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The light was on. It was obvious because the door was open. Odd. She had closed her room before she left. Had Lee been in her— Yes. In fact, there he was sprawled across her bed, passed out in a pile of her clothes. Her clothes were everywhere and the missing bottle of wine was on her dresser, nearly empty. She poured the remainder to the half full glass nearby and knocked it back. Then she took in the scene.

Lee was flat on his back on her bed, stark naked, his body completely exposed to her for the first time in since she had bathed him as a boy. She stopped for an appraising look. If he hadn’t been dead d***k, he would have been magnificent. His arms and his legs were well sculpted and strong. His torso was as lean and muscular as her fantasies had imagined him. His belly was taut and long, rising and falling slowly with his breath. His cock was a sausage of, well not exactly epic proportions, but yet and still, a substantial feast, attended by a pair of healthy potatoes. It all looked so very inviting.

She looked at her clothes s**ttered about the room, “Crap.” She thought. “I will definitely have to deal with this tomorrow.” And although she was as nude as her sexy son, she didn’t care anymore, and fell face down on the bed next to him. Drowsily, she reached across to rest her hand on his belly. A moment later she gave into temptation and moved it down to gently grip his satisfying meat before passing out herself. The next time she became aware of his cock, it was wedged against her hip.

When she awoke the sun was streaming in through the bedroom window, and although she was still basically on her belly, she had turned her back slightly to her son. No matter, Lee had shifted positions completely. He was no longer on his back, and she no longer held his cock. Instead, he had turned towards her and thrown his arm across her shoulder protectively. His thigh lay across her buttocks which pushed his meat into her hip. He was half on top of her.

Slowly she came to. Slowly she felt the warmth of the sun soak her body. Slowly, the weight of the man in the shape of her son’s body lying next to her impressed itself into her consciousness. Half awake and full of pleasure, she turned over onto her back, allowing his arm to rest fully across her jugs, a nipple tucked securely under his palm. His fingers dug in, gently kneading her big soft tit.

That woke her up!

She realized then that she was naked in bed with her equally naked son who was squeezing her boob and doing a damned fine job of it. “Lee!” she hissed, “Stop that,” although she made no other effort to remove his hand which was digging more deeply into the mountain of fat beneath it.

She could have gotten out of bed then, perhaps she should have, but she didn’t. Instead, she turned further over to face him. His arm and leg still rested on her, but now, his cock was beginning to stiffen against her belly and her naked breasts were crushed against his equally naked chest. His skin was warm, and he was beginning to become aware himself, and it was all becoming highly charged, and Melanie started to think that perhaps she was still d***k. Lee’s breath stank. Well, at least he was no longer fondling with her boob. Rather, he pulled her in closer and all she could think of was pillows and a hard-on. “Lee!” she whispered. “Wake up.” Then almost as an after thought, “And let go of me!”

“Hunh?” That seemed to do the trick as Lee woke-up groggily. “Wha–, uh… Ma?” His eyes opened wide. “Ma? What are you doing here?”

She pushed him back and caught his eye. “This is my bed. What are you doing here?”

“Ma, I–” He looked wildly around the room then, at the mess he had made of her clothes, and then at the naked woman he still had his leg cocked over. “I—oh, god, I’m sorry. I must have passed out.” He rolled onto his back, no longer pressed body to body, but exposed as he had been last night when she saw him. Still hard, his cock was a good two inches longer then it had been soft, but was rapidly losing its stiffness.

Melanie rose to an elbow and leaned over him, placing a hand softly on his chest. His cock twitched. “What were you doing in here? Why were you going through my things?”

Lee stared at the ceiling as his mother’s hand ran down his belly to rest on a hip, mere inches from his cock. “I dunno, Ma. I was just… exploring, I guess, and I was surprised by what you had, and…” he turned to look at her. “Ma, I know what you’re doing to get money for me. You’ve got to stop.”

“Lee. I’m not going to stop. I’m enjoying the work and I’m good at it.” That got a groan from the boy. “Stop it, Lee. I’m an adult, I make my own choices.”

With that he sat up and climbed out of bed abruptly. Standing in the doorway he turned to her. “I won’t use the money, Ma. I’ll make my own money to go to art school.” He looked lithe and powerful, silhouetted in the doorway. His half hard cock sprouted like a branch from his tight torso. Lee might have realized that she was taking all this in had he been able to tear his eyes away from the bountiful twins before him. Melanie didn’t care. She was pissed, and besides, she had become accustomed to men ogling her knockers. Let him look!

