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Matured siblings’ unforgettable night of love

Slowly, she stirred from her deep exhausted sl**p, moving her tired limbs, trying to shield the rays of sunlight penetrating through the tiny openings of the curtains. She felt weak, almost trance-like as she slowly opened her heavy lidded eyes. She tried to focus but subconsciously she was unsure whether she was awake or dreaming. She f***ed her eyes to open, gradually getting used to the daylight. She looked across her bed and saw the table clock beside her. It was 11.30 in the morning. As her eyes got used to the surroundings, she felt cold. Only then did she realize that she was completely naked. Her bathrobe was on the floor, her bra and panties near the chair behind the headpost of the bed. The gentle breeze of the air conditioner made her shiver slightly. Then the memory of what had transpired earlier in the night hit her.

The tangy odor of stale sex drifted in the air. As she became more awake, the enormity of what she had done made her body tremble. Her hands went to her cheeks and she knew that it was not a dream. She sat up and f***ed herself to walk to the bathroom. The woman in the mirror stared back at her. It was the face of someone who had been thoroughly fucked and the evidence was all over the image looking back at her. Anee sank to the floor as she held on tightly to the washbasin. She felt weak and disorientated. God, what have they done? She had allowed her b*****r to mate with her. She placed her hands on her stomach in desperation, trying to remember whether he had ejaculated his sperm inside her. Anne sank to the floor and tears ran down her cheeks as she curled herself on the cold tiles, sobbing at the i****tuous sin they had committed and the fear that she could be impregnated.

She took a long time in the bath, washing away both their secretions, trying to wash away their sins. She douched herself, trying to get rid of his cum, if he had lodged them inside her womb. As she toweled herself, she felt the rawness of her vagina lips and she felt the dull fullness in her anus. As she put on her bra, the tenderness of her nipples made her gasp, the memory of how he had sucked her and the sensations made her weak with desire. The forbidden acts were so graphic in her mind. She knew the consequences that would arise but she had allowed him to taste her body. It was only yesterday that they were b*****r and s****r, loving each other as siblings.

It was almost 8.00 pm and they had been working since afternoon. He was sitting in her room, watching the variety program on television, as he had always done. It was just like any normal day, whenever he was at her house. They were very close even from the time when they were k**s. He is 57, a father of three and she is 45, a single parent to a son. She felt so safe whenever he was around, always taking care of her needs, doing whatever she asked of him. She loved him, knowing that he would do almost anything she asked him to. Recently, she had cajoled him into assisting her in her work. He had refused a number of times, citing his busy schedule. But in the end, she had managed to get him to agree. Anee was running an advertising business from the home. So, now he comes around twice a week to help out.

He had just completed a write-up for one of her projects and as usual, he took a break. They worked in her room, which was not that big. There is her table with the computer, a single bed, the built-in cabinets and an attached bathroom. He was sitting in the single sofa chair, at the head of the bed which was next to the bathroom. She had made him a cup of tea and he was watching the variety program.

At 45, Anee was still a handsome woman, tall and still slim. Although her waistline was not what it was when she was younger, it was proportionate with her body. Her breasts were full and not saggy. Her husband was killed in an accident when she was 30, Anne did not date nor was she interested in remarrying. Her life revolved around her son and her work. Her son is 20 and was away at the university, coming home only during semester breaks.

Matt had just retired, still a young 57. Since he had some free time, he agreed to help out his s****r. Matt had always been in love with his s****r. He kept it inside him all this while. There were times when she embraced him when he was about to leave, kissing him on the cheeks and he had to hold back, just brushing her off, like any big b*****r. In his heart, he wanted to hold her so much. And recently, when he started to assist her, her presence and nearness had affected him tremendously. However, he never showed it.

Sometimes, when he was in her room, she would come out of the bathroom clad just in her bra and panties. It was a natural thing for her. Before he became a permanent fixture in her house, she used to tell him that she was about to take a bath, and he had left her room, allowing her the privacy and going in again when she was ready. But now, she accepts him as her big b*****r and doing away with modesty that was there earlier.

Matt used to look at her when she was in her underwear’s, whenever she was looking the other way. He could see her flaring hips, snug in her tiny panties and those long legs. The only chances that he could get a glimpse of her breasts were when she bends down to pull on her pants. It had come to a stage when he had to masturbate each time thinking of her when he got home. He wanted Anee so much and he knew that someday, he had to make love with his s****r and accept the consequences.

