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Michelle and fun

Michelle started to strip and watched as Chris slipped in to bed, she was feeling nervous, as this was the first time in 5 years since she had slept with any other guy except her husband, Chris had been away and only just moved back into the area, he suggested he take her out for a meal but, it would only cause problems, if Mark found out, he had caught Chris and Michelle in bed once and he had left, Michelle and Chris fucked on the day she got married, and on occasions after, Chris was a good size not too big and knew just how to use it, Mark was below average and couldn’t hit a barn door with a wrecking ball, god knows how he ever got her pregnant more luck than judgement, Chris pulled the sheets back as Michelle slipped in beside him, kissing her softly he run his hand over her body making her moan softly.

Michelle reached down and wrapped her fingers around his cock, and slowly rubbed it “I see it’s not shrunk Chris” Michelle commented as he smiled and sucked on her hard dark nipples making her moan loudly, he felt her pussy and realised it was dripping wet “when did he last fuck you”? Chris asked Michelle said it had to be at least 6 months maybe more as he slipped 2 fingers in and gently rubbed her swollen clit Michelle groaned and then cum, she couldn’t hold back any longer and said she needed fucking; opening her legs Chris slipped in between and slowly slid his cock deep inside her.

Michelle moaned saying it felt so good, her pussy lips stretched slightly, she had always had a tight pussy, but with lack of cock it was tighter than ever, Chris moved slowly as he gradually loosened her lips, her muscles gripped making Chris groan he had always loved how her pussy gripped and loved the way she used to beg when he fucked her, they had some great afternoons in bed as well as quick fucks in the back of his car when he had been passing and picked her up, they had even had sex in the kitchen whilst Mark was in the living room watching TV, Michelle loved giving head and swallowing a load but Mark was never what you would call adventurous, and never once licked her pussy or allow her to suck his cock.

Chris now moving a bit faster was making Michelle moan louder and louder, he slipped out and slipped down in between her legs, and started to lick her sweet juicy pussy, sucking on her clit and then nibbling lightly Michelle tried to push him away but instead she orgasmed like mad, as Chris carried on eating like mad, she now started to beg as Chris slid back up and started to fuck her hard and fast, Michelle wrapped her legs around his waist and made sure he was as deep as possible, his balls slapped her ass, as he nibbled on her nipples and made her cum again and again, her pussy now throbbing and so sensitive small orgasms every thrust, this had to be making up for all the sex she had missed out on with him and her husband.

Michelle wanted it from behind and Chris pulled out whilst she got on her knees, As Michelle bent over Chris could see how her pussy gaped so wet and the scent was sweet he bent forward and tasted her pussy, taking Michelle by surprise she orgasmed and squirted, kneeling Straight he slipped his cock deep and gripped her hips, fucking her like a steam train Michelle begged like mad, her tits swung with every thrust as Chris spanked her ass, making each cheek glow a pinky read, Chris could feel his cock start to throb hammering like mad he groaned and unloaded the biggest load of cum, he had ever given her, Michelle shook like mad and unable to stop bucking orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body, as Chris’s load filled her pussy.

Michelle collapsed breathing heavily unable to talk, her body covered in sweat, Chris laid to the side of her and looked at her body, her nipples like rock and she was unable to move, her pussy numb and leaking his full load, falling asl**p for a while Michelle woke Chris up by sucking his cock slow and deep down her throat making him cum a small load. Michelle was unable to get Chris out of her head and how much she loved him fucking her. It had been more than a week since her last seeing to, and she phoned him to ask him to come for more, he told her he would pick her up and bring her back to his place, so she could stay the night, Michelle had arranged with a friend for cover if Mark was to ring and arranged a day.
As he picked her up Michelle was like a giddy school k** and suggested they have fun before they get to Chris’s place, he pulled down a country lane and into a wooded area climbing into the back Chris got his cock out and Michelle straddled him, she wasn’t wearing panties and slowly lowered herself onto his rigid rod, as she started to ride him they kissed, and Chris got her tits out sucking on her nipples Michelle orgasmed loudly his cock coated in her juices, he could feel his balls start to tighten, as she started to grind hard Chris groaned and exploded deep inside her, Michelle orgasmed again before slowly getting off and sorting herself out.

They arrived at Chris’s place and sat relaxing Michelle knew what was going to happen and felt vulnerable not having any panties on, she knew that his cock was going fuck her pussy as hard as possible, and orgasms would shoot through her body like bolts of lightning, she opened her legs slightly so Chris, could see her pussy, he licked his lips and stood up walking across and dropping to his knees, in between her legs forcing them wide Chris buried his head in her pussy, and started to eat it like a savage a****l Michelle screamed with huge pleasure.
Chris sat up her pussy juices all over his mouth, Michelle was unable to resist as she watched Chris get his cock out and hold it at the base she leant back as he put her legs on his shoulders, and slipped his cock deep in her soaking wet cunt, Chris ripped her top open and lifted her bra letting her tits fall free, she was his to do what he wanted, not had raw sex like this in years, as he fucked her as hard as possible, her orgasms multiple but small as she felt her juices flow from her pussy and down the crack of her ass, whispering she wanted to be fucked up the ass, Chris pulled out and slowly pushed in it was tight, never having anal Michelle was scared but after a few moments she relaxed and his cock gradually slipped in, Chris fucked her slowly as he felt his cock throb, pulling out he stood up and gently rubbed it telling her to get on her knees and open her mouth.

As he rubbed she waited for her reward as Chris groaned thick white cream pumped over her face and into her mouth, Michelle swallowed every possible drop before sucking it dry. When they went to bed later Michelle took control and rode Chris most of the night, he had great control and if he did cum he recovered quick, Michelle lay in bed the following morning unable to close her legs, her pussy so swollen it looked like it had been beaten up, Michelle left later on but had blown Chris again on the way home, leaving him totally drained and her bell full of thick creamy cum…………………………………….

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