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Measuring My Cum – pt3

I had barely been able to concentrate on my lessons at
college that day. I’d spent much of it with a semi hard-
on just thinking about mom wanking me off that evening,
and the sight of her in her underwear. By late
afternoon, the ache in my balls was more than normal. I
needed to cum, big time.

When I got back to our house, my heart was beating fast,
not knowing quite how things would pan out this evening.
Mom’s car was parked in the driveway. She was home
already she normally got in before me, because of the
hours she worked.

She was in the kitchen, and called out to me as she
heard me come in and slam the door shut.

“Jacob, come in here.”

I walked down the hallway into our kitchen.

Mom had her head down mixing something in a bowl.

“I’ve been thinking about our little arrangement,” she
said, looking up at me, and without any ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’.

“We’ll have to organize our evenings so that we have one
session as soon as you come in, one just before bedtime
and then fit one in somewhere in between depending on
what we’ve both got planned for the evening.”

I didn’t like the tone of her voice. She was in one of
her moods it seemed, and it was the last thing I
expected or wanted when I got home.

“This is all very inconvenient for me Jacob. I hope you
appreciate what I am doing for you,” she continued,
sounding really pissed off. Maybe she had been simmering
all day at work, thinking about my problem and what she
was having to do to help me.

“I do mom,” I said, trying not to let her get to me and
appease her.

“It’s only for a couple of weeks, hopefully,” I added.

“Are you sure you’ve not been lying to Dr. Taylor and me
about being with a girl and catching something?” she
said accusingly. “If I find out after all this that you
have, young man,” she continued, in a threatening tone.

“Honestly, mom, I haven’t,” I said a little desperately,
“I honestly don’t know why I’ve got this… err…
problem,” I added looking directly at her.

She looked at me hard in the eyes from across the room
in silence for a few seconds, and then seemed to mellow
a little.

“Ok, then,” she said, more calmly, apparently pacified
at my response, and looking back down at the bowl she
was stirring.

“Are you going to have a shower?” she said in a more
relaxed tone, but sounding like she was being made to do
a chore.

“Yes, mom,” I said. I normally had one first thing, when
I got home in the evenings.

“Well, as we need to get three specimens each evening, I
think we can do one first thing when you come home,
whilst you are showering. It will save time,” she said.

My dick became alive as she spoke, despite the fact we
had almost argued a moment ago.

“Ok,” I said, and blushing a little. “I’ll… err…
leave my bathroom door open for you.”

“Give yourself a good wash all over, first,” she
replied, “And then give me a call. I don’t want to come
in before you’ve had a chance to clean yourself all over
properly,” she continued.

“Ok, mom” I replied and turned back into the hallway and
ran up the stairs. My dick was straining in my pants

I pulled off my jeans, t-shirt and sweater quickly,
kicked of my sneakers off and removed my socks in double
quick time. I wanted to cum, and cum soon — my balls
were really aching.

I left the bathroom door ajar and got into the bath,
pulling the shower curtain across at the same time.
Turning on the shower, I gave myself a good wash all
over, including my balls and semi hard cock.

I had one of those shower’s that were positioned over
the bathtub with a detachable head, so you could either
take a proper bath or stand at one end of the bathtub
and shower, or use the head attachment in your hand. It
was nice having my own bathroom attached to my bedroom.

On finishing, I turned the water off, opened the shower
curtain, and shouted out loudly to mom, so she could
hear me downstairs, “I’m ready mom.”

As I dried myself off with a towel whilst standing in
the bathtub, I thought about mom coming in here in her
bra and panties, and my cock became fully hard. I was
desperate to cum, but I didn’t want mom to see me like
this as she walked through the door.

I was still a bit embarrassed about her seeing me so
easily aroused, so I decided to hang the towel casually
in front of my legs, hoping she would not notice that I
was trying to hide my erect dick.

I heard mom come into my bedroom and then she knocked on
the bathroom door, which was ajar about two inches.

“Come in,” I said. My heart was beating fast.

Mom came in. She had not undressed and was still wearing
the half sleeved blouse and skirt, which I had seen her
in downstairs. I felt a bit disappointed. She had the
semen-measuring beaker in one hand.

