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Marine Dad and King

Marine Dad and King
By Buck Jones

Note: This story is based on real events that occurred nearly 60 years ago, and is another story in my series of how seduction can be perpetrated with a degree of ease, even though the emotional effects can last a lifetime.

The small three bedroom house was oppressive. Two growing boys shared one bedroom; the parents shared a bedroom whenever the husband decided to come home; the third room was a sewing, storage room… all within 900 square feet. And this Marine Tech Sergeant Dad wasn’t getting what he wanted at home. The Marines had been the only choice in 1942 to get off the farm and marriage to his local high school love perfected the picture. However, love had been replaced by the fear of the d***ken homecomings in the middle of the night. Everyone knew what was going to happen when the car pulled into the driveway at three in the morning. The back door slammed shut. The wife, acting as if she were asl**p, and the two boys in their single beds hoped that Dad would fall into bed without the fighting, the yelling, the unmentionable debilitating curses and acrimonious epithets. It is no wonder the older boy became a savior to mankind, and the younger boy discovered the d**g of denial, cocaine.

Into this mix, the Dad, a country boy who had been introduced to same sex experiences at an early age during a weekend sl**pover, longed for the unemotional aspects of male-male sex… the pure getting hard and playing with the touch of the other man. So Dad began a program to seduce his older son because Dad had not yet ruined, or at least participated in the ruin of enough lives: no, he now set a course to ruin his son… to use him as he had used so many and given so little in return.

Into the cramped bathroom, Dad would “have to go” just as King was getting out of the shower and drying off. Dad came in and took a leak, never showing his ample manhood to his son in an obvious way, but, always somehow, making it visually available. Dad stood at the commode holding his ample, thick endowment, showing it in such a way as to taunt his son. No words were ever spoken. Even when King turned his back and kept rubbing and re-rubbing already dry areas, his dad would stand silently even, making no moves even after the stream had ceased to flow. Finally, as this scene played itself out the third time, Dad spoke. “I want you to take a good look at this because this is what brought you into the world. This is where you came from: inside these balls and out through the end of what you’re looking at.” This random pattern continued for over a number of weeks. Then one afternoon when Mom was visiting with younger son in tow, Dad and King were alone in the house. King had just been outside playing, so when he came indoors, his dad told him to take a shower to clean up. And as had become the pattern, Dad came into the bathroom just as King was drying off. However, today, Dad turned to face King as he pulled out his piece to take a leak. Dad saw how difficult it was for his son to keep his eyes off his dick.

“I guess you’ve been thinking about what I told you and what I showed you. Maybe it’s time you learned what this thing is really for,” Dad stated in a flat, offhand manner. As the urine splashed into the toilet, Dad worked his fingers gingerly down the shaft. The urine ceases. Dad continues to massage his member. King is transfixed.

“That’s right, son. Just look at Daddy and let him show you what he has.” Dad continues to jack. King holds the large towel in front of his growing erection, not really getting the drift of what is going on. Dad places his fully erect cock back into his trousers and zips up his fly. As he steps closer to King, King turns aside to let him pass. With his back to his father, Dad stops and extends his arms around his son as he presses his cock into his son’s rear end. King starts to shake… an uncontrollable jolt at first and then a full adrenalin rush, quivering and shaking, unable to say anything.
“That’s it, son. That’s how it feels.

Then Dad and King began to go places together in the late model metallic blue sedan… Mom and number two son remained at home. The errands always seemed to take an hour or more. There was always time to park behind a deserted barn surrounded by a lot of shrubbery. That’s when the dicks came out. King later jacked off thinking of the next time his dad would take him in the car. They’d park and pull out their dicks and stroke them. After a few times doing that, Dad began to jack King, and King jack Dad. That was the most fun for King when he got to wrap his hand around the thick sledge hammer his dad had. By comparison, King’s own dick was still that more of the boy than the man. Final puberty had not yet kicked in, so there was a great thrill to touch and encircle his dad’s f***e of nature.

Ultimately, Dad shows son the indescribable pleasures of being sucked. At first, a one on one trade-off, but as King begins to find his totality and his happiness in those moments with his dad, the scales begin to hang in only one direction. King’s world focuses on his father’s manhood. The time between encounters becomes a purgatory, a torture. Sure, King attends to his school work. He was an A student, a star…. social, respected, welcomed, and admired. He gets along with the geeks as well as he gets along with the athletes. Everyone loves King.

