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Me and my uncle

Hello all

This is my own story. This happened to me when I turned 18. My uncle actually my moms cousin b*****r. He deflowered me and showed me the pleasure of s*x. Even though I was 18 I dint have any serious relations.literally, I was a virgin. This happened after my 18th birthday celebrations after everyone slept. A party was organised by my parents and my s****r at our backyard garden. The party went on well with all the music and dance, food and drinks. My uncle came in the morning itself to arrange everything and he presented me a beautiful knee high frock. He asked me wear that for the party. I forget to tell you, I am a medium chubby girl with large b**bs and curvy. My uncle was 60 plus and he had a very strong body which I came to know later.

In the evening, I took bath and dressed up in that frock and it was bit exposive. It showed by cle***e and If I bent down my panties are visible. He was very happy when he saw me in that dress and he hugged me tightly and kissed me. I was so embraced. He told me I was looking very pretty and slowly pinched me without anyone noticing. I was totally surprised why he is behaving like this in front my parents. No one was noticing this and they are all behaving as if nothing is happening.

After few minutes, I too started enjoying his touch and something was happening down. During the whole party, he was hugging, kissing, and pinching me whenever he gets a chance. When the party was over it was already midnight and the garden was like a hell full mess. My parents, s****r, uncle and me started cleaning but uncle asked my parents and s****r to go to bed as they have to go for work the next day. He also told them not to worry and we (uncle and me) will clear this. So they bid his gud nite and went to sl**p. Only me n uncle was left and we started cleaning. Now he can see my b**bs as I am bending down and picking up the waste. I understood that he is enjoying this. Later on he asked me to change the dress as it is getting dirty and he will clear up the rest.

I went to my room and took bath once again and changed to my night dress. I usually wears nothing under my night dress. After that, I came down and went to check what my uncle is down out in the garden. To my surprise the garden was all cleaned and he too have changed dress. I went near him and asked how did he do all this so easily. He just laughed and winked at me. We started walking and we were talking. He asked about my grades and whether I have a boyfriend or not and such things and also he told me I have become a beautiful girl with all the necessary things. I became shy and just thanked him.

We sat in a corner bench in our garden and started talking about everything under the sky. He moved near to me and started hugging me. His hands were now on my b**bs. I dint resist him coz I was actually enjoying that and I don’t know why I am doing so. After a while he started to press and squeeze my nipples as I am naked underneath it was so easy for him. He slowly started to put his hand I sided and started to do the same. I was so aroused and started to moan slowly because I don’t want to wake my parents and my s****r and also I want my uncle to know that I a enjoying it. He understood that and he started to down slowly and started to caress my p***y and started playing with that and he started kissing me as well. I was totally out of the world and he slowly fingered me. He removed my clothes and laid me over the grass. He started sucking my nipples and fingering me. He too removed his dress and asked me to suck him. After sometime he slowly entered inside me and I was in pain. I asked him to take that out but he told me it will be okay and later I was feeling good and started enjoying.

He then took me to his room and we did it from there and later in my room too. I was ver happy and later I told him that was the best birthday gift I ever got. He was very happy and we still meet and do wen Ever we get a chance. Still no one knows that we are in a relation. Since he is the eldest member in our f****y no one doubts him and he has full permission to come at anytime in our house.

Hope everyone enjoyed my story. Sorry if there is any mistakes as it is my first experience as a writer. Please excuse me if there is any mistake and help me to improve with your valuable suggestions and comments. Thank you!!!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:08 pm

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