Anee came out of the bathroom and had to walk past his chair to reach her wardrobe cabinet. As she walked past him, he reached out and held her right hand. Anee stopped momentarily and he looked up at her.

“Stay awhile and watch the show,” he said his mouth dry with anticipation.

She turned her head towards the television. “What are they showing,” she asked.

Matt held onto her hand and replied, “It’s interesting, just watch.”

She stood beside him, and turned her body to see what it was that her b*****r wanted her to watch. It was Oprah’s show.

“Oh, I’ll watch it afterwards, I’ve got to dress,” she said and tried to walk to the cabinet behind him.

At that instance, Matt encircled his right arm around her hips and placed his head against her.

Anee was taken by surprise at her b*****r’s actions. She felt his head against her thigh.

“Matt, what are you doing,” she gasp audibly.

Matt’s other arm encircled her so that she was in his embrace.

Almost in a whisper, she heard him, “I love you so much, I love you.”

Her skin was still slightly wet from her shower and she stood transfixed, unable to extricate herself from his embrace. She was in shock and just looked down at him as his face turned up to meet her eyes.

Anee had never seen him look at her like that, a look that pleaded for her understanding. Then he pulled her slowly to stand in front of him, his face almost at the level of her belly button. Then his face moved towards her and she felt and saw his lips pressed against the softness of her stomach.

“Don’t Matt,” she gasped again. But the electricity of his lips on her flesh made her inhale.

She felt his lips sucking gently on her stomach, kissing her tenderly. She put her hands on his head, not knowing what to do, except feeling the hot sensation of his lips against her.

“Noooo, please, please,” she cried out softly, her eyes now closed.

Her limps were turning to jelly at his forbidden kisses, she just could not move away, her mind numbed. Then she felt his fingers peeling her panties down till they hung around her thighs, exposing her pubic hair and pussy. His hands moved to cup her buttocks as she felt his lips moved down from her stomach, to kiss her between her thighs, seeking her opening. His lips kissed her vagina as though it was her mouth, sucking on her and his tongue rasped her clitoris. As his tongue entered her, Anee grasped his hair and her body lifted upwards, standing astride on her toes like a ballerina. He kept sucking, his mouth like a vacuum, as he felt her trembling in his embrace. Then she shuddered, releasing her love juices which flowed into his mouth. Gradually, her taut body relaxed as the orgasm subsided and she wilted, releasing her hold on his hair, collapsing on her knees onto the floor, between his thighs, her head dropping onto him in the chair. In her dazed state, her head rested against his hard bulge. The front of his pants was slightly wet from his pre-cum which had seeped through his underwear onto his pants.

Anee breathed hard, taking in air after experiencing the most incredible passion of unadulterated sexual act performed upon her body. She did not want to open her eyes to the reality of the moment.

Matt stroked her hair, and placed his head upon hers, whispering softly, “I love you Anee, I wanted you for so long, I’ll never hurt you my love.”

Anee did not answer but just laid her head against his thigh.

Matt raised his head and look at his s****r. She looked so erotic, with her panties still around her knees. Slowly he gently pushed her body backwards, away from him until she was kneeling as though in submissive posture in front of him. Her head hung down, not wanting to meet his eyes. He looked at her matured breasts, full and creamy, the tops quivering in her bra. The sight intoxicated him. His arms reached around her and his fingers unhooked the bra. He slipped it off her shoulders and her breasts dropped free, ripe and just slightly drooping, her nipples long and hard. The vision of her lovely breasts took his breath away and he almost came just by staring at them. The palms of both his hands reach out to cup them tenderly, and he felt her nipples hardened as he caressed them, then taking her aroused nipples between his thumbs and fingers, making them grow elongated. Her breasts had grown heavy and firm as he pressed them lightly in his palms.

Even in her aroused state, Anee’s fogged mind knew that what they were doing is wrong, so so wrong. She clasped his wrist and moves his hands away from her swaying breasts. Her eyes gazed up to her b*****r and he could see her tears.

His heart missed several beats as he looked at her face, so forlorn as though pleading for him to stop. His head dropped back to the back of the chair and both of them sobbed quietly.

Anee got up slowly and walked to the bathroom.

