with such passion and want by a woman and the fact that it was the mother he loved with all his heart only added to the intensity. “Oh, baby,” he cried out as she intentionally sc****d her teeth over the sensitive helmet.

The room was filled with the sound of her slurping as his cock nestled in the back of her throat, her lips opening to suck air over his wet shaft. The hand that had been teasing his balls cupped them and rolled them around with her fingers. Her hips started to move and he felt her wet mound rubbing against the front of his calf.

“Is mommy wet for her darling son,” he teased, his voice hoarse with need.

She pulled off of him and smiled up at him before she ran the flat of her tongue up the underside of his cock, from base to tip. It made him shiver with the need for release. “Is my darling son ready to cum in his mommy’s mouth,” she finally retorted.

Before he could answer, his mother flicked her tongue over the top of his cock before sliding her lips down him again. She rested the head on her tongue as her hand moved faster and faster over his shaft, her needful gaze directed up at him.

It was too much for him as her tongue massaged his glands, crying out so it echoed in the large room. His balls drew up in her grip as his cock grew larger in her mouth, pulsing in her delicate hand. He exploded over her tongue with such f***e it splattered against the back of her throat which caused her to choke a moment before she swallowed his seed down. She held on though and milked him with her hand as she savored his taste before drinking it down. He could only groan in ecstasy as he orgasmed with an intensity he didn’t know was possible.

As she pulled the last dribbles from him, he reached up as stroked his fingers over her cheek and brushed them through her hair. His cock barely softened as he gazed at his mother with her lips wrapped firmly around his shaft, a pleased look on her face, as they looked into each other’s eyes. “That was fantastic,” he said when he finally found his voice.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she replied after she let him slip from her lips.

“I think you should reserve judgment.” He suddenly moved around on the bed so he was turned around on the bed, his head towards the foot of it. His hands grabbed at his mother and turned her around so he was between her legs. With his palms on her knees, he opened them up to reveal her dew covered fur, the petals of her pussy already open.

Lying between her legs, he let her calves rest on his back as the tip of his tongue teased over her lips and up and down her wet slit. After he sucked on her plump lips a moment, his tongue began to lap deeper into her. His tongue found her hooded clit and swirled around the nub which caused her to moan and squirm her hips. Then, he lifted up the hood enough to flick over the tip a few times and caused her to grasp, and her hands clutched at his hair. Sliding down, he traced around the entrance with his tongue before his lips pressed into her as he thrust and lapped deep as he could go.

Encouraged by his mother’s increased moans, he pulled back enough to slide a finger into her slick tunnel. He thrust it slowly into her before he lazily pulled it out. His tongue lapped at her and teased over her clit as he added a second finger into her. He spelled out nonsensical words with his tongue as his fingers thrust a little faster and harder as he went along. He felt lost in the taste and sensations of her as her thighs pressed against his ears.

The muffled sounds of her groans still reached him, her body reverberated with them, as he curled his fingers towards him on the inward push, rewarded with the feel of roughness that signaled the bundle of nerves he sought. His tongue continued its laps and lashes as his fingers pounded into her with greater f***e. His mother clutched at his back and shoulders, fingernails dug into him as she murmured incoherently. Her body moved against his touch as if it craved more.

After a little more of his thrusts, she cried out and tangled her fingers tightly into his hair. He felt her pussy squeeze his finger as her juices flowed to his eager tongue. His thrusts grew faster from the slickness as he rode her through the orgasm. When he felt her grip on him slacken, he slowed this thrusts and licked up her nectar while she settled back against the bed. A few moments of rest for his mother and he started to thrust back into her with renewed vigor and sucked at the hood of her clit. All of the muscles in her body tightened so she curled towards him with stuttered grunts as she orgasmed again.

When she came down this time, she grabbed his hair and pulled him away with heavy breath. “Please, I need to feel you.”

Slowly, he crawled up his mother’s body as she trailed his hands down his side. His erection brushed against her wet mound as her spread legs moved to wrap around the back of his thighs. He gazed down at his mother laid out so wantonly as he hovered over her and enjoyed the sight a moment, and she looked so wonderful, so happy.

