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Me, Holly and Christine

This is my first attempt at writing a porn story, open to constructive criticism/tips! There will be more to come if people like this one. This is not a true story, pure fantasy.

When I was 20 I was going out with an 18 year old girl called Holly. Holly wasn’t the most traditionally beautiful girl in town, but she had incredible 36DD tits and a perfect round arse, which on her 5’2″ size 14 frame made her incredibly fuckable and we had a lot of fun together. She had great come fuck me eyes and let me do whatever I wanted with her.

Holly still lived at home with her M*m, Christine, and her 20 year old br*ther Oliver. Their d*d had left them soon after Holly was born, and Christine had seen some other men, but had been single for the last 5 years or so.

I was at uni, so had my own place, but we often spent the night round at hers, partly because her M*m always cooked dinner, but I also got off on the thought of the rest of the house hearing us as we fucked.

Christine looked a lot like Holly, just older and a bit shorter and chubbier. Because of the extra fat she had even bigger tits and a bigger arse. I’d always had a thing for older women and had often cum on Holly’s face and tits fantasising about it being Christine. I’d never told Holly about any of this though. Christine didn’t particularly like me, I think she was a bit jealous really, and thought that Holly was making some bad decisions. She would often have screaming matches with Holly about her going out partying with me instead of concentrating on her A levels, it got Holly down quite a lot. Christine never did this in front of me, just when I wasn’t around, when I was around she was always polite and friendly.

She would often bang on Holly’s bedroom door when we were fucking and tell us to keep it down, or to tell us off for smoking weed in her room. I’d just ignore her and try to keep on going, but Holly got upset about it, and it often ended up with Holly finishing me off with a blow job as she didn’t want to upset her M*m further. As soon as I would go the next morning she would start calling Holly a slut and a whore, saying that she would never do anything like that. Holly would just take the abuse, it was her M*m and despite all the horrible comments she still loved her.

Oliver could barely meet my eyes whenever I saw him, we’d been in the same year at school together and he was always the one that got bullied for being a virgin, he probably still hadn’t fucked anyone. He obviously wasn’t happy with the fact that he had to go to sl**p every night thinking about me fucking his little s*ster.

One night me and Holly had been out partying in town, it was a fun night, Holly was wearing a very tight dress that showed off all her curves and we got very d***k. We got a taxi home and couldn’t keep our hands off each other, even with the taxi driver watching us the whole way. I was playing with her big tits and pulling her huge nipples through her dress, she climbed on top of me and started dry humping my hard cock through my jeans, causing her dress to ride up her big butt in full view of the driver. He’d started driving a lot slower and was clearly enjoying the show. I pulled her panties down and shoved two fingers into her pussy and started rubbed her clit with my thumb, which drove her wild and just as we were pulling up to her house she came loudly. The taxi driver slammed on the brakes as he drove past the house, paying more attention to Holly than to the road. I pulled her panties the rest of the way off, paid him, and tossed her cum stained underwear onto the passenger seat, saying I hope he enjoyed the show.

As we got out Holly could barely walk, through a combination of alcohol and having just cum. I was no where near finished though, I still had a raging hard on. As Holly fumbled for the keys to get in I came up behind her, unzipped my flies, pulled out my hard cock, pushed her against the door and slid into her wet pussy from behind, slowly fucking her and telling her to hurry up and open the door. Holly had an even harder time opening the door now as she was pinned against the door and had my cock slowly going in and out of her.

Eventually she managed to get the door open and we stumbled in. We made our way upstairs to her room, stopping on the stairs briefly for me to fuck her from behind some more. She was d***k enough to not be worried about what her M*m might think tonight. She was close to cumming again, but I wanted to make it last longer.

We eventually made it into her room, it was about 3am by now and we were making a lot of noise. I pulled her dress over her head and free her gorgeous tits from her bra, and as I was pulling my shirt off she undid my belt and took off my jeans and boxers. I picked her up and threw her face up onto the bed. Normally I’d have eaten her out until she came all over my face, but I’d had this hard on for half an hour by now and wanted to cum.

