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Memoires of the Marquis d’Amour – 7

7 – Submission

Justine was the first in the morning to report with anguish, that she was bleeding from her s****rs administrations, but I guessed right that she just experienced her first monthly curse. To my question, if she hurt her s****r too, she shook her head so vehemently that her golden locks flew, and she swore at once, that she was so much gentler – by God! As I instructed her about the nature of her bl**d and the history of the nasty spell that befell women of her age I washed her soiled cunnie, it was only a drop and nothing to worry too much about it. But I ordered her at once to fetch her s****r and to bring her personally.
Cleaning up my messy desk I thought about decent ways of punishment for the amorous s****rs. When they arrived I ordered the two vixens to strip all their garments and I lectured them about the sins of i****t and the silliness of lesbianism. What a beautiful pair they made in the nude, so different to each other but equally desirable too! I instructed the two guilty souls to bend over the empty desk, side by side! Now that was a sight to be cherished, I can assure my dearest reader. I kissed all four cheeks with passion, but then I whipped the naughty bottoms until the maidens begged for mercy and pleaded to stop their sinful nightly fingerings.
I positioned little Juliette on the desk on her back and the luscious Justine on all fours on top of her, but in the opposite direction. It was a most artistic display, and the maids didn’t need much encouragement from my side to feast on the others charm, there was a lot of delicate kissing and licking happening! I fondled Justine’s free-hanging breasts for a while, then kissed her plump buttocks and licked her little brown aperture with growing enthusiasm. I spat on it for lubrication and poked my tongue through the tight passage. Justine didn’t seem to mind the intimidation, completely absorbed above her s****rs tender treatment she was breathing heavily to repay the service received in kind.
So I took the liberty to stick my long index finger deep up into her bowels, a move that made Juliette blush because it happened right in front of her pretty nose. But it provided also as a trigger to send the penetrated maid into the satisfying raptures of spending. She squirted her virginal fluid all over her s****rs face – slightly pinkish as I saw – and quite unvoluntarily trapped my exploring finger with the tiny but f***eful muscle. The closeness and extraordinarity of the situation proofed to contain enough stimulation to panting Juliette to unleash her own fury of reaching the climax When I withdrew the two exhausted naked bodies presented themselves in a lovely tangle of limps, bellies and buttocks!
But then they chased me all around the office, spread-eagled me playfully over my own desk. I performed an arousing struggle but did nothing to end the exciting spectacle of nubile charms of the two heated fillies. They rapidly unpacked my already engorged member and fought over it like rosy piglets for their mother’s teats. And promptly they got their agile tongues and soft lips wrapped all around my purple plum and deserved my sticky spunk right up their pretty noses. The two grateful nymphs licked me all clean, and when I finally dismissed them they were a happy couple, leaving my quarters hand in hand.

With lunch, there entered the tall Colette, seemingly in a very submissive mood today. She told me that she quite liked me, and that if I was the gentleman I had promised and if I had the desire to do so she would be happy to offer me her derriere to show her gratitude towards my kindness: »You know by now, Sir, that I’m not a perfect woman, Sir – and that I cannot find ecstasy in the proper female supposition! The forbidden path is my only alternative, Sir!« I was completely rendered to tenderness, but to prevent any misunderstanding made it clear that she would have to beg me for such a service to give consent to the violation of her utmost privacy – a condition to which she agreed readily by pushing the lunch tray aside and settling her large bosom comfortably on my desk.
My cock decided to leap to the promising occasion as I pushed the blue skirt up and unbuttoned the drawers to expose that naughty piece of ass immediately. I felt for the little penis and found it well aligned and properly wedged between the rough bush of pubic hair and the hardwood surface of my desk – growing already by my tender touch and maybe more by the vivid imagination of the expected pleasure. With a special cream I lubricated the forbidden path, opened the door with one finger, widened it with two, and prepared the orifice for the accommodation of my already busting lunch truncheon.
Colette hid her face in her hands to cover her shame, but as I rushed in with the well seasoned salami she cried out: »Allmighty Lord, oh God, oh oh!« I felt quite uncomfortable to think the Allmighty as a decent witness to my sinful fornication and she stopped her blasphemies obediently. I rammed my respectable sausage home and displayed enough stamina to drive the ladyboy halfwards crazy. when I plummeted my sticky load home too finally, the happy girl exclaimed with a deep sigh: »Oh you dirty devil – what a pleasure!« Checking on her own banger I realised, that this devil wasn’t in fact me, that she had addressed a part of her own with this sinful title, that she had spent to and that in a very opulent fashion!