He heard the sound of the door closing and he heaved a deep sigh. His mind was in utter turmoil. He heard her crying and he wanted to comfort her, to beg her forgiveness but he knew what he did could not be undone. The bulge in his pants was still firm and turgid as he could not get the vision of his s****r out of his mind, nude, except for the panties around her knees, kneeling there in front of him. He knew that he had overcome her resistance and she had succumbed to the oral sex acts he had performed on her body. He could not leave her now; he had to consummate what he yearned for all these years.

He heard the shower being turned on. He was worried whether Anee was doing anything drastic in the bathroom. The shower was turned off. He waited expectantly for the door to open.

The door opened and she came out, not looking at him. She had her bathrobe on.

Matt stood up, blocking her way, standing in front of her.

“Please go, Matt,” she said.

He did not know what he should do. He held her in his arms, tightly, his head on her shoulder. She just stood quietly, not responding to him.

“Just hear me out. I want you to know why it happened,” he said. “I have loved you for forever. From the time we were schooling, as a b*****r and later as a woman. I have not loved anyone like this in my life, not even my wife. I have wanted you all these years but it is my secret. Each time I am with you, I yearn for your love, for your body next to mine. I worship you Anee, every part of you. I would do anything you want me to. Every night when I am alone, it is you I think of, it is you long for. I will die for you, Anee. Can you understand what I am trying to tell you? I know what I did was wrong and sinful but I am not ashamed or do I regret. If I dropped dead tonight, I am glad I did it. I have sinned and I am prepared to accept whatever that is awaiting me,” he said, holding her in his arms.

Anee could not believe what she was hearing, her b*****r revealing his innermost feelings for her. The intensity of his words tugged at her heartstrings. Her heart went out to him. It was a declaration of pure love and his wanting of her as a woman. It was a desperate plea from someone almost drowning in his need for her. No man had ever said such things to her, not ever her late husband.

She knew that Matt could never hurt her. Her body relaxed and she held on to him.

“I love you too, so much, but this is i****t. You are my flesh and bl**d. You have a wife and c***dren and I have a son. It is so wrong.” she cried out in anguish.

Matt caressed her wet hair and said, “Wrong or right, I have already done what cannot be undone. I want you so badly, Anee. For this one night in our lifetime, let me love you the way I have always dreamed of, I beg you.”

She heaved a sigh and rested her head against his chest. There was no fight left in her. Before she came out of the bathroom, she did not know how she was going to face him or what she would do. Now she stood clasped in the embrace of his arms. She knew that she was about to surrender her body, her body that no man had touched ever since the demise of her husband, so many years ago, except for the moments just before this. Matt had aroused feelings in her that she though she would never experience again.

Matt cupped his s****r’s face in the palms of his hand and tenderly kissed her lips. At first she did not respond. Gently, his mouth upon hers, his tongue pride opens her lips and he inserted into her mouth. The tenderness of him sucking her tongue finally broke open the floodgates and she sucked him back. Their kissing grew passionate; both trying to savor each other’s mouth. Her hands pulled his head to hers as they deeply kissed and sucked on one another. Her feelings for Matt were now just as great as his need for her.

He opened her bathrobe and pushed it off her shoulders. It fell to the floor. She was naked, clasped in her b*****r’s arms. Both were breathing heavily. The room was only lighted by the rays coming from the bathroom. Matt released her and stepped back. He undressed quickly. b*****r and s****r were now naked. Anne gasped as she looked at her bother, his penis was long and turgid, his ball sac full. She turned her face away shamefully.

“No, dear, look at me as I am looking at you,” he said. “I want to see you, all of you, what I had dreamed and imagine all this time.”

Matt walked to the light switch and pressed it on. The room was illuminated. He stared hungrily at the woman in front of him. Now he could see the fullness of her body and those lovely breasts that had taken his breath away earlier. They were full and ripe, gently slopping down but with a natural firmness and those incredible nipples, pointing out, puffy and growing longer and hard before his eyes.

“You are a goddess, Anee,” he said in awe, looking at his s****r.

He took her hand and led her to the other side of the room, facing the wardrobe cabinet. He opened the cabinet door and the full length mirror reflected their image. Anee turned her eyes away, her cheeks going slightly red in seeing the reflection of their naked bodies. Her flesh was creamy and pale against the contrast of her dark pubic hairs. The sight of his s****r’s bashfulness made Matt’s penis throbbed.

“Don’t be ashamed of your body, s*s,” Matt said, “I could just stand here looking at you the whole night.”