She looked me up and down and saw I was holding the
towel, covering my crotch and legs partly. My dick
jerked up again, seeing mom standing just a few feet
away, with me being nude in the bath in front of her.

“Why are you holding that towel?” she said, and grabbed
it. As soon as she snatched it from my hand, she saw my
boner sticking out.

I blushed, still not used to her seeing me like this.

“Your cock gets hard easily doesn’t it?” she said, not
taking her eyes off it, and looking a little mesmerized
by it. My stretched cock head, with the piss slit
showing, pointed straight up towards her.

“Err… well… I guess… it’s cos I’m quite young.”

I said a little embarrassingly, trying desperately to
think of an excuse.

“I can’t really help it,” I added, being truthful.

She licked her lips. I’d not seen her do that when she
had wanked me off before.

I blushed again, not quite sure what to make of seeing
her do that.

Then, looking back up at me she said, “Ok, just follow
my instructions. We’ll have to do things a bit
differently as you’re standing up, rather than lying on
your bed.”

“Ok,” I replied, compliantly. I still wanted to cum bad.
“I think I’ll be quite quick this time,” I added,
wondering if she would take her blouse and skirt off for

“It looks like you don’t need much stimulation, but I’m
going to take my blouse and skirt off anyway. I don’t
want them to get stained just in case we have a mishap,
as your standing,” she said.

Then she turned around so her back was towards me and
pulled her top off over her head and threw it on the
clothes hamper in the corner of the bathroom. I could
see her bra straps now. She was wearing a cream coloured

Then, still with her back to me, she unzipped her skirt
from the side and let it fall to the floor. My dick
jerked up. I saw she was wearing matching cream coloured
panties and I could see the shape off her round, full
buttocks, tightly held in by them. I took a hard breath
in. The panties seemed to be slightly more modern and
shapely than the black ones she had worn before, with a
bit less fabric, and seemed to be tighter into her ass
crack too. She looked really sexy!

Then she stepped out from her skirt, taking one step
backwards and bent down forwards to pick it up.

Fuck! What a sight! She was sticking her ass right out
back, towards me with the material of her panties
catching in her butt crack. She seemed to hold that pose
for ages and then stood up, and threw her skirt on top
of her blouse on the clothes hamper.

Then, she turned around, looked at me and then down at
my dick. I saw her bra from the front and noticed that
this bra, like her panties, seemed to have a bit less
material than the black ones she had worn before, and
was also more modern looking. Still, it covered her
largish boobs well, so I could not see much of them.

My eyes then wandered down to her crotch. The material
of her panties was quite thick and wide there, so I
could not see much, not even any pussy hair. I looked up
again quickly, so as not to appear like I was staring.

“Have you cleaned it properly?” she said, looking at my
erect dick.

“Err… yes,” I responded feebly, and feeling all hot
and bothered seeing her like this.

“Let me make sure and give it a quick rinse,” she

She grabbed the shower head, which was detachable from
the wall bracket, and turned the water on, directing the
spray onto my hard cock and balls. She gently stroked me
along the shaft, and then my balls.

“Turn around,” she said.

I didn’t know why she wanted me to do that, but I did
it, following her instructions. She could now see my
naked butt properly, for the first time.

“You have quite a nice bottom Jacob,” she said spraying
the water onto my ass cheeks and giving each buttock a
good rub up and down with her free hand. When she
touched my ass, my dick jerked up. I had never felt so
hard before.

“I think I need to cum mom,” I said, a little
desperately, but trying to sound as cool as possible.

“Turn around again.”

I faced her again, my dick pointing directly at her face
again. I was rock hard.

“Good, we won’t waste much time then, as you are so
ready,” she said.

She grabbed the semen beaker from the washbasin where
she had placed it, and said, “This time, I’m going to
wank your cock towards me.”

As I stood in the bath with my dick pointing out over
the side, mom bent forwards slightly so she was looking
down at my dick, held the semen beaker with her left
hand, and then with her right hand, started pulling on
my dick towards her, pointing the head of my penis into
the beaker. She was holding the beaker about level with
her boobs, so it looked almost like she was wanking me
onto them and her bra, if the beaker had not been there.
Fuck! This was a real turn on!

