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This is a true story about some wild freaky shit that happened to me last week,this further proves that the world is nothing more than a hot bed of freaks.

I met this chick while out xmas shopping a few weeks back,we sat in the mall food court for awhile chit chatting found out we had alotta common interest.She was a fancy chick hair nails and cloths were to a tee.She was very pretty,caramel complexion maybe a 38c cup,flat stomach small wiast that lead to the thickest set of hips and the biggest ass i ever seen ,her thighs were like heaven with thick calfs that held up a small pair of feet.we exchanged numbers and she told me to hit her up later on.

Well needless to say i didnt call her that night.Then on the nite before xmas eve while chillin at the pad smoking and playing xbox i recieved a text that read “I WAS FEELIN U VEE,Y U NEVA CALLD ME,LOL” and attached was a pic of a very wet pussy with a huge mouth dropped open,it was Tonya the girl from the mall,i quixckly called her we had two hours of good stimulating convo before i hopped in the shower to head over to Tonyas place.

I arrived at a lil after 10pm in hopes her son and grandmother(who she lived with)would be sl**p.SHe came to the door with a wife beater no bra with big nipples standing at attention from the cold and she had on a pair of boy shorts that did little to hide that huge ass of hers.I was greeted with a hug and couldnt help but smell her wonderful smell.We sat in the living room and i rolled up two blunts of some kush.she said wwe gotta let my granny smoke cuz its her house i told her no prob and she went to get her grandmother.When she returned with her grandmother my dick stirred,im into older women too and grandma was definetly a goddess she wore a pink short night robe almost see thru on her milk chocolate silky skin,she wore gold n diamond bracelets almost halfway up both arms.her tits were huge 56fff and she had an ass bigger than her granddaughters she came over and introduced her self as Bev.she was a very tallwomen standig maybe 6’1 she had me by a few inches.i got up to shake her hand a the most beautiful cleavege i have seen sent my dick springing into action,she must have notice because when i went to shake her hand shewinked adn look down at my raging hard on.She then said aby would you like a drink,i obliged and Tonya went to get my drink, by the time she got back me and grandma was puffin and laughin she was very lively for 64yrs old,she sat across from me and i got sveral good glmpse of her jet black hairy mound being she had no panties on,she kept runnin back an forth to the kitchen being she ha started preparing xmas dinner early because they were having f****y in from out of town.The last time she came back her nighty had loosened snd now was exposing her tit cleavege even more and her hairy pussy was in full view ,Tonya shifted her yes from her granma to me and gave a little smirk and i thought to myself wherever this is going i wanna ride.After the next blunt was lite up grandma got real loose she peeled ou of er nighty when Tonya sidgrandma we go company!Bevs reply was i kow Vee and scared of some titties and ass heloo lik he see plenty rite Vee all i culd do was slowly nod my head yes as i took n the incredible view of Bevs hug tits with she had huge aerola with whut had to be atleast 2in nippl that were hard,when she got up to go to the kitchen i watched ass her thunderous ass swayed and jiggled,my dick was now standing and i couldnt hide it,when i looked over Tonya ws standing up removing er wfe beater her tits were beautiful nowhere near her grannies but i like small tits to.Aftr removing her boyshorts she advised me t get comfy.So i said what the hell and took off my cloths as i remove my pants Bev returned and said thats right baby get comfortable we dont where coths around the house after 11pm my dick was rock hard and leaking precum when Tonya reach over and grabbed it and said damn you gotta big dic don he grandma and its thick she said yeah baby come ver and let grandma see tha big pretty dick of yours as i walked over Tonya pulled the coffee tabe out the middle of the floorr and went into a hall closet to retrieve two blankets as i approached Bev her hand reached and upped my balls as i reached for her huge tit i almost shot a load all over arm as she tugged and kneaded mybig cock and balls by the time Tonya ha spread the blankets Bev had already taking my dick nto her hot wet old mouth and i was gettin some of the best head i ever had.Tonya came ove to the couch onher knees and Bev knew wha her granddaughter wanted she slurped her mout off my cock and feed it to her granddaughter whos mouth wa droolin spit moaning and tryin to deep throat as much as she could take before gaggin.

We all got on th floor where the action got heated,i laid down on my back while Bev stood over my face in a 69 position.she lowered her big soft body on me as i inhaed he sweet musky pussy aroma and kiss her phat wet pussy lips while her and her Tonya treated my dick like an ice ceamcone on a hot summer day,taking turns grandma didnt last long after about 5 mins of m jammin m tongue in tht pussy and sucking that big clit she drowned me a pool of sweet pussy juice back to back.she rolled off of me on her back pantin and trying to catch her breath i raised up to see Tonyas pretty face all wet with spit and i sai your turn.she turned on al fours and put her face in her grandmothers pussy this was hot i wanted to um but i spread

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