They stared at each other hotly, and then Lee stormed out.

Chapter 05:

The rest of the day was spent in a quiet, courteous frost. Melanie cleaned her room, and then the apartment. Lee pitched in and thanked her for the lunch she made. Mostly he spent time in his room drawing. When Melanie left for work that night, he pretended to be sl**ping.

His defiance came out in his art. Disillusioned at the thought of his mother turning tricks on the street, “enjoying the work, and… good at it” Lee spent the evening drawing erotic scenes again, even more explicit then those he had drawn in jail. Over and over he drew a busty redhead engaged in the most lurid sexual activities. Then he left them where Melanie could find them.

For herself, Melanie was disappointed that Lee so disapproved of her dancing. After all she was doing it for him! But she was as defiant as he was and performed some of her most erotic dances that evening. For her first set she stripped off a sea foam green cocktail dress to display herself in black stockings, thong and push-up bra. Eventually of course the bra came off and she bent to swing her big breasts in long slow circles for the front row’s benefit. It was a particularly popular performance that she often used as a closer.

Her second set was very dance oriented. She made extensive use of the pole, offered her ass for viewing and rolled virtually naked around the stage pretending to masturbate. But that was still only a warm-up. For her third and final set, she so fully embraced her Gingersnap persona that she actually may have had an orgasm on stage and nearly got herself fired.

It happened like this. Melanie had been drinking between sets and indulging her fantasies of seeing Lee in the audience. By her third set, she was totally hammered and went on stage with a large dildo as a prop. During her first dance she wore a sheer black nightie and licked the fake cock. During her second dance she tittie fucked it. She came on stage for her final dance of the evening in nothing more than plain white cotton panties and began rubbing the head of the dildo through the thin cloth covering her sex. No one was quite sure if she actually had an orgasm on stage, but the dampening crotch of her panties was apparent to all. By the time management had responded and sent the bouncers on stage to pull her off, it was beginning to look like she might pull the panties aside and publicly fuck herself. Sinking to her knees, eyes closed, she moaned loudly to the shocked entertainment of her rabid fans.

Anyone else would have been fired, but Gingersnap was the star, and the club owner told her to take a week off and then arranged for one of the bouncers to drive her home. He was quite the gentleman and made no attempt to take advantage of Melanie’s d***ken state. He even e****ted her to her door.

Lee responded to the firm knock. He looked up at the big man with the tattoos and shaved head standing by his mother. She leaned against him provocatively; her arm through his, her big tit pressed against a bicep the size of a cantaloupe. Her hair was a pinned up mess, but she smiled boozily at him and slurred, “Lee, mybigallgrownupson. Damn! You look good! This is Dave.”

Lee was outraged. “You’re bringing them home, Ma?! What? Am I supposed to watch now?”

The bigger man raised a hand. “Easy, boy. Are you her son?”

“Yeah. Who are you?”

Dave smiled easily. “Well, damn, who’d have guessed this little pixie had a grown up boy. You are full off surprises Gingersnap.”

“Her name is–”

Dave stopped him. “I know it’s a stage name. But it’s the name I know. It’s okay, boy. Help me get you mother in. She’s had a rough night.”

“Are you her pimp?”

At that Melanie slapped him hard across the face and launched herself at him, beating at his chest. “What the fuck do you think I am? Pimp?! You think I’m a whore? God damn it, Lee!”

Dave had to wrap a huge arm around her to restrain her. “Is that any way to talk, boy?”

She sagged against him, defeated. “Your daddy tried to make me a whore and I told him fuck off!” She turned to Dave and smiled wanly, “Thanks for bringing me home Dave. I’ll be okay now. I’m going to bed.” And then to Lee, “You fuck off, Lee if you think you can call me that!”

As she left the living room, Dave tossed her costume bag on the floor, and picked up a couple of Lee’s drawings. “You draw these?”


He eyed Lee sadly, “I’m the guy who keeps the pimps away, boy. I’m the doorman at The Smiling Kitty. Your mo—Gingersnap, dances there. Hell, she’s the star, but tonight. I dunno, she twigged and she started ma—well, onstage she did something inappropriate and she has to take little vacation. Don’t worry though, she’s the star act. They’ll have to bring her back. Heh, personally I think she’ll make more money then ever, once word gets ’round.”