I climbed onto the bed, lifted her legs up onto my shoulder and shoved my cock hard into her pussy in one motion, causing Holly to scream in pleasure, no concern for waking up her f*mily tonight. We fucked fast and hard, me shoving my cock into her pussy and her lifting her hips up to meet each thrust. Holly’s tits were bouncing all over the place, and even our bodies pounding together was probably loud enough to wake up the house, never mind Holly’s constant encouragement to “FUCK ME HARDER!” I felt myself getting closer to cumming as my cock swelled up and my balls tightened. Just as I was about to cum I felt her pussy get tighter and Holly started to shout “YES, FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING!”, loud enough for neighbours 3 houses away to hear and as she came I filled her with my big load of cum.

I let her legs fall down and lay there with my softening cock still in her cum filled pussy, both of our genitals twitching in post orgasm bliss. Holly passed out there and then from a combination of drink and the good fucking I’d just given her.

I realised I was now desperate for a piss after drinking heavily all night, so carefully got off the bed, with her pussy slurping as I pulled out of her now, leaving cum leaking out and onto the bed, and walked naked to the bathroom next door to her room.

As I got towards the bathroom I heard some noises coming from inside, which I thought was strange, it was 3.30am now and no one else should’ve been up. I opened the door which wasn’t locked and was very surprised by what I saw.

There was Christine in her nightie, partly at least, leaning against the wall separating the bathroom and Holly’s room, one hand squeezing one of her exposed huge tits. The bottom of her nightie was up around her hips as jer other hand fingering her incredibly hairy cunt as hard as possible. I could smell her pussy juices from where I was.

Her head was tilted back against the wall and her eyes were closed, and her head was clearly miles, or maybe just feet, away from the bathroom where she was. She was making the exact same sort of noises as Holly does when she’s getting near to cumming, like m*ther like d*ughter in more than just looks. She didn’t seem to hear the door open anyway. Even though I’d only just cum, my cock started to swell again at what I was seeing, this was what I’d fantasised about since the first time I’d met her.

I let her carry on like this for a minute or two until I could tell she was getting near to cumming, she was starting to gyrate her hips into her fingers to fuck herself even harder. Just as she was about to cum, I said “need any help?” Her eyes shot open and locked straight on mine and she screamed “OH MY GOD!” She quickly took her hands off her tit and pussy and tried to cover herself up, putting her arm across her tits and a hand covering her hairy bush. But she was obviously closer to cumming than I thought, as as she was trying to conceal her modesty, her body started convulsing as her orgasm shook through her body. Her arms fell away again as she pressed them against the wall, and she was panting and moaning, trying hard to get her orgasm under control, but it clearly wasn’t working as her pussy started visibly leaking cum down her leg.

“It looks like you’ve got it covered all by yourself” I said whilst smirking.

She couldn’t look up at me, she had a mix between anger and embarrassment across her face. She could look up far enough to glance at my hardening cock though, and I saw her mouth open slightly and she licked her lips.

I quickly realised that this was my chance to fulfil my fantasy and potentially put my girlfriend’s m*ther in her place and stop her ruining our fuck sessions with her bullying.

I walked closer to her until we were only a foot apart, with the gap partially filled with my half hard cock. Christine’s eyes didn’t leave my cock as I walked slowly forward. I myself couldn’t take my eyes off those amazing tits.

“Or maybe you would like some help after all? Do you like what you see?”

Christine mumbled something, but it was inaudible.

“What’s that? You seem to like the look of my cock, would you like a closer look?”

I reach up and put my hands on her shoulders and slowly pushed her down to her knees, she didn’t resist at all. Her head was now level with my cock, which was still glistening with a mix of mine and her d*ughter’s cum.

She was still in a daze and not moving, other than that she was still licking her lips and her hands were slowly going back towards her pussy.

“Well, are you going to suck it then?”

At this point she started to regain her composure a bit and said in a quiet gasp “I can’t, you sick bastard! You’re my d*ughter’s boyfriend!”

I laughed “Hah, as if you weren’t just finger fucking yourself wishing it was you that I was fucking, not Holly. If you don’t want to then fine, I’ll just piss and leave, but I know this is the first cock you’ve seen in years.”

I turned to head towards the toilet, wondering what she would do. Just as my cock started to leave her eyeline, I heard her almost whisper “Wait.”

I turned back round and grabbed my cock by the base, holding it up towards her mouth. Her eyes were fully focused on my cock again now, staring at my still swelling head as it slowly moved towards her mouth which she was slowly opening. As I moved closer she must’ve smelt the smell of pussy on it and stared up at me for the first time and had a look of pure disgust on her face.

