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Meeting a female exhibitionniste Part 1

Meeting a female exhibitionist Part 1
It was summer, a hot day, I was walking down the path of a park dressed in shorts and t-shirt, my cock half hard in my shorts, I am a flasher so I was looking for women to wank in front of.
As I passed by the k**dies playground, I stopped dead, through the bushes I could see a young woman aged about 18 sitting on a bench, she had her skirt raised up, she was not wearing panties and she was fingering her cunt vigorously, moaning with pleasure. My cock hardened in my shorts. I crept into the bushes, stripped naked and stroked my 12 inch very fat cock gently as I watched the girl wank. She closed her eyes, moaning, she wanked herself faster and faster, her cunt was dripping wet. I came out of the bushes and advanced until I was right in front of her, I watched as she let out a yell, she came, her juice sorting from her cunt onto the ground. Finished spurting, she opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of me stroking my cock in front of her, she covered her cunt with her hands. I smiled at her, She relaxed. I sat down beside her and put my hand on her thigh.
« Was that a good wank ? » I asked her, smiling, stroking her thigh, moving my hand slowly up towards her dripping cunt.
« Oh god yes » she sighed.
« Do you often wank in public ? » I asked her.
« Yes » she replied, « I love the danger of being caught like now and the feeling of the sun on my pussy. And you, do you often walk around naked ? »
« Yes » I replied, « Like you I love to be seen and the warmth of the sun on my cock. why don’t you strip completely naked as well ? »
« You’ve got a lovely big cock » she said as she stood up and stripped off, she had beautiful tiny tits topped with hard nipples. I reached up and fondled her tiny tits. At the same time, I noticed stripes on her buttocks.
« You’ve been punished » I commented, « By whom ? »
« I did it myself » she replied, « I’ve no-one to punish me at the moment »
« You like punishment then ? » I asked. she sat back down beside me and took my huge cock in her hand.
« Oh yes » she said, « I love being punished and humiliated. « I love your cock » she said, stroking it gently.
« Thanks » I said, « Would you like me to fuck you ? »
« Oh god yes » she sighed.
« Do you suck cock as well, have you ever been fucked in the arse ? » I demanded, « You look very young, what’s your name, how old are you ? »
« No » she replied, « I’ve never been sodomized but I’d love to try it, especially with a huge cock like yours and I loge sucking cock. My name is Alice and I’m 17 years old »
« You’re not really young enough for me but I can deal with you if you want » I said, « Why don’t you come back to my place, I have a fully equipped dungeon to whip you and torture you and I’ll spend hours fucking you in all your holes, I want to make you my slave, would you like that ? « 
« God yes » she breathed as I fingered her still dripping wet cunt.
« Ok » I said, « But first I’ll have to clean up your lovely cunt.
I got on my knees between her legs and sucked up the juices flowing from her smooth hairless cunt, her young juices tasted sweet, my cock throbbed as I licked her, flicking her clitoris with my tongue, she began to moan and with a yell she came in my mouth. I was close to orgasm, I stood up, grabbed her by the hair and f***ed my cock into her mouth. With a moan of pleasure, I spunked copiously into her mouth, holding her head firmly she was obliged to swallow all of my thick hot spunk.
« Ok lets go then » I said. She stood up and reached for her clothes.
« No » I said, « Don’t get dressed, I’m going to drive you to my house naked, that will add to your humiliation »
I folded her clothes into a bundle then led her into the bushes where I had left my clothes, I got dressed then dragged her by the hair along the path to the car park. At the car I put her into the passenger seat and handcuffed her wrists behind the seat. As I drove, I ordered her to keep her legs wide open and I slapped her cunt as I drove. She yelped and began to cry. At my house, I led her down to my soundproofed dungeon. I started by hanging her by the wrists from a beam in the ceiling with a leg-spreader between her ankles to keep her legs spread wide apart. Using a short but heavy 3 foot long leather whip, I began to thrash her whole body slowly, back and front, until she was covered in red and black raised welts from her neck to her ankles. During the first 50 lashes, she screamed in agony, twisting around in her bonds. Then she became silent and at each lash, instead of crying out she began to moan in pleasure. I saw that her cunt was getting wet and at the 100th lash she arched her back and let out a long moan, I knew that she was about to come so I stopped beating her and let her calm down for several minutes.