He flipped through the erotic drawings, thinly disguised versions of his mother. “You draw good, k**. But… I dunno about this shit. And I don’t know what you think your mother has been up to. She’s a damned sexy woman, and she makes a good living because if it, but she’s no whore and my advice is you better get that thought out of your head, pronto. Just my two cents.” And then he was gone.

Lee stood in the living room brooding. He felt terrible. How could he have thought his mother was selling herself on the streets? He picked up her bag of costumes and opened it. The sea-foam green dress was there along with her black push-up bra, thong and silk stockings, and there, at the bottom of the bag, was the dildo. Lee turned it over in his hand, and placed it back into the bag. Here was a puzzle. He took the bag to the door of her room and knocked hesitantly.

“Ma, I thought that– I’m sorry, Ma. I didn’t know you were a dancer.” He looked at his mother laying face down on the bed, sobbing softly. She lifted her head to face him. Her mascara was running and lipstick was smeared. Her thicket of hair was a flaming mess. She had come home wearing her tight jeans and his oversized T-shirt.

“Let’s not argue anymore.” She said softly. “You don’t like what I do. But how could you think was a whore?”

“I don’t, Ma. I was stupid. I saw your clothes and I thought—I dunno. Maybe jail rubbed off on me more then I thought. I thought the worst.”

Melanie was still d***k and sl**py, “So now you don’t like my clothes? Well, here, this one is yours!” and she pulled her shirt off, exposing her milky jugs. She was not wearing a bra. She rolled to her back and hoisted her hips upward towards him. “Help me out of these jeans will you?” Lee reached down to tug at the ankles, while she pushed down at the waist, while just catching her panties before they slipped off as well. She was still wearing the white cotton pair from her final set. Lee couldn’t help but notice her fat round ass and hips. The moisture of her performance had dried, but the panties had clung to her sex, giving her a well defined camel toe. She rolled onto her back, nude but for the white cotton panties and smiled at her son.

“God, Lee. You know what I did tonight? I played with a dildo. I must be d***k! See how wet my panties got? I get so horny after I dance.” She smiled slyly, “You know I usually masturbate when I get home.”

Lee stood silently by, staring at his nearly nude, d***ken, emotional wreck of a mother.

She clapped her hand to her mouth as if aghast. “TMI right? Fuck it I don’t care. I’m too d***k.” She hoisted her hips up again, causing her breasts to fall roundly toward her face. They quivered.

“See how big my titties are? I had them made just for you.” She giggled at that. “I mean so I could dance for you. Y’know, so that you could go to art school, if you want to,” she ended meekly.

“But I saw that woman on the video and I knew you liked her and I was inspired by her to dye my hair red, and get these big titties. You like them?” She rolled her shoulders back and forth setting her pale melons to rolling loosely. “I jiggle them every night for the guys and so you might as well see them jiggling too, since I did it for you. See? You like them?”

“I see them, Ma.” And then, because he thought he should say something. “I really like them.”

“Come here,” she said. “Lay down next to me.” She reached to his hand to pull him to the bed. “Here, get out of these things.”

Lee kneeled on the bed by his mother as she half rose to tug at the snap of his pants. It opened crisply, and she smoothly pulled his zipper down. With his fly open and inches from his mother’s face, Lee’s cock was stiffening rapidly. Melanie grabbed the waistband of his pants and cha-cha-ed them down over his hips and buttocks, then slithering down to his knees, where she stopped, since he was resting on his knees. “Move it,” she snapped cheerfully and Lee complied by sitting on the bed next to Melanie as she finished pulling his pants off. Lee sat in his boxers and a T-shirt on which was printed, I’m blaming you. I’m not saying it’s your fault, just that I’m blaming you.

She pulled him down, “Come here you good looking k** you.” She pulled him close to her, crushing her fat jugs against him. “Do you really like them?” she whispered.

“Yeah, Ma. They’re really great. Just like I like them.”

“Take your shirt off. I have mine off. It’s only fair. It makes us even.”

Once he had done so, she pulled him close again, flesh on flesh, boxers and panties, her big boobs smooshed against his chest, his big cock hard against her belly. Lee ran his hand gently over his mother’s thick red hair as she tucked her face against his shoulder and dampened it with her tears. Her shaking stopped and the tension drained from her body. Lee realized that she was asl**p, and was he was left to think about what it had meant to come home to this beguiling “little pixie” who kept his cock throbbing.

