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Minister’s Wife Gets Measured for new clothes

Jonny texted Angela to check if she was able to take a call in private. Angela was in company at the time but she knew she should take the call so she said “Give me 5 minutes to get to a private place.”

Angela excused herself from the company and found a private place. She waited anxiously wondering what Jonny had to say. She was aware that the promised punishment ad not been visited on her so she wondered is that what Jonny wants to say.

It was nearly 10 minutes after his first call when Jonny rang. He sounded cheerful, so Angela took that as a good sign. “Following my examination of your wardrobe and your agreement that it needs to be sexed up we need to go to the city and start the process of redressing you. We will need a full day so can you get that arranged with the minister?” “Of course I can when would you like to go?” “Tomorrow suits me.” “Oh that will not be easy but I will get it organised. How will we travel? I cannot have the car tomorrow.” “You will travel with me. You can take the train to the next station and I will pick you up at that station in order to avoid a nosey parker seeing us together.” “Ok I will get the 9.00 train.” “Oh by the way wear a flowing skirt and no knickers. A top that shows off your nice tits would be good also. The bra should allow your nipples to stand out if they get hard, which I think they will.”

Angela thought: more sex involved in the car. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that but then it was always the same. Anxiety at first but then her libido took over and she was a willing participant.

When Angela got off the train the following day Jonny was waiting in an open top red sports car. It was so low that when Angela was getting in she couldn’t avoid showing her pussy to two schoolboys who were passing. Their eyes opened wide and they whispered to each other, giggling and pointing towards her. Jonny was delighted with the performance “See Babe you are a hit even with k**s. You will be such a hit with the business men I am going to introducing you to.”

As they travelled along the road toward the city. Jonny drove at top speed and Angela’s heart was beating fast as the tyres screeched on the corners. On one of these corners Jonny put his hand up Angela’s leg and felt her pussy. It was soaking wet. “Ange babe. I want you to suck my cock now.” Angela took Jonny’s cock out and leaning over took it in her mouth. She bobbed up and down. Jonny said “Thats good babe. Keep going untill I tell you to stop.” So for half an hour Ange gave Jonny a blowjob but he didn’t cum. Best of all too he didn’t crash.

They arrived at a designer fashion shop and Jonny lead the way in. He greeted the woman who greeted them with a kiss on the lips. Angela guessed he had given her a french kiss. They were shown into a large fitting room. The woman said “Jonny I can see why you made this appointment. Lets start by seeing what we have to work with. Lady would you please take your clothes off. Angela started to say something but one look form Jonny stopped that and she started taking off her blouse first. “Ange you can undo the buttons quicker than that or I can get it off quickly for you.” Angela speeded up with the buttons. The blouse was on the floor in a minute quickly followed by the bra. Next the skirt was dropped.

“Sweetie I am going to have to touch you to assess your tits and pussy. Jonny wants our most special clothes for you. You can call me June” June got closer to Angela and took her tits in her hands lifting them as though she was weighing them. Then June started to play with the nipples. They remained soft, so June leaned forward and took the left one into her mouth. She sucked really hard on the nipple then she nibbled it with her teeth. In a few minutes they were both hard. “Oh nice nipples. We can show them off well.” was her comment.
Turning to the pussy June said “What a hairy bush we will have to lose that before anything can be done.” Angela was led to a massage table and told to lie down and keep her legs wide open. June picked up a phone and issued the order “Bring the Brazilian kit now.”. In a few minutes a young guy, who might have been 19 but definitely over 18, brought the kit in. “Would you like to do the honours son?” “Oh yes please.” Angela felt like saying she objected but once again thought better of it. “Lady have you any objections to letting the young guy do you Brazilian?” “Oh no I would love it if he did me.”