As she bent forward, I could see the top of her boobs
better as they hung down in her bra whilst she stroked
my dick. The feel of her hand squeezing and stroking my
hard-on was fantastic.

I knew it would not be long before I came now. Then, all
of a sudden she stopped wanking me and said, “Jacob, I
think we might have a problem like this. I don’t want
you to cum on my bra and stain it, just in case I miss
catching your cum for any reason. I think it’s better if
I take it off.”

I could believe my ears. Mom was going to take her bra
off! Fuck!

She let go my dick, put the semen beaker down and
started un-clipping her bra from the back.

My heart was racing big time, watching her do this, and
my dick raged up in response.

She didn’t look at me, and without any fuss, whipped it
off, grabbed the semen beaker and started pumping my
dick again, concentrating hard on it.

I looked down and couldn’t believe my eyes! I’d never
seen boobs before in real life and just seeing the large
fleshy, milky-white globes of each breast was incredibly
arousing! And as I stared, I saw that mom had wide
pinky-brown areole, about two inches across on each, and
large nipples to match! Fuck! Her boobs looked amazing,
and my dick seemed to harden even more!

I stared open mouthed whilst mom’s boobs wobbled and
shook below me as they hung down whilst she wanked me
off. That was it. I shouted, “I’m cumming,” and mom
tightened her grip on my prick and pointed it firmly
into the beaker, as I came in thick, creamy spurts,
again and again.

“Uh… uh… Uhhhhhhh!” I blurted out as I exploded.

“That’s right Jacob,” said mom encouragingly, as she
milked my dick, pulling and squeezing on it. My cum
waves seemed to last for ages, until finally I felt I
had no more to give, and mom finally let go my limp

I had to sit down on the edge of the bath facing her and
closed my eyes for a moment. That cum had felt so
amazing and I was on a real high.

I came to my senses after a few seconds and mom said,
“Look at this.”

I looked at the beaker and saw my cum had almost reached
the half way mark. It looked like a lot.

But my eyes did not linger on the semen beaker. They
went back to the amazing sight of mom’s gorgeous large
tits. They were ‘hangers’, and big ones. Fuck! They
looked so hot! I felt like touching and sucking on them.

I tried not to look as if I was staring hard, but it
must have looked a bit obvious.

I think mom realized I was looking at her boobs and
became a bit self conscious and said, “Ok, that’s enough
for now. I’ll go and make a note of this quantity and
then finish getting dinner ready. Give yourself a quick
rinse again and come down to eat,” and with that she
turned, grabbed her bra and clothes, and began walking
out of the bathroom towards the hallway, which was
through my bedroom.

As she did so I could not take my eyes off the sway of
her ass, and the way the flesh of her butt cheeks
wobbled and wriggled as she did so. The material of her
panties seemed to catch in her ass crack and I don’t
know if it was my imagination, but her hips seems to be
swaying more than I’d ever noticed before, as she

I could never have imagined that I’d see my mom topless,
with just her panties on, walking out of my bathroom and
bedroom like that in front of me. This was all still

I cleaned up, put on some clothes and then sat on my bed
for a moment, thinking about what had just happened. I
was trying to make sense of it all. This was all a real
turn on for me.

My mind went back to the way mom had been whist in the
bathroom. I thought about the way she had looked at my
hard dick at first, seemingly mesmerized by it, the way
she had licked her lips and then bent over, showing me
her ass as she picked up her skirt, and then asking me
to turn around so she could look at my butt and give it
a feel, and then finally, her taking off her bra and
showing me her boobs. It all had been so fucking hot!

Yet, before all this, she had been angry and had a go at
me whilst in the kitchen, saying it was all very
inconvenient for her! How odd!

It was a real turn on, the way mom had been in the
bathroom, and maybe she was just doing those things to
just stimulate me, but somewhere in the back of my head
I started to wonder whether she was doing those things
on purpose, because she was getting some secret thrill
out of it.

As far as I knew mom hadn’t been with another man since
dad left three years ago. She must have sexual feelings
too. Had she got angry in the kitchen because she was
feeling guilty about what she was doing, or because she
was getting some sexual pleasure out of it and feeling
guilty about that?