Chapter 06:

When Melanie finally rolled out of bed at 10 the next morning, Lee was long gone. She found his note, telling her not to worry, he was just out with some friends. She picked up her bag from where Lee had dropped it last night, made some coffee and showered. She had just started to feel human again when she found the drawings Lee had drawn the previous night, including the one of here wearing only a towel at his bedroom door. That was the “nice” one. The things he had drawn her doing in some of the others made her blush, and at first they made her angry. But she had a day to think about it, and had to admit she had set herself up for this. She was the one who had made herself over into a kind of look-alike of his favorite porn star. She was the one flashing the goods onstage. And had she not shown up at his door dressed in a towel, and lain naked in the same bed as him? Twice, even!

And the drawings were very good, but she knew they could be better if Lee had a real model before him to work from; some one who could serve as a muse and allow him to really see the nuances her body, the ripple of muscle, the fall of the light…

She was at the grocery store when Lee returned. She had decided to do it, to offer to pose for Lee and allow him to draw her. Feeling good about her decision, she was in a cheerful frame of mind when she opened the door to her apartment to find a gangly youth lounging on the sofa, studying Lee’s drawings of her and drinking a beer.

“Hello.” She said. The boy regarded her with open interest, quickly fixing his eyes on her breasts. Melanie had worn only a light blue tank top style shirt, and a light-weight bra that couldn’t stop her thick nipples from making their presence known. She shifted her grocery bag to the other hand to block his view.

“Hi Ma,” called Lee from the kitchen. “This is Eric. We shared a room at the Facility. He just got out.”

Eric looked at the drawings again and back at Melanie, a wide grin splitting his face. “Pleasured to meet you, Ms Pounder.”

Melanie wasn’t sure if he had misspoke, was being lewd. Pleasured indeed! Nevertheless she held her hand out as the young man rose to tower over her. “Nice to meet you, Eric. Call me Melanie.” She wasn’t quite sure she wanted to offer that familiarity to this boy, but she disliked being called Ms Pounder, and her instinct to give him a chance asserted itself. She really couldn’t blame him for looking at her chest.

“Excuse me, I need to put these groceries down.” She could almost feel his eyes pinching her ass as she went to the kitchen. Eric was pouring another beer.

“We were just out checking out the old neighborhood, Ma. Eric wants to represent me as an artist.”

“He’s really good, Melanie!” called Eric from the living room.

“Yes, I know, Eric!” Melanie decided she had better have a beer as well.

She returned with Lee to find Eric flipping through the drawings avidly. “I know some models we can get. Did you model for these, Melanie?”

“No!” Lee interjected. “Give me those, Eric. Those are not for sale. I need to do more polished drawings.”

Eric handed them over casually, “We were thinking about fantasy art with an erotic feel. Elves and fairies and shit seem to be popular.”

Melanie nodded.

“And you can never go wrong if you sex them up,” Eric grinned. He looked at his watch, “Time to go meet Haley. I told you about her.” He chugged back the remainder of his beer and Lee followed his lead. “She’d be a great model and she really wants to meet you.”

“Will you be back for dinner, Lee?”

“Umm, yeah, I think so. Maybe a bit late, but just save me some. Okay?”

“Don’t worry Melanie. I’ll have him home before the pie cools off.”

Somehow when Eric said that it just sounded dirty and Melanie was not sorry to see him go. But it meant that she hadn’t had a chance to speak with Lee privately, and she felt a little deflated that he might have found another model. Telling herself that she should be happy Lee had found some additional support for his art, she nevertheless was feeling intruded on. This didn’t entirely fit with her plan for art school. She thought that Lee would benefit from additional training but had to admit that his self confidence might improve if he sold some art, and this Eric k** seemed like he might be able to do it.

Still, she felt let down that she might not be taking her clothes off for her boy.

Chapter 07:

It was after nine when Lee returned. Melanie had eaten and was reading and enjoying her wine. “I left you a plate in the frig. Just microwave it for a minute or two.”

Lee barely said hello, but went straight to the kitchen. She heard him bustling about heating his dinner and then the sound of more wine being poured. He returned a few minutes later with his dinner.

“How was your meeting with that model?”

“Haley? She’s cool. She’s going to come over on Saturday and pose for me.”


