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Married With c***dren: The Camera

Peg Bundy was sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons and
watching Oprah on television when the doorbell rang. It
was her next-door neighbor Marcy D’arcy.

“Hi Peg,” said Marcy flopping down next to her on the
couch, “I just needed somebody to talk to. I’m so lonely
without Jefferson.”

Marcy’s husband Jefferson, along with Peg’s husband Al,
had supposed gone off on a week long “fishing” trip at a
remote lake in Wisconsin. Peggy suspected that they were
spending most of their time at a nudie bar near the

“I don’t know if I can make it a week without…you
know,” said Marcy.

“You’ll live,” said Peg. “I’ve gone twenty years without
‘you know'”

“That’s easy for you, you’re married to Al. I’m married

“Gee, thanks.”

“I’m sorry. You know what I mean. Hey, what’s the topic
on Oprah?”

“Lesbian marriages.”

“Oh, well that’s interesting. I’m FOR that you know.
Equal rights for everybody, that’s what I say. Of
course, I’m not a lesbian myself or anything.”

“Of course not,” said Peg.

“Not that there’s anything WRONG with it.”

“Nothing at all.”

They watched in silence for a while, and finished off
the chocolates.

“You know, I’m not saying I would be interested in that
stuff PERSONALLY or anything, but I can …well…sort
of understand how a woman might be attracted to another
woman. Do you know what I mean?”


“I mean especially if there aren’t any men around or
anything. Women need affection, you know, and I can see
how two women could turn to each other in a time of
need. It wouldn’t necessarily make them lesbians would

“I don’t see how.”

“I mean, they still love men and everything.”

“Of course they do.”

“It’s just that women need AFFECTION, damn it. I need
it. YOU need it.”

“I need it?”

“Damn right you do. Al doesn’t appreciate you, you know.
You’re a very attractive woman.”

“Oh, baloney,” said Peg, waving Marcy away, embarrassed.

“It’s not baloney at all, it’s true. Al doesn’t know how
lucky he is. Why, if I was Al Bundy I would…”

“You would what?”

‘Well, I would satisfy your needs!”

“Ooh, do tell,” said Peggy leaning in closer. “How
exactly would you satisfy them?”

Marcy flushed red and looked down at the carpet,

“It’s ok,” said Peg, “you can tell me. I want to hear
it.” She put a hand on Marcy’s knee, just below the
hemline of her skirt, and gently squeezed.

“I would pleasure you, you know… orally. Women need
that, and men are terrible at it, if they do it at all.”

“Al sure doesn’t,” said Peg, slowly sliding her hand up
under Marcy’s skirt, “I would die for some really good

“I’ve never… done that… to a girl,” said Marcy. “But
I’m sure I would be really good at it. I know what women

“I bet you do,” said Peggy. She slid the edge of her
hand all the way up between Marcy’s legs.

“Your panties are wet,” said Peg, fondling Marcy’s
sodden crotch through her underwear.

“I know,” said Marcy breathlessly, “Please don’t stop
doing that?”

Peg slipped two fingers under the crotch band of Marcy’s
panties and found the slippery, fur-lined lips of her

“I don’t think it would hurt anything if we just did it
once,” said Peggy. “Nobody would even have to know.”

“Of course not,” panted Marcy

“I’ve always wanted to try it with a girl, just once.”
Peg easily slipped a finger into Marcy’s wet cooze.

“Me too,” said Marcy, squirming. “God Peg, you do that
really well.”

“I know what women like,” said Peg, “do you want me to
kiss it?”


“Do you want me to lick it?”

“OH, Jesus fuck, YES!”

“Ok, you first,” said Peg, suddenly pulling her hand
back from between Marcy’s legs.

Peg stood up and peeled of her tight spandex pants. She
removed her top and then unfastened her bra. Her heavy
tits hung free. Her thick, red nipples were long and
erect. She stood before her gaping neighbor in nothing
but her panties.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Peg. Get naked.

Peg sat on the couch and played with herself through her
panties as Marcy quickly disrobed. She left her clothes
in a heap on the floor and stood in front of Peg. Marcy
had smaller breasts than Peg, but they were perky with
stiff pink nipples. Her body was slender and she had a
light brown bush of curly pubic hair.

“Can I eat your pussy now?” asked Marcy.

“Oh god yes,” said Peggy, spreading her legs.