If that was the case, I maybe I could be more
adventurous and suggestive in our sessions, in stages,
as long as I didn’t go too far each time. And perhaps I
shouldn’t feel so self-conscious of my body in front or
her if she was getting some secret thrill out of it,
then I needn’t be shy. As these thoughts came to me, I
felt a bit more confident about our next session, and
about showing her my body. I think I was becoming aware
of the power of my own sexuality.

I looked over at the clock on the wall and realized I
had spent a while going through my thoughts. I went down
to help mom get the dinner ready. She was dressed
properly again and doing her chores. Nothing more was
said for a while about our session earlier.

Mom asked me how my day at college had been, and I asked
after her work. We were just like ‘normal’ at home in
the evenings. But I kind of looked at mom’s body
differently, and more lustily as she moved around the

She seemed more relaxed than earlier.

Then, just before eating mom said, “Tell me when you
need to cum again.”

I nodded and got the plates out.

About half an hour after eating, I felt I was ready, as
my balls were aching a little.

“I think I’m ready now,” I said to mom whilst she was
reading in the living room.

Without looking up at me she said “Ok, we’ll do it on
your bed again like yesterday. Get yourself ready and
I’ll come up in a few minutes.”

As I lay naked on my bed waiting for her, my dick
started to get semi-hard thinking about mom’s body
again. And I felt a bit more relaxed about my own nudity
in front of her now. I hadn’t been able to feel up mom’s
ass during our session in the bathroom and I was looking
forward to that, assuming we would do the same thing as

Soon, there was a knock at the door and mom came in,
holding the semen beaker. She was wearing the same cream
coloured bra and panty set she had worn earlier. The top
of her tits swayed a bit in her bra as she walked
towards the bed. My dick responded by jerking up.

“We’ll do like we did this morning and last night,” she
said and angled herself so that her butt was more
accessible to me. “You can touch my bottom again if you

I was waiting for her to say that, and started squeezing
and stroking her buttocks with my left hand whilst she
bent forward slightly and stroked my hard-on. I felt a
little disappointed I would not see her tits like
before, but felt comfort in that fact that she might
take her bra of again in the bathroom tomorrow.

Mom’s ass felt exquisite. I felt like I would last a bit
longer this time and not cum so quickly. It might have
been because we were repeating our routine and it was
not so new.

After a couple of minutes, mom seemed to notice I was
lasting a bit longer than before, and she looked back at
me and said.

“Not so quick this time, I see.”

“Err… no mom,” I said hesitatingly, “But it won’t be
much longer I think.”

“Well, maybe this will help a bit “she said, “I haven’t
got all evening for this, and need to get you going” she
said, a little sternly.

Then she did something amazing I hadn’t seen before.
With her free left hand, she moved it behind her, and
pushed the fabric of her panties into her butt crack a
little, so more of her butt cheeks were showing, making
it look much sexier. Then, even more surprisingly, she
wriggled her ass at me a little, as if to tease and
stimulate me.

Her full backside looked wonderfully sexy as she did
that. It did the trick, my dick responded by jerking
much more firmly in mom’s hand as she stroked me.

I increased the swirling motions of my hand on mom’s
ass, squeezing a bit harder, and touching the flesh a
bit more around her ass crack, which I had not done
before, and I felt the cum rise in my balls.

“I’m gonna cum soon mom,” I said after just a few
moments of playing with and watching her butt like this.

She grabbed the semen beaker with her free hand and
placed it into position.

Then, taking a bit of a chance, I rubbed the two middle
fingers of my left hand which was stroking her ass flesh
right along the material of her panties that had
gathered inside her ass crack, pushing it in a bit
myself and feeling the walls of the insides of her
buttocks a little. Mom jerked her ass a little as I must
have touched a more sensitive spot, but did not object.

That was it. I came, “Ohh…. ohhhhh… Ahhhhh!” I said
out loud.

Like before, waves of cum filled the semen beaker as mom
milked and pulled on my dick, making sure every last
drop went in to it.

As I relaxed back on my head onto the pillows, I let go
of stroking mom’s ass and she straightened herself up.