Then Matt was behind her, his arms around her midriff, his firm penis pressed into the crevice between her buttocks, pulsating against her flesh. She could feel his hotness.

“Anee, open your eyes,” he urged her. There was urgency in his voice.

Anee opened her eyes, staring into the mirror. She watched as his hands cupped her full breasts, gently kneading them. Her breath came in deep gasps. His finger and thumb began to tweak her nipples, making them grow and hardened as the wonderful sensations made her vagina moist. Then she saw his right hand moving down to her crotch, rubbing her clitoris. The sight of them was so erotic that she almost came, standing there. As his fingers caressed her crotch and pubic hairs, he felt his finger inserting inside her. She had to open her legs apart and felt her knees giving way, but he held her firmly. Matt finger fucked her, for her to see and her mouth opened, moaning. Matt could feel his pre-cum seeping out and coating the softness between her buttocks. He pulled his finger out and showed her the wetness. As she stared unblinkingly into the mirror, Matt placed the finger into his mouth, tasting her love juices. Anee could only look, taking deep breaths, her stomach moving in unison with her need for air. His hand moved down again and once more she felt his finger penetrating her. The feeling was exquisite. This time, after he pulled out, he lifted his finger and rubbed it against her lips, and gently into her mouth for her to taste herself. It was tangy, the first time ever Anee tasted her own vaginal secretion and she sucked on it. She almost collapsed against him, the dirtiness and yet wonderers of his sexual acts.

With is arm around her waist, he led her to her bed.

The lust that he had aroused in her made her follow him without any protestation. He made he lie on her bed, near the edge, where her legs dangled down to the floor. Then he held her by the ankles and pushed her legs up, bending her pliant body until her knees were resting against her breasts. Her eyes were glazed, knowing that something wonderful was going to happen. It was like an aphrodisiac, the way her b*****r was making love to her body. Her hips jerked as she felt his tongue rasping the full length of exposed crotch. It started from her anus, then her vagina and finally her clitoris. Her breathing became erratic as he washed her with his tongue. She grunted as he latched his lips onto her clitoris, sucking into his mouth the tiny protrusion. She raised her hips almost trying to f***e herself into the cavity of his mouth, thrashing against his lips.

Matt was wild with lust. His penis was raring tightly, his pre-cum dripping onto the floor. He pulled Anee’s legs more to the edge of her bed so that her legs were now folded down his shoulders. Releasing her clit, he burrowed his face deep into her buttocks, seeking her anus, kissing and sucking the puckered star. Anee was on fire, never had any lips touched her virgin opening. It blew her mind, when his tongue seeked entrance. After continuous probing he finally managed to enter her slightly. Anee’s head was turning from side to side to the unnatural love making her bother was administering to her anus. Her tight sphincter and anal muscle finally pushed his tongue out; he moved up and inserted it into her soppy vagina. Her crotch was soaking wet as her secretions began to wet the bedspread. Her vaginal opening accepted him as he began to tongue fuck her deeply. Both of Anee’s arms spread out wide on both sides of her body, her fingers clutching the bedspread for support. Matt reached out and held her hands, pulling her up into a sitting position, his face pressed against her crotch as he continued to orally eat and tongue fuck his s****r. Anee’s body dropped forward against him, as she shuddered uncontrollable, her orgasm coming in spurts as her vagina clamped onto his tongue. The amount of her secretions kept flowing as Matt kept sucking and sucking, finally had to swallow as the combination of his saliva and her juices was too much for him to keep in his mouth. Matt did not realize it but the wondrous of his s****r’s complete surrender had made his hardened penis ejaculate his sperm on the floor between his legs. His mouth felt bruised. He released the hold he had on her hands and she fell backwards onto the bed, her body still jerking spasmodically from the after effects of her multiple orgasms. As Matt sat back on the floor, he could see her s****r’s red and swollen vagina lips, the result of his relentless loving. He felt the sticky wetness as he sat on the floor, the result of his own ejaculation.
Anee had dozed off, lost in her own world, totally wore out by her b*****r’s excruciating oral love making. It was a journey she never could imagine. Matt picked himself off the floor and head towards the bathroom to clean his face and body. When he emerged, he had a wet face towel with him. Anee was still lying asl**p in the same position with her legs dangling loosely on the floor. He gently spread open her thighs and wiped the secretions off her. He was careful in not hurting her swollen vagina. He washed her between her buttocks and also the juices that had soaked into the bedspread. He lifted her and placed her comfortably in the centre of the single bed. He turned her body to face the wall and crept into bed, spooning against her back. Matt too was exhausted and both siblings slept. The time was 11.30 in the night. He had tasted and felt her body since 8.00pm.

