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Mindy Does It On Her Own Terms

Mindy Holmes was as fresh as a 17 year old could be, having just turned so 10 days after the end of her Junior Year of High School in the typical all American mid-western city her f****y had grown up in, as did their parents before them. Mindy was known as an “Okay” chick, to her male peers, meaning that although she was a pretty girl, she wasn’t a party girl. She was cool enough to be with when she did show up at some of the regular gatherings that started years ago in the garages and basements of each others homes, but now were a nearly weekly event held anywhere they could set up music and a few kegs. Mindy enjoyed being with her same girlfriends she had grown up with, and the dancing, but she never did venture into the smoke, alcohol, or various d**g highs enjoyed my “most” of her peer group. She wasn’t a goodie two shoes, she was just a strong individual who knew what she would tolerate without being judgmental with everyone who chose the follow the substance sublime “High” way….
When I said that Mindy was pretty, I mean she was very pretty… and the more time anyone spent with her they could discover her physical beauty would radiate as brilliantly as her intelligence when she engaged in conversations about anything. She was a well studied dreamer, wanting to see and do nearly as many different things as could be brought up as a topic broached in conversation due to some wild adventure or extremely cerebral pursuit that may have been seen in books, magazines or television. Mindy was curious about everything and spent as much time researching anything new as most girls her age spend in idle chatter on phone calls or mindless and giggling conversations among themselves.
Mindy was not an outcast, but she was not the first choice for special events. She did get asked by nice guys and attended all functions of importance. The one thing missing was the typical “first loves” and special boyfriends. To Mindy, everyone was a friend and she was kind and friendly with just about anyone she met, or whoever had the opportunity to encounter her. Meeting Mindy left an impression on everyone. I’m sure more than one boy had a special dream or thought about getting together with her, but the ones who tried to follow up on that seemed to get caught up in her net of friends and acquaintances and were soon resigned to the fact that they were just one of the group and not someone she was going to notice or accept as a “special” someone. I’m sure she never realized that she had broken the hearts of more than a few of the boys she considered friends.
When Mindy was with her girlfriends she was a ‘tweener. Cool Midwest girls seemed to follow two classifications, coming from well to do families, they were blond, blue eyed, athletic or well toned, well dressed, well placed and very socially engaged. Their studies were enhanced with tutors and aides to insure their colleges of choice, but their courses of study were academic for the purpose of landing the doctor, lawyer, or well to do businessman. The other class was the well to do families, dark hair and eyes, mixed heritage, some were athletic and well toned, and some were tall or just large, but they also dressed well and were socially engaged, but as participants, never the ones in contention for Queen of the Ball. There were a few, a very few, like Mindy, who had some kind of mixed heritage, perhaps Native American, that gave them a beautiful blend of darker features. Smooth skin that tanned easily and never freckled or burned, brown or black hair, dark or Hazel eyes, such as Mindy’s, and a beauty that was different that the others… sometimes… strikingly different. The most beautiful thing about Mindy, was her uniqueness, she walked a path alone, one that paralleled the ones her friends were on, but was a much more scenic and beautiful path.
This story starts with Mindy sitting in the parking lot of her GYN’s office. She is visibly upset and on the verge of anger. Her routine exam had included a short conversation with Dr. Amanda on her test results, and a notification that her mother had signed a permission slip for Mindy to receive any assistance and prescriptions she may need for birth control if she showed signs or indicated that she was sexual active. Mindy’s range of feeling were mainly due to her confirmation that she was totally out of touch with her mother, a successful attorney in her own Law Offices in this city, and had even been the mayor at one time. Mindy never had a relationship with her businessman father, although they did take annual trips to various exotic and beautiful places, but that would occur in a two week period of the entire year, and on at least half of those days her father would need to engage in some business transaction(s) as if nothing could function without him. Her mother was much more able to disengage herself form the “life” and enjoy the f****y time and be a real mother for at least those two weeks. The fact that her mother assumed that it was time for Mindy to get protection was based on her mothers presumption that Mindy was just like every other teen and too tempted by curiosity and hormones to resist unprotected sex with as may partners as she could find. Mindy thought “How could she think that of me?” and stewed a little more before starting her car and driving home.