“Well, done” she said, in quite a matter of fact way.

“Get cleaned up. I’ll go and note this measurement down
and get on with my other stuff.”

And with that she turned and began walking out of my

My eyes went to her butt as she did so. The material of
her panties was still caught up in her ass crack a bit
she had not adjusted it properly and made her ass look
so damned hot! I was almost hypnotized by it watching
her buttocks wobble as she walked away. I wanted to lick
it, but didn’t know if ever that would happen. Then she
disappeared from my view.

I cleaned up, dressed, and made a few phone calls to
friends using the phone in my bedroom. Then I decided to
do a bit of college homework for a while.

I think Mom had decided to potter about in the garden
for a while and water some plants, although it was
almost dusk.

At about 10pm, she came into my room and said, “I want
to get an early night, can we get the last measuring
session over with now?”

“Sure, mom I said” turning around from looking at my
computer screen on which I had been doing my homework

I thought she might go out of the room and ask me to get
undressed and give her a call when I was lying on the
bed, but instead, she said, “You can undress in front of
me, I’ve seen plenty of your body now. You don’t have to
be shy with me in that regard.”

My dick, which had been limp, came alive in my pants,
hearing her talk like that.

I pulled my t-shirt off over my head, and as I started
to unzip my jeans, mom pulled off her blouse at the same
time and unzipped her skirt, stepping out of it. She
placed her clothes on one corner of the bed and I did
the same.

I stood there in my boxers with my dick semi hard, as
mom stood on the other side of the bed facing me in her
bra and panties.

I pulled my boxers down, exposing my semi hard on. She
saw it, but did not say anything. Then, I had a
brainwave. Mom had seemed to want to look at my butt a
bit earlier when we were in the bathroom, so before
clambering onto the bed, I turned around so she could
see me naked from the back, and walked over to the

The curtains were already pretty much drawn, but there
was a slight parting in the centre.

“Just want to make sure no one can see anything,” I said
trying to sound helpful.

I made sure mom got good look at my naked back and ass
as I reached up and precisely positioned the curtain
edge. Then, still facing the curtains, I took a step
back and bent down pretending to move something on the
carpet, so that my butt was pointing at mom, so she
could see it in all its glory.

Then, I straightened up, turned around, and with my semi
hard cock bobbing up and down in front of me, climbed on
the bed, lying face up in my normal position. I had
avoided eye contact the whole time I’d done this, but as
I rested my head on my pillows, I looked up at mom’s
face and I was sure her cheeks looked a little flushed,
like she had been blushing.

“I’m glad you are being discreet, Jacob,” she said with
a little smile, and seemingly, composing herself. I know
we are doing this for medical reasons, but we can never
be too careful. As I mentioned before, we shouldn’t
discuss this with anyone except Dr Taylor. And I
certainly wouldn’t want any of our neighbours to know
what we are doing,” she added.

“Sure mom,” I replied reassuringly. “I understand.”

Then, seeing that mom appeared pleased with me and more
relaxed, I decided to try the idea I had earlier about
maybe pushing things a little further in our session,
just to see how far mom might go.

As mom turned to position herself as normal, with her
butt a little towards me, I said, quite innocently and
with some hesitation.

“Err… mom… before we start, I was wondering…
err… well… actually… I thought maybe to help me
cum a bit quicker, as it took a bit longer last time…
if… err… you… you might take your bra off again.
I’m sure it would stimulate me… err… you know… a
bit more.”

There, I’d said it!

There was bit of a silence, as mom seemed to ponder over
what I had said, looking directly at me.

Then, looking all serious again, she said, “Well, I do
agree it took a bit longer for you to cum last time, and
I don’t want this to go on longer than necessary. As you
have already seen my boobs in the bathroom, it probably
won’t matter if you see them again, when I stimulate you
on the bed.”

It was music to my ears, and my dick responded at the
thought. Mom noticed, but didn’t say anything.

I wondered if I could go a stage further.

“Thanks, mom” I said. “That should help a lot. Would you
mind if I gave them a light touch like I do with your
butt? I might cum really quick then, and it is for
medical reasons,” I added, taking a chance.