The blue goo was mixed in a few minutes and it was spread on Angela’s hairy pussy, let dry, and then tugged off. Each time it took hairs with it. Angela let out an “Oh” each time. First the left side had the bush removed. Then the right side, followed by the hairs across the top of her pussy. When it was all removed the young guy looked pleased. The he took a jar of clear liquid, unscrewed the top and dipped his fingers in, taking a two finger clob of syrup like clear liquid. “This will help with the pain. Would you like me to rub it onto your pussy?” “Oh yes please.” The young guy gave the pussy a great deal of attention working up and down the labia lips. He finished with giving the crack between the lips a great deal of attention too. He really played with Ange’s clit a lot. She enjoyed that judging by the way her nipples went hard. Angela felt her pussy and clit to be roasting. The young guy then said “I can rub ice over your pussy if you would like that.” “Oh yes please.” Once again he enjoyed himself with the ice. “Would you like me to massage your G spot while I am here?” Angela was feeling so horny that she said “Yes.” He inserted his index finger into her cunt. After a few minutes Ange felt a massive orgasm break over her and so she “Let out a OMG that was great.”

“Lady if you turn over, I will remove all the hairs on your ass and under your arms too.” Ange turned over and lay with her legs wide open. Toy boy saw she had no hairs on her ass but she sure had under her arms. So he got the gloop and did her under arms one at a time. “Lady do you want the clear stuff now or just the ice.” “I’m good thanks.”

Jonny was making a video of the goings on using his mobile phone. Ange babe was totally unaware of that.

“Babe do you remember I owe you a punishment?” “Oh yes I remember.” Ange wasn’t sure what the punishment would be but she knew she should accept it without comment or it would get worse. “Well you are going to get small tattoos in intimate places. You will have an entwined A J inside your pussy crack and under each of your tits. It would be shame to let your lovely ass miss out so it will also get the treatment. Oh and you will get a narrow blue line around the base of each nipple.”

Just then a guy of about 40 entered the room. “Since the lady is on her front I will start on her ass hole. He started his work right away. At the opening he tattooed the entwinded AJ. One would have to be close up to see it so Jonny came up close and took a picture when it was finished. “Ange babe that was good you took that well. Now turn over and hold you tits up so the man can get to the base of each one.” Ange complied immediately. It didn’t take long to do the job on them. Before Angela let her tits fall, Jonny took a close up of each one and a shot that included her face. The ring at the base of the nipples was next on the agenda. Mr Tattoo held each nipple, stretching it toward the ceiling, as in turn he did the tattoo. Ange made no noise or comment as the process went on. Jonny videoed the tit tattoos as well as the nipple tattoos. That way he had the tattoos and her face on one continuous video.

“Now lady hold your labia lips open as wide as you can.” Ange used both hands to hold the lips open wide. The tattoo man made the tattoo as low down on the labia lips as he could. When the lips were closed the tattoo was not visible. “Ange hold the lips open. I want a video of the tattoo. Thanks sweetie. Do you have anything for the nice man who gave you those lovely tattoos?” “Oh yes, but I have no money on me just now.” “I think he might accept something else. Is that so sir?” “Oh i’d be happy to have a thank you in kind.” “What would you like sir” “I would love to fuck such a fine cunt but it would probably hurt you too much right now. Could I have a raincheck on the fuck?” “Oh yes that would be ok.” “Meantime would you like to give me a blowjob?” “I would be happy to give you a blowjob. I will just turn onto my side or would you prefer to stand with me kneeling in front of you?”

“I want you to kneel in front of me. Unzip my fly, take my cock out, lick it first, before taking my cock in your mouth. I want to cum in your mouth and squeeze your nipples as you give me the blowjob. Is that ok?” “Of course sounds good to me.” When Ange took the cock in her mouth the man started to fuck her so his cock went deep into her mouth. He put his hand behind her head so the thrust had maximum effect and the deepest possible thrust. He came after a few minutes and Ange swallowed the cum. There was a lot.

