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Masterbation Chronicles – Anal Puke Whores – part

I promise I’ll show you more later today and tonite.
Sam – I’d really like that. Those are adorable panties by the way.
Ali – if I had on a skirt I would totally give you so,e spread shots before we leave.
Sam pulls out his phone and shows her the pictures he took of her bending over
Sam – that there is one sweet brown-eye. Look at that fucking asshole.
Dawn – damn, that is pretty hot. Really hot you are so in to buttholes. -giggles-
After several pictures are taken, Sam gets kisses from both girls and gropes each one, who offer no resistance whatsoever, they get in to sams suv.
Dawn – this is wild as shit, I can’t believe I just snorted lines with my girl and a a bout to go to a hotel room with a guy I just met to shoot anal porn…..
Ali – busted!!! -giggles loudly- Sam hasn’t asked either of us about doing any buttfucking!! -dawn bash fully laughs-
Dawn – ha hahahah!!! Oops….I guess the ass, I mean, cat, is out of the bag!!!!
Sam looks back at her and looks down between her legs and back up at her “Have you ever had anal sex??”
Dawn – a long time ago when I was like 14 my boyfriend at the time used to assfuck me everyday because we were worried about me getting kicked up. I really started to love it. After me and him broke up I started dating this really prude but smart cute guy. I hadn’t had anal sex in a few years. I mean, I’ve let a few guys give me rim jobs and put fingers in my butthole.
Sam – that’s cool. I’m down as FUCK to open up that shithole if you are.
Feeling the energy and high of the coke, dawn and Ali’s inhibitions are fading
Dawn – without the coke, I was still going to let you fuck me in my butt, but damn, I’m really feeling the need for ass sex….coke makes me out of my mind horny.
Ali – oh my god, keep talking like that, I really like it.
Ali is rubbing her pussy through her khaki shorts and squeezing her luscious tits
Sam starts his suv and veers out in to the road. He reaches in to his arm rest and pulls out a joint and hands it to dawn….
Dawn – oh my god, could u rock any more than u already do? I totally want to be friends for life -giggles-
Sam – I don’t puff anymore but I like to keep my girls high….anytime u wanna puff, you have my number.
Dawn – actually no I don’t!!! U didn’t give it to me.
Sam reaches back and hands his iphone to dawn and asks her to put her number in his phone…
Sam – use my phone to record both of you masterbating. Touch yourself for me dawn…..Ali, can u grab the phone and record dawn fingering her asshole? There is some lotion in the console…we should probably stop by a store and get some lube for you girls anal scenes…use that lotion for now. The hotel is about 25 minutes away, I’d really like it if you both started prepping your assholes. I like super wide gaping assholes… Sammy how wide you can get your sphincters.
Dawn – oh my god I’m so going to fuck you
Ali – absolutely
Dawn – so, okay let’s do this….Ali, take the phone…I’m going to masterbate for Sam
Dawn pulls up her sun dress and grabs the skin lotion from the console and puts a few dabs of it on her middle and index finger.
Sam – good girl, show me what a filthy anal fuck doll u are. Show me what a coke whore you are….
Dawn – oh my god!!!! You dirty boy!!! I’ll totally be your little coke whore
Ali lays back with her legs open and her khaki shorts pulled down to her ankles as she masterbates…
Sam – fuck yea babe, play with yourself…not sure I can wait to get to the hotel….one of u cuties come sick my dick.
Ali – if it’s okay, I wanna stay back here and masterbate while dawn throats your dick.
Dawn – that is so hot. I’ll totally blow you sam…
Sam – actually, as much as I want to feel your moth on my dick, let’s wait until things are right….buy u girls some outfits and go to the strip club…I want to blow my loads inside both of your assholes and I want there to be a lot of it so I can maybe film both of you shitting the cum out in each other’s mouth.
Dawn – I can’t believe I’m allowing some guy I just meant talk to me like that…I really like it…I like how you treat me like a whore…I like it a lot
Sam – reach in the back and grab my tablet. We have about 30 minutes of driving. I’ve got some really really hardcore pornography compilation tapes I have filmed over the last two years with friends and girls I’ve randomly met.
Ali – I’m going to get so fucked up tonite
Dawn – oh my god, me too…. Those lines have me feeling so fucking slutty.
Sam – u girls kiss for me…kiss like you are about to make a filthy rim job scene….treat each other’s mouths as if it were an asshole u are rimming.
Ali stops touching herself and sucks off the two fingers that were inside her vagina….Dawn leans over to her right and moves in closer to Ali and the two swap tongue swirls all the while Sam reminding them that the way their tongues are moving better be how they swirl when he is filming them in their amateur rim job scene at the hotel.