“That’s Holly’s cum on your cock, I’m not sucking that you freak! Clean it first!”

“Look, I’m in charge here, either you suck my cock until it’s clean and hard or I leave, your choice.”

Christine obviously wasn’t used to being spoken to in this way, she was the boss in her house, but it seemed to be working as she stared up at me for a few seconds longer, and then with a look of resignation she shut her eyes and accepted the tip my cock into her mouth. Maybe she was a submissive who just hadn’t had the necessary control in a while.

I decided to give her the control I thought she needed and told her “You will do what you’re told from now on, or else I will leave the room straight away and go and fuck your d*ughter so hard that she screams so loudly that the neighbours will be banging on the door. Now open your eyes and look at me as you suck my cock properly.”

This seemed to work as she opened her eyes straight away, and stared up at me with the same come fuck me eyes that her d*ughter has, and started to take the rest of my cock into her mouth as her tongue tried to swirl around my shaft. She clearly hadn’t sucked a cock in a long time, but it didn’t really matter, I was quickly growing hard in her mouth.

Once she was used to my cock in her mouth I told her to finger her hairy cunt, which she did eagerly, and as she was doing that I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and started fucking her face. She started gasping and gagging as I fucked her throat, drool running down her chin and onto her tits. I pulled out to let her catch her breath, and whilst she was clearly struggling with it, she was also loving it, seeming to be focusing more on fingering her cunt than catching her breath.

After a few minutes of that I was feeling myself getting ready to cum, but didn’t want to pass up what might be my only opportunity to fuck her. So I pulled my cock out of her mouth a final time, reached under her arm pits and picked her up, she was barely able to stand.

I turned her around and pushed her over the bathroom sink, ripped her nightie off in one motion and positioned myself behind her, rubbing my cock against her big pussy lips. “Are you sure you want this?” All she could do was nod.

Just before I shoved my cock into her cunt our eyes met in the reflection of the mirror over the sink. I thrust so hard that I bottomed out in her in one motion and she screamed a guttural sound, there were no words. Our eye contact was broken as she titled her head back as she screamed. I grabbed her hair again and f***ed her to look in the mirror, as I fucked her harder than I’d ever fucked her daughter.

Her pussy was nearly as tight as Holly’s, I guess she really hadn’t been fucked in a long time. I was worried that I was going to cum too soon, Christine had no such worries, she came almost instantly, her cunt contracting around my cock as she moaned and wailed, trying her hardest not to make too much noise. Her daughter was asl**p in the next room after all.

I kept pounding her right through her orgasm, forcing her to maintain eye contact the whole time. Her hips were pushed hard up against the sink leaving no room to move, and her gigantic tits were swinging all over the place, knocking toothbrushes and toiletries flying off the sink.

I could feel my second load of cum of the night building up, so I pulled out of her, the sink the only thing holding her up now. I told her “Turn around, slut, and get on your knees.” Being called a slut visibly made her flinch, maybe all the memories of the abuse she’d given Holly coming back to her, but she did what she was told straight away.

I was very close to cumming so didn’t say another word, just grabbed her tits and pressed them tight together around my cock, using her own pussy juices as lubricant I fucked her tits whilst she rubbed her clit furiously. I felt myself cumming so let go of her tits and aimed my cock as one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot sprayed onto her face and into her hair, dripping down onto her tits and onto the floor. The second my cum hit her face Christine came again, her cum freely running down her thighs now onto the bathroom floor.

I gave her a few seconds to recover as the orgasm coursed through her body and then ordered “Now clean your cum off my cock”, which she did willingly this time.

As my cock started to deflate I realised how desperately I needed a piss again. So I took my cock out of her mouth, which she seemed disappointed about now, and turned to the toilet and let a heavy stream of piss out.

Whilst I was pissing I turned to her and said “Clean up this mess, you whore”, indicating the cum and toiletries all over the room, “and don’t ever disrespect Holly again, or this will never happen again.”

I finished pissing and left her as she was, a cum covered mess on the bathroom floor. As I got the door I turned and said “Oh, and shave your hairy cunt, I want you clean shaven the next time I fuck you.”

I walked back into Holly’s room slowly, she was still lying in the bed, legs spread, leaking cum. She must’ve been really passed out to have slept through all of that. I climbed into bed next to her, and spooned her, my cock that had just been in her M*m’s cunt pressed up against her arse and fell asl**p to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom.

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