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Meeting the bull cuckold

With Sophie’s true nature of the relationship between her and her 27 year old Romainian lover Andrei now out in the open i thought it was time that i met the man i would be sharing my partner with. (*see previous stories) When Sophie next met with him at work she talked to him about meeting me and reassured him that i was totally fine with the situation and that it actually turned me on. He thought i was very weird and couldn’t understand my behaviour but agreed nonetheless. She had told me that he had laughed and mocked me in private with her and that he thought i was “a gay”, so i knew he didn’t respect me as a man.

A few evenings later he knocked on our front door. Sophie, wearing only her lingerie, opened the door, kissed , hugged and ushered him into the front room.
Sophie introduced us and he gave me a firm hand shake that belied his strength. Andrei had jet black hair and dark eyes, His olive skin looked unblemished and the tight white vest he wore emphasised his muscular arms and broad shoulders. I could see what Sophie had seen in this mysterious foreign hunk and why she had fallen in love with him so quickly. He was tall, dark and handsome and on first glance looked physically superior to me in every way.

After some chit chat i offered him a coffee to which he accepted. Whilst in the kitchen i could hear hushed whispers and giggling and sure enough when i returned i found Sophie sitting on Andrei’s while grinning from ear to ear.
“You guys ok?” I enquired, placing the coffee on the table in front of Andrei.
“Andrei says you are like the woman.” Sophie said mockingly. “I told him that you are a good wife to me.” she continued, breaking into laughter.
“Sorry. Its just in my country the woman would always make the coffee.” Andrei interjected.
“Its ok. Im domesticated. I do the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing as well. A womans work is never done.” I stated with a smile.
“And thats why I love you baby you take care of me. Thats why you live with me. That and he’s good at licking pussy.” said Sophie patronisingly.
“Disgusting.” Andrei said with a look of revulsion on his face.
“He’s good at it and he loves it.” she said defensively. “You’ll see in second when I’m sucking your cock.” She said to Andrei looking him in the eye.
Andrei squinted and stared at me, studying my features whilst trying to gauge my reaction as Sophie reached for his crotch to feel his cock through his jeans.
“And you are happy for this?” He asked me.
“Yes. I love it.” i replied.
“I told you he loves it. He does the chores, pays the bills, licks my pussy when i tell him to and lets me fuck whoever i want. I’m the boss.” Sophie said proudly, unzipping his fly and reaching in to free his large, semi erect cock from his jeans. Andrei shrugged his shoulders and continued to look me in the eye.
“And you happy for me to sex for her?” he asked.
“whenever she wants you to.” i answered again. He shook his head and laughed out loud.
“I dont understand this. I have never known peoples like this.” Andrei laughed.
“i told you he’s my bitch.” Sophie shot back now stroking and wanking his cock. “He’ll do as you say as well. He wants to swallow your cum and suck your dick.”
“Im not gay. I don’t like.” Andrei stated defensively. Sophie pulled his face close to hers and started french kissing him. We had never kissed like that even when we first met. I couldn’t believe how aroused but powerless and jealous i felt watching her wank another mans cock whilst passionately kissing him as his big hands explored her body. I wanted to pull my cock out and start wanking as well but didn’t want to distract Andrei.
suddenly Sophie dismounted his lap and dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him. Andrei immediately stood up, unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall along with his boxer shorts, proudly exposing his huge cock to me for the first time. It was well over ten inches and even thicker than i had expected it to be.
“oh my god its huge.” i gasped in awe.
“Thats what I call a cock.” Sophie said grasping it by the base and slapping it against her face. Andrei looked down at her stoney faced.
“How can you even take that?” i asked. Sophie winked back, tilting her head to lick his veiny shaft. I got my phone out to take a picture wanting to record the moment.
“No.” Andrei barked at me pointing a meaty finger at my phone. “No picture.” He barked again.
“its ok no faces. I will not take a picture of your face.” I pleaded reassuringly.
“No fucking picture.” he boomed. I put my phone back in my pocket not wanting to push it any further incase he lost his temper. Sophie had ignored the whole exchange and had began sucking Andrei’s cock. licking and slurping as she spat saliva all over his thick circumcised prick. As her head started to bob up and down she turned to look at me and instructed me to lick her pussy. I removed my shorts and knelt behind her.
“Lick my fucking pussy while I suck this huge dick. Don’t make me tell you again.” She said sternly. “I’ll get my boyfriend to beat you up if you don’t do as your told.” she went on.

I licked and sucked on her arsehole and then clit , while listening to the sounds of Sophie struggling to adequately suck Andrei’s monster phallus, for a good 20 minutes. I could hear his grunts of approval and demands to “suck it” as i buried my nose and face in her pussy while furiously flicking her clit with my tongue.
“Right thats enough for you.” Sophie said standing up and pulling away from me. “We’re going to the bedroom, you’ve got the sofa tonight.” she said taking Andrei’s hand and leading him to the bedroom.
“But i thought i was going to get to watch. I don’t have to be involved. Please.” I pleaded pathetically.
“That wasn’t the deal. You just wanted to meet him. You can listen and sl**p in here. We’ll shout if we need you.” she replied. And with that they left the room and headed to the bedroom. I sat on the sofa and started to wank my already hard cock for the first time that night. I continued to wank listening to Sophies muffled screams and demands for pleasure. I held off the urge to cum in the hope i would be called into service one or both of them. After what seemed like about 4 hours but was more like an hour and a half my prayers were answered in the form of Sophie shouting for me to bring two glasses of water and that i should hurry.
I retrieved the water and hurried into the bedroom. Sophie was lying naked on her back on the bed with her head on Andrei’s muscular chest and large thick pools of spunk all over her torso.
“good boy now put the drinks down and clean it.” she commanded, looking at me and pointing at her cum covered body. I did as i was told and began to greedily lick up the pools of seed that had collected in her abdomen and belly button.
“Big load isn’t it? And thats the second one. I swallowed the first one. Sorry baby you can’t have it all.” she taunted. Andrei laughed and shook his head, his now flaccid but still engorged penis visible through the white sheet that only partially covered him.
“Disgusting. Look at him.” he sneered.
“I know.” she agreed “Pathetic isn’t it. Show Andrei your cock.” she instructed. I stood up right exposing my hard cock that i had been stroking while licking up our bulls cum. He laughed and shook his head. “It gets bigger?” he asked. I shook my head no as he laughed again.
“Go on then. off you go. You’re boring me now.” Sophie said cruelly taking a sip of water and putting both arms around her hunky olive skinned stud.
“Go on Fuck off.” she ordered firmly. I shuffled out of the room with the taste of Andrei’s spunk fresh on my lips, my throat coated in his DNA, as the two of them chuckled to each other at how pathetic i was.

I went to the bathroom and furiously wanked my cock until i shot my cum into the toilet. I returned to the sofa and made myself comfortable.
I knew i had lost her to him that day. Andrei was the superior specimen and alpha male and i knew it.

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