How was it possible that Sam had such a gift… The ability to somehow get extremely cute and sexy girls like Ali and Dawn to become total whores and give in to his every filthy command? When he saw a potential triple x female, he always made sure to introduce himself. For some reason, even the classiest of girls were almost always smitten with him and desired to give in to his filthy life style…the girls he chose to date always allowed him to live his taboo life style…. He really knew how to make the girl next door a complete and total uninhibited prostitute. He liked whores…he simply loved cock sucking butthole rimming whores.

When Sam was making adult media with shelly and her mom, he really grew creatively. He owed much of that growth to shellys mom. She financed many projects and always put on super filthy performances with and without her daughter. The first daughter/mother i****t scene they did completely opened sams eyes to not only the extreme world of creating super filthy creative pornography for the world of exttreme underground porn, but it really expanded he’s own individual extreme sex desires. He was really in to extreme taboo acts of sex. He started to experiment with s**t scenes. He realized there was a market out there for s**t movies, i****t videos, age-play and role playing videos, etc. He was so young, and so full of ideas.
Sam – I really want to thank you for financing all of this. I mean, look around… Everything looks awesome. I can’t believe I am standing in the middle of my first built from scratch pornography set/office. Somehow I will pay you back for this.
Diane (shellys mom) – awwwwww u are so very welcome. I’m so happy I could help you and shelly out with all of this. I mean, it’s not like you aren’t giving me anything in return….hiw many mothers are able to film her daughter and her boyfriend having anal
Sodomy sessions….and, I really love being able to have sex with my own daughter on tape….people jerk off and masterbate to me and my daughter giving each other rim jobs and blowing dick…huge turn on for me.
Sam – well, I really wanna start the next scene as soon as we can. I wanted to ask if you and shelly would direct this one. I will film and edit, but for this one, I want you both to totally direct it all.
The studio Diane paid for was top knotch…. Pretty insane given the young age of the future porn lord. It was the kinkiest studio ever… It had to be. What other porn set has a vomitorium especially for shooting vomit scenes??? The walls were covered in framed pictures of beautiful girl next door types making themselves puke….assholes gaping wide open, you name it.
Sam – I want this one to be special.
Diane – let’s break the room in….now
Sam – which room?
Diane grabs sams hand and leads him to one of the porn rooms they use for vomit scenes.
Diane – make me throw up all over your cock……we don’t need a camera for this one….
Sam – yes…we do. I want this on tape. I love watching you bring your food up for me.
Sam walks in his camera/technology room and sets up the equipment.
They hear a knock on the door. Diane’s daughter got out of school early and stopped by to suck sams dick before going to cheerleading practice. Wearing her short cheerleading skirt, she looks so cute.
Sam opens the door “this is great… You couldn’t have come at a better time. Me and your mom re about to break in the studio…
Shelly – wow, this place looks really awesome. I mean it… It looked good before it was finished, but with all the new pictures on the wall and hardwood floor and light, it is amazing. What room is my mom in?
Sam – the vomitorium….we are about to break it in…
Shelly – I thought our next scene wasn’t until Saturday…the i****t scenes.
Diane – shelly, come in here
Shelly and Sam walk down the hall into the puke scene room. Her mom is on all fours with a nice sized ass plug in her asshole with her ass facing the camera. With no hesitation , Sam starts right away filming…..
Sam – that’s really hot Diane…pull the ass plug out of your butthole for us…get your butthole nice and wide….Shelly, don’t let your food come up yet, but go stand over your mom and put your index and middle finger down your throat and gag… I’ll let you know when to toss your cookies. Girls, let’s get dirty
Diane – shelly….wait, sam, are we live, the camera rolling?
Sam – yea, sorry, I forgot to say “action”….besides, don’t worry about anything in this scene….I want it to be raw and uncut with no editing. Just be your naughty nasty self. Let’s break this room in.
Shelly – mom, what were u about to say?
Diane – come here and kiss me before you puke yourself
The 2 cute and sexy mother and daughter completely tongue fuck each other’s moth as sam walks around getting all the technology in the room set up. My he cameras are shooting from 6 different angles. Unofficially, this studio is the most technologically advanced there has ever been….when Diane and Sam were researching big name studios, none of them had walls with built in hi-def cameras from six different areas of the room. The set could easily transform to different wall angles…there was a host of other things the studio included that Sam and Diane had yet to figure out. Diane was pretty impressed at the ability for such a young person like Sam to be able to learn so fast. He aspired to make ultra filthy pornography and she was all too happy to help. Moshe had financed everything and expected nothing in return. She liked Sam being with her daughter. He was ultra filthy, ultra smart, and underneath it all, a good boy. She had made a nice sum of money a few years ago selling commercial realistate and loved being able to spend her money making ultra hardcore pornography with Sam and her daughter.
Shelly and Diane kissed a little more while groping each other in front of the camera. Sam had everything set up and as he mentioned to them earlier, he wanted Diane and shelly to control the action while he filmed. Normally, Sam called the shots when they Diane and shelly did mother/daughter pornography scenes.