At least some of that drive home was engaged in thoughts to doing something so out of character of her at the first opportunity. She knew she could entice a few candidates from her peer group that would probably jump at the chance to pop her cherry and make her the slut her mother must think that she is. She shuddered with the thought of having sex for revenge, and that was not a shudder of excitement, but of disgust and bitter disappointment. Arriving at her home she parked and entered her house and headed directly for her room. It took at least another hour for her to run the gamut of emotions, experiencing each one and analyzing it to see if it was the correct label to hang on what she felt. Finally, when she thought she had run through all the emotions she had, she settled on Anger as the one that fit best. She was angry that her mother had not had the decency to approach her and asked if she was even interested in experimentation with sex and would appreciate the protections that could be offered to avoid the pregnancy penalty, or God forbid, an STD. Mindy was angry that her mother felt compelled to speak of that with her doctor and delegate the task of learning about Mindy’s sexual activity to the doctor. As cold and distant as anything could be. To Mindy, her sexual awakening was a priceless and momentous event, that was what she had been taught in countless church and health lectures, and was a private and personal event she would have wanted to share with someone of special significance in her life, such as her Mom. “Crap on that.” Was what Mindy thought aloud and stewed for a little while more in her anger.
Mindy had not spent a lot of time thinking about sex. Of course it was a topic among her peers and girlfriends. Course jokes and overt suggestions were always made, but not being a prude and her lack of identification with the “party” crowd, Mindy was not the object of a lot of lewd and suggestive remarks. Unfortunately for a few of her friends who had been less than selective on the person, place and opportunity in which they had chosen to “give it up” to one of the boys. The conquest of the girls virginity made the boy a “Warrior” who proudly displayed his feather and it seemed that everyone knew the very next day that he had scored the goal. The girls who gave it up were not cast out, but from then on seemed to be open game. They were asked to functions first, but the expectation was that they would “pay” for the date with an encounter of sexual satisfaction. The boys seemed to strut like roosters, and the girls, although presenting a front of being bright and flashy, actually seemed to become bent and weary as if carrying a great weight. Mindy vowed that she would never allow that to happen with her. She refused date requests from any Warrior with feathers.
In her room, Mindy thought of her friends and of the sexual experiences they had talked about. Through her health classes she was familiar with all the parts and the act itself, and the resultant emotional release that was the object of the whole event. The guys wanted to “get their nut off” and the girls hoped for intimacy and a spiraling emotional buildup that could end in a “toe curling” spasm or series of spasms that caused the body to quiver uncontrollably and the mind to “Burst” with a flood of feelings that all seemed to drain down through the vagina. As it was described to her… it was like the feeling that is experienced when a rollercoaster reaches the top of it highest run… and suddenly drops into a weightless void that causes a flood of juices to explode from their sexual parts…. Interesting… curiously Interesting…
As mentioned, Mindy was not one to spend a lot of time thinking about sex because she was so involved in the study of everything interesting and beautiful in the world. Because the last few hours had been swirling around the topic of sex and the total lack of knowledge about her and her true interests and thoughts, Mindy thought about exploring the topic a little more and perhaps giving at least some of the attention she is already considered to be obsessed with. Laying on her bed she tried to make an assessment of herself and what she would offer to someone. As she let her hands slip under her little tank top and release her budding breasts from their little cups, she tried to mentally run down a list of boys she might approach to “give it up” with. She tried to stimulate herself with her hands rolling over her breasts and strumming her nipples with her fingers, but found the whole effort to be a little silly. She decided to slide one of her hands into her shorts and stimulate her clit and see if she could become sexually aroused and create some kind of fantasy about an encounter with one of the boys in her group. As she slid her fingers into her slot and rubbed the finger tip over her clitoris, she tried to think of who she would want to let do that to her. The more she rubbed, the less she felt, and the thought of the boys in her group doing anything with her just made her nauseous.