She reached down between them and her fingers latched onto his cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit, teasing them both. The lips of her sex parted she placed it more firmly against her and looked up at him with a silent command. His hips pressed forward until his head slipped inside of her, moans mixed together as they tasted their union for the first time. The slickness of her pussy let him slide in fairly easily, feeling her walls grip him along every inch of his member. It was a heady sensation and he groaned loudly as he pushed farther into her until he felt his crotch press against hers, his balls rested against her cheeks.

He soaked in his mother’s warmth and wetness for a moment before her hips squirmed beneath him. It prompted him into motion, abs rippling, as his own hips started to rock, moving his erection an inch or two in and out of her. As he did, he lowered his head and swirled his tongue around one of her dark nipples before he flicked it across her hard nub. His lips enveloped her nipple as his hips pounded against her, his stroke deeper and longer.

Her hands clutched at his back, fingernails clawed at his flesh, as she moved against him. Her mouth opened in a wordless gasp with each thrust, her eyes glued to her son in rapt fascination. Long black hair was s**ttered around her head damp with perspiration. They both glistened with sweat from the heat of their lovemaking.

They moved together with a harmony that surprised Graham as their bodies pounded together, the sound of skin slapping against skin mixing with their moans. He panted as he twirled his hips a few times to make his mother writhe a little more, his own senses overloaded. Looking down, he could see his cock coated with his mother’s juices as he pulled almost all the way out before he rammed himself back into her, a thrill at the rude sight of her pussy splayed open by his shaft. Her breasts wiggled so wonderfully with each thrust as they slammed together, the wet slosh of their coupling just one more noise to the beautiful symphony they made together.

His mother cried out then as he felt her nails dig into him, her inner muscles rippling against his cock, as she came again for him. Her head pressed back against the bed while her legs pulled tighter at him as if trying to drag him fully into her. The feel of her juices around his cock, his scrotum soaked with them, was wonderful and eased his motion so he pounded at her hard.

Her eyes flew open as she grabbed at his shoulders, suddenly tipping him sideways, using the momentum to roll on top of him. After she rearranged her legs, she lifted herself up to reach between them again and guided his slick cock back to her entrance before she sank down on it to the base. Her hands pressed into his chest to hold herself up as she ground her sex against him, her head thrown back in a small shudder.

As he lay under her, Graham reached up and cupped her breasts, kneading them as his thumbs teased over the hard nipples. He produced a groan from her as he rolled them between thumb and forefinger then gave them a gentle squeeze. The feel of her in his hands as she ground against him so needful, sweat and sexual fluids mingled between them, made it hard to hold back for much longer. He didn’t want it to end as he had never felt like this before but the uncertainty of what came after stayed in his mind.

She leaned down more towards him until her lips met his in a passionate kiss, her tongue sliding into his mouth to roll over his. He could feel her breasts pressed against his chest, nipples poked into him, as she slid farther up and down his length. His hands tangled in her hair as he kissed her back with equal passion as his hips bucked upwards to meet her. Their lips parted only to crush against one another again, jabs traded between their tongues before the had to part to breathe.

“Mom, I’m… gonna cum soon,” he warned, feeling the tingle of orgasm. The last thing he wanted was to knock up his mother because of their fun.

“It’s alright, baby. Fill mommy up, you don’t have to worry.”

With his worry relieved, he let himself get lost in the pleasure of his mother riding his cock. Their bodies were pressed together as her hips swiveled to slid her soaked pussy up and down his erection, the heady scent of their lovemaking filling his nostrils. He felt himself on the edge when his mother gritted her teeth and let out a strangled groan as her muscles squeezed his manhood tight and juices flowed down his length. That pushed him over the brink he’d been on and cried out.

“Oh, mom!”

His cock pulsed inside of her as they came together and shot up deep into her. Their groins ground together as she bit his shoulder, spurting inside her. His entire body shook from the pleasure that rippled through him, surprised how his mother played his body so well. Electricity shot through him with each pulse of his cock, diminishing slowly as they slapped against one another. When it finally subsided, he lay in a pool of their combined sweat and juices and felt more content than he ever had before in his life.

He was in a stupor until his mother kissed him hard on the lips. “That was wonderful,” she whispered. “You make me so happy, baby.”

“I’m glad. I want you to always be happy, mom.” He didn’t know about forever but he had a week to keep her, and himself, very happy.

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