Diane – Sam, I know what u said earlier, but, being that we are doing our first sex scenes, I’d like it if you joined us…do u know someone who could come tape us three together having sex?
Sam – not anybody close….lets just take turns on shelly since she doesn’t know how to use the cameras yet…
Shelly – oh my god, I’m so fucking horny, will somebody just fuck me???
Diane- sure baby, undress for us…show us your holes. Mommy wants to see your holes spread real real wide…show us what a filthy i****t slut you are…show us how much u like having sex with your mom. Diane laid on her back with her denim jeans pulled down to her knees gently masterbating in full view of sic cameras….her eyeballs rolling up into her head at times while watching her daughter slowly undress for her….Sam stood at the camera with his pants down at his ankles stroking his dick…he was in heaven…..shelly stood there completely nude revealing her lightly trimmed 1980s retro pussy hair which matched her moms delicious pussy…..with no direction at all the young teenager was in cruise control. As always, she was super horny and loved to fuck in front of the camera….she loved doing really nasty stuff on ca,era because she knew Sam loved to watch it and show her off. As Diane masterbated on her back and Sam stood there caressing his raging erection, shelly got on all fours on top of a coffee table next to her mom and positioned her head above her moms girlie soft perfect tummy and stuck her finger down her throat. She knew not to vomit right away…she had hoped Sam would come over and play with her young tight lubed up asshole…and that he did. Holding a camera he walked over behind shelly and slowly inserted the biggest asp lug he owned…he had to gently work it in with smaller toys and he made sure he filmed every part of her stretching butthole. Shelly continued to gag herself above her mom as Diane laid back masterbating while looking at one of the large hi-def TVs that showed them at all 6 angles.
Diane – oh my god baby… Momma gave you a nice ass….plug her asshole up good Sam…plug that little shithole.
Sam backed away to capture some still shots of the action…walking back and forth to pull shellys buttplug in and out of her asshole. Everytime he pulled out, her brow eye gaped the size of a lacrosse ball….shelly and Diane had assholes to die for. Their buttholes were tight, yet when stretched out, could gape like true butthole whores in the porn industry.
Diane got up and removed the rest of her clothes and put her pussy juice soaked fingers in her daughters drooling mouth…watching Diane’s daughter taste her moms pussy really turned Sam and his friends on…he really liked that. Diane walked over and took the camera from Sam. Sam removed his jeans that were still around his ankles. Pulling off his shirt he revealed his naturally built frame…..Diane had thought Sam would immidiately start violating her young teenage daughters gaping brown eye…..and he did. Her asshole had closed up right before he slowly inserted the head of his throbbing dick into her butthole. Ms till sticking her fingers down her throat like a true puke whore he could feel her shitpipe clench up on every gag…he went balls deep, and just stayed deep inside her warm anus feeling every gag…he stayed deep inside her butthole with no movement and just closed his eyes while Diane moved to the front of her daughter filming her dp face and eyeballs as she gagged herself with her middle finger…..
Sam – shelly…. Puke yourself for mommy and daddy…bring your fucking food up. Make yourself skinny for us baby
Shelly looked back at her boyfriend and smiled and turned back to the camera being held by her mom and stained at the camera and stuck her middle finger down her whore throat and after 4 nasty sounding gags, she put her finger deep down the back of throat with Sam still as deep as he could possibly be buried inside her asshole, brought up her food…..vomiting several more times until Sam finally started to pull Ina dn out of shellys butthole…she let out several more streams of puke as Sam continued to straight up sodomize her in front of her mom. Each gag produced nasty nasty pre-vomit sounds that only an individual with a Vomit fetish could understand. It was hot….nasty and fucking hot.
Sam kept injecting Diane’s round ass and burying his dick balls deep to feel her hot young anus clench up on his young dick. This girl was going to become a star in the underground pornography world.
Pushing in to shellys butthole and staying balls deep inside her “Diane, go chug a little water….I want shelly to puke up on you one more time then after I shoot my load inside your daughters asshole I want to film u in a Self-Induced Puke Scene. Shelly has to go back to cheerleading practice so she needs to put some food back in her system…I’ll puke it out of her tonite in some scenes.
Diane jumps in to the shower located in the same room. Each Fuck-Set included 3 showers for studs and whores to clean off quickly so they could jump right back in scenes. She touched herself in the shower at the thought that she has been allowing her youngest daughter to vomit on her. It really turned her on.
Injection after injection Sam pulled in and out and in and out of Diane’s daughters ass….”puke yourself one last time sweety, I’m about to blow a shitload of sperm right inside your butthole baby… I’m going to grab the camera off the stand after I cum inside you. I want to get some close up shots of your asshole shitting cum. Push it all out into the cup…. Your slut whore mom is going to drink it down and make herself puke it up.
Shelly – Fuck me…..fuck me…keep buttfucking me Sam……fuck me, fuck me like an i****t whore, fuck me up my butthole.

– to be continued.

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