I let her down from from the beam and slammed her down on her back on a table, tying her wrists and ankles to the four tabla legs and pushing a cushion under the small of her back to push her smooth cunt up in the air. I took a heavy leather strap an started to beat her cunt hard but slowly, pausing between each lash to let the pain sink in. Her screams filled their, she twisted round uselessly in her bounds, begging me to stop.
« Go on scream bitch » I snarled, « I love to hear sluts like you scream in agony, and no, I’m not going to stop until your filthy cunt is totally destroyed you filthy whore »
She continued to howl as I thrashed her cunt, at 50 strokes it was swollen and black, at 60 strokes she stopped screaming and began to moan. at the 100th lash, her cunt began to drip and after another ten she arched her back and with a yell of ecstasy, she came, her juices spurting from her bruised and battered cunt. My cock was rock hard, I parted her lips and thrust into her with a single vicious lunge, she cried out pain. I fucked her hard, brutally, her cries of pain turned into cries of ecstasy, I spunked deep into her cunt as she came once more. I untied her from the table and we sat talking.
« Well Alice » I said, « Do you want to become my permanent slave ? »
« Oh yes please sir » she replied enthusiastically.
« I warn you I am very cruel and sadistic, if I make you my slave whore bitch, you will have to sign a contract giving me total rights over your body, you will be beaten, ****d and humiliated in public, you must obey me at all times and you will address me as Master » I told her.
« Yes of course Master » she replied, I will be your total whore submissive an obedient to your wishes Master » As she spoke she was stroking my cock gently which was hardening again.
« I have an idea which might please you Master » she said.
« Tell me » I ordered her.
« You said that I’m not young enough for your tastes Master, well I have a younger s****r, her name is Jane and she’s 14, she likes to be punished as well, would you like to make her you slave whore as well Master ? »
« Very interesting » I said, « But I told you I am very sadistic, could she take really hard punishment and torture ? »
« Yes master » she replied, « We often whip each other so I know she can take a lot. Also she loves to be fucked hard and she’s never such a big cock as yours, she will love it »
« Great » I said, « I’d love to watch you punish each other and **** you both together. Tell you what, bring her round tomorrow, I will prepare contracts for the both of you and if she pleases me I will make her my slave as well. Have you got any other s****rs, preferably a lot younger ? »
« No Master, there’s just the two of us » she replied.
« Pity but no matter, with you two I have enough material to satisfy my perverted lust »
My cock was rock hard again, I stood up and ordered her to her knees.
« Suck me whore » I ordered her.
Holding her firmly by the head, I rammed my huge member down her throat, she gagged and struggled but I held her firmly and face fucked her brutally until I came down her throat. When I withdrew, she coughed an spluttered, my spunk spurting from her mouth onto the floor. I grabbed her by the hair and f***ed her face into the pool of spunk.
« Clean that up you filthy whore » I snapped.
Sobbing, she obeyed, licking up all my spunk from the lino floor. When she had finished, I dragged her to her feet and slapped her face hard. She yelped.
« You need some serious training for deep throat but don’t worry, you’ll end up by swelling my cock no problem » I told her.
I kicked her in her battered cunt, she screamed and fell to the ground, I threw her clothes at her.
« Now get dressed and fuck off you dirty whore » I snarled.
She was sobbing as she dressed. When she was ready, I dragged from the dungeon by the hair and threw her out of the front door, she stumbled and fell to the ground.
« Come round with your s****r tomorrow at 2 pm and don’t be late » I growled.
Before slamming the door, I spat in her face and kicked her in the ribs. When she was gone my cock was hard again and I wanked off thinking about what I was oing to do to the two young girls the next day.
To be continued ….

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