“Is that Okay, Ma? I said you wouldn’t mind. You do want me to be an artist, don’t you?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“So I’m gonna try it out. See how it goes before you spend all that money sending me to art school.”

“So you still think you might want to go?”

“Yeah I think so. I like to draw.”

“It seems like you like to draw me.” Melanie pointed to the stack of drawings Lee had made of her. He blushed furiously. Melanie pulled her knees up under her chin and curled up on the sofa. “How about if I posed for you?” she asked quietly.

Lee stared hard at his mother who met his gaze directly and with a small smile. He felt like she was flirting with him. Her eyes were luminous under the tangle of red hair and she did not blink but pulled him in.

“Uhhh, yeah. When?”

“How about right now?” She smiled. She felt like she was starting to channel her Gingersnap persona, and had him slightly off balance. Since his return she had felt a little on the defensive, but this offer seemed to have turned that tables and she was relishing it.

“How do you want me?” She lay back on the sofa and threw an arm behind her head. “Is this light good?”

Lee stared.

“Finish your meal and go get your things. Shall I put something else on?”

Lee swallowed hard. “I’m finished eating, Ma. I’ll get my stuff. Wear, uhh, whatever you want.” He ran to his room and gathered his pencils, a drawing pad and board, erasers, a paper stomp for smudging and was back before Melanie was able to change. He was excited at the prospect of drawing his mother with her right in front of him. He would be able to stare right at her and look closely at the curves of her body and it was okay. He felt a hunger stirring deep in this belly and his cock started to wake up.

He was adjusting a light near the sofa when Melanie returned and he just about lost it then and there. His throat grew dry and his balls tightened as she entered the room dressed for the stage.

“I thought you might like to see me in my new professional wardrobe, since you’ve already shown an interest in it. Or perhaps you’d like to draw me as a fairy, or elf or some shit?” she teased.

“This is good,” Lee conceded. Then feeling daring he added, “Eric thinks the drawings should have an erotic touch.”

It was good. It was very good. Melanie had put on a new white satin bustier that in fact hadn’t made it to the stage yet. It cinched her in at the waist a little, and mounded her breasts up into cups that weren’t quite enough. Her jugs shuddered with each move, and you couldn’t help but expect them to spill out if she made any sharp moves. Beneath the bustier she wore a matching white satin thong that pulled high up over her hips and dove down and disappeared into the cleft of her buttocks which were otherwise entirely exposed and elongating the look of her legs. She had added white silk stockings and garters of course and finished with glossy red stiletto heels featuring ornate flowers over the toes.

She had taken a few moments to do her make-up, eye shadow and lipstick only. But the lipstick was as glossy as her shoes and the eye shadow left her with smokey, sultry eyes. Her hair was still her signature pinned up mess, but it only made her look hotter, as she knew it would. She also knew how to use the stiletto heels to best advantage. Lee was amazed at her smooth gliding walk that had her hips rolling and those amazing boobs bobbling just a little. Just enough that you couldn’t not pay attention to them.

Lee was definitely boning for her now, his cock trying to close the gap between them even as she approached.

“Where do you want me?” she husked. Appearing in the room as she had and walking towards him using her most skilled stage glide, had aroused her as well. The Gingersnap in her was wide awake now and she was basking in the glow of lust lighting his face.

Lee picked up his and took a sip. “I was thinking, back on the sofa, but now I don’t think so.”

Melanie slid up to him and reached for his glass, her hand sliding seductively up his to take the glass from him. She took a sip, all the while her eyes fixed on his. “Whatever you say.”

He broke eye contact, but could help but take in an eyeful of her breasts wobbling under his nose before breaking off to spot a straight-backed wooden chair nearby. “How about this?” he grabbed it and pulled in under the light. “You could stand by it, or sit,” he swallowed, “and I could still get a good look at you.”

“You have to take a good look if you’re going to draw me, aren’t you?” She took a position standing by the chair, one leg up on the seat, her hand on the backrest. “How’s this?” She held her head up. “How long do I need to hold this pose?”

“Umm, I’ll start with some quick five minute sketches to warm up and start, uhh, investigating you, and then we can settle on something you can hold for a longer period,” he said as he adjusted the light a little. Backing away a few feet he looked at her and smiled. “I like this a lot, Ma.”

“I like it too, Lee.” She smiled back.

