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Mature Woman at the Beach – Another True Sto

Ok, so after the last two stories a few things have happened, but I thought I’d write a quickie about something that happened a couple of years ago first.

Let me just say, before we start, I’ve always been attracted to women. I’ve had several sexual encounters with them, however, never one in her late 40s. I’ve always been attracted to older males (I have daddy issues 🙂 but hadn’t really thought about older women…until this day.

I was 20 years old and on holiday alone. The local beach in the summer is fairly quiet, but not quiet enough to get away with going topless. So, I head for the sand dunes, where I can find a private spot to get my nice big tits tanned (check them out on my profile ;).

I decide to go for it and remove everything, so there I am, lying amongst the dunes, naked and hidden, or so I thought.

‘You’ve got the right idea.’

I look up to see a woman standing a few feet away, smiling. She’s in her late 40s with a curvy figure, her big tits barely hidden by her bikini top, her pert ass visible through her bottoms. She had an authoritative look about her, her face stern even when smiling. She was sexy as hell!

‘Sorry, I didn’t think anyone came up here’ I say.

‘I saw you heading this way’ she replies ‘I was on the beach with my husband and well, I wanted to see what you were up to.’

‘Oh, I’m not up to anything, just don’t want tan lines.’

‘I thought you might be a nudist, or maybe a swinger’ the woman asks, her eyes checking out my naked young body hungrily.

‘Oh no, I’m not that adventurous’ I reply.

‘But I think you are, I watched you walking across the beach in that tiny bikini, loving all the stares from men and women.’

‘I did enjoy that, yeah’ I grin.

‘I know, I could tell’ she replies, staring at my tits.

I’m suddenly aware I’m naked and go to put on my bikini top.

‘Stop’ she orders ‘don’t cover them up, they’re beautiful.’

I do as she says, my pussy suddenly alive and beginning to twitch.

‘I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable’ she says.

‘Oh, you didn’t. Not at all.’

‘You like women looking at your tits?’

‘Yes, very much so’ I breathe, feeling the juices starting to flow from my cunt.

‘Even women my age, I’m old enough to be your mother?’

‘I know, and I love it’ I reply, surprising myself at how turned on I am about it.

‘You like looking at my body?’ she asks.

‘I do.’

She removes her bikini top and her huge tits flop free, her nipples hard and pointing towards me.

‘You like these big heavy tits?’

‘Yes, very much’ I reply, getting tongue tied as I can’t take my eyes off them.

She kneels down next to me and I sit up.

‘No no, lay back’ she says, pushing me back onto my towel ‘I want to look at you…mommy wants to look at you. Is that ok?’

‘Yes’ I reply, the word barely audible as I feel my heart racing.

‘Yes what?’

‘Yes mommy.’

‘Good girl.’

I follow her eyes as they study every inch of my body – my neck then my tits, my nipples as they grow hard, my stomach, my legs then my smooth pussy.

‘Open your legs for mommy’ she whispers.

I do as she says, opening up so she can see my pussy, glistening in the sunshine.

‘Spread them wide little girl, I want to look at you properly.

I spread my legs as wide as they can go, and watch as she inspects my cunt. She leans in and takes a deep breath.

‘Mmmm, your pussy smells wonderful little girl’

‘Thank you.’

‘Mommy wants to touch you, can mommy touch those beautiful tits?’

‘Yes, please’ I reply, my pussy aching at the thought.

She runs her hand over my stomach and up over my tits, softly at first, then gripping them tight in her fingers, rubbing and squeezing them.

She leans over me so her big heavy tits are hanging over my face, then lowers them onto my cheeks, slapping them back and forth.

‘You like that little girl?’

‘Oh yes…mommy.’

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, licking her tits as they pass over my face.

Suddenly I feel a finger slide over my pussy slit and gasp.

‘Mmm, you’re so wet little girl, are you wet for mommy?’

‘I am, I’m so wet for you mommy’ I moan, my cunt tingling as she rubs my clit.

‘You want mommy to slide a finger inside her little girl?’

‘Yes mommy, please, please finger me, yes.’

My face buried in her tits I feel one then two fingers slip inside my wet pussy hole. I moan uncontrollably, it feels amazing.

‘Ride mommy’s fingers little girl’ she orders ‘let them slide in and out of your little cunt.’

I do as she says, pushing my pussy onto her fingers as I suck on her tits.

‘Good girl’ she moans, as she straddles my leg and starts grinding her pussy. I can feel the wetness from her cunt all over me as she rubs it back and forth, round and round.

She continues fucking me as her thumb finds my clit.

‘Oh mommy’ I moan ‘you’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.’

‘Mmm, cum for mommy like a good girl’ she whispers ‘and mommy will cum all over you, would you like that baby?’

‘Mmmm, yes’ I reply, muffled by a mouthful of her tits.

‘Mmm, suck on mommy’s tits little girl, grind against my fingers and cum for mommy.’

It doesn’t take much, I’ve been on the verge of cumming since she started playing with my pussy. A huge rush to my clit and my cunt explodes all over her fingers, my body jerking uncontrollably with a scream, muffled by her huge tits.

‘Oh mommy, yes, I’m cumming for you!’

And with that, the woman grinds her wet cunt hard on my leg, squeezing my tits and moaning as she cums all over me.

‘Mommy’s coming baby, mommy’s cumming all over her little girl’ she screams.

With a kiss on the cheek, she climbs off me and disappears as quick as she arrived. The whole thing was less than ten minutes long, but felt amazing.

I lay there, catching my breath, alone. It felt surreal, like it never happened. Then I spot the cum on my leg.

I put my bikini back on and walk across the beach. I spot the woman with her husband, who is discreetly wanking his big cock hungrily.

She sees me and smiles. She looks at her cum still visible on my leg and runs her tongue over her lips. I watch as she moves her tongue down to her husband’s cock, and licks it as if it were a pussy.

I can’t take my eyes off her, she’s beautiful. I run my fingers over my leg and feel her cum, and smile.

That was my first experience in mother/daughter roleplay, there have been many since, and with daddy/daughter too. I just hope one day I get to play with a mommy and daddy at the same time.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:18 pm

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