Matt awoke the sound of rain, thunder and lighting. Rubbing his hands over his eyes, he wondered where he was. He felt a body beside him. Turning, he saw that it was Anee. The images of their love making made his sit up. Anee was lying on her back, gently breathing. A sudden clap of thunder awoke her too. Her eyes began to focus. It was dark, but flashes of lightning illuminated the room, periodically. She saw that it was Matt and he was looking at her intently. She suppressed a scream seeing that her b*****r was sitting beside her, naked. Then she saw that she was also nude. Then she remembered. They were silent, looking at each other, only the sound of the heavens splitting the night outside.

Matt looked at the clock. It was 4 in the morning. They had really slept.

“I have to go soon,” he told her. “Jenny will be wondering where I was as I did not call her.”

Looking at his s****r, he felt the stirring in his loins. His heartbeat began to pump faster. She looked so enticing, lying there, naked with him.

He could not stop himself as he placed his hands on her breasts, feeling them. His mouth descended onto her nipple, sucking one and then the other. His penis grew hard within seconds.

“Oh Matt!” she moaned, lifting her breasts up for him to suckle.

“I want to fuck you before I leave,” he said, looking her in the eye.

She was taken aback by his words, words that no one had ever expressed to her face. It made her shiver.

“No, you can’t, I don’t have protection and this is my fertile period,” she uttered, almost in shame at the knowledge of his intentions. “I don’t want to fuck you wearing a condom, I want to feel you when I am inside you,” he said. “I will be careful Anee, don’t worry.”

He caressed her face, looking down at her, a look so full of love and longing. Then he kissed her. She was lost in his tenderness. She felt him taking her hand and placing it on his phallus. The thickness and hardness and hotness surprised her. He made her encircled his girth. She could feel the unevenness of his shaft, the thick veins running across and the perpetual throbbing. He made her feel the smooth mushroom head and she felt the sticky liquid seeping out.

“Hold it,” he said, as he climbed to straddle her, his legs on both side of her head while his own head was facing her crotch. Then his lips were searching for her sex openings.

Anee exhaled as once again she felt him orally stimulating her. At the same time Matt lowered his hips and she understood what he wanted from her. His heavy penis rubbed against her face. As he licked her between her thighs, she held his hard cock in her hands bringing it to her lips. The bloated head was like silk as his pre-cum wetted her lips. Her tongue snaked out to lick the sticky liquid. She opened her mouth wide to accept him. He was hot and she had to widen her mouth as her b*****r’s penis filled her. When she felt the stirrings of an orgasm upon her, she sucked on his turgid head causing him to move his hips in a fucking motion. The enormous phallus almost caused her to choke as he pushed down deep into her throat. Her body tightened and went rigid as she pressed her hips upwards into his face. Her third orgasm burst through. In her hyper state of mind, her b*****r’s penis seemed to grow in size in her mouth as he kept pumping, hitting the very ends of her tonsils. Gobs of his sperm spurted causing her to cough and swallow. He kept spurting in intervals until she could not keep up and it dribbled out of her mouth, running down her cheeks. He finally lifted his face from between her legs and with a deep sigh, pulled his still hard penis out of her mouth. Her lips felt abused. The taste of his semen was prominent in her mouth and his odor of his manly secretion filled her nostrils. She coughed again as she swallowed the remnants of his sperm into her stomach. They lie beside each other, his hand clasping hers.

Although he had just come, Matt’s penis was still hard and vibrant. He still had not got the satisfaction of fucking his s****r. He sat up beside her and this time, took both her hands and placed it on his cock. Anee felt the slimy stickiness of his cum on the palms of her hands as he made her stroke him. She felt him growing harder.

Matt moved away from her, releasing her hold from his penis. She saw him crawl to the end of the bed and moved between her legs. He lifted her legs up in the air and placed them on his shoulders. Then she felt him rubbing the mushroom head up and down her vagina.

She lifted her body up, balancing herself with her elbows. He could see her heaving breasts. “No, Matt, don’t. I could be pregnant. I beg you don’t do it,” her voice breaking and choking.

“I have to my love,” he pleaded in anguish, “I will be careful; I will pull out before I come.”