King begins to await, to anticipate the invitation from his dad that he run an errand with him, their code to find the hidden spot, turn off the engine, push the seat back as far as it can go, put their pants around their ankles and spread their knees to expose their cocks to each other as the preliminary to King’s leaning forward and placing his lips on the slit hole of his dad’s thick monstrous erection.
“Oh, Dad. I wish I could tell you how much this means to me. I can’t tell you how much I think about sucking on you and licking your cum after you shoot. I go into another world, another state of mind when my lips… or even the thought of my lips… approach you. I dream about the smoothness of the skin and the roller coaster curves that seem to go everywhere at once. And when you begin to drip, I want to explode inside. Nothing, nothing, nothing else means so much as when I’m sucking on your dick. I never knew I could feel so complete… I want to explode. I’m so happy…. This is the greatest joy! And it’s our secret. Oh, Daddy, if you only knew how much this means to me. I had never felt wanted. No one had ever shared anything with me. No one had shown me this kind of feeling. I feel like I’m a partial person, and the only thing that will make me whole is doing what I’m doing now… sucking on your hard, thick enormous cock. It’s so sweet and your liquid is so pearly. And how I have come to love the rumbling in your manhood as you get ready to shoot off… and to taste your cum. It is my manna from heaven. It feeds me. My tongue yearns to lick your head, to run my tip under your foreskin, as you fill my mouth. I love having to work my jaw to relax enough to open to take you in. In the stretching I feel the rising impulse of satisfaction that comes when I have my lips over the edge of the head. My jaw is opened wide and my tongue is licking the underside. I have no other thought. This moment, my Dad’s dick, my mouth. Let me squeeze it bigger in my mouth. When I grab it and hold it tight the head blossoms even bigger, it sends chills through my body. I sometimes want to pass out, the feelings are so strong inside me. I feel as if I’m going to black out and then I come back to my senses and I’m sucking and licking this wonderful, glorious head while I’m wrapping my fingers around this shaft. I’m feeling wonderful. The world is here and the world is now. I know there can never be anything so intense, so complete, so full. Daddy, it’s you. It’s your dick. It’s your manhood and you’re sharing it with me. We’re having the deepest experience a father and a son can have… to share themselves with each other… and for it to be so absolutely natural… my wanting you and you wanting me… and sharing so much and giving so much to each other. I know there is a heaven when I feel the way I’m feeling now. Oh, Daddy. I’m so happy. You’re giving me what I was missing. Oh, how I love licking on it, Daddy. I love the slow way it moves into my mouth and opens me up. It fills me in every way possible. It overwhelms me. I can’t get enough. I have come to the point when I begin to think about going on an errand with you, I get an erection and I have to jack off by myself because I get so … alive. It’s like I go into a trance when I think about being here with you. The thought of you drives me crazy. I jack off three times a day thinking about the moment my lips touch your pee hole and my tongue can reach out and lick it. I want to run to some place private so I can jack and cum. The thought of being with you and touching you, grabbing you, squeezing you. I get real shaky inside and start to quiver. It makes me hard as a rock. I don’t even have to stroke myself to get rock hard. All I have to do is think about your legs open and showing me that monster beauty that I can love and make love to. It has come early, but I am prepared to deal with this and these feelings for as long as I live. Just the thought of what I’m doing now drives me crazy. When I can look up into your eyes and see the smile on your face, I get really rattled. I know this is the best and no one can know what we feel. It’s like I’m saying prayers for these moments. I dwell on these moments. I wait with unending anticipation for the next time, knowing the next time will be even better than the last time. I learn more each time we’re together. I’m so happy to make you happy. Oh, yes, Daddy, let me suck and lick and suck and lick some more. I love squeezing you, feeling you grow and get a darker red… that spear of Satan… your weapon, your tool. I love licking it. I love being a slave to these feelings, these forbidden feelings, these secret feelings. Drive me crazy, let your smoothness, your redness, your slickness grow inside my mouth. Open me wide and then retreat, so I can began to eat at the magical spot. When I pull back your skin and find that point where everything comes together underneath, I can suck on it and lick it and tease it. I can chew it with my lips over my teeth. I love to hear you breathing deeper and feel the shake in your legs when I do something you really like. That has become my immediate purpose… to make you shake more… to find the deepest spot inside you and reach it somehow and bring you the same pleasure you bring me. That’s my goal. To transfer back to you the feelings you create in me. That’s why this whole thing is so wild. Reality fuels my imagination and my imagination enflames reality. I savor the moment and the thought of the moment. I am completely yours. I am torn inside when too much time passes between errands. My desire grows and the thoughts I have… I want to lick your liquid silver coming so easily out of your insides. I am the servant of this moment. Daddy, you’ll never know how deeply I feel, how alive I feel except when I am with you on an errand. I begin to feel the change take over. I grow quirky inside. I have these thoughts that bombard me out of nowhere. And then I am in a new world, that world of feeling and completeness. I can feel the twitching as you begin to build to your explosion… the internal jerks that are setting you up to explode… I can feel them beginning to start. I know that soon with the right licking and sucking I’ll soon be tasting the best liquid of them all, your cum. It feeds me and fulfills me. It is the liquid of life to me. I love it when you tell me work it and jack harder and suck harder because I know you are getting ready to cum. I open myself to you, Dad, to receive your cum, your life’s fluid, and my shot of the elixir that gives life itself.

So it went in King’s head over and over again.

Three days after this epiphany of the depths of desire, a friend of Dad’s mentioned to Dad that a certain metallic blue sedan with a man and a boy had been seen parking on some farmer’s property…. And if the car is seen again, the law’s going to be called.

The errands ceased. King died forty years later and not a word had ever been spoken between father and son about those six months.

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