After of few more minutes of trying to stimulate herself, she stopped. She instinctively raised her fingers to her nose to smell the musk on her fingertips, but instead or any arousal from that, she just felt the burn from raw flesh over her clit. She adjusted her clothing and decided to get up and go downstairs for a sandwich. Her anger was strongly implanted, but she was over the emotional part of it.
In the kitchen of her home she found that the housekeeper had made dinners for her and her two b*****rs and left them in the warmer oven. Meaning that their parents would not be home again tonight until late. A short welling up of anger came up again… but was quickly repressed as being a waste of energy at this time. Mindy pulled a plate from the oven and checked it’s contents, which appeared to be a vegetable lasagna, which she liked, and getting the salad she knew would be in the fridge, she sat at the counter and began to eat her dinner by herself, another typical situation. Her older b*****r was going to be in his Sophomore year at a Junior College in order to bring his grades up and get into a good four year school. He was always the playboy and was the first rooster she had known… she saw his transformation and knew what he had done to do so. Perhaps it because he was such a male slut that she had hardened herself to the preoccupation with sex. Anyway, her younger b*****r, very nearly two years younger than her, also seemed to be less a slut, he was a gentle and kind b*****r that she actually liked. But he spent too much time on the computer and video games to be of company to her. “Brad” she suddenly called out, “Dinner is ready” she reported, just in case he hadn’t checked it out. Her call worked as he appeared in the kitchen and looked at her sitting at the counter and eating her lone plate.
Brad found that there was garlic toast also in the oven and placed the aluminum wrapped loaf on the counter along with his plate. He didn’t get a salad, but got a cola and asked if she wanted anything while he was at it. That’s the kind of thoughtfulness Mindy appreciated about him, “No thank you Brad, “ she replied sincerely. And went about eating her meal. When Brad sat and began to eat there was minutes of silence, not unusual, but also not what Mindy wanted at that particular time.
“Brad, can I ask you a question?” Mindy asked with absolute belief that he would say she could, so she just continued, “Have you had sex yet?”
Brad nearly choked on his bread and after drinking some cola to clear his throat, he replied, “What… why…. Would you think I would tell you…. Why would you want to know about that?”
Mindy explained her rooster analogy and mentioned that she saw that in Rick, their older b*****r, and all the boy at school who have made conquests.
Brad sat in silence for a few moments so Mindy continued…. “I get pressure all the time to “Put out” and know exactly what’s in store for me if I did… and as of today… well… I learned that mom already thinks I’m putting out to God only knows who and how many….
Brad quietly replied, “I don’t think I would be a rooster because I don’t think I would brag about a girl I loved enough to have sex with.” And he went silent again.
Mindy again thought that was the kind of response she could expect from Brad, he would want to be in love with the girl he had sex with. “So you don’t feel pressure to have sex with a girl just for the experience or the curiosity of it?” Surprised by her own dismissal of the Love aspect of sex, and perhaps voicing her only interest in the act at the moment, the curiosity of the experience…
“I don’t think I would just want to have sex for the sake of having sex,” Brad kind of quietly spoke, “I really think I would want the girl to be someone very special to me.”
Mindy was sweetly attracted to her little b*****rs innocent reply and her knowing that it was based on the right thing and that sex should be the goal, but a special experience along a journey of two people. “I think you’re right Brad, I think if you keep that principle you will be a one of a kind.” She finished her meal and set about cleaning her plate in the sink and after a rinse and brushing she placed it in the dishwasher. She asked Brad what his plans were for the evening and when he replied that he didn’t know, just the same he guessed. She knew he would be back on video games so she went back to her room…
Brads responses were on her mind and her own feelings about sex and her mothers lowly expectations of her. Mindy was unable to get sex off of her mind that evening and needed to talk more about it and learn of her own seemingly inability to get stimulated about it. She went to Brads room and knocked on the door… when she heard his grunted response she opened the door and entered his “Game Room” with walls of flashing lights and posters of video heros… he was her younger b*****r after all…
“Brad, I just want to know if you think about sex and what do you think an do about it? Mindy was always very forthright about her remarks and questions. Again she realized that she hit her little b*****r with a question that would be very personal and potentially embarrassing.