Marcy knelt between Peg’s thighs. Peggy’s thick red
pubic hair curled out from the crotch of her panties.
Marcy ran her tongue along the hollows of Peggy’s
thighs, eliciting a groan. She sucked at Peg’s thick
vulva through her panties. Marcy removed Peg’s soggy
underwear and grinned, “I’ve always wanted to go down on
a woman. I’m glad it’s you.

She buried her face in Peggy’s bushy red muff. She
lapped at the ruddy, meaty lips of her cunt. She sucked
on Peg’s swollen clitoris. She probed her musky slot
with her tongue. Peg moaned and squirmed and humped her
furry gash against Marcy’s face.

Marcy licked the crack of Peggy’s ass. She put her
tongue inside her asshole and made Peggy come.

“Oh, fuck, Marcy, that’s terrific. That’s the best
fucking head I’ve ever gotten.”

It was Peg’s turn. Marcy stood up and pulled Peg’s face
forward into her muff. Peggy gave as good as she got.
She squeezed the cheeks of Marcy’s ass with both hands
as she licked her slippery slit.

“Let’s sixty-nine,” said Peggy after Marcy had her

They were on the floor in that position, with Peg on
top, gobbling each other’s cunts when Peg’s son Bud
unexpectedly came home. Bud stood frozen in the living
room staring for a moment. They hadn’t noticed him yet.
He stared, mesmerized at the scenario on the floor. His
mom had her ass towards him and he could see her red,
furry gash as Mrs. D’arcy ate it. Just by chance, Bud
had been at a community college photography class and he
had his camera with him. He thought for a moment and
then started snapping pictures.

“My god, Bud, what are you doing? Why are you home?”
asked Peg aghast as Bud walked around them, snapping
from different angles.

Peg and Marcy scrambled to untangle themselves and cover
their bodies with their arms.

“I think Dad and Mr. D’arcy would be very interested in
seeing these pictures,” said Bud rather smugly.

“You’re not showing those pictures to anybody, mister,”
said Marcy

“And why not?”

“Ok, Bud, how much do you want?” asked Marcy, “I’ll get
my checkbook.”

“I don’t want money,” said Bud.

“Well then what do you want?”

Bud grinned and set the camera down. “I want some

He unzipped his jeans.

“You have to be k**ding, Bud,” said Peg

“No way, mister” said Marcy.

Bud pulled his jeans down and exposed an enormous,
throbbing hard-on.

“My god, Bud, I had no idea,” said Peg with a funny

“My god you’re HUGE,” said Marcy, “maybe we CAN work
something out.”

She crawled towards him on the floor and took his giant
cock with both hands.”

“Marcy, he’s my SON!” said Peg.

“He’s not MY son,” said Marcy and she took him in her

Peg watched, bemused, as her son had his cock sucked.
She had to admit, it was a magnificent cock. Too bad it
was her son.

Well maybe if she just held his balls a little bit.

She crawled over just to watch… and maybe just touch a
teeny tiny bit. She cupped his heavy scrotum as Marcy
fellated him. Bud reached out to fondle Peggy’s tits.
Well, that was probably pretty harmless. She found her
own hand caressing his cock as it plunged in and out of
Marcy’s mouth. She kissed his balls.

Then they pushed him onto his back on the floor and they
were both gobbling his cock. They lapped up his semen as
it boiled out of his swollen knob. He stayed hard.

“I’m gonna fuck him,” said Marcy, climbing astraddle his
hips. Peg helped to guide his rigid tool up into Marcy’s
sopping twat. While Marcy bounced up and down on Bud’s
priapic boner, he begged his mother to sit on his face.
Peg was now so horny that she didn’t hesitate. She
squatted over his face and let him eat her hairy gash.
He wasn’t even that bad at it. He actually made her come
once or twice.

Marcy got herself off on Bud’s dick and then it was
Peggy’s turn. Bud wanted her doggy style. She got on all
fours on the floor and he stuffed his massive dong into
her furry red fuck-hole. It didn’t take long to bring
his mother to climax.

Bud then pulled his organ out of her cunt and slid the
head of his cock up the crack of her ass. He pressed his
knob against her brown puckered anus and slowly eased
the length of his dick into her asshole.

Marcy watched and masturbated as Bud fucked his mother
up the ass. He came hard, pumping spurt after spurt of
hot thick sperm into her rectum. He then collapsed on
the floor. His shrinking, dribbling dork on his belly.

“Ok, mister,” said Marcy, “I want that film.”

“Oh, there isn’t any film,” said Bud with a smile, “the
camera wasn’t loaded.”


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