June said “Now that you are ready we are going to take the measurements for your clothes. Is that ok Ange babe?” “Oh yes.” “We will do that by taking an impression of your pussy in quick setting plastic. So get back up onto the table, legs spread wide. We will make you gold lame hot pants that will show off your great pussy by showing your camel toe. Jonny also wants you to have throngs that also show your camel toe. We also have a piece of underwear that is not available in even sex stores and you will be having six of them too. In order to make then we have to make a mould of your pussy, including your pussy crack. Your legs and your ass, including the crack from your pussy to your ass hole will also have to have moulds made too.”

“First we have to lubricate your pussy well so the mould comes off easily rather than sticking to your skin.” June dipped her fingers into the lubricant and smeared it onto Ange’s pussy taking a long time over her clit. Ange was thinking she is enjoying playing with my clit but then Ange was getting pleasure too so it was a win win. The mould material was spread over the pussy taking care to ensure it went deep into the pussy crack. “It will be ready for removal in 10 minutes Ange.” When it was removed June spread the lubricant over the pussy once again but this time Ange’s front below her belly button was also lubricated and the top of her thighs were too. June once again played with Ange’s clit a lot in the process. Now the mould was applied and this time it was left to set for 15 minutes.

“Now Ange we need to make a mould of your pussy and the crack going back to your ass hole, so I want you to lift your legs so your feet are resting on the table behind you shoulders. You will have to hold that pose until the mould is taken. This is for our special piece of underwear. A rod in it will fit into your pussy hole and a similarly a rod will fit inot your ass hole. The rods will be part of the piece made from the mould of your pussy and the crack running to you ass hole. That way the rods will hold the pussy cover in place without the usual elastic strings of a throng.

When the moulds for the pussy Etc were made June started on Ange’s tits. “Ange kneel on the tableso your tits are hanging down.” June cover the tits with lubricant. Then they were covered with the mould material. It had to be held in place with a bra like contraption. The tits were moulded as a pair. Then June played with the nipples until they became hard and only then did she make a mould of the nipples.

Jonny took video of the whole events. Close ups were taken so show exactly what was happening and they went to wide angle shots so that it was clear that this was Angela who was permitting this to happen.

When the moulds were all made Jonny said “Ange are you pleased with what June has done for you?” “Oh yes June has done a brilliant job.” “Do you think June deserves a thank you? “Oh yes I would be happy to give June a thank you. What would you like June?” “Ange babe I would love you to kiss me and make love to me finishing with you fucking me.” “Oh I can do that.” said Ange, all the while thinking this will be awful I might be sick.

Ange got off the massage table and took June in her arms. First she kissed her but immediately June explored Ange’s mouth with her tongue. June whispered into Ange’s ear “Strip me.” Ange started with June’s top and soon her top and bra were off. June had c cup tits that were self supporting. Her nipples were hard and about the size of a 5p piece. Ange sucked them in turn before nibbling on them with her teeth.

Mean while June was exploring Ange’s body starting with her buns, then her pussy. Ange’s clit got a good working over. Before June put her finger into the love hole. The she put two fingers in followed by three fingers.

At that point Ange took June’s slacks down exposing her lace throng. It was red and barely covered June’s hairless pussy. June had big mounds on each side of her labia crack. The clit was much thicker than Ange’s but much shorter too. “June we should do 69.” said Ange so they lay down on the floor burying their heads between the others legs and sucking the clits for all they were worth.

After a while Jonny produced a strapon and gave it to Ange. She needed no further instruction. June got up onto her knees with them as far a part as she could get them. Her pussy juices were flowing down her leg. Ange’s juices were flowing too. Ange placed the cock of the strapon at the entrance of June’s love hole and with one quick thrust while simultaneously pulling back on her hips pushed it full length in. “Oh my God oh my God” June cried out. Ange seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on June (maybe because of what June had been doing to her earlier) because she went at it hard and fast. After about ½ hour June said “Please stop.” Ange gave one final hard thrust and stopped.

Jonny had been videoing the whole episode. So he had a lot of video that he thought might come in useful in the future.

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