Over the next half an hour Lee began to take in his mother’s curves as she moved from pose to pose in five minute sets. They interspersed each pose with a taste from their shared glass of wine, Melanie having poured the contents of her cup into his. With each drawing Lee grew more confident, comfortable and familiar with her body and the attitudes she conveyed.

“Time for a longer drawing,” he announced as she sat in the straight backed chair. “Can you just hold that pose? It’s perfect.” Melanie sat relaxed in the chair facing him. Her hands rested between her legs, her knees were well apart exposing her barely covered sex from him. She regarded him directly.

“Really?” It seems sort of casual and not really sexy.”

“It’s very sexy, Ma. You look natural and comfortable. It’s very sexy.”

“Well then, how about if I loosen the ties on this bustier? The corset is kind of tight around my waist.” She pulled at a few strings and the garment parted down the front, showing off a strip of her creamy skin from breast to belly.

“If it’s so tight, why did you buy it?” Lee asked as he set to work.

“Its okay for a little while,” She giggled. “I don’t expect to wear it for this long. Usually it would be off by now.”

“Hmmm, well I want you to be comfortable.”

“Meaning you want me to take it off?” She was teasing him. “I don’t know. I am your mother.”

Lee was at a loss for words and concentrated on his drawing. But the wine was getting to Melanie now and she continued, saying more then she had planned. “Besides, this particular bustier has a talent that can be very useful in my act.” She looked at him quizzically, as if expecting a response. Lee continued to draw and so she took another gulp of the wine and mused, “Perhaps if you make a good drawing, I will show you.”

Lee made a very good drawing and Melanie was most impressed when she got up to look at it. She stood very close, her big soft boob pressed against his right arm, and offered him a taste of the wine, insisting on holding the cup to his lips herself.

“So,” she whispered boozily to him. “Shall we do another?”

“I dunno, Ma. I’m getting a little d***k, and may not be able to do a good job.”

“Let’s try one more,” Melanie insisted. “I’ve got a pose in mind that I think you’ll like.” She walked back to the chair and stood in front of it. “The thing about this bustier that may make it useful in my act, is that it barely contains me here,” she said, cupping her hands up under her boobs. “And I think, that when I bend over, I could very well, y’know, spill out.” She smiled at him coquettishly. “I think it’s the sort of thing the guys at the club would like, but I haven’t tested it out yet. So tell me what you think.”

And with that she bent forward, placing her hands on her knees and smiling prettily up at him. As she did so, her jugs strained against the undersized cups of her bustier. “See, these cups tend to push me up and barely cover the naughty bits. I mean barely. I’m just sort of resting in them and I don’t think they can… there!” She jerked her shoulders and with that, her twin mountains of quivering tit flesh came spilling out and dangled into view.

“How about this?”

Lee’s mouth just dropped and his mouth watered.

“Don’t stand there with your mouth open, Lee. I’m not going to put them in it. Just start drawing. I can’t hold this pose forever.”

Well, she stood there for 15 minutes, which isn’t easy, and if her knees were quivering as much as her tits by the end, still Lee got a mighty fine drawing out of it.

Melanie stood upright and stretched, her magnificent melons looking about as good as they could. Her bustier remained half on, wrapped loosely around her waist, but leaving her upper works exposed for viewing. Still in her heels, and still capable of a gently swaying glide across the room, she approached her son, contemplating his work. Melanie only came up to just past Lee’s shoulder, so it was easy for her to wrap her arm affectionately around his waist and lean in for a closer inspection, and Lee, acutely aware that his mother’s big tits were just hanging out right there, screwed up his courage enough to put his arm around her in return and place his hand, not on her shoulder, but lower, on her ribs, gently caressing the silk of her half-off bustier only a scant inch or two from the tempting flesh. He told himself he was being all covert and she didn’t realize how close he was to touching her there, but of course she was just as aware of his hand as he was.

For his part, Lee had forgotten that he had already given one boob a good squeeze, as he had been half asl**p and the whole experience had taken on a dream-like air of unreality. He recalled her lying next to him the previous night, flesh to flesh, and how good she felt. He was shocked at how open his mother had become about exposing herself to him this way. Still he didn’t have quite the nerve to just reach up and start fondling.