She could see tears in his eyes as he slowly rubbed the turgid head against her and suddenly he was in her. God, he was huge. He did not press in, only the head was lodged inside her vagina. The exquisite pleasure he felt being joined with his s****r almost made him come. But the look of horror on her face stopped him from pushing himself completely inside her. He just rocked the solid stiffness of the head inside her and pulled out just in time as a spurt of sperm splash on her vagina lips. Both were breathing heavily. With her legs still d****d over his shoulders, he pulled her face towards his and they kissed with wild passion, devouring each other’s mouth. Her breasts were mashed against his chest. He pressed her face down his chest and rubbed her lips against his nipple. She opened her mouth and sucked him, making him groan.

He whispered in her ear. “I just have to fuck you tonight, love, where you won’t get pregnant. I will be gentle. Trust me. I could never hurt you,” he rasped.

He pushed Anee down to lie once more on her back. She looked at him imploringly. There was only one place that he meant. She had heard of the unnatural act but such thoughts had never even entered her mind and now it was going to happen to her. Her heartbeat began to thump wildly and she could not tear her eyes from his. She felt him lifting her buttocks as he pushed a pillow underneath her. Then his finger was circling her anus, wetting her with the splattered cum that he had ejaculated on her vagina just moments before. Her puckered hole squeezed tight as he rubbed the smooth sperm onto her. Her eyes widened when she felt her tight sphincter gave way in surrender, accepting his probing finger. Her mouth opened a wide O as he began pumping in and out of her. He pulled his finger out and smeared more of his sperm and her vaginal fluid onto two fingers. Her anus had gone soft after the initial penetration and had opened slightly. It received the two fingers, as he stretched her. Now he placed his massive head against her. Tried as he did, he could not control himself as small amounts of sperm kept seeping out of him. As he pressed against her tiny opening, his sperm was f***ed inside her, coating the walls of her rectum. He knew he was too big for her but he could not stop himself. As he pressed in, the excruciating pain made Anee broke out in cold sweat. She felt as if a small log was being pushed inside her. Tear welled in her eyes as she gripped his arms.

“Try to relax, sweetheart, don’t fight it,” she hear him through the dim pain wracked of her mind. It began to fill her as he went deeper in until she felt him stop. Their pubic hair was meshed together. She had never felt such fullness before. Matt was completely lodged inside her rectum, his throbbing head deep in her bowels. The intense grip of her anal muscles held his massive penis. He did not have to move as he could feel her grip squeezing and releasing around the girth of his penis. He just held her legs tightly together, savoring the intensity of the moment. The taboo act of having fucked his s****r in her anus was overwhelming. Gradually Anee’s anus relaxed, her muscles having adjusted and accepted the massive penetration of her b*****r’s hard meat. Her body was drenched with her sweat. Matt began to move in small fucking motions, allowing her to control the movements. After quite sometime of gentle fucking, Anee started to moan, the same sounds she made when she was being eaten by him. He pulled his penis further out and pushed in again. He looked at her face and could see the fluttering of her eyelids. He knew that she had passed the pain barrier and he began to anal fuck his s****r. The shattering explosion of his ejaculation shook him. He pressed himself as deep as he could, visualize his thick sperm spurting into her bowels. The most powerful orgasm of the night spread across Anee’s deeply fucked body, coursing out of her vagina, breasts and anus as she felt the tremendous throbbing of her b*****r’s cock. Matt pushed Anee’s legs flat against her heaving breasts as he kept fucking the now slick tunnel of her rectum, gobs of his sperm seeping out to mesh their pubic hairs. The smell of their fucking was everywhere. He was drained of his strength. As their breathing became something like normal, he slowly pulled his penis out of her. Anee’s knees were raised as her foot rested on mattress. Matt looked down to see her anal opening still wide and pulsating. He bend down to kiss the pulsating hole, tasting the tangy mixture of his cum and her anal offerings.

It was a day in his life that was written in stone. He did not want to think of tomorrow. The woman lying on the bed is the love of his life. Once more he went into the bathroom to clean himself, and then to wipe off the remnants of the evidence of the i****t that had taken place from his s****r’s sl**ping body.

Matt dressed in silence, pulled the blanket to cover the incredible body of his s****r, kissed her forehead and left her room. It was already 8.00 in the morning.

The sound of a car driving away was faintly heard by her as she fell into deep slumber.

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