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Margaret’s Party

I had just finished packing for the trip home when I heard the front door. “Hey, Trev, are you here?”, Margaret called out. I walked to the landing at the top of the stairs and said, “Yes…just finished packing.” She set her pirse down, and started up the stairs saying, “I invited a few people over tonight for a small farewell party for you and Pat…I sent him to the store to pick up some some things.” As she reached the landing, she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Did you miss me?”, she asked coyly. “Sure did”, I laughed. She walked toward her bedroom saying, “I need to get out of these clothes and start preparing for tonight…join me and we’ll talk while I change.” My horny young penis immediately started stffening at the thought, so I dutifully followed her into her room. I sat on the end of the bed as she began to remove her clothes, and chatted about her plans for the evening. Soon, she was stripped down to her bra and panty, and my erection was at full staff. She went to her closet and put on a knee-length creme nylon robe which wrapped around her waist, but left the top portion a bit loose. As she stepped into a pair of black high heel mules, I noticed the sheerness of the robe and how when she moved a certain way, her bra and panty were visible through the material. “There,”she said, “I feel a bit more comfortable now.” Despite the fact I had masturbated with her slip while she was out, the way she looked made me want to cum again, but she didn’t seem to be interested. She walked over to me, took my hand, and sadi, “Come down to the kitchen with me…you can help.”

Pat got home with the items form the store, and we both helped her with preparations. The whole time, I had to suppress my erection as I watched her move around the kitchen. Later, we all showered, and not long after, the guests arrived. The party was enjoyable although I didn’t know anyone there except for a few of Pat’s friends whom I met when I first srrived. The adults were busy with food and refreshments, and the affair went late into the night. I was very tired, so I said good night to the few adults who were still there, and headed to bed.

I was awakened from a sound sl**p by Pat shaking my arm. “Trev…wake up…you need to help me,” he said. I got my bearings and asked what was wrong, and he told me that Margaret and a few others had partied long after we went to bed, and she had too much to drink. “She’s on the couch in the f****y room – help me get her to bed,” he said. Margaret was asl**p on the couch, wearing a floral patterned sleeveless summer dress which was enticingly low-cut. The full skirt portion had ridden up a bit exposing her tanned legs and black patent leather high heels. We both picked her up and headed for the stairs. Climbing the stairs was difficult – I had my arms around her waist, and Pat was pushing on her backside. She had some mobility, but it was marginal. We finally out her onto her bed, and I turned to walk out. “Don’t you think we should at least take her clothes off?”, asked Pat. I was shocked, and said, “Hell, I don’t know about that.” He nodded and said, “She’ll be pissed in the morning when she sees she slept in her dress.” I told him he should be the one to do the task, but he said he needed me to help.

I pulled her into a sitting position so he could unzip the long zipper on the back of her dress. As we fumbled around, my hand slipped onto one of her full breasts, and its size, and warmth excited me. I held her as he pulled the dress up and off of her. She was wearing a smooth black four hook satin bra, no slip, and a black nylon full panty. Pat stopped, and stared at her body saying, “Shit…she sure has big boobs, eh?” I nodded, and said, we were done. He looked at me and said, “I want to see her bare boobs.” I stood speechless as he reached under her to unhook her bra, then pulled it off. Her large breasts, dark aereolas, and thumb-sized nipples were a sight to see, and he whispered, “Damn…look at those.” I said, “Okay…you got your look, now let’s go.” He paid no attention to me as he touched her breasts and nipples, and as much as I wanted to bolt out of the room, I was riveted to the floor watching him as he ran his hands down her belly and across her thighs. The sight of her body had made me hard, but fortunately, my erection was crawling straight up instead of tenting my jeans. “Wow…she’s really a hot woman”, Pat said. I was in the process of again telling him we needed to go, when he said, “I want to see what her kitty looks like,” and pulled her panty down and off. In the process, her legs parted, and I could see her neatly trimmed salt and pepper bush – which I had thrust my penis into numerous times during my stay. Then to my shock, he unzipped his pants, and began masturbating as he looked at Margaret’s naked body. I told him he shouldn’t be doing that, to which he replied that he had seen her in her underwear many times before, and even had seen her naked coming out of the shower. I spun around saying I was leaving, and went to my room. Instead of being able to have sex with Margaret that night as she promised, I was now resigned to masturbating to the vision of how she looked when I watched her change earlier. I peeled my t-shit and shorts off, got into bed, and began stroking to my recollection.

Suddenly, I heard Margaret yell, “Patrick!!! What the fuck are you doing??!!” Not thinking, I jumped out of bed and rushed to her room to find her on her back, and Pat between her legs masturbating. “Get off of me young man,” she snapped and pushed him back. She jumped up out of bed and said, “You two aren’t as smart as you may think…I woke up while you were undressing me, and wanted to see how far you might go.” There we were…all three of us naked, and enduring what appeared to be Margaret’s anger. She sat down on the bed and said to Pat, “Were you just jacking off, or were you going to screw me?” He was visibly shaken, and stammered some kind of a reply. She then turned to me saying, “And I see you are armed with only your hard cock…what was your plan?”

Before I could reply, she gave a half-smile, and said, “I know both of you are young and curious, and it’s not wrong to be, but as the woman of your interest, I would at least like to be a participant.” With that, she motioned for us to come sit by her. “So you both want to cum, eh?”, she asked, and with us siting on either side of her, she took out penis’s in her hands and started stroking us. “Each of you take a boob and play with it,” she ordered. She whispered into my ear, “I know you wanted to fuck me earlier…you’ll get your chance.” We ended up laying in a pile on her bed as she stroked our throbbing erections. Pat began to pant and said, “I’m going to cum, Gram.” She looked at me and asked, “What about you, Trev?” She told us to put our fingers into her kitty, and soon we were soaked in her juices. “I want both of these hard cocks in me at once”, she said, and turned onto her side toward me, opened her legs, and guided my penis into her kitty. She reached around and did the same with Pat, but guided him toward her anus. Soon we were both thrusting against her, and she was moaning and telling us to push harder and deeper. She had her tongue buried in my mouth and her rock-hard nipples felt like spikes against my chest. All three of us exploded, and Margaret let out a long, low scream of pleasure. Some time later, I felt Pat get up and go to his room, and heard his door shut. Margaret rolled onto her back, pulled me on top of her, and said, “Just fuck me hard and deep.” I pushed into her with each thrust until I hit an obstruction. Her eyes widened, and she growled, “YESSSSS…push right there and fill me with your cum while you remember how I looked in my bra, panty, and robe.”

I spent the rest of the night in her bed, and she woke me just before dawn to tell me to get to my room. “I need to find an excuse to get you back here soon…I need more of this,” she said.

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