For her part, Melanie surprised herself by sort of wishing he would. Maybe that was the Gingersnap in her coming through, but it had been a loooong time since a man had given attention to her breasts as part of lovemaking and Lee’s inadvertent massage of one the other morning, had sparked a desire for more. She was proud of herself for her ability to be comfortable in front of her son with her boobs on display. The nights stripping in the club had loosened her up. Still she didn’t quite have the nerve to take his hand in hers and move it up to grab a handful.

Instead they just stood together and talked about his drawings of her. Lee’s eyes kept flickering down to catch another glimpse of his mother’s melons swaying and shuddering slightly with each movement. Melanie remained acutely aware that Lee was becoming more and more familiar with her charms and the sexual tension grew thicker between them. Neither would make a further move, yet neither was at all ready for the moment to end.

Finally Melanie broke the mood. “I’m getting more wine.” She disappeared into the kitchen and then to her room, tits still out. When she returned wearing only a blue kimono with a cloud and crane motif, Lee had finished cleaning up his drawing materials and retired to his room.

Melanie sighed with disappointment, but thought that perhaps it was for the best.

Chapter 08:

Melanie was still off work for the rest of the week, but didn’t spend all of her time moping about the house. She continued to go to the gym, and did a bit of shopping for new costumes. She was already thinking about some additions to her act. But when she came home the next day with a bag of lingerie to show Lee, she found him drawing nudes of that Haley girl in his bedroom, and Eric hanging about. She pretended mild interest. She didn’t want to come off as an anxious mother. But when they go out for the evening, she got d***k again. And was curled up asl**p on the sofa when the three got back in late that night.

She half roused when they came in, and was awakened sometime later by the sounds of sex coming from Lee’s room. The bed was squeaking rhythmically and Haley was evidently a moaner. She lifted her head groggily, “…the fuck?”

“Pretty entertaining, isn’t it?” It was Eric sitting across the room from her, beer in hand. He seemed to be just sitting there watching her.

“How long have you just been there?”

“Eh, maybe twenty minutes. You’re beautiful when you sl**p. Most people would drool, but not you.”

Melanie automatically wiped her hand across her lips. “You’re just watching me?”

“And listening to those two love birds performing in the bedroom. Lee seems to really like her.”

“Does she like him?”

“I s’pose. Doesn’t matter. I can’t pay her to model, even though she’s a real pro. But she really likes to fuck, and Lee hasn’t had any in a while, so… it works out.” He picked up a stack of drawings and held one out to her. It was Haley and it was very good. “She knows how to pose, she’s a pro, and Lee’s getting some good stuff using her. Now these…” He held up a drawing of Melanie, the one with her jugs spilling out. This time Melanie refused to be embarrassed. “These are okay, but you’re clearly not a professional model.”

Eric took another long pull on his beer. “I hear you’re a hell of a dancer, though. Going back to work soon? I’ll have to catch your show.”

That was enough for Melanie. “I think its time for you to go, Eric.”

At that moment Haley let out a long moan followed by a shriek and a giggle.

“Sounds like they’re about done in there anyway. I’ve got to drive Haley home, so let’s go fetch her.” He got up and crossed the living room to the hall and Lee’s door. He didn’t bother to knock, but just marched on in. Melanie couldn’t help herself and followed him, even though it seemed like a serious imposition.

Haley didn’t seem to mind. She was a petite little cutey, fit as a dancer. Her breasts weren’t as large as Melanie’s by any means, but were very perky and looked large on her small frame. Her short cropped hair was dyed pink. Her shaved pussy was flushed and swollen looking from the pounding Lee had just given her.

Lee had pulled a sheet up over his cock in assumed modesty, “Ma?!”

Haley pulled her clothes on quickly. “Were you guys listening at the door? That’s kinky. Why didn’t you just come in and join us? I’d have expected that from you, Eric, but…” she turned her gaze on Melanie, “You’re Lee’s mom? I wouldn’t have expected that from you.”

“I was sl**ping. You were a little loud.”

“Well, I get that way. When it’s good.” She smiled at Lee.

“Come on, Haley. Time to roll.” Eric started for the front door.

Haley squeezed past Melanie, “And it’s good, you can take my word for it.”

“Oh I know how good it is.” It just popped out of Melanie’s mouth and got a sharp look out of Haley. Melanie wondered what had prompted a retort like that out of her. She flushed, but held her ground.

“Well.” Haley breathed softly, and then she was gone.

Melanie turned to face Lee, reaching for his shorts in embarrassment. Crazy bitch she heard wafting in from the living room just before the front door clicked shut.