“I… I… don’t think all that much about it… or… well… or do anything about it…” Brad replied, because he was polite and knew he was on good and trusted ground with Mindy.
“You haven’t had those night time things” Mindy asked innocently, not remembering the terms for Night Emissions and the erections that occur involuntarily.
Of course Brad had had them and of course he was well acquainted with his erections and the sensations he got from stroking his penis, he again choked, this time on spit gone down the windpipe as he sucked in a breath. “Mindy, I… don’t know what I can tell you… and I don’t think I can talk about this with you… I’m not sure what you want to know…”
Mindy didn’t really know what she wanted to know either, but she tried to frame it. “I feel like I’m just not with it!” she said, “I feel as if everyone thinks I should be screwing and until today that was one of the last things I wanted to do.” Mindy continued, “I think you may be feeling the same way as me, but… I just don’t know what to think anymore, or who else to talk to.”
Brand sat silent for just a few moments before he made a reply to his s****r, “I have the feelings, I mean, I want to know what it feels like, not so that I can brag, but to know what the big deal it all about and then not have to think about it unless I want to.” He said clearly.
Mindy replied, “Yeah, see, I knew you and I were thinking alike about that… sex isn’t the only thing I want in life, or right now, but I wouldn’t mind knowing what the big deal is.” And she seemed to have not only voiced her frustration but found someone else who felt the same way.
“Do you find that you want to or need to help yourself?” Mindy asked
Brad was being conversational now, “Then night things just happen on their own” he replied, “But a couple of times I have helped it along so that it doesn’t make a mess in my underwear.” And he kind of quietly laughed a little, embarrassed a bit.
Mindy responded, “I’ve tried to get something started, but I’m not into it, I can’t seem to get stimulated, but I think it’s because I haven’t found someone who I would like to think about when I’m trying it…” and Mindy also laughed a little…
Then Mindy initiated something surprising and very spontaneously, “ Would you try to do it to yourself and let me see what you do?” It was innocent, but bordered on being very forward and almost perverted…
Brad again choked, and stammered, “I surely don’t think I could do that in front of you”
Mindy replied kind of matter of factly, “I haven’t seen a boys penis, have you seen a girls vagina?”
Bran looked at his beautiful s****r and truthfully replied, “I’ve never seen anything on a real girl, but I have on the computer and videos.” But he went on to explain and it wasn’t a sexual video he saw, but the warrior and villain nudity of the games.
Mindy further proposed, “I would like to see you because I know you wouldn’t be bragging about seeing mine to everyone you knew and I wouldn’t be labeled a slut in school.”
Brad remained thoughtful for a few moments before he replied… “Right here and now?” to which Mindy replied, best time when no one else is home and it’s not some kind of “romantic” interlude so it doesn’t need candle light and music… she laughed again.
“Who goes first” Brad said
“I’ll tell you what” Mindy quickly thought, “I’ll stay at this end of the bed and you can sit at that end and we just drop our shorts and do what we might try to do on our own. How does that sound?” she finished…
Brad didn’t say anything but moved to the end of the bed and once he saw Mindy move to her position and hook the sides of her shorts he did the same, but it was obvious that he already had a pronounced erection. Mindy’s shorts were pulled from her ankles and dropped on the floor and Brad did the same. Both faced each other and Brand grabbed his 15 year old penis, not of any great size in length or width, but fully engorged for him. He stroked it with his strong hand as he looked at his beautiful s****r rubbing her fingers in a tight circle over the top of her slot in the middle of a white triangle of her otherwise beautifully tanned slim body. Bran felt a surge of excitement at this new situation and that same excitement and stimulation was being felt by Mindy for the first time, she felt shivers of stimulation coming from someplace inside her even though she could feel the tingling from the stimulated clit she was very aware of. A few minutes passed and each had an growing excitement that was very different and very…. Interesting…
Mindy, always the instigator and as far as this encounter went, the one who seemed to be directing it all, suddenly suggested, “Brad, If you would like to feel what it’s like, I would too, but only on the condition that you not on keep this to yourself, but don’t make me a perverted slut at school.”