Still keeping a straight face and in a businesslike
manner, mom looked at me and said.

“Ok, but just lightly.”

She moved her arms behind her and began unhooking her
bra. I couldn’t wait to see those glorious globes again
and this time, touch them.

Mom pulled her bra off slowly, revealing her large
hanging boobs.

I couldn’t help but gasp a little again and my dick
raged up to a full pole.

Mom looked at my dick, and then back at me, and smiled a
little and said, “Well, I can see an immediate

“You’ve got really nice boobs mom,” I said, trying to
sound appreciative and thankful, which I really was.

“I hope you don’t mind my saying.”

“Thank you dear. No I don’t mind. Your father used to
like them too,” she said, all business like. She moved
her chest towards the pillow end of the bed more so I
got a direct view. Her boobs were now just about foot
away from my face. I had never been so close to them
before, and got a much better look at them, than in the
bathroom. “You may have a light touch and squeeze,” she
said, “Just to get you going.”

I took in the fullness of her milky white flesh of her
tits as they hung down, noting the wide pinky-brown
areole surrounding each thick, almost bite-sized nipple,
and instinctively put both my arms up, lifting and
cupping each full breast simultaneously, one in each
hand. They filled my palms completely as they hung into
them, as my hands acted almost as bra cups.

I gently let go and then tweaked each nipple gently,
with the thumb and forefinger of my hands and rubbed
along the areole surrounding each nipple, feeling the
slight raised bumps on the flesh there.

My dick was now raging and jerking up continuously.

“I think that’s enough,” said mom after a moment, and
noticing the way my hard on was going.

“Let me get your sample now.”

I lowered by hands from mom’s boobs. I desperately
wanted to suck on them, but knew better than to go any
further today. Maybe, much later in our sessions mom
might agree, but I didn’t want to push things too far
right now.

Mom angled her butt again for me, and I started feeling
it up again through the material of her panties. I think
she knew by now I liked feeling up her ass, and she
wriggled it a few times again for me like she had done
in our earlier session. She did it so nicely and sexily,
almost pushing her ass back into my hand, that for a
moment I wondered if she was enjoying it too.

Mom leaned over me, her large boobs hanging down over my
stomach towards my groin, and began pumping my cock with
her right hand. Then, without my asking or suggesting
anything, copying what she had done in our earlier
session, moved her free hand back behind her and pulled
the material of her panties into her butt crack a little
so that her butt cheeks were more exposed and looked
more sexy.

She must have guessed I would cum very quickly with all
this going on, because after finishing toying with her
panty fabric in her ass crack, she immediately
positioned the semen beaker correctly with her free
hand, with my dickhead pointing into it as she pumped it
with her other hand.

She was right. The sight of mom topless, her sexy boobs
hanging down above me and my feeling her wide ample butt
as she wriggled it sexily for me, tipped me right over
the edge. In almost 30 seconds of this, I came, spurting
thick waves of thick spunk into the semen beaker again,
as I grunted satisfactorily whilst cumming.

“That’s good Jacob, a nice specimen,” said mom in a
satisfied tone, as she wiped bits on my cum that were on
her fingers into the beaker. She stood up straight,
holding the beaker up to the light, showing me how much
cum I had produced again. She looked really sexy as her
large boobs hung down on her chest.

I gulped, a little out of satisfaction, as well as from
the way mom looked standing in front of me.

“Well, I think I’m off to bed now” she said with a
smile, “After noting down this measurement.”

She bent forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Her
boobs touched my chest momentarily as she did so.

“Goodnight, and be ready for our morning session.”

“Goodnight mom,” I said. “Thanks, I do appreciate your
help with my problem,” I said, trying to sound as
grateful as I could, and meaning every word.

As mom turned to walk out of my bedroom, my eyes went to
her hot ass again. The material of her panties was still
caught in her butt crack. She didn’t seem to mind, and
her hips swayed again. Looking at her like that, a
thought crossed my mind about another suggestion I could
try making next time, which might let me enjoy that
wonderful ass of hers even more.

The ache in my balls had completely gone as normal after
cumming three times over the evening, and I settled down
to sl**p, still thinking of mom’s hot body.

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