They faced each other across the small bedroom, hot from the summer night and steamy from sex. Lee was still kneeling on his bed, his boxer shorts stopped only half way up his thighs. He seemed frozen, staring at his mother as his wet cock dangling into view. Melanie took the sight in with pleasure. It amazed her that she could find her son so sexy.

“It’s hot in here,” she said and crossed the room. “I’ll open a window, let some air in.” Lee remained frozen, kneeling on the bed, his shorts still around his thighs, nude and exposed to his mother’s gaze. Having just cum into Haley’s willing pussy, his cock was still half engorged. He was excited to be exposed to his mother this way, but despite the temptation of her presence, he wasn’t likely to get hard again soon.

But he felt a gurgling deep in his balls. If she stayed here, in the room with him, he wasn’t sure that he could stand it. But Melanie had no intention of leaving. There were things she needed to say. She turned to regard her son.

“Haley didn’t think I was much of a model, although she said she’d heard good things about my dancing.”

“You were good, Ma. I liked drawing you.”

“But not as good as Haley. And it seems she likes you.”

“Sorry Ma. We shouldn’t have done that here. But it’s just, we had no place else to go and you were asl**p, and –”

“And you were horny. You’ve been in jail for six months. Its understandable that you would want to fuck a girl first change you got.”

“The only girl I’ve been around is you, Ma. And Haley, yeah she’s a good model, and she wanted to… y’know”

“I know. Look, if you want to keep seeing her, I won’t stop you, but that Eric…”

“Yeah, I think he’s bad news. I got to cut him off.”

“You have to decide that for yourself, but I really don’t want him hanging out here.”

“Gotcha, Ma. But if he goes, Haley probably will too.”

“Well, I may not be as good a model, but we can find someone else, if it will help you.”

“Ma, I didn’t say that! You’re a great model. And I’ll bet you’re a hell of a dancer, too.”

“Eric said he wanted to come see me perform. Just the thought gives me the shivers, but I can deal with it and if he does get out of line…”

“There’s always Dave the Doorman, ” Lee finished the thought with a chuckle. He was getting comfortable now with his pants down, with Melanie’s eyes flickering down for a look see and he had made no move to pull his shorts up. “I’ll bet you’re a great dancer, Ma. I’d watch you perform.”

She smiled at the flattery. “You’re u******e. You can’t get in, and don’t even think about getting a fake ID.”

“So dance for me here.”




“Yeah. I’ve seen your costumes. I’ve seen you in one of them. You don’t have to strip or anything, if you don’t want to.”

“Want to?”

“Yeah. Dance for me, Ma. I’ll bet you’re a great dancer, like they say. Dave the Doorman says you’re the star. He’s says you’ll be back in a week. Don’t you think you should practice?”

“What will I wear?”

“What have you got on now? That’ll work. That’s fine.”

Melanie realized that he was right. It was a hot summer night and she actually wasn’t wearing all that much. Just some shorty shorts, hot pants if you like, and one of her kimonos as a top. She was wearing some panties, but no bra, and only a pair of casual sandals. Her Gingersnap mind took over as she considered that she could make taking the sandals off sexy, if she went about it right and the shorts… her panties meant she had some layers to remove and tease with and…

She stopped Gingersnap. She wasn’t going to strip for Lee, just dance. And then she wondered when she had made that decision, but there it was.

Lee leaned over to his bedside radio and snapped it on. Melanie trembled at the sight of his big cock lolling over as he turned. Her dances were all about making men’s cocks hard. Would she, could she make Lee’s cock hard? She thought maybe not. He had just finished fucking. Lee found a station playing some easy R&B. Sexy, slow and Melanie began to rock gently to the sinuous rhythm. She found her feet beginning to move. She snapped her fingers and gave a little hand clap, then spun slowly around in a circle, her hips swaying as only a woman’s can.

Chapter 09:

Lee watched with fascination as his mother’s toned legs flexed and her twin round ass-cheeks rolled before his eyes. As she came around he could see that her breasts were undulating under her silk kimono. He could see exactly where her nipples were. He had seen them before, and wanted to see them again. She raised her arms, snapping her fingers to the music so that her breasts could sway freely within the thin cloth confines. The kimono was barely held together with a silk tie slip-knotted at the waist, and then extended down only to her hips. Lee thought how easy it would be to undo the knot with a simple tug, and the kimono would fall open naturally.

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