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me and my cousin

one weekend all my f****y members gathered at my uncle’s house and that night the house was full… so my uncle had a camper in front of his house me and my cousins asked my uncle if we can sl**p in there he said yea… so me and my 3 cousins got our blackets and pillows… there where 2 beds in the camper… one on top and one on bottom… so we had to sl**p in pairs. me and my 11 year old cousin b*****r had the top bed… so we put our blankets up there… then 10 min later our pairents told us to lay down… so me and him layed down and we where talking to my other cousins… then he was holding my hand and i hold his hand we were still talking to my other cousins.. then we covered the wind with blankets then we had on blanket left… then we started kissing and i was getting hard then i unbuttoned my pants then i said to him ” take off your shirt” he said “yea hold up” then i filled his nice smooth body then we started kissing again… then he said” hold up” i said “what u doing” then he unzipped his pants and he was down to his boxers and i took off my pants then me and him cuddled together for a while… then i filled his smooth young body and we kissed again… then i took off my boxers and my cock full erected then i put it agaist him… he liked it… then he took off his boxers and his little uncircumsized dick showed then we cuddled then he went under the blankets and for a whole 5 min he sucked my dick when i came he licked it then we cuddled again then i sucked his small dick it tasesd good and salty senice hes uncurcumsised i pulled back the skin from his dick then i tounged his tip so senice hes 11 he had no cum he just twitched and he told me to stop.. so i did… then he turned around and he said ” put your fat cock in my tight hole” so i did… i said ” is it in ” he was panting he said ” yes” then i fucked him hard… then he told me to turn arund so i did and he put his small dick in my tight ass it felt good feelng his small dick in my hole he went faster and it felt good… after that we kissed again and cuddled then we put our clothes back on… now when were alone or laying by each other we fuck..

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