Brad stopped stroking his erection and asked for clarification, “You mean if I want to put it in you?”
Mindy snapped, “Yeah, but you have to do it now before I come to my senses and change my mind.”
Brad didn’t waste any time, she had swung his body around and guided his erection like a missile between Mindy’s legs and up to her slit, he hadn’t even been able to see it, but he was about poke the head of his penis into the slit until he found the opening. This was not a romantic encounter, it was pure sex, a first experience for both of them.
Brads engorged hard on was being slipped up and down the slit, finding the clit a few times prompting Mindy to help guide it down to the opening and both Brad and Mindy held it until it was slipping into the wet, hot tightness of Mindy’s virginity.
Mindy made an adjustment to her body and legs to better accommodate the best position that Brad could assume and he pressed himself downward onto her and pushed with his toes to push his erection into her opening. Slip, plip, plop, a series of pliable fleshy thresholds at the opening of Mindy’s vagina gave way to the hardness of of Brads equally fleshy pliable penis. Those sensations of passing the tight opening sent shots of pleasure through both of their sexual organs. Brad began a shallow pumping into Mindy, no pulling out, but reversing a little for a renewed and deeper thrust with the next push. Once, twice, thrice, four, five, six, each time a little deeper and each time an amplification of sensation as never known by either, until, suddenly, Brand erupted in a spasm of jerking and release that send his seed spewing into Mindy sweet and tender vagina. He continued to pump throughout his spasm without conscious realization that he was seeding is beautiful s****r with baby making sperm.
As overwhelming as the ejaculation was for Brad, sweet Mindy was only just beginning to experience the stimulation of sex. Her first realization of but a few of the wonderful sensations that could be experienced with sex. She was being awakened and it was her own little b*****r and their mutual curiosity that brought the opportunity to her.
Brad was very soon to experience a total deflation, to his great displeasure. He had not expected to enjoy the pleasure of sex so much, and especially not with his s****r. In a near total sexual exhaustion, brad pulled from Mindy and lay at her side wanting to stay close to her.
Mindy was the sober one, having not had the opportunity to get d***k on the climax of a great sexual experience, so she asked, “So did you make me pregnant little b*****r?” A sobering question for Brad who started to blurt out, “Oh, Crap,” when Mindy caught it and followed up with, “Don’t worry, mom has already gotten me set up at my GYN to get me on birth control and whatever I need if I decide to become a slut…”
Brad felt he needed to say something, “Mindy, you’ll never be a slut, I think you are the most beautiful girl in this city and by far the smartest,” A perfectly endearing remark for Mindy to hear.
With his warm words in her ear, she quietly asked him, “When will you be ready again, I think I would like to spend a little more time feeling you working yourself into me…”
“If you wouldn’t mind, I think I could get aroused pretty quickly if I could see and touch your boobs and maybe finger you down there a little….” He politely asked for permission.
Mindy helped by taking off her tee shirt and bra, and lay back to enjoy Brads exploration of her and his discovery of her vagina as she was gripping onto and stroking his swelling penis. They spent nearly two hours in a series of short fucks until Brad seemed to overcome his quick shots and finally gave her a good long session of sweaty pounding. It was for the most part a nice and gentle gentle fuck for her… right up to the final run of nearly non-stop fucking that left both of them limp and exhausted. They were spent and ready to shower and sl**p for the night… with a brand new experience of spent sexual energy residue throughout their minds and bodies.
Mindy, on the other hand, spent some thought about her older b*****r, Rick, and felt that she could seduce him with the same lines and questions she used on Brad, and her display of innocence and curiosity. Rick didn’t need to know that Brad was her first. Mindy felt a surge of sensation and tingling in her middle again, this time she knew it was from her curiosity over the size of Ricks penis… for his must be at least a full sized cock, and his experience would surely take her to places that the sweet fucking with Brad just couldn’t go to. She fell asl**p thinking about what it would be like to fuck Rick, hard.
Mindy’s last thought was that she was beginning to think like a slut now, perhaps her mother was right about her after all.  

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