Short after that satisfying interlude Jefferson came along with a dirty boy in his tow on a rope around his wrists. But my dear friend reassured me at once that the short hair cut and the male dressing was only a decoy not to get ****d at every occasion! »You will know about the inhibited habits of those gipsies and jews all to well!«, he added with a grin of sly jealousy. He fixed the leash to the door handle, and we smoked our pipes together whilst he warned me from the damage that this wildcat could create – a precious chinese vase and his smarting groin he mentioned only as previous victims. Then he left me with a wink and a thumb up to my trial to tame the tigress with my charms.
I watched my newest pupil for a while. He or she couldn’t be possibly much over ten but the presence was rather that of confidence than c***dish innocence. The hair displayed the colour of a fiery red, the eyes reflected a defiant deep amber, and the thin lips appeared as if sewn together. »If you would like to escape the rod of the law for your thievery and decide to stay in service until I pronounce you as converted I will provide clothing, food and shelter – a preventive delousing and a thorough disinfication but would proof as very worthwhile first goals though!«, so I started an actually completely one-sided conversation. I produced some cravats and in a unexpected diving attack I secured the two dirty ankles in complete surprise of the stunned victim.
With not too much of a dangerous struggle I stretched the smelly apparition in front of the long mirror. Then I rung the bell for Colette and removed the big washing bowl from the bathroom, which I managed to slip under the gipsy’s dirt-brown feet. When Colette arrived I told her to clean up the suspended creature and handed her a pair of sharp scissors. She understood perfectly and as she set to the task I reclined in my easy chair and lit my pipe with concentrated curiosity. The well worn-out flannel shirt fell to scraps and exposed a pretty flat chest adorned only with the red wild berries of the forest.
The minimal padding behind them but promised fertile future growth and pushed those red berries appetitively upwards as if presented for dessert. The dirty breaches fell in shreds and the gray male underpants unveiled not much more that the same tight lips as above. But in a discreet hidden pouch there was stored all the dear possession of the little thief: a golden ring, two coins and a tiny pocket knive.
Collette soaped the short red hair of the exposed pick-pocket, cleaned out her both ears, scrubbed the armpits and the groin with vigor, and spent quite a while of her duty on the surely smelly bum of the restricted c***d. When she finished her task we removed the big washing bowl together, which brown soup I drained disgusted down the toilet bowl. I assured Colette that I should manage to dress the stubborn girl myself and she left with an understanding wink from her opal eye.
Now all clean and shiny I spanked the tiny bum with a stingy slap and asked the c***d for her name. But only when I retrieved the whip from its place she stammered: »Jo – Josie – Josephine!« I laughed at that cunning exclamation, but when I asked her about her age, she declared it as sixteen, a lie that earned her three sharp slashes with the short riding crop. The girl suddenly erupted in tears, sobbing declared that she didn’t know her age nor her parents at all. I went to the wardrobe and fetched a fresh maiden suit. Then I freed her now stiff extremities from the bondage and watched the little girl dressing up. What a change it all made in such a short time to transfer a dirty boy into a sexy little maid – I was flabbergasted by my success and when I sent Josie to find Colette for advice and accommodation she flashed her teeth for only the shortest of moments. I called out to her when she was at the door, that she should report mediately after dinner to tell me about her life for a better understanding in our new relationship!
She actually brought up my night port, and offering her a glass too she sipped the sweet and heavy liquor with appreciation. I learned from her backgrounds that she was born at the end of the royal wars in Hungary, what fixed her age around thirteen. She confided to me that her so-called uncle made her steal for a living and was caught recently himself, now chained for a decade of labouring. She wrung her hands on the tiny white apron in distress when she added with down-cast eyes, that her thieving uncle stole the most valuable asset from her one night – that she was so relieved to know him faraway! Then she burst out in a flood of tears, threw herself at me so unexpectedly that I nearly spilled the precious port.
»My body is ruined, my life is ruined – nobody possibly will ever love me any more!«, she sobbed into my shirt whilst I patted her head and stroked the burning red hair. I came close to tears myself, but when she looked up at me with her reflective yellow cat eyes I instantly knew to proceed with care – once a liar, always a liar? But tenderly I took her head and kissed the hot tears from her cheeks, I kissed her salty lips and licked her pearly teeth, found her tongue and met it with my own. The poor c***d was melting into my fatherly embrace like warm meat jelly, sucking on my tongue and biting my lips in a display of pure passion.
She still smelled from exotic chillies and spicy garlic and was actually quite a meal!
Having sufficiently kindled the fire in her groin she stood up and shed the blue skirt, and the bloomers too! Only the tiny apron was masking her shame as she provocated me to set the tiger free. My cock was rising to the occasion with all his fighting spirit through the fly of my trousers when the courageous tigress straddled my lap and rubbed her cunnie cunningly along my exposed shaft to get herself into a state of lubricated openness. This little l****a didn’t need advice or any support – she was confident in her moves, she dropped her spittle exactly onto my purple plum and guided the greased instrument without hesitation into the tight depths of her hairless belly – I never experienced anything as exciting as this before and pressed two fingertips hard into the loose skin between my balls and asshole to prevent myself from premature ejaculating at once!
Josie just chuckled in her throaty little voice about my little tricks, but ceased her movements for a while to give me time to regenerate my lust by just keeping me captive in the tight embrace of her naked cunt. I opened her blouse and pushed up the chemise to feast on wild berries. Then I let my hands wander about the tiny buttocks and fingered the puckering anus deep inside them. »Nonono, Sir!«, Josie reclaimed, »This my only privacy left and I would like to keep it that way!« Wasn’t I impressed by such a hint on morals and values I never would have guessed in such a young and experienced whore!
Nevertheless, the quality of her service was unpreceded in my vast experience, but I allowed myself to flush her lusty grotto without restraint, and to return her to Jefferson next afternoon, who had fun with her for years after that and was definitely thankful for my valid help in that matter! He even submitted to me the knowledge of a former african slave girl that was up for auction at the local court house according to the demise of her old master. Life is too short to miss any exotic opportunity – I reflected with a big smile.

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